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50 Rondout Landing
Kingston, NY 12401
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27 Reviews

"Great Stop on the River!!"
by Gybtrimmer, New york on Sep 27, 2016

The Hudson River Maritime Museum is at the heart of the Kingston waterfront renaissance. Featuring interesting exhibits on tugboats, steamboats, and lighthouses, the museum also is home to the Riverport Wooden Boat School. Docks are floating with power and water as well as amiable staff willing to assist with whatever you might need. hours. Contact the dockphone to make a reservation. Not sure if they listen to 16 and call ahead as they do have numerous historic vessels as well as larger ships come in for public events and tours. The Hudson River Maritime Museum is located on the Rondout Creek in the Rondout area of the city of Kingston, New York. The Kingston Home Port and Education Center multi-purpose building serves as a winter berth and repair shop for the sloop Clearwater, and as a center for the community to gather for educational programs, music, special events, workshops and meetings. The Riverport Wooden Boat School is also now added to the property and there are facilities that they will be updating as progress is made on the building. Other partners in the Rondout-West Strand Historic District include the Rondout Rowing Club, the Kingston Trolley Museum, the T.R. Gallo West Strand Park, and the Heritage Area Visitors Center. The Hudson River Cruises%u2019 boat Rip Van Winkle sails out of the dock in the historic waterfront district. My sister and I were in the area and we spent several hours here one day, and had lunch at the Mariner%u2019s Harbor Restaurant. We enjoyed it so much that we came back the next day and spent several more hours, and had lunch at the Ship to Shore Bistro. Docking here has no height limit and deep access... definately worth a stop.....regardless of other disgruntled curmudgeons have posted previously.....:]

"Their Hearts Are Not into it"
by Cowboy Bob, Naples, FL on Sep 19, 2016

This is really a museum with docks out front. Floating docks are fine and there is water and power. they don't listen to VHF and never answer tge phone. the staff at the museum run the docks but know almost nothing about them. Someone turned off the wifi when they left for the night. the shower is pretty rustic and the bathrooms are actually at the boat building school next door.

if you need a dock this will do. but it's not a destination.

"Beautiful Historic Area with Convenient Docking"
by Hudson River Maritime Museum, Kingston, ny on Sep 15, 2016

The Hudson River Maritime Museum and Wooden Boat School offers a stay in the heart of the Rondout . The facilities have been upgraded and added to with the opening of the Boat School and Boaters Welcome center. Docks are updated as are all marina services. You will find the staff accomodating- just ask! Please consider a stay with us and visit the museum, the trolly museum, the eatieries. Many weekends include waterfront events . Please reserve through dockwa or call our docking #.

"Rondout Hudson River Maritime Museum Docks"
by Blair Bugher, Toms River, NJ on Aug 06, 2016

Docks, electricity, water, staff are all adequate (lots of spiders at night, but this is normal for this area). The bathrooms/toilets are either inside the museum (that close at dinner time) or are town provided "public" facilities (not on the museum grounds, but within 100 feet) that are supposed to be locked at night (not always locked at night but only one toilet and open to all who wander the waterfront). The museum "shower" (no toilet) is a coin operated not very clean "closet" with a filthy sink with a plugged drain. Shower stall itself was adequate with hot water. The museum staff indicated a better bath/shower for the museum transient docks only, is being built (no idea when it will be complete).

"Stop for the history (it's well told), not the facilities"
by F M Tim Farrell, St Paul, MN on Sep 07, 2015

Docking was easy, docks sturdy and power good. As stated in other reviews, the shower leaves much to desire and the toilets are non existant. I'm certain the museum has it in thier plans to upgrade boaters' comforts but when they have so much history yet untold, it's always a struggle in deciding where to apply limited resources. While we did not dine ashore, there are many interesting eateries emitting enticing aromas. We did have the adventure of walking across the un-lighted suspension bridge to score some ice cream. Worth the walk but bring a flashlight!

"Unreachable on arrival and my reserved spot taken"
by Alex Ertz, Iuka, MS on May 12, 2015

Title tells the story. No one minding the to speak.

"The Museum alone is worth the stop"
by Don Robertson, Avondale, PA on Sep 16, 2014

I specifically planned this stop because I wanted to visit the museum and was happy to join for the privilege of staying there. The museum is a great source of history concerning the Hudson river, the tugs and ferries that plied it over the years as well as an interesting exhibit on harvesting ice from the river and sailing ice boats on it. We were there on a rainy Saturday and the museum was staffed only by a receptionist at the entrance but she was very helpful getting us settled and giving information about the towns of Rondout and Kingston. Despite the rain, the Admiral and I walked and explored for several hours. The floating docks at the museum are the stongest and most stable I've ever used. The shower in the back of the building is a little rough. The only heads available after museum hours are public ones in a park nearby.

