Safe Harbor Great Oak Landing

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Day Trip
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22170 Great Oak Landing Road
Chestertown, MD 21620
Check-in after 01:00 PM
Check-out before 11:00 AM

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88 Reviews

by ccarickhoff on Jul 05, 2022
Everyone was very accommodating and helpful. They had dockhands waiting for us as we came in both times. They provided a welcome gift bag. Wonderful stay, thanks so much!!

by skalandros on Jul 03, 2022
Very nice,friendly staff will be coming back
Marina Response:
Thank you for your review! We are thrilled you had a great visit, please come back again!

by americanride03 on Jul 02, 2022
Well it's been great until Safe Harbor took over. Tried via Dockwa to rent a slip on Friday night (July 4th weekend), and it wouldn't let me. Had to back all the way up to Tuesday night then it would go thru. Then messaged via Dockwa to change my res to Wednesday night no problems. I figured I'll come in and depending on the weather I'd ad some nights. No go! I was told I needed to go thru Dockwa so when I tried the cell phone reception is so bad it was impossible. I took the boat out into the basin never even using the slip I rented and spent the night on the anchor. Came in a couple times for ice, no one was at the gas dock. Sign said call so I tried.... again no cell service. Waited 10 min then went back to the boat and accidently sucked up my boat anchor into my jet ski. Swam in pulling my ski to boat ramp and was met by 2 employees which were nice but told me I need to pay $50 per night for my truck and trailer. WTF? I told them I have a slip here they said it didn't matter it's $50 per night. It was only a 12 foot jetski trailer as I took the boat trailer home already. I figured $10 or $20 per night NOT $50. As the ski was broke down at this point I took it home and it was a 2 hour drive round trip but I wasn't paying $50 per night for a jetski trailer. I told the employee that I was coming over to extend my slip rental for more nights. He told me they couldn't help me with that and I had to do it via Dockwa. So again I wasn't getting cell phone service so I couldn't extend my stay so at this point I left and I won't be back. When I was there the marina was at least 60% empty so I didn't understand why It wouldn't originally let me make a reservation for Friday night. You have plenty of room for a cell tower and since making money is your main goal I suggest you contact Verizon and get one especially if you're going to require everyone to make reservations via on line thru Dockwa website. Verizon will pay you A LOT of money to put a tower up and everyone know how bad cell service is there! For the last 5 years I have been coming there renting slips directly at the office and or gas dock. This was the 1st year I was told only Dockwa. I have spent a lot of money up on the deck at the restaurant with my family along with buying T-shirts and other merchandise not to mention all the food and drinks out at Jellyfish Joel's. Disappointed this year as I have heard a lot of people there left felt the same way! Footnote... all the employees were very nice and were just doing their job!
Marina Response:
Thank you for your feedback. The Wi-Fi in this local area, and our marina is an ongoing challenge. We have installed landlines for members and guests to make important calls, when connection is weak. We appreciate your kind words about our staff! They work very hard to make our members and guests have an enjoyable stay. I hope you will visit us again, and see why so many enjoy this destination.

by awheeler on Jul 02, 2022
Clean and beautiful bath facilities! We grilled out, I have never used a grill so nice!

by fwm726 on Jun 27, 2022
Dock hands were quick to attend our docking, Jelly Fish Joel’s was great, the food was great in the restaurant, great weekend!

by johnnypfrommd on Jun 26, 2022
Outstanding marina! Great food/music, well maintained, and bath house was hotel quality! Dock hands were abundant and extremely helpful! We will be back. Thank you!

by jrobel68 on Jun 26, 2022
First time here and I will be back, wonderful place! Dockhands Emily and Matt were great. Poolside bartender was awesome and made great drinks. Clean bath house and great food.

