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Grand Anse
St. George's, GD
Check-in after 01:00 PM
Check-out before 11:00 AM
VHF 16

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91 Reviews

by Matthew C. - Verified user on Nov 29, 2023
Our stay was excellent and Junior was friendly and helpful.

by Andrew A. - Verified user on Nov 24, 2023
Moorings are plentiful and in good condition. Area can be rolly when north swell is present. The dinghy dock at Grand Anse is not useable when a swell is running. Dockwa reservation was confirmed within minutes.

by Richard C. - Verified user on Nov 23, 2023
Solid mooring. Can be rolling on north swell

by Rob W. - Verified user on Nov 23, 2023
I did not have enough time to make it to St Georges.

by Martyn W. - Verified user on Nov 20, 2023
No issues , couldn’t pay in full on website for the day we arrived will hopefully see owner an pay in person etc .

by Chad B. - Verified user on Nov 19, 2023
Love it! We enjoy the access and beauty.

by Christian R. - Verified user on Nov 15, 2023
👍 all good cccvvvoooofrrhj’´´

by Tibor B. - Verified user on Nov 11, 2023
The Dockwa site gave us trouble with payment. Otherwise, all great!

by Myrna-Lea s. - Verified user on Nov 11, 2023
Always a great experience! Junior is friendly and professional!

by fred c. - Verified user on Nov 05, 2023
Buoy difficult to grab because line comes up through the buoy. However once on a very solid mooring.

by Philibert B. - Verified user on Nov 05, 2023
Séjour agréable.

by David J. - Verified user on Nov 05, 2023
All good. Nicely maintained mooring. We were still in the same spot when morning came so what more can I ask for.

by Brian S. - Verified user on Nov 03, 2023
Excellent as usual. Good mooring easy pay process

by Andrew B. - Verified user on Oct 28, 2023
Super Clear Turquoise water, turtles are swimming around our boat. Very calm, very convenient place to stay!

by Ludwig H. - Verified user on Oct 27, 2023
We made a reservation for a mooring but none was available. In fact you don’t reserve anything when using Dockwa. If there happen to be one available then Dockwa is convenient to pay. Moorings are otherwise nice. But we had to anchor

by Carol S. - Verified user on Oct 22, 2023
Great morning! Great location!

by Sharon P. - Verified user on Oct 19, 2023
Moorings are well maintained and easy to secure. We are in a very nice area also. We can get into shore in about 5 minutes.

by Samantha W. - Verified user on Oct 18, 2023
No ball was reserved or available for us. They told us that they could not control boats who just arrivr and pick up a ball. We have not been refunded and in fact we were charged for an extra night. Very unsatisfactory.

by Barry S. - Verified user on Oct 12, 2023
Very easy to book a mooring and also easy to extend your stay. Some of the mooring balls are missing a pickup line making it difficult to secure the mooring

by Keith W. - Verified user on Sep 09, 2023
Great spot and good balls!

by Ann - Verified user on Sep 07, 2023
Anchorage calm and quiet and close to town. Ferries and barges do come by. It was a little hard to grab the mooring line as there is no tether. the eye of the thimble is metal so i wouldn't want to spend more than a night or two here so we don't ruin our mooring line.

by Dale M. - Verified user on Sep 04, 2023
Junior is great. Good strong mooring.

by Terri S. - Verified user on Aug 29, 2023
Great mooring location!

by John L. - Verified user on Aug 25, 2023
Well spaced moorings with easy access to St George's and Port Lois dinghy docks for shopping.

by Karen N. - Verified user on Aug 24, 2023
A pleasant stay and a good location. Close to the harbor with access to the town and marina.

by Pamela H. - Verified user on Aug 21, 2023
By far the cleanest, cool breeze and less rolly anchorage. The stores are within walking distance of all the different free dinghy docks. It is right next to the fuel and water docks and loads of restaurants.

by Nicole B. - Verified user on Aug 15, 2023
We booked a mooring ball and payed a deposit. It was confirmed and we got a confirmation number but when we arrived there was no mooring ball available. I will not be using this service again😔

by Howard i. - Verified user on Aug 12, 2023
Only place to stay outside of St George's. In the Catamaran it was not rolly. Plenty of space in August.

by Michael T. - Verified user on Aug 07, 2023
Excellent mooring balls. Great location with easy access to town.

