Sarasota Bay Mooring Field

Not Offered

$30 - $45

Day Trip
Not Offered
2 Marina Plaza
Sarasota, FL 34236
Check-in after 01:00 PM
Check-out before 11:00 AM
VHF 16

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19 Reviews

by William R. - Verified user on Aug 02, 2023
Staff at the marina are awesome.

by David B. - Verified user on May 24, 2023
Great time. Had no issues and plenty of room.

by Kevin W. - Verified user on May 22, 2023
Nice mooring field, first class marina. A little dolly due to traffic.

by Richard H. - Verified user on May 16, 2023
Always a pleasure to stay in the Mooring field.

by Steve K. - Verified user on May 15, 2023
Facilities are nice, clean and well designed. Staff was very helpful.

by Matthew A. - Verified user on May 08, 2023 always. No complaints at all.

by Robert E. - Verified user on Apr 19, 2023
Everything worked as expected

by Simon M. - Verified user on Mar 21, 2023
A little bouncy, but a welcome relief after a boisterous sale. Many thanks

by Elena S. - Verified user on Mar 11, 2023
Great marina and restaurant!

by James Z. on Mar 08, 2023
I’ve stayed here previously-even kept my boat here-for a few months and this time it was a poor experience; I requested mooring ball by phone and asked for something close-but when I got my assignment I was as far out as could pinger-and I could see tons of empty balls closer. The worst part is I had to drive around the mooring field for 49 minutes-hailing the marina on two different radios on ch16 and 68 and nobody would answer; I could hear my call on other boats as I went by them . Took 10 phone calls before I got thru to a person -was hung up on, and finally got my assignment. This was on a Thursday afternoon-not really a busy time. They told me they would see if they could move me closer on Friday but never followed up w me. Facilities are top notch.

by Herb P. - Verified user on Mar 02, 2023
Great stay. Definitely will be back.

by James L. - Verified user on Feb 21, 2023
Quite night,low winds. The marina hands were busy on the holiday, took a little time to get them on the radio for ball assignment.

by David C. on Feb 12, 2023
Location,location,location! We went straight to the fuel dock: Diesel, water, & a pumpout. Enjoyed our two nights on a mooring, the City Park, and short dingy ride to and from. Ate a lunch at the Tiki Bar on the south side of the marina. A key F.O.B. gained access to the bathrooms and showers. Pleasant and helpful staff.

by Laura M. - Verified user on Feb 05, 2023
We enjoyed our time here on a mooring ball for 4 nights waiting out some weather. The field is in front of a small pedestrian island that is convenient for taking the dog to shore. The dinghy dock is a bit of a trek but the views of all the beautiful yachts make it nice. The bathrooms are very nice individual units. The outdoor restaurant is fun for happy hour and has great views.

by Bill C. on Feb 04, 2023
We have stayed as transients many times at Marina Jack. But this was the first visit tied to a mooring ball. We chose it instead of a dock slip since we would be there nearly two weeks. The mooring ball was $30 a day and a slip would have been $100 more. After we tied to the pendant, I was skeptical of the mooring line but Patrick and Bill came out in a marina boat to inspect it. They assured me it was fine. We had two lines through the pendant eye, each coming back to a bow cleat. It did hold strong through several days of high winds (25mph+) and waves. Being a 45’ powerboat at over 35,000#, we were the largest in the field at the time. Throughout our lengthy stay we had superb service from everybody at Marina Jack. The facility and location are outstanding and we plan to return on our next visit. While this mooring field is exposed to SW and West winds, I recommend it to all my fellow cruisers.

by Wayne I. - Verified user on Jan 29, 2023
A little hard to find the mooring ball—the electronic map of the mooring field couldn’t be opened on either Apple or Samsung. But after a quick search, was a beautiful cityscape and awesome evening.

by michael h. - Verified user on Jan 21, 2023
Great stop. Cheap ($30), easy, right in the middle of the downtown action. Access to all the marinas facilities, which were neat and clean. Will always stop here when I’m town

by Richard B. - Verified user on Jan 10, 2023
Great staff. Fancy showers. Got our business taken care of. Thanks Marina Jacks

by James B. - Verified user on Jan 07, 2023
Staff helpful and friendly. Great showers! Clean. Efficient. Also fantastic location!

About Sarasota Bay Mooring Field

Extension 6 upon calling number above.

The traveling sailor will find that the Sarasota Bay Mooring Field, managed by Marina Jack, is the perfect place to stop. Conveniently situated in the center of downtown, our mooring field can accommodate guests for a few days or as long as six months for vessels up to 50'. Each mooring has been tested to withstand severe weather and is maintained according to a predetermined timetable. All of the moorings come equipped with a variety of wonderful ashore amenities, including a dinghy dock, climate-controlled showers, access to laundry facilities, pump-out services, and wireless internet.

Marina Jack may require proof that the vessel meets certain safety and sanitation regulations prior to registration and may refuse to register any vessel that does not provide such proof.

The establishment of permanent residences or living aboard a vessel in the Sarasota Bay Mooring Field in excess of 6 months is prohibited.

Only vessels in good operational condition, capable of maneuvering under their own power and with current registration or documentation shall be allowed to moor in the Field. The determination of whether a vessel is considered to be in good operational condition, capable of maneuvering under their own power shall be the sole discretion of the Harbormaster. Vessels without integral or functional power for propulsion are not allowed in the Mooring Field.

Booking Info

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Listed Pump Prices

Last Updated on 09/24/2023 at 3:28PM

  • Premium Gas: $5.55

  • Diesel: $5.19


  • Ship Store
  • Wireless Internet
  • Pumpout
  • Restrooms
  • Showers
  • Laundry
  • Ice
  • Groceries
  • Restaurant
  • Dog Park
  • ATM
  • Pet Friendly
  • Medical Facilities w/in 5 Miles



Sarasota Bay Mooring FieldSarasota Bay Mooring FieldSarasota Bay Mooring FieldSarasota Bay Mooring FieldSarasota Bay Mooring FieldSarasota Bay Mooring FieldSarasota Bay Mooring Field