by searay12 on Jun 25, 2022
Nice Marina. Employee’s we’re helpful and polite. 9 hole golf course gave was fun

by rdreby on Jun 22, 2022
Very nice Marina and stay

by tkuyawa on Jun 20, 2022
Perfect time. We needed to stay an extra night to avoid high winds and they made it happen. Couldnt ask for a better time,

by billtucker on Jun 02, 2022
Nice bathrooms very clean and new

by bobguilday on May 31, 2022
Matt and his staff were great. We had over 10 boats on D pier and were treated very well. Nice to have young men and women who go out of their way to help with anything we needed. Will be back !!!!!

by leokrieg on May 31, 2022
Not great. We stayed here a few years ago and since then it just seemed too busy and understaffed.
Marina Response:
Thank you for your review. We apologize for your disappointing visit. Safe Harbor Great Oak Landing staff strive to make your stay enjoyable. On this Memorial Day Holiday weekend, we did experience an unexpected surge in transients, and were caught off guard. Should you decide to give us another chance, please call the office, we'd love to have you back!

by johngosnell on May 31, 2022
The dock master Josh and his entire crew of deck hands could not have been more helpful to our large group of boats. Five star rating***** They are the reason we keep coming back, thanks Josh and the entire Safe Harbor crew. Red Eye Yacht Club.
Marina Response:
Thank you for your review! This is Dockmaster Matt's first season, and we are thrilled to let him know he did a wonderful job with the number of transients and guests we experienced this holiday weekend! We hope to see you again! Have a great summer!

by classiclycruisen2 on May 30, 2022
Been there many times before. Will not be back for a long time. We where on G pier perfect spot to listen to the band. But had some ego boater that was tied up at Jellys. He played his music louder then band and not family appropriate. Pay this much money and had to listen to that all day. No thank you. Came to relax not to hear someone needing his ego stroked. Bar should be able to control offensive music and asked them to keep it down. There where others that respected boaters around them. If I was a full time slip holder I would be leaving. Food went down hill at Jelly’s. Not worth the money.
Marina Response:
Thank you for your review. We apologize for your unsatisfactory visit. As with any busy holiday weekend, we try our best to accommodate all visitors. Should you decide to give us another try, we can work to find you a slip that is further from loud music, so you may enjoy your stay. Please call the office, we hope you will visit again.

by nfeatherston on May 30, 2022
Great food and dock master was right there to help out. Had a lot of fun watching the band TX Ned
Marina Response:
Thank you for your review! We hope to see you again soon.

by cstreger on May 29, 2022
The stay was fine but if you're going to send a dockhand to help they really need to do something. I got the boat in position, the dockhand grab the lines but never tied them off. She almost wound up in the water. Securing each line is important, starting with one is essential.
Marina Response:
Thank you for your review. We strive to provide a positive experience during your visit. We will review dock operations with our crew to be sure they assist with more confidence in the future. Have a great summer!

by damifudo on May 22, 2022
We had an excellent time . Great marine excellent help at the slip when we arrived. Staff is super friendly and helpful. We like staying here . Very beautiful. Have come back multiple times. Always friendly service.
Marina Response:
Thank you for your review! We look forward to seeing you again!

by boatergod on Apr 10, 2022
Marina Response:
This incident is not a reflection of the core values and mission set forth by our marina to provide exceptional service and positive experience for our members and their guests. Our team has worked tirelessly to change the culture at this marina, and has made great strides in improving the property and the environment. This unfortunate altercation between hired security, Mr. Hudler (who was found not guilty by the district court) and two weekend guests, is not an example of our commitment to our members to provide an enjoyable place to boat. We appreciate all feedback, and happy to address any concerns. If you'd like to speak in person, please contact the marina to set up with the RVP.

