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193 Cherry and Web Lane
Westport, MA 02790
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9 Reviews

by dmb on Jul 20, 2021
Terrific Yacht club with lots of tables and a beach that is great for kids. Nice takeout service restaurant and a short walk to the Back Eddy restaurant.

by pgraves1 on Jul 09, 2021
Love this place and try to reserve a slip every time I come to visit Westport. I wish the membership list was shorter! I’d only be able to use the club once or twice a year but it would be worth it! I do wish they had with finger docks for the smaller boats (23' CC) for easier load/unload and allow me to put the engine up without having to jump off the bow to the dock.

by rmelan27 on Aug 10, 2019
Great mooring location...yacht club was very responsive to questions and facilities are great...overall fantastic stay!

by jarekmlodzinski on Jul 28, 2019
Quintessential New England marina on one of the most beautiful harbors in the Northeast. Bring your dinghy and spend a day on boat beach at the tip of the harbor. Friendly staff. Boaters on the dock were very welcoming and helpful. Back Eddy restaurant for steamers and a cold Allagash is a must. 10 min walk or 1 dollar shuttle ride. Be prepared to deal with some current when docking. You'll get help from a dock hand. You can fail them on Chanel 9.

by aequitas on Jul 15, 2019
After an issue determining where we could dock, we finally secured our berth and had a great time at the WYC. The members were very friendly and helpful and the short walk to Horseneck Beach was great.

by eherlihy on Jul 04, 2019
I love Westport Harbor, and have stayed here before. I requested a mooring, and radioed the yach club on VHF 9 & 16 as I entered the harbor. I received no resopnse, so I called on my cell; no answer. The last time that I stayed here there was an attendant on the dock that apologized because he couldn't help me onto a mooring. This time I provided entertainment to other boaters as I tried to figure out what to do, and on which mooring I should do it. The current in the Westport River is moving at over 3 kts for max flood and ebb. the mooring bouys are attached to lines that are tied to loops on lines that are securely anchored to the bottom. To make it easier for anyone reading this review, here is the seceret: To moor, you need a boat hook, and a dock line. Grab the bouy with your hook, and pull it out of the water until you reach the loop. Run your dock line from a cleat through the loop and back to a cleat. Secure it with VERY short scope, but DO NOT bring the mooring bouy, or the loop aboard unless you want little shrimp and seaweed all over your deck. Secure the bouy with another dock line outside of your lifelines. My wife said that the shower that she used had a disgusting (mildew) shower curtain. My shower was fine. The last time that I was here all of the showers were clean and neat.

by ninamarion on Jun 24, 2019
Our first time into Westport River which has easy access, plenty deep water channel (>12') and ends up in a beautiful spot. The yacht club pointed out our mooring directly off their dock and the next door marina provides an attentive launch whose driver will drop and pick up at the Back Eddy restaurant until 10pm. The YC served breakfast starting at 8:30, has decent showers and bathrooms and is located a short walk to West Beach which is the town's end of Horseneck Beach. Access is free and the beach is in great condition and offers endless walking east to Horseneck or west toward the river. The BE restaurant has really stepped up since our last visit 20 years ago - much larger, expanded high quality menu, raw bar on the dock among other improvements. Reservations only accepted for parties of 6 or more. So our visit was terrific except for terrible aspect which was the mooring. Due to someone's misjudgment (my guess the harbormaster), a mid-sized "No Wake" buoy was located too closely to our mooring (#37). Due to the flood/ebb rotation of the river current, our mooring tackle somehow became wrapped around the mooring of the No Wake buoy some time before 2am. This caused the buoy to bump against our hull all night long. Sleep was difficult and no matter how many fenders we put out the buoy found unprotected hull to bang against. Luckily it was a relatively light, white plastic buoy that didn't damage our hull but it was a sleepless night. The next morning the harbormaster and the club representatives were indifferent to me when I pointed out the problem with this buoy. Didn't seem like a 1st occurrence. No action was taken by either one. Luckily neither mooring line was wrapped around our rudder so we were able to release the mooring tether and sail home on a beautiful clear day. So, unless that buoy has been relocated, avoid mooring #37!

by valcourt on Jun 17, 2019
Great people; great place. The Back Eddy restaurant was also excellent. Walking distance or shuttle via Tripps Launch service.

by frstm8 on Aug 25, 2018
Very friendly and helpful staff! Be aware that the Westport Yacht Club ONLY HAS 30 AMP service. Wiring for the electricity is overhead, like a trolley system, on the docks...very ugly to look at.

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Westport Yacht Club is conveniently located right at the entrance of Westport Harbor.


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