City of Paducah Transient Docks


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500 North Riverfront
Paducah, KY 42001
Check-in after 03:00 PM
Check-out before 11:00 AM

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139 Reviews

by Katherine C. - Verified user on Nov 09, 2023
Great spot. Would be better with more security. A few non boaters were on the docks at night.

by Richard C. - Verified user on Nov 07, 2023
Great place to stop so long as you are on the inside of the dock. Very helpful fuel handler, just had to wait for his arrival as the dock is not manned. Town is a 10 minute walk away, interesting with many restaurants and the Quilt museum. Would definitely stay again so long as I was on the inside!

by Larry C. - Verified user on Nov 05, 2023
Nice Stop. No gas or water but enjoyed a great burger and fries at the Over Under Pub

by Linda S. on Nov 03, 2023
Great stay in a great town. Communication from the office was excellent.

by William C. - Verified user on Nov 03, 2023
They were working on electrical so no electric and had shut off the water. Should have discounted the stay otherwise was good đź‘Ť

by Gerard B. - Verified user on Nov 02, 2023
We knew there wasn’t any power, water, fuel, etc., but the price should have been reduced for that. Trash cans were overflowing.

by Henry H. - Verified user on Nov 01, 2023
Well it seems to be unfair to charge full price when there is no power...!

by Chris F. - Verified user on Oct 31, 2023
The dock is on the river and everything that comes by leaves a wake but after three long days in the rain it was great to have a dock to tie to. The city people were great about making us welcome and finding space for us. The location is within easy walking distance to restaurants and shopping. It was a welcome stop.

by Keith T. - Verified user on Oct 30, 2023
Great location and nice docks.

by Gary Z. - Verified user on Oct 29, 2023
The dark was in good shape, the area around it was nice. The only downside was the lack of power. But we knew that going in.

by Daniel M. - Verified user on Oct 27, 2023
The Paducah transient dock is extremely sturdy. There are no restroom or showers. There is a quilt museum, Mariners museum and lots of restaurants and bars within walking distance of the dock

by Tim V. - Verified user on Oct 27, 2023
The docks are nice and wide, but had no power during our stay on October 26. Nice town in walking distance. Alot to do there. No restroom or showers, although there was a public restroom within a short walk but it was locked when I went to use it at 630 am.

by Donna M. - Verified user on Oct 25, 2023
the docks are pretty good. We were on the inside so no issues. I wouldn't want to be on the outside. There is no breakwall and depending on barge traffic some of the boats were rocking quite a bit in the night. While we were there, there was no power or fuel. It's a fairly pricey stop given that there are absolutely no services or security.

by James L. - Verified user on Oct 23, 2023
We had power but they turned it off for season at 8 am next morning. There’s no restrooms, Wi-Fi or showers so cost seems a bit high. Really nice floating docks, good for docktails. Outside dock is rocky all night from barges waking. Feels safe here. Came in late so no time to visit the village.

by Kevin L. - Verified user on Oct 22, 2023
Probably the nicest Municipal Docks we’ve ever been to. Paducah has great pride in their waterfront and the Municipal Transient Docks reflect that.

by Michael B. - Verified user on Oct 21, 2023
Great little town with so much to do. Wishing we could have stayed longer.

by Charles C. - Verified user on Oct 21, 2023
Wonderful city to explore! Floating docks are in great shape with nice look out places as you walk up to the town.

by Keith S. - Verified user on Oct 21, 2023
Transient Dock was clean, modern, new in 2017. There is a nice park as soon as you climb the ramp, so its dog friendly. Electricity and water were very welcome after anchoring out for the 2 previous nights. The town was enjoyable for walking as it was only a block from the dock and had lots of shops and a choice of restaurants. We chose the cajun restaurant and it was really good.

by William S. - Verified user on Oct 20, 2023
Need close restrooms and showers.

by David B. - Verified user on Oct 19, 2023
It was exceptionally nice. Long trip from St. Louis heading south. A great place to stop. We have stayed here several times since it has opened. Stayed two days. Love it at the Paducah Marina.

by William H. - Verified user on Oct 19, 2023
Great dock but try to be on the inside if you can. Lots of water movement on the outside. Great little town as well!

by Martin S. - Verified user on Oct 15, 2023
Museum was great, murals are worth the stop alone. Town and shops very interesting.

by Jim A. - Verified user on Oct 15, 2023
Dock can be a little rocky at times. Inside better side to dock it is close to town. Cute town.