by gshatraw on Nov 02, 2021
Entry to the marina was pretty narrow. I grounded while entering but got off and made it in okay. Contacted the marina and they had no slip assigned and I was offered the fuel pier which I took. No dockhands were available but a gentleman helped us tie up. He was very helpful. Informed us the restaurant was closed and no fuel was available. Nothing was within walking distance. I tried three power recepticales before I got power. Restrooms/showers were amazing but there was no water when I tried to shower at 7:30AM. All in all the wifi worked and that's about it. It's the end of the season, but don't welcome guests if this is the best you can do.
Marina Response:
We appreciate the feedback. The recent storm and unexpected surge left our utilities compromised during your visit. We can do better, and would be happy to offer you a complimentary night during our season in 2022. Please come back again!

by saschm on Oct 11, 2021
Very happy. Was transit for two nights. Great staff. Very helpful. Restaurant was great. Will be back. Fully recommend

by trafalgar1 on Sep 29, 2021
Staff was very friendly. Restrooms were very well maintained…exceptionally clean. - thank you!

by dbshore56 on Sep 27, 2021
Great facility and grounds. Plenty of dock help and the food and music at the Landing was very good. I especially liked the pool table, fun.

by why on Sep 16, 2021
Helpful employees and nice pool. Docks are a little old but really nice beach. Have a 9 hole, basically a par three course but dont rent clubs. Best bathrooms I have seen in a marina ! Will try to get back but not on tuesday as restaurant is closed and nothing is close food wise.

by odysseamd on Sep 12, 2021
Third stay, just as good as the others. Enjoyed the relative quiet after Labor Day! Service still friendly and excellent.

by rayzcam1 on Sep 07, 2021
Staff was excellent,had a great time.will recommend this place

by lbkrra on Aug 30, 2021
Docks need work. Internet is non existent. Why advertise if you can’t deliver.

by 44searay on Aug 29, 2021
Very nice, clean bathrooms good dock hand

by jakeklaver on Aug 23, 2021
Awesome first experience!!

by lolamarie on Aug 17, 2021
Wonderful stay. The Dockmaster awesome. Very friendly and quick to respond along with dock mates when extra help was needed!

by gtzap1 on Aug 16, 2021
Marina was good. Getting old but staff was awesome. Had problems with the power. Rest rooms were very clean. Pool was good too. Restaurant had some issues but overall I would recommend a stay there.

by sababound on Aug 16, 2021
It was my first but not last visit to Great Oak. My group had a great time there. We rafted up in the creek across from the marina, swam and relaxed before grabbing our slips. We had 3 dogs with us and found the marina very dog friendly. Most of the dogs we saw were under control by their owner's. The bath house was very clean and nice. The Landing restaurant was nice and the food good. Our waiter was very good. The marina staff was very friendly and helpful. When they went by our boat they asked if we had any trash we needed to get rid off. They really made you feel at home. Jelly Joel's Tiki Bar is a must if you have the time. And if you have your golf clubs with you there is a 9 hole executive course to play. All in all Safe Harbor Great Oak Landing is a must destination for a couple days if you are cruising around the Bay...... Fair winds and following seas.....S/V Saba Bound.....

by ksigethy7 on Aug 15, 2021
We had the best stay. The dock hands and Dock Master were very friendly and helpful. The pool was nice to use and the pool bar was convenient. The main bathrooms and showers at the bath house were very clean. D dock is definitely the place to be. Close walk to the restaurant, pool, and bathrooms. Jellyfish Joel's is a short walk away. We caught the golf cart service and didn't have to walk at all. It was a great weekend with great friends.

by gdaze on Aug 15, 2021
Dock master and staff were great. Marina still needs upgrades and repairs. But better last year.

by mdhaulinoates on Aug 10, 2021
The pool was in much better condition than during our visit last year. The dock hands were very helpful when assisting me with docking. I did like to see the dock hands cleaning the piers of bird droppings in the morning, keeps the marina looking nice. Good to have the Tiki Bar opened on the pool deck for fresh frozen drinks.

by bobbyboat on Jul 26, 2021
An amazing place.My family and friends had a wonderful time

by mkgoldstraw on Jul 25, 2021
This was our first trip as transients on our boat. While we have visited in the past we have never stayed overnight. It was a wonderful experience from the start with Deckhand Emma, through to the end. Everyone staff, guests, members were so kind. The beach day was perfect. It was a fantastic experience for a little couples getaway. We look forward to seeing you soon!

