Resorts World Marina

$5.70/ft- $7.60/ft

Not Offered

Day Trip
Not Offered
Hilton at Resort World Bimini
Bimini, BS
Check-in after 12:00 PM
Check-out before 11:00 AM
VHF 14

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75 Reviews

by Carmine C. - Verified user on Jul 08, 2024
Amazing Service and friendly staff

by David H. - Verified user on Jul 07, 2024
Dockmaster was extremely helpful and courteous. It was obvious his main concern was the safety of my and all other boats, and guests. Dock was clean and the rub rails were in good condition.

by Richard L. - Verified user on Jul 01, 2024
The slip was nice but everytime we left , when we came back there was another boat in our spot. It happened every time (8–10) times. Wasting a half hour every time to find a dock master. They said their vhf radio wasn’t working

by Anonymous on Jun 17, 2024
People make the place, it is a real phrase! This place has to be in ELKESHIA’S HANDS FOR THE REST OF THE LIFE!!!!!!! She is a very skilled girl, and her aptitude, and her ability to handle everything and everyone make her the perfect person to be in front of this Marina. Honestly, she is the most outstanding marina worker that I have met in my 32 years in the industry. Thank you so much ELKESHIA, in my boss's name, guests, crew, and in my own name. You make us back again 500%positive.

by Money F. - Verified user on Jun 17, 2024
We had an awesome time at Resorts World Marina. Keshia, Renaldo and Dustin were so helpful and attentive to our every request. We will definitely stay at this Marina the next time we visit Bimini.
Marina Response:
Good morning and we apologize for having an experience less than perfect . Our marina manager is heading to your vessel now together with our security team to clarify and compile a report. Update Thank you for your kind words and we are glad that we rectify the issue . We hope to see you again next time in Resorts World Marina

by Antony D. on Jun 02, 2024
It's a beautifull facility but suffers from typical Bahamian infrastructure. We had barely 200 volts at the power pedestal which was insufficientto run our boat, so we were on generator the whole time. Our inquiries for assistance were met with an indifferent shrug.

by Anonymous on May 29, 2024
Best marina in Bimini, amazing service and people are very friendly now!

by Gustavo P. - Verified user on May 28, 2024
everything went well - great service in the marina

by Chad M. - Verified user on May 25, 2024
I’ve been here twice and each time the dockmaster has been great and made everything easy

by Michael T. - Verified user on May 07, 2024
I stayed at Bimini Resorts World Dock at the Hilton Hotel from Thursday thru Sunday this past weekend. A water pipe busted and we were without water for a little while but the staff was amazing. A Sr manager even reached out to me to make sure my stay was good. I want to recommend Resorts World to anyone going to Bimini. The staff is amazing and the stay was wonderful. Thank you to Resorts World for their caring attitude and help making my stay wonderful. Mr. VG was amazing!!

by Michael T. - Verified user on Apr 23, 2024
This was my 5th stay at Resorts World marina and was the best experience. We were greeted by staff who helped us tie up, put us in the appropriate spot, he was friendly and nice. I am pleased there was not third party vendors constantly asking if you needed a golf cart, a boat wash, help with luggage. Last year was obnoxious, glad to see they no longer allow third party vendors on the wall. The gentleman knew my name, and welcomed me back to Resorts World.

by David p. on Apr 19, 2024
Great stay first time staying here and the dock master was great . Dustin helped us tie up and texted us before arrival which I’ve never seen before . That was pleasant surprise . Beach club here is awesome !! As long as virgin cruislines isn’t here . They close it for them . Comes with the resort pass and worth going to !. Thx Dustin we will be back soon

by Dick H. - Verified user on Apr 18, 2024
This is our 5th stay at this marina. This is our go to marina in Bimini. Docks are EXCELLENT (floating and VERY protected). Good power. Great DM along with Nice amenities.

by Andrew P. - Verified user on Apr 15, 2024
Enjoyed Resorts World Marina…and the friendliness of the people

by Marco L. - Verified user on Apr 14, 2024
Perfect like always

by George V. - Verified user on Apr 08, 2024
We enjoyed the stay and time at the marina

by Avi R. - Verified user on Mar 31, 2024
Nice marina. I would give five stars but one day they blasted very loud music at the pool behind our boat for six hours. We asked them to turn it down but they didn’t. We couldn’t hear ourselves think on the boat. Otherwise was great. Shore Power worked well. Friendly staff.

by Rupert C. on Mar 31, 2024
Got a 5 star treatment from Resorts World with 3 staff greeting us on the dock after quite the journey through 7ft waves to get in. Elkiesha made sure we had everything we needed and was a great point of contact throughout our stay. Many thanks to the resort world marina team and look forward to our next stay.

by Chris S. - Verified user on Mar 26, 2024
Metrie was very helpful with and would definitely come back.

by Gordon D. - Verified user on Feb 20, 2024
Great marina. Awesome floating dock. Good staff and a nice resort.

