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Desoto Ave
LaBelle, FL 33935
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52 Reviews

by Bill C. - Verified user on Jul 07, 2024
Love this little place. Fore & aft springs hold you nicely. Forrey Grill is excellent: food & price. Peanut butter pie! Ace hardware just a mile hike. Very nice library on your bow. Second stop. 2017 & ‘24. 14’ beam fits slip 2. Rightmost slip being No.1. No. 3 slip is 18’ wide. Very little motion as you are at the bridge approach- no wake. We went now in on our’84 Mainship double cabin 40. 45 loa, 14 beam, 3.5’ draft

by Anonymous - Verified user on Jun 03, 2024
Need a garbage can on the property. Uber rides were not avaliable making travel for dinner difficult. Power worked well

by John C. - Verified user on May 13, 2024
Simple and easy walk into town

by Anthony K. - Verified user on Apr 23, 2024
No trash available, no wifi, and water from tap is yellowish. Convenient, but okay

by Diana J. - Verified user on Apr 21, 2024
This dock is a required stop on our way through. Like the town, enjoy the restaurants and glad for the easy access to stores.

by Donna G. - Verified user on Apr 21, 2024
Great for the price but very basic dock with power and water. Our assigned slip was already taken so we took the next one over and notified the city via dockwa which they appreciated. Dont expect anyone to answer VHF, just be ready with your lines. No fingers but piles aft and cleats on the dock. Short walk into down

by Todd A. - Verified user on Apr 15, 2024
Awesome stay. Ace hardware close by for some tools and log cabin restaurant for a great dinner. Only suggestion would be two more pylons further out on the middle dock. Any boat needing a 20 foot width dock could be a little more secure. Thank you City of Labelle!

by Crystal S. - Verified user on Apr 06, 2024
Great for a quick overnight stay, quiet (although it is directly next to a bridge, the noise did not bother us. Nice park area nearby with food truck 👍

by Sandi K. - Verified user on Apr 04, 2024
Great little town. Refreshing!

by Henry H. - Verified user on Mar 21, 2024
The location worked for us. The proximity to the bridge makes for a lot of traffic noise all night long. The port-a-potties were disgusting! The configuration of the docks is such that you have to go bow or stern in and exit your boat off the end, there are no fingers on the docks. The price is good.

by Deborah M. - Verified user on Mar 16, 2024
Water and electric available. A little challenging getting into the slip but a good night

by John P. - Verified user on Mar 15, 2024
This is not an easy marina, most US boater are not familiar with European tie-ups, but it is close to town; it is inexpensive; there is electric, water, trash, and bathroom on shore. The bridge mades it noisy, but overall the pluses exceed the minus so I will stay again if through this way

by Allan W. - Verified user on Mar 13, 2024
Great stop for $30 bucks. Had to bow in as the docks are 5’ off the water.

by Noreen L. - Verified user on Mar 12, 2024
Mind the current when approaching the dock! Quaint town with gorgeous, old, oak trees, draped in Spanish moss. Best coffee shop: Bridge Street Coffee & Tea. Best southern dinner: Log Cabin BBQ. La Belle, itself is a 5-star town, in my mind. Very safe location. Lots of lighting. Unfortunately, lots of traffic noise from the La Belle bridge. Note: the bridge will open on request from 6am - 7am, 9am-4pm, 6pm-10pm. It will open with 3 hours notice between 10pm and 6am. The bridge will not open between 7-9am and 4-6pm. The dock is not so great. The construction, itself, is solid. The space for larger boats is a bow or stern in to a concrete fixed dock, with a piling between spaces. Cleats on the concrete wall, lasso the pilings to keep yourself centered. Electrical and water available. The smaller docks have a finger pier with pilings and cleats on both the pier and the pilings. No electrical or water hookup. No toilets, no showers near the dock. If the library is open, you can use their bathroom. The city park bathrooms were open when we came through in December 2023, but were closed during our stay in March. The library is wonderful. Computers, wifi, comfortable seats and tables, with a view of the boats at the city dock. Best of all, everyone we met in La Belle was friendly!

by Preston D. - Verified user on Mar 10, 2024
Only boat access at the stern or bow . No indication of the shore power access was 50 Amp or 30 amp . No help docking . Otherwise ok . Cheap . Quiet . No security .

by Jack F. - Verified user on Mar 08, 2024
Poor communication, lousy docks. But convenient location.
Marina Response:
We’re sorry our dock didn’t meet your expectations. We’ve reviewed our records and show we sent you a message informing you of which slip to dock at. The only other communication we see is your response of “Perfect thanks!” Did you have a question that you didn’t ask? Anyway, we hope you find a place that meets your standards, until then, happy boating !!!

by Rebecca G. - Verified user on Mar 06, 2024
Quiet( other than loud bridge traffic ) good water and power and some nice gentleman checked on us and how close the dingy was to the dock as we came in stern first and our dingy is on our swim platform! Trash can was close for disposal of our trash. Beautiful sunset off the port side bow . Would have been 5 stars yet hard to see which slip we were assigned and there were zero poles to tie the bow to and this made it almost impossible to keep the boat off the dock at the stern for our 38 ‘ vessel. Nice man ( maybe our dock master ) did inform us of a nice coffee shop and dollar general within walking distance Very close to the bridge and a park. Some strong current there at times Yet overall safe harbor.

by Bill W. - Verified user on Mar 03, 2024
While we liked the proximity to the City, the dock configuration was very problematic for our boat. We could go in bow first because the dock was at the same level as our anchor, and we couldn’t go in stern first because the dock was too high to step up to.

by Eric P. - Verified user on Feb 27, 2024
The docks are quite short for a boat with a bow sprit! Found a great restaurant - best lasagne Forrey Grill. Our next visit the town had no power. 2/26 drive thru only but without a car they won’t let you drive thru.

by Brian S. - Verified user on Feb 25, 2024
Staff was great on arrival. Dock is very conveniently located in Labelle.

by Susan M. - Verified user on Feb 13, 2024
We were unable to get nights in a slip with power/water but we had the finger dock which was easier for 43' boat. However, there were lily pads encroaching from the bank....even in front of the little cement wall. Other than that, it was great.

by Chris F. - Verified user on Feb 11, 2024
The dock is a European design with no side dock of any type. The posts that divide the docking areas are too close to the dock and almost 3/4 of my boat extended beyond the posts. The evening we were there was quiet and no wind so the lack of any bow tie was no problem. If there had been inclement weather it would have been a bad position to be in. My boat is 48 feet long. There is power and water available as advertised. The library across the street was the only contact with the city personnel and they really didn’t know how anything about the operation except to remind boaters to use Dockwa if they hadn’t already done so. The price is right and a good nights sleep in a well lighted area around the boat was appreciated.

by Scott L. - Verified user on Feb 11, 2024
The pros: it’s inexpensive, the pilings and dock are in good condition, and the location is walkable to many places in LaBelle, which has some beautiful trees! The minuses: the pilings are very close to the dock, making for a challenging tie up. There are zero facilities. Traffic noise from the bridge is significant, as are the wakes of passing boats. You’ll have to come in either bow or stern to the dock, which can make getting ashore tricky.

by Richard K. - Verified user on Feb 07, 2024
Great little town and calm waters there. We’ll be back for sure.

by John R. - Verified user on Feb 02, 2024
Close to grocery shopping, nice dock. Library across the street
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