Marina Jack Yacht Basin

$3.30/ft-$5.50/ft, holiday rates may apply

Not Offered

Day Trip
Not Offered
2 Marina Plaza
Sarasota, FL 34236
Check-in after 11:00 AM
Check-out before 11:00 AM
VHF 16

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124 Reviews

by Sara H. - Verified user on Nov 29, 2023
Great facilities and staff. Location is perfect.

by Lynn V. - Verified user on Nov 25, 2023
Nice area, great dockmasters!

by David P. - Verified user on Nov 21, 2023
Great staff and facilities! Will be back!

by Rocky A. - Verified user on Nov 15, 2023
Awesome place to stay. Staff amazing. Great help coming into Marina. Staff on dock directing us right into slip. A 10++++

by Herbèrt W. - Verified user on Nov 11, 2023
Short walk to most anything. Great on sight services. High quality floating dock.

by Charles R. - Verified user on Nov 09, 2023
Stay there often. Very convenient to downtown, nice secure floating docks. Park right there.

by Harold B. - Verified user on Nov 07, 2023
It was great. Fuel dock was nice. They directed us and helped us tie off in slip. Really pleasant transient stay for night. Walked to a nice restaurant downtown too. Very convenient.

by Donald P. - Verified user on Oct 21, 2023
Excellent help and food

by Bob W. - Verified user on Oct 07, 2023
No hot water in shower, otherwise great

by John R. - Verified user on Oct 06, 2023
Great marina and staff.

by Robert A. - Verified user on Oct 02, 2023
Love this marina, the restaurant, the service and the Park next door. Great getaway!
Marina Response:
Thank you lbkrra! We can't wait to accommodate you and your vessel with us again!

by CHAMP - Verified user on Sep 30, 2023
great place to dock very clean, great bar and restaurant nice people

by Lisa E. - Verified user on Sep 27, 2023
Everyone is super friendly. Lots of dining options in walking distance. lots of nice walking areas for dogs. No pool.

by Kris G. - Verified user on Sep 24, 2023
All good ! Great location. Friendly staff.

by Ken S. - Verified user on Sep 23, 2023
Very helpful and friendly staff

by Jen V. - Verified user on Sep 17, 2023
Outstanding dock service, clean facilities and overall great experience. We will be back!

by Jeff S. - Verified user on Sep 17, 2023
Always a terrific transient stop…great place.
Marina Response:
Thank you for the great feedback rapnjar! We look forward to seeing you again.

by Terry S. - Verified user on Sep 09, 2023
Easy and convenient!! They actually answered the radio, dock hand was there to meet and tie us off. Boat was safe and location was perfect. Highly recommend!!

by Dusty H. - Verified user on Sep 07, 2023
Updated Review Marina Jacks did reach out to us after the issue we experienced Aug 7th. They were very sincere and said they would accommodate us next time inside the marina and not at the city park. I understand things happen out of anyone’s control and really appreciate them reaching out to us. We love the place and staff and will be back there soon. Have stayed here probably 6 times and were always given a slip inside the marina, behind the locked gates. It was always a good experience. This time, we were assigned on the wall next to the city park. Someone got on our boat while we were in town, tried to break in the door and untied all lines except 1. A homeless man of all people saw it happen and took pictures. We called cops, police report, etc… we also witnessed bad stuff in the park each night, just feet from our boat. If you stay here…..demand a spot inside the marina itself. If they can’t comply I would keep on going.

by James G. - Verified user on Sep 05, 2023
Loved the marina. Beautiful setting, nice restaurant/bar. Good showers. Enjoyed the Labor Day weekend here. We will definitely stop back again. UPDATE - another awesome Labor Day weekend at Marina Jack. See you guys soon!
Marina Response:
Thank you jggenius! We look forward to hosting you again soon!

by Champagne R. - Verified user on Sep 04, 2023
First class place! Staff was helpful and courteous a must stop on future trips.

by David C. - Verified user on Aug 27, 2023
This is a great marina just a quick walk to downtown and all the restaurants. The dock is a nice floating concrete type with good cleats. Self serve pumpout at the slips or service at the gas dock. The dock hands were very helpful and good to work with.

