Antioch Marina

$25 - $35

Not Offered

Day Trip
Not Offered
#5 Marina Plaza (Foot of "L" St)
Antioch, CA 94509-7905
Check-in after 08:00 AM
Check-out before 03:00 PM
VHF 68

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18 Reviews

by KERRY G. - Verified user on Jun 18, 2024
No review

by BOB P. - Verified user on Jun 03, 2024
Great People

by Mark A. - Verified user on Oct 15, 2023
Thank you it was great stay

by Thomas K. - Verified user on Sep 05, 2023
We brought our new-to-us 40' power boat into the marina for a 6-day guest stay to have some basic engine work done by a mechanic who lives nearby. We enjoyed out stay a lot. Very helpful, friendly staff. Good midpoint location between Delta and SF Bay. Decent restaurant for lunch and dinner right there at the Marina. Good, well-maintained docks, with shore power. Good head with shower. Docks and head all secured by key fob access. WiFi worked well where we were docked (quite close to the Marina office). The marina has a water hyacinth issue, but they go after it and keep it relatively under control. Again, for emphasis, the staff is great. They are very responsive to issues and appear genuinely interested in making your stay pleasant.

by Jon b. - Verified user on Aug 22, 2023
They should have better plans when they’re closed on Sunday Monday for guest docking not good waited for several hours, and never got a response. I had to go to anothe Marina. They have no back up plan when they’re closed

by Ray K. - Verified user on Aug 18, 2023
Tight space end of dock to get into. Barely enough space in which to maneuver for a 42' boat. Other than that, good.

by BILL P. - Verified user on Jul 04, 2023
The marina was well run. Enjoyed our stay.

by Eric Z. - Verified user on May 30, 2023
Was good locale. Restaurant very good, bathrooms very clean. Only problem was one of the boats in our group got a dock key that did not work.

by Bud K. - Verified user on May 30, 2023
After a hard day of sailing, gusting to 38 knots, our slip was there. Clean bathrooms and docks. There is a fine restaurant next to the marina. Everything you need.

by Bud K. - Verified user on May 08, 2023
It's great to sail into a marina after a hard day of sailing and know there is a slip waiting for you.

by David J. - Verified user on May 02, 2023
We really enjoyed staying with you. Your staff kept us informed about the boat when we were away. Thanks so much for having us.

by Russell K. - Verified user on Oct 01, 2022
Our stay was the worst. We were coming in a day early and received a confirmation however no key code or lock box code was provided. I called several times and emailed with no response. We arrived, docked in A16, and made for the office. Unfortunately, a key or code is needed to get out. The manager of the restaurant let us out but my wife stayed inside while I went to the office, which was closed. So now I'm trapped outside and my wife and dogs are trapped inside. Finally a renter opened the gate and while I held it, my wife and dogs walked to the grass. When she came back, we went back to the boat and started reaching out to any phone number and email address for the marina and the city. After an hour or two, Derick called us and said he would send us a code. He did one better and brought us a key. We asked what was going on and he stated it was his day off and the office person had called in sick. So the entire marina was without anyone from the city. Then, the trains started going by. From A16, I could hit the train with a rock they were so close. And not to mention, the street racers just on the other side of the train tracks and the ones in the marina parking lot squeeling tires for hours and hours on end. We acknowledge that nothing can be done about the trains but something besides eye rolling needs to be done about the street racers. Surly everyone, including the Police are aware of this and yet it allowed to continue. We stayed for two nights and got about an hour of sleep each night. Another group was scheduled to come in the following weekend but I called them and recommended another marina which we did with no issues there. I doubt we will ever return to Antioch Marina.\n

by Brian S. - Verified user on Apr 13, 2022
Very friendly and accommodating. Great marina. Highly recommend it.

by Scott W. on Feb 23, 2022
Friendly community of sailors here. About a five minute walk from an Amtrak station serving the San Joaquin and Capital Corridor line, and near all kinds of businesses in historic Antioch. Opposite the marina is a nature park. Clean restrooms. Being by the train tracks, which is all of that coast, didn't bother me but might some. Habormaster was responsive. Great winds right out the door. Wide lanes made getting in and out easy. Recommended get-away.

by Patrick T. on Sep 20, 2021
Guessed Docked over the weekend. Made reservation and all went real well. Entrance was marked well, depth was good. Nice to see people enjoying the water, kayakers. Staff left lock box and nice job! Positives - great restaurant, good wind block, organized marina, security seemed good & trusted. Negatives - I think the train has a slip in the marina ;-) Also auto race track noise, but thats all Antioch, not the Marina's fault! I'll be back.

by Paul C. - Verified user on Aug 02, 2021
The staff was very helpful. The location and access was good and the marina was clean. The problem i had was fuel, their fuel pump is very slow. I took over 150 gallons of diesel and it took me over an hour to have it pumped into my boat. Their pumpout works great, no problem, just need to fix the fuel pumps, so you can get a decent amount of fuel at a proper rate.

by William G. - Verified user on Jul 26, 2021
The guy that helped us when we pulled up was great, let us move to a more convenient slip, got our gate key for us. He was much more helpful than the part-time office staff.

by John J. - Verified user on Oct 01, 2019
The marina was nice and the staff were friendly. Launching at the launch ramp next door was quite the experience. The ramp has a huge hump to keep the high tide waters from coming into the parking lot. With our 27’ boat, we scraped the trailer trying to make it over the hump and almost got stuck. When retrieving the boat, we adjusted our truck hitch as high as it would go and cleared the trailer by a few inches. The electrical parking meter only takes cash and the time stamp on our ticket was off by 6 hrs. Other than that, it was a nice trip.
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About Antioch Marina

Antioch Municipal Marina offers one of the best locations on the California Delta. Upon The merge of the San Joaquin and Sacramento Rivers, you will enjoy our superior sporting location and tremendous value at the gateway to the California Delta. Plentiful fishing areas nearby such as Sherman Lake and Winter Island make Antioch Marina a true fishing paradise for a variety of fish such as striped bass, salmon, steelhead, and sturgeon. Sailboats enjoy the wide turning basin and views along the city front for day sailing and racing. Antioch Marina's focus is to provide our customers an active recreational boating experience in a family friendly atmosphere at a location that cannot be beat! Whether it is an overnight stay or permanent berth, we offer a full array of amenities for all varieties of boaters at an exceptional price.

The Marina Office and Chevron fuel dock are open five days a week providing information regarding berth rental, fuel services, and information on Delta activities. Contact us to schedule your tour today!

Booking Info

The Antioch Marina requires current insurance and registration on your boat. Please upload your documents to your vessel on Dockwa with this link.

We do not allow boats with wooden hulls. Your boat must be in good working order and be able to maneuver under its own power.


  • Diesel
  • Gas
  • Water Hookup
  • Electrical

Listed Pump Prices

Last Updated on 08/25/2023 at 11:02AM

  • Regular Gas: $5.55

  • Diesel: $5.75


  • Wireless Internet
  • Laundry
  • Pumpout
  • Launch Ramp
  • Restrooms
  • Security
  • Showers
  • Groceries



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