by Jay P. - Verified user on Oct 14, 2023
Nice facility. Really close to town. Easy docking and fueling. Need 36 hours to explore Paducah properly

by Steve S. - Verified user on Oct 10, 2023
Good place to tie up, no emenities though. They do have fuel, water, and pump out available

by Blake H. - Verified user on Oct 08, 2023
Docks were great, nice town. Would of given it more stars but zero facilities, no bathrooms, no showers. A Johnny On The Spot would of been nice. Other than that was great

by Tony G. - Verified user on Oct 06, 2023
Great dock and Paducah is a very interesting and welcoming place. Easy to book. No showers, but there is a public restroom in town. Exposed to wakes and weather. No security, and we never felt unsafe, but we had a steady stream of visitors on the dock, including a couple of loud partiers at 2:30 AM.

by Gary O. - Verified user on Oct 05, 2023
Great little transient dock. Great location in town. Would have given it 5 stars if they had dock carts available. It was a very long ramp to carry a lot of water and groceries. A dock cart would have helped a lot.

by Keith F. - Verified user on Oct 01, 2023
Need update their letter in regards to fuel And doc assistants availability. Great doc, unfortunately, no other services besides what's on the dock. Restrooms limited availability, third of a mile away.

by Richard W. - Verified user on Sep 28, 2023
We stayed at Paducah transient dock from Sept 20- Sept 24 , for BBQ on the River . We were disappointed in the docks this year. The 30 amp plug ins on the pedestal needs to be addressed, it kept tripping inside our boat. It wasn’t just our pedestal there was another boat staying across from us and their pedestal was tripping their boat as well. Docks were dirty with bugs on pedestals and electrical boxes, they could have easily been sprayed down. Also there was no trash can on the dock , we had to take our trash up the hill. When we stayed last year there was a trash can and docks were in complete working order and clean. Also we feel there needs to be a gate or something with a code to get on boat dock. The amount of local traffic walking the docks during the day and night was crazy. Most of the people walking the dock had respect for our property but several people asked if they could step on our boat and take pictures, we of course said no, and especially at night we didn’t feel comfortable leaving our boat unless someone from our group stayed behind to watch the boats.
Marina Response:
Thank you for writing this review and making us aware of the challenges you experienced while visiting Paducah. We will check in to the issues with the pedestals and ensure they are in working order. We appreciate your suggestions and will consider what can be done to continue to provide clean and secure facilities. - Parks and Recreation

by Dale K. - Verified user on Sep 24, 2023
Extremely safe and well maintained.

by Gary S. - Verified user on Sep 20, 2023
The dock is new and very well built. They provide a place to tie up, electricity, water, and fuel. I saw no one that represented the dock. There are no showers or laundry. The toilets at the top of the ramp were poti-polities. The town was great with lots to see.

by Kenneth W. - Verified user on Aug 23, 2023
The fresh water was not drinkable had a bad smell and was brown in color

by Kenny and Tammy M. - Verified user on Aug 20, 2023
The water from the dock had a brown tint to it so we couldn’t fill up our jugs for drinking/making tea, dead fish floating so smelled like dead fish and need some kind of security gate just for boaters. People walking the doc all night. Great place to stop, get off the boat and stretch your legs. Fuel/gas was expensive.

by James T. - Verified user on Aug 14, 2023
This is a very nice well built dock, good directions on approach on the booking site, excellent communications and responses through email and dockwa. Very quiet.

by Craig M. - Verified user on Jul 18, 2023
Excellent facility and friendly people. Will definitely come back.

by Bob N. - Verified user on Jul 11, 2023
Clean and everything went as expected

by Julie G. - Verified user on Jun 25, 2023
Nice docks with power and water, easy in and out. Fuel by appointment. We were the only boat here overnight. Super cool town with lots of walkable restaurants and shops. Unfortunately the boat was inundated with mayflies, had to keep canvas zipped up and clean up thousands of dead bugs off the decks in the morning. Yes, there was some dead fish unpleasantness, as has been reported, but I would take that over the bugs. High rating because ease of docking and needed fuel after 200 miles without any fuel stops. And cute town with stuff to do.

by Dean E. - Verified user on Jun 05, 2023
Docks in excellent working order and close to vibrant down town. Nasty odor, smelled like dead fish

by Bill R. - Verified user on May 17, 2023
We enjoyed the charming downtown restaurants and bars just a couple of blocks walk from the dock. The dead fish smell and debris in the dockage area was very unpleasant.

by Captain U. - Verified user on May 05, 2023
Getting someone to answer the phone was difficult. Getting someone to fuel our boat tooK some effort. No security. No showers/facilities —

by Patty S. - Verified user on Dec 13, 2022
We really enjoyed our stay at the Paducah docks. New docks and easy access to town. Some people had issues with reservations but we had no problems and enjoyed two nights at this transient dock.

by Vince M. on Nov 08, 2022
We had a fantastic stay in Paducah. We enjoyed exploring the charming downtown, eating at some of the terrific restaurants, and checking out the gift shops. We were amazed by the quilt museum. As Loopers, we greatly appreciated the opportunity to spend a couple of comfortable nights at such a well kept, clean, city dock and to be so close to town. Thank you, Paducah!!

