Gloucester Harbormaster

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Day Trip
Not Offered
19 Harbor Loop
Gloucester, MA 01930
Check-in after 01:00 PM
Check-out before 11:00 AM
VHF 14

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376 Reviews

by Anne-Seymour J. - Verified user on Oct 10, 2023
Quick response (I needed one!) and fair terms - thank you!

by Steve L. - Verified user on Oct 09, 2023
Excellent location, facilities and personnel.

by Ryan W. - Verified user on Oct 09, 2023
Harbor Master was very helpful. Great location. Would definitely recommend.

by Jeff H. - Verified user on Oct 04, 2023
We had a Nice end of season stay.

by Nels C. - Verified user on Oct 01, 2023
Always a nice stop and folks

by Neal H. - Verified user on Oct 01, 2023
For my visits in July and Labor day weekend. The harbormaster, launch operators, and dock master were alway there providing great service and a helping hand. Add Oct 1 great weekend

by Philip A. - Verified user on Sep 28, 2023
Very friendly helpful launch driver

by Ivy R. - Verified user on Sep 27, 2023
Weather sucked, but the launch drivers and the facilities are top notch. The town is easy-to-use

by Jeff K. - Verified user on Sep 27, 2023
Friendly harbor master staff, nice clean Mariner’s Lounge with showers and complimentary launch service.

by Emilio T. - Verified user on Sep 25, 2023
It was rainy and cold. I originally asked for a mooring off Stage Head but they offered a mooring inner harbor. Quiet peaceful just a great relaxing evening.The Gloucester Harbormaster and staff are wonderful. Great and accommodating launch. Will certainly be back

by Denise W. on Sep 24, 2023
Enjoyed our stay here. All staff were friendly and knowledgeable. Launch operators were skilled and timely. I was very impressed with a phone call I received one evening confirming that we were back aboard our boat after a visit to shore! Thanks for making our stay memorable!

by Michael B. on Sep 20, 2023
Gloucester Harbor and the Gloucester Harbor Masters staff are second to none! The facilities are fantastic. Moorings well marked and located with pickup sticks. I highly recommend all mariners to visit Gloucester! Lots to offer.

by Robert A. - Verified user on Sep 17, 2023
Amazing staff, great stay

by Steven A. - Verified user on Sep 17, 2023
Great people at Harbormasters office and launch drivers, good hurricane hole for Lee.

by Sandra T. - Verified user on Sep 10, 2023
Gloucester is one of our favorite marinas. They are very responsive, facilities are great and the launch service is great. They make access to the very authentic fishing town very easy and enjoyable. Highly recommended.

by Solly W. - Verified user on Sep 10, 2023
Great new facilities, mooring options, helpful staff. All around my favorite place for transient mooring.

by Leo M. - Verified user on Sep 09, 2023
great town . Awesome visually . Excellent launch service by Mike . The other guy (weds) sucked . Such a scenic , historic harbor . We're coming back !

by John S. on Sep 08, 2023
Accommodating, helpful, friendly, very competent, funny, and the list goes on. The mariner's facilities are fantastic. A nice improvement since last time I stayed in the harbor a few years ago. The docks are in great shape. The moorings are clearly marked and well equipped. All of this made for a very pleasant and fun stay. I have ZERO recommendations for improvement. Kudos. I would recommend a stay in Gloucester to any yachtsman/boater. Cheers, Capt. Jaco

by Curtis b. on Sep 06, 2023
Great harbor, helpful staff, nice facilities

by Jamey S. - Verified user on Sep 05, 2023
Inner Harbor great access to Gloucester. Well sheltered

by Jim T. - Verified user on Sep 04, 2023
Everyone was very accommodating. We always love going there

by Bradley s. - Verified user on Sep 04, 2023
The staff at the Harbormasters office went above and beyond especially Burch and he even helped me with the launch at the end of the night 2 thumbs up đź‘Ťđź‘Ť

by Daniel K. - Verified user on Sep 04, 2023
Great stay over Labor day Weekend. The Harbormaster and crew are the best. The new IH mooring field is perfect.

by LARRY P. - Verified user on Sep 04, 2023
The facilities were very clean. The launch service was great. I cancelled my second night stay less than 24?hours before the deadline and, understandably, was not given a refund. However, Hinkley Southwest Harbor and Kittery Harbor both issued refunds under the same conditions. As the date I cancelled was on a holiday weekend I can’t believe that the mooring couldn’t be rented.

by Mark G. - Verified user on Sep 04, 2023
Great stay on the mooring ball, out near Ten Pound Isl. Excellent launch service.

by Tim W. - Verified user on Sep 03, 2023
The harbormaster team is excellent The harbor simply beautiful

by Peter M. - Verified user on Sep 02, 2023
The crew at the Harbormaster’s treated us really well…very courteous and professional

by Brian W. - Verified user on Aug 29, 2023
Good mooring , nice view , prompt launch service , new showers

by melanie g. - Verified user on Aug 29, 2023
Could not be better!!

by Ellen L. - Verified user on Aug 29, 2023
Stayed on an inner harbor mooring. Love having a launch service!

by Judith M. - Verified user on Aug 29, 2023
The updated “welcome” email with the mooring locations and mooring numbers makes it very easy to understand where your assigned mooring is,,,, We’ll Done!,,

by Jason B. - Verified user on Aug 29, 2023
Easy mooring, kind staff that was there to assist when needed. Good facilities. We plan to return again.

by Richard H. - Verified user on Aug 28, 2023
Awesome. The Harbor Master has done an excellent job of enhancing the mooring field. The facilities are top notch. And the staff is friendly and professional. Each year I come it’s better than last year. And it’s always been excellent. They just keep raising the bar.

by Lea S. - Verified user on Aug 27, 2023
Transient facilities are nice and all the harbor staff were helpful and responsive

by Mervin K. - Verified user on Aug 24, 2023
We loved our stay. Gloucester harbormaster and the launch service are very welcoming and accommodating. Dinning at Beauport is always a treat.

by Edward Z. - Verified user on Aug 24, 2023
Harbor master responsive to our request for inner harbor mooring. Free launch service prompt and helpful. Busy working harbor. Walked around town, shopped and had lunch.

by Leo C. on Aug 24, 2023
Gloucester has become a first class stop for the cruising sailor. The showers are awesome and the Yachtsman's rec room is awesome. Fresh potable water at the dock would make it perfect.

by Alex W. - Verified user on Aug 24, 2023
Clearly marked mooring balls with a tall pickup sticks facilitated easy tying up. Boaters lounge and facilities are new and impeccably clean. Launch was very quick and clean. All this made visiting actual town a pleasure. Looking forward to our next visit. Alex / Serenity

by Jay H. - Verified user on Aug 23, 2023
Excellent with the best transient showers

by Noel S. - Verified user on Aug 21, 2023
We found the place very pleasant

by Elke B. - Verified user on Aug 21, 2023
It’s a wonderful harbor!

by Chris N. - Verified user on Aug 21, 2023
Great help all around!

by Linda B. - Verified user on Aug 20, 2023
We stayed in 2 different moorings one in the inner harbor and one in the outer harbor. Both were fine. We found the people in the Harbor Master’s office to be extremely helpful and communicated helpful information.

by ROBERT C. - Verified user on Aug 20, 2023
The Gloucester Harbormaster and staff do an outstanding job!! Very accommodating and the moorings are always well maintained. Thank you for another great stay!!

by Steven / Yoram S. - Verified user on Aug 19, 2023
We love Stage Head although it was windier than expected. Harbor staff are very friendly and accommodating.

by Kirill S. on Aug 18, 2023
Lovely place. The harbormaster we dealt with was extremely accommodating, helpful, and just generally very nice: we had an issue when someone took our ball, and it was resolved in the best way possible for all parties.

by Alex M. - Verified user on Aug 18, 2023
Nice, helpful and very responsive marina staff! Mooring was nice and close to the dinghy dock and also had great launch Services! Defiantly worth checking out, we will be back!

by Eifion J. - Verified user on Aug 18, 2023
Wonderful three night stay at 10 lbs island. Four five star launch drivers and impressive new shower and lounge block.

by Art D. - Verified user on Aug 17, 2023
Great location. Easy in and easy out. All boats very considerate about their wake. Harbor Masters are extremely helpful. And great restaurants in town

by Carlos D. - Verified user on Aug 17, 2023
One of the best places to visit. The harbormaster has done a great job with facilities for cruisers. Really enjoyed my stay.

by Michael J. - Verified user on Aug 15, 2023
The Harbor Master snd Launch were super helpful and polite.

by Gary C. - Verified user on Aug 14, 2023
Nice spot. Plenty to do and see

by Charles H. - Verified user on Aug 14, 2023
Liked it so much we stayed an extra day!

by Barry S. - Verified user on Aug 14, 2023
Nice moorings easy to pick up lines. Harbormaster keeps them clean and untangled. Launch service included. Thank you. Nice folks

by Chris S. on Aug 14, 2023
Great stay. Such a beautiful spot!

by Mike s. - Verified user on Aug 14, 2023
As previously the Harbormaster staff was very accommodating and helpful. We were on an inner harbor mooring with easy access to shore and plenty to watch. Highly recommend as a stop off for Maine if coming from the south.

by Chuck K. - Verified user on Aug 14, 2023
great launch service

by Guy J. - Verified user on Aug 13, 2023
We had a great time in Gloucester and dinner at Passports one of our favorite restaurants.

by Terri B. - Verified user on Aug 13, 2023
Nice moorings and a very good launch service. The rest rooms & lounge area are very clean & air conditioned.

by Michael M. - Verified user on Aug 13, 2023
The town was very nice. We might have stayed another night, but... We were in the Ten Pound mooring field. We were waked a lot, including the worst wake we have ever had when on a mooring at 10:20 pm. Not fun. We are not new boaters having nearly 10k miles under the keel.

by Alexander K. - Verified user on Aug 13, 2023
We we assigned a mooring on the inner harbor which proved very convenient. The HarborMaster’s team was welcoming and ready to assist at every turn. I highly recommend that boaters take advantage of all the Gloucester has to offer.

