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City of St. Petersburg Municipal Marina

Transient Dock: $1.95/ft - $2.21/ft

$14.42 - $19.31

Day Trip
$23.66 - $47.32 (4 Hour Blocks)
500 1st Ave SE
St Petersburg, FL 33701
Check-in after 01:00 PM
Check-out before 11:00 AM
VHF 16
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111 Reviews

by sanders17 on Sep 27, 2020
Great location and really attentive staff. A little more information on all of the amenities should be provided prior to arrival. Other than that a great stay!

by jlwwbber on Sep 13, 2020
Never could get a hold of anyone to give us a key to get in. All phone numbers provided were of no use. Finally saw security at 11 pm and got a key. Was not impressed.

by beachbound2 on Sep 08, 2020
First time boating to St Pete Marina and staying at the transient dock. The good: St Pete is a great town to visit Dock hands very helpful and accommodating Facilities very nice The not so good: The transient dock is fixed (not floating) and one side tie up. This means you need to leave enough slack for tides. This means you will be swaying and banging the dock all night. This means little sleep depending on your ability to sleep through that distraction. Our boat is 28ft but the neighbors was a new 40ft and had the same issue. Conditions were fairly calm when we were there. Will go back but try a different tie up method.

by topcat19 on Sep 08, 2020
Our stay was fine but we were only allowed to stay four (4) hours for the “day trip” fee of $25.32. Dockwa site made not mention of only four hours - site simply said check in after 1:00 pm and check out by 11:00 am. Nowhere in our reservation confirmation from the City of St Petersburg Marina did it indicate a four hour limit.

by deanjeep on Aug 29, 2020
Great location, friendly and helpful staff. 24 hour assistance docking which was great as we came in after hours. Had an issue with one a/c shutting down. I have one newer a/c that will shut down if the voltage is low for 3 minutes. Was able to work around it and everything seemed back to normal the next morning.

by ivorgratitude on Aug 13, 2020
as always the St Pete municipal marina staff were awesome. Could not ask for better

by peg on Aug 04, 2020
Very accommodating! Thankyou and we loved being right in the heart of st. Pete! Fun, fun!

by loralock on Jul 15, 2020
Nice docks, friendly staff! Great location to explore the city & water!

by rgomez18 on Jul 13, 2020
The staff was extremely helpful. The Marina was in a perfect location and well kept. I would definitely use this location for all my excursions to Downtown St. Pete.

by ottot2131 on Jul 13, 2020
Perfect location, easy water approach to the docks.

by framabriti on Jun 16, 2020

by pjbattles on Jun 15, 2020
Great marina and a block away from all of the restaurants. Looking forward to our next visit!

by rmartin on Jun 03, 2020
We stay at the City of St. Petersburg marina frequently. It truly is the best marina on the west coast of Florida, not only because of the location, but because the staff there is efficient and friendly. They all 'go above and beyond' to ensure boaters have a great experience. We highly recommend the marina.

by jmccullen on Jun 01, 2020
Frank was extremely helpful and friendly.

by hakuro on May 29, 2020
Transient dock is easy to find, tie up to and depart from. Facilities were good and the staff is excellent.

by larrytibbe on May 26, 2020
Very adequate and convenient to St Pete activities but this great facility is ready for an update especially with the new pier going in next door which is going to make the marina look shabby by comparison. Wi-fi system is essentially useless.

by ghersche12 on May 26, 2020
St Pete is a wonderful water town. Always something to do. St Pete Municipal is perfectly located and more importantly protected for a comfortable stay. If you're on a mooring ball make sure any easterly wind will be less than 8knots or you're in for a rolly night.

by triplethreat on May 25, 2020
Very nice marina. Staff are helpful and friendly. Easy in and out. Location can't be better. Attractions, restaurants, "Old" St.Pete and the newer hipsterish St. Pete. The vibe is very youthful now unlike the "Cocoon" reputation. The only complaint I might have is the feeling that you are encroaching on the liveaboards. They have sort of taken over the lounge and common areas. Dogs and kids paraphernalia. But that won't keep me from coming back often.

by leeander50 on May 14, 2020
Very nice marina. Given we are still dealing with virus rules it was very nice. Would recommend to anyone. Would stay there again. Will be back next season.

by tomhedge7 on May 13, 2020
I probably would give the marina 5 stars if we had stayed after the new St. Petersburg pier was open. Frank was very helpful in confirming then changing our reservation at our request; he even gave us his mobile # so we could contact him directly. The marina location is perfect - just off the main St. Petersburg waterfront. There are many bike paths and walking trails just off the marina. But the street just off the docks was closed off because of construction on the pier and, as noted, there were no dumpsters on the site because of the construction. Thus, it was a long walk to throw away trash and to get to a space for my dog to relieve himself. In addition, as also noted, the fixed long transient dock coupled with the tide swings can make getting on/off the boat pretty difficult at times. We would love to come visit again after the pier is open and, hopefully, the walk to discard garbage and take pets to grass will be much shorter.