by Charlotte P. - Verified user on Aug 27, 2023
Dock hands were awesome shuttle service great...very secure ..loved it...Todd was most helpful!

by Doug S. - Verified user on Aug 14, 2023
Very nice marina, service was very good. Overall a great experience and we will return

by Mark R. - Verified user on Aug 07, 2023
Love this marina and area.

by Christiana C. - Verified user on Aug 06, 2023
We love staying at Marina Jacks. One of our favorites.

by Mike R. - Verified user on Jul 31, 2023
Everything was excellent. Thank you

by Tom B. - Verified user on Jul 30, 2023
We love MJ for years. Always the most helpful and thoughtful dock team in the business. Thanks.

by Ellen B. on Jul 27, 2023
Marina Jacks is awesome. Right in downtown Sarasota. Great dining within walking distance. The team working there is great. Super friendly and helpful!

by Lisa S. - Verified user on Jul 26, 2023
Easy to reserve. Nice facilities and great employees. I do wish they had a pool, as it was HOT. But we loved that the downtown area was so close, and Uber was easy to get as well. The keyfob-secured docks provided a level of security and comfort. We slept aboard for two nights, and we didn't rock and roll AT ALL. Almost to a fault - lol - as, I like that LIGHT rocking feeling. Would stay again. But DO pay attention to the arrival instructions, as we were surprised that it is not recommended to take Big Pass or New Pass. We came from the south and used Venice Pass arriving, but left via Longboat Pass, even though we were returning south. It was pretty much a wash on time (at about 30-35 mph) because of the bridges and slow zones from Venice; it took about an hour both ways between Venice and the marina. But of course we burned lots more fuel heading north to head south - haha.

by Rick B. - Verified user on Jul 24, 2023
Great customer service and helpful dockhands!

by Richard W. - Verified user on Jul 23, 2023
Great staff look forward to my return!

by Gregory O. - Verified user on Jul 21, 2023
Overall , Marina Jack’s docks and dock staff are excellent. However, I couldn’t give more than three stars as the bathroom facilities were neglected. During our entire stay, was no toilet paper in most of the stalls and cleaning didn’t seem to be of any priority.

by Lauren S. - Verified user on Jul 15, 2023
We loved this Marina. The location was great. Close to downtown Sarasota with all the restaurants and shops. Everything within walking distance. The Marina has a nice park where we walked our dogs and even walking trails. The scenery is beautiful. Can't say enough great things about Marina Jack and the people that run this operation. Top notch folks. Patrick, the General Manager, Darby the Dockmaster, Todd, the Operations team Joe and Jenny, and even Joe's dog Snorkel, Sarasota's honorary PD Marine Canine, all made our stay enjoyable. The docks were well kept. We loved the food at the marina when we didn't feel like walking into town and the entertainment was fabulous. We definitely will come back. Highly recommend this Marina. It's a bucket list item.

by Don W. - Verified user on Jul 07, 2023
Great dock hands, nice restaurant on site, secure gates, deep water

by Mick F. - Verified user on Jun 27, 2023
We always enjoy Marina Jack. However, this time our departure was less than ideal, as the website listed the fuel dock as opening at 7am. We delayed our departure (had a 200 mile run home) and arrived at the fuel dock to learn that fuel is available 24/7 and no one arrives until 8am. Other than that, it was excellent. Staff and facilities were outstanding! We definitely plan to return.

by Pfingsten B. - Verified user on Jun 25, 2023
Very nice Marina. Has a great restaurant as well. Will return for sure

by Wendy C. - Verified user on Jun 19, 2023
The power at the dock did not work, had to stay on gen power for the 2 night stay. The marina never came by to pick up trash. It just piled up by the trash cans.

by Brian R. - Verified user on Jun 18, 2023
We spent one night at Marina Jack’s and I would give 10 stars if I could. We hailed on VHF 16 while in the channel to get our slip assignment and directions. We were met by 2 dockhands who helped us get tied up and connected to shore power. The docks were floating and well maintained. The restaurants and location are both excellent and within walking distance of many attractions. Highly recommend!

