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Annisquam Yacht Club

Not Offered


Day Trip
Not Offered
17 River Road
Gloucester, MA 01930
Check-in after 12:00 PM
Check-out before 12:00 PM
VHF 68
Out of Season
Annisquam Yacht Club is not currently accepting reservations. Annisquam Yacht Club will start accepting reservations for the upcoming season on 05/25/2021 at 9:00am EDT.
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23 Reviews

by anon on Sep 27, 2020
Lovely, if crowded, spot

by afish on Sep 23, 2020
Excellent location, friendly staff.

by jrh on Aug 26, 2020
Great location with substantial moorings right off the beach. Tide is strong so be careful if you swim off your boat.

by oneeyeddog on Aug 15, 2020
Helpful staff, easy to find moorings. Enjoyed my stay!

by nouellette on Jul 26, 2020
Excellent place to stay beachside!

by ngrenet on Jul 07, 2020
Very nice setting. Beautiful 360 around. A lot of current with tides. Friendly staff.

by jack4679 on Jun 24, 2020
They charged $75 for a mooring and did not offer launch service (reserved only for members!). Also directly across the Annisquam River from the beaches - a very dangerous place. I saw three women (drunk) drive their boat right into a channel marker (red nun). At 5 am, many boats started screaming down the river out to sea. One of them was going at least 30 mph and many others at 15 to 20. Visibility was very poor. No sign of a harbormaster.

by ultraccd on Jun 21, 2020
Great location and Always excellent hospitality by yacht club staff.

by stellapolaris on Sep 25, 2019
Very friendly, responsive and helpful Yacht Club and good mooring site. We stayed beachside -- lots of current and some swell from the oceanside. And the Annisquam River is lovely!

by rapiti on Sep 19, 2019
Nice mooring. Shore boat service ended 5pm, and club closed (Thursday.) Maybe reduce $75 fee on days such as this? -Cap’n stingy

by dyyntg3w5o6whecyzt13 on Sep 04, 2019
Awesome Yacht Club. Been visiting for several years now. Very welcoming. Second stay this year. Karen in office is great. Club manager could not be nicer. Very professional run club. Nate and his marina and launch staff are courteous and helpful with any of your needs. Look forward to my next stay.

by valerian on Aug 24, 2019
The marina instructions were clear, the location is good as far as beach access and access from the water. They have tender service to and from their clubhouse. They were not able to give local information about the river/canal. They were not able to help me find food. Beware: the restaurant on premises is often closed. We were told it would open at five, and since there was no other food within walking distance (or dinghy distance on a river with current), we waited. When 5pm rolled around, we were given new information: the restaurant was closed for a private event that evening. (Note: there is a rather nice restaurant nearby, but it's not open 7 days a week, and AYC staff gave conflicting information on whether they were open. Fortunately, I had checked and the restaurant was closed, so I didn't walk/dinghy over there)

by e.duffy87 on Aug 19, 2019
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by cdriscoll on Jul 14, 2019
The launch driver Pete was very professional, pleasant and accommodating. We dined at the restaurant on the casual side. The service was very slow, food was mediocre. Our waitress and the manager made us feel like we didn’t belong there. We will never go back to the restaurant!!!

by sailing on Aug 12, 2018
We were not able to get to Gloucester because of inclement weather. I am disappointed with my inability to contact the person managing this reservation at the Annisquam Yacht Club despite the multiple modes I employed to do so. Because of this issue, I’m not sure I will use Dockwa again to make an advance reservation. Knowing that there were open moorings yesterday that they able to rent made my $75 investment even more painful.

by gchase1 on Jul 09, 2018
Very nice staff, great location

by ricknan on Jun 26, 2018
Nice restaurant and launch was helpful.

by justajule1 on Sep 07, 2017
The yacht club was lovely and the staff couldn't have been nicer

by bobvandette on Aug 14, 2017
We always enjoy going to the Annisquam Yacht Club moorings. The beach is beautiful, the sunsets and the view of the ocean is amazing. The things that keep this from being a 5 star review are: 1. The fishing boats that run out to the river in the early morning throw a mean wake at you while you sleep. 2. The crazy weekend boaters partying and consuming the entire beach with their boats anchored on the beach is a bit annoying. I recommend going during the week if possible and avoiding the weekend. We totally enjoy the evenings and mornings best before the weekend boats show up. 3. I wish the Yacht club would upgrade it's menu. They have a very limited menu not really designed for dinner.

by jamesforsyth01 on Aug 07, 2017
The yacht club was very nice. The people,location and moorings were great along with the restaurant . I will be going back.

by daysailj on Aug 03, 2017
Short stay-nice club and beautiful mooring field area. Even he early AM lobster boats were at polite speed

by tonyraymond on Jul 19, 2017
Nice quite mid week overnight

by jsadick on Jul 07, 2017
Nice facilities, great location and wonderful hospitality.

