Treasure Cay Marina

$1.50/ft - $2.75/ft

First-Come, First-Served

Day Trip
Not Offered
2301 South Federal Highway
Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas 33316
Check-in after 01:00 PM
Check-out before 11:00 AM
VHF 16
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40 Reviews

"Clean and VERY Friendly"
by RevCapt Tim, Key Largo on Jul 02, 2016

The marina and resort are very clean and well staffed. The office personal are very friendly. Restaurant staff also friendly and the pizza is very good

"Wifi at Mooring for $20"
by Nusoom, Chelsea, NY12512 on Nov 20, 2015

If good wifi is important to you, good enough for steaming, especially at a mooring then you will love this place. Let me add that the pennant line was in excellent condition and easy to pickup. Their beach is also amazing with lounge chairs and umbrellas provided. It is tricky to navigate into their well protected harbor but worth it.

"So So - at best"
by Greg Enz, Stuart FL on Jul 22, 2015

We ended up at the marina for 2 weeks due to mechanical problems. This is not a sailors place as the marina seems to cater to large power and sport fishing boats. The docks are a bit old and the showers are not the best, particularly considering the high dockage rates. The office staff was excellent. And yes, the beach is beautiful! The restaurants are pricy and the food average. Do not miss the cinnamon rolls at Florence%u2019s bakery and caf nearby. If you need a diesel mechanic, call Edgecombe %u2018s Marine Services, 242 375-8211. We will not return.

"Fantastic Beach"
by B Carey, Lakeland on Jul 20, 2015

We stayed here for a month back in February. What a beautiful place to stay. I never tired and couldn't resist taking pictures of the gorgeous crescent beach. Wifi was poor at the docks, but the beach bar on the beach had excellent wifi. We usually went over there to get online. Would definitely stay again.

"Worth a Stop"
by mark macmahon, punta gorda, fl on Jun 11, 2015

The dredged entrance channel was not difficult. But, I would not want to go in or out in strong onshore winds. The docks do look a bit old but were not unsafe. A lot of empty spaces when I was there. Dockage rates are high compared to others. The spinnaker restaurant was closed and the bar restaurant was empty during my visit although people were patronizing the bar. It felt a bit abandoned. I walked over to the beach restaurant for dinner. It was expensive but the food was good and the atmosphere next to the water was very nice. You would think the marina would try to do more to attract visiting boats. Very nice grocery and other shops plus Batelco office nearby. Very nice pool. Despite some concerns I enjoyed my visit and would probably return.

"I would give this a "meh"."
by DCooper, Traverse City, Mi on Jun 08, 2015

This place seemed more than a little tired. The rates they charge are quite high for the dockage and facilities. Just not our kind of place. We ducked in to avoid some weather and were "held captive" for four days. Yes, the beach is beautiful, but there are many beautiful beaches in the Bahamas that come with a much lower price tag. Won't be back to this one.

"Great Beach"
by BLC, Fort Myers on May 12, 2015

The beach at Treasure Cay is hard to beat the sand is soft and the water beutiful. The marina is in not to great of shape, the center dock colapsed with four people walking on it, luckily it only fell about an itwo inches and then stopped. The boards are soft on most of the dock and a little care should be given when walking on ithem. The staff was very helpful and when the dock problems were reported the staff did some minor repairs.

"great spot"
by Windsong II, Ottawa, ON. on Apr 08, 2015

We spent two nights on a mooring ball here. Enjoyed the beach very much. Resort has nice pool, good food, moorings appear to be well cared for. The office staff (Melrose I think) were really good, felt well taken care of. Everything you might want is handy, bakery, food store, laundry etc. Anchorage is small but very sheltered from any direction. We draft 5' and came in at low tide no problem.

"Probably one of the nices beaches I have been on"
by Mike Rizzo, Charlestown on Apr 05, 2015

Marina has helpful staff. Docks are in fair shape. The staff at the bar and grill leave a bit to be desired. When purchasing at the Grill be aware that the rude and incompetent staff add a tip to the tab. Pool was nice and well kept. Bathroom and showeres were okay, but I have been in better. The water and the beach are the reason to stop here, don't miss it.

"wonderful beach"
by Brad Cox, Toronto on Feb 25, 2015

Enjoyed two great days on a mooring ball. The area is tight and bare boat skippers tend to anchor very close to you. Some will move some stay put. We had a moorings cat anchored 20 ft from our bow with unknown scope out when we returned from the beach The facilities are good the beach is outstanding.