by dougsabbag on May 04, 2020
My wife and I waited 4 months on the 'waiting list' to be able to rent a slip for our CT-56 ketch rigged sailboat. When one became available last Friday, 5/1/2020, Evelyn and I drove to the marina to accomplish the contractual paperwork for the slip which we were happy to have available to us. Sunday was when we could move our vessel from Seafood Shack Marina in Cortez, to your facility. The staff was about to process our lease, but we had not known that our documentation was necessary, (our fault - stupid error), so the staff advised us to bring her into the slip and process the paperwork on Sunday. So, we arrived and docked into slip SA110, Sunday afternoon and after having secured the vessel, went to the Marina Office with all of our documentation, expecting to conclude this process. We were told that our vessel had to be at the 'fuel dock' to be 'inspected'. Our vessel is a 65 foot ketch rigged, Ta Chiao CT-56, i.e., a heavy displacement, (70,000 pound), sailboat. She is not as easily maneuvered as a runabout / motorboat; so to take her out of the slip we had secured her into, to bring to the fuel dock, to be inspected, only to then return her to her slip, is an inefficient, even dangerous concept. I'm confident anyone with marine experience, would agree that it is in marinas that there is the highest probability of collisions and damages between vessels. I would much rather avoid that, as I am confident everyone would agree. Therefore, we were very reluctant to comply with this 'new rule'. I say 'new' because we had not been informed of this in our meeting with the staff on Friday. Had we been informed, we would have arrived at the fuel dock on Sunday rather than going straight to the slip, as we HAD been informed to do. Nevertheless, since Letitia, the manager, was not on the property, my request that the inspection take place at the slip, where the vessel is, could not be decided. So, we returned to our vessel, waiting for Letitia to arrive on Monday morning, to make the logical, professional decision to inspect her where she is. I spoke with Letitia Monday morning and she said she would have to speak with her manager about this. The overarching reality, besides the anxiety and illogical requirement to move the Triumph at this point, is that both my wife and I are providing our computer consulting services to our respective clients, therefore we are working normal business hours and can't spend a morning or afternoon playing this ludicrous: 'move the boat over here, then return her to her slip' game. So, it is our fervent hope that the marina management can see the logic and safety to have the inspection occur where the boat is, rather than at the fuel dock. I am posting this so that potential future slip renters might be made aware of this 'rule', since - as we have experienced - this rule is not always shared with this marinas' customers until it is ludicrous to try to apply.
Marina Response:
Thank you for your feedback. It is very helpful to us as we are continuously striving to improve our business and how we serve our customers. I, as the Marina Manager, am very sorry for any miscommunication there may have been with you regarding our procedures and will reach out to you directly about this matter. -David Wirth, Marina Manager

by glindaman on Mar 26, 2020
Great location and view w expansive park. Easy access to transient dock. Short staff not readily available possible due to COVID 19. No trash receptacles on site due to city pier construction so have to walk a block to dumpster. Facility small but downtown location is ideal.

by fullmoonfirstmate on Mar 23, 2020
We'd gone sailing for a few days, our version of "social distancing." We'd planned to stay overnight at Gulfport Marina when we discovered that our reservation had been cancelled. By email. Three hours earlier. It's 5PM on Sunday. I was frantically calling other marinas looking for a slip, mooring ball, or even a spot to drop the hook. I got on and was able to make a reservation at St.Petersburg Marina, but received a message that they would respond in 24 hours. I called the marina, hoping to reach a live person. Tony answered and said he was just closing the marina for the day. I explained our dilemma, and he said he would need to call me back. A few minutes later he returned the call, said he did have open transient space, but there would be no one at the marina to assist us. "No problem!," I said. He explained where to go, and life got better. Then, a few minutes later, he called to give me the number of the security office, in case I needed anything. I was impressed. The transient dock was wide open, so docking was easy. We just made ourselves at home, cooked on board, had a pleasant evening. Downtown St. Petersburg is normally bustling, shops, bars, restaurants, parks, all on the waterfront. But the Governor had ordained that no sit-down dining would be permitted, so things were pretty quiet. Next morning I called the office to check in, and was told the dockmaster was on his way over to check in with us. We received a friendly visit, and a hand delivered receipt. We were very pleased with our experience. The marina has a fuel dock with pumpout services. Highly recommended.

by rccat on Mar 23, 2020
We spent two days at the Marina during the COVID-19 Pandemic, obviously not the best of times. The staff remained very helpful and checked in on us. The facilities were kept clean and functioning despite the construction going on the adjacent pier. We will definitely return to further enjoy the Marina and it's location.

