Jersey Shore Marina

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841 Route 70
Brick, NJ 08724-2910
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16 Reviews

by Anonymous on Jul 10, 2019
We love Vito, I hate seeing bad reviews about this man as for he has been nothing but nice to my family, he has welcomed me with open arms, given me a break when I can’t come up with money, allowing me to have my daughters birthday party at his marina, he is just an overall nice guy, I think that it is very easy to some somebody up over one bad situation and the worst thing about the internet is that people expose you for the bad and never for the good. 5 stars JSM and also Lisa in the office and Vito’s son Anthony is excellent as well :)

by Anonymous on Apr 15, 2019
HORRIBLE OWNER .....STAY FAR FAR AWAY. Was a customer for 7 years.. Vito the owner rented out the slip we were in for 7 years during our dry dock storage. Claimed a person came in and paid in full. why was he shown our slip in the first place? This I believe was done to us because we didn’t want him to install new motors on our boat. Has done us and many other customers wrong over the years. Everyone stays because of the convenience of parking and being able to party there at night and becoming friends with other marina customers. Vito claimed he is a certified mechanic which I don’t believe he or any other employees are. Shoddy work, and business practices. WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS PLACE. In my opinion, He lies, steals and cheats at every opportunity. Find somewhere else. ****Update....4.14.19. Once again Vito’s response is full of lies, as he fails to tell the complete story...My contract was from April 1 to March 31, why in the world would I pay him for my slip in Sep, Oct, Nov or December when I am not due until April, He send letters to ALL customers during that time period looking for money.. IM NOT PAYING UNTIL FEBRUARY OR MARCH FOR AN APRIL 1st start date. Secondly, we were at the marina to visit our friends, while Vito was seen lurking behind boats watching our every move as we visited friends. AND YES I DID CURSE HIM OUT AS HE FULLY DESERVED IT. As stated above in my original review, we stayed because of convenience and friends...NOT BECAUSE JSM had anything more to offer..As far as a peace offering, it came with a $600.00 increase in cost for a. A slip which couldn’t accommodate our boat size...or b. A further location at the other end of our original slip...WE WERE NEVER OFFERED A SLIP NEXT TO OUR ORIGINAL SLIP...JSM SHOULD LEARN TO BE TRUTHFUL IN THEIR ACCOUNT OF WHAT REALLY HAPPENED AND WHY..
Marina Response:
First let us state that this customer will be missed as they were with us for 7 years and we appreciate their business and loyalty. We are in an industry that demands financial responsibility with regard to the slip renewal process and that's why every year we send out renewal emails, letters and phone calls to our existing slip customers in July to renew with us for August. We were told by these people that they weren't sure what they were doing and that they may be moving out. We repeatedly sent emails and called them during the months of September, October, November, December, January, February and March to no avail. Finally someone else wanted to rent the slip and we did. Then these people showed up at our office a few weeks back to renew. Once we told them their old slip had been rented out they became very beligerent and aggitated and threatenened that we would regret this. As a peace offering, we offered a slip right next to their old one and at first they said yes then suddenly they said no with this they accused us of f-ing them over. We tried our best to please them, but they wanted their old slip back or nothing else! Now we find these people are making false and untrue statements about us. Last night they came back to the property after business hours for whatever reason. We confronted them and told them due to the way we left off we think it is best for them not to come back to the property. We were cursed out again saying we f-ked them over and we were going to f-ing regret this. Then suddenly we got this terrible review. How could these people tolerate us for 7 years if we are this bad.!

by Anonymous on Feb 20, 2019
Highly recommend this marina. Fun to be had by all. Great amenities.

by Anonymous on Feb 20, 2019
Great family place.

by Anonymous on Feb 20, 2019
Great place. Owner and staff very nice. Love the events.

by Anonymous on Jan 17, 2019
Great Marina Awesome Group Of Boaters Fun place Great Pool Plenty of Parking Very Family Friendly Owner and Staff always Friendly and helpful Stop by say hello see for yourself

by Anonymous on Sep 10, 2018
I would highly recommend this marina. The amenities are fabulous and the events that they have are great. We have always been treated well by owner and staff. Come see for yourself all that this great Marina has to offer.

by Anonymous on Aug 27, 2018
We have a great time at the Jersey Shore Marina. It is very family oriented and they offer a lot of amenities that aren't available elsewhere. The general manager Lisa is organized and extremely friendly. Vito (the owner) is really helpful and has a great personality. You'll love it here...