by Mitchell M. - Verified user on Jun 14, 2023
One of the best marinas that I've ever visited. Slips are special and beautiful. Pedestals and services are top notch. Dock hands are helpful and friendly. Restaurant was top notch for lunch and dinner. The location fantastic since it's a short, safe walk to hotels and Main Street shopping and dining. Also, there are Veo scooters available to rent if needed. Overall, Marina Jack is clean, safe, secure and top notch! We will be returning soon!

by Ronald P. - Verified user on Jun 08, 2023
Great facility and outstanding employees.

by Chuck A. - Verified user on Jun 05, 2023
The dock hand was new and probably should have had some help. Also, the last time we stayed there the food at the outside restaurant was very good. This time it was just okay.

by Russell L. - Verified user on Jun 04, 2023
My boat and guest was only there for 1 night. We arrived 10 minutes before the marina office closed. The 2 young dock hands did a great job in assisting the slip location, tie up as well as handling the shore power lines. They later went to the office and brought back 2 key fobs but no paper work which would be needed later. Our on board guest and crew went to dinner and returned later that evening around 11:00pm only to find that both key fobs did not work. We had to stand outside the gate for almost an hour before we could be let in by another boat owner. The office was closed by the time we finished docking so we did not receive any paper work or after hour phone numbers upon our arrival due to the fact the office was closing during docking. The following morning we had our keys exchanged. After breakfast, because the female dock master was not present in the office earlier that morning, we later ask her if we could get some sort of credit - suggesting a $5.00 or $20.00 dollars or a free pump out since the charge was nearly $300.00 for 16 hours of use and due to the fact we were unable to get to our boat at the fault of the marina. The female dock master said no. So inclose, even if you arriving at closing time make sure your keys work prior to the marina staff leaving and ask them to bring all paperwork to the dock if the office is going to be closed by the time you are finish docking. Paper work had the after hours phone number, wifi password and other information needed. Waiting to the following morning will be too late.

by George W. - Verified user on May 31, 2023
Excellent facility with great accommodations ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

by Jeff B. - Verified user on May 30, 2023
Great service. Two people met us at slip and were very helpful!

by Tim E. - Verified user on May 30, 2023
We were out on A dock which is by the park and not behind the security gates. Also a 10 min walk to showers. We normally love the marina but never on dock A again.

by thomas s. - Verified user on May 28, 2023
great marina and perfect location. staff very helpful. enjoyed our 4 day stay .

by John A. - Verified user on May 26, 2023
Marina has really improved into a first class marina. Bathrooms are excellent. WiFi is only negative if I have to find one. The people were excellent and accommodating. A great experience.

by Timothy K. - Verified user on May 23, 2023
Stay was perfect. Quick check-in, very secure, no hassle, and reasonably priced. Third year I've slipped here and will be back next year. Staff is always nice.

by Tyler p. - Verified user on May 19, 2023
Great service as always
Marina Response:
Thank you Tyler P! We look forward to hosting you again.

by Dottie C. - Verified user on May 18, 2023
Wonderful marina. Staff was fantastic! Definitely will be back.
Marina Response:
We are grateful for the review Dottie! See you again soon.

by Ron O. - Verified user on May 17, 2023
Good stop as always.
Marina Response:
Thank you Ron!

by David P. - Verified user on May 16, 2023
Great marina and great location. Our cruising group will return. Darby is a very good Dockmaster.
Marina Response:
Thank you David! We look forward to your next visit with us.

by John J. - Verified user on May 15, 2023
Always good here. Marina Jack did a nice job accommodating our cruising group and providing a shelter tent for us.

by Diane C. - Verified user on May 15, 2023
Employees were great.

