St Michaels Marina LLC

$1.75/ft - $2.25/ft

Not Offered

Day Trip
On A Space Available Basis
305 Mulberry St
St Michaels, MD 21663
Check-in after 01:00 PM
Check-out before 12:00 PM
VHF 16

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83 Reviews

by James G. - Verified user on Nov 05, 2023
As always, the best on the bay! For us, boating season continues through December and thanks to St Michaels Marina for supporting our love for boating on the bay.
Marina Response:
Thanks so much James! Mike

by Jon H. - Verified user on Oct 29, 2023
SMM is a fantastic marina with great amenities and right in the middle of the St Michael’s action. Even better, they go above and beyond to help their guests with anything you need. No better place to stay on a boat in SM. Thanks to Mike and Chris!

by Dan B. - Verified user on Oct 29, 2023
Great service and convenient to town. As always. Crew is great and Anne is special.

by James M. - Verified user on Oct 29, 2023
It was a great time.

by Deborah W. - Verified user on Oct 29, 2023
Dock hands are great. Amenities very nice. All people great and friendly

by Allen E. - Verified user on Oct 27, 2023
The city and marina deserve all the accolades they receive. This is a well-managed marina with a friendly and helpful staff. Restaurants and fun shopping are within blocks away. We cannot say enough about this picturesque community. Maggie and Bear, our two Goldens LOVED their morning walks. I wish we could have stayed longer, but alas ... there was no space, and, besides, it was someone else's turn to enjoy this special place. Thank you for your hospitality. Moon River.

by Nick I. - Verified user on Oct 19, 2023
Lovely marina with excellent staff. We were here in mid-October, but the place looks like it is geared for a lot of summertime fun...
Marina Response:
Thank you very much !

by Hammad H. - Verified user on Oct 15, 2023
Excellent Marina right in the middle of everything. Very clean.
Marina Response:
Thanks Hammad! Mike

by Brad J. - Verified user on Oct 09, 2023
Great location and staff
Marina Response:
Thanks Brad! Mike

by Tracy S. - Verified user on Oct 08, 2023
Very nice Marina and helpful Dock hands. Showers are clean.
Marina Response:
Tracy, Thanks very much !

by Bonnie L. - Verified user on Oct 08, 2023
Never fails to be a wonderful anniversary trip!!
Marina Response:
Thanks very much!!!

by Peter f. - Verified user on Oct 08, 2023
Always our preferred marina in St Michael’s. Friendly and knowledgeable staff
Marina Response:
Thanks Peter ! Mike

by Vince P. on Oct 05, 2023
My wife and I have made St. Michaels Marina our destination marina for over three years. Top notch service from the dockhands, office, and owner. So many examples of them going above and beyond that it's difficult to list. Examples: a ride to town when our batteries failed, golf-carting our parents to a local Inn, pictures of our boat every trip, having one of the dockhands rescue us with a ride back to the marina when we "over-purchased" goods from the stores in town, etc.. Facilities have always been clean and maintained. Lastly, we've met some amazing people who have also made this marina their home away from home. Looking forward to getting back!
Marina Response:
Thanks very much ! We greatly appreciate it !!

by Clayton H. - Verified user on Oct 05, 2023
Enjoyed the location. Very walkable town with shops and restaurants to choose from. Dock was in good shape; new bathrooms (need a code) and laundry. Dock hands very helpful and on A dock they have ability to fuel and pump out in slip which is handy.
Marina Response:
Thank you very much !

by Rudy C. - Verified user on Oct 04, 2023
Staff was awesome. Amenities are great and location is a home run.
Marina Response:
Thanks very much !

by Andrew C. - Verified user on Oct 02, 2023
Thank you Mike - greatly appreciate it and look forward to visiting again soon! Andy (Dear Abby)
Marina Response:
Andrew !! you're welcome thanks so much !!!

by Nicholas F. - Verified user on Oct 01, 2023
Great place to stay! So helpful when we first arrived, and the thank you card left for us was a nice surprise! Only thing that could be better is the WiFi. But we’ll definitely be back!
Marina Response:
What slip were you in? We will check it out. Our wifi is normally very fast.

