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Dutch Harbor Boat Yard

Not Offered

$55 - $85

Day Trip
Not Offered
252 Narragansett Ave
Jamestown, RI 02835
Check-in after 01:00 PM
Check-out before 12:00 PM
VHF 69
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84 Reviews

by mnereynolds on Oct 04, 2020
Excellent stay too notch service

by volvamus on Sep 15, 2020
Leaving the mooring, we snagged our mooring pendant with prop. Repeated diving was unsuccessful - shortly Joe arrived with a workboat to take strain off pendant and enable diver to free us. Great & timely help and service!

by pwatsonjr on Sep 09, 2020
Great harbor/mooring field, very professional and welcoming staff, nice clean facilities, easy walk to Jamestown (where we took the ferry over to Newport for the day). Peace and quiet at night. Much better than staying in an urban marina. We will be back next year!

by 59 on Sep 08, 2020
Great harbor, harbor master and staff. Excellent launch drivers!

by wires on Sep 05, 2020
We had a pretty wet, foggy, windy passage from Noank, CT, but it was great to get into the bay and to Dutch Harbor. A harbor of childhood memories. With a forecast not at all what was happening we decided to stay another day and wait for some improvement. It was worth it! The helpful office staff connected with Dockwa and we were all set for this last minute additional day. Clean hawser, superior launch service, nice facilities and a fun harbor to go about in the dinghy. Glad the wind from the northwest was light because Dutch Harbor could be bouncy in a hard NW blow. Other directions should be fine. Friendly folks on our 15 minute walk to the grocery store and grinder place. A package store was just across the street. We put the dinghy on the mooring and took a nice cruise to see Wickford from the water, and then further north to look about Allen Harbor. Wonderful stay! The trip back had the wind at our stern and proved an easy passage.

by nelli on Aug 26, 2020
Fabulous Mooring stay. Everyone is so welcoming. A quick thunderstorm blew through at night and the next morning Joe came by in the launch asking if everything was ok. Best Jamestown Mooring experience e in 40 yrs of boating

by ariaolumi on Aug 25, 2020
A gem of a boatyard. Calm protected waters, beautiful sunset, wonderful shack with delicious oysters, extremely clean bathroom & showers, and very friendly staff. One of our favorite spots. Will be back for sure.

by kastanley1977 on Aug 24, 2020
We go back to Dutch over and over again because it is an amazing place to spend the night. Very calm and protected. The staff are helpful, experienced, friendly and professional. Can not give them high enough rating. I will just keep returning!!

by katiesharkey on Aug 21, 2020
Great location, clean amenities, friendly helpful staff and two great days in beautiful Jamestown - thank you, we will be back!!

by bostout on Aug 21, 2020
This is a fantastic place to visit with extremely friendly and helpful staff. I had engine issues and they were able to diagnose and solve the problem quickly and with confidence. I cannot recommend Dutch Island Boat Yard enough.

by jratcliffe on Aug 17, 2020
Was nice to have the launch drive come out and check to if we need anything. Especially nice when it was blowing 20kts

by svduke13 on Aug 11, 2020
Great stay! Friendly launch staff, clean facilities, and beautiful location. We will be going back!

by eahearn73 on Aug 01, 2020
Always a nice stay - quiet and picturesque

by sthurston on Jul 31, 2020
Great facility and very welcoming

by daymom25 on Jul 28, 2020
The mooring was so easy to hook onto, Great view of Jamestown, peacefull and great service.

by cforbes on Jul 27, 2020
Great launch drivers, fast and efficient...well maintained moorings, bathrooms were spotless.

by bmastror on Jul 27, 2020
A peaceful location with very friendly launch staff

by tjlesser on Jul 25, 2020
Great stay with outstanding staff who rescued our runaway dinghy, not to mention how deftly they helped us with our bikes too! Can't wait to go back!

by wardw on Jul 24, 2020
Courteous helpful staff.

by ricknan on Jul 24, 2020
Nice showers, outer moorings very rolly. But nice launch and staff!

by wharton3549 on Jul 23, 2020
Outstanding. We usually stay n the other side of Jamestown and this was our first time here. It was so peaceful- no rocking! The launch folks were super and the walk to town no problem. We will be back!