by waypoint on Jul 25, 2021
Friendly and helpful staff. Very well kept Marina.

by punky on Jul 18, 2021
We had a great time at Great Oak and Jellfish joels this weekend! Lots of Music (and social distancing) - Dan was a great and friendly host at the restaurant and beach bar. All the dock hands were helpful and accommodating. Great weather was a big factor! - Will book again. Tom T.

by allysond on Jul 12, 2021
This was our first visit to Fairlee and we will absolutely return!! Josh was hands down the best dock master we have had the pleasure of meeting. He was always friendly, helpful and accommodating. The facilities were the cleanest we’ve seen and the live music was an unexpected treat. We could have sat along the bay beach, watching the boats come and go all week. Thank you Safe Harbor for an excellent stay!

by lnxp7h51bmvfpstdtk7v on Jul 11, 2021
Outstanding Stay!! Josh and his team do an amazing job - We’ll be back for sure!

by charon2020 on Jul 07, 2021
Love the upgrades that have been done so far! Staff was awesome and very helpful.

by xgvbn8faakyex4tq4tym on Jul 06, 2021
Great marina, we will be back!

by time_to_play on Jul 05, 2021
Staff was super attentive, Safe Harbor has brought Great Oaks up a notch even tho this was a real nice fun marina before.

by tonytojam on Jun 28, 2021
Very pleasant. Lots of features pool, grills, restaurant, and tiki bar.

by anonymous on Jun 25, 2021
Very nice except it took awhile to get someone to give us our slip assignment. No answer on the vhf and transfer to the fuel dock was not answered.

by markfabere on Jun 21, 2021
Helpful dock hands, knowledgeable dock master, well maintained grounds. Beautiful picnic area for group cookout.

by rmkurek on Jun 21, 2021
Beautiful place, friendly staff, great entertainment and wonderful restaurant, The Landing! And golf to boot! What a great place with tons of amenities! Bathhouse was modern and beautiful! Complimentary Shuttle service to the beach- couldn’t ask for more! We’ll be back! Lovely time!

by dilligaf on Jun 19, 2021
Everyone was great. Josh the dock master, and the dock hands went above and beyond normal service. He should be recognized and rewarded. Josh is an asset to the marina and us customers. Thank you, can't wait to return.

by dckmarinas21 on Jun 14, 2021
We traveled with 4 other boats and had a great stay! All the staff was great, very helpful!! Loved the restaurant and enjoyed the wait staff as well.

by shade4u on Jun 14, 2021
Very good service Restaurant disappointed. It took 2 hours to get food and they were out of many items

by thesailor on Jun 14, 2021
Everything was fine up to a point, the assistance backing the the boat into the slip was appreciated. The service at the restaurant was OK, the problem was the 2 hour wait time. The meal was very good, I had the crab cake platter. I returned to my boat on D dock and the power boat across from me was playing vulgar music so loud that your security personnel had to ask the boat owner at 11 pm that he had to turn it off. Which the owner did.

by markp on Jun 08, 2021
We visited Great Oak Landing the first weekend in June as transients. We were traveling with friends who were on their own boat. As usual, Josh the Dockmaster, was so accommodating. He was able to work out our reservations so that our friends and us were docked side by side, We know this can't always be accomplished, but it's nice to know when slips are available Josh goes out of his way to make his customers happy. Had dinner at The Landing Restaurant, and as usual owners Michelle and Dan treat you like old friends, not to mention great service and great food. (Our server Charlie was exceptional). Everything was great! Great Oak Landing is our go to transient marina, for both long holiday weekends, and short over night trips. Mark and Kelly, aboard Summer Rental.

by kathdav1 on May 31, 2021
Very clean bath houses ! Nice dock crew!
Marina Response:
Hi There! Thank you for the review and we hope to see you again soon.

