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Dolphin Marina & Restaurant

$3/ft - $4/ft


Day Trip
Not Offered
515 Basin Point Road
South Harpswell, ME 04079
Check-in after 02:30 PM
Check-out before 11:00 AM
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85 Reviews

by laurielouns on Jul 02, 2020
Beautiful marina, great restaurant, fabulous staff!!!! And blueberry muffins and coffee delivered to your boat on the morning!!!

by jstevensoptima on Jun 26, 2020
Great services for marina needs and food is amazing from both the restaurant (Dolphin), Erika’s and Blueberry Mufins/coffee at 8AM delivered to our boar!!!

by dotster65 on Jun 26, 2020
Perfect! As usual! Awesome staff, awesome food and drinks.

by dclee on Jun 25, 2020
The folks at Dolphin Marina are SO hospitable. A great deal for $35. I’ll be going back!

by hoop533 on Jun 22, 2020
Great staff, great restaurant, great view, I sail these waters regularly and stay a Dolphin 2 or three times a year. Never disappointed,

by bnewberry04110 on Jun 22, 2020
Always the best service on the coast of Maine!

by kturner on Jun 21, 2020
Great marina, immaculate, wonderful Services! Dock hands are attentive and very capable. Restaurant was top notch!!

by llarsen on Jun 21, 2020
Elliot, the dockmaster greeted us and got us into our slip right away. We ordered dinner from the restaurant, and had it delivered to the boat. The food was great, and the facilities are well kept. The coffee and blueberry muffins delivered to the boat in the morning was a nice touch. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to stay for a weekend.

by summerbreak on Jun 20, 2020
Great staff meals delivered to the boat is an outstanding service.

by gfhamilton on Jun 19, 2020
Couldn't be nicer. Blueberry muffins in the morning were wonderful as usual

by dragonflymaine on Jun 19, 2020
Wonderful dockage and helpful staff. Dinner at the restaurant was terrific. This marina/restaurant is one of our favorite go-to destinations when cruising. Always enjoy the best blueberry muffins delivered to your boat each morning.

by mk9606 on Jun 15, 2020
Nice docks and friendly staff. Top notch marina. Beautiful scenery all around. Restaurant is excellent with outdoor dining. Best blueberry muffins I've every had. Staff is handling the COVID situation in a very professional way. I'll be back again soon. Thanks Eliot.

by robinson on Jun 14, 2020
Dolphin continues to follow its practice of excellent customer service including the best fish chowda on the east coast

by dgooch1 on Jun 14, 2020
Dolphin is the most friendly and helpful Marina. Other marinas should come and learn from them, the Saxton family does it right

by boatski on Jun 14, 2020
We really enjoyed our overnight trip to Dolphin Marina this weekend - amenities were perfect for our needs, and the staff was unbelievable. We will definitely return!

by delfini on Jun 14, 2020
Dock staff is always welcoming and attentive as well as the restaurant. Morning coffee and muffins delivered to your boat is ALWAYS a treat too.

by jpowell on Jun 11, 2020
Prompt response when I called in on the HF channel 9. Launch came out to show me to my Maureen. We ordered dinner takeout from the restaurant which was served in a very efficient manner. Love this Marina. This is our first 2020 visit

by kmaine66 on Jun 07, 2020
The best! As always!!

by szrio on Jun 06, 2020
Excellent service just wish we were told that the muffins & coffee were to be delivered

by hcoon1 on May 27, 2020
The Dolphin Marina and Restaurant is doing everything it can within COVID-19 guidelines to assure visiting boaters have an enjoyable experience. Ordering from the menu is easy by phone or by text, and they deliver it right to your boat!! We will be back!

by plpoirier on May 26, 2020
Perfect hospitality as typical!!

by midmaine on May 18, 2020
Dolphin Marina never fails to offer 1st class service. Unlike other marinas, they're glad you're there, and genuinely want you to return.

by charlottesmiles on Apr 23, 2020
If you haven't had their chowder and a glass of white wine in their scenic restaurant- then you're missing out! The Dolphin is a destination I've been recommending to my yachting clients for ages... A couple of my dearest friends spent their very first overnight on their boat at the Dolphin and it set them up for a successful cruising career! Even Oprah enjoyed herself!

by stellapolaris on Sep 25, 2019
Super friendly and helpful launch driver. Excellent food at the Dolphin Restaurant and a good mooring site, although somewhat exposed when the wind is from the south (which is was). Beautiful Casco Bay location.