by jimporter1961 on Jul 20, 2020
One of the best stays ever. Unlike a lot of places we have stayed were the mooring fee does not cover other amenities. Dutch includes launch service, bathrooms, showers and ever a cup of coffee if needed. We will definitely return.

by wjrok on Jul 19, 2020
Great Harbour Great boatyard. Two launches Always available . Great services.healthy eslk to other side of Jamestown where the actionis -if thats what one calls action ! Few great restaurants esp Sympatico! At Dutch always a chance to catch a Great sunset!!!

by drgtmartin on Jul 14, 2020
Beautiful harbor, a short walk (or bike ride) to restaurants and the market. Staff was helpful and friendly. Launch drivers could try and throw less of a wake.

by kk9vxqay98mrtzpdpyxs on Jul 09, 2020
Very friendly staff, very clean and nice showers, baths, nice walk to town

by wendyc on Jul 09, 2020
Dutch Harbor Boat Yard is the reason to have a boat. Staff excels in service communication. All are so considerate and respond quickly to requests to come in. Harbor itself has a unique quiet beauty that is to be experienced.

by kookamongus on Jul 08, 2020
Great place, courteous prompt service.

by markcrowecomcastnet on Jul 06, 2020
Always a great place to come. Just a great peaceful relaxing spot to be. They are so accommodating and everyone is so friendy and nice. Hate to let the secret out on how nice it is!

by noankstan on Jun 22, 2020
Dutch Harbor Boat Yard was very accommodating to our group (5 boats). They set up an area with picnic tables and chairs so we social distance when we got together each night. The launch drivers were very friendly and helpful.

by v8george on Jun 18, 2020
After radioing in, we were met by the skiff at the beginning of the mooring field and led right to our mooring. We were given a fact sheet with all the info we'd need by the attendant. We had our own dinghy so we didn't use the launch service but there is a dinghy dock available and it's a quick walk into town.

by michaelrg18 on Jun 14, 2020
A favorite and a very good facility and destination but can be rough in heavy wind.

by chrisd on Jun 12, 2020
Very nice. Launch driver came out and showed us our mooring. WiFi was unable to reach the mooring. We tried repeatedly but were unsuccessful at using it, and called the office as well, who did not have any solutions or advice, but said it was working in the office.

by coastiesnipe on Jun 09, 2020
To fonsecascott: I met friends on their boat there, took launch which was constantly on the move. You even complain about the wind blowing all day as if they control it. If your whining that you couldn't find your mooring, you don't belong having a boat in your bathtub. The staff there was the most friendlies and accommodating I've met. God created that location and weather, not the staff. If that's your complaint you couldn't find your mooring after asking 5 or 6 times, you obviously can't follow directions. Stay home.

by fonsecascott on Jun 08, 2020
Great stay but not as protected as I would have liked. Etc wind blew all day and night - also difficult to find mooring ball on your own. Most places show you by tender where it is. They did this after I radio’d 5-6 times and couldn’t find it

by sailorjacques on May 25, 2020
10/10. Comfortable and super clean onshore facilities without feeling like a large corporate marina. Launch service is stellar. Subject to some bouncing from chop if the breeze is up, but moorings are in great shape.

by stanw on Sep 22, 2019
I have stayed at Dutch Harbor many times. They are always professional and accommodating to my needs. They are my first choice when staying at the mouth of Narragansett Bay.

by mvripple on Sep 14, 2019
Beautiful spot! We will be back.

by jennyo on Sep 03, 2019
Great as usual! Awesome launch drivers, very accommodating. Beautiful sunsets.

by pquacker on Sep 02, 2019
Always a great stay!

by ljm0101 on Sep 01, 2019
I love staying at Dutch Harbor! This was a perfect weekend. Friendly staff, nice showers, quiet mooring. I like that it is away from town and enjoy the walk.

by rllalbin on Aug 27, 2019
Best of everything for a quiet location, pretty & protected scenery, launch service, clean facilities, walking distance to town & grocery, nice folks, picnic tables and a taco shack!

