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Town of Marblehead Harbormaster



Day Trip
Not Offered
9 Ferry Lane
Marblehead, MA 01945
Check-in after 02:00 PM
Check-out before 12:00 PM
VHF 16
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28 Reviews

by grande on Dec 03, 2019
Great service as usual. Favorite stop
Marina Response:
Thank you for the nice review. We enjoyed having you !

by calebaamy on Oct 06, 2019
premium facility and mooring location
Marina Response:
thank you...come again!

by pamelalee5 on Sep 30, 2019
As always, we had a great stay here. They are always so pleasant to deal with. :)
Marina Response:
Thank you, it is always a pleasure to see you!!

by cbrobinson on Sep 20, 2019
Tiny dock for just a few boats but if you are lucky enough to get a spot, grab it. Wonderful location in a charming town.
Marina Response:
thank you for your kind words. We would love to extend our docks to accommodate more vessels but as you may have noticed, our little harbor is packed. We currently have a 20 year wait for a mooring and that leaves little room for expansion. Hope to see you soon!!!

by pl1964 on Sep 20, 2019
Loved the town of Marblehead, visitor mooring we'll maintained but very rolley. went along side for water and tried to find harbourmaster - (who is now in different building) but no face to face, only communicated by email. It would be alot more pleasent to actually see someone. No help with lines just instructed by email to leave the dock! Shame as all other American harbourmasters I have met have been very welcoming, present and helpful.
Marina Response:
I am sorry you had a bad experience. We have been in the same building for over 5years now so I am sorry if there was any confusion there. I as the Harbormaster was called out to assist other matters so I cannot always be present but did speak with you on the phone to help resolve reservation payment. As for assistance at the dock, we as a crew did not have a reservation to expect so the crew was unavailable to assist. I can assure you we always offer assistance to our reserved dockage guests. You where only asked to leave because you had requested to come along side to retrieve water. After 4 hours you where still along side and due to the high demand for our docks that extended your visit. I hope this explaination will provide you with a more welcoming and pleasurable visit next time. Your comments help us be a better facility. Thank You Mark Souza Marblehead Harbormaster

by jeminwy on Sep 02, 2019
Good facility although a little pricey. But the inner moorings worth it. Outer moorings very rolly from boat traffic. They are adjacent to channel and the beginning of the no wake zone. Weather is also factor in the outer moorings. Ground tackle great. Shower and laundry provided. Good location for town.
Marina Response:
I will have to check the average price for moorings again. We thought we were right in line will all of the amenities we offer at $50.00 per night. I am glad we were able to re arrange things on the inner harbor to give you the extra nights we did on our utility mooring during this very busy weekend. We will always do our best to accommodate you. Thank you for the feedback.

by smeister on Aug 21, 2019
Great dock and people.
Marina Response:
thank you we enjoyed having you!!

by jbishopjr on Aug 18, 2019
We stayed on the dock for two nights. We had a very good experience. The dockmaster met us on arrival. The facilities were clean and modern, and convenient to Marblehead points of interest.
Marina Response:
We enjoyed having you...see you soon!

by jskanenh on Aug 10, 2019
The harbormaster met us at the dock which was a bit.if a tight squeeze hut made sure we docked safely. Unfortunately we had another boat come in that nignt at 3 am and the occupants were quite loud. The harbor master was there quite quickly and controlled the situation. Marblehead itself was lovely with excellent shops, history and a newlt renovated landing served excellent food.
Marina Response:
We have very limited dockage available in Marblehead so we do try to accommodate as many vessels as possible. I am so happy to hear that your concerns were handled in a timely manner and you enjoyed your stay. thank you for the feedback as we use it to constantly improve our facility.

by tmaunder on Aug 08, 2019
First time to Marblehead and we will return. Had space on one of the floating docks. Mark and his team were very helpful and welcoming. Facilities were convenient and clean. Agree that not everybody observes the 'no-wake' rule especially the Yacht Club tenders.
Marina Response:
So sorry, we are constantly battling the yacht clubs over the "no wake" rule. Thanks so much for the nice review and we hope to see you again soon!