by dave2000s on Sep 13, 2019
One of our favorite spots on our summer cruise. Friendly helpful staff. Outstanding restaurant with an awesome view. Food is fantastic, wonderful.

by tjbalzano on Sep 11, 2019
Best stop in Casco Bay

by mfenderson on Sep 02, 2019
The dock hands were very accommodating. I like that they responded quickly to my reservation request. The blueberry muffins are the best!!!

by satorimiami on Aug 27, 2019
Great dock crew, docks and fabulous restaurant. Best morning blueberry muffins. This has been our tenth stay. We’ll certainly be back next year.

by emclarke on Aug 27, 2019
Always a nice stay and great dinner. Dock hands very helpful. Blueberry muffins and coffee in the am is a great treat.

by shambala on Aug 25, 2019
Great marina service and incredible dinner. Great food, good value, excellent staff.

by ultraccd on Aug 22, 2019
Marina is in a great location for exploring Casco Bay. The marina staff is very friendly and helpful. Fuel a little on the high side. The floating dock can use some TLC as planks for weathered with rough surface. The Restaurant is fabulous as evidenced by the large crowds at lunch and dinner.

by docfloss on Aug 21, 2019
Excellent place to stop! We spent an extra day there and it was wonderful, starting with the fresh coffee and blueberry muffins delivered to our boat, to the bikes they have available to use (and kayaks!). But the best part is the restaurant! Definitely plan to go and call ahead to reserve a time. It gets crowded! It is worth it for the lobster stew! We will definitely be returning. The only thing I would mention is it isn’t really in a “no wake” zone so you do get some wave action. Overall it was a great spot and we look forward to returning!!

by djrobertson on Aug 17, 2019
The marina was very responsive when we called for directions as we approached Potts Harbor. We got great assistance from the dockhands when tying up. The heads, shower and laundry are up to date and in good condition. We enjoyed the bluheberry muffins and coffee delivered to the boat each morning. When we asked to extend for an extra night the staff was very accommodating and found space for us despite having several large boats coming in. The restaurant is quite popular and was very enjoyable. There’s also a lobster-in-the-rough stand with outdoor seating right next to the marina. We didn’t eat there but the prices seemed quite reasonable. Dolphin always makes for a good stop!

by waterlillysteve on Aug 17, 2019
Great restaurant, great dock staff. Great marina!

by riddei63 on Aug 16, 2019
Fantastic facilities. Dock attendants literately "ran" to help us whenever we pulled in to the dock. Abundant space for every vessel with extra wide berths. Highly recommend.

by aquila on Aug 14, 2019
Nice people and we were well taken care of. The courtesy car is a big plus for grocery shopping in Brunswick.

by queenright59 on Aug 14, 2019
Beautiful setting, excellent service and delicious food! We will visit again.

by galatea on Aug 12, 2019
Excellent service as always. Tender leads you to your morning and hands you your mooring pennant. Very dog friendly grounds. Clean restrooms. And in the morning coffee and fresh blueberry muffins delivered to your boat. Few come close to their service. Only nit is common to most all marinas on the Maine Coast. Dingy dock is crowded. Often with oversized boats.

by lsc0818 on Aug 08, 2019
Dolphin Marina and Restaurant is one of those rare places that does everything well! Without exception the dockhands, waiters, bartenders, ALL work hard, know their jobs, and are polite and friendly. They are consistently aware and reacting to help without being asked. Chris and the rest of the Saxton family somehow manage to have a staff, year after year, that is top notch. They should write a book about hiring, training, and supervising people. Beyond that, the location, view, food, and of course!... the blueberry muffins and coffee delivered to your boat every day at both moorings and docks!.... are all wonderful! Our time in Maine always starts and ends with a few days at Dolphin Marina!