by [email protected] C. - Verified user on Jul 29, 2023
Well managed beautiful mooring field

by Pierre M. - Verified user on Jul 22, 2023
Quiet stay , water cristal clear

by Martin S. - Verified user on Jul 19, 2023
Access to beach, town, laundry, chandlery and more. Be ready to party Sunday nights with the local Soca music on the beach ;)

by Bruce R. - Verified user on Jul 18, 2023
We were here for 3 weeks. The moorings are in good shape and are periodically checked. The water is clean enough to swim, and the breeze is great. There are some rolly days, but tolerable on a catamaran. Junior is a pleasure do business with. On the negative side, there should be some kind of arrangement with the marina on trash disposal and daily use of the dinghy dock. Docking the dinghy at the marina is a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, if you are not there for immigration purposes. If you ask the marina, they will want you to pay. They watch you from the office window to make sure you are paying for each bag of trash.

by martin P. - Verified user on Jul 11, 2023
Mooring ball was good however the music from the bar was so bassy it vibrated the boat and went on till 3am.Also rolly when we were there.Location good for dinghy in to town or port louis supermarkets.Shame the noise spoiled our stay.
Marina Response:
Martin. sorry about the music. we are now in the carnival season which is celebrated every year around this time. the music is only on Sundays from 7pm until 11pm

by Yvan P. - Verified user on Jul 11, 2023
A little bit rolly depending of tide

by John R. - Verified user on Jul 09, 2023
Beautiful location. Close to harbor entrance and Grand Anse beach. Take the dinghy to the dinghy dock at Sails restaurant in the harbor for a great dinner. Grand Anse Beach also has a dinghy dock at the Craft and Spice Market which give you great access to the restaurants and services on the beach. Moorings were in good shape. Nice breezy spot.

by Bart K. - Verified user on Jul 02, 2023
They maintain the moorings so you never have to worry about breaking loose.

by Michael M. - Verified user on Jun 28, 2023
We will be back again 😎

by Ed L. - Verified user on Jun 27, 2023
A little rolly but otherwise very good

by Paul Y. - Verified user on Jun 25, 2023
Clean and beautiful and good tackle

by Roland h. - Verified user on Jun 25, 2023
Altough our reservation was accepted, none of the moooring balls were available. At the Marina we were told to wait until another boat has departured. We had to anchor for 2 days. We are Not happy!

by Joanna S. - Verified user on Jun 20, 2023
Moorings are well spaced, easy to pick up and affordable with great access to PLM and Grande Anse beach. Excellent!

by Doug D. - Verified user on Jun 18, 2023

by Barry P. - Verified user on Jun 09, 2023
Very pleased to have got a mooring at Port Louis last week. We had four stress free nights. They are easy to pick up with a loop that slips through the buoy which means we didn’t have to make too many attempts. The mooring guy who came out was very pleasant, though needs the patience of a saint to deal with some of the boaters we saw, who didn’t want to pay anything to be on a well maintained mooring. They are not expensive at all at 15$ US a night to save the sea bed which was previously destroyed by anchoring. Check your lines though , we did find that our new lines got chafed through a bit by the metal eye.

by Howard W. - Verified user on Jun 03, 2023
Wish all mooring fields were this spread out, convenient to book, and well maintained. Will definitely be back.

by Nicholas f. - Verified user on May 28, 2023
Please put pendants on the moorings !!! Please please

by Louise h. - Verified user on May 24, 2023
We've had a wonderful time during our stay on a mooring ball in st. George's bay. We are close to port louis side this time. Maybe being here during the week its been exceptionally quiet and calm seas. Easy access to all amenities, customs, shopping, bus and beautiful grande anse beach. We're enjoying it so much we are going to extend our time. Junior the owner of the Moorings has been excellent. Easy online booking and payment process.

by Meera B. - Verified user on May 22, 2023
Quiet and secure. Junior Cuffie was very professional

by Robert A. - Verified user on May 16, 2023
It was good! Thanks

by Alan C. - Verified user on May 16, 2023
Very quiet time of year. Beautiful spot.

by Patrick C. - Verified user on May 12, 2023
I’ve have used Gren-Moor on multiple occasions. Junior has been very professional and enthusiastic to work with. SV BELLA, USCG Captain Patrick Cummings

by John J. - Verified user on May 09, 2023
Great easy on moorings. Great proximity to harbour.

by Lance S. - Verified user on May 06, 2023
Great location just off Grand Anse. Easy access to the beach restaurants and marina. Downside is the mooring balls are difficult to grab. No lines to reach with a boat hook. Some have enough slack but difficult in heavy winds.

by Anne S. - Verified user on May 03, 2023
Very easy to do the reservation and pay

by Hartley C. - Verified user on May 01, 2023
Great mooring area, especially for staging to enter St George.

by Weiler - Verified user on Apr 30, 2023
Good boyed. No problem. Webside easy to use.