by Anonymous on Jan 17, 2018
Cost seems a bit high as I'm a first year boater and don't really know if pricing is competitive. However, I have found the staff to be very helpful with repairs and have a lot of patience with all the questions that I have. Many thanks to Vito.

by John S. on Jan 30, 2017
2017 will be our 4th year there awesome marina Owner and Staff Very Friendly and Helpful Pool and other amenities and very Family and Pet friendly Gotta Check it out Highly Reccomend

by Sarah o. on Mar 04, 2016
My family and I dock here and love it. I have 3 children and a dog that come down here almost every weekend we can and stay over on the boat. We love the people here and love that we can set up a table, grill and hang out behind our boat! Its nice that there are cameras around so i know nothing will go missing. I can't wait for the boat to go back in and the annual party!!!!!! Keep it up Jersey Shore!

by Robert J. on Nov 28, 2015
We just stepped up to a 37' MY, although we didn't buy it from JSM we looked for months for a new marina down at the shore. Vito spent time showing us the Marina, the pool is great and the restrooms and showers are kept clean. I have seen a couple of bad reviews but they seem to be from the same person with different accounts, we've only been there about 4 months but so far so good. He's kept his word on pricing, pulled the boat and they did a great job winterizing and wrapping it. Dan the mechanic knows his stuff, I'm no mechanic but I've been boating for 30 years and he made me feel at ease leaving my boat in his hands. Now for the other boat owners in the marina, they made us feel at home from day one. We've been in many marina's over the past 30 years and these people are GREAT!!! Our plan was to stay a couple weeks before we committed to a full year, it only took 2 days and we were hooked and signed for next year. I can't wait for summer of 2016!!!!

by dominic a. on May 16, 2015
Jersey Shore Marina has been our go to marina for the last five years. My wife and I did not purchase our boat from JSM but we keep our boat there over the winter. Vito is a good guy and helps us with whatever we need. The facilities are clean for the most part. Don't have many complains. Over all I've had a positive experience with JSM.

by Maria T. on May 14, 2015
Last summer my fiance and I where interested in purchasing a boat for the summers we would be soon spending together at the Jersey Shore. We researched a few marinas in the area and Jersey Shore Marina we ultimately ended up at. Vito was very helpful and welcoming to us upon arrival. He did not pressure us into buying anything that we were not ready to purchase and he explained to us all the things that Jersey Shore marina offers. Unfortunately we did not end up purchasing a boat a just yet but when we do, we will definitely go back to Jersey Shore Marina and have Vito help us!!!

by timothy s. on May 01, 2015
Last year my wife and I were in the market for a boat and a Marina to keep it at. We came across Jersey Shore Marina, we live in Newark NJ so we are a decent hour and 15min ride away so I decided to do some research before I came and I saw nothing but negative reviews. So obviously I was skeptical and not about to drive an hour down south to waste my time. Luckily I called and had a great conversation with the owner Vito and took the trip down. All of the negative reviews about these guys are false and seem to be an attack on this company from an angry customer. Everything I read was totally false. I had my boat there all of 2014 and had an amazing summer. The owner was cool with everything we did very laid back. The BBQing and Pool was a plus for us because after the boat with friends we enjoyed a nice little get together at the marina. Thanks again Vito and staff for an amazing summer cant wait for this summer!

by Micky A. on Sep 24, 2012
The owner Vito Trapasso is not a very good man. He has harmed my boat so that I would need more work done. He is unable to pay for this marina and so he destroys people's boats. Please be aware of this man. He has taken people's cars for parts runs. He has allowed his kids to party on people's boat's when they are not around. Please be aware of this before taking your boat there. And I have to agree with others that asking for next summers pay in July is a bit much and rather rude. After that he comes after you for winter storage, and he will NOT do everything that you pay for either. It's a shame that we have to leave there. We liked it there and so did the kids, but this man is NOT worth staying around for. It is a bit dirty and nasty in the bathrooms. Please be careful if you go here.


  • Maintenance Facilities
  • Dry Storage
  • Wireless Internet
  • Pumpout
  • Restrooms
  • Showers
  • Laundry
  • Ice
  • Launch Ramp
  • Security
  • Swimming Pool
  • Cable/Satellite TV
  • Floating Docks
  • Winter Storage
  • Travel Lift



Jersey Shore MarinaJersey Shore MarinaJersey Shore MarinaJersey Shore MarinaJersey Shore MarinaJersey Shore MarinaJersey Shore Marina