by carnsie1 on Mar 14, 2020
Everything went smooth as silk, staff was right there to assist with tie up and give us keys etc to the marina and info on the city. Have stayed there before and always enjoyed the stay, great location for access to the city.

by nextboatwillbeanrv on Mar 09, 2020
The fixed docks, combined with large tide variance, make it VERY hard to get oneself or items on/off the boat. We rented a car, but parking is a joke. Even with a marina parking permit and a handicap tag, we got 2 tickets and a tow. The construction in the area causes a really long walk to the docks. The Fresco restaurant and the park nearby were the only bright spots in our stay.
Marina Response:
Good Morning, We are sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy your stay in St. Petersburg. As for the parking, I would like to see if we can help. Please reach out to me at [email protected] or 727-893-7816. Sincerely, Joan McGowan Marina Supervisor

by rickknobe on Mar 06, 2020
Frank was courteous, knowledgeable, helpful. Older woman in office didn’t seem to like her job or dealing with customers.
Marina Response:
Good Morning Mr. Knobe, We are pleased that Frank was helpful and hope that you enjoyed most of your stay here in your St. Petersburg. Many Thanks, Joan McGowan Marina Supervisor

by kpochardt on Mar 05, 2020
Great Experience. Easy walking distance to restaurants, museums and entertainment venues. Frank was especially helpful providing advice and assistance to smoothly exit our slip on a very windy day!
Marina Response:
Good Morning, We are pleased that you enjoyed your stay in St Petersburg and hope to see you again soon. Best Regards, Joan Marina Supervisor

by trine1046 on Feb 21, 2020
Can’t believe you are charging full rate to stay on the Transient Dock during the construction. Had to carry our elderly dog all the way down to Bayshore 4x to relieve herself and park our vehicle a mile away. I think you could have constructed a pet relief area during this lengthy construction. I really think paying $99 for this inconvenience was ridiculous.

by lesbauer on Feb 19, 2020
Everyone was very friendly and downtown St. Petersburg is great.

by davegerman on Feb 19, 2020
Easy access - even after hours. Security guard greeted me with keys and assisted with docking. Location is excellent with access to downtown. Facilities are clean, but showing some signs of age.

by thejourney on Feb 17, 2020
Staff was great grabbing the lines and tying us up, then explaining what’s where. Docks we were on, south basin, concrete fixed in good shape. Did not use restroom or shower. Very convenient to St Pete downtown. Adjacent to municipal airport - fun watching planes in and out. Minimal airport activity after dark. No less that 7’ total water at entrance at low tide, plenty at docks

by ktmissouri on Aug 08, 2019
I guess location is everything. The dock is not in great shape. It was fine, but expensive, for an overnight to check out downtown St. Petersburg.
Marina Response:
Good Morning, We are deeply sorry you didn't enjoy your stay with us. We are experiencing some dock renovations and look forward to the completion of this project. Sincerely, Joan McGowan, Marina Supervisor 727-639-5762

by gregwolf on Aug 05, 2019
The staff was extremely helpful and friendly. I'll be back. Thank you.
Marina Response:
We appreciate the kind words and happy the "Wolf Den" had a good visit. We look forward to your next stay. Best Regards, Joan Marina Supervisor

by prevailing_currents on Jul 28, 2019
Different dockage for us at WL1 and it was GREAT! Easy and convenient for walking to downtown and as always, nice facilities and people.
Marina Response:
Thank you for the kind words. Look forward to your next trip. Best Regards, Joan Marina Supervisor

by davlan88 on Jul 28, 2019
Great experience, it was our third time staying!
Marina Response:
:) Thank you and come back soon. Best Regards, Joan Marina Supervisor

by krisself1 on Jul 05, 2019
The staff was so accommodating. Really enjoyed the fireworks.

by nccalypso on May 04, 2019
We had a great stay at the St. Petersburg Municipal Marina. It was easy making reservations, the office staff was very helpful, Robert, the dock hand, was great at helping us in. The location in downtown St. Petersburg was wonderful. Restaurants, museums, grocery stores, everything was in walking distance. They were dog friendly, and although it was a long way to walk from our slip to the outside of the marina to grass, there are many nice small parks to walk in nearby. Great stop!
Marina Response:
Thank you for your kind words. We realize that Pier construction presents a challenge and we do our best to work around that. Hope to see you soon! Best Regards, Marina Management

by shaunc on Apr 29, 2019
The marina staff are always friendly and helpful and great great to deal with. Love going to St Pete marina and they always help make ever better
Marina Response:
Shaunc, we are pleased that you enjoyed your stay in St. Petersburg. Come back soon! Best Regards, Marina Management

by delirious on Apr 26, 2019
Great downtown location but no parking for North Docks if needed and due to Pier construction, long walk to-from boat. Otherwise, one of the better Marin’s
Marina Response:
Thank you! We are excited for the Pier's completion and realize that for now we must work around the challenge. We can arrange some transportation and look forward to your next trip in. Best Regards, Marina Management

by kinler on Apr 22, 2019
St Petersburg is a great City to visit with lots of things to do and within walking distance of the marina.
Marina Response:
Thank you! We are pleased you enjoyed or City and Marina...

