The Harborage at Ashley Marina

$2.70/ft - $3.20/ft

Not Offered

Day Trip
Not Offered
33 Lockwood Dr
Charleston, SC 29401
Check-in after 01:00 PM
Check-out before 11:00 AM
VHF 16

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119 Reviews

by Jeffrey b. - Verified user on Nov 25, 2023
Excellent facility & great dock hands.

by Debi R. - Verified user on Nov 24, 2023
Great stay very convenient to stores and restaurants Bethany was amazing she runs the docks and is extremely knowledgeable and helpful

by Susan K. - Verified user on Nov 18, 2023
Great spot for 50’ + on front dock. Current can be tricky, but it was going our way! Bethany & Christian we’re excellent to deal with! Thank you for the hospitality!

by Sharon S. - Verified user on Nov 13, 2023
Great location, great service. Pump out not working, too bad.

by Lyla H. - Verified user on Nov 09, 2023
Was what we needed.

by Tom M. - Verified user on Nov 09, 2023
Dockmaster was helpful and welcoming. Nice facilities

by David B. - Verified user on Nov 07, 2023
We had a great stay! Bethany is amazing

by Andrew D. - Verified user on Nov 05, 2023
Great Dock Master! Thank you Bethany!

by David W. on Nov 02, 2023
Dock and power were fine. It is a hike from the H pier to shore and the bathroom. Bathrooms were marginal. Only one shower worked. It was not cleaned daily. Upon arrival no one was on the dock to assist or provide information. Showed up 15 minutes later even though we had been communicating via VHF. Will look for other options next time we are in Charleston.

by Martin M. - Verified user on Oct 29, 2023
The people are nice but there isn't much here to recommend. The bathrooms are pretty grim, shower stall covered in caution tape. This marina needs some care and attention.

by Will T. - Verified user on Oct 27, 2023
Marina was very accommodating, Bethany went over the top to help is get situated. Will come back again

by Mario G. - Verified user on Oct 09, 2023
Verry nice place, good location

by James W. - Verified user on Oct 08, 2023
Great friendly service.

by Rodney G. - Verified user on Oct 01, 2023
Our experience was superb. Very easy to find, fill up with fuel and unload luggage. The attendant was very nice and accommodating. We stayed at the Hilton which was very nice.

by Julian M. - Verified user on Sep 30, 2023
Britany the dock master is amazing and handled our needs with professional charm that only you can experience in the South, including a FedEx package going out

by Kay A. - Verified user on Aug 23, 2023
Nice Marina with good clean facilities, staff very pleasant but need a little training on how to tie a boat. Strong currents always make this a challenge docking and previously dockhands were proficient on this occasion not so much.

by Todd H. - Verified user on Aug 21, 2023
We had an excellent stay this weekend at the Harborage at Ashley Marina. The team was very helpful and extremely polite.

by Richard D. - Verified user on Aug 13, 2023
I was glad to see that they painted new markers on the docks however they need to paint the slip numbers on each individual dock piling. We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn a hundred yards from the Marina. We had 8 in our group and grabbed 2 dock carts to carry our luggage to the hotel. When we got to the hotel just out side the front door we were approached by a guy that said he was one of the owners of the marina. He said that we could not use the carts to carry luggage to the hotel and that the carts cost $400 each. What are the carts for? To carry your stuff to another slip or to meet a ride in the marina parking lot that is literally 100 feet from the hotel parking lot? Here is how it should have gone; "Hey folks thank you for staying at the marina. I am one of the owners and we appreciate your business. The carts are supposed to be used for ????, would you please make sure that you return them to the marina as soon as you unload. Thanks again for your business and have a great weekend!" As you can check we stay at this marina frequently, but there are many others for us to choose from in Charleston which is what we will do next trip to Charleston.

by Jeff W. - Verified user on Aug 09, 2023
The host was great. (Forgot her name)

by Norman D. - Verified user on Aug 06, 2023
It would be nice to have a walkway at each end of docking. Maybe a elevated bridge?

by Kelley K. - Verified user on Aug 03, 2023
Staff and Fueling… 10 Stars… Safe and Secure… Top Notch Facility…

by Sheldon H. - Verified user on Jul 31, 2023
Great staff and convenient location!

by Joseph E. - Verified user on Jul 30, 2023
Staff was very friendly and helpful. Marina is very well maintained and convenient. I will be visiting again soon.

by William S. - Verified user on Jul 24, 2023
Very responsive and a great accessible slip! Dock master is always helpful!!

by Craig P. - Verified user on Jul 17, 2023
Very nice and polite.
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About The Harborage at Ashley Marina

The Harborage at Ashley Marina is a large, professionally managed marina capable of accommodating vessels up to 125 feet in length. The marina consists of approximately 230 wet slips and is located in the medical district of historic downtown Charleston. We provide complimentary OnSpot Wifi throughout the marina.

All of the docks are Ipe and offer electrical service of both 30 & 50 amp service to all slips in the marina. In addition, the main face-dock offers 100 amp single and three-phase 208v electric. There are plenty of restaurants and grocery within walking distance.

Height restrictions due to bridge: 55 Feet.

Daily rates only for vessels on the face-dock April-June and Oct/Nov.


  • Gas
  • Diesel
  • Water Hookup
  • Electrical

Listed Pump Prices

Last Updated on 08/25/2023 at 2:02PM

  • Regular Gas: $5.35

  • Diesel: $5.39


  • Launch Service
  • Wireless Internet
  • Pumpout
  • Restrooms
  • Showers
  • Laundry
  • Ice
  • Security
  • Groceries
  • Dog Park
  • Floating Docks
  • Oil Recycling
  • Land Storage
  • Pet Friendly
  • Medical Facilities w/in 5 Miles



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