by Gene F. - Verified user on May 14, 2023
Docks were fine. Good help from the dockhands upon arrival. Check-in person was rather short and almost unpleasant. Greatly disappointed upon leaving. Attempted to use the "24 hour self-service pumpout", but could not succeed. All the equipment was in place, but the pump would not turn on. Not sure if turned off overnight or if the remote was defective, but it did not work. Waited more than a half-hour for the dockmaster's office to open (after posted opening time), but nobody ever came. Finally had to leave for a long trip. Lots of MJ shirts working the gas dock, but they said they were too busy with Freedom Boat Club check-outs to take two minutes to help us.

by Stephen B. - Verified user on May 11, 2023
Disappointing stay this time. Started with a stop at the fuel dock where gasoline was put into the diesel tank. Marina Jack paid for having the fuel pumped out and replaced with diesel, but we had to use our TowBoatUS membership to get moved from the fuel dock to our slip. Then on a windy night, part of the dock with the rub rail broke off exposing the bolts ( we used a fender to keep our boat from hitting the bolts). Marina Jack decided not to move us to a different slip. All in all, this was not the best stay at Marina Jack.

by Michael D. - Verified user on May 09, 2023
Beautiful Marina. Friendly staff. Great restaurant. Low fuel prices.

by Tom W. - Verified user on May 08, 2023
Great marina. Very well run. We’ll dock there again.

by Bill B. - Verified user on May 08, 2023
Great marina ………………..

by Terry F. - Verified user on May 06, 2023
You cannot get into the Sarasota bay to access this Marina unless you have a local captain to get you in. They did not tell us that until after we found out the hard way. Can't get in through new pass either. Told us to go 13 miles east and get in through Venice and back track back to them down the inter coastal. That's a 26 mile round trip!!

by James M. - Verified user on Apr 29, 2023
Friendly help. Easy access. Clean facility. It was very good stay.

by Bob M. - Verified user on Apr 28, 2023
Nice place. Wish they di a better job monitoring channel 16
Marina Response:
Hi scubabob. We apologize if you encountered VHF issues with us. Our staff constantly monitors VHF 16 as well as our working channel, 71. We hope you give us a second chance, rest assured we won't disappoint!

by Robert H. on Apr 25, 2023
Absolutely delightful marina. Great location and well maintained. Facilities and staff are all first rate. Special thanks to Darby for finding us a spot on short notice! Will definitely return.

by Rick B. on Apr 14, 2023
We have been to many marinas up and down our Florida coast but Marina Jack’s exceeded our expectations. The staff is professional and does a great job coordinating arrivals. The marina is well designed, clean and outstanding facilities including the restaurant. This marina is also centrally located to many bars, restaurants and historical sites with several transportation options. We are looking forward to booking another slip here in the very near future.

by Teresa D. on Apr 06, 2023
A terrific stop for us while making it south down the west coast of Florida. Can't say enough about the dock team and office team. Extremely responsive to all my questions on Dockwa. We were located on the west side along the park and at first I though it might be a problem. The shade provided a great respite from the sun and it was fun to watch all the activity going on in the park. No one bothered us or our boat. Hope to stay here again in our future boat travels.

by Craig M. on Apr 05, 2023
Enjoyed our stay. Great location in the heart of Sarasota and downtown activities.

by Donald S. on Mar 30, 2023
Always a great visit at Marina Jacks. The dock team are always right on the spot to help, they're all very knowledgeable, and the amenities (on-site restaurants, in-slip pump outs, dual 50amp electrical service) make each stay a breeze. Will continue to repeat.

by Tom M. - Verified user on Mar 24, 2023
Absolutely a World Class Marina!!!!!!!! Great people, great facilities, close to awesome restaurants and an excellent manager in patrick!

by David E. - Verified user on Mar 24, 2023
Staff is helpful and very competent. Location is one of the best on the Florida west coast.

by John M. on Mar 24, 2023
Great facility, marina, restaurants and staff all top notch. We love staying there and downtown Sarasota is a hidden gem. Only complaint I could express is Big Pass needs to be dredged and marked for navigation. Not the marina’s issue but a challenge for larger vessels that have to come in from Venice or Long Boat Pass

by James W. - Verified user on Mar 21, 2023
Lovely amenities; clean newly re-done bathrooms; very helpful staff who assisted in our search for lost luggage; a perfect slip on transient dock that helpful dock crew assisted our entry in strong winds. Love Marina Jack!