"Good provisioning and laundry stop"
by Helmsman, St Pete Beach, Florida on Jan 26, 2015

First the good: Marina staff were friendly and helpful.The laundramat provides wash/dry/fold service for $4/load plus tip, the grocery store had prices as good as or better than Marsh Harbor, the beach is beautiful and shaded chaise sare available to marina guests. There is a bakery which serves meals. There is a post office, open a few days/week. The marina has a nice gift shop with some Abaco gold jewlery. The marina restaurant and beach bar/restaurant are good, but pricey. Golf carts ($40/day) and bicycles ($7/day) are available at the marina. There is a flat rate for electricity and water at the dock. We tested the dock water (reportedly well water) and found it above 500 ppm, but we were told by other cruisers that it is drinkable. I'd suggest filtering the water before drinking. The not so good: Friday night the bar music was very loud, but Saturday night it was tolerable.

"Double D's"
by Alex101, Charleston SC on Aug 19, 2014

Great island bar, if anyone sees our boat mat there let me know, left in a hurry, but really wanted a reason to come back. Great spot to refit as the grocery store and harware shop have everything for a good price. just bring some fresh fish and you can bargin on the price.

"The best beach!"
by sv Dana - Robby, Bochum on Jun 02, 2014

The marina offers excellent protection from any wind, it's also possible to take a mooring ball or anchor in the basin. Otherwise it's fairly old, especially the restrooms, also far away if you are on L dock, get a slip on S dock if you can. There is a well stocked grocery and liquor store in the resort mall, as well as Golf cart rental. The beach just north is amazing, marina guest have complimentary beach chairs (umbrella $10) at Coco Bar. Bahama Beach Club also woth a visit, must take a walk to the Sand Bank Cays at low tide.

"very nice, beautiful beach"
by Crusher, Ft Myers, Florida on May 28, 2014

Nice older marina . Voltage currently at 107 with few boat in Marina. Showers dirty and old but hot water available. Pool and bar are classic Bahamian. Sat TV at bar. Great beach only 5 minute walk away.Can walk for hours on beach. Upscale restaurant at North end of beach with pier for docking dingy in calmer weather.very good restaurant on beach only 5 min from Marina. Had a bonfire last night really beautiful.Food was good normal Bahamas prices. BTC office next to marina as well as convince store , drug store and several others. Go,f cart rental on site. Marina offers Royal Marsh Harbor discount to groups of 4 or more boats. Marina water is local city water, taste bad, did not put into our tanks.Marina fuel dock easy in and out on way into Marina, was $5.67 for diesel plus 3.3% for credit card?take Am Exp at fuel dock and Marina as well as Visa/MC. Will return in future. Very well protected, good help tiring up

"stayed on a ball"
by Burry and Wendy, Kingston, Ontario on May 03, 2014

great new moorings, much improved from 2 years ago, $20/night, includes all marina amenities

"Bring Earplugs"
by Yorkrose, Punta Gorda, FL on Apr 24, 2014

I don't know if we hit a bad weekend or what. In any case the entire marina was absolutely blasted with loud hip-hop music from the bar until nearly 3 am. It was so loud that vibrations could be felt on all the bulkheads in the boat.

We have been here before and did not experience anything like this.

As others have said, the marina is basically in decent shape, and it is certainly well-protected. The shore facilities are a bit tired, especially the restrooms and showers.

Like many places in the Abacos, tourism is down, and it shows in the deferred maintenance.

"Lovely Spot"
by Captain JBB, Lighthouse Point Fla. on Apr 20, 2014

Stopped here for a couple nights heading back north on first trip to Bahamas. Pricey for transient dock and utilities as noted in other reviews but this is the best beach we've seen. Definitely has a "resort" feel which is nice for a break/treat from mooring and cheap places. On our next trip I'll bring enough company on board to get the value out of an upscale marina, pool, restaurants and especially the beach.

"Moorings are great"
by Bob Blackman, Wilmington, DE on Apr 05, 2014

There are 12 moorings. Pennant hangs straight down into the water and is hard to see and it took us a couple of tries. The office was very welcoming. The $20 fee includes access to "resort" facilities and excellent wifi signal in mooring field. Beach is great. Mooring field very protected and some decent anchorage space remains. Good spot.

"nice local flavor"
by BOBSKI, north kingstown on Jan 27, 2014

stayed 2 nights in slip.. went to pig roast with the locals... was good... bathrooms in need of repair .. water luke warm... getting in was exciting.... maybe some geen paint on the poles would help

"Nice touristy marina"
by RickM, Ottawa on Jan 26, 2014

If you're into the tourist thing, this is a good marina to stop at, especially for the beach. The dockage rate is okay, but the power rate is way too high. The marina staff told us they were working to put in power meters, so when that happens that will be great, but for now we passed on the power.