by Jennifer B. - Verified user on Feb 12, 2024
Prompt response from marina when we needed an early check-in as well as an extension to our stay. Excellent customer service all around. We especially enjoyed Michael’s professionalism and kindness in the lobby bar. The entire hotel staff is warm and friendly. The captain of the pilot boat is a great guy our dogs especially love him. We were made to feel welcome and safe in this beautiful marina. Well worth the cost of our stay. This is our second stay here and we will certainly return again.

by Bruce C. - Verified user on Jan 30, 2024
Great facilities and helpful dock staff

by Joe O. - Verified user on Jan 26, 2024
Great place, especially with the 50% off January deal. Great staff! Only negative: expensive electric and water. Recommend against docking on wall immediately in front of Restaurant, annoying music too early, too late, too loud.

by Scott B. - Verified user on Jan 19, 2024
I would not stay here again. First of all, the rate is overpriced. You are better off staying at one of the other marinas and using the free beaches which are just as good as the resort's. Before we came, we checked online and it said the beach "bar" and "lunch" were closed but I guess that means were supposed to know the entire pool/beach complex was closed. We came only for that reason so we did not get to use that for half of our stay. Then you get nickel and dimed for electric ($50 a day, completely insane, total scam, not even possible to use that much per day) and water ($.55 a gallon, for water, really, I have never heard of a marina charge for water). We were able to get credits on some of this but the total charge would have been over $1100 for 2 days and beyond a rip off. We also wanted the free wifi that was included but it was so terrible, you literally could not do anything. For those that remember dial-up, I think that might have been faster. The marina staff were not helpful or polite. They cared more about $50 than making a customer happy. I reached out the RW GM but still no reply. The bottom-line: stay somewhere else on Bimini.

by Chris S. - Verified user on Jan 19, 2024
Great dock! Next to Hilton Hotel.
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About Resorts World Marina

Resorts World Marina is located directly in front of the Hilton at Resorts World Bimini and offers the best location to access the Hotel and Resort on foot.

Boaters can dock in brand new floating docks in a protected area.

The Resorts World Marina offers an expansive harbor for guests to dock their boats, accommodating vessels up to 120 feet. Dock for the day or overnight and enjoy Bimini at your leisure, knowing your boat is taken care of with services and amenities that are second to none.

If you have reserved the dock and arrive after hours, please feel free to dock in front of the Hotel for the night and we will be with you first thing in the morning, please note Resorts World Marina is not the same marina as Bimini Bay (Fisherman Village and Mega yaght )

Booking Info

Resorts World Bimini Dock is located directly in front of the Hilton at Resorts World Bimini and offers the best location to access the Hotel and Resort on foot.

Mega Marina And Fisherman Village Marina are not Operated or Controlled By Resorts World Bimini.

Please note that holiday rates may apply for select dates.

Electricity Rate Info

Due to the on going increase in the cost of Energy we inform you that effective July 8th 2024 the Electricity rates at Resorts World Marina will be increased. Please see the table below.

At Resorts World marina we always strive to deliver the best Product and service at the best Price. Unfortunately the electricity costs continue to rise and in order to operate efficiently we have had to make adjustments.

We apologize for any inconvenience this increase May Cause and we look forward to serving you.

New Rates: 00 to 39ft $38 per day plus 10% vat

40-49 ft $55 per day plus 10% vat

50-59 ft $75 per day plus 10 % vat

60-69 ft $95 per day plus 10%

70-79 ft $140 per day plus 10%

80-89 ft $180 per day plus 10%

90-99 ft $210 per day plus 10%

100 and above $280 per day plus 10% vat

Additional 100 Amp plug $100 plus 10% vat

Additional 50 amp Plug 40 to 60 ft $30 plus Vat 10%

Additional 50 amp plug 61 to 79 $ 50 plus Vat 10%

Marina Service Fee Includes

$45 Per Day Resort Fee

  • Use of all Hilton pools
  • Wifi
  • Access to gym
  • FREE entry to our exclusive Bimini Beach for all Resort World Bimini Marina Registered Guests, *Blackout dates apply.
  • Free transportation within the resort grounds
  • Customs and immigration clearance inside resort grounds (seaplane base) Daily from 08:15 am to 04:30 pm
  • Only One wristband can be purchased for each guest on board the Vessel.

In the event a Resorts World Bimini Dock guest also has a Hilton hotel reservation for the same dates, please show the hotel confirmation to Resorts World Bimini Dock staff and the resort and wifi fees will be deleted from your slip reservation.

Please note the following charges

  • Electricity: Flat Fee charge per day depending on boat size. Payable upon arrival.
  • Water: Metered per gal of use payable upon departure.

All Additional Services and Charges are Subject to 10% VAT

Vessel Restriction Info

  • Max LOA: 100'

Arrival Info

Please contact Resort World Bimini Dock on VHF CH 14 30 min prior to your arrival


  • Water Hookup


    • Floating Docks
    • Fitness Center
    • Wireless Internet
    • Launch Service
    • Security
    • Groceries
    • Medical Facilities w/in 5 Miles
    • Hotel/Lodging
    • Restaurant



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