by Reese D. - Verified user on Mar 21, 2023
Always a great stay at Marina Jack!

by Adam T. on Mar 08, 2023
Love love Marina Jacks in Sarasota. Great time, great facilities and great people. Look up Phil that works on the docks by day and plays with Philharmonic live music on the weekends. Thx for being a great host Marina.

by Bruce P. on Mar 04, 2023
We stayed at Marina Jack, Sarasota for almost 2 weeks in January 2023 after a long trip from Baltimore in a 40 foot sailboat. I haven't counted how many marinas we stayed at but it was quite a few and Marina Jack was certainly one of the best. From good instructions getting to our slip to good help whenever we needed it, the dock staff was friendly and efficient. The floating slips were roomy and secure and pump out was right there. At the end of the locked entrance to our slip, a bar, and inside and outside restaurants with music every night. We have a dog and there are grassy places close by with bags and just outside the marina a great grassy waterfront park to enjoy. And then there was Sarasota which became our favorite town on the whole trip. We are on the waiting list for next winter and hope to stay longer term.

by Jim S. - Verified user on Mar 04, 2023
Perfect assistance when needed .

by Carl c. - Verified user on Mar 01, 2023
Although our power source wasn't working 100% we were able to make it work. Very nice place to stay. Will be back!

by Andy Z. - Verified user on Feb 24, 2023
We really enjoyed our two week stay, and will return for sure. But, for the very high price, it’s not too much to expect a pumpout that works. Loved being so close to family and friends in Sarasota, lots of great little spots and Orange Theory for workouts. Great spot.

by Richard S. - Verified user on Feb 23, 2023
Always top notch experience.

by Brad H. - Verified user on Feb 18, 2023
First time to Marina Jacks by boat. Dock staff were super helpful. Registration and check in/check out super easy. Very urban marine. Great for a change. Walking to shops and restaurants in Sarasota. Not sure you would want to stay more that a night or two as is very busy.

by Gregory S. on Feb 07, 2023
We are pretty frequent visitors to Marina Jack's in our 52 Sedan Bridge, sometimes for lunch with friends, sometimes to spend the night. Marina personnel are always very accommodating in finding a slip when we arrive, always have at least two dockhands to assist tying-up, always very clean and organized. We're fortunate to have such a world-class marina within a two-hour boat ride from our home!

by Andrew S. - Verified user on Feb 03, 2023
Well run marina with good services, but we were given a slip on the island side not the transient dock which required a 15 min walk to reach any of the amenities

by Rob D. - Verified user on Jan 30, 2023
Our stay was fantastic!! And the staff was perfect!!\nThank you,\nRob Dengler\nCrazy Good

by Robert W. - Verified user on Jan 21, 2023
The marina was first class with great docks and access to Sarasota downtown and friendly staff. The biggest problem was with the WiFi would freeze several time per hour as we were watching a movie. Although this is not a Marina Jack problem, the Cellular service was very poor in the marina area and we could not use our data plan for streaming.

by Sharon B. - Verified user on Jan 19, 2023
The nicest marina we've stayed at in Florida other than The Wharf in Orange Beach.

by Beau R. - Verified user on Jan 18, 2023
Very friendly staff. The food in the restaurant was awesome. The fresh tuna tacos appetizer were fabulous. We are on the waiting list to move our boat here permanently. Thank you Marina Jack's.

by Jim A. - Verified user on Jan 18, 2023
We Love to stay here

by Joel S. - Verified user on Jan 17, 2023
Stayed for 1 night and everything went well. Staff was helpful, kind and through.\nFacility was very clean.

by Richard N. - Verified user on Jan 16, 2023
Excellent! Nice venue and good dock hands

by Tom M. - Verified user on Jan 14, 2023
We had a very enjoyable stay at Marina Jack. There is a lot to do in downtown Sarasota. The weather was a bit cool but that didn't deter our enjoyment of the area.

by Vicki F. - Verified user on Jan 11, 2023
Good service. Enjoyed the restaurants and entertainment too!