by algosdoc on Apr 16, 2019
Stayed as a transient for 3 days waiting for a marine service nearby to open. The rather primitive doc slips with fore and aft pylons as the main way to secure the boat and a low dock that did not reach to midship were nothing special, but the treatment by the staff that came out after hours to help me tie up was superb. Strong recommend on this basis.
Marina Response:
Algosdoc, Thank you for the recommendation and we are pleased to be working on a Marina Master Plan. Best Regards, Marina Management

by mjones823 on Apr 13, 2019
Robert was such a great help to us, everything from booking our slip to docking and everything in between. Marina is clean and very well maintained. Everything downtown is within walking distance. The rates here a very reasonable as well. Would stay again in a heartbeat!!
Marina Response:
Thank you for the kind words and we look forward to your next stay.

by captjt on Apr 01, 2019
Great stay as always. Staff is very accommodating and we love the location. Can't wait for our next trip back.
Marina Response:
Thank you for sharing and we are pleased that you enjoyed your visit. Kind words passed along to both Frank and Seth. Many Thanks, St Petersburg Marina

by michaelbfl on Mar 31, 2019
The dock is well-maintained and the dockmaster, Frank was extremely helpful. Great location for all the downtown St. Petersburg has to offer.

by hectolavoe on Mar 26, 2019
We pulled in, decided to get some fuel before docking. Next thing I know, the store attendant decided to rant his judgmental opinions out the window from the second story of the marina fuel dock down to my boat - berating me because my wife had to go up the flight of stairs to check-in and I didn't, as I have a severe ankle sprain. Upon my wife going back to pay and explaining the situation to him, he proceeded to be sarcastically sympathetic by telling her "aww poor baby." She had to tell him to please stop yelling out the window. After that, Frank was very helpful in helping us to dock. Transient dock was fine. It was rocking all night due to a certain directional wind. No grass for dogs to go unless you walk about a half mile down to the street. I would stay there again, but skip the fuel dock as there is a high-and-mighty jackass tending the store.
Marina Response:
Good Afternoon, We are deeply sorry that you experienced this unpleasant interaction. This action does not represent the City nor the rest of the staff here at the St Petersburg Marina. We would like to speak with you further about this matter. Sincerely, Joan McGowan, Marina Supervisor 727-639-5762

by 606zpx on Mar 18, 2019
Frank was super helpful. Only way could be better is floating docks for smaller boats.

by reigger on Feb 25, 2019
Great neighborhood, clean bathrooms, nice dockside attendant. The construction around the pier is a nightmare, for how long, who knows - but at least the fences indicate which direction to walk to all of St. Pete's action.

by eaarsand on Feb 22, 2019
Great location in beautiful St. Pete. Wonderful staff as well. But due to the construction we had to walk a 1/2 mile to grass for my dog and to the street. No shuttle was provided from the parking which was also far away and we could never find a dock cart without also walking the 1/2 mile to and from the street. Hopefully when all is completed theses issues will be resolved.

by nodak7 on Feb 09, 2019
Not happy with how close they parked the boats on the bow and the stern on the transient dock. We were so close that we ended up almost hitting the boat on our bow. I was impressed by the Security guy arriving at 4:15am to help us get off the dock! Other than that it was a good stay!

by tlrsailing on Feb 04, 2019
Great place to stay. You can’t ask for more. Right downtown with all the restaurants and museums within a short walk. The facilities were clean and safe, with everything we needed.

by quito57 on Jan 28, 2019
Extremely helpful dock staff. helped us tie up and then moved us when they needed some more space.

by jamesbhealey on Jan 27, 2019
Understaffed.Was unable to contact dock hand for assistance on leaving.

by tpeedo on Jan 21, 2019
Very helpful staff. There's construction nearby and is a bit noisier in the mornings. Docks could use some renovations.

by threescore on Jan 01, 2019
This marina was an amazing place to ring in the New Year … dock hands were super helpful and facilities were clean. Loved that we were within walking distance to great restaurants and museums - will definitely be returning to this marina in 2019
Marina Response:
Happy New Year! Thank you for sharing and we are pleased that you enjoyed your visit. Kind words passed along to both dockhands. Many Thanks, St Petersburg Marina

by chaptertoo on Dec 28, 2018
Very rolly while on the transient dock, all night long. I assume it was the E SE wind. 2 guests in our part were sea sick, just from overnight. Otherwise, very convenient to St. Pete activities.
Marina Response:
Good Afternoon Chaptertoo, Sorry so late in getting back to you, vacationing as well. I returned to hear that weather was not very nice to our boaters and I am deeply sorry for that. We hope that you enjoyed the festivities of the City and that your next visit will be a bit calmer. Many Thanks, St Petersburg Marina

by rusch1ne on Dec 23, 2018
Great location. Love St. Pete's. The internet did not work at our location.