by roygreenwald on Aug 05, 2019
Wonderful helpful people

by jabrown on Aug 04, 2019
My wife and I have been cruising the US east coast for 30+ yrs - we can state without hesitation that the Dolphin Marina is the best marina we have ever visited. EVER!! Let’s dispense with some minor negatives mentioned by other boaters: 1) dock water is limited - they get fresh water from a well with restricted capacity. Come there with your water tanks full. They have a nice shower on shore. 2) the mooring field can be a bit rolly - lobster boats do go by, but this site is a quintessential part of the Maine cruising experience. Most of the time there is nothing to disturb the tranquility of the harbor. 3) Wi Fi access is limited and somewhat irregular - but if you are spending your time playing video games or streaming movies, you are missing the striking beauty of the place and the use of the Marina’s free kayaks and bicycles to explore the area. Now, for the almost innumerable pluses of the Dolphin: 1) you will not find a friendlier and more competent marina staff anywhere. From the moment you make your marina reservation to the minute you leave, the staff will be doing everything possible to make your visit truly memorable. They will give you precise approach instructions, their launch will guide you to your slip or mooring, they will hand deliver your mooring tether to you, they will ferry you back and forth to your boat on a moments notice, they will deliver free hot coffee and freshly baked blueberry muffins to your boat each morning. Also you can use their free courtesy car to reprovision, you can do your laundry using their free washer/dryer, and you get priority seating at their on-site restaurant. 2) the marina and restaurant are family owned and operated - no big marina chain rules and regs to deal with. Owner-manager, Chris Saxton, is a 24/7 all over, everywhere presence. You have a question, suggestion or complaint - he’s there to handle it for you. 3) the restaurant at the Dolphin is truly world class. You should not miss this culinary experience no matter whether you cruise, drive, bike or hike to Maine. We especially love their fish chowder and the blueberry muffins which come with every meal. You will note that the marina parking lot is always full - the cat is out of the bag on this place. I could go on and on, but I am running out of ink. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Miss the Dolphin at your peril! All your friends will have already been there. Jim Brown and Barbara Boykin aboard Ariel, Kadey Krogen 44011 August, 2019

by shelleywparsons on Aug 03, 2019
Great service. Great scenery. Great food.

by carolvac on Aug 02, 2019
The Dolphin cane very highly recommended by good friends. We were celebrating a 60th birthday and thought it would be great to stay at a 5 star marina. The blueberry muffins are great, but the mooring field is pretty choppy. Even the marina launch drives through the morning field creating a wake. There is complementary shower and laundry facility. We did use the washer and dryer but not the shower because there’s only one and there was a 5 person line when we wanted to shower. We would have liked to fuel up, get water and a pumpout before we left, but they limit each boat to 5-10 gallons (just enough to cover 2 showers for 2 people) so we didn’t bother with the fuel and water. We did use the manual pumpout dock. It’s pretty small for a 39’ sailboat to dock on, so we were grateful that a friend offered to dinghy over to assist. I doubt we’ll be back. We did dine in the restaurant as part of our birthday celebration and I would probably wouldn’t go back there either. Six of us had dinner, but it took over 5 min for the 6th person’s meal to arrive. So the rest of us just sat there and let our food get cold while we waited. The food itself was okay, but not as special as other reviews have stated.

by rapiti on Jul 29, 2019
All good, as usual. I wonder how many blueberries they consume in a week?

by aswill374 on Jul 29, 2019
Wonderful job of welcoming and taking care of cruisers. Coffee and Maine blueberry muffins out to the boat was a treat.

by wcochrane on Jul 28, 2019
Great location, nice people, great food at the and blueberry muffin in the morning! what's not to like!

by gym on Jul 28, 2019
Their is nobody better than the Dolphin, it has it all.

by jessephen on Jul 28, 2019
Lovely facilities and well kept except they have only one shower (it’s wonderful) and only 1 washer/dryer (it’s free!). It’s a busy Marina so this is not adequate. Also be is a lumpy/rolly place...the lobster boats have no problem throwing a big wake early in the morning. They do bring fresh blueberry muffins and coffee to your boat every morning and the muffins are truly special! There just isn’t much near Harpswell to do but it is a lovely property.

by sheilasteele on Jul 27, 2019
Best customer service of all! Great restaurant!

by mzimet73 on Jul 23, 2019
This is N47 Mari Mi’s second season cruising Maine and one of our most enjoyable stops is the Dolphin Marina and Restaurant. This family owned and operated marina and restaurant is tucked in Pott’s Harbor, just “downeast” of Portland. The natural beauty, the great customer service, the amazing “dock-delivered” blueberry muffins, and one of the top restaurants in Maine, makes Dolphin a must stop. There are a number of bike and walking trails nearby, dinghy excursions to Eagle Island State Park and surrounding islands, and a free courtesy car to run into town for supplies. Bikes and laundry are free!

by glennbig on Jul 22, 2019
Great location, great service. Only drawback is they were low on water in their well and had we could not hook up to their water other than to fill our holding tank.