by Thomas P. - Verified user on Jan 10, 2023
First Class place to stay

by Sonja G. - Verified user on Jan 05, 2023
Staff are wonderful. Clean and well maintained.

by Vince M. - Verified user on Dec 26, 2022
Excellent place to stay. Walking distance to town, Whole Foods, and trolley to St. Armand Circle/Lido Beach. Restaurant on site. Laundry facility. Clean restrooms/showers.

by Michael K. - Verified user on Dec 20, 2022
Nice, well maintained facility

by Jeremy C. - Verified user on Dec 12, 2022
Dock staff was super helpful, and went above and beyond to assist.

by Dennis B. - Verified user on Dec 11, 2022
Good helpful staff, Wi-Fi a bit weak.

by Kevin S. - Verified user on Dec 07, 2022
Awesome, as always. Convenience, service, facilities are top notch.

by Fred G. - Verified user on Dec 02, 2022
Two marina employees assisted us in securing or vessel and were very helpful with info on restaurants, wifi code, gate code, etc. We had a delicious meal right at the marina. Marina Jack is always a favorite destination for us.

by Karen R. on Nov 30, 2022
We love this Marina not only for the location, the staff is wonderful and goes out of there way to help in any way they can. Floating docks are a plus as well. Walking distance to main street Sarasota which has all the great restaurants and shopping. Highly recommend.

by Jeff G. - Verified user on Nov 15, 2022
Levi and Todd were professional, welcoming and full of great information for first time visitors to marina Jack. Look forward to returning.

by Allen E. - Verified user on Nov 10, 2022
A great stay - a great location.

by Cris N. - Verified user on Nov 07, 2022
Beautiful marina, great bar/restaurant, nice showers. We will definitely be back!

by Michael Z. - Verified user on Sep 25, 2022
The dock hands were very efficient and helpful. The whole facility was top notch. Had a great time. Mike Z

by James L. - Verified user on Aug 18, 2022
We arrived right after 5 so the office was closed, called ahead to get our slip assignment. Upon arrival we discovered the slip was not wide enough for our beam, called the emergency number and got the slip next to it. We were put on the "A" dock, no security, no pump out, homeless sleeping in the park right behind us and a 8-10 minute walk to the dock office. The "A" dock is all boat club boats. After hearing all good things about Marina Jacks, will not go back if put on the same dock.
Marina Response:
Hi a44 - We're sorry to hear your experience was not up to par with what you've heard about us. We are extremely constrained on slips wider than 21' throughout the entire marina. We are fortunate to have various wider slips on A Dock, which is along Bayfront Park. While this area does not feature some of the slip features available on the floating docks, it provides enough beam and depth to accommodate broader vessels, especially if all of our T-heads are occupied. I realize you may not be inclined to visit us again, however, please keep in mind available slips may be restricted for wider vessels.

by Joseph C. on Jul 25, 2022
Nice marina and surroundings. Not impressed with the dock hand. Hit the dock when we were all the way in the slip. While I of course am responsible as the driver the dock hand was standinging right next to the spot I hit --he did not say a word that I was getting close and certainly made no attempt to push off..he just stood there and watched. $350 for repairs
Marina Response:
Hey perfectmatch – While we sincerely regret the $350 you incurred in repairs, we do not risk putting any marina staff in any situation between a dock and an inbound vessel where it could potentially cause bodily harm. Our dockhands are available via VHF to provide customers with instructions to help ease their vessel into the slip, however as you mentioned, the captain is ultimately responsible for proper docking procedures. We are always working to ensure our team delivers on our brand standards and every customer has a positive experience. We will take your feedback into account. Please allow us an opportunity to make amends and receive our most sincere apologies.

by David F. - Verified user on Jul 17, 2022
Excellent staff. Very helpful
Marina Response:
Thank you def1202 - we are grateful for your review!