by Matthew P. - Verified user on Aug 13, 2023
Thanks for a great night stay! Launch drivers were great.

by Brian H. - Verified user on Aug 13, 2023
Nile’s Beach mooring field was quite nice

by al w. - Verified user on Aug 12, 2023
Gloucester is a fantastic destination. The moorings are well laid out through the harbor and very well maintained.

by Brian S. - Verified user on Aug 12, 2023
Friendlay launch drivers and easy hailing. Always a great way to visit Gloucester.

by Mike h. - Verified user on Aug 12, 2023
Awesome stay, mooring was perfectly located to here live music

by Diane M. on Aug 12, 2023
We love coming to visit Gloucester. The Harbormaster and his crew are so friendly and helpful. We utilized the launch to bring family on board. Super convenient. We also found the dinghy dock by the harbormaster’s office super convenient to restaurants, laundry, and a free concert every Thursday in the summer months. The mariners lounge is clean, and a nice respite from the heat. We stayed both on the moorings and anchored in front of the mooring field. When anchoring be mindful to stay inside the triangle of the channel markers. The schooners, large fishing fleet, and whale watchers and cruise ships frequent the inner harbor and need maneuvering room. I highly recommend a stop here on your way north or south. It’s a very protected harbor, with rich history, and friendly people.

by Butch J. - Verified user on Aug 11, 2023
Great location and amenities

by Naomi R. - Verified user on Aug 11, 2023
Love Gloucester. Active port. Great restaurants. Complimentary launch service. All the staff is friendly and accomplished.

by Anne K. - Verified user on Aug 11, 2023
A beautiful quiet harbor. The launch drivers for Gloucester were super helpful and friendly. My only complaint was that Brown’s marina where we went for fuel told us that their water wasn’t potable which I later heard was not true. Apparently $250 for diesel isn’t good enough allow a sailboat to get 50 gallons of water.

by Martin H. - Verified user on Aug 10, 2023
Fantastic. Very helpful staff

by James P. - Verified user on Aug 10, 2023
Very friendly and helpful. Moved us from the outer harbor to the inner harbor without us asking. Super launch service. No need to put down our dingy to go ashore with our dog and to check out town.

by Stephen B. - Verified user on Aug 09, 2023
Excellent staff, launch was super helpful with various dropoff and pickup spots. Laundry across street will do it for you as well as self service, which is nice if you are in a time crunch. Showers are awesome! Super clean as they are new. Location can't be beat. Inner harbor is so convenient - where we stayed. And it certainly wasn't busy traffic wise, so that was nice.

by Mark H. - Verified user on Aug 09, 2023
Great location inner harbor, new, clean boaters lounge and showers.

by John J. - Verified user on Aug 08, 2023
Very nice stop. Good mooring, excellent launch service and very clean showers!

by Thomas S. - Verified user on Aug 08, 2023
Very accommodating but inner harbor mooring field was somewhat noisy with lots of commercial activity, making sleep a challenge.

by Denis A. - Verified user on Aug 07, 2023
Nice place, great launch service, clean shower, nice town… Thanks !

by Tom M. - Verified user on Aug 06, 2023
Great spot. Very nice shore facilities. Couldn't have been nicer

by Eric W. - Verified user on Aug 06, 2023
Booking the Dockwa mooring was simple, and when I asked/ messaged questions to the harbormaster they were quick to reply with answers. The launch service was prompt and dropped us off close to where we were going (Main St area).

by Laura L. - Verified user on Aug 05, 2023
Outstanding harbor, Harbormaster and launch services. Great moorings that kept us safe through a thunderstorm with 40+kt winds. Stayed 7/26-30. Had to move mooring balls as we ended up staying due to unexpected bad weather. Leslie at the Harbormaster's office could not have been nicer. We had one night in Ten Pound which was a bit rocky due to wake from all the boat traffic, the rest in Inner Harbor which was great. The town is wonderful, well worth a visit. Great restaurants, shops (awesome shoe store, Mark Adrian) and a wonderful chocolate shop, Turtle Alley. Highly recommend a visit to Gloucester!

by Wynn M. - Verified user on Aug 04, 2023
Always great to come to Gloucester. People are friendly, the town is easy to access and small enough to walk. Plenty to do and places to eat. Boating facilities are very clean and a pleasure to use. We will come back. Thanks Gloucester.

by Charles C. - Verified user on Aug 04, 2023
Could not ask for more support and service. Very forward thinking leadership and staff. Facilities are more than adequate, well maintained and clean. Great little harbor that has done its best to maintain its heritage. The downtown is alive and vibrant. A must stop!

by Brian M. - Verified user on Aug 03, 2023
Nice facilities, great launch staff. We’ll be back

by Ken K. - Verified user on Aug 02, 2023
Launch service is great.

by Jennifer L. - Verified user on Jul 30, 2023
Really appreciate two launches running

by Edward B. - Verified user on Jul 30, 2023
New restaurant, Decklyn’s, is outstanding. Very close to Harbormaster’s office.

by Laurie D. - Verified user on Jul 30, 2023
Excellent mooring in an excellent harbor. Harbor master was courteous & helpful. Mooring easy to spot & catch. Very very clean, roomy showers and a clean mariner’s lounge. Launch operator was helpful and pleasant. Highly recommend Update: we enjoyed Gloucester & the mooring situation so well that we stopped in on our passage back south from Maine. Really, really nice people here at the Harbormaster’s. Many thanks.

by Steve P. - Verified user on Jul 29, 2023
Always a great spot since to renovations. The lounge is great now with a book swap. Spotless. Only thing they don’t have is laundry, but available in town.

by Nate A. - Verified user on Jul 29, 2023
Lovely harbor…will be back!

by John G. - Verified user on Jul 28, 2023
Ten pound island moorings gets lots of boat wake during the day. At night fishing boats around us with bright lights. Big wakes through out the night. Not restful. Suggest inner harbor moorings. Launch was very helpful and friendly

by Chris J. - Verified user on Jul 27, 2023
Great location. Great launch service!

by Dennis G. - Verified user on Jul 26, 2023
Excellent stay. Very welcoming Harbormaster office and staff. Vinny was professional and informative. My only criticism would be the noise coming from the commercial buildings while staying in the main central mooring field which ran 24 hours of the day. Next time I would select one of the other mooring fields. Facilities were real nice and immaculately clean and tidy. Launch boats are high end. Well down Town of Gloucester!

by Glenn K. - Verified user on Jul 26, 2023
Keep coming back every year . On our list of favorite stops.

by Alan S. - Verified user on Jul 26, 2023
Very nice people and very accomodating

by Eugene K. - Verified user on Jul 25, 2023
Very accommodating and friendly attendants

by James R B. - Verified user on Jul 25, 2023
Wonderful weekend away from home! Launch service was timely. Gloucester has really been built up in the last few years w more restaurants and bars

by Steven P. - Verified user on Jul 24, 2023
Make the effort to go to Gloucester. The harbor master, staff, launch service and the town are all exceptional!

by Ernest G. - Verified user on Jul 24, 2023
Mooring assigned before we arrived so we went straight to it. Good mooring gear. Nice location. Good launch service

by David B. - Verified user on Jul 24, 2023
I was very happy to utilize the mooring and launch service. When the launch picked me up they were very accommodating to myself and my family.

by Peter H. - Verified user on Jul 24, 2023
Gloucester remains in my estimation as one of the best run harbors in the northeast. Service and assistance is great and the facilities are new and immaculate. We will continue to stop here on our passages East and west

by soll g. - Verified user on Jul 24, 2023
Great spot, great response from the Harbormaters office. Easily done, thank you!

by Trisha O. - Verified user on Jul 23, 2023
Excellent. Exactly what we asked for. So convenient.

by Dudley W. - Verified user on Jul 22, 2023
Excellent on all counts: communication, mooring maintenance and numbering, and launch service. The launch took us to the town dock, Cripple Cove for a short walk to the Stop and Shop, and to Pirates Lane for laundry. Several great restaurants in the area, live music on Thursday evenings in the park behind the Harbormasters office, and two whale watching tours (we saw 20 whales in an hour). Quick $1.00 bus ride to Rockport. We had a wonderful time.

by Beth S. - Verified user on Jul 22, 2023
Harbormaster assigned us a mooring on the radio in the inner harbor as we had requested. Upon our arrival we found the mooring was already occupied. However, there were 5 other empty moorings. The harbormaster gave us a hard time about taking one. It took at least an hour to straighten it out. At best, the harbormaster was uncooperative. His office staff answering the phone was quite rude. requested.

by April F. - Verified user on Jul 21, 2023
Very welcoming harbor. Convenient dinghy dock with spacious park attached which was doggie friendly. So much to see. Great transient boater facilities as well. Very well maintained. We’ve been visiting for many years, and will continue to do so.

by Ria B. - Verified user on Jul 18, 2023
First rate moorings & terrific launch service to multiple points in Town. The launch operators are true professionals - courteous, friendly, knowledgable and true advocates of Gloucester. We are too. Great harbor, wonderful vessel watching, variety of restaurants & shops. Gloucester and Harbormaster are 1st rate. "Way To Go" will be back!

by peter m. - Verified user on Jul 16, 2023
As always we had a great stay. Love the inner harbor

by Joel A. - Verified user on Jul 15, 2023
Loved the city. Launch operators were great!

by Alison O. - Verified user on Jul 14, 2023
Beautiful clean facilities and friendly staff.

by dennis u. on Jul 12, 2023
Loved the Stage Harbor mooring. Great beaches, dining and active harbor activities. Harbor Master facilities were great

by Linda B. - Verified user on Jul 09, 2023
Gloucester Harbor Moorings are a great option to enjoy Gloucester by water or by land. Very well marked moorings. They have a dingy dock walking distance to restaurants and the boulevard or they also have a launch if needed.

by David S. - Verified user on Jul 09, 2023
We can't wait to go back to Gloucester. Communication regarding directions to the mooring, use if the launch and matiners lounge were excellent. The shower facilities were sparkling clean. The lauinch driver was very helpful with restaurant recomendations. We were very satisfied with this service.

