Stingray Point Boat Works

19047 General Puller Hwy
Deltaville, VA 23043

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3 Reviews

by MIchael P. on Sep 14, 2023
these people are thieves. they say they will refund your money if you pay them in advance (if you sell your boat or splash prior to the end of your paid month) then they won't answer the phone or email. I sold the boat and they said the owner told them I paid for his month. He did NOT, and they lied. More peop0e need to report these thieves to the BBB and write reviews for Dockwa so others do not get burned by these clowns

by Thos C. on Jun 28, 2023
Don't waste your time. I had been using that yard since before it became Stingray point boat works. The current owners (2023) don't know what service is. I was quoted $300 to $350 to wash the deck of my 35' boat. The bill I received was almost $1000. They wanted $1500 to put two $250 batteries in my boat. I paid for monthly boat checks to keep the cockpit drains clear and the bilge empty. I ended up with water damage on the interior because they did not do there job. Two weeks before I went to remove my boat from they're yard I asked for a boat check and specifically asked to empty the bilge. They said all was good and sent me an invoice. When I arrived two weeks later the bilge was full to just below the floor boards. It took 20 minutes to empty. They had no rain in the two weeks. I could go on and on. Go anywhere else. you will be much better served. One last note, I asked once if they were hiring, they said yes, I offered myself with my lifetime of boating experience. Explaining I'm not a professional but I know boats. They said 'no' that I would cost to much. They like to hire non experienced labor because they are cheep. So now you know what kind of people (un-experienced) would be working on your boat.

by Anonymous on Apr 19, 2019
They made promises and broke them, made promise to repair the next day and did not show up. Made crazy claims. They are big on promised, low on follow thru. Disappointing. I wasted weeks trying to get a simple repair so I could get on the water and they dilly dallied.


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