Melbourne Harbor Marina

2210 Front St #101
Melbourne, FL 32901

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7 Reviews

by Christian A. - Verified user on Sep 09, 2023
Safe from tides and currents. Great staff. Close restaurants

by Ross Z. on Aug 24, 2022
The "dockmaster" has to be the rudest, most aggressive, and least professional person I've come across while on the water. The short version of the story is that he was swearing and screaming across the harbor like a child having a temper tantrum because we dared to question why he was refusing service at 2pm on a Saturday. He said they were closed due to storms yet there were none in sight. He then hurled insults and swear words across the harbor while we were backing away from the dock to take our business elsewhere. The man is unstable and clearly needs help. I have no idea why he continues to be employed there. We asked many people at our marina and they all said that they stay far away from MHM because of him. Apparently, everyone around here has had at least 1 run in with the angry little man.

by Anonymous on Apr 18, 2021
Spoke with a young man named Phil. First he told us he was the dock master and then said he was the owner of The Marina. Stated he would NEVER lease a slip to people like me(could it be that I’m Hispanic) sure felt that way. WOW. Does anyone know who actually owns/manages this Marina?

by Melissa J. on May 29, 2019
Hidden Gem!! We stayed overnight and not a problem! We were quite hesitant on staying due to the negative reviews, apparently they have new management and they are doing a wonderful job. The dockhands were knowledgeable and so very helpful. No late night noise at all. Bathrooms were clean. A great local brewery with in walking distance, restaurant on site was good as well. Would definitely stay here again, no hesitation!!!

by Captain T. on May 06, 2013
The place itself is not new but it's nice enough. Dockmaster Phil was very helpful and professional, while he was there. Our good time in Melbourne Harbor ended when it got dark though, because of the rowdy drunk young couple staying on a Bertram with no name on the main dock. Loud music, yelling and arguing (with each other and also with other people around the place), and general rude drunkeness from these two is all we heard, ALL NIGHT LONG. The little blonde female (I will NOT call her a lady) was actually worse than the ugly little jerk she was with, but they were both pretty bad. She has a nasty sailor's mouth. I can't belive the things I kept hearing her say (scream really). Some people should not be allowed to drink alcohol. I kept hoping one or both of them would stumble off the docks into the water, and they did come very close several times, but we weren't that lucky. Finally we decided that we couldn't take these two anymore, and so we untied our boat and left the harbor around 10:30 to anchor in the river. That's right we LEFT the harbor in the DARK, after paying to be there for the night, because we couldn't take these obnoxious annoying loud drunk people anymore. They were that bad. They looked to be long term marina residents, not transients, so I will not repeat Melbourne Harbor. Businesses should monitor their customers and facilities better than this, as in hire some security to chase away the riff raff when they've had too much to drink

by Bill S. on Jan 17, 2013
What a great place to chill out for a few days or a few months. A competent staff has the marina running smoothly. The little dock hand is a pleasure to deal with. Ichabod's Dockside is right on marina grounds and has great food and generous drinks. The staff here, although aging, are awesome. Almost no tidal change makes this protected harbor quite a pleasent place. Walk to Old Melbourne for more fine dining, shops, and watering holes.

by Giovanna K. on Oct 13, 2010
Incompetent, disorganized, or just don’t care. Something always goes wrong at Melbourne Harbor. One day in October 2006, we called in the morning requesting dockage on the “T” for that evening. They said fine. When we arrived they said they do not let anyone on the T docks. Put us in some one else’s slip so we had to move. Then they put us in a slip too small for our boat scraping up the paint. Finally they moved us to slip for the evening. We take our boat north from South Florida every year, but we will NEVER go back to Melbourne Harbor again.


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