by Timothy L. - Verified user on Jul 08, 2023
Easy booking. We were assigned an inner harbor mooring which is very close to all the waterfront activities. A bit rolly with S/SE swells but settled down after dark. Launch service was great and the launch captain was actually pretty funny. Except for the swell issues this was a great place to spent a night. BTW, if the wind is more from the E-NE-N-NW, I suspect it would have been totally calm.

by Jeff S. - Verified user on Jul 05, 2023
Mooring was great & launch service was very helpful. Very quaint community with lots of little shops and restaurants. Harbor is extremely easy to navigate - we cannot wait to return.

by Jim J. - Verified user on Jul 05, 2023
This is an excellent place to stay. So much to do or not. The launch operators are fantastic. Very knowledgeable and very helpful. The inner harbor is very interesting and has some great views.

by Kay H. - Verified user on Jul 03, 2023
I come here often. Friendly launch drivers and harbour master Great place!

by John l. - Verified user on Jul 02, 2023
Great folks here in Gloucester. New boater's lounge 1st class. Very nice clean private showers and a small seating area. There is a laundromat across the street. Launch is included in mooring fee and runs from 08:00-22:00.

by Marco T. - Verified user on Jun 27, 2023
Very friendly people and good accommodations great visitors, lounge, and facilities.

by Harald O. - Verified user on Jun 27, 2023
Friendly and responsive team, clear instructions, great launch, and dog friendly :) Thank you

by Nancy M. - Verified user on Jun 26, 2023
Easy access could be closer to beach

by Cosmo G. - Verified user on Jun 26, 2023
Info from Harbor Master regarding mooring location excellent, modern and clean restrooms and showers, good launch service with pickup and drop off several locations along harbor very convenient. Great place to visit, will return.

by Kimberly B. - Verified user on Jun 25, 2023
We love staying on a mooring in Gloucester. Beautiful location, lots to do, helpful harbormasters. One note of caution is that mooring TP1 gets a lot of big wakes because the no wake zone can is well AFTER it rather than a distance before it (which would help to to slow boats down). It would be ideal if TP1 were moved closer to the Manufactory side and/or further away from edge of channel.

by Carl m. - Verified user on Jun 25, 2023
Gloucester Harbormasters office always a pleasure to deal with and very accommodating!

by bill b. on Jun 25, 2023

by Greg R. - Verified user on Jun 22, 2023
The Harbormaster staff was outstanding!

by Carl K. - Verified user on Jun 19, 2023
Habormaster group were quick to respond to our reservation request and very professional. Mooring gear was in good shape. Bathrooms were in great shape and very clean. Gloucester waterfront and town is lovely. Everything we need is within walking distance. Great town

by Peter F. - Verified user on Jun 19, 2023
Great team. Good service. Clean moorings.

by Mark R. - Verified user on Jun 11, 2023
Everyone at the Gloucester Harbormaster’s office, on the grounds and on the launch boats were so friendly and helpful. It is a lovely harbor, close to downtown Gloucester. Nice, clean facilities, including showers.

by Carter Y. - Verified user on Jun 10, 2023
Stayed in Inner Harbor. Super close to main st. Nice facilities, especially for town run. A little busy, but that’s to be expected. Highly recommended.

by Brendan B. - Verified user on Jun 07, 2023
Gloucester Harbormaster was superb. Very helpful and accomodating.

by Laura S. on Jun 04, 2023
Wonderful location…clean facilities…close to everything…friendly, delightful and knowledgeable launch drivers…could not ask for anything more.

by Norman R. - Verified user on Jun 02, 2023
Friendly and great facilities.

by David W. - Verified user on May 30, 2023
Friendly and professional

by Lauralyn E. - Verified user on May 30, 2023
Excellent mooring, great launch service and very nice Harbourmaster and staff.

by Brenda M. - Verified user on May 29, 2023
very good. We love coming to Gloucester and we will be back. Great visit, clean restrooms and helpful launch drivers.

by Scott M. - Verified user on May 15, 2023
The first night was perfect. The second they made move for the fireworks but it all worked out with the support of the Gloucester Harbormasters. Great weekend

by Susan R. - Verified user on May 14, 2023
Good location for weather protection. We had to contact the harbormaster to find our assigned mooring as it didn’t have a number on it.

by Deena P. on Oct 27, 2022
This was our second trip and we had another great visit! We’re very impressed with the mooring gear, the field is very convenient to town, launch well operated and the staff we engaged with are delightful. We look forward to another visit soon

by Richard D. - Verified user on Sep 24, 2022
Great except #5 is not sufficient for a 54 ft. boat. We kept hitting #4

by William W. - Verified user on Sep 17, 2022
We called at the last minute and they were very cordial and got us checked con an assigned a mooring in just a couple of minutes

by Jorge B. on Sep 17, 2022
Class act! Harbors always accommodates requests regarding mooring location requests, prompt message responses on DOCWA, outstanding bathroom and lounge facilities. My favorite place to stay while in Gloucester.

by Michael D. on Sep 15, 2022
Outstanding facilities and helpful staff. We will visit Gloucester again.

by Jim B. - Verified user on Sep 12, 2022
Only a one night visit. Will be back. Mooring ball right in the center of the harbor. Excellent launch service included. Very friendly Harbormasters.

by Charles H. - Verified user on Sep 07, 2022
One of the best mooring ball experiences ever! The best detailed instructions on the mooring ball location ever received including overview of the different mooring fields, detailed views showing the numbering scheme in each field, a description of the ball and of course the assignment days before we arrived. Great launch service with from 8 am to 10 pm. Very clean lounge, bathrooms etc. and launch drivers full of facts, suggestions and history of the harbor. I’ll be back again and will stay longer than the 2 nights this time.

by Bob S. - Verified user on Sep 06, 2022
Great harbor. Great harbor master. One of the best harbors to visit in the area.

by Laura M. - Verified user on Sep 05, 2022
We stayed on a mooring in the Inner Harbor which was convenient for shuttle service to town. We were there for an overnight during Schooner Fest. The shuttle service was stretched thin, one launch for the entire harbor during a busy time. Although the wait time was a bit longer than we have experienced elsewhere, launch driver and harbor master office were extremely friendly and helpful. We would definitely stay there again.
Marina Response:
Thanks for your response we have a second launch running now to elevate the wait times hope to see you back

by Michael R. - Verified user on Sep 05, 2022
Great! Awesome time in Gloucester

by Camille P. - Verified user on Sep 02, 2022
We absolutely love sailing into Gloucester and staying on the Harbormaster Moorings. Terry, and the other Harbormasters are just the friendliest , most accommodating people. I cannot praise them enough! This particular stay, we were assigned a mooring in the Niles Beach field and we nearly canceled thinking it was too remote ( or would be rolly) as the Inner Harbor Moorings were all reserved. But we ended up staying there, at Niles Beach, and the setting was magnificent! It wasn’t rolly or uncomfortable at all. It was tranquil and serene and the launch would have serviced us, but we were so happy and relaxed, we stayed on the boat all evening and had a great swim in the clear, warm water. We shall definitely return and stay on the Harbormaster’s moorings. Thank you so much!!

by Todd P. on Aug 31, 2022
Great mooring location and facilities. The inner harbor is very protected and smooth. There was a bit of commercial traffic, but the wakes were very minimal. Harbor launch, dinghy dock, and harbormaster office all very close and convenient. The Transient Boaters Facility (restroom, showers, air conditioned wi-fi lounge) seemed new and was very clean and well-maintained. Restaurants and shops downtown are close by and walking distance. Would definitely come here again.

by Liz C. - Verified user on Aug 29, 2022
Always a great take!

by Peter L. - Verified user on Aug 28, 2022
Wonderful stay. The launch service was excellent and the Dockwa info was very good. We got notice of the mooring number and location ahead of time.. thank you!

by Rise S. - Verified user on Aug 28, 2022
Stayed on Inner Harbor mooring, Harbormaster sent helpful confirmation email and met us on arrival. Fun taking launch into town for dinner, can’t wait to visit again!

by William T. - Verified user on Aug 28, 2022
Directions to mooring were clear, friendly harbor master, excellent launch service!

by Daniel T. on Aug 25, 2022
Amazing, friendly staff!! Great facilities, and everyone was eager to make our stay seamless and pleasant. Thank you!

by Christine B. - Verified user on Aug 22, 2022
We loved our stay in Gloucester Harbor. Our mooring was in Smith Cove - protected and close to shore and the harbor master facilities. The showers are very nice and clean. The launch service was excellent and was able to take you to many places. Great restaurants to choose from. I would recommend a visit to Gloucester.

by Robert D. - Verified user on Aug 21, 2022
Mooring in great shape and Leslie in the Harbor Masters Office was very helpful!

by Herve R. on Aug 21, 2022
Great town, great mooring, fantastic staff. A must visit.

by Gregory S. - Verified user on Aug 19, 2022
Gloucester is a great town to visit and the Harbormaster crew is excellent. On this trip we visited the Cape Ann Museum. Nice collection of both art and nautical stuff. We never bothered to launch the dinghy, the free launch runs late daily. A mooring in the inner harbor provides plenty of relaxed entertainment as we watched the fishing fleet come and go.

by Perry C. - Verified user on Aug 15, 2022
Such a great place! Professional, attentive staff and clean facilities. Thank you for all you do to ensure a pleasant stay!

by Alison J. on Aug 14, 2022
We so enjoyed our four nights in Gloucester's Inner Harbor. The launch drivers are full of great local info, and everyone was super friendly and helpful. Access to the dock with our dinghy was also easy and we were able to dispose of trash as well. We had a 40 knot thunderstorm roll through during our stay and the mooring held perfectly - and we are a 55 Nordhavn so there is some weight involved! Provisioning is easy, restaurants are great, and the people all around town are lovely. A local boater gave us a ton of intel on Maine (where we were headed) and even loaned us a guide book! A great visit - we'll be back!

by Henry R. - Verified user on Aug 13, 2022
Very friendly facility. Service was great! HM made sure we were satisfied.

