Safe Harbor Beaufort

Nightly: $2.35/ft - $3.25/ft; Weekly: $14.10/ft - $19.50/ft

Nightly: $40; Weekly: $240

Day Trip
Not Offered
1006 Bay St
Beaufort, SC 29902-5597
Check-in after 12:00 PM
Check-out before 12:00 PM
VHF 16

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252 Reviews

by Mike B. - Verified user on Nov 29, 2023
I just spent a week a Safe Harbor Beaufort. This is probably the sixth time I have stayed here. It is THE place to stop if you have only a few days to spend. The history here goes back to the 1500's. You can visit all the Bay St shops in one day, but many are closed mid-week in the "low season" after Thanksgiving. The staff is very friendly and professional and I would give the facility 5 stars, even though there can be quiet a bit of jostling from the current and against the wind or from passing boats who ignore the no wake signs but the elimination of the courtesy car which was available during my first visits is the reason. There is only one very small food store, Chapman's, within walking distance of the marina. They do have an eclectic array of cheeses, wine and beer and other sundries. The closest grocery store is the Food Lion, 1.8 miles away. If you have an electric bike it's not a problem. For me, still in the manual bike mode and pulling a wagon, not so much.

by Linda K. - Verified user on Nov 26, 2023
Safe Harbor Beaufort's new women's facilities are the best on the stretch of marinas we experienced from Boston to Fernandina! SO VERY much appreciated in the general absence of clean, well-equipped facilities for women in other marinas. Staff is welcoming and helpful. And the town of Beaufort is a jewel.

by Sherry H. on Nov 26, 2023
Beaufort is one of our favorite stops so when high winds were predicted a few nights ago we were happy to have the option of getting a ball here. Unfortunately we tried 4 different balls and were unable to pull up the pendant. When I called the office they said it’s a reoccurring problem, the pendants get wrapped around the chain. This problem could be solved by putting a float on the pendant so it can’t get wrapped. We spent two nights in the marina and they were great, Beaufort is a great stop. We were on the fuel dock, so during the high winds we were broadside to the wind and waves. It would have been so much more comfortable on a ball where our boat could have pointed into the wind and waves. We were excited when the mooring field was added a few years ago, but because this is a reoccurring issue, the end result of the field being full of balls that can’t be used is loss of a good anchorage. You used to be able to anchor where the balls are, now it’s wasted space.

by Nancy Jean L. - Verified user on Nov 21, 2023
Staff extremely helpful and very friendly

by Kay A. on Nov 16, 2023
Nice Marina, Helpful staff and great access to restaurants and shopping. Tried the publix delivery service for first time and it worked great.!!

by Timthy M. - Verified user on Nov 11, 2023
This is a wonderful marina. Walk into to town where stores and restaurants are. Very friendly staff. Easy in and easy out. Very happy with our stay and will be back. Kathy greeted us when we arrive, made sure we were tied and plugged up. She was so helpful thru out our stay there. Thank you so much.

by hal w. - Verified user on Nov 10, 2023
Harbormaster was extremly personabe, polite and helpful. Rest rooms were cleaner than last visit.

by Steve D. - Verified user on Nov 10, 2023
Excellent stay. Staff was immediately available to help our fleet dock and set up. Friendly and efficient.

by Charles P. - Verified user on Nov 10, 2023
Great place with a great staff!

by ROBERT B. on Nov 07, 2023
Our first impression of the marina was very positive based on the help we got from Troy. He explained slip space was quite full but he would put us on a waiting list. He called at the end of the day and offered the only remaining space by the fuel dock. We were so grateful to get a slip after a long grueling 10 hour day and it was cold and we have a dog that needed to be walked. This is a dock member who understands the needs of a boater and does what he can to help. This was excellent customer service. On the other hand the morning dock hand didn’t care about our needs, chastised us for being on the docks and wanted us moved. She showed no care or compassion for our situation. She told us we were first on the waitlist, we moved to a mooring and waited for a call. Interestingly, she moved someone else into a slip and never called us. It appears she’s about power and control and showed us, she had the power. She clearly does not understand customer service and has lost a customer for the marina. Sadly, there was a younger woman modeling for her, so now there are two unsuited dockhands as the face of Safe Harbor, Beaufort. We are not rude and don’t accept being treated rudely.

by Raymond H. - Verified user on Nov 07, 2023
Always love this stop whether headed North or South. Dockmaster and crew are very helpful. Beautiful Beaufort is always a delight.

by Gregory S. - Verified user on Nov 07, 2023
Very nice marina. Cathy, the dockmaster is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. The town of Beaufort is one of the prettiest in the South, with great restaurants.

by David W. - Verified user on Nov 05, 2023
Excellent location right next to town. The 1st Friday evening "open house" was happening the night we were there; it was great. The staff, lead by Kathy, was outstanding. Docked us we ease in a pretty good current. Provided great recommendations and were very friendly.

by Charlie G. - Verified user on Nov 02, 2023
Love the town and the dock hands are good

by George C. - Verified user on Nov 02, 2023
Nice Marina, nice walking district.

by John S. - Verified user on Nov 01, 2023
Excellent marina and service. Dockhands are terrific, especially Charlie who helped us on this visit. Everything has been updated, and is clean. Thank you! John Another stay, another 5-star review. The dock staff /dockhands are terrific...the best we have ever encountered. Well done. Everything works....wifi, power, etc. Great facility. John S

by Kathryn C. - Verified user on Oct 30, 2023
Safe, reasonably priced, and with terrific service.

by Barry M. - Verified user on Oct 27, 2023
Great crew on the docks!

by Jon B. - Verified user on Oct 25, 2023
Great team who braved the pouring rain to help us dock our boat!

by Kathleen K. - Verified user on Oct 24, 2023
Beautiful city! Marina is right on the waterfront. The Staff is excellent! Marina is nice, clean, conveniently located. We only stayed 2 days, Wish we could have stayed longer. Really enjoyed it here! One of of my new favorites 😀

by Tom O. - Verified user on Oct 24, 2023
Very friendly staff close to downtown Beaufort to restaurants and shops

by Jorgina C. - Verified user on Oct 20, 2023
We were told by dockmaster office that the mooring balls are in need of some maintenance. We grabbed one with no problem but appreciated the heads-up!

by Rob W. on Oct 16, 2023
what a great marina and staff. very helpful and friendly, beautiful facility. highly recommended!!!

by Jim C. - Verified user on Oct 15, 2023
Staff helped with boat.

by Mike M. - Verified user on Oct 15, 2023
Great facilities and even better staff!

by Elizabeth B. - Verified user on Oct 09, 2023
Kathy was so helpful and knowledgeable! We really enjoyed talking to her!!

by Scott B. - Verified user on Oct 09, 2023
Safe Harbor Beaufort stay was awesome! Marina folks are more than helpful - go out of their way to help with anything. Cannot say enough positive things about this stay.

by Mike K. - Verified user on Oct 09, 2023
Very helpful on arrival. Location of slip was very good.

by bryan s. on Oct 04, 2023
Location is great. Mooring ball pennants need immediate attention. Totally covered in mollusks and gunk. Heavy and could barely find the eye. Gloves are mandatory. Wasn't like this 3 months ago. Also, rub rails at dinghy dock are coming free exposing staples and nails. With the strong current there is risk of puncture. Safe Harbor is slacking on maintenance.

