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Mohawk Harbor Way
Schenectady, NY 12305
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58 Reviews

by Diego C. - Verified user on Sep 25, 2023
Convenient. Great dining nearby.

by Winifred P. - Verified user on Sep 23, 2023
The marina was great. Great location. Had trouble getting a hold of lockmaster at first. Finally called me a couple hours later. Nice location

by Richard C. - Verified user on Sep 07, 2023
Nice accommodations, really enjoyed the restaurants

by John P. - Verified user on Sep 07, 2023
The stay was nice. The marina has new modern docks. The cassino and food is close, grocery not so. My only complaint is the bathrooms which is a trailer.

by JOHN R. - Verified user on Aug 19, 2023
Excellent dock. Looking forward to more amenities

by Douglas H. - Verified user on Aug 12, 2023
Very nice marina. Excellent help with docking. Fun trip to Casino.

by Mark T. - Verified user on Aug 05, 2023
Beautiful marina with many open slips but we could not get anyone by radio or phone as we sat out in a huge t storm not even sure if we could get a slip because Dockwa gave us the impression that it was full,

by Paul J. - Verified user on Aug 01, 2023
Very nice. Docks are great. Water and power are great

by Michael J. - Verified user on Aug 01, 2023
This was our first time staying at Mohawk Harbor, and I would say the overall experience was disappointing. I was contacted by MH a couple of times during the day to check on our arrival time. Since we were not going to arrive until early evening, they ley us know they wouldn't have staff available to assist us with docking. We had no issues with this, as we are experienced boaters and quite capable of safely getting into a slip. We were also texted the wi-fi instructions and restroom code. The condition of the restrooms on Friday evening was deplorable, with no toilet paper in many stalls. Getting hooked up to the wi-fi is beyond frustrating to say the least, and I was never able to accomplish this over a 2 evening stay, despite asking MH on Saturday TWICE for assistance. They seemed much more preoccupied with making sure all boats were duly checked-in and paid for, and never got around to offering any hands on assistance. I blame the entity that set up the wi-fi more than the staff, as it shouldn't require an IT specialist to connect to the damn internet. The good: *Excellent docks - these are absolutely first rate *Nearby bars/restaurants. Casino is also within reasonable walking distance The bad: *Fairly expensive considering amenities normally expected a marina facility are not available (there are no showers, no laundry facilities and no pump-out) *Overly complicated internet *Restrooms not adequately maintained Overall: I would not recommend recommend MH to transient boaters, as the amenities provided are extremely limited, especially for the price. There are a number of area boat clubs that offer a much better value along with the expected facilities. If you are attending Harbor Jam (as we were) or another event, then it would probably be worth the price. I believe MH is operated by the Donovan's, who are normally a first-rate operation. We've previously stayed with them at Shady Harbor and had an excellent experience there. I suspect the issues at MH are mostly related to constraints placed upon them by the property owners.

by James Z. - Verified user on Jul 31, 2023
Great place dockmaster James does an excellent job!! Docks are fantastic

by Tim L. - Verified user on Jul 31, 2023
Nice facility and dock hands were attentive. They need showers for extended stays and a place to put garbage.

by Diane D. - Verified user on Jul 31, 2023
Nice harbor with a fantastic dock master. Nice bars, restaurants and casino near by. My only complaint would be the wi-fi that we were unable to connect to. Heard that complaint from another boater too.

by Andrew M. - Verified user on Jul 31, 2023
They have a beautiful marina, several restaurants, and very helpful staff.

by patricia s. - Verified user on Jul 31, 2023
Beautiful setting, great concert, amazing fireworks. James is also great.

by Otto M. - Verified user on Jul 31, 2023
Brian and James and the entire crew at Mohawk Harbor were, as always, spot on! It is always such a pleasure visiting. Their professionalism and expert management is incredible
Marina Response:
Thank you, but please, don’t make their heads any bigger. Seriously, James has grown into quite the property manager over the past couple of seasons. We are all proud of him. Glad you had a great time and we shall see you again.

by Christopher M. - Verified user on Jul 31, 2023
Beautiful facility. Only lacking showers and pump out but overall worth the stay. Great summer entertainment and restaurants with the casino well within walking distance.
Marina Response:
Thank you for the kind words. The word continues to spread of the greatness that Mohawk Harbor represents. That was evident this weekend. We continue to discuss your concerns about the lack of services and hope to have big news in the future.