by Lisa D. - Verified user on Aug 11, 2022
Excellent new (to us) shower facilities! A lending library bookshelf would help the “lounge” area, and a washer/dryer unit would be most appreciated. Lovely to get our “welcome packet” straight from their office in the same building. Beautiful place to stay, with a wide variety of boats!

by Tom M. - Verified user on Aug 11, 2022
Outstanding unplanned visit to Gloucester while waiting for the wind to shift to sail north. Mike expertly guided us to the proper mooring and helped us with restaurant suggestions. The shower and bathroom facilities are brand new and immaculate. There is something for everyone in Gloucester between whale watching, walking tours and historic schooner charters. It’s still a working fishing town and the waterfront has that flavor. While not the prettiest harbor, the folks are genuine and happy for your visit. I encourage any cruiser to check it out!

by Anonymous - Verified user on Aug 09, 2022
Great staff, solid & secure moorings tucked up at the top of the channel. Very convenient to the Cape Cod Canal.

by Walter W. - Verified user on Aug 08, 2022
Excellent all went well

by Rolf G. - Verified user on Aug 07, 2022
Great services. Very friendly launch drivers. Wonderful new shower and bathroom facility. As we were moored in the inner harbor, it was very busy at 4;30am until 6:30, as the fishing fleet steamed close by. Went back to sleep for a short time after, so not an issue, just interesting.

by Alex H. - Verified user on Aug 07, 2022
The City of Gloucester and the Harbor Master have done a great job of creating a very welcoming harbor with excellent shore side facilities for transients. The Cruising Guides do not do the city justice. Gloucester is a great mix of commercial fishing, recreational boating, places to eat and for the land tourists plenty of boat excursions. We stayed in the inner harbor on a mooring. Moorings are first rate and easy to pick up. Dinghy dock is a short distance away by CG station. Harbor walk is very nice. Would definitely keep Gloucester on my list of ports to return to when heading north or south.

by Deborah P. on Aug 06, 2022
Harbormaster office was extremely responsive and helpful. Provided suggestions for sightseeing. There’s a very nice boaters lounge with clean and modern shower facilities! We generally anchor but there isn’t much room in the harbor so we took a mooring for the night! Well worth the $50. Highly recommend!

by Wynn M. - Verified user on Aug 05, 2022
Always fun in Gloucester. Easy to find moorings. Clean onshore facilities. We will return.

by Brian H. - Verified user on Aug 05, 2022
Very friendly, accommodating staff. Launch service is excellent and the Mariners’ Lounge with its new facilities is wonderful. It was disappointing that ice was no longer available at the Harbormaster’s offices.

by Richard O. on Aug 04, 2022
Nice quiet moorring field. Great staff and launch service. Enjoyed the visit. Wifi workde only at the town office. Cell service was great! V. cute town.

by Robert E. - Verified user on Aug 02, 2022
Stayed here for a week. Loved the Inner Harbor mooring. The free Launch service is great. Everyone is very friendly. We really enjoyed our stay in Gloucester.

by Larry J. on Aug 01, 2022
Nice moorings, friendly staff

by Ian G. - Verified user on Aug 01, 2022
Gloucester is among our favorite destination cities either for a short trip or as a stopover recovery from a long one. Mooring rental prices are excellent which includes a launch service running until 2200L-very useful.

by Kenneth s. - Verified user on Aug 01, 2022
Mooring, directions, facilities all are great. Only issue was that launch was overstretched. It took us an hour before picking us up at 5:15. One launch to serve 5 far flung mooring fields is not sufficient.

by a a. - Verified user on Jul 31, 2022
all staff of the office are friendly and great-very helpful and we had a great time- but waiting for the launch twice- for over an hour as they service the beach- i guess it is good to have service and the facilities are A= but waiting for such a period of time was not good and not fun- but the drivers are all nice and we know- doing the best they can

by Mario S. - Verified user on Jul 26, 2022
Booking was easy and for last minute accommodations they got me mooring fast. Very happy with the Gloucester Harbormaster and There building was clean and easily accessible. I will definitely be back.

by Stephen T. - Verified user on Jul 24, 2022
Great spot in the inner harbor, the new facilities are beautiful. The Launch is great service included in the mooring cost, they will pick up and drop all over town.

by Chrysostomos M. - Verified user on Jul 20, 2022
Friendly folks. Great location. Best bathroom facilities on the East Coast.

by Dan S. - Verified user on Jul 18, 2022
The Gloucester harbormaster and crew do a great job. The moorings and pick up sticks are new and well maintained. The launch staff are attentive and efficient but their range of coverage is so great there are times you'll have a long wait for service. Still one of the best values for a mooring and a great city.

by Matthew W. - Verified user on Jul 18, 2022
Friendly and helpful staff. Facilities new and very clean. Dinghy dock close walking distance to restaurants.

by Harold W. on Jul 18, 2022
Very clean, the harbor master staff is extremely helpful. The facilities are the best we’ve experienced. The launch was running and the hours made it so we could enjoy our time shore. Highly recommended.

by Karen O. - Verified user on Jul 17, 2022
Fantastic mooring! Launch service is included. The driver was extremely helpful and prompt. During the summer months the town hosts a block party along its main drag. It was a lot of fun.

by Theresa C. - Verified user on Jul 15, 2022
Beautiful harbor!! Easy in and out. Met friends for dinner at the Blue Collar Lobster Co. Good food and great company. Check out the fish mosaics on the back side wall of the refrigerator building. All hand made pieces with the story of Gloucester !!! A must see!!

by Daniel b. on Jul 10, 2022
The harbormaster staff was amicable and informative, and the facilities were excellent, with a clean shower and comfortable lounge for transient moorings. The launch was very helpful in finding us the local places to eat breakfast and with all local questions

by Kurt A. - Verified user on Jul 10, 2022
Great facility. Clean bathrooms, showers and Captain’ lounge. Unfortunately launch was out of commission. It happened after we made our reservation so we didn’t know it was out. Spent an hour hauling them with no answer. Had to cancel our dinner reservations.

by Jonathan L. - Verified user on Jul 05, 2022
Had a geeat 4th and extended weekend it was great weather and great views. Thank you.

by Ed S. - Verified user on Jul 04, 2022
Great staff, great facilities, great stay. Launch service was prompt and helpful, and the showers were roomy and clean (I really like that there’s a dressing area as part of the private shower room). Stayed in the inner harbor. This is a working harbor, so there is a hum to it, and fishing boats will ease by you before sunrise. Fun to watch the comings and goings, and town is an easy walk from the launch dock. Stop and Shop grocery store is a short walk from where the launch can drop you art the top of the harbor.

by Barry D. - Verified user on Jul 03, 2022
Great public moorings and friendly staff!

by Paula K. - Verified user on Jun 27, 2022
Very responsive on the radio and were very helpful. Totally going to stay again!

by Rick F. - Verified user on Jun 26, 2022
Very accommodating team and facilities.. ALL positive interactions. Great location for exploring Gloucester. We’ll be back soon!

by THOMAS N. - Verified user on Jun 26, 2022
Great location for the weekend Easy dinghy ride into town.

by Kim B. on Jun 25, 2022
Our Gloucester stay was great! New clean moorings and pennants. Friendly staff. Launch brings you close to shops and restaurants.

by Christian T. - Verified user on Jun 25, 2022
As always, responsive, accommodating, easy. Love the in-app ability to send/receive messages (and the Harbormaster timely use of it). Nice job Gloucester.

by Wallace C. on Jun 24, 2022
Gloucester was our favorite stop. There is so much going on. It is fun to sit on the back porch and watch.. The moorings were well marked and easy to find….

by Jeffrey C. - Verified user on Jun 24, 2022
Fantastic, great support, very knowledgeable staff. The launch was quick, accurate and safe . Great Team, Bona Fiesta!

by Geoffrey P. - Verified user on Jun 22, 2022
Really enjoyed our trip to Gloucester in June 2022. The Harbormaster and launch driver were very helpful. We had an excellent time visiting town to walk around and have dinner and breakfast.

by Alan R. - Verified user on Jun 21, 2022
Launch ok, facilities nice. Lotts of roll in mooring field. Very uncomfortable aboard. And then the wakes from Commercial Boats add to mess. Then the lobsterboat

by Chris M. - Verified user on Jun 19, 2022
Excellent service. Very courteous and professional. Got put on a mooring in Inner Harbor. Launch and pumpout boat are first rate. Pumpout is free but leave a tip. Moorings are large cans with bumper ring on top and receptical for holding the pickup wand. Inner harbor location is excellent. Most everything you might need is within walking distance.

by Stephen P. on May 28, 2022
Easy to follow channel to mooring field (Inner Harbor). Harbormaster is quick to respond to questions and reservations. Mooring penenats were easy to pickup. This is a noisy harbor. There is an ambient din from various plants and trucks. There is a good deal of ambient light all night. Early (5am) departure of fishing fleet with wakes and engine noise. Access to shore is via the Harbormasters dock which is crowded and the dinghy dock is tucked in where it is hard to find (harbormasater explains the location clearly). Lots of stores and services within walking distance of the harbor.

by John D. - Verified user on Oct 11, 2021
Easy in and out. Well marked mooring field .

by Tammy F. - Verified user on Oct 10, 2021
Was great. Peaceful and picturesque. Great local restaurants close by. Shuttle service available til 8pm.

by Joseph C. - Verified user on Oct 04, 2021
Used a city mooring for 3 consecutive nights to wait out a passing storm. The mooring fields are well maintained are in a location with quick access to downtown. The Launch Masters are very polite and attentive, even though that service the entire harbor with a single launch. Dockwa makes the whole reservation/payment process a breeze.

by Peter B. - Verified user on Sep 21, 2021
Simply the best crew anywhere.

by Leslie R. - Verified user on Sep 14, 2021
We received an email with our mooring number in the inner harbor and a diagram which made finding the mooring easy. Low stress! Also launch service is included and the launch driver could not have been nicer! They will take you anywhere.

by Erik L. on Sep 14, 2021
Great mooring and launch service in this beautiful and historic harbor!

by John C. - Verified user on Sep 13, 2021
Friendly harbormaster. Great mooring! Great launch service!