by Joseph M. - Verified user on Oct 01, 2023
Very helpful getting into my slip, Great location and easy walk into town. Good restaurants nearby. Clean restrooms. Eager to please.
Marina Response:
Thanks very much !!! Mike

by Lynn S. - Verified user on Oct 01, 2023
Great stay and staff!
Marina Response:
Thanks so much ! Mike

by Christopher H. - Verified user on Sep 24, 2023
We had a Fantastic Stay, caught in a storm the team provide the best slip available for our protection. Free Bikes, right in town!! Don't Miss stopping bye Chris Hofman
Marina Response:
Thanks so much Christopher ! Mike

by Igor B. - Verified user on Sep 15, 2023
Dock hand was very helpful. The Constitution of the dock is poor costing the price of the marina with pilings on the outside. The amenities were ok. But the older lady at the office was incredibly rude, told us last minute we had to leave before checkout time because the next boat was arriving. Didn't even walk over to ask nicely after of time. I don't know what the hype is about I would come here.
Marina Response:
And Mr. Bratnikov we would recommend that you select another marina to visit for your vessel Life of Pi. After receiving your 3 star review on DOCKWA's review page we not only called you to apologize but even wrote you an apology as well. But our reservations manager Anne was not rude to you. In fact, she asked you if she was rude and you said to her "No, you weren't" .. 2 witnesses heard it... you simply did not like the fact that we asked you to depart at our normal check out time which is 12 noon as we needed the spot because we had 28 boats coming in for a rendezvous. If we didn't have such a rush of boats we would have gladly given you an extended checkout for free as we always do for our customers. Your 1 star review is wrong and completely unfair. I noticed Igor that ALL your 14 reviews on google are only 1 star. You seem to be someone who finds fault with virtually EVERY place you visit including restaurants, hotels, salons and even our marina. You review both here and on Dockwa will be reported as it is malicious and false. In 42 years we have never had a complaint about the quality of our piers/pilings. Not one. And you must provide bumpers for your boat not a marina. Fact. You seem to be a customer who only complains about the establishments you visit. A trend confirmed on google. It is refreshing to know that we both agree that you need to select a different marina upon your next visit to St. Michaels. And I will certainly make sure all the other marinas know about Life of Pi.

by Louis C. - Verified user on Sep 15, 2023
Captain was very pleased with staff support, easy to fuel and I will make sure Debbie and I are part of next trip. Louis
Marina Response:
Thanks so much !

by wade c. - Verified user on Sep 10, 2023
It was wonderful . The dock hands were professional, courteous and friendly. If is always nice to see a friendly face and this group did a great job
Marina Response:
Thanks very much Wade!

by Tom L. - Verified user on Sep 07, 2023
Well maintained marina. Beautiful location. Great staff.
Marina Response:
Thanks Tom ! Mike

by David J. - Verified user on Sep 06, 2023
We truly enjoy our stay at St Michaels Marina and look forward to our next visit before this years boating season is over for us. I highly recommend staying here whenever possible.
Marina Response:
David, Thanks !

by Anthony T. - Verified user on Sep 01, 2023
Very nice marina and excellent staff. The restaurants and personal facilities (shower and restroom) are clean and functional. The administration flew a drone, took a picture of our boat at the dock, printed the picture and put it on the boat in the evening. A very nice touch.
Marina Response:
Thanks for the kind words Anthony !

by Cheryl W. - Verified user on Aug 28, 2023
Anne gave us great service…. Glad the dockhands got to cleaning the docks….. winged visitors took their toll.
Marina Response:
Thanks Cheryl !!!

by Jonathan W. - Verified user on Aug 27, 2023
Great place, great staff!!
Marina Response:
Thanks Jonathan !

