Flynn's Marina & Restaurant

$150 - $350

Not Offered

Day Trip
$50 - $125 per day includes voucher
One Cayuga Street
Ocean Bay Park, NY 11706
Check-in after 12:00 PM
Check-out before 12:00 PM
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39 Reviews

by leighcafiero on Jul 19, 2021
This was our first time using this marina and we are fairly new to boating. The harbor master, Joe, and his deckhand were amazing! As we approached the marina, they came on board and backed the boat into a slip and secured it! We enjoyed a beautiful day on the beach and had dinner at Flynn’s. We stayed til about 7pm, used the $50 voucher for dinner! Can’t beat free dock space! Highly recommend!

by searay5000 on Jul 14, 2021
Great spot. Tight dockage and can be a bit rocky in a north wind. Joe the Dockmaster is spot on and is super helpful.

by flizzee707 on Jul 13, 2021
Everything was excellent ! The Dock Masters Mike and Kevin are nothing short of superb and amazing! They made sure the boat was secured tight and also they assisted in my every need plus more! I would recommend the Rocket Fuel drinks at the bar !! Great time will definitely be returning again!

by emcm on Jul 12, 2021
Always a great time at Flynns! The dockmasters are great! They get you all set up for your stay. Will definitely be returning soon!

by farinacci82 on Jul 11, 2021
Place is mint! Dockmaster jumped right boat and Lee us to our slip. Tied up the boat in no time and we were set up. Can go back and forth to the boat all day. Looking forward to doing it again.

by densayelec on Jul 09, 2021
The dock hand joe is a great guy. He’s very knowledgeable and just good to talk to.

by oy on Jul 03, 2021
Made reservations and stayed for the day. Mike the dock master was impressive with his skills. He jumped on my 58 and tied it up better and faster than I could. We had lunch which was very good then went to the beach.

by seadreamer on Jun 15, 2021
amazing weekend, great dockmasters make the difference every time.

by rickontap on Jun 07, 2021
Kevin really has the skills to get any boat in the tightest and or the roughest conditions. Great people all around.

by whasseck on Sep 07, 2020
Great time. Dinner at Flynn’s was delicious too

by hwyltg on Sep 07, 2020
Great dock staff....great food

by stevedella on Sep 01, 2020
Awesome stay, the dock masters are amazing and very helpful. Food was good. Other boaters were very nice.

by akarl77 on Aug 31, 2020
Dock hands were great! The pilings and docks could use cleats too. Clean docks. Nice restaurant with good food.

by lakerivera on Aug 25, 2020
The Dockmasters are amazingly friendly, helpful and welcoming!

by nickraineri on Aug 24, 2020
The marina is a little tight , but the dock masters were both great and made it super easy. They tied up my boat and kept it secure and safe the hole day. I would highly recommend Flynn and can't wait to go back.

by tomcaporale on Aug 23, 2020
Everything was excellent. Access to bathrooms in the morning would be nice.

by jenn1114 on Aug 22, 2020
Always a great time staying at Flynn’s. Dock master Nick was super nice and helpful. Always hate leaving.

by jamesmckillop on Aug 21, 2020
I went in for the day, everything was great, dockmaster was a big help!

by zolexa1 on Aug 17, 2020
Had a good time, Dock peaple were great,

by adamandeve on Aug 15, 2020
Unfortunately, my boat failed to operate properly and so I could not visit Flynn Marina. We tried calling Flynn to cancel but no one ever returned our call.

by kterwilliger on Aug 06, 2020
Dock master was helpful and got us right into a slip. Food and drinks were great. Beautiful view of the sunset.

by sharten on Aug 02, 2020
Great time! Dockmasters were super! Jumped on our boat and helped us dock. Had a nice day at the beach and a yummy dinner at Flynn's.

by running516 on Aug 02, 2020
Crew were excellent

by cwalker328 on Jul 22, 2020
Joe Modica was AMAZING! So very helpful and kind. We’d come back just to see him. Haha

by bayle63 on Jul 19, 2020
Even with a reservation we were put outside and had to wait to be put inside. When dock master was asking who had reservations everyone said they did and really didn't. Need a better way that dock master knows who has RESEVATION!!!!
Marina Response:
We are sorry that you had to wait, we had two dock masters out there at the time, running around trying to see who had and who didn't have reservations. they were really doing everything they could.

by cpacarl on Jul 19, 2020
Dock Masters were awesome. However at night the marina became a frat house party. Loud music and partying. No marina bathrooms except when the restaurant is open. Narrow docks, limited access to bay. No access to clamming. Above average cost, required restaurant deposit on dining. If your over 40 don't bother coming, there are much better Marina's.
Marina Response:
Good to hear the dock masters were great! we are sorry that you were disturbed by the loud music and partying. the weekends do tend to be filled with the younger crowd, with the DJ, and partying. however, the weekdays are more family-oriented with no partying that goes on.

