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Windward at Beach Marine

$2.25/ft - $2.50/ft

Not Offered

Day Trip
Not Offered
2315 Beach Blvd
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
Check-in after 07:00 AM
Check-out before 03:00 PM
VHF 16
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16 Reviews

by tracyvan on Sep 05, 2020
We were very disappointed in this marina. The boater facilities were awful. The men's shower had no handles. The concrete block building had peeling paint and looked like a prison bathroom. The dock was unstable and the Freedom Boat Club Boat/Office had electric and water lines crossing the dock walk way, creating a tripping hazard.

by captainrick on Aug 20, 2020
As a professional yacht Captain I have stayed at the marina, under it's previous name as Jacksonville Beach Marina, many many times. And, as a Windward, I've been there twice now. I am sorry to say this may be my last stay! The entire facility is very good. The staff, in spite of being short handed, are outstanding. It is the current pricing level that will keep me away. The diesel fuel is a ridiculous $3.00+ per gallon. Nearby highway diesel fuel; which has $.50+ cent road tax that marina diesel does not have, is approximately $2.50! That makes your fuel approximately $1.00 more than local highway diesel fuel. Further, the dockage, with power and taxes, is over $3.00 per foot. That makes it over $1.00 more per foot than I paid at a top shelf marina in Georgia the previous night. By the way, their diesel fuel was $2.10 per gallon! I will miss the great restaurants and wonderful staff, but I will not let my clients be taken advantage of! They are capable of paying any price, but they depend on me to ensure that they are not being taken advantage of!

by dansuesteger on Aug 04, 2020
Reservation system actually worked quite well! The system design allowed for the most pain free / quick arrival and departure process. Marcus (line handler) was very helpful and courteous. Thanks for a great experience.

by joes on Jun 16, 2020
Everything we needed and wonderful service on the docks
Marina Response:
Thank you Captain! We hope to see you again soon.

by johnsy on Jun 06, 2020
The place needs rebuilding. It is silted up and a lot of complaints of sitting on the mud at low tide. I asked everyone was at 3 feet or less draft Mine is a little more but really 3 foot or 4 foot. They try to gig you on prices, quote one thing and then try to jack it up. Bathrooms are atrocious. They just got bought so they are trying to gas the prices. It seemed half empty at one end.
Marina Response:
Johnsy, thank you for taking the time to post a review. You are right, the place needs rebuilding and that is exactly what we are doing. Starting within the next 45 days we will be dredging the entire Marina. We will also be reconstructing the docks which will include an initial 25 lift slips with a plan to install several more. Yes, bathrooms are atrocious and that is part of our rebuild. Over the next month we will be building customer retreat areas with dog areas, food trucks, fire pits and umbrellas. New Wifi has just been installed and is being tested. As soon as this is done we will send out the password to our customers. Along with the new docks we will be upgrading power and installing new power pedestals throughout. We will also have security controls put in place to keep unauthorized people off of the docks. I ensure you that we are not "gassing the prices" as you stated. Our goal when we purchased Beach Marine is to establish the marina as Best in Class and a destination marina for boaters. I am sure that you can understand that this does not happen overnight and ask for your patience and enjoy watching the transformation as we begin construction. If you get the time stop by the Marina office as we are building a showroom that will have samples of some of the products going in and drawings of the final plans for the Marina.

by jflannery16 on May 30, 2020
High fuel price, $3 diesel when the ave is $2.25. No wifi. Restaurants were ok.

by pboris on Jan 23, 2020
The guys that work on the dock were excellent! They stayed after closing to assist us. One was Will- both were so friendly and helpful

by captainmichael on Dec 02, 2019
We have stayed here in several occasions. Nice restaurant and a good marine store available onsite.

by dcb8108 on Nov 13, 2019
We're a 54' sport yacht with 16.5' Beam We got put in a slip at the forgotten part of the marina where boats go to die. The dock was falling apart as was the electrical. 50AMP service was a problem and when finally hooked up the was a power drop from the 240v needed to 190v. Made reservation on Dockwa. If you do book I would recommend speaking to someone in advance to secure a better slip..otherwise AVOID

by bilbo5121 on Jun 07, 2019
Great Deckhands. nice place..

by boatingicw on Feb 15, 2019
We really enjoyed our stay at Beach Marine. Great store with lots of hardware. Staff was very helpful. Bathrooms were clean. This was our 3rd stay over the last 2 years, many renovations going on, looking good. Online reviews made us question the depth but we have not had a problem there.

by mystery on Jan 18, 2019
had an overnight transient reservation. my vessel draws 3 feet. my slip for the night was right next to their main channel. at low tide i was sitting on the bottom, stuck in mud. we could not leave when we wanted and had to wait for high tide. this marina is in desperate need of dredging. they should be liable for any damage / clogging to engines, HVAC, etc, as a result of lying about their depths.

by eagles81 on Oct 21, 2018
Arrived mid Tide...I draw 5” 10”...they said over 6ft a low tide..had 0 clearance getting to fuel dock...then power bad at slip and no water...dirty and poor restrooms...we will never be back

by rolandaa on May 25, 2018
Beach marine is silted in and the dock hands put our 4’ draft boat into a slip that had only 1’ of water at low tide. This caused our AC system to become almost completely clogged with soft mud. We were able to disassemble the pump and purge the system with about two hours of work. The marina is ignoring my calls and I am going to dispute the charges with my credit card company.

by bkflechaus on Apr 08, 2018
Great place to dock up for a few days. Helpful friendly staff. Clean facility. Easy to gas up. Great location. Short distance to the Mayport Jetties and St. Johns River to the north and about 45 minutes to St. Augustine to the south. I've slipped my boat here twice for one week at a time when I've had company in town. I will be making Beach Marina my go to spot whenever I want to slip the boat with company in town. Customer Bill Flechaus.

by billybobbudbrown on Dec 28, 2017
Outstanding. Everyone at Beach Marine was a joy to work with. Very attentive to any need or question. Due to multiple hurricanes affecting our sail vacation from LA to MD, we ended up having to keep our sailboat at Beach Marine for an extended period. They did everything possible to make sure everything was right, to include checking on the boat. On one occasion, they found out that the slip's power supply was not working. They made sure the boat was hooked up to another supply, to ensure the well-being of the boat. // As well, we used the restaurant and supply store. Good prices and well equipped, even down to an entire room just for those nasty little nuts and bolts hard to tackle. The store manager (can't remember name) is a sailor, and knew her stuff. // Nice place to stop in and walk to a terrific beach, as well. Very friendly area. // We plan to stop by Beach Marine again, the next time we are in the area. Thank you.
Status: Open

We are completing all business as usual. We are following CDC sanitization recommendations and operating with limited boaters facilities. We are always available by phone and email if not by person. Call the office at (904) 694-2080 for any questions. Visit our @beach.marine.1 Facebook page to stay updated.

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About Windward at Beach Marine

Welcome to Beach Marine, where the variety of boating products is second to none. In all of Jacksonville Beach, FL, there isn't a friendlier or more knowledgeable staff than ours.

Windward Marina Group has an ambitious vision to bring best in class services, amenities, and experiences to our customers and community in Jax Beach. We are embarking upon a major facelift to improve docks, increase storage efficiency, upgrade lighting and renovate customer service areas, seawalls and concrete areas among other improvements. We are excited to announce that we will be dredging the marina basin as well as bringing in lift slips for boater convenience. Stay tuned to learn more about Windward Marina Group’s vision at Beach Marine and stay up to date with our upcoming projects!


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