by Vic R. on Nov 02, 2022
Great new docks, fun town. Adam the dockhand was really helpful when we had issues with dockwa payment. We enjoyed the city ambassadors, quilting museum, walking paths and bakery. Would stay again.

by Mike B. - Verified user on Oct 27, 2022
Nice clean dock. It’s obviously relatively new, well lit and close to town. Good cleat placement, power readily accessible. Fuel reportedly available with a call ahead but fuel dock not manned. No water, pump out, showers or laundry.

by Paul B. - Verified user on Oct 25, 2022
Nice place good views, only thing missing was bathrooms, water, and pump out

by Andrew H. - Verified user on Oct 20, 2022
No water or pump out facilities. Low water depth the land side of the dock. Otherwise a nice dock with town facilities nearby

by Joel S. - Verified user on Oct 16, 2022
It was a very nice place to visit but no bathrooms or showers. Town was very nice but many shops closed during visit.

by Graeme W. on Oct 13, 2022
Lovely place, lovely town, friendly locals. Two issues; 1) would be great to have a package drop-off location 2) check the email addresses on your webpage.

by Arien K. - Verified user on Oct 12, 2022
We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Paducha. Thank you Tony

by Cheryl H. - Verified user on Oct 12, 2022
Great stop! Lovely mural wall to read history about the founding of town. Great restaurants & park near marina. Sunday & Monday some businesses are closed, but not all. Enjoyed our stay- should have stayed 2 days!

by Kathryn P. - Verified user on Oct 10, 2022
Great dock! Looks new. Really fun City just half a mile away. The biking and walking trails are excellent. Good restaurants. Museums. Worth a stop.

by Ann B. - Verified user on Oct 10, 2022
It would help to have an assigned spot to dock. In addition there’s no protection from river traffic. Mary & the guys at the dock were very friendly & helpful!!

by Michelle D. - Verified user on Oct 08, 2022
Overbooked, no access to fuel, no help not that we needed it but would have been nice. The docks are very well built. Would skip if I had to and go to anchorage or keep moving. The phone number is at an offsite location and we're not helpful either. Very frustrating for everyone we have spoken to.

by Albert M. - Verified user on Oct 07, 2022
The dock is good but could’ve been bigger. We had some boats that rafted. Very easy into town. Kirchoff’s Bakery had wonderful fresh bread, pastries were delicious and were told the cookies were also. Had a great meal at Max’s Brick Oven. Menu was not just pizza, but full course meals also. Outdoor and indoor seating. Nice atmosphere. Town was great and Quilt Museum and mural painted flood walls are a must see for men and women. They were not your grandmother’s style quilt!

by Susan R. on Oct 07, 2022
The dockmaster could not have been nicer. Donnie, a Paducah Ambassador met us at the dock & walked us into town, he was fabulous. The dock is new and in great shape. However, the City needs to step up: having a pump out down for weeks & weeks (per boater comments) when you are the first marina many of us have seen in 200 miles is ridiculous; not having staff at the dock on VHF radio is UNSAFE.

by Sonja G. on Oct 03, 2022
Everything was very well maintained. Easy walk to downtown. Would suggest a few more or larger trash containers.

by Bob H. - Verified user on Oct 03, 2022
Dock was in great condition and very sturdy. If you need fuel just call the number and the city will send someone down. Easy walk into a great town with lots to see and do.

by David S. - Verified user on Sep 30, 2022
Excellent dock, quality material, wide and well kept.

by Jill M. - Verified user on Sep 29, 2022
Fantastic stop. So much to do. Great restaurants and pubs.... And don't miss the National Quilting Museum.

by Maggie T. - Verified user on Sep 26, 2022
Great location. Paducah is a fabulous town. We loved the Quilt Museum and the mural wall of town history. Dinner at Over/Under was excellent. There was a 11mph north wind the day we were there - glad to have had help getting the boat tied up. The dock is really nice. Some shoaling at the area where you come in at the end of the dock - keep to about 3 feet off the dock's end. 9 feet depth on the shore side of the dock. The only hard part was being able to come close to the end.

by Greg M. on Sep 24, 2022
The bad: Try as I might I could not get a response to my phone calls. I called no fewer than a dozen times over 3 days, left messages, and calls were never answered or returned. We needed fuel and it was 99 degrees and we have no generator. We needed to know if there was space available and if we could get fuel. Somebody has got to work the phones! We were calling in the middle of the day. Also we ran aground, or at the very least spun up a lot of mud. It is ridiculous how close to the dock you have to come in. Any more than a couple of feet (literally) off the end of the dock and you'll go aground. And our draft is only 3'3", so if we're hitting bottom many others will too. The good: John the dock attendant was fantastic. He squeezed us in for an overnight spot. We thought they were sold out; he went all the way up to the office to get his ipad and found a way to get us a spot. We were so parched from the heat and lack of AC that getting an electrical hookup saved us from having to go hours more on to Green Turtle Bay for power. We REALLY appreciated the extra effort and assistance he gave us.