by Jeff B. - Verified user on Jul 10, 2022
I called marina as I was pulling in with no response. Docked boat at gas pump and searched for attendants and found one who said he needed to take care of boat coming in and would meet me at our slip which he did not do. Poor service but slip was good.
Marina Response:
Hi bonick - Communication is critical to a positive experience, and we somehow failed you in this area. While we're not sure if you contacted the landline, we always recommend hailing us on VHF 16/71 upon approach because we may be out of the office or on the docks aiding other customers. Direct connection via VHF allows us to simultaneously direct inbound traffic and dockhands to assist at the slip. Everyone here on the docks is working hard to deliver seamless interactions, please accept our sincere apologies for the missed communication.

by Stuart L. on Jul 07, 2022
Great location, friendly and helpful staff, easy for fuel and pump out if required, nice floating docks. Personal preference would be cooler months as there is no pool but other than that excellent and we'll be back.
Marina Response:
Thank you jackdog! Trust us - we wish we had a pool, too! We look forward to seeing you again at the marina.

by dan m. - Verified user on Jun 17, 2022
Great marina. Fantastic staff. Very accommodating and friendly.
Marina Response:
Thank you for your kind words and for giving us a "high five" for all that we do. It is truly nice to know that our efforts are paying off. We look forward to hosting you again at the marina.

by Michael P. - Verified user on Jun 13, 2022
The dock hands met us and did an excellent job.
Marina Response:
Thank you texastea!

by Jeffrey P. - Verified user on Jun 05, 2022
Fantastic marina... floating docks, ideal location, excellent restaurant and bar, great dockmaster and staff... almost perfect! We did wonder why the gate to the dock we were on (D) was left open almost all of the time. We had many folks just walking down the dock at all hours... most were clearly just taking a walk but there were a few younger folks with full face and neck tattoos, etc. that looked a little sketchy. Everyone who should be on the dock has a key fob... please close the gate as usual and intended. Otherwise, everything was outstanding!

by Tyler S. - Verified user on Jun 05, 2022
We came from St. Pete for our first overnight on our new boat. Everything was great!

by Gary B. on Jun 01, 2022
My business partner and I crewed the Reel Lady, a 43' Egg Harbor for the owner and a group of his friends. We pulled into Marina Jack on April 30th for an overnight stay. This is the third time we've taken a slip at Marina Jack in Sarasota. As always the Marina Jack crew was professional and extremely helpful. Making reservations, assistance with docking, dinner and check out were all top of the line. I always recommend this marina to friends.

by Dana C. - Verified user on May 30, 2022
We love Marina Jacks Great transient slips Great Indoor & outdoor restaurant Shower amenities are good Highly recommend
Marina Response:
Thank you danac!

by Daniel L. - Verified user on May 23, 2022
Marina Jack's is in the perfect location for visiting Sarasota. We had a wonderful time. The facilities were great & the staff was very helpful.
Marina Response:
Thank you lastcallpa! We are thankful for your time and your willingness to write a review. We look forward to hosting you and your vessel again soon.

by Clarke M. - Verified user on Apr 07, 2022
Have stayed there many times the years and it is a great downtown location. My conern is that the wifi is very limited. basically non existant on our boat on D dock. It has worked in the past but not this time on the smart tv or even my computer. Clarke

by Paul M. - Verified user on Mar 29, 2022
Great Marina with good downtown location and vibe. The Restaurant is excellent.
Marina Response:
Thank you for the nice review!

by Loren R. - Verified user on Mar 18, 2022
awsome place and great staff
Marina Response:
Thanks for the great review! We hope to see you again.

by Glenn B. on Mar 18, 2022
Stayed in mooring field, but had FULL access to marina amenities. VERY NICE well kept, CLEAN marina for their boaters. My only wish, is that the city of marina could make the entrance was into their marina s"No Wake" zone. The whole mooring field is subjected to boat wake ALL DAY LONG. But other that, staff was nice, knowledgeable, and helpful even when they were busy.
Marina Response:
Thank you for the great review specialkiioutlook! We look forward to hosting you and your vessel again soon.