by rgdodson54 on Dec 05, 2020
Outstanding dock master. Spectacular shower facility. Need to fix diesel pumps, only pumping 2 gal/min. Took 80 minutes to get 167 gal.

by hughesfish on Oct 06, 2020
Very accommodating. First time there. Will return. Would recommend but it seems everyone already knows!

by peggyboat on Oct 04, 2020
Everyone very nice and courteous. Dinner in restaurant was great and social distancing was observed.

by stricklandsrus on Sep 28, 2020
We were a little disappointed on our stay this time. Our previous stay was so enjoyable and relaxing. This trip there were people in slip #146 that were drinking a lot, very loud, and kept us awake until 1:30 am, even after we asked them to be a little quieter. We tried to call the Manager on Call, but we were not able to get anyone to answer the phone. And we could not find a number for Security to ask them for assistance. I know that Security usually roams the docks, but this excessive noise and disturbance went on for a few hours and we never saw Security to be able to ask them for assistance. While we love coming to Great Oak Landing, and agree that everyone deserves to have a fun time, we were disappointed to have paid almost $80 and not be able to enjoy ourselves and have to explain to our granddaughter how the way these guests were behaving was inappropriate.

by msteele on Sep 25, 2020
Josh the dockmaster was great. Facilities are nice. Enjoyed the golf course. It's not elite by any standards but it's still golf. The music at the restaurant was good. And we only hit bottom briefly with our 50 ft sailboat.

by tylerbrittbennett on Sep 20, 2020
Staff was amazing everyone was super nice and helpful. Facilities were super clean and nice. Food was delicious. Views were beautiful. I’m not sure if they do fireworks all the time or if we just got lucky but they were awesome. The “free” WiFi was pretty terrible. Had to pay extra to be able to watch videos and even then it was spotty. I don’t mind having to pay extra for high speed but if I pay I want it to work well. Still not a huge deal. Only suggestion I would make for the marina is to put big signs up marking the docks. I’d never been there before so pulling in I didn’t really know where I was going and it wasn’t super clear. I’m not sure if it’s marked and I didn’t see it or not. The dock master did see me coming and pointed me in the right direction which was helpful. I didn’t even have to call. They saw me coming and came over to help tie up. Can’t wait to go back.

by knjs08 on Sep 13, 2020
Facilities are nicely maintained and staff is very friendly. We will definitely return!

by sandybock on Sep 08, 2020
Everybody was so nice and accommodating. Very friendly staff.

by 7179616046 on Sep 08, 2020
Great place to relax or go wild! Your choice! We like choices!

by bayboater33 on Sep 07, 2020
From the dock hands to the cleanliness of the marina.... we loved it and had a wonderful experience.... we will return for sure!

by ptlsnowboard on Aug 24, 2020
Always a great time and plenty of excitement and atmosphere all around. Weekend bands are entertaining and Jelly Fish Joel’s is always a favorite destination. There is a lack of phone service that can’t be helped, but it is made worse by the issues they are having with the WiFi. If you need to stay connected, be aware, if connection is no big deal then this is a top destination!

by nattybo on Aug 24, 2020
Let me start out by saying I never took my boat to a marina. I have a 23 foot fishing boat with a small cuddy cabin. My friends are always going to different marinas and talked us in to trying it out. The marine is very nice and clean with nice amenities. When we arrived the the water was down in the whole facility and was not restored till late night so we were not able to clean up before dinner. The bathrooms in the restaurant could not be flushed which was gross. Ordered food in the restaurant that took over a hour to get a few subs. Bar had no clean glasses because water was off. Could not get any juice or soda that used water as a mix. So beer or wine. Not a great experience for our first time.

by chuckl on Aug 22, 2020
dredging needed at mouth of creek. Can only enter at higher tides. Bathrooms are a long walk from the piers. Clean. Water system pumps brown water and the restaurant bathrooms did not work because the water system was overwhelmed. Food at the restaurant, marginal at best. When busy, service is poor. Band was great. Diesel pump broke, had to move to different pump.

