Sebasco Harbor Resort

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29 Kenyon Rd
Phippsburg, ME 04562
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62 Reviews

by Chris L. - Verified user on Jul 22, 2024
Launch service is back in 2024 and the waterfront staff were really great. Enjoyed our time up there!

by Thomas D. - Verified user on Jul 22, 2024
Sebasco is making an all out effort to cater to visiting boaters. There is full access to the resort (bikes, tennis courts, fitness center, pool, etc.), a nice restaurant and launch service. The dock hands are well trained and although launch service is until 2000, the launch operators will take care of you if running late. The harbor was easy to enter and moorings were well marked.

by Jim S. - Verified user on Jul 19, 2024
Sebasco’s radio was apparently inop but we were escorted to mooring by staff in an outboard boat. All went well.

by Chris P. - Verified user on Jul 19, 2024
Dockhouse staff is excellent plus food and golf were also great. Thank you

by William t. - Verified user on Jul 10, 2024
Good staff and attitude. Pool and launch service good.

by Linda M. - Verified user on Jul 08, 2024
Awesome as always! Launch service is running from 8-8 this summer. Good restaurant & ice cream shop. A favorite of our’s.

by Joy F. - Verified user on Jul 05, 2024
Everyone was friendly and helpful. A very nice and relaxing stay.

by John l. - Verified user on Jul 05, 2024
They are definitely improving. Very good dock crew. Showers are hot now. They do have pump-out.

by Winoah M. - Verified user on Jul 05, 2024
Had a wonderful time. Happy a launch service was available. We enjoyed the beautiful vistas during daylight and star gazing at night. Overall the overnight stay on the mooring was peaceful. A stroll around the property offered a good change of scenery.

by Duane D. - Verified user on Jun 27, 2024
Mooring prices and food have all gotten expensive. Lots of rolling in the night, not as well produced as other harbors

by David T. - Verified user on Jun 26, 2024
Fantastic launch and lunch crew. Beautiful spot but quite folly at night

by Jack D. - Verified user on Jun 17, 2024
Everything about Sebasco is back to being first class. They within minutes acknowledged my request for a mooring on Dockwa. When I entered the harbor they acknowledged my radio call immediately. The moorings are new and clean. The waterfront staff is friendly, responsive, and well trained. We had trouble with our dinghy motor but the launch runs from 8 to 8. The food at the Ledges Pub was very good . Sebasco is back to being one of our favorite places to go.

by Jack M. - Verified user on Jun 16, 2024
Sebasco was a great experience! We had a blast with all the resort had to offer. Simple, good, classic, Maine fun. For the price of a mooring it is hard to beat! One of the best opportunities in Casco Bay.

by Eric B. - Verified user on Jun 03, 2024
Stunning location and the dock attendant/launch skipper was super helpful and friendly.

by Paul C. - Verified user on Oct 14, 2023
I hope to be back in 2024

by barbara m. - Verified user on Oct 14, 2023
Our first year, 2022 was great. This year, not so great. There is no launch, no water at the dock, and no ice. An attendant appears on an irregular schedule, making it difficult to get fuel. Our mooring assignment thru Dockwa was not acceptable but the staff was not willing to change the assignment -- even though there are at least a dozen empty moorings. Very disappointing. Update: thanks to two very special dock attendants, Chris and Bjorn, the season ended on a much better note.

by Mark m. - Verified user on Sep 11, 2023
This is such a nice place and have always enjoyed it. Unfortunately, new resort resort owners, Giri Hotel group, have decided to turn their back on the boating community by stopping launch services to the resort. It was difficult to get in the limited dock space to drop off guests so the captain could moor the boat and row in.

by Pete V. - Verified user on Sep 05, 2023
nice place. I wish they would bring back launch service.

by Bernie C. - Verified user on Sep 05, 2023
Wonderful small harbor. Nice Ledges Pub for good food. Cons: Insufficient staff to respond on VHF, harbor is rolly if any sort of sea running.

by Eric P. - Verified user on Sep 04, 2023
Harbor has a lot of roll even with otherwise calm conditions. Food at the resort is expensive but pretty good.

by Thomas D. - Verified user on Sep 04, 2023
Great harbor. Often rolly, very calm this am. Did not answer channel 09, so entry level as confusing. Another boater with our group responded and said to pick up any red mooring. They also could not get anyone on 09. We notified the rest of our sailing club boats. Lack of launch service was an issue for us, but other club members took us ashore. The reservations desk for the resort lodging is as very helpful. He assured us they had enough moorings for our Dockwa group. The pub restaurant was as very accommodating. Delicious food. Overall experience of a as very good, just understaffed with one dock hand.

by Ernest G. - Verified user on Aug 23, 2023
We enjoyed the pool but were disappointed that the restaurant was not open.

by Samuel P. on Aug 21, 2023
If it weren't for your dockhand it would be zero stars, having no tender service and having to bring my family back and forth on a kayak is wayyyy less than desirable

by Rob D. - Verified user on Aug 21, 2023
I’ve visited Sebasco Resort by boat over the past 46 years and it is indeed a very special place. I was disappointed this year however, due to a lack of launch service . . . for the very first time ever! In recent years we’ve stayed ashore and dined at their restaurants. Boaters DO add to Sebasco’s revenue, so I’m hoping they will reinstate this valuable service.

by Sarah j. - Verified user on Aug 20, 2023
No one e answered the radio. There is no staff. The Anchorage is rolly.
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About Sebasco Harbor Resort

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Sebasco Harbor Resort is excited to share that we will once again offer LAUNCH SERVICE IN 2024!


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    Sebasco Harbor ResortSebasco Harbor ResortSebasco Harbor ResortSebasco Harbor ResortSebasco Harbor ResortSebasco Harbor ResortSebasco Harbor ResortSebasco Harbor Resort