by Hugh c. - Verified user on Aug 26, 2023
St Michaels Marina is terrific. Mike Morgan is an unbelievably gracious host. Our experience was fabulous - from the help getting into the dock , to the beautiful pool, to the clean rest rooms.
Marina Response:
Hugh !!! So great to see you and your daughter !! You're the best !!! Mike

by Steve B. - Verified user on Aug 23, 2023
Outstanding marina with great dock hands! Very friendly staff and clean facilities. Perfect location in town!
Marina Response:
Thanks Steve !!!

by Bob H. - Verified user on Aug 21, 2023
They are great and they take care of us while we are there. Highly recommend this marina.
Marina Response:
Thanks Bob !!! Mike

by Tim B. - Verified user on Aug 20, 2023
Great service. Decent slip. Backed right up to the restaurant/bar, so made for a noisy night.
Marina Response:
Sorry about that Tim. Next time you book just let us know that you would prefer to be away from the restaurant/bar and we'll make it happen. Some people love it, some not so much ! Thanks of you solid review ! Mike

by JAMES M. - Verified user on Aug 20, 2023
Love St Michaels Marina, prettiest place on the Chesapeake
Marina Response:
Thanks James ! We agree ! Mike

by Mark M. - Verified user on Aug 13, 2023
Terrific marina in the middle of some nice activity on weekends and nicely quiet during the week
Marina Response:
Thanks Mark ! Mike

by Richard M. on Aug 08, 2023
The marina is fantastic, close to all the action. Courtesy bikes were excellent. Rented a golf cart for 4 hours to become familiar with more than the down town. People and employees were friendly. Lots to do for such a small town. Rich M.
Marina Response:
Richard !! Thanks for the great review ! See you soon ! Mike

by Chris K. - Verified user on Aug 06, 2023
The drone photos were awesome! Second time for us. Staff was so helpful! Weather was the best. Town is so peaceful. Pool time! Thank you!!!
Marina Response:
Thanks Chris ! Mike

by Brenda W. - Verified user on Aug 06, 2023
Very friendly and helpful staff.
Marina Response:
Brenda ! Thanks very much ! Mike

by Timur F. - Verified user on Aug 05, 2023
Nice marina, very friendly stuff. Great location
Marina Response:
Thank you Timur ! Mike

by David F. - Verified user on Aug 05, 2023
Super staff. Clean facility.
Marina Response:
David thanks !! Mike

by REGINA M. - Verified user on Aug 04, 2023
Everyone very friendly and the dockhands very very attentive !!!! We will definitely be back!
Marina Response:
Thank you Regina !

by Stan F. - Verified user on Aug 01, 2023
Mike, his team, and the location is always the best, love this place! Great hospitality and service all around!
Marina Response:
Stan thanks so much ! Mike

by James b. - Verified user on Jul 31, 2023
Great service and location. Highly recommended!
Marina Response:
Thanks James !!

by Haley S. - Verified user on Jul 30, 2023
Best on the bay! The dockhands were great, very patient with us while we docked. Staff at check-in was great with us and the kids. The pool was the perfect temp and bathroom’s immaculate. They even helped us out getting a pack of water from town! We even were given a picture of our boat docked at the marina. Would highly recommend for a relaxing getaway!
Marina Response:
Haley ! thanks so much ! Mike

by Jill B. - Verified user on Jul 27, 2023
Excellent and clean faculty. Staff very attentive and helpful. Bathrooms/shower facilities are clean and close! Pool does close early in the day.
Marina Response:
Jill thanks so much ! Mike

by Nicolle V. - Verified user on Jul 25, 2023
St. Michaels Marina has the absolute best dock staff of any marina we’ve ever stayed with. The location is beautiful - we had a wonderful stay!
Marina Response:
Nicolle thank you ! Mike

by Gary S. - Verified user on Jul 24, 2023
The management and dock hands are first rate.
Marina Response:
Thanks Gary !

by greg d. - Verified user on Jul 23, 2023
Great location, great staff. Lot's to do close by.
Marina Response:
Thank you Greg!!