by Jeff F. - Verified user on Sep 21, 2022
30 amp power plugs have a problem, troped (3) times with very little load. Switched to the 50 &ok. No staff @4:30 (list open till5) no pump out! Should refund money.
Marina Response:
Ahoy, Jeffer123! We're sorry you weren't happy with your experience, and hope you will consider docking with us in the future despite the issues that occurred on this visit. Typically pump out services are available, however we are having issues with that currently and so it is down for maintenance. Our dock is not staffed, and is operated through our Parks and Recreation department. Dept staff who provide services for the dock are not available after operating hours. Both of these concerns are advertised on our website to alert boaters before making reservations. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you, Paducah Parks and Recreation

by Teresa S. - Verified user on Sep 13, 2022
The Paducah dock and power pedestals were such a welcome site after three nights at anchor or at a tie-up on the Mississippi River. John ran down to catch our lines. Much appreciated. Trash bin is at the end of the dock. No restrooms but town is a short walk away. We had a peaceful night, rocked by passing tows. Thank you Paducah Transient Dock! Scott and Teresa GREEN EYES

by Jill P. on Aug 08, 2022
Perfect for what was described. The dock looks brand new and looks like it will make it through some serious floods. Staff was helpful and friendly. The town was an easy walk to museums and restaurants.

by David C. - Verified user on Jul 25, 2022
Staff was very nice, came to check on us. Good instructions on approaching and river conditions. Easy walk to good restaurants. They will need to dredge soon, depth going around end of pier to get inside space was reading 7 feet at normal river stage. Biggest problem is the need for a security gate. Kids drinking on the dock at 3am woke us up on the day we had to travel. I was concerned about the security of the boat if we were not there.

by William B. - Verified user on Jul 03, 2022
You dock attendants were great fueling and pumping out the boat. Gas & Diesel $5.99/ gal

by Timothy S. - Verified user on Nov 10, 2021
Clean facility with gas, pump out, water and electric. Staff was friendly. No security and none boaters were walking around the dock. Rocky night at rock from tows. Seemed a little expensive for what you get...

by Stuart L. - Verified user on Nov 09, 2021
Nice facility, great location.

by Cathleen R. on Oct 29, 2021
Very pleased with the dock set up and Adam's help in securing our boat. Loved the walk-ability of Paducah and the attractions. The National Quilt Museum is a must see, as well as the River Discovery Center. Dinner at Doe's was delicious! Highly recommend a multi night layover!

by James S. - Verified user on Oct 27, 2021
The service was excellent. The dock is great. The town is outstanding. Highly recommend it.

by Lisa V. on Oct 22, 2021
John and Adam work really hard at making it comfortable and safe for boats to come in. They are accommodating in meeting boaters needs and go out of their way to be helpful. They both have great personalities and treat everyone as family. They are what makes it great there. We were at the dock for 9 days and they helped to make every one enjoyable!

by Nelson E. - Verified user on Oct 21, 2021
The dock masters John and Adam were exceptional! John offered to come back to the dock after going home to assist us with docking. Had an issue with the diesel pump not working and it may delay us leaving.

by Christian C. - Verified user on Oct 20, 2021
It is well run a clean facility... the Fuel Pumps were chronically troubled by timing out... but all in all it was a great stay in a lovely community and we will be back either by boat or by car... Pump out services were without issue, power supply was good as was the water pressure...

by Val T. - Verified user on Oct 20, 2021
Very nice dock and close to everything but for the price I was really surprised there are no bathrooms, showers and Wi-Fi that really doesn’t work on the dock. Also, the fuel pumps aren’t working which can be a huge problem for some.

by Gena O. - Verified user on Oct 15, 2021
Wonderful docks, wonderful town, lots to see and do. Nice restaurants. Wish we could stay longer! City employees Adam and John took very good care of us. Thank you, Paducah!

by Sarah A. - Verified user on Oct 14, 2021
This was a welcome respite coming off the Ohio. John, the dock master will go way beyond expectations to accommodate virtually any need or request. Easy on and off the river with first class facilities. The docks are literally steps away from the incredible lower town area of Paducah. With so much to see and do in a historic district this should be considered as a multi-day stop.

by Deb M. on Oct 14, 2021
We were greeted and assisted at the dock by John. It was like we were old friends. The facility is great and the town welcoming. Each day here the staff worked with us and others to make room for the next to arrive. In the height of the Looper season they are ready for us. Thank you!

by Ron G. - Verified user on Oct 12, 2021
Beautiful new docks (Five years old) Diesel and gas fuel; full hook ups. Nice short walk into town with Shops, restaurants, bakeries.