by schicho on Dec 02, 2018
Great place. Excellent docking assist in and out. Location is amazing for visiting St. Petersburg. Safe and friendly boaters. Very dog friendly!

by awesome_cat on Nov 25, 2018
This marina is one of our favorites for access to a lively downtown entertainment area; the marina is calm, clean, and quiet. This trip was almost spoiled by lack of TV cable due to a recent change of providers (and the marina had no loaner "boxes."), and the Pier contruction made pedestrian access difficult. And, the office was never open Wed. through Fri. of T'giving week.

by rtorres2411 on Nov 21, 2018
The facilities are very clean, and the staff is friendly and helpful. The location is great, right on the heart of downtown St. Pete close to amazing museums and restaurants.

by trifonaki on Nov 19, 2018
It was slightly disturbing we had to wait for someone to bring a key to the marina to gain us access to the enatrnace for when we return.
Marina Response:
Hello, When boats arrive here. We ask to be contacted so we can help them get in and also take them a welcome package including there access card or key depending on where they are in the marina. As I remember I was never told of your arrival or the office new nothing of your arrival so we could not get you a key. We would have been more than happy to have brought you a key on arrival. I have placed a call to you also on the land line you gave on your reservation.

by totalexp06aolcom on Nov 18, 2018
Everything was great, dock attendants were first class!

by bdenison51 on Nov 16, 2018
Great stay and very convenient to downtown and museums. Don’t miss the Dali museum

by herbwitt on Nov 13, 2018
Visitor dock utilities and service personnel were excellent. Mooring attachments and breasting dolphins were well placed, dolphins were getting old but still very usable. Restrooms/showers were clean, easy to access and well maintained. The ship's store is well stocked but it's location is a long walk from the transient area. The strategy of using the ship's store for the Harbor Masters observation post forces her to multitask which results in some errant traffic to be missed. The amount of construction on the municipal pier makes vehicle access and parking inconvenient. St. Pete would be well advised to keep the public advised on construction progress if not to completion at least to access to parking in that area.

by rossdc1980 on Nov 12, 2018
Great stop. Friendly, helpful.

by rongiguere on Nov 10, 2018
poor condition. many derelict vessels. Under construction. difficult access.

by 1918 on Sep 24, 2018
A good experience. Like the location and the dock is good. We came in for one day however and promptly without notice at 10:50 Sunday morning the power shut off to the shore power. Was not sure why, Then my wife said they like wanted us out at 11. That is good, but don't shut down my systems without notice. Also, maybe we would want to stay longer and pay to do so. Just sayin. Otherwise a great place and great location.

by thicks39 on Sep 24, 2018
Everyone was so nice and helpful

by rpd111 on Sep 04, 2018
I arrived "late" at 5:30. After tied up and plugged in security ask me to move to the end of the dock. even though there was plenty of space he wanted me to go to the end of the dock furthest from the bathroom. No other boats showed up so not sure why he made us move.
Marina Response:
Good Morning, Thank you for staying with the St. Petersburg Marina. There is occasion that boats are asked to moved to the far east or west end of the transient dock and that is for the safety of the boat. We generally do not dock boats less than 28', unless we have an end available. The pilings are closer together, at each end and allow the boat to dock more safely. If you have questions please feel free to call a Supervisor at 727-893-7329. Best Regards

by mvmicasa on Aug 28, 2018
Always a great place to stay. Transient dock in good condition. Good WiFi reception. Good shower/restroom facility with day room. Downtown St. Petersburg provides many choices for entertainment and dining.

by mpancer on Aug 19, 2018
A bit run down and definitely impacted by the construction of the pier if you stay at the north transient dock you have this long walk to get out of the marina down a construction fence line.

by sailingandwriting on Aug 16, 2018
The AC person referred to me by the marina, James “Jamie” Parks with Gumfcoast Marine was paid to install an AC unit. Weeks later the install was not complete and he told me to “Fu*k Off” when asked when he would return to complete the job. James then called my partner in Maine whom I own the boat with and explained that he would never allow his wife to speak to or question a man. As a woman living on a boat alone, I immediately changed the locks on the boat in fear that he may return and take the unit. I explained this to Joan Mcgown at the St. Pete Municipal Marina, who promptly called my partner to explain to him that I had complained about the service. I felt in no way comfortable or protected by the staff after that. We will not return to St. Petersburg Municipal Marina.
Marina Response:
Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry you had a negative experience with a third party vendor and we will make note of your complaint against them. All vendors are separate businesses outside the Marina so we have no control over the interactions they have with their customers. That being said, we do hope you stay with us again and allow us to show you we truly care for all of our customers. Please feel free to reach out to our management team directly if you ever have any questions or comments, or if there is anything we can do to help remedy your experience. Thank you again, Sincerely, Dave Wirth, Marina Manager [email protected]

by doctoriggy on Jul 23, 2018
Excellent, friendly service! Highly recommend!