"Nice location, stable docks, good electric service"
by Capt Jason, Albany, NY on Aug 04, 2014

We used to stay at the Town Docks but the electric service for 50 amp has been so spotty the last few years that we started staying at the Museum and really fell in love with it. The docks are in good shape, the electric service is very good, the museum has really become a nice venue including an antique Tug on Shore with viewing ports, and it is in the heart of town - walking distance to restaurants, bars, and shops. Good price also.

"good place to stop"
by Eric and Pam, Beaufort NC on May 19, 2014

Easy in & out it's right before the bridge. Ron is on the facility to help out and goes above and beyond! Our dingy seat needed repair, he supplied us with the material and we made a donation to the mesuem, win-win. He even gave us a ride to a fabulous market in town! The Italian restaurant is fabulous, the corner seafood restaurant tasteless food. Suzhi place up the street good. A good stop and the mesuem is diffently worth your time.

"Hudson River and Tug Boat History!"
by Capt Foster, Nowhere,OK on May 12, 2014

They have a good selection of Tug boat lore from the local area and a look at the Hudson River back in the late 1800's. Nice way to spend an hour.

"stop here for sure"
by PhilMo, Shelburne, VT on Jan 22, 2014

We joined the museum and stayed one night. We walked around Kingston and enjoyed the stay. It is not fancy but was fine for us. Easy in and easy out and worth spending more time in this area.

"Worth a visit"
by Iron Duke, Wicomico Church on Sep 23, 2013

We became members and spent the night - friendly folks; but a yacht club it is not; however, it is worth a least the first visit to Kingston

"Great location, really nice staff"
by Ron Matuska, Dunedin, FL on Jul 08, 2013

We stayed for over 2 weeks, waiting for the Erie Canal to open. Museum Staff very accommodating, taking care of the boaters waiting on the Erie and on their customers with reservations for the 4th of July. Lots to offer in Kingston, museums, resaurants, bars - all within very short walk to downtown Rondout. Our favorite was the Rainbow just over the old bridge and Armadillo. If you can get in over the 4th, watch the fireworks right overhead as the fireworks were launched from the 9W bridge. Only negative was the music from the Steel House, played until very early in the morning.

"early may docks not all in."
by Burgstrass, West shore Marlboro NY on Jul 08, 2013

we spent the night here in early may. Joined the Mueseum and got .50 off per foot not bad for 1.50 a ft.. since the docks werent in we tied up to docks thay had secured to the seawall. needed extra power cord and water line to reach the powere and water lines on the seawall. Showers and head open only during museum hrs. Kingston has pubilc bathroom close by (no shower). we became stuck inside the mueseum property after closing but got out and back in pasted the locked gates by rositas mexican so we were ok As museum member we have free dockage for dinner stops (3hr) if they have room.. and .50 cent/ ft discount applies if you overnight

"Wonderful Place - 18 day stay"
by Rick-Margi, Stafford, VA on Jun 28, 2013

This marina does not have all the ammentities of other marinas but it does have a great staff and is in a great location for site seeing, shopping or eating out. We were there for 18 days waiting for the Erie Canal System to open. Linda and Ron as well as all the volunteers in the museum office were fabulous. We could not have asked for any more. They saw to our every need. Taking us to the grocery store or where ever we wanted to go. They attended our pot luck dinners and a brunch and brought some wonderful breakfast items and some great bread from a local bakery. Linda also gave each looper boat at the brunch a box of cookies which were the best ever along with a thank you card with the Rondout Lighthouse on it. When we decided to leave it was like leaving family. Everyone was there to wish us well and Linda gave us museum t-shirts. We were there under special circumstances but would still recommend it to everyone. The museum itself is well worth the stop.

"Right next to and part of the Maritime Museum."
by Bob Rouda, Roseville MN on Nov 16, 2012

Really nice to tie up next to the maritime museum. Nice town; all within a few blocks. Loved it. Join the museum and the dockage rate drops so the total is only slightly more than the city dock, and you get into the museum too.

"Great stopover"
by BClarke, Essex, CT on Oct 19, 2012

Now granted, our experience was probably unusual. Tied up to the museum dock. Easy spot, very calm and right in town. The museum provides a lot of iinteresting info on the Hudson -- both its history and environment. And when we walked into the charming town it turned out we arrived for their annual Italian Festival. And we found a fabulous Mexican restaurant -- Mole Mole. And to top off a perfect day -- they sent off fireworks right over our boat. Nothing like sitting out on the deck with spectacular fireworks bursting over your head!

"buy the membership"
by Knot Enough, Marlboro Yacht Club, Marlboro NY on Jun 27, 2012

check out their membership, nice benefits and discounts in the area.