by Ira B. - Verified user on Jul 22, 2023
Everyone was very nice .and friendly. We really liked the map and picture they took of our . Highly recommend this as a place to stay.
Marina Response:
Thanks Ira ! Mike

by Vic W. - Verified user on Jul 17, 2023
Anne and her crew always make for a nice marina experience! Dock hands are at the ready and all very accommodating to every need. Short walk to downtown makes this marina a perfect spot for a visit to St Michael's. We will be back!
Marina Response:
Thanks Vic ! Anne is terrific! Mike

by Charles L. - Verified user on Jul 17, 2023
Great staff. Clean facilities. Short walk to main area of town.
Marina Response:
Thanks Charles !

by Franklin M. - Verified user on Jul 12, 2023
Always a great stay, even with the rain.
Marina Response:
Thanks Franklin !

by Paul E. - Verified user on Jul 10, 2023
Great staff. Great location. And a small pool! Restrooms were clean and nice. Part of our regular stops.
Marina Response:
Thanks Paul ! Mike

by Dennis S. - Verified user on Jul 01, 2023
Great crew and location but bikes for rent come on.
Marina Response:
Hello! if you're staying at the marina bikes are completely -- free! What boat are you on?

by Jeff H. - Verified user on Jun 25, 2023
Excellent service and hospitality by Michael and his team. I highly recommend a multi day stay with them.
Marina Response:
Thanks Jeff !

by David M. on Jun 23, 2023
Great location in St. Michael’s, and the staff was very friendly and helpful. However, it’s expensive for transients, and the bathrooms/showers are too small to accommodate the number of marina visitors.
Marina Response:
Thanks David !

by paul m. - Verified user on Jun 21, 2023
Nice and competent dock hands, clean restrooms, "passport" with all info about the marina and town, restaurants on premises, and we even got a free printed pic of our boat taken by their drone.
Marina Response:
Paul thanks very much !

by Rod L. - Verified user on Jun 18, 2023
The deck hands are simply the best on the Bay. Extremely helpful, courteous and genuinely friendly. Great facilities easy walk to shops and restaurants.
Marina Response:
Thanks Rod !!! Mike

by Kenneth B. - Verified user on Jun 13, 2023
Location is perfect, helpful staff. One minor note: the men's bathhouse showers need a redesign. They were poorly lit above the sinks, there was no dry place to sit or place dry clothing in privacy, and the towel hook locations got wet as well. And if someone opened the men's room door, the person changing would be in full view. The women's bathhouse did not have these issues.
Marina Response:
Thanks Ken... we will address your concerns in the off season and make sure we improve the bathrooms. We appreciate your notes on them ! Thank you. Mike

by tracy H. - Verified user on Jun 11, 2023
Top shelf marina. WiFi, pool, clean bathhouse, dockhands and location are the best. Must stop if your traveling the Chesapeake.
Marina Response:
Thanks Tracy !

by Tommy M. - Verified user on Jun 09, 2023
Everyone was very helpful and courteous. The marina is in great shape and clean. It’s a great location in relationship to town.
Marina Response:
Thanks Tommy ! Mike

by Tomas O. - Verified user on May 30, 2023
It was great!! the Dock hands were a big help.

by Michael H. - Verified user on May 24, 2023
Great staff and beautiful location.

by Tom B. - Verified user on May 22, 2023
Great service. Excellent dock hands. The same dock hands year after year. Our favorite marina on the bay

by Gary Y. - Verified user on May 21, 2023
Great marina in the heart of the town.

by Mike L. - Verified user on May 15, 2023
The team at St. Michaels Marina is TOP NOTCH! We arrived this past Thursday and stayed with them for 3 days. The service and hospitality was fantastic, Mike and his team (especially Sammy) went out of their way to take care of everything we needed. A beautiful welcome photo of our boat in a personalized Thank you card was given to us shortly after arrival and it was truly white glove service all weekend long. Thanks for such a great stay we will be back to St. Michaels soon!