by Linda d. on Mar 08, 2022
Great location to downtown where you will find many fabulous restaurants, as well as Whole Foods grocery. There is a free trolley that runs from downtown to Lido Beach, very easy to get on and off and about a two block walk to the marina. Staff is friendly, bathrooms are currently under construction, docks are never cleaned making the docks an obstacle course to avoid bird droppings. No live aboards are permitted, making it interesting to see many of the magnificent yachts coming in and out. No currents, floating docks, and easy dockage.
Marina Response:
Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review, ldecker! It sounds like you had a pleasant experience with us, but we're regretful it was only worth 3 stars. We want your business and would appreciate a second chance to earn a full five-star review from you!

by Kate C. on Jan 07, 2022
Great spot to explore Sarasota. Centrally located to shops, restaurants, and the botanical gardens. We grabbed a mooring ball, which felt very secure and generally protected. Got a few wakes from boats coming in and out and some chop from wind from the bay, but otherwise good spot. Quick dinghy ride and easy tie up to the docks and easy access to showers, laundry, bathrooms. Friendly staff, but wish we could have booked online and had access to a mooring map ahead of time as just hard sometimes to communicate via phone when out on the water.
Marina Response:
Thank you katercemily! We are working to improve our reservation system so we can provide you with better information while underway. We hope to accommodate you and your vessel again soon!

by Frank F. on Feb 13, 2020
Really nice floating docks. Staff is helpful. Restrooms and showers are clean and plenty. Walking distance to town and 2 resturants on the property. The shuttle service is great
Marina Response:
Thanks captff! We look forward to your next visit, it was truly a pleasure to serve you and your vessel.

by Claude V. on Aug 04, 2014
Great Service, Restaurant, and Entertainment. All you could ask for.

About Marina Jack Yacht Basin

Marina Jack is an iconic marina-based hospitality center that boasts 298 wet slips for vessels up to 185' and over 20 boat lifts for vessels up to 40,000 lbs. On-site amenities include a full-service fuel dock with after-hours fueling, in-slip pump out, ship's store, Yacht Services department, and four restaurants, all within walking distance to the heart of downtown Sarasota.

Please be assured your satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to make all reasonable accommodations to ensure a pleasant and enjoyable stay.

Thank you for making Marina Jack your Premier Marina Destination since 1968.

Booking Info

Experience Sarasota like never before at Marina Jack!

Save time by e-signing our Transient Agreement prior to arrival – CLICK LINK BELOW

Marina Jack specializes in transient dockage and cruise club accommodations for visitors who want to explore nearby Downtown and events near the famous Sarasota Bayfront. Take in some of the many attractions in a few nights or secure one of our 316 slips on an annual basis. The Marina includes full amenities including bathrooms, launderette, concierge shuttle, and ship’s store.

Our floating transient slips come with free Wi-Fi, cable, water, 30/50/100 amp single and three phase power, and a pump-out at every slip. All of our floating docks are secure and protected by a gate code that changes monthly.

With Downtown Sarasota in our own backyard, great restaurants and shops are a short walk away. Our friendly staff is always ready to help lend a hand and assist with lines.

Having some engine or generator issues? Accidentally snag a crab trap caught in your prop? Our Yacht Services Department is conveniently located on-site, and can promptly repair your vessel while staying on our transient dock. Our professional contractors are experienced in all varieties of systems associated with power & sailing vessels.


  • Gas
  • Diesel
  • Water
  • Electrical

Listed Pump Prices

Last Updated on 11/29/2023 at 1:49PM

  • Premium Gas: $5.55

  • Diesel: $4.33


  • Maintenance Facilities
  • Ship Store
  • Wireless Internet
  • Pumpout
  • Restrooms
  • Showers
  • Laundry
  • Ice
  • Security
  • Groceries
  • Restaurant
  • Dog Park
  • Floating Docks
  • ATM
  • Pet Friendly
  • Medical Facilities w/in 5 Miles



Marina Jack Yacht BasinMarina Jack Yacht BasinMarina Jack Yacht BasinMarina Jack Yacht BasinMarina Jack Yacht BasinMarina Jack Yacht BasinMarina Jack Yacht BasinMarina Jack Yacht BasinMarina Jack Yacht Basin