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Rose Marina

Unfortunately, this marina is not on the Dockwa reservation network.

However, there are lots of other marinas nearby that do accept transient reservations through Dockwa. Check them out below.

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951 Bald Eagle Dr
Marco Island, FL 34145-2399

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About Rose Marina

Floating or Fixed we have slips to accommodate all varieties and lengths of vessels including super beam catamarans. We dispense non-ethanol 90 octane gasoline and marine diesel via 8 fuel dispensers at two separate fuel docks. We offer the regions only true high speed diesel pump for larger vessels.

Located just 90 miles North of Key West, Rose Marina offers deep water and direct access to the Gulf of Mexico and local inter-coastal waterways. Nestled in Factory Bay we offer fixed wooden and floating concrete docks all of which have water, power, free WiFi and free waste pump out. Our dockmaster and waterfront staff are available everyday from 7 am to 6 pm to assist in any way.

The Marina as we know it today has taken many forms through the years. Opening its doors in 1969, the Marina's original name was the Marco River Marina. It consisted of a parking lot, a small ship's store and a wooden T shaped dock extending from it. Years later Bill Rose bought the marina from its original owners. At which time he changed the name to Rose Marco River Marina and began using the Compass Rose (a symbol also used by his other companies) as the Marina's logo.

In December of 2010 we formally changed our name to Rose Marina, this was as much to memorialize Bill Rose as it was to cut down on confusion (nobody would ever say our name correctly as Rose Marco River Marina, it was a mouthful)… now our name is short, memorable and honors Bill. Rose Marina is now an entity in the Rose Family of Business overseen by family and long time business partners of Bill Rose, many of whom reside here, vacation here, and use the marina personally.

Booking Info

Currently we have already discounted our normal rates due to an upcoming renovation project and we've temporarily removed the BoatUS and Seatow discounts until the renovation is complete.

In order to ensure a great experience for all, we ask that all our guests review and agree to abide by the rules below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the dockmaster on duty.

  1. Showers, bathrooms, garbage collection and laundry facilities are available to all guests. Showers require a key to access, a refundable deposit is required to acquire a shower key. Please see waterfront staff for hours of operation and location.
  2. Fish cleaning waste must be disposed of in the appropriate receptacles.
  3. Major in-water boat maintenance or repair is prohibited.
  4. We have nighttime security from 6 PM to 7 AM every night.
  5. Collier County statutes do not allow liveaboards for more than five consecutive days or ten days per month.
  6. Fuel is available on the floating dock in front of our waterfront operations office. Please see our waterfront staff for assistance in pumping safely.
  7. Check-in is from 1:00 PM until the marina closes at 6:00 PM. Check-out is at 11:00 AM.
  8. For your safety, we do not allow storage of any materials on the docks or gangways without approval.
  9. Oil and Fuel waste disposals are available. See waterfront staff or dockmaster for location and charges.
  10. Quiet hours are between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM daily.
  11. Barbecue grills of any kind are prohibited on the docks.
  12. Our Ship's Store has a complete stock of boating merchandise including environmentally friendly cleaning products.

IN CONSIDERATION OF THE COVENANTS AND AGREEMENTS HEREIN MADE, and the furnishings of dock space by Rose Marina, hereinafter referred to as the Company, the payment of dockage fees and deposits, by the Undersigned boat owner or operator, the Undersigned Parties agree to bind themselves by the terms of this Agreement. IT IS FURTHER UNDERSTOOD THAT:

  1. The Company shall have a lien against the above-described boat, its appurtenances, and contents, for unpaid sums due hereunder and for damage caused to any docks, property or person at Rose Marina. Said lien shall be in addition to and not limited to other lien provisions of the Code of Laws of Florida. All accounts shall be paid before leaving the Marina.
  2. This agreement is for the use of dock space only. Such space is to be used at the sole risk of the owner. The Company shall not be liable for the care or the protection of the boat, including its gear, equipment, contents, or for any loss or damage of whatever kind of nature to the boat, its contents, gear or equipment.
  3. The Company shall not be liable for personal injuries to the owner, his/her guests, or members of his crew or party resulting from the use of dock space.
  4. The Company is not responsible for losses on or damages to boats in the Marina. Boat owners are responsible for damages to dock structure and pilings. In the event of an emergency, the Company reserves the right to move boats to other mooring places but assumes no obligation to do so. It is expected that the boat owners keeping their boats at Rose Marina during hurricane season will have made arrangements for the safe and sheltered anchorage of their boats elsewhere on the approach of a storm. The owners shall pay the Company a charge for preparing boats left in the marina during a hurricane.
  5. All guests agree to abide by all State and Federal Laws and Regulations.
  6. Authorized employees of the Company will replace, at the owner’s expense any dock lines considered by the dockmaster to be inadequate.
  7. No heavy maintenance (mast removal, major engine repair, etc.) is permitted. Crews are specifically prohibited from performing any major maintenance. The Company shall have the sole right to determine what type of maintenance or repair shall be prohibited.
  8. The agreement is named for the above-named boat. Lessee may not sublease or assign the slip to any other boat.
  9. No signs may be displayed nor may any commercial business activities be conducted without prior permission of the Company.
  10. On the occurrence of any event of default, the Company may terminate this agreement immediately. Upon such termination, the boat owner shall be obligated for with to remove his/her boat from its space or have it removed by the Company at owner’s risk and expense, and shall be liable to the Company for all unpaid dockage fees and for all damages the Company may suffer as a result of the boat owner’s default. In addition, the Company shall have upon such termination all further remedies and rights as may be available at law by reason of the boat owner’s default.
  11. Events of default shall include the following: a) Failure of boat owner to make timely payments. b) Breach of any other covenant or condition contained in this Agreement. c) Failure of boat owner to comply with dockside procedures listed in this Agreement, and/or published by the Company from time to time.
  12. The Marina basin and surrounding areas are a designated Manatee habitat. East Indian Manatees are federally protected marine mammals that live in this area. Please review the informational signs located about the Marina. While in the Marina, you will receive a manatee information package, and by submitting this agreement, you agree you will abide by all local, state and federal rules regarding the manatee.
  13. While in the Marina, all vessels will have an approved and operating marine sanitation device. All through hull or overboard discharges of sewage, combustible materials, hazardous materials, gray water (shower, dishwashing and laundry), and bilge water are prohibited. There is a free sewage pump located on our T fuel dock.
  14. By agreeing to these terms, I hereby authorize the Company and its designated representative, to charge my account for goods and services requested by me, including dockage fees.


  • Gas
  • Diesel
  • Water
  • Electrical


  • Bait & Tackle
  • Dry Storage
  • Floating Docks
  • Ice
  • Laundry
  • Maintenance Facilities
  • Medical Facilities w/in 5 Miles
  • Oil Recycling
  • Pumpout
  • Restrooms
  • Security
  • Ship Store
  • Showers
  • Travel Lift
  • Wireless Internet


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