by Christopher D. - Verified user on Oct 02, 2023
Dock was in pretty rough shape, but the staff was super friendly and helpful.

by Loy S. - Verified user on Oct 01, 2023
Great, convenient location. Staff was very friendly and helpful.

by David A. - Verified user on Sep 27, 2023
Staff was great and the ship store had some of the best merchandise of any ship store i have seen.

by James K. - Verified user on Sep 20, 2023
Very helpful dock crew .

by Ann M. - Verified user on Sep 20, 2023
Friendly and professional. Clesn bathrooms.

by Ted F. - Verified user on Sep 14, 2023
All side ties, makes it easy in n out. Proximity to downtown historic district is only steps away. Nice riverfront.

by Craig W. - Verified user on Sep 10, 2023
Friendly reception and clear instructions along the way. Refueling was a cinch and they were courteous, friendly, and helpful. Thanks Kathy and Troy!

by Joe K. - Verified user on Sep 02, 2023
Dockmaster and staff were very knowledgeable about the currents and tides in that area to help us with docking. Thank you for a great stay, especially during hurricane Idalia!

by Paul C. - Verified user on Aug 28, 2023
Friendly staff, great accommodations, looking forward to our next trip to Beaufort.

by Brad w. - Verified user on Aug 25, 2023
The approach to the docking was very easy. Walking distance to the downtown Beaufort area always enjoyable!

by Kerry P. - Verified user on Aug 21, 2023
So much to see and do at this marina.

by Wayde M. - Verified user on Aug 18, 2023
We have stayed here at Downtown Beaufort Safe Harbor close to a dozen times since 2011. With our boat and on Several Deliveries. One of our favorite stops along the ICW. Convenient to downtown shops and nice waterfront park. Current can be tricky docking. You should plan your arrival and departure according to wind and tide conditions. We will continue visiting Beufort SC, whenever we are in the Area.

by Francois L. on Aug 17, 2023
Beautiful Marina, well cared for. Personal welcoming and useful. Would come back any time.

by Richard R. - Verified user on Aug 08, 2023
The staff was friendly, helpful and made the marina experience stress free.

by Dustin T. - Verified user on Aug 08, 2023
Great service. Great location. Great trip.

by James L. - Verified user on Aug 05, 2023
Friendly, clean and very convenient...

by Jon C. - Verified user on Aug 04, 2023
Friendly and helpful staff. No complaints for the two nights spent there.

by Mark M. on Aug 02, 2023
The docks are safe and could not be more convenient to a lot of good shopping and great food for a small SC costal community. The staff is very pleasant but the docks are in need of a bit of repair and I never was successful in getting a response to a hail. We also found the staff to be very thin on Sunday.

by Lauch B. - Verified user on Aug 02, 2023
Staff very prompt, courteous and attentive.

by Karen B. - Verified user on Jul 18, 2023
The guys at the office were very friendly and helpful. Nice facilities.

by John P. - Verified user on Jul 08, 2023
Good landside facilities at a really nice, welcoming small town with tons of history. Mooring balls owned by city are not well maintained with some missing or jammed pennants - making me wonder if the bottom is secured well. Price is high at $40, for this area. Shore facilities are OK- clean and well staffed, but no lounge other than the laundry room. Very convenient to walking town. No wake area is followed by most of the boaters, but on weekends it is ignored, so rolling during the day. Where's their boat cops?

by John S. - Verified user on Jul 02, 2023
Staff was great. We come every year and always have a great experience.

by Wayne on Jul 01, 2023
We have a 34 foot Power Cat and stayed on Sunday June 25 , 2023. The dock crew were great and helped make a docking with strong wind and current easy. They worked with us to get tied up and power and were a pleasure to deal with . The over and above award goes to Heidi who who went out of her way to get us ice . The marina ice cooler had an issue and they were out of ice. Just a great experience overall and cool little town . You have to eat at Hearth , it was fantastic .

by William S. - Verified user on Jun 17, 2023
Excellent, good Marina and staff

by John F. on Jun 09, 2023
No dock or fuel service at 8:40 am. Had to leave without fuel or help casting off in order to make 9am bridge opening. Very poor service.

by Jean T. - Verified user on Jun 05, 2023
Great, right into town

by Darren M. - Verified user on Jun 04, 2023
Marina personnel easy to find and helpful.

by Will C. - Verified user on May 30, 2023
Great marina, outstanding staff. Super convenient to historic Beaufort.

by Chuck S. - Verified user on May 30, 2023
Marina location is excellent! Beautiful Downtown Park, Restaurants, and Shops. Docks are in need of repair, and Internet non-existent

by Tracy S. - Verified user on May 22, 2023
I had to hail the Marina 3 times to get an answer for us coming into the mooring field. The mooring balls were terrible, it took me 3 tries to find a ball with a line in it! I’ve stayed a city marinas before and they were so much nicer and only $30! We won’t plan on staying there again.

by Sue and Mike P. - Verified user on May 20, 2023
Great location and ok marina. Waiting for some capital improvements to come from Safe Harbor ownership. They are badly needed. For a reasonably protected marina it can get a little rough on the face dock. If the wind is right and running against the significant current, along with the weekend boat traffic leaving a wake in a no wake zone you will rock and roll

by Flori G. - Verified user on May 20, 2023
Facilities are amongst the best on the east coast…very clean and very private

by PAUL H. - Verified user on May 20, 2023
wonderful easy in dock space

by Mike M. - Verified user on May 19, 2023
Safe Harbor Beaufort is always a good stay. A little lumpy on the outside, but not too bad. There is a strong current here so be aware.

by Val A. - Verified user on May 18, 2023
They were great! Very friendly and helpful.

by Brenda K. - Verified user on May 12, 2023
The marina is a bit long in the tooth so hence the three star rating. The docks are in need of repairs and upgrades but the basic essentials are all there. The restrooms/ showers and a nice laundry area. The location is 5 stars as are the staff and Beaufort is a gem of a town,

by Dave W. - Verified user on May 08, 2023
We always love visiting Beaufort and this marina. Staff always friendly and accommodating. Love the close access to the waterfront downtown activities.

by Brian L. on May 07, 2023
Micheal and his staff were very accommodating! Nice small friendly marina.

by Dana V. - Verified user on May 07, 2023
Everything was great!! Thanks to the staff, especially Michael!

by Mike C. - Verified user on May 06, 2023
nice marina, very nice staff. the town is very walkable with some good restaurants.

by Sylvain B. - Verified user on May 04, 2023
Got a ball for 2 night did not go on land due to weather a tender would be very nice addition to the marina

by Nelson E. - Verified user on May 03, 2023
Office staff Emily was awesome. She was helpful with securing a UPS package and making copies of some downloads.

by Rosemary K. - Verified user on May 01, 2023
We spent one night and the dockhands were very helpful tying us up under windy conditions. Bathrooms were clean. Very cute downtown with shops and restaurants.

by Dean C. - Verified user on Apr 30, 2023
Dock master very helpful in docking . Gated marina, nice quaint town shops and park . Didn’t use facilities so don’t know about them. They do have a really bad dock section on north dock closest to icw. It is marked by a cone but if looking at boats you will not notice it till it’s to late ( I took a bad spill ) . Cone is on top of a 8” rise in center , should be before and after raised area before you get to it.