by Anonymous on Sep 13, 2021
Great Harbor the Harbormasters office is very helpful and the launch is a great service that is included with your stay the drivers are very helpful with area knowledge. I will be back

by Kent R. on Sep 10, 2021
Great mooring in the inner harbor, quick service from the launch, clean bathrooms, awesome shower...

by Robert G. - Verified user on Sep 06, 2021
Excellent harbor, friendly and clean Harbor Master has a great system for dockage/moorings Launch operators very friendly

by Thomas K. on Sep 06, 2021
We are in the midst of a 2 month Connecticut to Maine and back cruise and just spent a week in Gloucester Harbor (including Hurricane Ida remnant days). This is a wonderful City with great food, waterfront, parks, all needed amenities. The Harbormaster's facilities are brand new and the team go far out of their way to accommodate any reasonable need of the cruising yachtsman. Gloucester is a destination - plan a few day visit and you will not be disappointed. A hearty thank you to the Harbormaster and to the whole City. We'll be back!

by Martin N. - Verified user on Sep 06, 2021
Great harbor. Good launch service. Very responsive.

by Anne G. - Verified user on Sep 03, 2021
Great launch drivers full of information and very helpful. The new Mariners lounge with fabulous showers was excellent. Since the launches have to service a inner and outer harbor, we recommend that a 2nd launch would cut down on pick up time delays. Hooray for Gloucester in providing a great service to visiting yatchsmen.

by Gerald D. - Verified user on Sep 01, 2021
Great facilities and mooring tackle. The “crew” is the most accommodating we have encountered in years of cruising New England. Thanks to Birch and Vinnie - we look to coming back and seeing you again.

by Mary S. - Verified user on Aug 30, 2021
High wind out of the ENE made Stage Head area undesirable but we were last minute. Launch service and land based amenities worked well for us. Would definitely go again back but would not stay at Stage Head.

by Bill K. - Verified user on Aug 30, 2021
Great maintained mooring, easily to find in protected inner harbor. Great to have launch service which is so accommodating. Love doing this overnight stay in Gloucester watersđź’•

by Mark M. - Verified user on Aug 28, 2021
Excellent launch service and nice shower facilities, but the Ten Pound island moorings get very bad boat wakes. Avoid them if you can.

by Linda S. - Verified user on Aug 27, 2021
Super new shower facilities, friendly and helpful launch drivers!

by Donald R. - Verified user on Aug 22, 2021
2021Review: The plan for this stop was extended due to the approach of Tropical Storm Henri. We had planned on a short stop before continuing our transit south. But, Henri made it wise to find a good place to sit it out. The harbormaster actually called me a couple days before our arrival to inquire about our intentions and while the harbor was fully reserved through the anticipated arrival of the storm, kept me informed of cancellations until I was fully booked for 4 days. His dedication to helping me solve my problem in a stressful situation was greatly appreciated. As you can see from my earlier Comments about Gloucester Harbor, my wife and I really like this place. We’ll definitely be back in the future. 2019 Review: We had 3 great days in Gloucester! The mooring was secure and easily accessible. The free launch service was awesome! The launch always came quickly. The operators were professional and full of advice. We made great use of output time playing tourist. The Cape Ann Museum in Gloucester is a combination art and history museum. The current Winslow Homer exhibit is fascinating as are the exhibits on fishing, fishing schooners and granite mining. We also took a Cape Ann Transit Authority bus ( $0.60 for seniors) to Rockport where we took a free walking tour of the village. The guide was full of interesting stories. We also shopped and had a fine lunch on Bearskin Neck. On the way back to Gloucester the bus dropped us at a Stop & Shop where we did some provisioning. To top off the trip we found several ice cream shops within walking distance of the launch landing. “Holy Cow” was our favorite. We will return again!

by Paul F. - Verified user on Aug 19, 2021
Enjoyable stay. The tender and harbormaster services we first rate.We highly recommend using the harbormaster moorings if you are visiting Gloucester, MA

by Gabriel M. - Verified user on Aug 19, 2021
Much nicer than expected. Gloucester is a beautiful mix of commercial and recreational waterfront. There's a lot going on to watch while you're on the mooring ball, with your toes hanging off the stern. I'd go 4.5 stars if I could, just due to a couple of early morning wakes from the commercial boats. Nothing too terrible though.

by William R. - Verified user on Aug 17, 2021
Good moorings and great launch service.

by Wayne S. - Verified user on Aug 15, 2021
Beautiful harbor. Very nice shower facilities. Walkable downtown.

by John S. - Verified user on Aug 13, 2021
Harbormaster really helped us out.

by Matthew W. - Verified user on Aug 12, 2021
Gloucester Harbormastet has some nice facilities for boaters that rent a mooring. Private bathrooms and a lounge area, plus garbage disposal. The moorings are well taken care of and the pennants are neatly placed on top of the mooring, dry and clean!

by Deborah M. - Verified user on Aug 09, 2021
Our stay was terrible we booked last minute and put on mooring field outside harbor never again so rocky so bumpy couldn't stand up in boat and didn't sleep. Never stay out there again.

by Robert H. on Aug 08, 2021
Friendly and helpful staff.

by Hal B. - Verified user on Aug 07, 2021
We are 44’ sail with 6’ draft. Several mooring fields. We were assigned to the inner harbor. Close to the harbormaster office. This is a minimum service marina. Great launch and harbormaster employees. You can get ice at harbormaster office. Laundromat is a short walk away. Many great restaurants and shops in town. This is a commercial fishing port and as such there is a lot of fishing and lobster boats coming and going. Very quaint and nice. Pumpout boat runs 1p-6 p. Kinda in the middle of the day, but it is free. If you need water and fuel or some small marine supplies, Browns marina in the in harbor is close by. You might see the crew of one of the show Wicked Tuna around as well. Several boats are docked here in Gloucester. Great stop. Will def stop again.

by Stephen R. - Verified user on Aug 06, 2021
Great stop over on the way up/down the coast. The inner harbor mooring field is tight, but there was sufficient room to swing. The Harbor master was very helpful and reassuring, although, our neighbor was very nervous of our 60ft LOA. Over two days, we swung all around and never got within 20 ft. Neighbor was confused by where the mooring was floating, prior to us tying up and dragging out its anchoring chain. Facilities are clean and new. Topside pub was excellent. Tonnos was a very nice fancy Italian dinner place. Recommend both. Gloucester is a working fishing town, with a little tourism mixed in. Not exactly pretty, from the inner harbor, unless you’re really into commercial fishing boats and facilities (use the outer harbor for views), but it’s very convenient to the dinghy docks.

by Greg M. - Verified user on Aug 04, 2021
The Gloucester Harbormaster was very quick in responding to the initial dockwa request. And they were very profession in resolving an issue of mistaken identity (2 boats with the same name with the wrong boat assigned to our reserved mooring).

by Catherine B. - Verified user on Aug 04, 2021
Enjoyed our stay, harbormaster very accommodating with request of mooring ball, close to town, enjoyed...thank you

by Tony C. - Verified user on Jul 30, 2021
Good Moorings! Fantastic boaters lounge, showers and heads. Super clean. Launch driver was super friendly and helpful. The only negative thing I have is the fact the timing of Moorings. Having to be off mooring by 10am, having arrives late last evening, means I can't enjoy the town without making a 2-day reservation. Good luck. Please do checkin/ checkouts at 4pm so we can enjoy the town!

by Mark Y. - Verified user on Jul 28, 2021
It was very nice staying in the inner harbor in Gloucester. It is well protected from the weather and now that they have a launch to get back and forth from the dock, a dingy is not required. The shower facilities are very nice.

by Stephen R. - Verified user on Jul 28, 2021
Clear email directions to mooring in inner harbor. Interesting spot in its own right but extra nice during a stormy night.

by Wally C. - Verified user on Jul 27, 2021
Well-maintained moorings. A prompt and friendly launch service anytime you need it. Free pump outs at your boat. The town is friendly and we found lots of excellent restaurants. Can't wait to come back! The only reason we didn't give it five stars is because of wakes in the mooring field. But, they were infrequent during the week.

by P S. - Verified user on Jul 27, 2021
Nice stop. Mariners lounge is great with clean, new showers. Launch service is great with friendly operator who does his best to cover large harbor in a single boat. Shaws is an easy walk. Lots of good restaurant choices.

by Peter V. on Jul 26, 2021
Harbormaster came out to say hello and check on us, Very friendly and helpful. Great Location

by George F. on Jul 23, 2021
I've visited Gloucester twice and stayed at one of the town moorings, two different fields, each time. I can't say enough good things about the people in the harbormaster's office, in the launch, and in general. They were helpful, informative, and always friendly. I had to stay longer, unexpectedly, for family reasons, in high summer and they did their best to accommodate me. Their facilities (showers, a 'mariners' lounge,' etc.) are clean and pleasant. Gloucester harbor in general is a fascinating example of a working port with a strong maritime historical component and I highly recommend a visit.

by Sara W. - Verified user on Jul 23, 2021
The mooring was great. New showers and mariners lounge are very nice.

by Rodd L. - Verified user on Jul 22, 2021
very friendly and helpful-- best harbormaster office in N England! Enjoy Gloucester with their moorings!

by Paolo S. - Verified user on Jul 20, 2021
Beautiful new restroom & showers. One of two women’s showers inoperable already, neither men’s nor women’s showed signs of cleaning over weekend. These new facilities are worth caring for. Complimentary shore boat a nice service.

by Sarah C. - Verified user on Jul 18, 2021
Gloucester has always gotten the 5 star City Harbor Award from us for many years. The Harbormaster has raised the bar for hospitality educating and connecting boaters to Gloucester's restaurants, shops, attractions and events. This is the first year we have used the new Mariner's Lounge, restrooms and showers which is icing on the cake. There is always something to see and do in Gloucester and will forever remain our favorite.

by Randy A. - Verified user on Jul 18, 2021
Gloucester has always been a favorite harbor! Inner Harbor mooring field is well laid out and moorings well numbered -easy-to-read! Launch hours convenient and drivers friendly and helpful!