by jvizzini on Apr 27, 2018
We are transients there and this experience was totally different than our one here only one month ago. We were berthed in a slip so far away from everything, that it made mobility in the local area a challenge. It would seem that the marina would book transients in a more convenient location because they typically do not have a way to get around. The north dock is close to the Downtown Looper trolley, and a bike-rental station.
Marina Response:
Hello, The reason you where put in F-19 was that the marina was totally full during the time period you asked. We had No room on the transit dock in that there where reservations for the transit dock filling the transit dock. Please in the future Tell us you only desire the transit dock and if we do not have room we will decline the reservation so there will be no future confusion. I have also sent you a message on the phone you gave on your reservation Request. Robert

by billsnyder47 on Apr 27, 2018
The office people were friendly and helpful. The slip was tight and difficult to tie up in but I waited till the last minute to book so it was all that was available. That's more my fault then their's. I will be booking there again.
Marina Response:
Bill thanks for staying with us. Please let us know anytime we can be of service. Have a nice week. Robert

by norusa on Apr 27, 2018
It was good but please advice guest where in the marina you can be expected to dock....we were planning for the main dock to meet friends with another boat and later plans but ended up in the south basin , it was ok but certainly not in our plans
Marina Response:
Hello, We have posted on the web Site that you can go on the transit dock or we will be putting you in a slip in the marina. Please in the future tell us when you place your request that you desire to be put in a slip or dock or wherever and we will do our best to put you there unless the area is booked out and then we will give you a option or to decline the reservation. I am unsure of who this is or I would have been more than happy to have given you a phone call. Please if you wish call me at 727-893-7329. Robert

by peterobetz on Apr 19, 2018
brief stay in the mooring field. Dockwa is such a big improvement over the old system. Robert met us happily at the dinghy to get the keys. Seamless.

by justicex12 on Apr 15, 2018
No water the first day. Never mentioned this prior to our arrival..

by alexanderaboard on Apr 14, 2018
Great service and friendly staff. Plus great fuel price for guests. Our favorite stop in Florida!

by tomhahn2 on Apr 10, 2018
As I read on other reviews, the staff were great; welcoming and accomodating. They more than made up for men's facilities that were below my expectations (my wife said the women's were fine). Try to avoid the first slips in the south basin - your cleat will be outside the dock gate and rocks will be next to you. Overall it was fun and the marina is in a great location.

by marta on Apr 08, 2018
The marina people are very friendly and helpful. Free pump out, nice and clean restrooms and showers. Marina is right down town St. Pete - great location.

by gairforce on Apr 04, 2018
Wooden dock pillars are in serious need of some rubber strips on them to keep the wood from scratching the paint on my boat. But, the staff is very, very nice and accommodating. They all made it very easy to stay here and I look forward to many visits

by lennycovais on Apr 04, 2018
The staff were great. We tied up to the transient dock,Rob brought the keys down made sure we were comfortable

by seatryst on Mar 17, 2018
Dockwa's happy hour made it extra special. Thanks again, Becky. It gave us the opportunity to meet other boaters we would not otherwise have met, and new friends were made as a result. The marina is very accommodating and interested in making our stay wonderful. Love the dinghy dock! The local transportation is great. Thank you everyone.

by gbbmjbmsncom on Feb 22, 2018
I stayed on a mooring ball and I love it there. The main marina staff could use some help but Tony, Doug and Robert are the best.

by carrhome01 on Feb 18, 2018
We enjoyed it immensely. Friendly and helpful staff. We love St. Petersburg and visit downtown often. This is a rare visit by boat and we will do it again soon.

by jlnelson3 on Feb 13, 2018
Enjoyed the privacy and location of the moorings. Not convenient to the bathrooms, showers, and laundry. Staff was excellent.

by eugenepope on Feb 07, 2018
Great staff in a great location.

