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$15 - $25 - U.S. Dollars

Day Trip
Not Offered
Grand Anse
St. George's, GD
Check-in after 01:00 PM
Check-out before 11:00 AM
VHF 16
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18 Reviews

by itsfun1 on Jan 19, 2022
Amazingly strong Moorings. The outer ones are a bit difficult to grab as the rope is long and thick and does not float. You need someone strong to haul it up. The inner smaller Moorings are much easier to grab.

by flyhighnfarther on Jan 07, 2022
It was good! Thanks

by opsimath on Dec 08, 2021
An excellent mooring. Many thanks in particular to Junior Cuffie who took great care of us.

by johnmdanskin on Dec 03, 2021
Mooring balls were new. Lines are huge and new. They are secured to concrete block 4 or 5 feet on a side. These are the best moorings I have ever seen anywhere.

by care2go on Dec 02, 2021
Good distance between the mooring balls. The gentleman that manages them is always so nice and friendly.

by spectra on Dec 01, 2021
Mr Cuffie is a warm and very kind professional, he appeared only at the second day we’ve arrived. Payment is easy and done by internet, but you have to book, even been there two days ago. This could be improved on the website. Mooring is very safe - I’ve checked personally - even to big boats. Line was clean, what suggests it has been used very frequently. The negative aspect is just because the size of the line and it’s robust hand, what could be a little bit difficult to get from the de deck using an average hook. Besides this. We’ve had an absolute safe night. For US$15/day could have more than this, like garbage disposal, this would be very fine.

by omagog on Nov 26, 2021
great stay - thinking of staying a few days more....... The Reef is really reviving! Great life aquatica

by annabs2001 on Sep 27, 2021
The mooring field outside St. George's is located within a quick dinghy ride to the marina and town. However, the mooring balls are VERY difficult to pick up with the boat hook. The tether line on the first ball I caught was so tightly wrapped around the anchoring line making it virtually impossible to use. (Later, we found another boat had been unable to use it either.) It is unclear which of the two lines coming off the ball has the tether, so if you choose the wrong one, you may get pulled right off your boat. The rope line used with the mooring is very heavy, so it is sturdy, but hard to manipulate on a boat with even a medium height freeboard. The moors do seem to have been anchored tightly so they held even in strong winds. There are no amenities with the balls -- no coupons, no free trash disposal, no discounts on marina use -- so the nightly fees do seem a bit inflated. (btw, my username is my email address, but this review app won't accept anything in the Username field besides letters or numbers and I don't understand why I have to agree to Marinas.com's Terms and Condition in order to submit a review.)

by mariann on Sep 14, 2021
Junior was very helpful and polite. It was a pleasure to be there.

by davecoulter on Aug 14, 2021
Original assignment was Non Q mooring. Upon arrival several commercial trawlers impeded selection of mooring. Also their daily running of generator/engine was not peaceful. As several Q Moorings were open we moved to that area for duration of stay. However a very pleasant experience.

by lucris on Jul 31, 2021
Too expensive : Very far from any point of interest. No accommodations or service attached. Mooring line too light for a medium vessel. However : Friendly welcome ( Junior ). very easy and efficient booking and payment on Line. Almost positive experience.

by jillmstar on Jul 23, 2021
I would rather Anchor, but boats 40 and under don’t have the choice.

by sailingvesselcamino on Jul 10, 2021
Only there for one night, but the mooring was in a good spot, between Grand Anse and St. George's harbour. Overnight was fine, a little rolly, but beware any kind of northerly swell, which would make this uncomfortable. Had to fiddle with the mooring ball because the ring was on its bottom, but we got it. Short dinghy ride to Grenada Marine for easy fueling (both petrol and diesel) and there is a dinghy dock directly across the street from both Food Land and Island Water World marine, which makes this mooring more valuable. $15 was a bit pricey, but for a one-nighter it was fine.

by svmusic on Jun 28, 2021
First of all this mooring is easy overt over priced. One ​could stay in the marina for about the same amount and with tons more amenities. The ring of our mooring was installed upside down and made it difficult to pull the rope through because of the pinching. The staff are friendly and courteous. But the price of the moorings should be adjusted or offer something for that high price.

by jenniferqb on May 30, 2021
Excellent field of moorings. I happened to read a couple of other reviews and to their gripes, one can only respond, “you don’t get out much, do you?” I found their blocks and lines in excellent shape and of appropriate size to hold a vessel up to 50’. The water is clean, we had great cooling breezes, and it’s pretty quiet despite being close to the city area. The gentleman from Gren-Moor who came to check the field was friendly and able to provide information.

by scottrfishermd on May 17, 2021
Excellent in almost every way, except the ‘thimbles’ are always under water! Conventional pennants would be most welcome.

by eriksch on Apr 26, 2021
To come out and assist whenever a yacht enters the bay would be a progress. This should happen before the anchor dropped. I would have done heavier concrete blocks for the moorings ... not so sure they won't drag in heavy gusts. The website or email messages Dockwa could be done better ... does not fit in properly on my email client which is W10 standard. To resize the logo would help already.

by smasley on Apr 06, 2021
I snorkeled to check the buoy and it appeared to be new and in good shape, easily able to hold our 18 ton sailboat. The bay was nicely protected with a lovely view of the island. The buoy attendant was helpful while we were in quarantine. Highly recommended.

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About Gren-Moor

Gren-Moor is a brand new mooring field located just north of the world famous Grand Anse Beach in Grenada. Grand Anse is Grenada’s premier beach over 3 kilometers in length and about 5 kilometers south of St. George’s. The turquoise waters and the white sands offer a great place for fun and games. The moorings are just off Mount Pandy Bay which is only 5 minutes by dinghy to St. George’s, supermarkets, fuel, water, and more.

Your stay and safety are especially important to us. We provide well maintained moorings. Come moor safely with us and enjoy your stay.

Conveniently located, we currently have 30 moorings and will be expanding to house 80 moorings. With several attractions close by, Gren-Moor could be a great location to provide a base for your stay and enjoyment. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Reservations can be conveniently made by using the Dockwa application.

Please leave a special request if you are quarantined as you may be eligible for a discount

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