by Jeff M. - Verified user on Jul 17, 2021
The improvements in the mooring fields from a few years ago is remarkable. Moorings are easily identified and the pick up buoys makes grabbing a mooring so much simpler and easier. The launch service and the drivers are great. The harbor has everything such as great restaurants along with an abundant of services such as fuel docks and pump out stations. The Harbor Master is extremely friendly and helpful and you can see they are really trying to attract and maintain transient sailors. Could not recommend it more highly.

by David F. - Verified user on Jul 15, 2021
Excellent service and facilities. Friendly and helpful people are in abundance at the Gloucester Harbormaster’s. Nifty free four-hour dock and convenient dinghy dock. Pump out boat. Lots to do on shore. Inner harbor is very sheltered except for a stiff southwesterly. I love the sights and sounds of a working harbor (But you have to be ready for the sounds). Request one of the more remote moorings at Ten Lb. or Niles if you want silence. My favorite harbor bar none.

by Bill M. - Verified user on Jul 14, 2021
Launch drivers were friendly and helpful. The town is beautiful. We will be back, it’s a hidden gem.

by John H. - Verified user on Jul 14, 2021
Super friendly and helpful Harbormaster Michael. Great nights sleep in a town mooring in the inner harbor. Clean lounge, restrooms and shower. Gloucester has much to offer. We’ll stop here again.

by Gary E. on Jul 13, 2021
Arguably THE most friendly and helpful Harbor Master team we’ve ever had the pleasure to deal with…,excellent.

by Laurie T. - Verified user on Jul 13, 2021
Easy mooring pickup, beautiful new facilities, staff helpful and responsive. Nice protected harbor. Will definitely visit again!

by Bill b. on Jul 11, 2021
Great stay. Very nice folks. Inner Harbor mooring, which was very settled and comfortable. We needed to change our arrival and departure dates multiple times because of weather and they were great about it.

by Gary M. - Verified user on Jul 11, 2021
Inner harbor moorings are conveniently located, with lots of activity to watch.

by Kristen D. - Verified user on Jul 10, 2021
Inner harbor balls appear well maintained, and are a good place for watching harbor activity and close to dinghy dock. Nice town to walk around. Holy Cow ice cream was amazing.

by Elizabeth H. - Verified user on Jul 05, 2021
I wish all harbors had such clearly laid out mooring locations and pre-arrival information as Gloucester offers! Very nice new boater showers and bathrooms too. The Harbor master was very accommodating to our changing plans due to the weather. So helpful! We love visiting Gloucester and now it is even more boat friendly . Thank you for a wonderful stay!

by Michael R. on Jul 05, 2021
The amenities and service by the harbormaster here, is exemplary. The shower and lounge facilities are first rate. The launch crew is knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous. They actually called the crew from the boat next to us, when it was getting late. Instead of just going home, they called the crew to see if they were coming back and would need a ride out to their boat.

by Dennis P. - Verified user on Jul 01, 2021
Very accommodating. We stayed in the inner harbor to get the real feel of this famous town. Visited the Cape Ann maritime museum. Deep history of the area!

by Thomas C. on Jun 27, 2021
This was our 5th stay in Gloucester (We love Glouceste). We have anchored twice and been on inner harbor moorings 2 other times, but it has been 3 years since we were last there. The improvements to their facilities are first class and their operation and staff work hard to make your stay successful. We thought the mooring fee was very reasonable for the services provided: the showere were brand new and well designed.

by Jonathan G. - Verified user on Jun 26, 2021
Always a great place, very accommodating and friendly.

by David L. - Verified user on Jun 23, 2021
Expensive but I liked the stay. The folks who run the launch (free with mooring) are very friendly and accommodating. All good.

by Mark P. on Jun 23, 2021
This is a brand new facility—very nicely done common area, baths and very nice staff!!!

by Philip P. - Verified user on Jun 22, 2021
Beautiful New lounge and facilities!! Thank You.

by Karl W. - Verified user on Jun 21, 2021
More moorings ,launch is great

by Debbie S. - Verified user on Jun 18, 2021
Great location and service. Mooring ball easy to pick-up

by Thomas D. - Verified user on Jun 16, 2021
The mooring field was easy to find, the mooring easy to pick up, and the harbormaster was helpful and courteous. The complimentary launch service was also a huge plus. We will be back!

by Lloyd M. - Verified user on Jun 14, 2021
Lots of things to see in Gloucester

by Yunus K. - Verified user on Jun 07, 2021
A nice harbor and easy protected mooring. Annoying lobster traps continue the obstacle course into the channel. Hailing channel for water taxi was listed as both 74 and 72 in various internet locations. Also phone call goes right to voicemail so you need a handheld to get back to your boat.

by Richard P. - Verified user on May 15, 2021
Harbormaster was very accomodating and nice. Inner harbor is sheltered and you get a nice smell of fried seafood from the surrounding businesses.

by Patti K. on Oct 05, 2020
Gloucester is a wonderful harbor with lots to do. The harbormaster and crew are exceptional! The only thing I would improve upon is to add a second pennant line to the moorings, or at least state it on the website so that those that have a multi-hull will be prepared ahead of time with an additional line. Other than that, I highly recommend!!

by Kathy M. - Verified user on Oct 03, 2020
Moorings are easy to grab. Launch service is timely and efficient. Folks in the office and on the launch are very friendly. Easy access to a grocery store, laundromat and plenty of restaurants. We've stayed here twice going up and down the coast.

by Dennis J. - Verified user on Sep 28, 2020
Great communication, easy access and a free launch service to town by a very friendly and competent launch captain.

by Anonymous on Sep 23, 2020
Beautiful working harbor with so much to see. Free launch takes you to many locations including Rocky Neck for excellent views and resturants.

by SoucyTagney - Verified user on Sep 13, 2020
Excellent service and very accommodating.

by Laurie B. - Verified user on Sep 12, 2020
Booked through Dockwa and harbormaster sent mooring assignment. Launch service included with mooring Fee and we were on One of the 15 IH ( inner harbor) moorings. Downtown has a nice main street and had yummy sandwiches from Virgiglios Bakery and great meal at Passports both on Main Street.. Harbormasters building recently restored With new bathrooms and lounge ready for use post Covid 19. Will be back.

by Kathleen H. - Verified user on Sep 11, 2020
I wish I asked the name of the tender driver… He was amazing! Harbormaster, too. More of the boat, headed out to get some laundry done, need it back to the boat before the sky opened up raining cats and dogs. Sheltered, quiet, and everything we hoped for and more. Would totally recommend this place!

by Ernest A. - Verified user on Sep 08, 2020
Gloucester Harbormaster was very helpful when entering the harbor and locating our mooring. The launch was efficient but covers a lot of territory so you have to plan ahead as it can sometimes take 1/2 hour + to arrive and may still take you on a tour of other mooring areas on your trip into town. Our mooring was off Stage Fort Park and quite rough due to boat wakes and even some swells later at night.

by Dan K. - Verified user on Aug 26, 2020
Great location and excellent moorings

by Jacobus L. - Verified user on Aug 23, 2020
very well managed, unfortunately the shore faculties were closed

by Colleen S. - Verified user on Aug 23, 2020
Great location! Safe place to try out paddle board in mooring field and close to river for a fun day trip.

by S J. - Verified user on Aug 23, 2020
Mooring in the Inner Harbor was perfect with easy access to town. Friendly and helpful launch service. Would be a 5 star, except the showers were closed.

by David W. - Verified user on Aug 20, 2020
Third time morning in Gloucester. Better every year. Moorings well marked with pickup masts, launch service included and prompt and will take you anywhere in the harbor Restaurants and services short walk from landing.

by Aeneas D. on Aug 20, 2020
The interaction through Dockwa is great. The mooring balls are solid and easy to grab. Clean pendants and clever idea to use lobster pot buoys to indicate the end of the pendant. The maps on Dockwa need updating as they do not show all the new mooring ball locations. Email did though. Did not use the launch service but looks very flexible. We stayed in Inner Harbor which is a mix of eclectic charm and industrial fishing facilities. Close to the restaurants, wonderful inlets and very little wash from passing boats as it is no wake zone. Only down side was the fan noise from the seafood processing plant which did turn off at nigh though.

by Nancy M. - Verified user on Aug 20, 2020
Thank you! We love coming here. Shopping and the view is beautiful

by Anonymous on Aug 15, 2020
Inner harbor layout made it a snap to find our assigned mooring. Mooring was great for our deep draft sailboat. We had 2 nights of great sleep. Provided launch service was very accommodating dropping off and picking up at various areas. Friendly staff. Regards, s/v Bewitched

by Edward W. - Verified user on Aug 12, 2020
Other than background noise from the fish factory at night, our stay in the Inner Harbor went well. We are looking forward to the opening of dockside facilities when the pandemic is over, likely next year. That will make staying in Gloucester even more complete.

by dave d. - Verified user on Aug 10, 2020
Another great stay, simple process. nice to have a lot of amenities around. Fuel docks, ice, showers, restaurants etc.

by Madeline N. - Verified user on Aug 10, 2020
Very responsive harbor master, great launch service, excellent location. Highly recommend.

by Vitaly K. - Verified user on Aug 09, 2020
Well maintained and easy to use moorings, great Launch service.

by Cheryl H. - Verified user on Aug 08, 2020
We reserved a mooring ball ahead of time on Dockwa - very easy and got a quick response. The Gloucester HM sent several very helpful emails ahead of time about the various mooring fields, our mooring assignment, complimentary launch, facilities, things to see and do, etc... These were very helpful. The Inner Harbor mooring field is tight and we were very close to the next boat (we are on a 50 ft SV). After talking with the HM, they let us move to a different mooring. That was great. Also, the pump out boat staff were very responsive - coming to our boat very shortly after we called. Launch staff were nice and we used the launch several times for sightseeing, dinner, etc.... We midget another helpful email from the HM office after we left - probably was supposed to have been sent ahead of our arrival. We emailed them back about this. We would come back.

by Keith M. - Verified user on Aug 03, 2020
Very friendly and helpful staff at Gloucester Harbormaster. One of the most complete and informative confirmations received to date.