by John L. - Verified user on Jul 31, 2023
Marina was very nice, restaurants and bars were excellent. The dock structures were perfect. The down side is the odd angle that the fingers are at, leaving only a portion of the stern to be utilized. Could also use a bath house. Would absolutely visit again

by Robert S. - Verified user on Jul 28, 2023
Once they finish it, it will really be an out standing place to stop. No pool, showers or laundry , no ships store.......the dock system is one of the best and secure systems in that part of the state. If they work that problem out I would stay again but not again at that price.

by Paul C. - Verified user on Jul 13, 2023
Nice facility but that’s where it ends. Portable toilets, no showers or pool. None of the other amenities advertised are available to boaters.

by Mark D. - Verified user on Jul 13, 2023
Terrible! State of the art docks, but no showers. Bathrooms were mobile porta- johns. No access to pool as indicated on web site. We felt duped by the advertisement propaganda. Casino was .5 miles away. Several folks in our flotilla got a room at hotel! Will not be back!

by Gene P. - Verified user on Jun 16, 2023
Clean and in good working order, this facility has nice proximity to restaurant options as well as a Marriott Hotel for those needing a break from floating accommodations.

by Mike J. - Verified user on Jun 15, 2023
Clean marina, town water, good 50amp power. Very shallow entering at the red and green entrance markers. I found hugging the shoreline gave me 2’ under my props with a 5’ draft. James was great help assisting our docking. Washrooms are in the condo complex. No showers.
Marina Response:
Thank you for your spot on review. The inlet has shoaled to 8’ , the basin is 10-12’. We have been trying to get showers. Enjoy the city of Schenectady, it is historic and fun

by Michael S. - Verified user on Oct 05, 2022
There was nobody there. No dock people. Nobody answered phone or radio it was a place to Dock.

by Roger S. - Verified user on Aug 01, 2022
Beautiful facility. Jimmy and the staff iare fantastic! Very helpful and they work hard to make sure people are checked in quickly and efficiently. We had dinner at the Casino and watched the concert. Great time!

by michael k. - Verified user on Jul 16, 2022
no dock hands on site

by Gary M. - Verified user on Jul 03, 2022
+Nice docks, good location next to the brewery casino and restaurants. -Tight blind corner entrance filled with rental kayaker, and surprisingly no pumpout facilitys.

by Nancy R. - Verified user on Jun 21, 2022
No Amenities, however beautiful new docks and newer restaurants on premises. Casino is nearby however everything else requires an Uber. Well protected off the river.

by Jean C. - Verified user on Jun 16, 2022
Madison is the new marina master and she is a FABULOUS communicator. The floating docks are in great shape and she tucked us in behind a wall so it was a calm and quiet night. Not a lot to do nearby but if you are looking for an easy in and out on the Hudson and a quiet night - this is the perfect spot!!!

by Paula A. - Verified user on Jun 09, 2022
Fantastic marina! It is right in the middle of a mixed-use development that's only a handful of years old and very well taken care of...and right next door to a casino! Boating: the entrance is very narrow but plenty of water. It looks scary but it really isn't. As you can see from other posts, 76' boats make it into the marina with no sweat. The boat next to us when we stayed was a 78' vessel! The docks are awesome - floating, wide, like new, excellent 50 amp, great water. There are bathrooms but no showers or laundry. Brian Donovan, the marina staff person, was excellent at helping us tie and power up. Also, he was born and raised in Schenectady and can tell you where to go for everything you want! He recommended a local brewery called Frog Alley. We walked one mile to the Frog Alley Brewery in the Stockade (historic) district - past homes that are some 300 years old. Very cool! There is a river front walk, too. We wound up our day at Druther's Brewery right at the marina. Food and drink were very good. Totally worth a stop to Mohawk Harbor Marina!

by Arthur A. - Verified user on Jun 04, 2022
Docks are beautiful and the harbor is well protected. Lots of green space for dog walking, bike riding, or just taking a walk. Donovans are trying really hard to make it a full service marina. Right now (2022) there are heads but no showers or pump out.

