Marigot Bay Yacht Haven

$0.90/ft - $5.50/ft

$0.75/ft - $1/ft

Day Trip
Not Offered
Marigot Bay
Castries, LC
Check-in after 01:00 PM
Check-out before 05:00 PM
VHF 12

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8 Reviews

by Bill S. - Verified user on Mar 24, 2023
Reasonable dockage . Electric 220 , 110 is coming . All staff top notch . Going back on the way south.

by Kurt A. - Verified user on Feb 08, 2023
Tight mooring field with too small of a dinghy dock. Facilities and staff were great.

by Arden B. - Verified user on Feb 08, 2023
Great stopoff. Moorings are pretty tight but there wasn't a problem. Will come back again in the future.

by Daniel G. on Oct 22, 2022
After reading reviews, we arrived at Marigot Bay a little leery. A man on a dinghy came out to us as we entered the channel, telling us to follow him. We called the Marigot Bay Resort and Marina on the phone and asked Troy, who said that he sent a man out – look for the marina name on the hat - to escort us to our mooring. Being afternoon, we rushed to shore to check into St. Lucia. The Customs officer met us and escorted us through the process, which went quickly. Then we checked into the marina. For US$37.50/day (the August 2022 rate for a 50' boat), we had a safe, calm mooring in the inside bay, marina staff to ask about things, trash and used oil disposal, access to the resort bars, restaurant, showers and pool, and a safe place to leave our dinghy (just outside the door of the marina dock office) for shore outings. We enjoyed the resort pool and bars. The Doolittle's water taxi picked us up from our boat and dropped us off back at our boat after dinner. One day we walked up the hill to the food truck and the grocery store. The people were very friendly. A taxi driver let us ride along to the airport to pick up our friend for no extra charge, so we saw some of the island. Noel (in a Santa hat) rowed his kayak loaded with fruit to our boat several mornings. He kept trying to sell us more fruit than we could eat before it went bad. We learned to be firm about how much we would pay and let him pick how much we got for that amount. Looking back, Noel was a blessing, and we look forward to the fruit deliveries on our next visit to Marigot Bay. NOTE: At our next stop, Soufriere, St. Lucia, our boat was boarded and we were attacked. It was Marigot Bay Resort and Marina that we returned to after the attack when we needed a safe place to regroup. The marina staff was very empathetic, soothing, and helpful. Soufriere and Anse Canaries are absolute NO-GOs in our opinion, but Marigot Bay is worth a stay. We haven't tried Rodney Bay, but Marigot Bay is the only place in St. Lucia we would stop again. If you aren't already, we urge you to batten down the hatches and lock your boat up tight every night, as well as be diligent about lifting and locking your dinghy and engine.

by Hugh S. on May 27, 2022
This is a very secure harbour. The access to the pool was a welcome treat. There are a few nice places to eat nearby. The staff were very welcoming. The power supply is 50Hz which is incompatible with most yachts that have a North American electrical system.

by Diane M. on Apr 02, 2022
The best! If you are sailing in the Windwards and we’re thinking of passing by Marigot Bay in St Lucia - DON’T! It is a great spot and the staff at the Marina are top notch!! I was there, on a slip, by myself while my husband flew back to the states and everyone took great care to make sure I was safe and had everything I needed. You can take a med moor or grab a mooring and you will be well assisted in both cases. As a Marina guest you have usage of the resort pools, bars and restaurants. They will help you rent a car for island exploring, have laundry service and awesome folks to support boat repairs and projects. Imbert actually drove to Rodney Bay, picked up a new air conditioning pump and installed it! The area has water taxis to a beach, a great hike and there are a few other fun restaurants. We will be back and it will feel a bit like coming home.

by Gordon L. on Mar 10, 2022
Secure harbour from all wind directions. Very friendly and helpful staff. Use of the pool and hotel facilities a bonus. Doolittles a greta place for watching beautiful sunsets.

by Peter R. on Feb 17, 2019
We love Marigot Bay and the Capella resort is always welcoming - we have been visiting for over 15 years and visit at least twice per year. A fun place to be.

About Marigot Bay Yacht Haven

Located along the western side of Marigot Bay Resort, Marigot Bay Yacht Haven is Saint Lucia’s foremost berthing destination for premier yachts from around the world.

Long recognized as one of the Caribbean’s most secure anchoring spots, Marigot Bay provides protection to ships during the roughest of seas. The bay is known as a “hurricane hole” due to its location on the west side of the island, where it is surrounded by mountains and experiences minimal tidal changes. Indeed, several major maritime insurance companies routinely recognize Marigot Bay as a true safe harbor.

Affording convenient access to the Caribbean, Marigot Bay Yacht Haven is a favorite starting and drop off point for yacht charters due to the large-scale marina and convenient, direct flights to and from both the US and the UK.

Booking Info

*Please be advised, Mooring pricing may be subject to change due to inclement weather.


  • Gas
  • Diesel
  • Water
  • Electrical

Listed Pump Prices

Last Updated on 04/01/2023 6:54AM

    • Diesel: $1.38


    • Launch Service
    • Wireless Internet
    • Pumpout
    • Restrooms
    • Showers
    • Laundry
    • Ice
    • Security
    • Swimming Pool
    • Cable/Satellite TV
    • Groceries
    • Hotel/Lodging
    • Restaurant
    • Fitness Center
    • Oil Recycling
    • Winter Storage
    • ATM
    • Captains Lounge
    • Pet Friendly
    • Medical Facilities w/in 5 Miles



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