by albion on Aug 06, 2019
Docked at one of the floating docks & had an amazing time. Fantastic weather and awesome neighbors - we were next to the Harbormaster's boat. Since there's water on the dock I was able to clean my boat which was a real plus. Had a blast walking around Marblehead and checking out the sites. The harbor is active so lots of great people & boat viewing. Will definitely return and definitely recommend.
Marina Response:
It was our pleasure having you! We are very proud of our beautiful harbor and eclectic downtown area. hoping to see you very soon

by jkqx39bukqgtbtnkftir on Aug 04, 2019
Surprised and happy to get a virtually short notice reservation. Phone contact was pleasant and upbeat. On arrival, three professional staff made the approach and dockage on a very windy day stress free....made me look good at the helm. The docks are very stable and clean. Lots of interesting harbor boat traffic but the no wake enforcement makes it very comfortable even at busy times. We were right in the heart of historic Marblehead. Need I say more. Will put Marblehead on our cruising itinerary every year!
Marina Response:
thank you so much for your kind words about our wonderful harbor and facility. it was our pleasure to have you visit.

by aswill374 on Jul 29, 2019
Came Friday late afternoon and missed the close of the office at 3p. Were not able to get in touch with Dockmaster for access code for facilities even on Saturday until a big mega yacht came in to dock. Dockmaster appeared for their docking and we got the codes. Nice facilities but over all we did not feel very welcome. Very busy and crowded.
Marina Response:
So sorry this happened to you. We are new to Dockwa and our business is growing faster than our staff is. We are already addressing this situation so we can make sure someone is available to help people coming in on the weekends. We are also going to add the access codes to our welcome email. We appreciate your feedback and use it to constantly improve our facilities.

by tadf on Jul 22, 2019
Lousy! Harbormaster put us on the furthest away buoy saying there were no others and all day long we saw their buoys going unoccupied. The no wake zone is non-existent so the further out you are the rougher it is. When we went ashore the harbormaster directed us to the wrong dinghy dock where we proceeded to get yelled at for docking there. The waterfront is pretty disjointed and after spending a few hours ashore decided to head out for another location. It will not be on our 'Places to return to" list.
Marina Response:
I am so sorry you had that experience. Our outer harbor moorings are for vessels over 35'power /40'sail generally and yes are not the most pleasant place in bad weather I am sorry the crew did not mention that to you. We had 2 regattas in the harbor and the Harbormaster crew was spread pretty thin but that is no excuse. Moorings in Marblehead harbor are permitted to individual, privately owned boats so if you saw empty moorings they are not under our control. All inner harbor moorings were booked for the entire weekend. We appreciate your feed back and use it to constantly improve our facility. Again, my apologies on behalf of the harbormaster crew for any miscommunication. Please give us another chance and email me through dockwa...Terri, office Manager

by dbappe on Jul 19, 2019
Great location, easy walk to town, professional and helpful staff
Marina Response:
thank you so much...we really are in a beautiful location.

by allisonbateman on Jul 18, 2019
Love this place. Great dock and very knowledgeable harbourmasters. Fun town
Marina Response:
thank you so much for the nice review...we enjoyed having you

by willardbeacon on Jul 06, 2019
the dock was ready for our arrival and in great shape. after tie up, it was time to use the dock supplied electric power. the planned plug in gave me difficulty but along came assistant harbor master Charles Cullinane. He tried the plan plug in. Then he decided to try another outlet but my power cord short so Charlie loaned me one of the harbormasters cord and the day was saved. great service many thanks Charles
Marina Response:
Charles has been with us for many years and is definitely an asset to our operation. Thank you for your kind words...we look forward to seeing you in the future.

by lakemusser on Jun 25, 2019
Great stay on mooring number 2 at the mouth of the inlet. We put the reservation in as we were sailing by and decided to stop. A quick radio call to the harbormaster and he confirmed a mooring for us. Thanks for the great support.
Marina Response:
stop in anytime...thank you

by mpkindle on Sep 08, 2018
Tucker's Wharf is located perfectly at the center of Marblehead's Old Town which makes it a charming and delightful destination. The Landfall is great for dinner while the Driftwood is a local breakfast favorite. And you can't miss enjoying a spirit at Maddy's Sail Loft. There are plenty of shops and services to amuse and help. Mark and his team are gracious, welcoming, and helpful Harbormasters.
Marina Response:
Thank you so much for your review. we enjoyed having you visit our beautiful harbor!!