The docks are good, but the bathrooms and showers could use a bit of work. Overall nice for the location and scenery, but probably won't stop here again. Good to do at least once though.

"If you want "Quiet", Treasure Cay has it!"
by William Chappell, New Bern NC on Dec 26, 2013

We took advantage of Treasure's great pre-season monthly rate of $525 and refinished Charbonneau's exterior teak. Yes, the $24 daily flat rate is very high for a sale boat not using heat or A/C, but Cliff worked with us on electricity for sanding only, making it very advantageous compared to hand sanding. Look for the three and four foot long Tarpon that cruise the marina waters. We enjoyed both Coco's beach side Grill and Tipsy's Thursday night Pizza. But also check out the Bahama Beach Club restaurant within 200 yards of the was excellent and priced reasonably.

"flat rates"
by Ian Willmott, Midland ON on Dec 14, 2013

They would fill these docks all winter if the electricity was metered. $24 based on footage is a rip off. Rag baggers pay the same as a 3 story mega cruiser of the same footage

"Nice, but touristy"
by Hap-E-Cruzer, Ft. Myers, Fl. on May 22, 2013

Anchored out one night, good holding, fair protection. Walked over to beach and bar. Absolutly the most beautiful beach we have encountered. Food a beach bar was good. Didn't use marina, no dingy dock, used ladder for access.

"OK Marina, but could be better"
by J. Winter, North Myrtle Beach, SC on May 08, 2013

Too pricey for what you get, except that you do get free lounge chairs at the beach. Heads are nice. Docks are designed for larger boats, so they are high above the water, and such, smaller boats (40' even) may have difficult times getting on/off, but docking is easy and the finger piers are very long. The staff at marina/stores/etc, are very nice. beach is not to be missed.

"Updated Prices"
by Ed Bulchis, Seattle on May 06, 2013

Dock was $2.05 per foot per night on 5/6/13, 30 or 50 amp power was $24 per day, and water was $11 per day.

"Great Beach"
by Jim and Christine, Dallas, TX on Apr 27, 2013

Great beach location to have a five star resort. Marina was acceptable, staff helped tie up and we never saw them again. Large anchorage outside the marina and lots of dingy traffic. The "nice" restaurant was quite a walk from the marina for lunch. Did the pizza night with DJ and was very good, cant remember what night of the week it was though. Lots of locals there for the pizza. Supermarket very close, it it around the corner from the small grocery store so keep walking when you see the small one.

"Treasure Cay Marina"
by Kermit Ruegamer, Sandusky, OH on Mar 23, 2013

Gas $5.98 3/23/13, Everything you need, laundry, great bakery, Library,grocery, phone store and Bank. Use Mariana Life discounts, great pool and Natl. Geo top 10 Beach in the world. If there is pardise thids might be it!

"Looks Better Than It Is"
by Capt. Richard D, Sandusky, OH on Mar 11, 2013

On the plus side: the beach was truly one of the most beautiful we've seen. Also, there was a grocery very close to the marina that was moderately priced. Batelco was next door. The pool and bar were very nice and Spinnaker's Restaurant was very pleasant. And the dockhand was very helpful and friendly. However, electric was $24/day and water was $11/day. We declined both. The free wifi never did work. They were waiting for a part. The bathrooms and showers were horrific. No place to hang your clothes so everything sat on the floor. Not even a hook for your towel. For $1.40 per foot in low season, I expected better. Next time we'll use the anchorage.

"Disappointed but I love the Beach!"
by PBF, Longboat Key, FL on Jul 07, 2012

The beach at Treasure Cay is considered one of the top 10 beaches in the world and it is WELL deserved. The water, the sand, the expansive view is simply breathtaking. Unfortunaley, that is where the delight ends.

The heads and showers were not well attended to at all, the "shops" we're either shut down or not much to offer, and the food at both Coco's and Spinaker were sub par. I thought the staff was friendly and helpful.

Regardless, I think a visit to see and enjoy the beach is still worth it.

"Loads of Potential but Dated"
by Pat Wulf, Sarasota, FL on Jun 13, 2012

Cruised in just for lunch. Marketing pictures had us anticipating a true 5 star resort. Beach is awesome and beach restaurant is good but overall seems a little tired and run down. Staff was friendly and there was no charge to dock for lunch. Would come back for the beach, but only after we check out several of the nearby areas to see if they are a little less weary.

"Excellent location and facilities"
by Mike. Michael, Doziers Regatta Point Marina on Apr 04, 2012

We have been there twice this season -- when our dinghy was out of action. Although a little pricey for transients (when water and electric are included), we like the beach and are willing to pay if we have to. We agree that the docks need some work, but we have seen a lot worse. In any event, you can't beat the location.