by Sue S. - Verified user on May 31, 2022
No showers and port o potties were dirty. Was told to pick any slip in a completely empty marina and next morning was asked to move by the person whose slip I happened to choose. This marina has a lot of potential but seems unwilling to have services both transients and locals need. I heard complaints from local yacht club members downstream, other transients and even nearby restaurant owners. This place could be the best stop on the loop with the history of the area, a great bike path, a casino and nice restaurants, but sadly most will pass it by.

by Christopher M. - Verified user on Oct 20, 2021
Great place for a seasonal slip. Glad the shows and fireworks are back. Hopefully more next year.

by Anonymous - Verified user on Sep 18, 2021
Very nice docks. A bit shallow coming into harbor, seeing less than 6’. No showers and temporary trailer restrooms. Convenient to restuarant.

by David S. - Verified user on Sep 11, 2021
great staff and great site. James was great Clean place nice settings
Marina Response:
Thank you for the kind words, can’t wait to see you in 2020 Kathy and Brian

by Tammy V. - Verified user on Aug 30, 2021
James and his crew were awesome. They were there, ready, and waiting to help us dock, tie up, and hook up to the facilities. James went out of his way to make sure we had everything we needed. A truly exceptional customer service experience.

by Guy G. - Verified user on Aug 29, 2021
Few on site amenities, no showers, pool, store …plenty of restaurants, stores , hotels, nite life, a short Uber’s drive away or walk

by John M. - Verified user on Aug 27, 2021
Nice sheltered marina on the Mohawk River. Docks are new and well constructed. Convenient restaurants nearby along with easy walking to the Rivers Casino and its entertainment and restaurants.

by Stephanie B. - Verified user on Jul 27, 2021
It is a new marina. Not just under-staffed, the was zero staff. There was a guy there to rent kayaks who had no affiliation with the marina. He tried to be helpful but he had no knowledge of bathrooms or anything else. The next day, I saw that the dockmaster had sent me an email apologizing and saying he couldn't be there but relaying docking and bathroom info. That did me and apparently the other boaters no good because none of us knew what was going on (who reads email while navigating thru a canal?)

by Lee S. on Jul 20, 2021
This Marina is an absolute hidden gem!! Brand new, great docks, great power, and even decent Wifi service, you can walk to restaurants, casino, and more... and Schenectady is probably one of the nicest, most "high-end" cities in Upstate NY. Also, the young man that is in charge of the Marina, James Donovan, is truly exceptional. I stayed there for a week, and every time I'd see him, he would ask how everything was, and if there was anything he could do to make my stay better. Also, he always had a smile on his face -- which honestly, can sometimes be in short supply in marinas in this part of the world, especially during peak season!

by Jim M. - Verified user on Jul 19, 2021
Lovely Marina, great dock hand assistance👍

by Joseph R. - Verified user on Jul 06, 2021
Marina is new and beautiful. Very few boats on July 4th weekend and we couldn’t find any employees. There was no information on any of the amenities. We did have a good dinner at the brewery on site but had no access to pools bathrooms etc.

by HR N. - Verified user on Jul 02, 2021
This was a New Marina. However, there was no dockmaster. After walking around we found an office who managed to call somebody who was the dockmaster. We did get a Wi-Fi. There is no place to put trash and the marina was not well laid out be used by boats. Since there were no services provided and the amenities weren’t there the price was outrageous.

by Jeff W. - Verified user on Jun 24, 2021
Really like this place. Grants was very good, dogs had great time playing in the wide open manicured field. Thanks.

by Steve C. - Verified user on Jun 15, 2021
Marina was clean and neat. Don’t expect any help, directions etc. made a reservation on line (no one answers phone even though message says their hours), you can leave a message but it’s hours before someone calls you back. Online they ask what time you’re arriving so someone will meet you. Nope. Don’t answer radio, don’t answer phone. So we just picked a spot. Marina is deserted, only 3-4 boats there. Someone finally calls several hours later (from my morning message) didn’t even know we were already docked. Gave us WiFi code (hardly a signal) asks if we need bathroom code. That’s it. Nothing about where to take trash if we have, do we need a pump out, info on area, zip. We’re pretty self sufficient so it wasn’t an issue but many folks need help and would be disappointed.