by burnap on Aug 26, 2019
great location. quiet mooring field. excellent launch drivers, easy walk into town. And the "taco shack" at the head of the dock!

by linfordfisher on Aug 18, 2019
Great boatyard -- nice and responsive staff, excellent facilities, and reliable launch service. Our mooring was very close to the dock (but not too close). Highly recommend!

by mmlynch1949 on Aug 18, 2019
Lovely as usual but wi-fi not very strong!

by whyarethereusernames on Aug 18, 2019
Cleanest bathrooms and showers. Very friendly staff.

by ndufresne06 on Aug 11, 2019
Very clean facilities. Great staff.

by akm88 on Aug 10, 2019
The staff at DHBY was extremely accommodating while we were dealing with engine issues. Beautiful harbor. Would definitely recommend and will be visiting again soon!

by pberardino on Aug 06, 2019
Great staff and facility. Thanks

by debakerrn on Aug 06, 2019
I should say horrible to keep the crowds down, but truthfully, relaxing, easy walk to town, groceries, places to see. Friendly, helpful staff at all levels. A favorite place to sail to.

by gstadnick on Aug 02, 2019
Nice harbor. Great staff. bathrooms are right off the deck, not very private, showers are limited to 5 minutes.

by cbleuher on Jul 31, 2019
A beautiful, quiet spot to spend a night. We got easy directions to our mooring and the launch driver gave us the scoop on wi-fi, schedule and local sites. All good!

by mpotkin53 on Jul 28, 2019
Great location friendly staff.

by kjfpaf on Jul 27, 2019
Great location, clean showers and heads, nice staff, and a little over one mile walk to great restaurants and The Ganny to see live music.

by joesailor on Jul 20, 2019
Smooth. 20 or more characters

by trust2deal on Jul 17, 2019
Great people and great service

by ehniii on Jul 16, 2019
Beautiful setting, Weil protected harbor, good showers, excellent launch, short walk to restaurants,, professional, personal. Ed Nielsen Smoke & Mirrors PJYC

by horizon8228 on Jul 15, 2019
Very friendly staff here. Launch service is quick and reliable. Clean restrooms and showers. Picnic area is concrete slab with grills available. If you need ice, request from the launch. There is no dinghy dock. A bit of a hike to any restaurants and shops. If traveling with other boats don’t assume you will be near each other. It’s a big mooring field and our group of 4 boats were not anywhere close by. Mooring numbering system is confusing.

by curlew on Jul 14, 2019
A warm welcome, block and cubed ice sold even at 9:00pm, and quality launch drivers—shout out to Zach!

by fcgleason on Jul 13, 2019
Enjoyed the showers and launch.

by tacks2 on Jul 07, 2019
The entire staff was awesome. Friendly helpful, went out of their way to accommodate us. Would definitely return. Thank you for your hospitality. Facilities are very nice, clean. Launch service prompt and courteous.

by gabrielmatthias on Jul 07, 2019
Great launch and marina service. Beautiful setting. Taqueria ("the shack") was awesome. Just a little roll. We did get the mooring ball the farthest out ("D10"). I think if we were tucked in a little more, we'd be out of the current, in the "no wake" zone, and it would be 5 stars.

by sailing on Jul 06, 2019
Showers and bathroom facilities are excellent, the harbor is fairly well protected, launch service is great and all the staff are very friendly and helpful. Also, it’s just about a mile walk to Jamestown. Perfect spot to stop!

by krahnsto on Jul 02, 2019
Great place to catch a mooring both for over-nights as well as for short stays. They have a launch and also a nice Dingy dock. Check with the launch driver when they close out for the day, especially if you go to a place to eat in Jamestown things can take longer than expected. Somebody mentioned that the Dingy dock has limited tie up times. That is only true for the town-dock. The marina itself have their own Dingy dock which does not have any time limits (it's a bit hidden away just below their little hut on the dock).

by mberenberg on Sep 20, 2018
Great location. Excellent responsiveness on behalf of the Marina. Dinghy dock limited tie up time

by sdclancy on Sep 09, 2018
Great staff, very friendly...good resources & quiet marina...perfect for us!

by svakula on Sep 07, 2018
Great friendly marina!