by Mark R. - Verified user on Aug 01, 2020
Nice spot, off a small beach with only 3 moorings. About a 10 minute dinghy ride to the public dock. A bit roll prone due to wakes, but not as bad as we have experienced at the Eastern Point Yacht Club on a transient mooring there. Only stayed for an overnight stop on the way to Provincetown.

by Susan P. - Verified user on Jul 23, 2020
Easy access to dinghy dock. Great info on email that directed us right to the mooring!

by Barbara S. - Verified user on Jul 22, 2020
Always a pleasure to stay in Gloucester! What is better than lobster on the dock?

by Darryl P. - Verified user on Jul 21, 2020
It was great staying in Gloucester. We plan to do it again.

by Kathleen W. - Verified user on Jul 20, 2020
Low frills but friendly helpful launch driver and harbor master.

by Cindy L. - Verified user on Jul 19, 2020
Mooring equipment is in excellent condition. Thank you.

by David M. - Verified user on Jul 18, 2020
Very nice mooring that was easy to pick up. Inner harbor is a bit noisy from the refrigeration compressors of the Gorton's fish company but is well protected from rough seas outside the harbor. Public launch is not included in marina fee. Lots of restaurants accessible to the launch. Add WiFi and free launch for 5 stars.

by Beth L. - Verified user on Jul 13, 2020
At 55' and 7' draft, we really appreciate that the inner harbor moorings can accommodate us. Gloucester is always a fun stop with so much going on around the harbor and the local boaters are always friendly and welcoming. We'll be seeing you on the return trip!

by Anonymous on Jul 09, 2020
As always terrific experience. Looking forward to the new shower facility opening.

by Albert Z. - Verified user on Jul 08, 2020
Vinnie the laUnch driver was courteous and helpful. Disappointing that showers & wifi were not available.
Marina Response:
Thank you for your review. Our shower and boaters lounge is under renovation and will be open in early August. Hope you can come back and check it out once it's complete.

by David L. - Verified user on Jul 07, 2020
Very helpful staff. A much quieter mooring than I expected in such a busy harbor. Wonderful to have the Gloucester Harbor launch service as part of the mooring fee to take us to restaurants on Rocky Neck.

by Dorothy D. - Verified user on Jul 06, 2020
Loved that we recieved an email with excellent instructions on how to get to our mooring. Very long day getting there, so we did not take advantage of the included launch service. Instead we stayed on the boat and enjoyed the scenery.

by Benjamin C. on Jul 06, 2020
Great mooring area, having the exact mooring to go to made it easy to settle in. Launch service was friendly and helpful - I needed to find a propane refill station within walking distance and they gave me great advice (the Building Center just near the public dock)!

by Denis G. - Verified user on Jul 06, 2020
nice but lot of boat traffic rock rock rock
Marina Response:
Unfortunately this past weekend was fiesta here in Gloucester our busiest weekend of the year concerning boat traffic. Hope to see you again in our port ... Regards

by Steve C. - Verified user on Jul 01, 2020
Great spot. Harbor master very friendly and helpful. Nice town and harbor to walk or dink around. Will definitely stop by again.

by Donald P. - Verified user on Jun 28, 2020
Inner harbor was a perfect place to moor.

by Dylan P. - Verified user on Jun 23, 2020
Gloucester Harbor is Great. There is a lot of boat traffic, but it is a favorite stop and the Harbor Launches are the finest on the Coast of New England.

by Mario F. - Verified user on Jun 19, 2020
Great stay! Harbormaster was very helpful.

by Anonymous - Verified user on Jun 09, 2020
Harbormaster was great. Nice dinghy dock. Few wakes from passing fishing boats, but nothing to complain about. Moorings are very clean and easy to pick up.

by Campbell M. - Verified user on May 27, 2020
Harbormaster was very friendly and also helpful with some local tips. Enjoyed bing in the inner harbor with the active marine life happening all around. Was a nice shelter from NE winds. Free launch service with the mooring.

by Santiago A. - Verified user on May 23, 2020
Very well maintained moorings and easy to pick!

by Beth N. - Verified user on Oct 21, 2019
Other than the rain (blame Mother Nature!) this is a great harbor to visit and the Harbor Master staff is terrific. Very helpful and friendly.

by Sean O. - Verified user on Sep 29, 2019
The launch driver was terrific and very helpful. It is fun to watch all the commercial traffic. We’ll be back!

by Danielle G. - Verified user on Sep 22, 2019
It’s a beautiful place. They were very accommodating. Just wished they had showers.
Marina Response:
Come back and visit us in the spring we will have a brand new facility with showers!

by Roger G. - Verified user on Sep 22, 2019
Our mooring was well situated, and the launch service was prompt and friendly. The staff at the Harbormaster's office was also courteous and helpful when we made reservations. One slight bug: the city website, the harbormaster, and the launch pilot each gave different statements about the launch hours of operation.

by Anonymous - Verified user on Sep 08, 2019
Always a pleasure to stay here while enjoying the town of Gloucester!

by Dudley W. - Verified user on Sep 03, 2019
nicer bunch of folks you couldn't meet. Always a pleasure to visit!!

by Linda M. - Verified user on Sep 03, 2019
The Harbormaster took good care of us, relocating us from a mooring that would have been under the fireworks to one near Ten Pound Island, warning us it was a little tight with our neighbors. Since it was the Gloucester Schooner Festival weekend, we were pumped to have such a great location to view the fireworks and the parades.. The launch service is absolutely fantastic.

by Anonymous - Verified user on Sep 03, 2019
It was great that we were assigned a mooring number in advance because we got in late. This is an interesting, working harbor.

by Grace A. - Verified user on Aug 23, 2019
Got a quick response to my mooring request on Dockwa along with another email letting us know exactly where our mooring was going to be and the mooring number. It was very easy! Also the launch drivers were very friendly and the harbormaster staff were also super friendly and helpful.

by R L. - Verified user on Aug 22, 2019
We were in outer harbor, inside of Ten Pound Island. They should charge less for this outer harbor mooring than inner. The fisherman do NOT slow at the “No Wake” buoy... only use this as last resort! Can’t recommend TP2 ... almost in channel.

by Valeri M. - Verified user on Aug 22, 2019
The process of finding the mooring was made easier by looking at the pictures supplied in the marina description. It is a very busy commercial harbour so it wasn't surprising to be rocked by fishing vessels. There is a nice public wharf to take your tender to and it is conveniently located near restaurants, drug store with some food. There is a shuttle service as well. If you need fuel, go to the opposite side of the harbour. Say hello to Brian, the very friendly dock attendant.

by Phyllis S. - Verified user on Aug 22, 2019
Like it so much we’er staying another day !

by Stephen K. - Verified user on Aug 20, 2019
Great mooring field. Great help from harbormaster

by Gregory H. - Verified user on Aug 15, 2019
Good moorings that now intrude on anchoring space. Filled up in cheapest diesel at capt dave fuel barge

by Karen K. - Verified user on Aug 14, 2019
Absolutely LOVED staying here! Harbormaster is one of the BEST and the launch service could not have been better! The folks here are very friendly and we will be back!

by Kenneth S. - Verified user on Aug 14, 2019
Excellent communication Great Launch Service

by Diana L. - Verified user on Aug 08, 2019
Excellent Harbor, extremely responsive harbormaster. Only things I would like to see are an online mooring map (it was difficult to locate our mooring), also it would be awesome if there were shower facilities available.

by William K. - Verified user on Aug 05, 2019
Nice harbor, moorings far enough apart you won't hit or be hit by another boat, and the inner harbor pretty quiet except for the seagulls at all hours. The Harbormaster has a beautiful launch that will take you anywhere on the harbor but they have no facilities- showers, sinks, toilets. They say they will have by next year...we shall see if it gets done.

by Andrew C. - Verified user on Aug 04, 2019
Launch delivered directly to a restaurant dock and picked us up when we were ready to go back to the boat

by Mark O. - Verified user on Jul 31, 2019
EASY PEASY We booked a mooring on Dockwa. They emailed us the assignment. We called the launch to show us the mooring but the harbormaster on duty escorted us first. He also gave us great information on navigating the Annisquam. Thanks to all

by glenn d. - Verified user on Jul 29, 2019
Very well maintained moorings. Beautiful setting snug behind ten pound island. Responsive and attentive Harbormaster office. But I think the launch driver was a rookie. A little shaky on approach. Overall great experience.

by Frederic M. - Verified user on Jul 28, 2019
Great location off park, solid mooring. Easy working with Harbormaster to change from original assignment.

by Jeffrey C. - Verified user on Jul 28, 2019
The Gloucester Harbormaster was attentive and helpful. He came by to check on us and suggested that if went ashore to bring our radio - which we did. We have a reservation for later in the summer and he told us just where that mooring was located.

by James M. - Verified user on Jul 21, 2019
Great location in the conditions that we had.

by Dennis M. - Verified user on Jul 15, 2019
Making the transient mooring reservation went smoothly. Pre-arrival emailed info was quite helpful with mooring assignment included. The harbor launch service included in the mooring fee was efficient and capably run. The town block party on Saturday evening was a very nice event with excellent entertainment from varied musical genres. Street performers. The Rocky Neck artists area is a must see and the launch takes you there as well.

by Tim M. - Verified user on Jul 08, 2019
Launch staff was fantastic. Moorings near Ten Pound Island were a bit bumpy.

by John L. - Verified user on Jul 01, 2019
Well-maintained mooring, professional & courteous staff. What more could you ask for?

by Cynthia M. - Verified user on Jun 23, 2019
Busy weekend on the harbor - our late Rez put us in the outer harbor, off Niles Beach.* Moorings are well maintained, tho numbers not well marked. Launch service provided - it is awesome - *outer harbor leaves you unprotected to Southwest winds. All in all a great stay 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

by Steve M. - Verified user on Jun 19, 2019
Dave, the harbormaster is one of the best in the business.....

by David F. - Verified user on Jun 10, 2019
Smooth reservations and good communication with Harbormaster. Great water taxi service that provides access to Rocky Neck and downtown Gloucester.