by Janice G. - Verified user on Apr 25, 2023
Very nice staff, though we got there later than expected.

by Julie L. - Verified user on Apr 23, 2023
This is a nice stop going up the ICW, easy access & a very quaint town! Would recommend stopping here!

by Kenneth T. on Apr 23, 2023
Great location, staff and town. Facilities need updating. Beware of strong tidal currents when arriving and departing.

by Soeren m. on Apr 22, 2023
Very Nice quiet marina - we loved to stay here

by Stan W. - Verified user on Apr 21, 2023
Always a nice time at Safe Harbor in Beaufort, one of our favorite spots.

by Mike K. - Verified user on Apr 19, 2023
Cute town, can be rolling on the face dock . Don’t understand why these Safe Harbor Marinas don’t hire OnSpot Wi-Fi to get decent Wi-Fi on their docks.

by Joseph C. - Verified user on Apr 19, 2023
Clean and friendly marina. Beautiful and convenient location. Can’t wait to go back.

by David W. - Verified user on Apr 19, 2023
Great except we could not get a pump out as not enough staff on duty

by Gene C. - Verified user on Apr 19, 2023
Beautiful place and great people!

by Charles T. on Apr 18, 2023
Please reverse the charge for my stay on 4/14/23. I am a black card holder.

by Asea R. on Apr 15, 2023
We stayed there for one night only. I have a broken foot and walking (slowly) with a walking shoe. They were great in accommodating me by moving us to a slip close to the gate so I wouldn't have to walk too far. Great service. There are also many restaurants nearby.

by Greg P. - Verified user on Apr 12, 2023
Great service and remodeled facilities.

by David I. - Verified user on Apr 11, 2023
Great staff, helpful and courteous.

by Michelle H. - Verified user on Apr 08, 2023
Tried to rent a transient slip for 5 days during our stay in town, no response to our web reservation request, no one answered our phone call attempts, no response to our voicemail. Very disappointing.

by Josephine S. - Verified user on Apr 01, 2023
Always a great stay here! Great location, friendly staff, pretty good bathrooms.

by Shelley R. on Apr 01, 2023
We used a mooring ball and the day dock for our dinghy. No problems with either. The ship store was disappointing as there was more souvenir junk than helpful food and snack stuffs. All in all a good stay.

by Michael K. - Verified user on Mar 31, 2023
Troy and the crew were great as usual. Most friendly and accommodating.

by Allen A. on Mar 26, 2023
Great location and service. Dock hands were experienced and did a great job. The location is excellent. Easy access to downtown Beaufort. Very dog friendly.

by Sonja G. - Verified user on Mar 25, 2023
Location is wonderful. Staff are great fuel prices are high if you are not a member.

by Bill D. - Verified user on Mar 23, 2023
Friendly staff. Great stop. Lots of shops within walking distance.

by David B. - Verified user on Mar 21, 2023
This was an excellent marina for our goal of enjoying beautiful Beaufort! All the usual amenities were clean and comfortable. The Dock Master, Charles, alerted us to the best way to dock with the strong tidal current and it worked well.

by Jane F. - Verified user on Mar 18, 2023
Weather, winds, and current were not the best the night we were here, but we felt secure on the inside of the floating long dock. Charles was extremely helpful in getting us situated. Facilities for boaters were nice and being right downtown was fun. Great history here!

by Gian M. - Verified user on Mar 16, 2023
Took a mooring. It was very nice.

by Kirk G. - Verified user on Jan 24, 2023
Some pilings are near the edge of the dock. Check when making a reservation.

by Anthony M. - Verified user on Jan 10, 2023
Friendly, welcoming, and very helpful staff.

by kurtis k. - Verified user on Jan 05, 2023
Excellent location, easy walking distance to a wonderfully cute, restored historic downtown and new park-like waterfront.

by Mark S. - Verified user on Dec 10, 2022
Very Nice Marina with great staff.

by Ty G. - Verified user on Dec 10, 2022
Great dock hands! Michael met us and took our lines, and was very knowledgeable and friendly. Will be returning soon!

by William K. - Verified user on Dec 05, 2022
Checked all the boxes for us A very enjoyable community to explore while staying at Safe Harbor Beaufort. The staff have been helpful and accommodating.

by Ray S. - Verified user on Nov 14, 2022
Friendly helpful people.

by Richard S. on Nov 08, 2022
We stayed here on our trek South (44 ft power cruiser)...great help from Charles at the dock, perfect facilities (we used the laundry) plus a terrific location in the center of a beautiful town.

by Jennifer P. - Verified user on Nov 07, 2022
Nice waterfront town with a lot of history and restaurants. Great staff too!

by Odette H. - Verified user on Oct 31, 2022
Very clean bathrooms and reasonable price laundry. Great Dock Master who knows what he is doing and didn’t try and pull bow line when we went to get diesel. \nBUT comment would be 40 dollars is a lot when you don’t have a restaurant or shared kitchen/ Day room on site.

by Peter H. - Verified user on Oct 24, 2022
Very good dock and team was very helpful for our long weekend stay ! Beaufort is a gem !!

by Mitchell S. - Verified user on Oct 09, 2022
I placed a reservation for Saturday Oct 8 back on August 1. I also replied to the pre-arrival email requesting my arrival time and fuel needs. Upon arrival, however, I was told that the marina was full. The only reason I’m giving one star instead of zero stars is because they did move a boat slightly forward in order to fit me in. However, how I was placed on an outside, unprotected dock.

by Jo-Ellen R. - Verified user on Oct 08, 2022
Always have a great time when we are in Beaufort!!!

by RICHARD K. - Verified user on Sep 19, 2022
Great dock crew... super helpful. We love our annual cruise to Beaufort and staying at SHB makes it relaxing and trouble free. I had to sell a grandchild to pay for the diesel, but that's not SHBs fault. And I promised little Jimmy it was for a 'good cause'. I'll miss him. Thanks SHB!! See you next year.

by John L. - Verified user on Sep 06, 2022
I enjoyed the dockage and friendly environment

by Brad D. - Verified user on Aug 05, 2022
We always enjoy Beaufort!

by Helayne R. - Verified user on Jul 07, 2022
Nice town, but marina's

by JOHN M. - Verified user on Jun 27, 2022
Most accommodating, as usual. Still a lovely town. Inner docks are worn, but serviceable.

by Hampton P. - Verified user on Jun 25, 2022
Charles was great in assisting us in docking. The marina overall is a bit tired, but it was a great location.

by Tom J. - Verified user on Jun 24, 2022
Great people, very helpful

by George P. - Verified user on Jun 17, 2022
Beaufort is a beautiful town to visit and having a nice marina so close was great. The amenities were nice and well kept. The staff was friendly and helpful.

by Richard A. - Verified user on Jun 01, 2022
Staff just the best. Big holidays are always a challenge but the team was so friendly and helpful with anything that came up.

by Gena O. on May 23, 2022
Dock hands were superior! Got us tied up in a 25 knot wind. Woman in the store recommended a new favorite lunch place! Town looks great- wish we could have stayed longer. Enjoyed our brief stay. Gave a 4 because the showers were just OK- water was just over the frigid mark!