by Steve S. - Verified user on Oct 10, 2021
Great stop, we enjoyed the beautiful City of Paducah and had lots of fun there.

by David K. on Oct 09, 2021
Paducah Marina is a great stop! The town is steps away with wonderful places to eat, (try Doe’s meatball sub and the scones and cinnamon rolls from the bakery!), historic places (quilt museum and train museum), and the local brewery is a must. But what really makes it such a great stop is John….the most wonderful person ever at the marina. He goes above and beyond to make sure your every need is met while in Paducah. You have one more member of your family when he’s there! The dock itself is new, clean, extra wide, and a great place to spontaneously gather with other boaters in the evening. Highly recommend this stop!

by Jeff W. - Verified user on Oct 08, 2021
We enjoyed our stay .

by Kathleen Z. - Verified user on Oct 07, 2021
Great location with respect to access to restaurants and museums. We sure wish a small market that sold a few groceries would open downtown. It would benefit tourists as well as locals who live/rent in the downtown area. Dock staff were friendly and helpful!

by Chris S. - Verified user on Sep 30, 2021
Paducah is a great stop! Wonderful staff (John is amazing), very nice city (restaurants, museums, brewery, distilleries, etc), pumpout and fuel available. Only thing missing is restrooms and showers.

by Kelly P. on Sep 26, 2021
Lovely stay in Paducah! Very clean, new docks, with electric and water. Staff was helpful in getting reservations. The town of Paducah is a treasure with restaurants and shops within walking distance. I would have given a better review had there been restroom facilities at the docks. Otherwise, this was a wonderful place to stay.

by Pam J. on Sep 25, 2021
Paducah is a great, historic city and we really enjoyed exploring the downtown. The quilt museum is a must see! The marina is a short walk into town. There is no Marina office on sight and you have to call to get help at the dock, there is rarely any marina staff on the dock. We stayed there 3 nights and checked the day before we left to see if we could get a pump out the morning of departure and they said we could. When we tried to get our pump out, we found out there was no electricity. One of the other boaters told us they had been notified of the planned outage, but no one told the rest of the boaters on the dock ( and apparently not the employee that told us otherwise). There are no bathrooms or laundry facilities. It was windy during our stay and several times boats on the outside wall pulled into the gas dock during the night because the rocking was so bad.

by Kyle T. - Verified user on Sep 24, 2021
The marina crew was excellent. Easy walking access to good food. Free wifi was OK. First night we were on the river side and got bounced pretty good by the passing barges but it quieted down by 11 PM and we moved to the inside for the second night and it was a lot smoother. Overall very nice stay.

by Jim H. - Verified user on Sep 24, 2021
Close to town. Excellent dock. Good electricity and water. Surprisingly calm and minimal current considering the exposure. Fuel and pump out, but no bathroom or other facilities.

by Adrienne L. - Verified user on Sep 23, 2021
Great place right by town so walking distance to lots! And fun town! I'm NOT a quilter so to hear so many people talk about the Quilt Museum was kind of a "yeah whatever" for me -- but it really was amazing art!! We actually spent a couple hours there! Great little distillery with samples (Silent Brigade Distillery) with amazingly knowledgeable and fun bartender! The murals are amazing...and axe throwing? Who knew! But great food (particularly the salads!) at Paducah Axe...on a lovely patio, so no, not in the line of the axes! Well worth the stop. I will say that we were outside on the marina so VERY rolly in the wind. And no restroom or other amenities.

by Thomas L. - Verified user on Sep 18, 2021
Loved the docks and the town. Would be a 5 with bathrooms.

by Cheryl I. - Verified user on Sep 17, 2021
John, the dockmaster was very nice and helpful. The walk to town was short and the historic town of Paducah was pretty cool. I loved the Golden Carrot, if you are into health food supplements and oils, it's a great place to visit. The 505 coffee shop was a neat place and the raven latte was yummy. It was a great stop!

by Courtney B. - Verified user on Sep 12, 2021
Close to town. Town is very nice with lots to do!

by Karma P. - Verified user on Aug 29, 2021
We really enjoyed our stay at the city dock. Adam was extremely helpful and guided us in.

by Michael R. - Verified user on Aug 04, 2021
Very nice docks. Short walk to downtown and good food

by Larry M. on Jul 29, 2021
We had a great time last weekend on your new transient dock and in downtown Paducah. A very professional staff greeting us when we arrived!