by Rebecca M. - Verified user on Apr 26, 2023
Location ok Equipment worn heavy use Bouy 8, 22

by Sally D. - Verified user on Apr 13, 2023
Great, a perfect pitstop on route to Carriacou.

by Juancarlos C. - Verified user on Feb 19, 2023
Great thanks, ready to get in and out of the Marina

by Le O. - Verified user on Feb 01, 2023
location well placed in relation to the historic city.\nBut very rolling. \nThe boat ''Miss Guadeloupe'' or 'Miss Martinique', a former French passenger carrier serves as a night club and becomes extremely noisy in the evening.

by DOUG H. - Verified user on Jan 28, 2023
Excellent. I paid for an extra day because I forgot to sign in and pay one earlier. Just wanted you to know! Doug & Beth

by Philippe M. - Verified user on Dec 27, 2022
The payment for the buoys is NOT in local currency (XCD - East Caribbean dollar) !!!\nThey charge you in US dollars but Grenada is not in the US !!!\nIt's not legal !

by David C. - Verified user on Dec 06, 2022
Very rolling night with a NW wind. The mooring thimble had swivelled around so that our warps jammed in the V shape that should have been facing down into the splice. We had to cut our mooring warp free of the thimble in the morning

by David K. - Verified user on Nov 10, 2022
Perfect spot to spend a few days

by SV D. - Verified user on Nov 01, 2022
Another great stay on the moorings at St George’s! Love the convenience to town, restaurants and local amenities. \nJunior is fantastic to deal with and we always feel secure here.

by Raymond G. - Verified user on Oct 06, 2022
The guy who advised us that we cannot stay at anchor was very agressive and and advise us that he could give us a fine of 10 000 EC$ as it is a marine park. We did not find that this was a park...

by catherine - Verified user on Aug 14, 2022
Securite buoy, far away from each other Very kind people , easy to reserve

by Steve C. - Verified user on Aug 10, 2022
Good distance between the mooring balls. The gentleman that manages them is always so friendly and full of valuable information about Grenada.

by Brandon J. - Verified user on Aug 01, 2022
Good sheltered mooring field. Dived mooring and is very solid and good condition. Only down side was very loud music on nearby beach, but it was Independance day so understandable.

by Kim M. - Verified user on Jul 25, 2022
Will not be back. At least the thimble was in correctly this time. On a beach, locals started blasting their music around 6pm -12am+. It was so loud we could not have a conversation, watch TV, sleep etc. We were not even in front of beach and about as far away as you could get. I don't mind people listening to music but no need for it to be so loud. We would have left but it was to late and had already paid online for mooring. We had originally thought about staying a few days but lesson learned. It was very miserable night.

by John M. - Verified user on Jun 17, 2022
Nice mooring field. The balls are spaced out generously so boats are not crammed on top of each other. Good privacy. It does get a little rolly but nothing uncomfortable.

by Jamie h. - Verified user on Jun 12, 2022
We stayed on a ball for a night to check in to Grenada. I would say the balls are overpriced with no facilities offered at all. I would expect as a minimum to be directed to a dinghy dock and be offered rubbish disposal.

by dona w. - Verified user on Jun 04, 2022
I heard stories of how hard it was to pick up the painters on the mooring balls down this way. My shoulders were aching at the thought. Surprise surprise it was super easy to pull it up to me and my lines. We are on a lagoon catamaran so we have high free boards. Lovely mooring field location and no aching shoulders. Win win :)

by Jim S. - Verified user on May 18, 2022
Previously free anchorage now filled with moorings. Rolly most nights.

by Julie T. - Verified user on May 02, 2022
Good strong mooring. Long dinghy ride to town. No included services. Mooring field was almost totally empty. We thought you had to take a mooring, but more boats were on anchor just behind us.

by Ron M. - Verified user on Mar 24, 2022
We stayed on mooring for a week, little rollie but that is our experience everywhere. Convenient location to visit Port Lois Marina, St. Georges and Grand Anse beach. There was a couple of tug working boats anchored there that had a compressor going day and night, irritating. Also the boundaries for anchoring are not enforced, there where always 2 or 3 boats on anchor within the mooring field.

by John G. - Verified user on Jan 19, 2022
Amazingly strong Moorings. The outer ones are a bit difficult to grab as the rope is long and thick and does not float. You need someone strong to haul it up. The inner smaller Moorings are much easier to grab.

by Peter R. - Verified user on Dec 08, 2021
An excellent mooring. Many thanks in particular to Junior Cuffie who took great care of us.