by elrogers on Aug 19, 2020
The restaurant and Jellyfish Joel's are not open Mon-Thursday which is understandable. Property is well maintained to include the restrooms. New pool side furniture was attractive and comfortable. Staff was wonderful as always.

by alxm on Aug 19, 2020
We visited during the week. First the good: The location is terrific. The bathhouse was clean. Resident boaters were very friendly. The bad: The staff were present on the grounds — I know because I saw teenage dockhands zipping around on golf carts occasionally. I can’t saw I ever saw one of them doing what I would call a “job.” Communication with the marina staff could be called “difficult” at best. Although they knew when to expect us, the marina could not be raised on the radio to provide a slip assignment or guidance on where to go. The piers are not well marked from the water, and when we did get someone on the phone, the communication skills still left a lot to be desired. Once we got to a slip, we only ever saw the mostly teenage staff at a distance, goofing off. We did see a pump-out cart drive past once, and that appeared to be driven by an adult. The office was closed and locked (with an “open” sign lit, and the fuel dock was left unmanned. The ice freezers were padlocked. Other boaters requested our help getting in and tied up, which is fine, as we are always happy to help, but they have dock hands... somewhere. The piers themselves are not well maintained; a few soft boards, a lot of raised nails, and leaking faucets. Immediately adjacent to the office was the marina’s runabout, which was left poorly tied, and which I found wedged under the stringers of the dock at high tide, taking on water. I freed the boat to save it from sinking, but could not find anyone to whom I could report the incident. Boaters came into the fuel dock and left, unable to get anyone to answer the radio or phone to provide assistance. The contrast: We came to this marina exactly a year ago and had a vastly different experience. Last year the radio was attended, the dockhands were present, and extremely helpful, the office was open, ice was available, the fuel dock was manned, and hands did dock-walks checking on vessels and pier conditions. What a difference a year makes! I don’t know if the management changed, but I can’t stress how disappointed I was by our visit.

by ctrostle on Aug 02, 2020
Apparently no one there knows how to answer and communicate by radio this year. Multiple boats in our group had issues getting a response for slip assignment and multiple boats recd slips with boats already in them. Staff needs to get it together. Also, we were kicked out of the pool by securiity at 8pm Friday night, yet there was zero seating to watch the band. It was just the 2 of us having a quiet conversation. And PLEASE stop with the light sensors in the shower. Who wants to shower in the dark? Luckily our group made the trip enjoyable. Y'all need to work on the details though.

by jimpatflannery on Jul 29, 2020
Beach on bay had lounges and ample shade. No jelly fish! Par 3 golf course was fun, bath house clean and modern, pool area nice. Good Dinghy Creek.

by sstambaugh on Jul 27, 2020
Had to walk out to the golf course to get cell service so we could find out there was no Uber or Cabs available. Lucky for us a nice gentleman from the marina gave us a ride into town where we had booked a room for the night.

by nadcampos on Jul 20, 2020
The good: 1.The bathhouse was spotless. Keep it up ! 2.There is shuttle service to take you out to “Jellyfish Joel’s” the beach bar. Live music is always a + ! 3. The area is beautiful. Tons, I mean tons, of boats anchored right off the marina. The bad: 1.There was none to help dock and welcome us upon arrival. No info regarding internet password, bathroom codes, general directions was given, neither in person nor through email. Had to rely on folks at the dock for info. 2. The internet sucks. And the cell service is poor. If you are looking to “disconnect from the world” you will be fine. 3.The restaurant’s food is good. But it’s far from a fine dinning experience despite the average prices for entrees. 4. The pool is VERY small and packed most of the day. You’re better off at the beach for a swim. Just make sure to arrive early to grab chairs and a spot under the umbrellas.

