Twin Rivers Marina

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Day Trip
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2880 N Seabreeze PT
Crystal River, FL 34429-4607
Check-in after 01:00 PM
Check-out before 11:00 AM
VHF 68

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2 Reviews

by Jane C. on Nov 02, 2021
DO NOT RENT FROM HERE! My boyfriends family and I rented what we thought was a newer fishing vessel for his fathers 70th birthday to go fishin and swimming. On arrival the parking is horrible and then we were blessed with a 20 year old skiff that was seen on Gilligans island (yes that old!). We were also directed To take a picture of the prop and as we did we noticed the prop had only 2 of the 3 blades as my boyfriend then asked the guy how these pics would show any dents we could cause as there were so many dings already on the prop. The worker replied well you’ll have pics to prove it. At that point we should’ve just canceled our reservation. Trust me it only got worse from here... The boat was filthy. The depth finder never worked correctly and the boat would not go over 3 mph the entire time. We picked the boat up at 9 am and had it reserved the entire day. After a quick stop on razor back island where you couldn’t swim due to rocks or walk on the beach due to broken and cracked shells we returned it 3 hours later after realizing the boat would not go on plane. To be fair we requested only half of the boat rental fee, however we were met with defensive rude staff that refused to refund any money blaming user error despite my boyfriend being an avid boater. We did what we had to do by declining the charges on our credit card. This marina is poorly managed and the only top reviews on this site are written from the staff there. What a sh*t show. I do not recommend this place.

by Anonymous on Sep 04, 2019
Horrible experience. And warning, this may take awhile....grab a drink, have a seat and listen to THIS mess..... I live in North Florida, and my husband and I was coming to see the kids and grandkids for Labor Day, when the threat of Hurricane Dorian came up. I called when Dorian first became a threat to Florida and asked about cancelling/rescheduling. I was told if the day of the rental the Hurricane was there? I could cancel or reschedule. Ok, I'm 4 hours away, so let me take a quick drive to see how the weather is? Kid on the phone sounded like he wasn't sure what his name was, much less what to say to me. Anyway...Dorian decided to slow down and stop so it was on for the weekend. When I booked, i was told the only boat available was the standard pontoon boat. Standard was a nice word for piece of S@%$! We were shown out to the boat I had rented for 280+ by a young girl who looked to be 16 at the most. She basically knew where the stereo was, handed us an illegible map and she was done with us. My husband actually had to ask where the fire extinguisher was. (she did know this and in between blank stares, showed us.). Once sweet 16 was done with us (all 3 minutes) she was off and we set out on our full day cruise on a vessel I had wished I had remembered clorox for. (why bring Clorox when you rent a pontoon boat you ask?) hmph. Rent one of these and you will know! The painted wooden floor of the boat had me and my family wearing our flip flops the entire time for fear of splinters, the seats, sides of boat etc were molded. The canopy (which I'll get to soon) was sun dried to say the least! small holes everywhere, which did little to protect from the small rain shower we had. And the canopy was the smallest cheapest on the market. We sat on each other to share the shade. not deter from our family day, my husband and I, having driven all this way mind you, we forged on. We headed into Crystal River were the map instructed through a no wake zone of homes, under a quaint beautiful little bridge....set out anchor and began enjoying the beautiful water, the manatees etc. The kids had a ball! Mind you, we had been given no instruction on if we needed/ or HOW we needed to take the canopy down for bridges, a place on the form we filled out actually stated we would have to pay an extra 50 to have it taken down? Well in 90 summer heat? we couldn't have stood it down all day! So needless to say, that was a bit confusing. Onward to return the vessel... the only way back to the marina is back the way we came....under the bridge we go and... smack! the front of the canopy hits the bridge. I'm guessing in the two hours we were there the tide rose that much? Two places on the front bar of the frame is broken. We arrive at the dock and a man comes out to tie us up, I immediately tell him about the canopy, to which he replies, "that's probably gonna cost ya 300.00 (which I thought was ludacris) "You are about the 3rd or 4th one today its happened to! be glad you aint the people on the boat that just came in, they are on a 'new' boat and it's gonna cost them $1000.00!" Stuned, but thinking: there is NO could be $300...its a simple weld! Or replace the front bar of the frame! They were barely bolted together to begin with! (and bent) I go in the office to take care of what I need to take care of, after smartly sending Hubby off to tend to loading family, coolers and beach bags instead of showing our hosts what his opinion was of this situation... I get in line behind the very irate customers that came in ahead of me...(it wasn't $1000.00 to fix their canopy, it was $1,200!). I began to feel like I should feel grateful. After speaking to a member of the party and finding out that their situation was EXACTLY like ours? They left. probably to go tend to their own kids, coolers and bags...and tempers....That is when the young boy at the desk had to make a call to the owner, sitting outside under a gazebo, about what to charge me. I was informed my bill would be $600.00, plus 46.00 for gas today ma'am. (as nonchalantly as if I had just bought a coke and a slim jim). WAIT? WHAT? (Nice boy though. I may have scared him) I said some bad words and went out side to speak to the nonchalant/ don't give a damn owner who is done with me at this point. (Nice boy probably called and told him I was coming) I told him $600 was robbery! don't you have someone who can weld in this ship yard??? I was informed by Mr. Personality that six hundred IS what I would be charged, he had to have that boat back on the water in the morning. That I wasn't being charged any labor or for the canopy! I'm pretty sure I sat there a full two minutes with my mouth gaping open.....Oh, I'm not being charged for the canvas top with the holes in it that is dry rotted? I'm not being charged for the 10 minutes of welding, or for one of the frames on the junked pontoon boats sitting in back? which Im sure is where this one came from!!! What EXACTLY was my $600.00 charge for????? I may never know....Anyway....lesson learned. All in all we spent roughly a grand to these nonchalant or either clueless people for a day on the water in a run down pontoon boat I would be embarrassed to advertise (No, it looks NOTHING like the picture! Billboard hamburgers are more true to reality!) We rented from Mr. Bob at the Blue Gator and Anglers resort in Dunnellon the next morning. The rental was cheaper, the pontoon was much bigger, nicer, CLEAN, in great condition. The young man that gave us our instructions came aboard and took the time to not only tell us about the vessel, but tell us about the area we were going. And yes, he actually told us of a low bridge we would need to put the top down for and showed us how! We travelled the Rainbow River and saw THE most amazing water, the most turtles and fish and had a ball watching otted! rs play! Don't take a chance with these people! Lesson learned!


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