by Scott F. - Verified user on Jul 20, 2021
Nice new docks and location is great for shops and restraints. Diesel fuel lines barely reach my port fill while tied starboard side directly across from pump. also, pump out line didn't reach my Port side. this is a public dock with people walking by every 20 minutes looking into your boat. the worst part was the people bow fishing on the dock next to my boat. don't feel safe at this location being the only boat on the dock.
Marina Response:
Mr. Fakler, Thank you for your feedback. Many of our boaters dock, visit our downtown, then return to their boat for departure or their overnight stay. We have never had any reports of trespassing or vandalism to any boats. If a boater ever feels unsafe they should call the police. We apologize for the experience you had while visiting the Transient Boat Dock in Paducah. One of the great, crowd pleasing things about our boat dock is it's distance to downtown dining and shopping. The dock is also located in a park. Those 2 features make our dock a destination for river traffic as well as pedestrian traffic. Fueling and pump out is meant to be done on the southwest side of the dock and line lengths accommodate that distance. I will be sure to let our staff who assist with these items relay those messages to our boaters so that this process improves in the future. Again, thank you for your feedback. We will continue to work toward making our dock a premier place to visit. Amie Clark, Director

by Carol C. on Jul 18, 2021
Very nice wide dock. Good connections for power and water. Easy access to town and excellent National Quilt Museum. Ticket good for whole day so can go out for lunch and return. Amazing exhibits! Don't miss it. We will return on our way south to see what is showing then.

by Dave M. - Verified user on May 15, 2021
This is a great place to stay and visit downtown Paducah. Al and John, who work for the city, are both very helpful and welcoming.

by Lance C. on Nov 14, 2020
Overall a nice stop... restrooms aside, along with some shallow approaches, all was good.

by Richard C. - Verified user on Nov 10, 2020
Nice clean dock with a great river walk and easy downtown access to shops, restaurants, and a terrific bakery. Our group had a tough time finding it after dark, though, as it’s not mapped well on the website, Google Maps, or the newest Garmin charts. We were warned of shoaling downstream, so approached cautiously and did OK. We nearly tangled with fishing nets on the upstream approach, though, too. Once tied up, things were better. One of the 30 amp power outlets was loose and was outputting 70 volts; plenty of nearby alternatives made that easy to manage. Overall, we enjoyed Paducah and will be back — in the daylight and armed with this first experience.

by Juergen S. - Verified user on Nov 07, 2020
Outstanding facility and terrific service. The reservation process and feedback was prompt. John’s attention to details and friendly service was outstanding. Thank you for the wonderful experience.

by Jeffrey M. - Verified user on Oct 21, 2020
The Paducah transient dock is a really nice, newer facility with floating docks, gas & diesel & pump-out services. The best part, however, are the city employees who greet you & assist in getting you tied up & settled in. This is not a marina with further services but serves as a top-notch stop & gateway to a charming city.

by Christi L. - Verified user on Oct 08, 2020
Beautiful dock!!! Adorable town. Worth a visit for sure!

by Jeremy M. - Verified user on Nov 17, 2019
Jones was an excellent host, and waited for us a while after closing, in order to make sure we arrived safely. Paducah is a lovely town, within a few blocks walk. Safe and secure- excellent facility and staff!

by Maryanne T. - Verified user on Nov 09, 2019
Super helpful guiding us in and getting us tied up. Docks are in great shape. Plenty of depth for our sailboat.

by Tom L. on Nov 07, 2019
Great town docks. Docks and staff are excellent. Lots to do and see within walking distance. The only ding, is no bathroom facilities.

by Don M. - Verified user on Oct 24, 2019
New docks are awesome except a little trickey getting into the back side. Bathrooms were too far away so we didn't see them. Wifi poor.

by KT B. - Verified user on Oct 05, 2019
Jay and the rest of the dock staff were excellent.

by Gigi G. - Verified user on Oct 01, 2019
Nice floating docks, fuel, electric, & pump out and reasonable price. 10 minute walk into town with several good restaurants and bars. No marina office or other amenities. City employees come down to docks. Very friendly.

by April S. - Verified user on Oct 01, 2019
Nice stop in a cute town

by Jim S. - Verified user on Sep 30, 2019
John and his group did a great job! A real asset to the Paducah community!

by Anonymous on Sep 24, 2019
John, Jay, & Blaine, were the most helpful Dock personnel we have experienced in 4,000 miles. They were always available and would accommodate every request/need we had great job guys!!

by Stacy M. - Verified user on Sep 21, 2019
We only stayed 1 night but throughly enjoyed it. We were a late arriver but we were welcomed by everyone else staying on the dock. The next morning we took a short walk into town where the farmers market was going on. We also enjoyed breakfast at the Gold Rush Cafe. The dock hands were very helpful. They made sure to accommodate as many people as possible. We will be back since this is close to home.

by Paul B. - Verified user on Nov 10, 2018
Water being turned off but they didcall me to advise

by Anonymous on Nov 09, 2018
New dock, no current on the inside, easy walk to restaurants, fuel and free pump out available till 4:00 pm.