by ciavot on Jun 27, 2020
Dock master helpful. Restaurant staff attentive. Food excellent

by paulf on Aug 26, 2019
Due to weather changes we need to change our travel dates and found space at Flynn's last minute. That said this site is really a restaurant with a marina for smaller dock & dine boats who can and do stay overnight. We were told in advance and understood we would be docked outside the break water wall. What we did not expect was to have our 56' boat in an approximately 30' foot long slip. There was a strong wind out of the west, and due to the undersized slip, made it impossible to tie off to keep off of the piling because our bow lines even on our 2nd set of cleats only made spring lines. There is no radio monitored so we needed to jog outside the marina until the 1 overworked dock hand (Who was great!!!) got to us and we yelled back and forth to grasp where he wanted to put us. There is a very confusing dockage pricing structure that involves you paying a higher rate (That changes based on the size of your boat and the day of the week) then giving you coupons to use at their restaurant. Sort of forcing you to eat at their restaurant to bring your slip fee down. We did eat at the restaurant and the food and entertainment was great. Overall this marina needs to evaluate there facility and take reservations for boats that their slips were designed for or fully disclose that not only will it be a "Bit Rougher" outside as we were told, but you will also only be in half a slip if you have a larger boat.

by gooseglen on Aug 26, 2019
Everything great. Dockmaster and crew very helpful

by robkovi on Aug 21, 2019
I came here today with the recommendation from my boating instructor. I was extremely pleased with the food and service. The dock people couldn't be more helpful as I'm new to boating. They actually got on my boat before I even got into the marina and did everything but park it for me (they offered). I found my new favorite place on long Island.

by medicruss on Aug 21, 2019
Awesome. Great dockmaster and great dock hands!

by todcagan on Aug 18, 2019
Mike, the dockmaster is the best. Consider letting him jump aboard and dock your boat. $75 for the day is the best you'll do in Fire Island ($100 with gratuity), besides anchoring up and froging It to shore. You can no longer beach it at Flynn's. They roped off the area to the east. Have fun!

by ah44xuvh1q on Aug 12, 2019
stayed for the last 12 years always had a great time. The boat next to me had their radio on so loud I couldn't hear the person next to me. also one of the 30 amp plugs was not working properly and the rude boater next to me kept unplugging me and plugging his boat into the plug I was using

by lblatella on Aug 12, 2019
This marina is in a great location but has very little in the way of amenities for the overnight boater besides water and electric. There is no bathroom, not even a port-a-potty. The attached restaurant has a bathroom but is not open 24/7 and has a very crowded bar scene. The dock is fixed, making it difficult to get on and off the boat depending on the tide. There are outside and inside slips. The outside slips are not protected and exposed to boat and ferry traffic as well as the wind. The inside slips are more protected but very difficult to navigate. You best bet is to stay OUTSIDE the marina, call and wait until the super skilled dockmaster calls you over. Let the dockmaster jump on your boat and guide you into the slip and tie you up. They are very impressive. We were in an outside slip and had several near mishaps with captains trying to enter the marina on their own. The potential for damage to your boat is great. It’s a very short walk to a beautiful beach. There are a few restaurants, bars and shops easily accessible. Great place to stay but be aware that the physical facilities are rough!

by longislandboattraining on Aug 09, 2019
I don't understand the bad reviews.I've been going here for over 8 years, I've never had a bad experience! I bring all my clients there because I know They will never embarrass me and their guys on the dock are extremely helpful. The manager always checks to make sure everything is ok and even the owner has asked if we needed anything. They have hands down the best deal in Fire Island not to mention the best location. If I lived closer, I'd go a few times a week!

by fespo70 on Aug 09, 2019
Reservations were easy. Pulled up to marina, dock master was there. Off the boat in minutes enjoying the day. Flynn’s was was great. Look forward to spending the day there again.

by clay2018 on Aug 05, 2019
The marina is great and the Dock Master and the guys working on the docks are amazing. You don’t have to do anything when you get there as they do it all for you. The restaurant on the other hand, food was awful and the service was terrible. There were only four or five tables in the entire place and out of the six people at our table not one of us had a good meal and the price was ridiculously overpriced . I will utilize the marina anytime possible but will never go into the restaurant again

by franfed on Jul 31, 2019
No one there to greet us and assign slip. Waited almost an hour. Then given temporary slip. After we took the boat out for a dinner cruise, we didn't have anyone there assigning a slip when we returned. Michael the manager tried to rectify the situation but was too little too late (we could have at least had our meal comped for our troubles). Then the marina was horribly loud until 5am. NEVER AGAIN. Terrible place (unless you're 22 drunk and don't care)

by saustop on Jul 07, 2019
Power issues continue at the marina. Electric receptacles are warn. Always popping breakers.

About Flynn's Marina & Restaurant

Flynn’s has a full service 50 slip boat Marina with Shore Power and Fresh Water. The restaurant is operating with full service indoor and outdoor.

Booking Info

Max LOA: 88' Max Beam: 25' Max Draft: 7'


  • Water
  • Electrical


  • Ice
  • Medical Facilities w/in 5 Miles
  • Restrooms
  • Restaurant



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