by Phil M. - Verified user on Jun 12, 2021
Fantastic stop 50’ off the canal. The Shaker and Vine is a restaurant next to the marina. They have a chocolate fondue that is to die for, plus red wine slushes. Live music on Friday nights. Modern harbor no rocking

by Stacy D. - Verified user on Jun 06, 2021
Marina was great, food was great, atmosphere was great. Only downfall is there are no showers and you’re not allowed to use the pool which to me is misleading since it’s in the photos advertising the marina.

by Thomas D. on Feb 11, 2020
One of the most unique marinas in NY. A must visit if passing through. This Harbor is a man made cut lagoon off the Mohawk River. The Marina itself doesn’t offer many amenities itself but that’s not what this place is a about. The surrounding grounds are amazing. Walking distance to Rivers casino with its shops and restaurants, short shuttle bus available (or walk) to downtown Schenectady and the countless restaurants, theatre and nightlife. Druthers brewery overlooks the Marina with outdoor seating. Enjoy the summer Concerts in the park right from your slip. Brand new docks and facilities, clean grounds with walking paths along the River. Hotels at the casino and a short few minute walk away. A place to see and be seen.

by Mike F. - Verified user on Oct 14, 2019
Brand new marina. Dock master Jr was fantastic. Good location lots restaurants to choose from. We stayed 2 nights. We will be back next season

by robert l. - Verified user on Oct 07, 2019
We had a great time on the canal, it was our first time. Your harbor was very easy to access and maneuver, as well as clean & safe and a very short walk to our hotel (court yard Marriott). Great layout. We look forward to it again in the spring.
Marina Response:
Thank you for the effort to let us know how your experience was. I’m glad you had as much fun as you did, it is exactly what we are striving to provide. We can’t wait to welcome you back next year as a regular. The place is even more electric during the heart of the season. See you next year!!!

by Lori S. - Verified user on Sep 09, 2019
Loved it here! Arrived for harbor fest concert in early afternoon. Dock attendant was right there and very helpful. Lots to do with the restaurants and casino. Clean bathrooms, no showers yet - hope that comes soon. Very well lit and felt safe. (make sure you have canvass covers or blinds for windows as it will light up entire boat cabin) Walked to Skyport diner for an awesome breakfast next morning, just over Freeman's bridge. Will come back!

by Leander W. - Verified user on Jul 26, 2019
This is going to be a great facility once everything is completed. The only thing lacking is bath, shower and laundry. Druthers restaurant is fantastic.

by George C. - Verified user on Jul 10, 2019
This place is going to be very good. They just need to finish it. Biggest missing item is shower room. Next is pump out, then fuel. Casino with a half dozen restaurants is across the street, about 500 or 600 yards. A restaurant called Druthers is right next door. We didn’t partake but saw that it was very crowded on a Monday night. Very tight entrance but not an issue unless there is a lot of wind. Easy docking once inside.

by Anonymous - Verified user on Jul 08, 2019
Dock hands were GREAT! Really need showers and pool, especially when staying more than a day. There is a pool but boaters can’t use it. Casino was great (even though we didn’t win) concerts were great and we enjoyed local brewery on site along with wine/tapas Nice visit but definitely not a five star YET, has potential - needs a boaters touch

by Ian C. - Verified user on Jul 06, 2019
Great location for the fireworks for July 4. The team here always happy to help you dock, tie and hook up. There needs to be an arrangement made with the facility for bathroom/shower access. There is a portable bathroom unit on site, o showers, and very few marinas I know of don’t offer these facilities.

by Bruce D. - Verified user on Jul 05, 2019
What a great night! Great dick service and beautiful facilities. Fireworks were unreal!
Marina Response:
Thanks so much for the 5 star review! Assuming we had great "dock service and beautiful facilities". And yes the fireworks were amazing!

by Judith M. - Verified user on Jun 29, 2019
This marina has the potential to be an excellent facility. The staff was friendly efficient and professional. Follow the private channel bouys ( plenty of water, but tight turn) . The docks are brand new and first class. Lots of amenities close by . The WiFi was iffy ( new hardware is supposed to be installed ????) This location did not have a pump out capability ( at least , I couldn’t find one) . I would definitely stop here again.

by Jim S. on Jun 10, 2019
Great facility and staff. Real close to a few restaurants and a casino. Did not have showers or pompous or many other amenities for the cost.

by John R. - Verified user on Jul 09, 2018
Could use a few more amenities. No showers, no grills. On the plus side, staff are extremely helpful, and the casino is right there with numerous restaurants.