by Arthur R. - Verified user on Oct 11, 2018
First, Gloucester is wonderful harbor and is very well protected. Before the trip I called the Harbormaster and confirmed the launch service was running on Columbus Day and that moorings would be available. He was very informative especially since it was our first time sailing into Gloucester. When we arrived, we had an Inner Harbor mooring as requested and by radio he directed us right to #8. Perfect. Only wish we had an extra day up there. Definitely will be a repeat visit. Thanks!

by Robert J. - Verified user on Sep 30, 2018
Great place. Good launch service.

by Laurel F. - Verified user on Sep 24, 2018
The Gloucester Harbormaster was very accommodating. We made our reservation late and wanted a specific mooring. Very friendly and helpful.

by Romy O. - Verified user on Sep 22, 2018
Very difficult to reach harbormaster by radio and/or phone. Two attempts to extend our reservation via the Dockwa edit function (as instructed by the harbormaster) were never received and we were forced to leave our mooring. Thankfully the wind has turned otherwise this would not only have been very inconvenient but downright unpleasant.
Marina Response:
We are very sorry for this . We had a fair amount of technical problems in our office this weekend phone lines down and internet . I would like to offer you a free mooring services next time you visit our port . You can contact me directly [email protected]

by Thach P. - Verified user on Sep 16, 2018
Nice Mooring at Niles Beach

by Peter C. - Verified user on Sep 09, 2018
Good mooring in inner harbor. Excellent service.

by Lester L. - Verified user on Sep 06, 2018
Gloucester is always a great town to visit. Having launch service is a great addition and has us visiting more often that in the past years. This year they have added pick up buoys on the mooring pennants making the process much easier. Gloucester just keeps getting better.

by James F. - Verified user on Aug 25, 2018
Nice mooring, the harbor master answered right away and directed us to the mooring. The launch service was excellent. Good restraunts.

by Jerry G. - Verified user on Aug 19, 2018
Very friendly and helpful staff. Dinner at Gloucester House was excellent. Do sit inside.

by Anonymous on Aug 14, 2018
WOW what a place . Harbormaster and Deputy Harbormaster are amazing . This is a Must Stop if you are transiting the East Coast . Whoever Gave a one star review is a moron

by Hugh S. - Verified user on Aug 12, 2018
We spent the first afternoon and night on mooring #1 in the Ten Pound Island group. The wash from the traffic was terrible. My camera rolled off a setee. My wife was seasick. We went to shore for a while. The wash didn't settle down until late. We arranged with the harbor master to move to the inner harbor for our second night, mooring #4. It was much better. The harbor launch was OK but busy. Be sure to tell the operator which group of moorings you are in. There is more than one #1, etc.
Marina Response:
We are sorry to hear you had a bad stay . I'm glad our team accommodated you on your second night . Unfortunate you were here on a very busy weekend. Please remember this is a working harbor. We hope you come back and give us another try

by Al S. - Verified user on Aug 10, 2018
Tom the harbor master and team are always terrific. On a packed holiday weekend with high winds we were accomodated. We pass this way many times a season from Cape Cod to Maine and the team is always great. Al Santoro

by Anonymous - Verified user on Aug 02, 2018
Always a great location to stay at.

by Holly D. - Verified user on Jul 22, 2018
We stayed in Smith Cove on a very secure mooring. The Harbormaster and staff we very friendly, gave us a welcome package and answered any question we had. They even offer boatside pumpout service. Downtown was very nice to stroll through and the harbor is beautiful! We can’t wait to come back!

by Bruce T. - Verified user on Jul 22, 2018
Nice mooring. Good launch service. N wakes on the inner harbor.

by Stephen D. - Verified user on Jul 19, 2018
The harbormaster put the SC2 mooring in the path of the local fisherman as they came within 2 to 3 feet of our boat on a consistent basis to make it uncomfortable 24x7. The Harbormaster needs to either move the mooring or get the locals to stop buzzing the SC2 mooring.

by Dave P. - Verified user on Jul 16, 2018
Gloucester is a great, friendly place to stay. Good access to wonderful restraints,museums and shopping within walking distance. Excellent launch device and hours at a reasonable price

by Joseph K. - Verified user on Jul 12, 2018
We stayed on a mooring. It was very pleasnt. Thank You!
Marina Response:
Thanks for the great review. We hope to see you again !!

by Ted E. - Verified user on Jul 12, 2018
Stayed in inter harbor. Traffic was not bad. Launch service was great. Morrings are solid and well serviced. Very nice place will stop again.

by Robert S. - Verified user on Jul 10, 2018
We really had a good time. The harbormaster and crew were helpful and the town is awesome. Had the best dinner at the Seaport Grill and enjoyed walking the town.

by Alfred W. - Verified user on Jul 02, 2018
The Gloucester crew are super nice guys - there to help in any way. Great tender service too!

by Stephanie B. - Verified user on Oct 18, 2017
Gloucester Harbor was great with good amenities and fun waterfront restaurants. The harbormaster upgrades our mooring due to a cancellation which was awesome and appreciated!

by Dominique R. - Verified user on Aug 28, 2017
No Showers but free launch

by Vicki m. - Verified user on Aug 28, 2017
We would have given it a five but we got stuck Saturday night at 9:30 pm and could not get back to our boat as the launch driver took off early. This was a huge problem - otherwise the service was very good and the moorings were very well maintained. Getting stuck though at 9:30 pm without a way to get back to your boat is a HUGE PROBLEM!

by William t. - Verified user on Aug 12, 2017
Super launch service. Cute town and good restaurants. We will be back.

by Scott B. - Verified user on Aug 08, 2017
The shuttle service was quick and reliable the shuttle captains could not be any more pleasant and helpful. Looking forward to a return visit.

by Ron R. - Verified user on Aug 04, 2017
We rented a mooring two nights so far this season on our trip to Maine using Dockwa. I like how the reservation confirmation includes providing a mooring number. It would be a little better if there was a better way of showing where the moorings are located and how to identify them. On our second visit (July 22), I figured mooring TP-3 was located in the Ten Pound mooring area. When arriving in the area, I had to ask another boater which moorings belonged to the city. It turned out that they were orange and all were taken. I called the Harbormaster and received a prompt response. The person on duty was very helpful and courteous. Unfortunately, he had to move another boater who was confused on where his mooring was located. The other boat moved to another mooring field and we were all set, until the next morning. There was a lobster pot located near our assigned mooring. The next morning, with the change in tide, current and wind, our boat drifted over the pot and I could not see it. We caught the line to the pot’s float on our rudder and ended up having to cut the line. The boat was freed but I did not see the float until later. When operating my boat, I take particular care in avoiding lobster pots. They are someone’s livelihood and I respect that. Unfortunately, in this case, the person who place the pot in the middle of a mooring field, did not appear very concerned about respecting other boats. It took some doing to totally free the line from my rudder and I ended up having to dive on my boat. Perhaps it is within the Harbormaster’s authority to ensure that lobster pots are not placed within a mooring field. It is difficult for a boat to avoid them in this situation.

by Bill F. - Verified user on Jul 25, 2017
Stayed on mooring SC 2 for two nights. Very helpful and friendly harbor master and launch boat captain. Will go back again.

by Vidoje M. - Verified user on Jul 24, 2017

by Alan W. - Verified user on Jul 18, 2017
The harbor masters are so friendly and the launch is a great addition. People are always being treated first class

by John M. - Verified user on Jul 10, 2017
Great mooring in the inner harbor. Very industrial though and a little noisy. Would go back.

by Pamela G. - Verified user on Jul 07, 2017
We have been here before. Now launch service is included. That makes it easy to get ashore with laundry. Laundromat is not far from launch landing. The weather on this stay was the best ever. We must return and explore the wonders of Gloucester.

by John D. - Verified user on Jul 07, 2017
Very basic amenities but easy ocean access and inner harbor mooring allow quick downtown access also. Launch service is included however they service the entire harbor which is large so plan ahead.

by Jack T. - Verified user on Jul 06, 2017
It was a very quiet stay.Not much going on after the fireworks.I guess I was expecting more festivities for July 4th week.

by Mike Z. - Verified user on Jun 26, 2017
A wonderful visit in a beautiful city. Unfortunately, we were there at a very busy time so our mooring was pretty far out in the Southeast Harbor. Great mooring and wonderful launch service! We will be back soon.

by Gene K. - Verified user on Jun 10, 2017
Very informative launch captains. Prompt service. Enjoyed the town of Gloucester very much. Found the people to be very receptive. The mooring was in great shape and it was comfortable in the harbor. Definitely, you will see us again. Thanks

by GARY L. - Verified user on May 22, 2017
Great place to stay and the harbormaster is so nice

About Gloucester Harbormaster

The City of Gloucester, through the harbormaster's office, rents 30 transient / visitor moorings for vessels up to 60 feet. They are located in the following three areas:

-The Inner Harbor, where the day-to-day hustle and bustle of a working waterfront can be enjoyed, is in close proximity to downtown shops and restaurants.

-The Southeast Harbor offers views of the mansions of Eastern Point, sunsets over the Western Harbor and the Boston skyline in the distance.

-The Western Harbor, off of Stage Head, is where the original settlers landed and dried fish. The harbor offers a beautiful view of downtown church steeples and the City Hall tower.

The Gloucester Harbor Launch is free of charge with your reservation and can be contacted on VHF channel 72 or by phone - 978-726-0155

Booking Info

Please be advised the Inner Harbor Mooring Field has been Regrid, IH 1-15 Moorings are now in the front row of the mooring field in three rows of 5 evenly spaced for your convenience.


  • Maintenance Facilities
  • Launch Service
  • Wireless Internet
  • Pumpout
  • Ice
  • Launch Ramp
  • Groceries
  • Floating Docks
  • Medical Facilities w/in 5 Miles



Gloucester HarbormasterGloucester HarbormasterGloucester HarbormasterGloucester HarbormasterGloucester HarbormasterGloucester HarbormasterGloucester HarbormasterGloucester HarbormasterGloucester HarbormasterGloucester HarbormasterGloucester Harbormaster