by curt s. - Verified user on May 12, 2023
Great staff ideal location

by James L. - Verified user on May 09, 2023
Great place! Unique small town atmosphere with lots of cool shops, eateries & ice couple ice cream stops. All walkable & close to Marina, easy entrance off main channel, stay between markers. Super helpful staff, nice showers, two washer/dryer laundry $2.75 wash/$2.50 dry. Fixed docks/ minimal tide swing. Courtesy car for provisioning. Fueling in slip. Nearby Easton has everything you need:Lowe’s, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Harris Teeter, West Marine.

by Doug R. - Verified user on May 08, 2023
I would have rated the marina a five star. The dock hand was great in helping us tie up and get settled. It was a relaxing 2 days at the marina. The only negative was there pumpout station wasn't working which was an inconvenience and quite surprising for a marina that is highly rated.
Marina Response:
Thanks Doug for your review, but I don’t know if you noticed a big box in front of our dockhouse on the bricks? That’s our new Pump Out system. After 38 years of having the only operational, Pump Out in Saint Michaels Harbor…. It finally stopped working and we had to get a new one. It’s being installed May 15, 16 and 17. Sorry for the inconvenience.

by David P. - Verified user on Apr 26, 2023
SMM is fantastic. Owner/Dock Aster Mike is very helpful and on top of all the details. Fueling up is EASY and the location is ideal. Don't think twice… just book uour slip here now. Enjoy St Mikes!

by Gwyn B. - Verified user on Apr 19, 2023
We were the only ones there since it is so early in the season but Sam met us and made sure we were all good before he left…great service! Beautiful night. Be back soon!

by Christopher C. - Verified user on Apr 09, 2023
Family stayed in the early/off season. The marina faces East so the sunrise was spectacular. Clean facilities and Saint Michael's is gorgeous

by Michael R. - Verified user on Nov 02, 2022
We had a great weekend at the OysterFest and the marina was vary nice. The dockhand helping us into the slip was great and the marina putting us into a slip next to another family member was a treat. Price per night is a tad high for my liking but it will probably be even higher next year.

by Angela D. - Verified user on Oct 24, 2022
Great marina, good dock hands and got fuel without leaving our slip!

by Michael P. - Verified user on Oct 20, 2022
Excellent staff, facilities and area with many great restaurants and maritime museum all walking distance

by Dick H. - Verified user on Oct 19, 2022
Awesome marina and dock team. If you are staying in St Michaels this should be your #1 marina. I have stayed at others in St Michaels and this is the best due to the following reasons. Location to town, Staff is outstanding (they know how to pamper you and also tie up your boat, seems basic, but don’t get this from a lot of marinas). Docks are clean and in great condition. The facility and amenities are a fantastic. And now that have added a drone shot of your boat. This is a great touch. Thank you for a wonderful stay.

by Robert C. - Verified user on Oct 17, 2022
We had a wonderful time at St. Michael’s marina this past weekend. Mike, Chris, Marin, and the other dockhands went out of their way to ensure we had everything we needed. Mike made sure to pick up some bottled water at Walmart when we were running low for the dog!!— what great service was that?! Everything about our stay went very well and the attention to detail and service was impeccable! We will surely come again. Thanks to everyone at the marina for a delightful stay (and thanks for the great photo of the boat😊).\n\n

by Brian F. - Verified user on Oct 16, 2022
The marina and its staff have never fail to be a positive experience. It is one of our “go-to” stops in the Chesapeake.

by Nick W. - Verified user on Oct 14, 2022
Excellent staff and management!

by Michael W. - Verified user on Oct 10, 2022
Beautiful setting, dock hands greeted us and got us (novice crew with me) squared away quickly and safely. Marina is clean, safe and well-staffed since quite a few transients. Dining and shopping close by so you can enjoy the beautiful town of St. Michaels.

by Ben R. - Verified user on Oct 09, 2022
Fantastic service!! Thank you

by Jeffrey B. - Verified user on Sep 12, 2022
The marina was great but you (Dockwa) never gave the proper info on our boat to the Marina - thus they almost didn't let us stay. You need to provide getter more comprehensive info to the marinas!!!!!

by Toni L. - Verified user on Sep 11, 2022
We love staying at the St Michael’s Marina! The marina and the town have so much to offer to make your stay perfect. Mike and his crew are very attentive and helpful!

by michael g. on Jul 14, 2010
stay there every year,great people good prices!!you can walk into town very easy from there!!