by selina3 on Feb 05, 2018
Outstanding service fantastic crew

by chriscarina on Jan 27, 2018
Overall, this is a pretty nice marina. The docks are almost all 1/2-finger docks with pylons, and are fixed. Although the marina has a breakwater, enough waves get through it that there is almost always some wave action at the docks, and if the wind is above 20 knots, the wave action is significant. The docks are well maintained, as are the rest of the facilities. Speaking of facilities, they have a very deep water approach and within the marina, able to easily accommodate a 5-feet keel. There is a fuel dock, and a not-so-easily accessible pump-out station. However, they provide free mobile pump-out service that can be scheduled within a week. There are also 3 separate restroom/shower/laundry facilities around the marina. They are all pretty comparable. The one near the South Basin has 4 separate showers for the men (and presumably the same number for the women) within a heated/cooled restroom, and one restroom/shower room that is separate from the rest. There are 4 washers and 4 dryers, and a community room with vending machines, a microwave, and a widescreen TV. All are quite clean. There is also a public park within the marina, but the REAL draw is that downtown St. Petersburg is just steps away. St. Pete is a really nice city, with lots or restaurants, bars, and cafes, a multiplex movie theater, a live-theater venue, shopping, etc. Almost anything you could want is within walking distance. They also have an excellent public transit system that is pretty inexpensive if you get a weekly or monthly transit pass. Of course, there are also taxis, Uber, and Lyft. The University of South Florida campus is about 5 blocks from the marina entrance, and they have excellent free WiFi in the campus library. As usual, the free WiFi in the marina is almost non-existent. Finally, the staff at the marina office are very willing to help, if you ask. Overall, this is a very nice marina.

by roger727 on Jan 01, 2018
Great Location and AMAZING Dock master. Doug is friendly and helpful. Super Time!

by dwarn on Dec 17, 2017
The Marina emailed a reservation confirmation as well as an additional welcome with a clear and detailed marina map. Marina assistant Doug called us to confirm our approximate eta and asked that we call him approx. 1/2 hour away which we did. Doug gave us our slip number which we were able to locate on the emailed map. Doug followed up with a call to us as we were approaching the marina and talked us in by landmarks while simultaneously waving to us from the dock. Doug was at our slip to help with lines and hook up of power and water. He gave us a review/tour of amenities as well as secure key card and wifi. After a 25 hour Gulfcrossing, this simply could not have been a better process for someone new to the area.

by sailinggypsies on Nov 25, 2017
Always a great stop. Robert and Doug exceptional!

by ipcaptbill on Nov 20, 2017
Robert met us at dink dock with keys Seamless and easy. Enjoyed dinner downtown

by debbieplotts on Nov 19, 2017
I was frustrated prior to our arrival not knowing if we had an arrival due to the use of Docwa howeve one we arrived I could not have been more pleased. Doug called prior to our approach and made it right to our dock. He helped us tie up and made sure we had our keys and knew exactly where everything was. The facility is within walking distance of everything. We had a great time.

by dianecommens on Nov 19, 2017
It would be nice if shower and bathrooms were cleaned after check out time.

by stevemaher on Nov 12, 2017
We had a fantastic weekend getaway from our typically hectic days. Great location and dock master!

by ftaute on Nov 10, 2017
Spent a night on a mooring buoy. The buoys are all well marked, and in good shape. Marina folks were quick to bring us a key card for the gate. Probably would be bumpy if there is an easterly wind, as there are a lot of reflective waves that bounce off all the seawalls around the mooring basin.

by djones1 on Nov 09, 2017
St. Petersburg municipal Marina is excellent. Dockwa is not.

by bg5w on Nov 06, 2017
Have stayed before. Doug is always most helpful and right on top of things.

by tootssea on Nov 03, 2017
Doug was an amazing dockmaster. He was very friendly, helpful and when we couldn't get us on the face dock he accommodated us by providing a slip that was actually owned by the people in the slip next door. Way to go above and beyond for customer service. Thank you! We all had a great time and the Punta Gorda Sailing Club will be back!!!! Dotti and Mark Vaivoda S/V Toots Sea

by pegasus44pc on Nov 03, 2017
I love this marina and the staff Tony and Robert are the best but I dislike the fact the City has started using Dockwa. This is not an improvement. However Dockwa is not concerned or interested in why I do not like Dockwa. However I will hit on a few points just in case this gets posted in its entirety. 1) I cannot verify my reservation timely. 2) I need to find a WiFi to verify, something that is sometimes difficult aboard 3) I have to phone the marina for particulars and to cancel 4) I am unable to request special services when making reservation 5) All the above creates a lot of uncertainty 6) Phone App does not use TEXT messaging only email see #2 above 7) There is no way to op-out of Dockwa unsolicited advertisement. 8) Additionally, if I wanted to leave a review I would do it in Active Captain. 9) Last Dockwa would not accept my personal email address because it didn't meet its criteria. This service could be greatly improved by updating the app to use text. Additionally, why cannot Dockwa calculate "face dock" docking correctly? This failure creates lost dockage revenue. Fix this.

by karenpoquette on Oct 30, 2017
It was great, thank you!

by carlg on Oct 13, 2017
Very fine facility. Friendly, helpful staff. No information handout, so I had to call for wi-fi password. Way, way overpriced. Should not charge for bowsprit length. Charging by length is done to approximate usage of facility. A bowsprit does not add people, interior space, electrical usage, trash, etc.

by kingge on Aug 26, 2017
The staff was great Doug was extremely helpful. Great location. Would definitely use this marina again if in the area.