About Annisquam Yacht Club

Due to circumstances surrounding the Covid-19 Pandemic, visiting yachtsmen will not be granted access to the Annisquam Yacht Club facilities or launch service until further notice. The grounds, bathrooms, showers, and dining/bar service are all closed. While there is a chance that these conditions will evolve there is a very real possibility that they will remain in place for the duration of the 2020 summer season. We apologize for any inconveniences these regulations may pose.

-AYC Waterfront Staff

Guest Moorings at Annisquam Yacht Club Information:

The Club maintains five transient moorings: two that can accommodate yachts up to 38' and three that accommodate yachts up to 50’. Members wishing to moor their own yacht for a limited period of time may do so at no charge for no more than seven days per season. Guests of members and visiting yachtsmen with vessels will be assessed $75 per night for launch service and use of Club facilities (excluding the tennis courts, which are not available to visiting yachtsman). No more than 7 consecutive days on a mooring for reservation.

General Rules on Mooring Reservations:

1) A credit card is required to secure the reservation through or the Dockwa app.

2) Reservations for a specific area or mooring are not accepted since placement depends on vessel length and draft (yours as well as others).

3) The club reserves the right to cancel any reservation in the case of inclement weather forecasts (e.g. hurricane warnings) or club racing events.

4) AYC Waterfront Staff will respond to your reservation requests through Dockwa based on availability. If confirmed, the first night’s reservation will be charged immediately and any additional nights will be charged upon arrival.

5) Reservations for non-members will not be taken until after May 24th, 2020. The Club reserves the right to manage availability.

6) Rafting multiple boats on AYC Moorings is not permitted under any circumstances per Club Policy. One boat per mooring only.

7) Mooring reservations are for a 24 hour period with check-in after 12 noon and check-out before 12 noon the following day.

8) Customers cancelling 48 hours in advance of their arrival date will receive a full refund. Any cancellation made within 48 hours of the arrival date will not be refunded or credited for future visits.

9) The AYC does not provide transportation to or from any area beaches under any circumstance.

How to Access Dockwa

Go to

Under the Waterfront Tab, choose Guest Moorings.

Click on the Dockwa Badge.

It will direct you to the reservation page for Dockwa and you may proceed from there to make your requested reservation.


1.Log on to or Download the Dockwa app for your Android or Apple device.

  1. In “Request Reservation”, enter dates, length and draft of vessel.

  2. Dockwa will have you set up an account if you are not already a user.

  3. Enter all vessel and payment information.

->->Responses to mooring requests will be sent via email from Dockwa

2020 Launch Schedule:

May 30th– Oct 14th

May 30th-June 14th

Mon-Tues: CLOSED

Wed-Thur: 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Fri-Sun: 9 a.m.-8 p.m.

June 15th-June 21st

Mon-Thur: 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Fri-Sun: 9 a.m.-8 p.m.

June 22nd-September 7th

Mon-Thur: 8 a.m.-8 p.m.

Fri-Sat: 8 a.m.-10 p.m.

Sun: 8 a.m.-9 p.m.

September 8th-October 12th

Mon-Tues: CLOSED

Wed-Thurs: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Fri-Sun: 9:00 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Booking Info

How to use for boaters (please note Dockwa will confirm or deny availability via email). From Under the Waterfront Tab choose Guest Moorings. Click on the Dockwa Badge - It will direct you to the reservation page for Dockwa and you can proceed from there to make your requested reservation.

Or: 1.Log on to or Download the Dockwa App for your Android or apple device. 2. In “Request Reservation” enter dates, length and draft of vessel. 3. Dockwa will have you set up an account if you are not already a user. 4. Enter all vessel and payment information.


  • Launch Service
  • Restrooms
  • Restaurant
  • Showers



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