"Great Dock and Museum"
by Chuck Ruddy, Guntersville, AL on May 23, 2012

A good facility with good docks and power. $1.50 per foot plus $25 to join the Museum. Membership allowed me to take in three guest. This is a great museum. Dock is easy walk to the town and park. Did have a homeless type individual enter my boat around midnight while I was sleeping. His rummaging on the bridge awoke me and I investigated. He was looking for food and beverages. I chased him off and called the town police. BTW, the town dock is $2 per foot plus power.

"Not the place to tie the dink"
by Dave Nurse, Kingston, ON on Jul 11, 2011

The other reviewers have valid points.
However, we anchored out and took the dink to town. I stopped by the museum to ask where I could put the dink to go ashore.
"Right over there on the end" he says. Great, so we tie up in a corner, and he walks up and says, "There is a caveat. We ask you to make a donation to the museum." "No worries"' I was planing on doing that anyway. When I stop by the office, he tells me that my 'donation' will cost me $15.00 for three hours. I was NOT impressed. But the dink was tied up and I had no idea what other folks were charging so I grudgingly couched up the 'donation'. Being a sucker for punishment, I stopped by the Kingston City Marina. They charge $5.00 to tie up at a finger dock for three hours.

"Great Museum - Facilities a bit lacking"
by Linda Franko, OH, Cleveland on Jun 09, 2011

We loved the museum - it was very well done and explained the history of the Hudson River region. The dock was very sturdy, electric was fine, no wake area so no waves at all. The lack of restrooms and having only 1 shower was a negative.

Kingston itself was very nice - lots of great restaurants, nice waterfront. Can bike to most anything around or bus to areas for $1.50. Will stay here again on the return trip.

"Multiple Features"
by Doc Ford, St. Augustine, FL on Jun 04, 2011

The price at $1.50/foot is the best along the River. We felt good about supporting the Museum with our fees and also gave then the optional $25 for membership. A group of volunteers are working hard to keep the museum functioning and are deserving of our support. Very protected river. May be one of the best spots to stop, rent a car and visit Hyde Park. Friends choose the free dock at Steel House Restaurant, forgetting that NY bars are open until 4am. Boats using the river pass at very slow speeds, never saw a wake.

"Must see museum & Half Moon replica"
by Ron Andrews, Mesa AZ on May 30, 2011

Good history of river travel. Many items from the past; especially interesting is the ice sailing section. Half Moon replica of Hudson's ship during Hudson River discovery is excellent

"In the heart of the town on Rondout Creek."
by SisuBob, Huntington, NY on Aug 10, 2010

We stayed on the floating dock at the Hudson River Maritime Museum for $1.50 per including water & electric and enterance to the museum. Membership to the museum was optional.

This past spring the town installed interlocking pavers along the bulkhead which made for a beautiful resoration of this park. Some nights there are concerts in this park. There are a few bars and restaurants in the area all within walking distance. Quiet at night.

"Great stop in Kingston"
by Bob Williamson, St Louis on Aug 04, 2009

If you are going to stop for a few days in Kingston then it is more than worth it to pay for the museum membership for the reduced dockage rate. We stayed for the weekend and rented a car to tour Hyde Park and the surrounding area. We stopped there in June when heading north and with the year membership we’ll stop again in the fall on our way south. Kingston waterfront area is very nice with shops and restaurants. There is a small grocery a few blocks away but for major re-provisioning the big grocery stores require a car or bus ride.

"Nice alternative to Rondout"
by ParkRode360, Stony Point, NY on Jul 15, 2009

For what is is (insexpensive slips with power and water), it puts you right in the action for jazz concerts, Fourth of July celebrations, etc. Join the museum and get a discount on your slip charge. Right next to some excellent restaurants (Steel House, etc.)

Note that they've added WiFi (Internet) access in 2009

"first mate Roo"
by Steve Schmedtje, New Orleans on Jun 03, 2008

This is NOT an anchorage!! It's a marina with new floating docks,etc. Great location! and a maritime museum. good restaurants, wine shop, etc but no major grocery store in Rondout area.

About The Hudson River Maritime Museum

Dock and visit the historic Rondout waterfront, where history meets hospitality. Located just before the bridges over the Rondout Creek, we have no height limit and deep draft, 14-18 feet. The Hudson River Maritime Museum docking includes access to showers, restrooms, picnic areas, and free wireless internet. Docking overnight also includes discounts to local businesses.

Take the opportunity to tour our waterfront’s excellent shops and historic places, including the Trolley Museum, the Reher Center for Immigrant Culture and History, the Rondout Lighthouse, and a number of antique shops. Walk to numerous restaurants, including a bakery, deli, coffee bar, and fine dining (seafood, Mexican, Asian, Irish, and American). Visit art galleries, our maritime gift shop, clothing boutiques, and attend special waterfront events, such as live music, boat shows, and more.

Please inform us if you have already paid for this years membership as members of the Hudson Maritime Museum will receive a 25% discount of dockage. Additional charges will also apply for vessels over 150 feet in length.


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