by bruceetzler on Aug 05, 2017
Very friendly and helpful. Doug was awesome. Thanks

by mwkuzel on Jul 12, 2017
It is always good at St Pete Marina. Extra nice and helpful staff and very decent facilities. However the new reservation system Dockwa leaves much to be desired. Having to wait up to 24 hours for a confirmation is wrong. I used to be able to call the marina from the middle of the bay and they could tell right then and there if there was a vacancy. Or not. So I went online and did the reservation request. Now, it was getting real close to 24 hours later when I decided to call the marina directly. I mean if it was full I could stay at Marjorie Park Davis Islands and see fireworks. So a marina person lady was saying welllll,,,, we will have to see if there are any cancellations and such and that the transient dock was for 29 ft and up. (I'm 26') . So I asked at least call and tell me if I cant come so I can make other plans and she did call back within the 24 hour window and say they could put me in a slip instead. Great joy for real. We shared an end dock with another craft about the same size. Kind of tight but ok. But the transient dock had two boats on it and 350 feet of open space. It just made all the drama and waiting seem unnecessary unless a dozen boats had cancelled all of a sudden on a beautiful July 4th. This is the electronic age, the system it should work faster and be more accurate. I mean, I can call a hotel and know immediately if there is a vacancy. Is Dockwa charging the city for this inconvenience? I like talking to a dockmaster, not a website.
Marina Response:
Good Morning Mr. Kuzel, We are disappointed that you did not have a good stay at the St. Petersburg Marina and sorry that Dockwa was not what you expected. Please feel free to call us direct and we can always make a reservation for you. It will go through Dockwa, but the confirmation will be immediate. For safety reasons we do not put vessels on the transient dock, less than 29' in length. We do our best to find an empty slip or seasonal slip, for smaller vessels, so we may accommodate as many visitors that may want to visit our great city. Please feel free to call me anytime. Sincerely, Joan McGowan Marina Operations Supervisor 727-893-7329

by boozubay on Jun 26, 2017
Doug was amazing!!! Called to see where we were around our arrival since we were a bit late. Met us on the dock. handled all our lines and electric. Tide was really high and he even loaned us a ladder to get on and off the boat. Great experience and great customer service!!! We will be back.

by kinler333 on Jun 06, 2017
Great folks and lovely area. We will be back again in the future.

by drvraney on May 30, 2017
Remarkable Municipal facility with outstanding helpful people.

by scolman on May 21, 2017
Everything was great but mooring rope on 25 or 24, the one further west was so covered with growth I couldn't use it . Other than that great stay

About City of St. Petersburg Municipal Marina

Come stay with us in the heart of downtown St. Petersburg! Walking distance to dining, shopping, and entertainment. Wake up to a beautiful sunrise and see the lights of the city and a lovely sunset in the evenings.

Berthing space for our Transient Dock is based on reservations and availability. Reservations are taken no more than 30 days prior to arrival, including special events. Transient Dock space is limited but we will do everything in our power to accommodate your transient needs.

Electric service at our power stations is 120/208 Volt with 50 and 30 amp service connections provided to boaters. For larger vessels, we have two 100 amp connections available. Water and cable are also provided on the Transient Dock.

Please note that we cannot check vessels that are unattended. We ask that you do not leave your vessels unattended for periods of time over 24 hours without first obtaining authorization from the Main Office. The transient dock is capable of handling vessels 27’ – 120’, if your vessel is smaller or larger we will contact you with availability.

Please be aware that we offer parking on a very limited basis. Transient customers are allowed parking for one car at the cost of five dollars per day. Parking is on Demen's Island.

Booking Info

The marina has the right to place customers on the linear face dock or in an interior slip. While we will work to do our best to accommodate your requested location, we cannot make any guarantees on a customers slip location.

Reservations can only be requested 35 days in advance of the end date of your reservation.

The Transient Dock and Mooring field will be unaccessible as it will be under construction beginning the first week of March. Please note, construction will limit our available dock and mooring space for at least a month. Please be aware and plan accordingly - if you're looking for dockage during this time frame, it will be most helpful to call into the marina to discuss the availability.

Update - 1/31/2020 - The Transient Dock is fully open. Availability for boats 27'-120'. Please make reservations through or call the Marina office with any transient questions you may have. Boat clubs welcome!

Permanent slips are also available vessels up to 28' and 34'

Happy Sailing


  • Gas
  • Diesel
  • Water
  • Electrical


  • Bait & Tackle
  • Cable/Satellite TV
  • Captains Lounge
  • Ice
  • Launch Ramp
  • Laundry
  • Medical Facilities w/in 5 Miles
  • Oil Recycling
  • Pumpout
  • Restrooms
  • Restaurant
  • Security
  • Ship Store
  • Showers
  • Wireless Internet



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