by Paula H. - Verified user on May 21, 2022
The dock hands and staff were very helpful. Fully recommend and will be back again soon! Thank you!

by Maryann T. - Verified user on May 16, 2022
We were on a mooring ball and had a mechanical issue and needed to get to a dock. They were unable to accommodate us on Sunday and told us to call back on Tuesday. We left and saw there were numerous empty slips of all sizes. We understand there were probably reservations but the attitude we got was “ not our problem”.

by Roy T. on May 11, 2022
Outstanding facility and dock hands were very helpful. Beaufort was great. Will stay here again for sure

by Mick M. - Verified user on May 08, 2022
Docks were very nice, the dock hands exceptionally helpful and skillful at their jobs and the location to town perfect. I am looking forward to another, longer stay the next time I pass through. As promised, we stayed for 2 nights on our way north. Again we had a wonderful expierence with the docks, the very helpful dock hands and even met some of the local live aboards. They were especially helpful with places to visit and eat as well as information regarding the ICW. It is always nice to bump into these folks along the way.

by Joseph B. - Verified user on May 08, 2022
Excellent service as always

by Pam J. on May 05, 2022
Great location, close to the very quaint downtown area. Excellent restaurants and cute shops. The marina staff is friendly and helpful.

by Nick M. - Verified user on May 05, 2022
Beaufort is always a great stop. Dock hands very capable and helpful. City access is great although provisioning not entirely convenient. Only complaint is restrooms. They’re “fine” but not up to standard I’ve come to expect at Safe Harbor Marinas. Will stay here again.

by Jodi S. - Verified user on May 02, 2022
Great location and helpful staff

by Conrad M. - Verified user on Apr 30, 2022
Staff efficient and courteous.

by Michael G. - Verified user on Apr 28, 2022
The dock staff was wonderful in getting us in with some swift winds. The marina amenities were very clean and well kept. The entire staff was friendly and very welcoming. The town, amazing food and wonderful historical signage. If we come back around this way again Safe Harbor Beaufort will be a definite stay over.

by Nancy R. - Verified user on Apr 23, 2022
The marina has a great location being so near to downtown. We were on a face dock right off ICW, so experienced some wakes. Showers were clean, staff was nice enough, nothing over the top here. Kind of pricey for what it is.

by Caroline H. - Verified user on Apr 23, 2022
Great marina and a great town. We enjoyed our stay. Everyone at Safe Harbor Beaufort was very helpful and friendly. Would most certainly return here.

by Cecil T. on Apr 22, 2022
Mike, Troy and the crew run the most professional operation on the East Coast

by Charles F. - Verified user on Apr 12, 2022
Very friendly and helpful. We needed a little maintenance and the dockmaster was able to provide a contact which resulted in a quick fix. Additionally, the help getting on and off the dock was a hands down best experience. We will be back!

by Michael M. - Verified user on Apr 10, 2022
Great stay. Got us in a day early despite being very crowded. Good help docking in current.

by Doris W. - Verified user on Apr 07, 2022
Wonderful Great easy walk downtown Friendly staff with a great Southern welcome for us! We love this marina and will be back again.

by Karen R. on Apr 06, 2022
Mooring balls are well-maintained and easy on/off. Dinghy dock secure in the marina. Bath/shower good. Great location right in town!

by Bryan H. - Verified user on Mar 20, 2022
We had a great stay! Marina and staff was great as well! Many great shops and restaurants right by the marina. Will definitely stop here again if in the area!

by Wendy G. on Mar 11, 2022
Staff was extremely helpful and accommodating. The location and access to town was fantastic. Facilities including showers and laundry were good. Current is strong while docking but staff is extremely competent in assisting tmduing the docking process. Highly recommend.

by Charles R. - Verified user on Feb 26, 2022
Beaufort is a beautiful city. Tremendous history. Excellent walking area and many good restaurants nearby. The facilities were clean and well maintained. The staff was excellent and very helpful. Well run.

by Chris M. - Verified user on Feb 24, 2022
One of our favorite stops. Fast internet and helpful dock personnel.

by Larry D. - Verified user on Feb 16, 2022
We stayed on a mooring, great night. Got fuel the next morning, dock hands very helpful.

by Richard G. - Verified user on Feb 13, 2022
Great docking support, just there for a few hours with family. Easy in and out.

by Michael P. - Verified user on Jan 14, 2022
Beautiful marina, with fuel and pump out. Great town.. went for dinner at Old Bull Tavern, excellent meal and great staff!

by Denise S. - Verified user on Dec 31, 2021
This is a very clean marina with excellent dock hands. It is located steps away from restaurants and entertainment. Beautiful city and marina.

by Chis B. - Verified user on Dec 27, 2021
Superb experience. Wonderful location, easy docking, great staff. Perfect!

by Bill S. - Verified user on Dec 24, 2021
We took on diesel and tied to a mooring ball. Both were very positive experiences. I think the mooring field is really well laid out, and while the river has considerable currents, it was a non issue on the moorings.

by David V. - Verified user on Dec 22, 2021
Nice Marina and centrally located. Well maintained docks and decent bathrooms. Good ships store. Only issue was the dock hand seemed laissez faire. Made docking more difficult than it needed to be.

by Kathryn C. - Verified user on Dec 20, 2021
The staff were extremely helpful with docking, and when our power pedestal don’t produce the correct power for 50 amps, they tried at least 4 other pedestals. They also tested each pedestal with an electric gauge. None produced the 220 needed…110 on each “leg.” The marina is close to many restaurants, which is good, but the power issue needs correcting.

by Steve P. - Verified user on Dec 14, 2021
Always a great stop. Will be back in the spring.

by David P. on Dec 03, 2021
As always Beaufort is worth visiting. Marina staff very helpful. Choice of moorings or dock is nice. Only issues are shoreside bathrooms are basic, and no easy way to recycle.

by Bruce F. on Nov 28, 2021
Nice but dated facilities - staff very helpfull - not close to anything ( walking ) but restaurants. Electric and water at all slips but have new ground fault pedistals so be aware of easy tripping - big down fall is wifi - horrible - get connection / loose it a few minutes later. Even hot spots have issues.

by David L. - Verified user on Nov 28, 2021
Great location and friendly staff. The marina is older and a bit worn with narrower dock walkways. Be mindful of the current speed and direction when docking, but nothing of great concern. Overall great stay with lots of walking paths and restaurants nearby. Would recommend this marina for a short stay.

by Marvin I. - Verified user on Nov 27, 2021
Power pedestal circuit breakers both sides kept tripping all nite long. Don’t stay here unless you want to be up all night.

by Lori M. - Verified user on Nov 21, 2021
Great place! Nice dockhands!

by Liz B. - Verified user on Nov 13, 2021
Heidi and Michael were wonderful! Nice bathrooms. Easy access to town.

by Mike M. - Verified user on Nov 11, 2021
Marina conveniently located in downtown Beaufort. Docks were fine, bathrooms a little dated, and WiFi was non existent.

by Mark B. - Verified user on Nov 05, 2021
Great people, great town, beautiful. If wi-fi had been worthwhile it would be 5 starts. We never got it to work and had to upgrade to an "iffy" premium service.

by Matthew C. on Nov 03, 2021
Enjoyed our stay - clean marina with good staff. Convenient to downtown restaurants and shops. Had groceries delivered to the dock from Publix !

