Safe Harbor Yacht Haven

181 Harbor Drive
Stamford, CT 06904-0931

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76 Reviews

by SoundWaters/Michael B. - Verified user on Apr 11, 2024
Courteous pre-arrival email from Jeff and everything was just as we expected when we arrived. Thank you!

by mark f. - Verified user on Feb 18, 2024
Excellent in all resp2ects

by James Z. on Dec 13, 2023
I do not keep my boat at Safe Harbor Marina so I can't speak to the quality of their facility, but I cannot recommend them for mechanical work. I keep my boat at a neighboring marina and reached out for help with my boat's engine. Over the course of a couple months one of their technicians tried several times to solve my problem, and worse told me several times that he had fixed it when the engine clearly was not running right. After seeking another opinion, another mechanic was able to diagnose my problem within an hour and then replace the broken part within an hour as well, and now my boat runs like new. If I hadn't used Safe Harbor for this issue I likely would have saved signficant time and money.

by Douglas F. - Verified user on Oct 29, 2023
Very convenient. Staff was super-helpful and made it an easy and great experience.

by GEORGE G. - Verified user on Oct 02, 2023
Great stay. Nice marina. Staff is very accommodating.

by Richard G. - Verified user on Aug 28, 2023
We frequent this marina several times in season. The staff is wonderfully run by an excellent dock master and accommodating dock master.

by Tom t. - Verified user on Aug 26, 2023
The arrival was perfect. Two red-shirts greeted us on arrival for assistance approaching our transient dock promptly after I contacted the marina letting them know I was arriving. The documents they gave me explained everything I needed. The facility was clean and in good condition. EVERYTHING WORKED!

by John F. - Verified user on Aug 25, 2023
To sum it up in one word…. Lame. This marina literally is a place to park your boat. The amenities are poor. The highly recommended “Beer Garden” outside the marina is a trailer and wasn’t even open. They claim there are restaurants within walking distance which is not true at all. The bathrooms were absolutely disgusting with a heavy stench of urine and no toilet paper. The dockhands were somewhat helpful. Never again.

by Jack B. - Verified user on Aug 12, 2023
A great facility and fantastic staff ...

by Stuart R. - Verified user on Jul 26, 2023
The staff is very friendly and helpful, but... No Fuel, no Pool, no Restaurant, pumpout service not dependable, no Internet since the start of the season, and the managment is severely lacking!

by Dr. Brian R. - Verified user on Jul 23, 2023
There power was shorted out and delivered 240 volts to one lead on my 50 amp service. It blow out my washer dryer. I want to put in a claim. They need to pay for a new one. I don’t know who to contact.

by Carter Y. - Verified user on Jun 23, 2023
Great location. Super close to West Marine, shopping, etc. Glen and staff at the dock where terrific.

by Rob d. - Verified user on Jun 11, 2023
Great crew with Jeff as an excellent leader. Look forward to revisiting.

by Robert B. - Verified user on Jun 07, 2023
Dock crew was helpful and pleasant.

by Charles M. - Verified user on Apr 28, 2023
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by David E. - Verified user on Sep 07, 2022
Yacht Haven is an urban marina, so your view is mostly office buildings. However, judging from the diversity of fish, birds and oysters visible from the docks, the water is plenty clean. Very important concern as you leave the marina. As you head to the main channel, there is a range marker which, from behind, looks like a channel marker, I drove our sailboat through what I thought was the channel, only to hit a rock about 5' below our waterline. Luckily, only 2 knots of boat speed, but still managed to knock off a chunk of fiberglass. The actual channel is to the LEFT of the range marker.

by Tab H. on Sep 07, 2022
For service, Jeff gets five stars. As for marina, it is a nice place to dock your boat. There is no pool or restaurant here. You need a dinghy to get you to Harbor Point (or Uber or a long walk). Stamford offers a free trolley from Harbor Point to get around. Dinner on Main Street was nice.

by david n. - Verified user on Aug 31, 2022
Very helpful at docks. Excellent communication before and during stay.

by Michael C. - Verified user on Jul 13, 2022
Great dockhands/easy in and out. No real amenities, restaurants, etc. but great for a stopover and access to the sound. Did not use showers, etc.

by Gary J. - Verified user on Jul 10, 2022
Pleasant staff. Not much for facilities and very spread out. Clean

by Rob G. - Verified user on Jul 09, 2022
Jeff and dock crew were great and accommodating. No fuel, but overall good accommodations. Nice beer garden out back for drinks and food truck with good food.

by Robert R. - Verified user on Jul 05, 2022
Bathroom and showering facilities for the outer slips were just atrocious. There was a/c for both the men's and ladies rooms, but were not working. Filthy moldy conditions in the showers, lack of refuse cans or tissues. The marina had a commercial fishing operation operating from the docks. I was a slip holder at this marina when owned by Brewers, and there is no comparison as to how it is now run. I will never go back, and I have a lot of great friends there.

by Allen J. - Verified user on Jul 03, 2022
The marina is very nice and the staff was very friendly and helpful but the restrooms are lacking. 366 slips but only 4 toilets & 4 showers for each sex. Plus no TP in one toilet on Saturday night or Sunday morning. AND no working AC. Cleanliness was clearly not a priority. No trash cans in the bathroom. Only one hook to hang dry stuff in the shower. The bath mats should have been thrown away awhile ago. I have stayed at many Safe Harbor locations and I know that they can do better.

by Stephen B. - Verified user on Jul 03, 2022
Arrived turns around and then and was told by the duck hands that they had run out of Paris the informational paper they usually gave transients that would re-print and get them to us later on. They never did. No I used your shower area and found the mouse shower curtains mildew, disgusting. I also would’ve appreciated ability to sit in store clothes while I was showering. I’ve been in better organized facilities.

by Christopher B. - Verified user on Jun 30, 2022
Couldn't find the marina services to take a shower. The layout of the marina was confusing.
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About Safe Harbor Yacht Haven

A gateway to Long Island Sound, Safe Harbor Yacht Haven is a popular home port for boaters exploring Block Island, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket. Casual cruisers and ocean voyagers alike can enjoy a relaxing weekend barbeque with friends or easy access to New York City.


  • Water Hookup
  • Electrical


  • Service & Maintenance
  • Wireless Internet
  • Pumpout
  • Restrooms
  • Showers
  • Laundry
  • Ice
  • Security
  • Groceries
  • Dog Park
  • Floating Docks
  • Land Storage
  • Medical Facilities w/in 5 Miles


Safe Harbor Yacht HavenSafe Harbor Yacht HavenSafe Harbor Yacht HavenSafe Harbor Yacht HavenSafe Harbor Yacht HavenSafe Harbor Yacht Haven