We like Coco's, the beach bar. There are about five other restaurants in the area, but we we have only tried one (A Touch of Class) and it was okay. Spinnaker's is a good bar at the marina. We thought shopping was excellent, probably the best grocery store in the area other than Marsh Harbor.

"Great anchorage"
by Danny Fletcher, Jacksonville, FL on Mar 31, 2012

This is a great anchorage. The guide says there are 8 Moorings, really there are 3 moorings and they are taken by long term renters. No mooring are available. The chart says "poor holding", but we found great holding(sand bottom).

"Treasure Cay Marina"
by Captain David J, Warrington, Pa on Aug 05, 2011

The marina has changed since we were last here some 20yrs ago. The Tiki bar at the pool is huge. The marina and pool were very clean compared to some previous reviews. Dock master and office people were friendly and accommodating.

Treasure Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. The sand is like confectionery sugar and the water is an unforgetable turquois. Grocery store, laundry and bakery with fresh baked bread and sticky bunns are a short walk from the marina. We will be back soon.

"lots of potential"
by Malcolm F, Ft. Lauderdale on Jul 27, 2011

Things have improved since our last visit in 2009. Docks still need work. Staff is helpful. Easy access to Treasure Beach. Best to do your food shopping in Marsh.

Treasure Cay Marina has it all: great location, well protected from winds and surge, as well as beautiful beach, groceries and supplies with in an easy walk. Unfortunately the facility has slipped in recent years. The docks need work. Trash on the docks, the grounds and the outdoor eatery is ignored by the staff.

"Winter Bargain"
by Missinglink, Madison, Ohio on Apr 06, 2011

Inexpensive winter monthly rate of $500, decent docks and very protected marina, nice walking ashore on the wonderful beach, large pool (not Heated), good internet, very good beach restaurant, Weekly drive-in movies at the beach bar parking lot ( just bring a chair or pick one up from the beach bar) Grocery and Banking nearby

"Treasure Cay Marina"
by Beverly and David Feiges, Sioux City, Iowa on Mar 10, 2011

Very inexpensive winter monthly rates, decent docks and very protected marina, nice walking ashore, large pool, good internet, very good beach restaurant, facilities for extra guests to stay ashore.

"needs serious attention"
by zoey, Seattle on Feb 04, 2011

I went over from Marsh Harbour yesterday and was very disappointed. Dirty pool, restaurant seemed very unappetizing in appererance, very poorly kept grounds. will stay anchored in Marsh

"A bargain..."
by Pascal, Miami, fl on Jan 18, 2011

Great beach, excellent protection, good docks and facilities. Winter 2011 they had special monthly rates that are very attractive ($500 a month for a 65 footer in Jan deb and march

Easy flights to Mia or Ftl

"I suppose it deserves five stars"
by RogH, Chesapeake Bay on Apr 08, 2009

You do have everything. Beautiful beach, tennis, golf, good access to good fishing, diving, some great dinghy rides. Convenient bakery, grocery store, liquor store, library, doctor, car rental. Car is c. $75 per day (plus gas). It costs about the same as a taxi ($85) to rent a car to pick up someone from Marsh Harbor Airport (MHH). Treasure Cay Airport (TCB) is closer but few flights. Only downside is lack of dining options. Onsite restaurant is good and one down the road will provide transportation, but that's it.

by Rick, Stuart, Fl. on Feb 16, 2007

you have everything right here

About Treasure Cay Marina

Our well protected deep water 150 slip full service marina is one of the largest & wildly considered one of the nicest throughout the Bahamas. Centrally located within Treasure Cay Beach Marina & Golf Resort; the docks are just a few steps from our award winning beach, the hotel, restaurants and local services. Marina staff is continuously on call to provide guest support.

We are proud members of the Association of Bahamas Marinas (ABM), which asks all member marinas to apply a 2% levy on dockage. You will notice a sales tax of 2% on your receipt, which is the levy and will go towards the initiatives and projects that the Association of Bahamas Marinas promotes.

Please note that the Treasure Cay Resort & Marina will no longer accept AMEX at the resort for purchases outside of Dockwa.


  • Gas
  • Diesel
  • Water
  • Electrical


  • ATM
  • Cable/Satellite TV
  • Groceries
  • Hotel/Lodging
  • Ice
  • Laundry
  • Restrooms
  • Restaurant
  • Security
  • Ship Store
  • Showers
  • Swimming Pool
  • Wireless Internet
  • Golf & Tennis


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