by Pam s. on Nov 02, 2018
Beautiful dock and the dock guy that helped us dock was very nice! Easy reservations. A little wakey but had to expect that being right on the River. Great location to the downtown area which we enjoyed very much! Would have given 5 stars has there been restroom facilities. Will definitely use again if we are back in the area!

by Mick A. on Oct 28, 2018
Coming through in 2015, I couldn't understand why Paducah had no facilities for cruisers. This has now been wonderfully resolved with the new docks. I hope the town reaps the benefits from all the cruisers that stop by. I grocery shopped and had dinner in town so hope I helped the economy in some small way. The docks are a superb piece of engineering and built at considerable cost. We appreciate the town's foresight.

by Evan D. - Verified user on Oct 21, 2018
The marina is a new town dock with capacity for several boats. Diesel fuel available (maybe gas too). New pump-out. Some minor wake from passing barges, but not too much. Stay on the inside of the dock if possible. No security, but it's not really needed here. Paducah is a great town and well worth an extra day. The Lower Town Arts District has great restaurants and shops. Really atmospheric.

by Robert R. - Verified user on Oct 15, 2018
Three reasons for a high rating: 1. This dock put this section of the Loop within reach for my small boat without carrying extra fuel. 2. Jaylon, the dock attendant was as helpful as could be and always had a smile. I attempted to tip him and he refused, saying it is not City policy. 3. It is first marina I encountered in many stops that carried ethanol-free Rec-90.

by Keith M. - Verified user on Oct 14, 2018
Great marina with floating docks, great power, and an easy walk into downtown for shops, museums, and restaurants. Highly recommended.

by caryl m. - Verified user on Oct 07, 2018
The docks and dock master were excellent. He was very busy, professional and functional. He would greatly benefit to have a vhf radio to give docking direction instead of yelling

by Allan S. - Verified user on Oct 01, 2018
Jon the dock attendant was great!!!! Very willing to help you. The problem they over book the dock all three nights which created a mess having to raft boats and boats taking the space on fuel dock. Of course there were unhappy boats with this but Jon rear is probably still sore but he did what he could to make it a pleasant stay. And Jon did not take the reservation.

by Ian A. - Verified user on Oct 01, 2018
Jon the dockmaster was superb. Only real snag at Paducah was that we found the wifi to be unusable. Couldn't log in.

by David R. - Verified user on Sep 30, 2018
Would suggest a full time dock master.

by Steve F. - Verified user on Sep 30, 2018
Paducah has a hice facility and Jon does his best to "tighten-up" the transients to get everyone in. However, they overbooked the night we arrived late, requiring a raft-up in the dark in adverse current. Anecdotally, this is occuring regularly this season. I believe that it's bad form to confirm a reservation and then re-sell that space for the same nite.

by Curt W. - Verified user on Sep 29, 2018
Top notch facility. Could use staff in afternoon to facilitate/organize docking.

by William D. - Verified user on Sep 13, 2018
Great new docks with self serve fuel and pump out. Very convenient to a very nice small town with several good restaurants

by Barbara C. - Verified user on Sep 10, 2018
Docks are an engineering marvel. 18 pilings, 3ft diameter 50ft high with a 300ft stainless steel ramp to the Riverside Park. No amenities, but brand new pedestals 30 & 50 Amp and water. Valvtect fuel. Right in Downtown. Best stop since Chicago. Although they do not have an office, they do respond by telephone and will be there to meet you.

by Norman M. - Verified user on Sep 10, 2018
Fantastic Dock that we will visit again and again. Within walking distance of the downtown with plenty to see and do! Re Stu rants and downtown merchants are many and the River Wall art and The Quilt Museum with the Ohio river are fun things to see. Thanks Paducah!!

by Michael P. - Verified user on Jul 06, 2018
Dock is nice, They have fuel, but no Wifi and no showers or bathrooms. The town is nice.

by Travis L. on Jul 05, 2018
This is a very nice transient dock, but good luck getting someone to answer the phone to come and provide fuel. We made reservations and docked in Paducah the weekend of June 29 - July 1, 2018. The website says fuel available 8:30 a.m to 5:00 p.m. seven days a week by calling a telephone number provided. However, I called the number all day Saturday and half the day Sunday and never got any answer. It was the weekend before the Fourth of July, and we never saw a single person affiliated with the dock, thus we had to pull out to go get fuel. Additionally, I paid for electric in my reservation, but because I could not reach anyone, I never used the electric. Maybe I was just expected to help myself to it, but I did not feel comfortable doing that without express instructions. Thus, I never used any electric for which I paid. Overall, the dock is physically wonderful and is a super addition to downtown Paducah, but don't rely upon it for fuel or any type of human assistance.

by Doug W. - Verified user on Oct 22, 2017
We arrived in the dark after Lock 52. Easy in and out. New docks and pedestals with electric and water. Fuel and pump out available by arrangement, contact information clearly posted. Easy walk in to town. Very helpful staff came by to check on us and answer questions/provide local information/suggestions. No washrooms, showers or laundry.