About Mohawk Harbor

Welcome to Mohawk Harbor!

This marina is not staffed unless prior booking reservations have been made

Mohawk Harbor Marina is a premiere destination along the Mohawk River. Below you will find detailed information regarding your arrival, check-in process, amenities, and some recommendations on our favorite things to do in Schenectady and the Capital Region during your stay. Located between Locks E7 and E8 on the Erie Canal, Mohawk Harbor is sure to be one of your favorite stops on your voyage. With state-of-the-art docks, several delicious dining options, and the first privately owned Casino in New York, there’s no doubt you will have a blast during your stay with us!

Overnight Reservations

Mohawk Harbor Marina has slips and linear dockage reserved for overnight transient guests. Slips can accommodate vessels up to 35’ LOA and linear dockage is available for vessels up to 90'. Reservations can be made online at through the Dockwa dock reservation app (available in IOS and Android). Arriving vessels should contact the marina with an estimated time of arrival and to receive slip assignment. Check in time is available after 2pm and Check out time is 11am. Early Check in and Late Check Out times are available based on availability.

Dock & Dine Reservations

Short-term daily dockage is available for guests of Rivers Casino and Resort, Druthers Brewing, Shaker & Vine Wine Bar, and other retail establishments on the property. Upon arrival, all vessels must be registered with the dock attendant. Frequent Dock & Dine boaters are encouraged to pre-register their vessel the first time through the Dockwa dock reservation app (available in IOS and Android) for faster service upon arrival. Two-hour complimentary dockage is available for Dock & Dine guests. Additional hours will be charged at $5.00/hour. Vessels remaining in the harbor after hours will be subject to overnight transient rates. Please note there is no complimentary Dock & Dine available on Saturdays during Harbor Jam Concert series, 4th of July, and other Amphitheater and Casino events.

Harbor Jam and Event Reservations

Overnight transient and event dockage is available during Harbor Jam Concert Series, 4th of July, and other Amphitheater and Casino events. Priority is given to overnight transient guests during events, with short-term dockage based on availability. All vessels must notify the dock attendant prior to entering the harbor by hailing the marina on VHF channel 13 for slip assignment. Boaters attending events are encouraged to pre-register their vessel the first time through the Dockwa dock reservation app (available in IOS and Android) for faster service upon arrival.

On-Site Amenities Mohawk Harbor is continuing to develop the facility with expanded services and tenants. This site does offer Executive Restroom Trailer, however it is not equipped with showers.

The property is home to residential housing in both apartments and townhouses, Courtyard by Marriott, The Landing Hotel and Spa, Rivers Casino, several restaurants, an Urgent Care facility and retail shops in development.

Visit: - Upstate Kayak Rentals - ** Ellis Medicine Urgent Care ** - ** Druthers Brewery ** - ** Shaker & Vine Self Service Wine Bar ** - VN1 Nails - Rivers Casino and Resort - Rivers Casino Resort Dining - Dukes Chophouse - Mian Asian Cuisine - Flipit Burgers - Coffee Spot - Villa Italia - Johnny’s To-Go - The Landing Hotel at Rivers Casino - Courtyard by Marriott - Dunkin Donuts - Capital Bank - Amphitheatre Events

We are committed to making Mohawk Harbor a first-choice marina when traveling through the New York State Locks. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to us by email or by phone at 518-949-0220.

Booking Info

Mid-Week Special (Sunday through Thursday) Pay for Two, Stay for Three - Buy 2 nights, get 3rd night free. Not available Memorial Day or Labor Day.


  • Water
  • Electrical


  • Launch Service
  • Wireless Internet
  • Restrooms
  • Ice
  • Security
  • Groceries
  • Hotel/Lodging
  • Restaurant
  • Dog Park
  • Floating Docks
  • ATM
  • Pet Friendly
  • Medical Facilities w/in 5 Miles



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