by annwhitcomb on Jul 19, 2019
Fabulous greeting at arrival; good restaurant; blueberry muffins & coffee delivered to boat.

by cobsail on Jul 17, 2019
Great spot for a day visit or an overnight stop. Have been coming here for years and have always been impressed by the staff, facilities, and food - and on top of that it always seems to be improving! Hot coffee and fresh blueberry muffins delivered to your mooring every morning - what's not to like? Highly recommended.

by ja3365 on Jul 13, 2019
Great stop! We’ll be back!

by k1swanson on Jul 10, 2019
Fantastic marina. Fantastic staff. Went for our first time and returned 5 days later because it was so pleasant. Plus, they opened the bar area early so we could watch USA win World Cup!! Great experience all round.

by sgrobinson2011 on Jul 08, 2019
The customer service at Dolphin is excellent and is the standard by which all marinas should be measured.

by morninglight on Jul 08, 2019
Dolphin Marina is one of a kind. Everyone who works there is helpful and nice. They have kayaks and bikes for your use, and the bathrooms and shower are lovely. Coffee and blueberry muffins to the boat in the morning seals the deal. Not to mention one of the best restaurants around. Our favorite marina by far!

by cyncysmith on Jul 05, 2019
Dolphin Marina is fabulous!

by erbas34 on Jun 30, 2019
By far the best marina on the Maine coast and perhaps the east cost. They certainly deserve the #1 Marina rating award they received and will probably receive it again this year

by rhs on Jun 24, 2019
Amazing service, extremely nice and courteous marina employees. They definitely go way beyond expectations to make your stay easy and enjoyable. Excellent restaurant. A great place to visit. Highly recommended

by weseale on Jun 09, 2019
Great marina. Great food. Great staff.

by ostrea on Jun 02, 2019
Always wonderful service both at the marina and restaurant. Such friendly and professional dock hands and our meals at the restaurant were perfect as well as our view from our table overlooking the harbor!

by svrocinante on Sep 08, 2018
Well, it’s been 4 months since we last set foot in a marina. There’s nothing wrong with them and plenty of cruisers hop from marina to marina enjoying the many amenities they offer; but we have found them to be mostly disappointing… until now. Dolphin Marina is exceptionally well run with an unmistakable emphasis on customer service! We loved the marina, loved the staff, loved the restaurant, we highly recommend it and will stay with them again next time we head north. It started with the great followup on my original phone inquiry, then we show up and a launch comes out to pick up and hand you the mooring pennant… hand you the mooring pennant! As if that’s not enough, then they come around every morning to your boat with complimentary coffee & blueberry muffins! We used the courtesy vehicle to go into Brunswick to re-provision, we did laundry and in between loads, enjoyed exceptional calamari & cocktails overlooking Potts Harbor! Needless to say, we stayed longer than we had intended, enjoying the views, their hospitality and the lobster! Let’s not forget the lobster! Carlos & Maria S/V Rocinante

by gettinlost on Sep 05, 2018
Very nice marina & restaurant.

by ricknan on Aug 22, 2018
10 stars! Best Marina experience in Maine.

by lvseeley on Aug 21, 2018
One of our favorite marinas. They have complementary bikes and kayaks, a courtesy car, amazing shower with shampoo, conditioner, body soap and lotion. Amazingly friendly staff. And the restaurant is top notch!

by giapage on Aug 21, 2018
This marina exceeded our expectations. The dock hands were very attentive and friendly. Dock hand by day, bar back at night. The owners are on site assisting customers both at the marina and in the restaurant. The restaurant was busy for a Sunday night but boaters receive priority seating. We did not take advantage of the kayaks or bikes that are available due to time constraints but we sure did enjoy the blueberry muffins that was delivered right to our boat in the morning. We will definetly return.

by timdreisbach on Aug 14, 2018
Dolphin. Easy for Mariners to find even in thick Maine fogs.

by kgilly on Jul 06, 2018
The Dolphin Marina never fails to impress us with the dedication to the amenities and customer service! Another five star year!!

by rjefferysr on Aug 27, 2017
The best! 100% deserving of it's top three in the world ranking on Active Captain

by rhrubin on Aug 24, 2017
Very friendly and helpful crew. They come right out and show you to your mooring, and even hand you the pennant line. The launch service comes right out. In the morning they provide blueberry muffins and coffee. The Dolphin restaurant is excellent. During the day their are for use and they'll provide scenic point recommendations. As an indication of how pleased we were, we extended our stay.

