Gateway Marina

Not Offered

Not Offered

Day Trip
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90 SE 910th Ave
Suwannee, FL 32692
Check-in after 12:00 AM
Check-out before 12:00 AM

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2 Reviews

by Anonymous on Jun 01, 2019
I had the displeasure of storing my Key West 219FS there for one month. Within that time period, the boat went from brand new condition to disgusting. At the beginning, they promised that it would be rinsed down and the engine flushed every time it came out of the water. I had to get on them every time to do this. This morning, after having asked them to put it in the water for the weekend, I found the boat with evidence of dirt from the last trip still on it plus what appears to be paint splattered on the gunnel. The engine was still down in the water from being taken to the dock and I am confident it had been sitting like that for at least a day if not longer. I went back to the house ( an eighty mile round trip ) to get the trailer, loaded the boat up and took it home. Upon further inspection of the engine, I found profound evidence of corrosion around the foot and NO evidence of the engine ever being flushed. This boat WAS in brand new condition a month ago. I was charged 125.00 + an additional 30.00 for upkeep. Don’t EVER store your boat there if you value it and the money you spent for it.

by jonathan y. on Dec 02, 2010
Great friendly service neat little town


  • Diesel
  • Gas


  • Dry Stack
  • Ship Store



Gateway MarinaGateway MarinaGateway MarinaGateway MarinaGateway Marina