by John D. - Verified user on Dec 03, 2021
Mooring balls were new. Lines are huge and new. They are secured to concrete block 4 or 5 feet on a side. These are the best moorings I have ever seen anywhere.

by Marcelo P. - Verified user on Dec 01, 2021
Mr Cuffie is a warm and very kind professional, he appeared only at the second day we’ve arrived. Payment is easy and done by internet, but you have to book, even been there two days ago. This could be improved on the website. Mooring is very safe - I’ve checked personally - even to big boats. Line was clean, what suggests it has been used very frequently. The negative aspect is just because the size of the line and it’s robust hand, what could be a little bit difficult to get from the de deck using an average hook. Besides this. We’ve had an absolute safe night. For US$15/day could have more than this, like garbage disposal, this would be very fine.

by Martin H. - Verified user on Nov 26, 2021
great stay - thinking of staying a few days more....... The Reef is really reviving! Great life aquatica

by Adrian W. - Verified user on Sep 14, 2021
Junior was very helpful and polite. It was a pleasure to be there.

by Dave C. - Verified user on Aug 14, 2021
Original assignment was Non Q mooring. Upon arrival several commercial trawlers impeded selection of mooring. Also their daily running of generator/engine was not peaceful. As several Q Moorings were open we moved to that area for duration of stay. However a very pleasant experience.

by Christian L. - Verified user on Jul 31, 2021
Too expensive : Very far from any point of interest. No accommodations or service attached. Mooring line too light for a medium vessel. However : Friendly welcome ( Junior ). very easy and efficient booking and payment on Line. Almost positive experience.

by Jill C. - Verified user on Jul 23, 2021
I would rather Anchor, but boats 40 and under don’t have the choice.

by Shawn K. - Verified user on Jul 10, 2021
Only there for one night, but the mooring was in a good spot, between Grand Anse and St. George's harbour. Overnight was fine, a little rolly, but beware any kind of northerly swell, which would make this uncomfortable. Had to fiddle with the mooring ball because the ring was on its bottom, but we got it. Short dinghy ride to Grenada Marine for easy fueling (both petrol and diesel) and there is a dinghy dock directly across the street from both Food Land and Island Water World marine, which makes this mooring more valuable. $15 was a bit pricey, but for a one-nighter it was fine.

by Edwin I. - Verified user on Jun 28, 2021
First of all this mooring is easy overt over priced. One ​could stay in the marina for about the same amount and with tons more amenities. The ring of our mooring was installed upside down and made it difficult to pull the rope through because of the pinching. The staff are friendly and courteous. But the price of the moorings should be adjusted or offer something for that high price.

by Jennifer B. on May 30, 2021
Excellent field of moorings. I happened to read a couple of other reviews and to their gripes, one can only respond, “you don’t get out much, do you?” I found their blocks and lines in excellent shape and of appropriate size to hold a vessel up to 50’. The water is clean, we had great cooling breezes, and it’s pretty quiet despite being close to the city area. The gentleman from Gren-Moor who came to check the field was friendly and able to provide information.

by Scott M. - Verified user on May 17, 2021
Excellent in almost every way, except the ‘thimbles’ are always under water! Conventional pennants would be most welcome.

by Erik S. - Verified user on Apr 26, 2021
To come out and assist whenever a yacht enters the bay would be a progress. This should happen before the anchor dropped. I would have done heavier concrete blocks for the moorings ... not so sure they won't drag in heavy gusts. The website or email messages Dockwa could be done better ... does not fit in properly on my email client which is W10 standard. To resize the logo would help already.

by Steven M. - Verified user on Apr 06, 2021
I snorkeled to check the buoy and it appeared to be new and in good shape, easily able to hold our 18 ton sailboat. The bay was nicely protected with a lovely view of the island. The buoy attendant was helpful while we were in quarantine. Highly recommended.

About Gren-Moor

Gren-Moor is a brand new mooring field located just north of the world famous Grand Anse Beach in Grenada. Grand Anse is Grenada’s premier beach over 3 kilometers in length and about 5 kilometers south of St. George’s. The turquoise waters and the white sands offer a great place for fun and games. The moorings are just off Mount Pandy Bay which is only 5 minutes by dinghy to St. George’s, supermarkets, fuel, water, and more.

Your stay and safety are especially important to us. We provide well maintained moorings. Come moor safely with us and enjoy your stay.

Conveniently located, we currently have 30 moorings and will be expanding to house 80 moorings. With several attractions close by, Gren-Moor could be a great location to provide a base for your stay and enjoyment. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Reservations can be conveniently made by using the Dockwa application.

Please leave a special request if you are quarantined as you may be eligible for a discount

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