by bckma on Aug 14, 2017
Great facilities, great staff, and oh the blueberry muffins and coffee in the morning!! On site restaurant also first rate. We'll definitely be back.

by kchace on Aug 12, 2017
These people really know how to make a boater feel welcome and they've even improved their already great facilities.

by brookhelena on Aug 12, 2017
Excellent! Returned again during our four day vacation! The staff is super friendly & helpful! They deliver coffee & their famous blueberry muffins first thing in the morning!! We would highly recommend staying with Dolphin Marina! ⚓️

by pschrodel on Aug 08, 2017
Fabulous food and customer support. Very friendly and helpful staff.

by intrepid51785 on Aug 02, 2017
One of the finest marina experiences we have ever had. They employ 92 people to keep everyone happy and everyone working there is helpful, kind, and polite. Both Mrs Saxton and her son, Chris, visited our table at dinner (which was outstanding) to welcome us to their facility. There was no difficulty in handling our 51 Endeavour on a mooring right off the dock. Great stopover.

by psmith on Jul 18, 2017
Excellent. The staff is really nice and helpful. The marina is new. Nearby restaurant has very good food.

by svexile on Jul 13, 2017
Super place. The new boathouse is a great addition!

by billt on Jul 11, 2017
Fantastic! Love the place.

by kgk on Jun 26, 2017
The Dolphin sets the standard for service and facilities for boaters. The new shower and bathrooms are wonderful and the store is a nice mix of gift items and refreshments (we ran out of tonic and thankfully they had in the cooler). The restaurant is fantastic and has amazing views over the anchorage. Definitely should be on your summer boating schedule.

by threechiefs on Jun 26, 2017
The Dolphin is great. The Staff is super helpful, location is perfect, restaurant is great. Will be coming back more and more

by jimeappl01 on Jun 26, 2017
Service and facilities are excellent.

by rogerf on Jun 23, 2017
Lots of improvements since our last stay a couple years back. Chris and the staff are very professional and welcoming. The new bath house and shop is really nice and the restaurant has some of the best views and food along the coast. Blueberry muffins are worth the trip alone!

by peterasche on Jun 10, 2017
Flawless, friendly and professional. The Marina and Restaurant grounds are very well kept. The new additional longer face dock will help encourage more cruisers and locals to make this a dinner destination. We came as cruisers on a northerly run up from Norfolk, thought we'd give it a try and are very glad we did. This is our new 'go to' place to bring our guests from away who want to experience the best of Maine.

by jimnelson on May 23, 2017
We were very pleased with our two night stay at Dolphin Marina. They responded immediately to our call on the radio and had a dock attendant waiting to catch our lines as we came alongside. The facility is recently ungraded and in great shape and the new restaurant is quickly becoming a destination eatery for locals and visitors. Best of all, in the morning they brought by coffee and their famous blueberry muffins. Highly recommended.
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About Dolphin Marina & Restaurant

Our marina facility is centrally located in the heart of Casco Bay, the gateway to Downeast Maine. Sitting at the tip of Basin Point, on the water's edge of Pott's Harbor we are a premiere destination for seasonal mariners, transient boaters, and cruising yacht clubs exploring the coast of Maine. With direct, deep water access from the ocean, and protected by the surrounding islands of Bailey, Haskell, Flag, Eagle, Horse, Birch, and Whaleboat, Pott's Harbor is a picturesque harbor to enjoy for a few hours, while you have lunch, or a few days, while you explore secluded coves, pebbly beaches, and even a lighthouse, Half-Way Rock.


  • Gas
  • Diesel
  • Water
  • Electrical


  • Dry Storage
  • Floating Docks
  • Groceries
  • Ice
  • Launch Ramp
  • Launch Service
  • Laundry
  • Maintenance Facilities
  • Medical Facilities w/in 5 Miles
  • Pumpout
  • Restrooms
  • Restaurant
  • Ship Store
  • Showers
  • Travel Lift
  • Winter Storage
  • Wireless Internet



Dolphin Marina & RestaurantDolphin Marina & RestaurantDolphin Marina & RestaurantDolphin Marina & RestaurantDolphin Marina & RestaurantDolphin Marina & RestaurantDolphin Marina & RestaurantDolphin Marina & RestaurantDolphin Marina & RestaurantDolphin Marina & RestaurantDolphin Marina & RestaurantDolphin Marina & RestaurantDolphin Marina & RestaurantDolphin Marina & RestaurantDolphin Marina & Restaurant