by Dorothy D. on Nov 02, 2021
Dock crew very friendly and helpful. Pretty good wind getting on the dock, they secured us nicely! Decent laundry facility, great to have multiple machines.

by Susan B. - Verified user on Oct 31, 2021
Nothing to brag about as we got in late.

by John C. - Verified user on Oct 31, 2021
Very accommodating. Close to town too. John Caddell

by Doug S. - Verified user on Oct 19, 2021
Charles was awesome. He got us filled up and in a good slip after a very bumpy & windy boat ride from Charleston. Seems like a very good employee.

by Dave N. - Verified user on Oct 14, 2021
Always a nice stop. New management is doing some upgrades. Nice to see that the Salley family is still involved. I noticed a review about distance to get groceries. We needed some too and used Insta Cart. Was very quick and efficient. Very little need for a car. the facilities which is always nice to see. Staff is professional and also offer tips on how to enjoy the area.

by Robert M. on Oct 13, 2021
Excellent stay in Beaufort. Staff was very courteous and helpful. Very smooth trip and will be back again. Highly recommended!

by Gregory H. - Verified user on Oct 12, 2021

by Elizabeth J. - Verified user on Oct 04, 2021
Always great! Troy very welcoming and helpful upon arrival

by Dale W. on Oct 03, 2021
Great facilities and friendly staff next to the action in Beaufort.

by HOWARD P. on Oct 02, 2021
Safe Harbor Downtown Beaufort is an excellent facility. Great location. Dock hands could not have been more helpful fueling and docking. The ships store is no more as it has been turned into a tourist shop. BOAT SUPPLIES ARE ALMOST NONE EXISTENT AND THEY DO NOT EVEN STOCK OIL AT THE STORE OR AT THE GAS DOCK. Was lucky enough to score a quart of oil from the captain of another boat. Marina would be a 5 star rating SHIPS STORE IS A ZERO RATING SAFE HARBOR CAN DO BETTER

by Russell C. - Verified user on Sep 27, 2021
Had a great time, staff was friendly and helpful. A great place to visit.

by Robert T. - Verified user on Sep 26, 2021
Our dock attendant was awesome. Very helpful and a very nice young man!

by Skip G. on Sep 25, 2021
This was our 3rd visit to Beaufort SC. Virtually all of what was true a year ago remains. Just a few updates: The review from our previous time here (2020) is below: Mixed feelings here. The dinghy dock, when we were there, was completely full with what appeared to be storage boats, as for the several weeks we were on a mooring, none of them WEREN'T there when we came in, and the mass of tie-off (nobody seems to know what a Herreshoff mooring tie looks like.) for each had not changed. We resorted to tying to the end of a floating finger pier serving the paddleboard and kayak storage and forming a quarter of the dinghy dockage, a precarious mount/dismount location with less than a foot on the three sides surrounding the concrete pillar holding the end in position. However, a couple of days before our departure, an employee who happened to see us returning/leaving that end-of-finger told us to tie up in one of the vacant dock rental spaces one slip away. That was far preferable, and comfortable. Just a heads-up; you can use any empty space for your dinghy if you find the same situation on your visit. Of course, you could also moor to the put-in ramp's very long dock, but if you're headed downtown on foot, it's a longer walk, and not as protected from any mischief as the marina docks. From chitchat with other cruisers, it appears that Safe Harbor has a corporate policy that no courtesy cars will be retained on any of the properties they buy, so don't hold out any hope that one will be provided in the future; the one previously available from the city, when they owned it, went away on the purchase, and from reading commentary on other Safe Harbor Marinas, that's what happened at all those which previously had courtesy vehicles. The closest food shopping is about 2.2 miles away from the marina, but if you have a fast (or don't mind taking a very long time) dinghy, and don't mind walking a mile or so, you can go through the bridge, and use the dock at the public ramp. You could also go further up to Ladys Island Marina and pay their daily-use fee, which would cut about a half mile off your round-trip to Publix. The marina now has gas, diesel and water available, at the usual marina-level prices. The gas pump did not have any labeling to say what was coming out the pump but I presume it to be alcohol free, and likely 89 octane Valvetec, seen at most marinas. Moorings at the time of our visit in mid-September 2021 were scarce, as most of them were out of service while awaiting either repair or upgrade or maintenance. Some were actually disconnected and stored at the public ramp dock. However, if you're lucky enough to snag one, or want to be on the dock, they still use Dockwa for reservations and payment, which we have found to be very convenient. One added convenience is/was that when we needed to overstay by a couple of days, after the allowed checkout and late departure time had passed, Dockwa/Safe Harbor updated and billed our reservation for the extra night(s - we stayed two extra nights, separately billed/autopaid). One niggle about those is that there is no weekly rate. It's all daily, other than for monthly rental. A second niggle is that, while I did two successive weeks' rentals, the promised one-night-free after a 12 night rental never materialized (it would ideally have been for the first unscheduled extension mentioned above). Finally, all the good things mentioned in the below review are still there, but there's been an addition since our first visit: There's now a free day-dock. You can tie up a very large boat, or several sizeable boats, or a lot of small boats on the face dock which ramp leads to the lovely waterfront park further toward the bridge than the marina's. The overhead pictures shown don't show it. You can leave as late as 2AM without facing some form of discipline (the day dock signage does not mention consequences of staying too long). So, my 4-star rating remains, this time due to the paucity of moorage available. Otherwise, a pleasurable experience all around. In the event we return (we believe we're getting off the boat this year) to Beaufort SC, we'll happily stay here again. Prior review: My wife did not see the issues raised in another review complaining about the women's bathroom, but not being one of the users, I can't directly comment on that. I can comment on the men's, however; I found it clean and tidy, and on my last day's shower (15th, 3 days after the review of the ladies'), it had obviously just been cleaned. I enjoyed, as I'm taller than most, the telephone style handset well over my head. As I have challenges with my right arm, the ability to aim it up into my armpit (and, of course, direct the stream anywhere else I'd like) was nice. It also allowed me to do a rinse of the walls and curtain; perhaps others do the same, lending toward a clean-and-shiny appearance. As to the marina facilities, we were on a mooring so I can't comment on the docks, other than that my ability to fuel was foreclosed by other boats being on the face dock where the pumps were located. A much smaller boat might have been able to get into the small space left open; certainly a runabout would fit. It was of little moment to us as we were headed south and the marina only 3 miles away had empty docks at the pumps; we and another boat arriving at the same time easily were served with the long fuel and water hoses. That, too, is a Safe Harbor Marina (Port Royal). The dinghy landing is either the public docks next to the launch ramp, or a small U shaped opening next to the Kayak dock; it's immediately next to the ramp up to the exit. There's a laundry there, but we did not have occasion to use it, so I have no opinion on it other than that there's a book exchange inside. I left about a dozen, and picked up a few I'd not read yet; what I noticed of the laundry was neutral, but heard no complaints from the users we encountered. It's also the entrance for the women's rest room and showers. The moorings are mostly (not all) new, with much larger balls than when they were originally installed. We spent Hurricane Matthew on one of their at-the-time new moorings. The new moorings have long polypropylene pennants, supported in the middle by floats secured by chain and heavy wire ties, so picking it up is easy, even in rough or windy conditions. However, and the reason for only 4 stars, some of the moorings' pennants were fouled under the balls; we attempted to help a power yacht moor at one such and could not free it; there were others available so it wasn't a big deal, but those sorts of things should be easily remedied, and, if the marina is fiscally responsible, they should be checking the moorings on a regular basis to assure that only registered guests are on them. As to making it happen, Safe Harbor uses Dockwa for their reservations. Once on Dockwa, ANY boat's registration, and payment, is a doddle. Just say how long you want to stay, and hit the confirmation button (or stop at the fuel office, which is the dockmaster's office) and it's done; your boat and financial, as well as any needed personal information, is already there. So, if and when we have occasion to return, we'll stay there again.