by jjd on Jul 16, 2020
Nice quiet weekday. Dock hands were great. I highly recommend adding a narrative, photos and even a video clip on getting into and out of Fairlee Creek. I believe you would get a lot more visitors if you take the fear out of getting in.

by nbray on Jul 12, 2020
The dock staff did not assist with docking. The electricity on the dock was not grounded, we had an alarm going on our boat and had to move to another slip to get good electric contact. We tried five different plugs that had problems. Piers are in need of upgrading. Bath house is lovely. Pool furniture needs replacing. We are looking forward to returning after Safe Harbor makes some improvements which should be great! Looking forward to it.

by knarloid on Jul 11, 2020
Great facilities, great food and service at the bar/restaurant, and great ,music each night of the weekend. We will definitely be back!

by c2kalos on Jul 06, 2020
Not wellOrganized . Also No One answered the radio so I can see what slip I’m supposed to go into had to pull up to the gas dock and that took 15 minutes to figure it out.

by saunderslandscape on Jul 05, 2020
Friendly staff beautiful marina and reasonably priced.

by fosterjim22 on Jul 02, 2020
Peaceful and relaxing, the calm before the holiday weekend craziness. The bath house was very clean and well maintained. The staff was helpful and friendly

by captkirk on Jun 28, 2020
Stayed Fri & Sat nites. A lot of housekeeping underway as it’s under new ownership. Very good restaurant despite the Covid- curse. Piano Ted was live Saturday nite & great. We’ll be returning for sure.

by frankferguson on Jun 14, 2020
First time getting a slip - so nice decided to stay a second night. The bath houses are a 10 out of 10. Be sure to bring a water filter for your boat hook up - the water stains from rust.

by larryaholt on Jun 08, 2020
Well maintained slips, clean facilities, very responsive staff, and super friendly slip neighbors. No downsides to Great Oak Landing. Looking forward to when Jellyfish Joel's and the peninsula with live music can open again!

by pgenvert on Jun 08, 2020
Nice visit (our fourth). They seem to be handling the Covid crisis as well as possible. Restaurant was open and serving outside. Pool was unfortunately closed. Only complaint is that there has been some shoaling at the entrance to the alley that leads to the fuel dock which we bumped (5 ft. draft) which should either be marked or preferably dredged. We'll be back in the future.

by jflannery16 on Aug 05, 2019
The inlet to the creek is very treacherous for a large vessel. Avoid an outbound tide if possible.

by caramoulds on Sep 03, 2018
Beautiful marina, helpful staff, great bands

by subseaguy on Jul 30, 2018
Very pleasant- nice dockage. Pool small but nice. Dock staff helpful and friendly. Be ready for potentially high current at entrance turn when tide is running ~ up to 3-4 kts. at the elbow. Be ready to maneuver.

by mulletftrplt on Aug 06, 2017
Great dock staff and helpful slip neighbors. WiFi didn't really work. But restaurant is very good, Little store decent, gym so-so and v nice pool area. Pretty area to bike if you have one. The creek is also one of the few places we'd actually swim in on the Bay.

by rip131313 on May 28, 2014
Overall it was a nice 2 days and we would go back. Although according to my wife we don't need to make it a regular thing. We are extremely adaptable and change paths pretty quickly. This appears to be important at this marina. From the reservation, dock assignment, restaurant, pet policy and kids club be prepared for differing information from the employees. In summary, I would recommend this place but be prepared for some disorganization and do not rely on anyone other than yourselves and you will be fine!

About Safe Harbor Great Oak Landing

Premium resort amenities pair with a welcoming family atmosphere to make Safe Harbor Great Oak Landing a beloved summer home for Chesapeake Bay boaters. Play a peaceful round on the 9-hole executive golf course while your kids enjoy a classic summer day. Then join friends for an afternoon drink at The Landing Restaurant or Jellyfish Joel's Beach Bar before gathering with family for a campfire picnic on our private sandy beach.


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