by gilbert p. - Verified user on Oct 10, 2017
Great location,great people, wonderful dock. Needs bathrooms and showers. Until they build their own they should consider partnering with the Holiday Inn to provide access to their facilities for a small charge. Hotels in Oswego, NY provide this service and is well received by the boaters.

by Phil S. - Verified user on Oct 06, 2017
Lovely dock and staff

by Lesley P. - Verified user on Sep 30, 2017
This is a transient dock, not a marina, so my ranking reflects that. Also it has only been open a week or so. The new dock is lovely and has both 50 and 30 amp power and water. They sell diesel and gas and have a pump out facility. The two guys who were running things were extremely helpful and great ambassadors for Paducah. When we were here the BBQ on the River festival was on, lots of food and live music! Also the National Quilt Museum is a block away. We loved our short stay in Paducah! There were some interested locals visiting the dock (it is open to the public) but there was a security person on the dock in the evening. What is lacking: the staff need portable VHF radios! A nearby place to buy ice and some basic groceries.

by Robert S. - Verified user on Sep 23, 2017
The facility is spot on, but there is no one on site to assist with docking. There are no assigned slips. They overbooked the marina the two nights we had reservations so many boats had to raft out and getting power to all the boats was a hassle. Maybe after a while they will figure out how to operate this facility, but for now expect problems.

by Dave J. - Verified user on Sep 22, 2017
Great facility in which we could tie up to either side of the dock. Beautiful downtown area within a couple of blocks from the dock with many great restaurants (some with live music), and cute shops. The town has cab and Lift services to stock up supplies from Wal-Mart or a local grocery store. We also enjoyed the 4 mile bike path just a couple blocks from the city dock. Could have stayed another day to take in the many museums. What a GREAT stop!!!

by Chip H. - Verified user on Sep 21, 2017
Great Faclity!! They really have a 1st class dock

by Gary - Verified user on Aug 22, 2017
the city is great but the docks have new construction issues , the city parks employees are the best.

About City of Paducah Transient Docks

November 3, 2023 Update - Power has been turned on at dock. We also have fuel.

*Please note: This is a transient dock. Packages cannot be delivered here. Our office is not located at the dock.

Call for fueling service. Boats arriving after 2pm will be serviced the next day. Limited hours of operation on Holidays.

The City of Paducah's new Transient Docks are a brand new installation on Paducah's riverfront.

The next generation is really why we're here today... The riverfront is the one common neighborhood for everyone in this area. The one neighborhood that everyone shares is the river, because after all, that is how Paducah got here.

The great old river is replete with history of the United States of America. I want to help the community enhance the river experience so that this common neighborhood that everyone has will be a place to go and enjoy yourself for years and years to come.

-- U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell (August 28, 2006 on Paducah's Riverfront)

Effective December 31, 2020 rates will go to $1.25 per foot

Booking Info

When submitting your reservation request, please include dinghy and swim platform in the length of the boat as we are a linear dock.

We can be reached DAILY from 08:00 AM - 04:30 PM to answer any customer service related inquiries regarding reservations, fuel pricing, or other information at the following numbers: - 7 days a week: 270-444-8508 or 270-538-9849 - Any calls, reservations, requested fuel pumping assistance, or other inquiries that come after 03:00 PM will be handled the next business day.

Reservations - Check-in: 3:00 PM - Check-out: 11:00 AM - Book online through Dockwa - credit card only, no discounts

Fuel Facility - Daily Hours: 7:30 – 3:00 - Credit card only - no discounts - Valvtech Products - Diesel - 90 Octane Non-ethanol Unleaded Gasoline - Free pump out with purchase of twenty-five gallons of fuel or more

Electric & Water - 9 Electrical/Water Mooring Pedestals Available - No water charges - Water/sewer operations are seasonally based - 30 AMP-12v - $5.00 - Dual 30 AMP-12v - $10.00 - 50 AMP-240v - $10.00 - Dual 50 AMP–240v - $20.00

Tax Rate - Due to recent legislation passed by the state of Kentucky, as of July 1st, 2018, docking and electrical fees will now include a 6% sales tax. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

Other Info - Mooring is available to transient boaters and their guests - Dock does not provide a security gate - Fishing and swimming are not allowed from the dock

Special Alert - Transient boaters are advised that a downstream shoal exists. To avoid grounding vessels, approach the dock perpendicular from the navigation channel.


  • Gas
  • Diesel
  • Water
  • Electrical

Listed Pump Prices

Last Updated on 11/29/2023 at 12:55PM

  • Regular Gas: $5.49

  • Diesel: $5.11


  • Pumpout
  • Hotel/Lodging
  • Restaurant



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