by Les R. - Verified user on Sep 13, 2021
Friendly and helpful staff!

by Susan C. - Verified user on Sep 11, 2021
Easy and close to everything.

by Jeff L. - Verified user on Sep 04, 2021
Fantastic location, staff were experienced and helpful, facilities were secure, bathhouse/restrooms were clean.

by Steven S. - Verified user on Aug 31, 2021
Great overnight stop. Well trained and informed staff and neat town with a lot of history. We ran down the ICW from Charleston otherwise we would have missed Beaufort. Glad we stopped!

by Richard H. - Verified user on Aug 29, 2021
Very helpful and attentive staff!

by David S. - Verified user on Aug 25, 2021
Great experience!! Very well organized!!

by John P. - Verified user on Aug 12, 2021
We had a great time and will be back soon

by jane O. - Verified user on Aug 09, 2021
Great location. And you pay for that but what surprises me is that previous reviews criticized the state of the toilets. And yet still for two days one of the toilets had no paper in them. The staff are very friendly but who’s managing the loos. The other issue is there is no courtesy car. And no effort to help you get groceries. Store is a taxi cab away. Other marinas give options like bikes or they drive you. And they charge less

by James F. - Verified user on Jul 21, 2021
Great location! Perfect for exploring Beaufort! Facilities are decent and staff is very nice. Can’t go wrong!

by James O. - Verified user on Jul 08, 2021
Great Marina with adjacent small town filled with lots to do. Marina staff was excellent, very helpful. I would go out of my way to stay here again.

by MICHAEL M. - Verified user on Jul 06, 2021
Great place to stay. Great town with great food

by Tracy H. - Verified user on Jul 06, 2021
Safe Harbor is doing some good things there. The staff seem to be very inexperienced, but we always love Beaufort.

by Cindy R. - Verified user on Jul 05, 2021
Love the location and the proximity to Beaufort’s shops and restaurants. At 54’ we are on the T head at the fuel dock (maybe all transients are there?). We don’t rock much, but for the smaller boats, it can get rough during the day with boats passing on the ICW and approaching the fuel dock. Use plenty of fenders. After the fuel pump closes and sunset draws nears it quiets down a lot unless there is wind.

by Edward O. - Verified user on Jun 24, 2021
Restrooms and shower areas need to be redone. Needs paint and new fixtures. Public restrooms were in much better shape. Staff were very good and helpful. Is is a shame that the bathrooms and showers are such an embarrassment.

by April S. - Verified user on Jun 23, 2021
One of our absolutely favorite stops traveling up and down the East Coast. We usually stay on a mooring ball, but opted for the marina this trip. Glad we did with TS Claudette in the area! We were safely tied to the dock with some fierce wind and rain conditions. The staff is always wonderful and we adore Sunshine in the marina store. The restaurants and shops in downtown are always wonderful. However, we really miss that marina car! We had a minor medical emergency and there are no Uber/Lyft services in Beaufort. The only taxi company didn't return calls and the issue didn't allow for walking or biking. Fortunately, we knew someone in the area who was in town to help. The marina car was a vital amenity to boaters and it will be sorely missed!

by Lee F. - Verified user on Jun 17, 2021
The dock staff was great. I can't remember the guy's name but he keeps a sailboat at the same marina. Super helpful!!

by Rick J. on Jun 13, 2021
Everything about my stay was great except the base wifi was worthless. Guess that's why they call it free!

by Marion M. - Verified user on Jun 11, 2021
Great facility awesome people. Beaufort is a beautiful town and the waterfront and restaurants were great. This is a must stop!

by Carrie M. - Verified user on Jun 10, 2021
Nice Marina with a spectacular staff! We had an incident while we were there and the staff, particularly Jason and the dockmaster Mike, went above and beyond to make certain that we were happy and well taken care of! In addition, it's a lovely setting and right in the middle of the historic district.

by Edward H. - Verified user on Jun 07, 2021
Safe Harbor Beaufort, SC is in a GREAT location and the dockhands were great! - However, the bathrooms were the dirtiest that we have ever encountered. The docks appear to be in the process of refurbishment, but still not in great shape, And the derelict vessels at the dock entrance flying Trump 2020 flags (this is 2021) need to be moved, or disposed of. As a Safe Harbor Marina member, it makes me question what a Safe Harbor Marina is?

by Mauricio S. on Jun 04, 2021
Great staff and great Marina!

by Randy G. - Verified user on Jun 03, 2021
The dock staff were responsive on the radio and helpful with tying up and on departure. The locks to access the laundry and women's restroom do not function well - making it very difficult to get in. There is poor/ no ventilation in the ladies room, rusted open bolts on the toilets at the floor, paper towel dispenser not working, mold on the floor and walls of the shower.

by Margaret K. - Verified user on May 28, 2021
Great place deck hands are very helpful

by Jacob F. - Verified user on May 24, 2021
We enjoyed our stay while in Beaufort with Safe Harbor. Good location and helpful people within short walking distance of our hotel. Can’t give them 5 stars unfortunately because the second day while we were out at dafuskie someone took our docking location next to the rest of our party (we had reserved 2 spaces for both boats). The marina did call us to tell us as well as possible locations where we could tie up, but it was aggravating because we returned after dark. It also bothered us that the boat that apparently didn’t pay and just tied up was on the front row near the fuel dock where you would think they walked right past the deck hands? Overall good experience, just wish we could have known our space was safe since we reserved it in advance.

by Geoff & Jenni M. on May 18, 2021
Update - I would highly recommend SafeHarbour just do away with the pump out boat altogether. Once again we spent the week on a ball and requested a pump out and were told they would be done Wednesday. Wednesday had nasty weather so no surprise it wasn't done but it still had not been done when we left Saturday. If you're not going to do it don't offer it! Everyone was very nice and accommodating on check in. We had reserved a ball for a week plus and requested a pump out. Evidently the pump out boat was being repaired when we arrived but they indicated the mechanic would have them up and running the next day. We asked repeatedly throughout our stay and were told they would get to it "that afternoon or first thing in the morning". We would have brought the boat to the dock if anyone had simply asked. The most important rule in customer service is say what you'll do and do what you say. Not a good showing.

by Patti U. - Verified user on May 16, 2021
Great location, beautiful marina and great service!!! Everyone was so welcoming and super helpful!! Beaufort is a beautiful town rich in history and you can walk to everything from this marina!!!