by mystryst on Sep 04, 2018
Always excellent. Staff friendly knowlegable and attentive. Facilities clean and in good working order. Going back again for Labor Day. One of our favorite places

by caplaw on Sep 03, 2018
Easy peasy. Went smoothly.

by brendanmcc on Sep 03, 2018
Great Great Great 20 characters

by schippmom on Aug 31, 2018
We always stay here when we arrive in RI and before we leave. Responsive, friendly staff. Launch comes right away. The shack onsite has awesome tacos!

by oceanus76 on Aug 30, 2018
Excellent location and friendly staff.

by jvthompson18 on Aug 13, 2018
Very nice Harbor. Boat Yard and accomodations are well maintained and staff was nice. Only issue was the Self Pump Out that is tricky to use and staff couldn't help with directions. Luckily we got some assistance from other boaters on how to get the pump out to work. Would be nice if staff could give directions and assistance on the procedure.
Marina Response:
The pump out is not part of Dutch Harbor Boatyard. It Is located to the south on the town dock. Sorry our driver that day did not have the correct information. We will look to ad directions on our welcome sheet for our transient customers. Thanks for joining us. Joe McGrady (Owner)

by bill.kimbell on Aug 11, 2018
Great evening at a very nice, low key marina. Friendly and helpful staff. Clean facilities. Limited services available and no fuel..but we'll definitely be back.

by nancylstarr on Jul 29, 2018
We dearly love Dutch Harbor!! It is a quiet, clean very sailboat friendly spot with easy access to Block Island, Newport etc. the management and launch service are second to none. We are in there at least three times a summe!!

by kimlyons on Jul 15, 2018
Quiet harbor, reliable launch service

by shipshape on Jul 13, 2018
Great mooring - easy quick launch service.

by dauntless on Jul 06, 2018
DHBY is easily accessible from the West Passage of Narragansett Bay, the launch service is timely, good restaurants are a short walk away. The staff is very helpful and friendly. The facilities are clean. Easy water taxi to Newport from the other side of Jamestown. Stayed there four nights. Highly recommended.

by rigirly on Jul 01, 2018
Calm cove, great staff and short walk into town. One mooring was a little close to us but remained unoccupied. Clean bathrooms. Will return again.

by ayr9tuqcweka5k3tf2go on Sep 11, 2017
Dutch Harbor is one of our favorite get-aways. The staff, launch drivers and owners are unfailingly courteous, moorings are well maintained and the sunsets simply can't be beat!

by lc1krppcnzjttgmi5fcu on Aug 15, 2017
very easy, great staff, quiet harbor

by emarcaccio on Jul 31, 2017
Quiet cozy harbor Easy walk less than a mile into town with great restaurants

by amylion on Jul 25, 2017
This is a nice quiet and calm harbor with beautiful sunsets. The staff at DHBY are very professional and accommodating. Launch service was fast. The bathrooms and showers, two each, are new and clean. There is also an outdoor enclosed shower that is very refreshing. Best of all is Tallulah's Tacos at The Shack for when we didn't feel like walking to the restaurants.

by janetg on Jul 24, 2017
Beautiful spot. Every time we go the staff is extremely accommodating and friendly. Thanks for another great time.

by lordnelsom on Jun 11, 2017
The new owners are doing a great job. They've built a new marina office, complete with showers and laundry facilities. The launch is courteous and prompt. And of course the location is amazing.

About Dutch Harbor Boat Yard

Located along the West Passage of Jamestown, RI, Dutch Harbor is considered one of the last pristine and unspoiled boating locations in Southern New England, with a reputation for the best night's sleep on the Bay. Nestled between Dutch Island and Jamestown, Dutch Harbor Boat Yard is a full service boatyard and mooring field providing the very best in boating service, storage and maintenance.

Our moorings include launch service, WiFi, laundry, indoor and outdoor shower facilities.

The many restaurants and shops of beautiful Jamestown village are less than a mile walk from our facilities.


  • Water


    • Ice
    • Laundry
    • Maintenance Facilities
    • Restrooms
    • Restaurant
    • Showers
    • Winter Storage
    • Wireless Internet


    • Cancellation Policy -DHB


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