New London Waterfront Park

$2/ft - $4/ft

$35/night Fri - Sun | $5/night Mon - Thur

Day Trip
Not Offered
1 Waterfront Park
New London, CT 06320
Check-in after 01:00 PM
Check-out before 11:00 AM
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9 Reviews

by wires on Sep 26, 2020
The fee on the weekdays is really inexpensive. On weekends it pops up in price. New London Harbor may not be for everyone. We enjoy it because it is a vital harbor with lots (maybe too many for some) of sights & sounds. The moorings are fine. I wish they would activate a couple of moorings away from shore to reduce the wash coming back from the vertical shoreline, and maybe a little further from the noise. They have the moorings, they just need a float and hawser. The mooring field is well protected from most wind directions. Maybe more movement from a strong East or Northeast direction. After 9:00PM the ferries to Orient Point and Fishers Island stop and the many Amtrak trains during the day are few. At about 12:30 AM a freight train rolls through; this time with 68 cars & 4 engines. It really is a train watcher's paradise, as this is the main line between New York & Boston. A three car state commuter train runs frequently between New Haven & New London. You frequently see a submarine coming or going from the Groton Sub Base. We did not use the shore shower facilities, but the "Welcome Message" by email had all the codes for the gate and shower facility and lots of information. There are many good walks along the harbor, and lots of eating places, and several places to dock your dinghy. We take the dinghy under the rail bridge to Shaw's Cove and at Captain Scott's they have s designated tie up float and great seafood to take back to the boat or eat there. No Maritime Festival this year with COVID, but we have in years past stayed overnight and took the dinghy to Fort Trumbull & NL Pier to be early to see Navy & Coast Guard ships, and other museum vessels. In July the Sailfest is their major event. COVID also cancelled that this year, but it is another reason to get an overnight mooring and then stay safely for the fireworks, and overnight to avoid the crazy exit of many boats from the show. The wake from the ferries is not really a problem, they are thoughtful. However, the many other quick passing boats way out cause some movement. Especially the Navy escort boats for the subs have one speed: full ahead, and plenty of wake! The lights from Electric Boat are pretty bright, and right now new building construction is noisy during the day. It is a novelty stop, but one we enjoy.

by julienb on Aug 14, 2020
This is the best deal in the Northeast on weekdays. It's perfect if you need a secure way of leaving your vessel for a few days. We were able to tie up our dinghy at the gated docks for no charge. Barbara was responsive and quick to offer her assistance. We didn't avail ourselves of the bathrooms or showers but they looked clean.

by pjwelch73 on Jul 15, 2020
Great spot. Lots of interest and safe. Staff was helpful. Showers and laundry were clean. We were a little rolly in a 24' boat during the day but attaching a stern line put our bow to it. Great spot. New York f Fireboat at dock was a treat.

by madelinen on Sep 22, 2019
No one answers phone or radio, no staff at dock, locked bathrooms, showers at a separate location and the code we were given didn’t work. To top it off, charter boat next to us working all weekend with sanders, compressor, grinder... unbelievable racket plus dust. Do. Not. Stay. Here.

by vanvliett on Sep 16, 2019
When I called on vhf 9 I got no answer. I called the phone number asking for specifics on location and picking up the mooring. The woman chewed me out for not listening to the message and using Dockwa. I told her we did- and were now there for our mooring. I was told to pick up whichever we wanted, after I figured out where they were. No info given to us on barroom codes. No info as to where we could park our dinghy. (There is no launch). Follow up email with details on the area (restaurants and things to do) came the next morning -an hour before we were leaving Very poorly managed.

by mpassero09 on Jun 16, 2019
Excellent city. A lot of restaurants and entertainment

by jburnham on Jun 08, 2019
Simple, secure, easy, affordable

by captscot on Jul 31, 2018
There isn't much to this marina, it's not even really a full marina. It is the City's Waterfront Park that also has dockage available. They have showers and laundry for those that need it. What makes this marina so attractive is the cost and direct access to downtown New London. You only have to walk a few hundred meters to get to the best dining selections New London has to offer, including Tony D's if you don't mind walking just a half of a mile. I do disagree with the 2 star review presented because 1) all the moorings have pendants, 2) it's not a full service marina, it's docks and mooring balls, Showers and Laundry. That's it, and it's really really inexpensive.

by pauhana1508 on Jul 06, 2018
Lots of moorings, very few with Pendants. Ones with Pendants very close to shore, unclear if safe for 6ft draft. No dock master on Saturday, phone went to answering service. Supposedly there are showers/heads but without dock master/welcome package or pre-arrival email unclear where they were or if we were expected to share with public. If you like train whistles you will love this mooring field, if not you might want to avoid.

About New London Waterfront Park

Waterfront Park offers: vessels trash removal and pump-out services, use of our coin-operated laundry machines, and secure head and shower facilities (access code obtainable from the Dock Master). Prior arrangements may also be made for electricity and water requirements. Simply contact our Dock Master for these services, and inquire about other boater conveniences and services available in the community. Please provide ample notice to facilitate arrangement of utilities. Some fees and restrictions may apply.

Prohibited at Waterfront Park are: Diving and jumping from piers, vessel rafting from docks and moorings, skateboard riding on structures and benches, and vehicles of any kind without permission of the Dock Master. By city ordinance, open containers of alcoholic beverages are prohibited on city-owned property, but these may be enjoyed responsibly onboard your vessel. During major events and in cooperation with the New London Police Department, please be advised that coolers, backpacks, or strollers will NOT be allowed to enter Waterfront Park. There will be checkpoints before entering the waterfront. During major events like Sailfest, please leave your pets onboard your vessel.

Reservations: At any time of the year a vessel may apply for reservations for regular docking or seasonal mooring. The Dock Master has discretion on accepting or denying reservations for docking or mooring vessels at Waterfront Park.

The Dock Master begins accepting Sailfest mooring reservations on the first Monday in March each year for this popular three-day waterfront/fireworks event. For current event information, visit

Can accommodate vessels to 300' in length and 18' feet of draft


  • Water
  • Electrical


  • Floating Docks
  • Laundry
  • Medical Facilities w/in 5 Miles
  • Pumpout
  • Restrooms
  • Restaurant
  • Showers



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