by charis on Sep 06, 2018
Harbormaster staff were great. Men's shower was filthy. Main issue is a 300% rate increase since the last active captain review with no advertised notice until getting to the dockwa reservation. More a reflection of what I have seen with dockwa and the use of it to justify ridiculous mooring rentals. I will use this site in the future to figure out which harbors to avoid and will gratefully thank the ones that have kept rate increases modest and do not require payment with my thumbs. Some of us still sail to distance ourselves from forced internet interaction.
Marina Response:
thank you for your review, we use this feedback to constantly improve our facilities.

by lasflyer on Sep 01, 2018
They were very helpful allowing me To move my boat to a mooring in a more protected location.

by corvus on Aug 29, 2018
Very Helpful harbormaster and staff. Excellent location and adequate shoreside facilities.
Marina Response:
thank you so much, we truly enjoyed having you

by k7ue2znp8rqtt64eahjb on Aug 24, 2018
Great little harbor (jam packed with boats on mooring balls).

by rov1gh65 on Aug 07, 2018
Friendly staff and great facilities, including washer and dryer free to use. Only drawback is the price at $5/foot.
Marina Response:
Thank you for the nice review. We include all amenities including power and water on our docks so that is the reasoning behind the price. Thanks again and hope to see you soon!!!

by bobleonard on Aug 06, 2018
Courteous, pleasant, efficient. We came in after hours and found everything set up as promised. Easy access to amenities. Friendly , informative folks as we found our way to recommended watering holes. All good.
Marina Response:
thank you for the nice review, come back soon!

by risailorgirl on Jul 22, 2018
Wonderful stay in Marblehead. The Harbormaster and team set us up with a fantastic mooring that was very comfortable and so close to everything that we didn't even put the motor on our dinghy! We look forward to coming back again!
Marina Response:
Thank you for the nice review. We enjoyed having you !

by dbelletete on Jun 14, 2018
The Harbormaster was great, very accommodating. It was a little inconvenient not to have a launch service, or showers. Fortunately we where able to finagle something with the help of the harbormaster. We had a nice stay.
Marina Response:
I apologize that you were not made aware of our Shower and laundry facilities. We are new to "dockwa" and "" and are still navigating our way through. We have recently made the addition of a launch service for our inner harbor moorings only for an additional $25.00 per night. Hopefully all of our growing pains will be done by your next stay. Thank you for the nice review in spite of our shortcomings, it is much appreciated! Terri Office Manager

by bostonsailor on Jun 04, 2018
Arrived late on a Friday night and had no trouble coming in and finding our mooring. Location is tucked away deep in the harbor, so well protected and calm water. Good spacing between moorings.
Marina Response:
Thank you for the nice review. We enjoyed having you !

About Town of Marblehead Harbormaster

Tucker's Wharf does not have slips but linear floating docks, 5 guest moorings in our inner harbor with a 40' maximum length and 7 at the mouth with a 60' maximum length. We have 30/50 amp power and water on our docks. Shower and laundry facilities and a small galley providing a coffee pod system, toaster oven and microwave. We offer launch service through the Boston Yacht Club for our inner harbor moorings only for an additional $25.00 per night. Dinghy tie-up for our guests is included in the basic price for a mooring and marked on our reserved docks with a yellow cleat. Located a short walk to Marblehead's "Old Town" historical sites, restaurants, grocery store, package store, boat supply and many other unique shops.
Marblehead is one of the most picturesque harbors in the country and is known as the "Sailing Capital of the World" and the "Birthplace of the American Navy".

Booking Info

  • Please be Advised: Dinghies are to be securely rafted alongside your vessel, NOT hanging off the stern
  • Launch Service: Available for a $25 fee
    • Use the Special Request field to request at time of booking (preferred)
    • Request via Dockwa Chat if your reservation is already confirmed or pending approval
    • Requesting launch service in advance allows us to provide launch drivers with your vessel info and mooring assignment ahead of time

Vessel Restrictions

  • Maximum LOA on inner harbor moorings is 40’
  • Maximum LOA on Outer harbor moorings is 60’


  • Electrical


    • Floating Docks
    • Launch Service
    • Laundry
    • Pumpout
    • Restrooms
    • Restaurant
    • Showers
    • Wireless Internet



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