by Michael M. - Verified user on May 14, 2021
This time we stay on the dock because there were no mooring balls available for our size boat. Staff was very helpful with docking, fueling and relocation us to my spot on the dock. Spent extra day here to provision for the next leg. A+ raining. Thanks, Captain Mike

by Debi w. - Verified user on May 13, 2021
On a mooring. Great spot close to all the restaurants and shops. $30 a night gets you showed, laundry, etc.

by Laura S. on May 12, 2021
This was our 1st time at this Marina and it was a great experience. Everyone was helpful from the dock staff to the Ship Store. Sunshine was especially helpful and very friendly. There were restaurants within walking distance and the food was great as well. We will be back! The only suggestion could give is to offer bait at the Ship Store so this is a one-stop-shop. Thanks again!

by Timothy M. on May 12, 2021
Very nice little marina located in the heart of old town Beaufort. The historic district is stunning. Be sure to take a walk or jog amongst the old homes and giant live oaks. The rejuvenated downtown area has sufficient diversity of restaurants and shops to entertain most folks for a short stopover. The marina has a decent tidal swing so currents can be significant but given the orientation of the dock this should not pose any big challenge even for novices as long as is mindful mindful of the tide. Staff were very helpful and friendly. Will stay again! ++++++++++ I have now stayed at this marina three times in the past 1.5 yrs. Each time has been a positive experience. Fuel cheap and pump out easy. Very short walk to terra firma (for those with disabilities, or dogs!). There is also a good selection of restaurants close by (although none would make it to a Michelin guide - LoL!). The walk through the historic district is a must see. More importantly, although the current can be significant, the main pier runs perfectly parallel to the current so docking was not too difficult even with full running tide. And the dock office is right there so deck hands are close by (and very helpful). An additional note: It seems Safe Harbor has expanded its blackout dates for black card holders to include all of May....

by Gene L. - Verified user on May 10, 2021
Great marina, great staff

by W N. on May 07, 2021
Very convenient to a nice town. Staff most helpful.

by Pete W. - Verified user on May 06, 2021
Great location and crew was helpful

by Phil/Susan S. - Verified user on May 04, 2021
Great helpful dock hands. Current is strong. Right in town. Fuel pump on t dock.Easy to tour historic area. Horse drawn carriage tour great! Good food. Shopping great!

by Cheryl I. - Verified user on May 04, 2021
We didn't take advantage of any of the amenities, but the ease of grabbing a ball at 8pm and paying for it online was nice. The marina store was nice.

by Dennis B. - Verified user on May 02, 2021
Nice place, showers could us a bit of sprucing, dock hand did not show up on our departure day, waited over an hour for a pump out, late start.

by jeffrey S. - Verified user on Apr 28, 2021
Very nice location. The staff friendly and efficient. They are replacing the bad board on the dock. Should be done soon.

by Jim J. - Verified user on Apr 27, 2021
Great stop nice people Great food within walking distance

by Anthony D. - Verified user on Apr 26, 2021
Our Power Squadron had an awesome time!

by Greg A. - Verified user on Apr 14, 2021
Great staff Troy and the team were extremely accomdating with diesel, pump out, docking and every other request. Tide rips ask for advice for tie ups. Town is quant, great stop on our trip north from Florida. Navigation from the inlet to the marina (20nm) has plenty of water. We at Panini restaurant which has great pizza, salads, paninis - I would come back for that.

by Mike P. on Apr 14, 2021
Docks are in poor shape, restrooms and showers are in need of renovation. WIFI did not work. Staff and location are great.

by Christi L. - Verified user on Apr 08, 2021
Very helpful dock hands, great location. Did have a lot of boat wakes.

by Delmer C. - Verified user on Apr 05, 2021
Perfect Easter quick mooring ball overnighter

by Thomas L. - Verified user on Apr 01, 2021
This is a convenient location to enjoy a visit to Beaufort SC. Next to a beautiful waterfront park your dog will love. Lots of nearby restaurants and shops.

by Roger S. on Apr 01, 2021
Safe Harbor Beaufort is a great stop. Dock hands are most helpful and full of great info about town. Facilities are clean. At the end of the dock the wi-fi is weak but we weren't there for the wi-fi.

by Joseph S. - Verified user on Mar 28, 2021
The dock hands were great. Troy advised us on the best approach and got us safely secure on the dock. Ship store went well beyond the call of duty when our daughter’s lost phone was turned in to them and they mailed it to our next port of call. Wow! Thank you Heidi and Sunshine. Y’all are the best! What a nice bunch of folks. Showers were hot and clean. Docks are parallel with the channel so easy docking with the current. Thanks wonderful team. Check out the walking tour of Beaufort from Janet’s walking tours. Janet is an amazing tour guide. We learned a lot.

by Dave S. - Verified user on Feb 26, 2021
Nice marina. Facilities clean. Staff friendly and helpful. Beaufort is right off the dock. Easy walk anywhere. A great place to stop.

by Anonymous on Jan 05, 2021
We dock in Beaufort several times a year. We love it, the Dock masters; Mike, Troy and Kyle are very friendly and and helpful.

by Gerrit H. - Verified user on Dec 31, 2020
Great Stop on our way down the icw. A bit of a current bu east enough. Easy in and out. Great little city right at shore and the carriage tour right in the parking lot. Defiantly worth it for us.

by Minta F. - Verified user on Dec 07, 2020
Great stay on a mooring ball at Safe Harbor Beaufort. Great pick up float! Captain loved that his hand didn’t get slimy! One suggestion for here, and all marinas, is to have a map of the marina and/or mooring field on their website. Properly labeled map, and moorings that are labeled, would make for easier communication with dock/office about which moorings are available or suitable for boat size.

by Richard D. on Dec 05, 2020
great stay, dock attendants were very helpful. Close to shopping and bike path. We had to extend our stay and they were flexible with us.

by Nancy H. - Verified user on Dec 05, 2020
Great marina in a sweet southern town!

by Dulcie H. on Dec 04, 2020
The staff in the store were supper nice and helpful. No of the employees wore mask . And of course none of the Covid rules were enforced . The bathrooms/ laundry were dirty . The dock hands were professional and very helpful .

by Ann F. - Verified user on Dec 02, 2020
I love this marina and town. I have been here several times, on a mooring, and the marina staff are the friendliest and nicest. The town is amazing with great areas to walk, the Spanish Moss Trail to walk/bike, Enterprise Car Rental within biking distance, unique local businesses and have to give a special thanks to the coffee shop on the waterfront, Common Ground.

by Rod H. on Nov 27, 2020
This could be a showcase marina for Safe Harbor, except for two things. 1) It is unsafe. The docks are uneven, with some planks protruding above others by almost 1/2". I tripped over one, stubbing my toe, which fortunately didn't break, but my toe is swollen and discolored, and I will probably lose my nail on that toe. And this was with Deck Shoes on! 2) I've never seen such a collection of decrepit scows.