About St Michaels Marina LLC

Marina Village is a one-of-a-kind “Destination Latitude” for the recreational boater.
Located on the “Town Side” of the harbor. Just footsteps to the center of town. Our docks can accommodate vessels ranging in size from 25′ to 220′ with 10 feet of water depth. Diesel boats can be fueled in their slips.

We have dock space for all sizes of yachts, refueling facilities, a ship’s store and rentable Gem Cars (4 and 6 seat street legal electric cars) to tour the area. We also offer a superb collection of restaurants, bars, a nearby pool, recreational facilities and a lovely Inn for the discriminating visitor who may be seeking land-based overnight accommodations please call The Old Brick Inn at 410-745-3323. Finally, you will experience a perfect blend of friendly energy, exceptional customer service, and relaxation that will make you feel as if you’re staying with lifelong friends!

Booking Info

Please list your vessel type and tie up preference (Port vs Starboard) in the Special Requests box upon booking

St. Michaels Marina LLC charges the higher the minimum on Dockwa reservations that may affect your total


Sunday -Thursday: $2.85/ft ($105 minimum) Fridays: $3.95/ft ($145 minimum) Saturdays, Holidays, Event Weekends and the Week of 4th of July: $4.25/ft ($155 minimum)


Slips 1,2, 19, 20, 21 and Lay-A-Longs Sunday -Thursday: $3.35/ft ($123.00 minimum) Fridays, Saturdays, Holidays, Event Weekends and the week of 4th of July: $4.60/ft ($170.00 minimum)

DIAMOND DOCKAGE: Outermost Lay-In 55 Foot Minimum

Sunday-Thursday: $3.85/ft ($210.00 minimum) Fridays, Saturdays, Holidays, Event Weekends and the week of 4th of July: $4.99/ft ($270.00 minimum)


30 amp 110V – $17.00 50 amp 220V – $34.00 100 amp 220V – $85.00


Sunday thru Thursday – $100.00 Friday and Saturday- $125.00


Check-in Time is 1:00 pm. Check-out Time is 12:00 noon. Hours of Operation: 8:00am to Dusk – 7 Days. Winter: 8:00am to 5:00pm. Weather Dependent. Hourly dockage is accommodated on a space-available basis Sunday through Thursday at 50$ minimum 2 hours – 10$ per additional hour. We offer a 10% dockage discount for stays five, seven, ten, or twenty days long. We will need the exact dimensions of your vessel, including length, beam and draft, and the vessel’s electrical hook-up requirements. If you are chartering, your charter company will have this information.


  • Electrical

    Listed Pump Prices

    Last Updated on 12/06/2023 at 2:50PM

    • Regular Gas: $4.999

    • Diesel: $4.399


    • Wireless Internet
    • Pumpout
    • Restrooms
    • Showers
    • Laundry
    • Ice
    • Security
    • Groceries
    • Restaurant
    • Pet Friendly



    St Michaels Marina LLCSt Michaels Marina LLCSt Michaels Marina LLCSt Michaels Marina LLCSt Michaels Marina LLCSt Michaels Marina LLCSt Michaels Marina LLCSt Michaels Marina LLCSt Michaels Marina LLCSt Michaels Marina LLCSt Michaels Marina LLCSt Michaels Marina LLCSt Michaels Marina LLCSt Michaels Marina LLCSt Michaels Marina LLCSt Michaels Marina LLCSt Michaels Marina LLCSt Michaels Marina LLCSt Michaels Marina LLCSt Michaels Marina LLCSt Michaels Marina LLCSt Michaels Marina LLCSt Michaels Marina LLCSt Michaels Marina LLCSt Michaels Marina LLCSt Michaels Marina LLCSt Michaels Marina LLCSt Michaels Marina LLCSt Michaels Marina LLCSt Michaels Marina LLCSt Michaels Marina LLC