by Steve M. - Verified user on Nov 13, 2020
WiFi slow

by Tara F. - Verified user on Nov 12, 2020
We picked up a mooring later I the afternoon. I had called twice to see if there were any available but both dock hands had no idea of the vacancy in the field. Both young men were very pleasant and tried to offer advice. I am just not sure having everything thru Dockwa, there couldn’t have been a more definitive answer. The biggest complaint is the cleanliness of the women’s bathroom/showers. We stayed 2 nights and the first night, I had to clean a large clump of hair from the shower drain so there wasn’t standing water. There was clumps of dry hair and garbage on the floor as well. I hoped someone would have cleaned the bathroom within a 24 hour period but when I used the shower again on Sunday night, nothing had been cleaned and all hair/garbage was still on the floor. We have stayed here for the past 6 cruising seasons as we transit the ICW, but I am sorry to say, the conditions are worse now than when it was the City Marina Also, not one employee was wearing a mask, including the woman in the ship’s store. The sign stated I couldn’t enter without a mask, the same should be said to the employees

by jeff g. - Verified user on Nov 10, 2020
The harbormaster and crew are great but the place is in need of an overhaul. Cleats are being pulled off, deck boards are beyond their useable life and the ones replaced are trip hazards. The pump out is not at full strength. I love staying here but it some attention.

by Joseph R. - Verified user on Nov 09, 2020
Great marina right in town. Docks are nice.

by Donald F. - Verified user on Nov 04, 2020
Friendly staff nice facilities lots to do in town great stop

by Jerry d. - Verified user on Sep 03, 2020
Great marina. Friendly staff and very helpful. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay.

by Jim L. on Aug 22, 2020
I’ve always enjoyed the downtown location of this marina and now it is even better. The Safe Harbor management/dock team is fantastic. Thanks for a great stay.

by John R. on Jul 29, 2020
Kyle is a huge asset to Safe Harbor! He is very friendly and helpful. We enjoyed our stay their very much. He was able to accommodate us at the last minute when we did not have a reservation.

by Jeremy B. - Verified user on Jul 13, 2020
Had a great time. Staff was super friendly and courteous. Short walk to downtown.

by Adrian I. on Jul 11, 2020
Friendly and beautiful. Easy access to downtown Beaufort. Outer dock aligned with tidal currents made docking easy. Facilities older but clean and well-maintained. We will definitely make this a regular stop.

by Joe F. on May 28, 2020
We were a group of 4 boats part of the Lake Murray Power Squadron doing a trip from Charleston to Hilton Head for the holiday weekend and decided to keep our boats here. Very friendly personnel, easy in and out and perfect location for exploring Beaufort. Special shout out to Kyle and Troy for their hospitality and helpfulness.

by Anonymous on May 27, 2020
We love sailing our sailboat BabyGirl to this marina from Windmill harbour. The dock staff is very friendly and helpful. In my experience the bathrooms are clean but need updating. The Marina store is not always open (or it wasn't on the Sunday before Memorial Day which we thought was not good as we needed supplies- we have never encountered this issue before but that was disappointing) We often have to ask for codes/wifi password. Overall, we do enjoy coming here as Downtown Bft is steps away!

by William B. on Mar 26, 2020
Troy, Kyle and team always step up beyond the call. Love this place. Bill The Boots DeBusk

by Jim S. - Verified user on Mar 17, 2020
Great staff and facilities, excellent proximity to a walk to town. I planned our arrival at slack water, so made docking easy. Currents can be swift here. Plenty of water depth on outside face. Only downside, pretty buggy in the am and pm which made it a bit uncomfortable, but with all the marshes, cannot be helped.

by Scott N. - Verified user on Mar 12, 2020
Staff is super. Nice facilities. Currents are strong due to tides yet manageable. Beaufort is a nice southern city to walk or tour.

by Donald F. on Mar 04, 2020
The dockhand met us at the slip to help us dock. I prefer direct bookings as opposed to dockwa but with the way Safe Harbor is buying up marinas I guess i'll get used to it. The docks were in good shape and they have a pump out station and boat which we did not use. The bathrooms were a little further than some but were clean and each dock has a substantial locking gate for security. Access to downtown is very good and there are shops and restaurants to please most everyone.

by Stuart S. - Verified user on Mar 02, 2020
A real disappointment. Docks are old and in poor repair Mem's bathouse:terrible walls covered with dried soap which shows they haven't been cleaned in a long time. Apparently the ventilation system doesn't work since there was a box fan set on high to circulate some air. Sinks were dirty In the future I'll stay at the family owned Port Royal Landing Marina Beaufort is a nice little town but it looks like Safe Harbor isn't putting in any improvements. The office staff didn't provide access codes but lots of advertisement literature. Overall, I want a refund. One small bright spot dock staff was polite and got us docked safely. Zero stars

by Frank M. - Verified user on Dec 13, 2019
Location, dock and attendant were great. Bathrooms, particularly the showers were not clean.

by Jeff D. - Verified user on Dec 04, 2019
Easy in and out. Nice staff very helpful getting tied up. Bathrooms need help. But did have good washer dryer facility.

by Linda K. - Verified user on Dec 03, 2019
Love the people at the marina; very very helpful; bathrooms/shower area could be updated.

by Kristen D. - Verified user on Nov 24, 2019
Bathrooms and showers VERY dirty! They don't have to be stylish but they should be clean!! Staff seemed ambivalent when I mentioned this.

by Peter M. - Verified user on Nov 09, 2019
Safe Harbor Marina was a great stop as we cruised south. Perfect location among great restaurants n historical sights... all within walking distance. Kyle, the dockmaster, was friendly n helpful and the lovely ladies in the office were kind n informative. Showers n coin laundry ($1.75) were clean. Ship store sold wine n beer among other treasures. We even had instacart deliver groceries right to the marina 👍🏼 No car, no problem! Definitely recommend n will be back. Thank you!

by Tom B. - Verified user on Nov 07, 2019
Good docks. Showers ok. Town makes it worth the stop. Great restaurants and the Marina has a good ship store

by Ronald C. - Verified user on Oct 29, 2019
The dock crew was efficient and very helpful. The dock was clean and neat.

by Beth D. - Verified user on Oct 28, 2019
Docks are in good condition and dock staff are friendly and very helpful!

by Robert M. on Jul 03, 2014
Docks in okay shape. Dockmaster and staff were friendly. Has laundry, showers and bathrooms and dock gate under coded key. Ship's store has coffee (not free). Mostly stocked with souvenir items. Has an ATM. Great location. Tide runs strong through the floating docks. Fuel located on facing dock.

About Safe Harbor Beaufort

The historic streets of Beaufort, South Carolina are lined with grand oaks and vintage homes creating a distinctive venue for Safe Harbor Beaufort. Spend a day sailing along the Beaufort River or enjoy a leisurely picnic at the tranquil Waterfront Park. Conveniences like slip-side parking and a ship’s store complement modern amenities and the many restaurants, galleries, and shops of downtown Beaufort.

Booking Info

This marina has Safe Harbor Membership Blocked out Dates, you can review these dates through the link below:


  • Max LOA: 200'
  • Max Beam: 40'
  • Max Draft: 15'


  • Max LOA: 50'
  • Max Beam: 20'
  • Max Draft: 15'


  • Gas
  • Diesel
  • Water
  • Electrical

Listed Pump Prices

Last Updated on 12/06/2023 at 2:50PM

  • Super Gas: $5.399

  • Diesel: $4.599


  • Maintenance Facilities
  • Ship Store
  • Wireless Internet
  • Pumpout
  • Restrooms
  • Showers
  • Laundry
  • Ice
  • Launch Ramp
  • Groceries
  • Dog Park
  • Floating Docks
  • Oil Recycling
  • Medical Facilities w/in 5 Miles



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