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401 Marina Street
Carolina Beach, NC 28428
Check-in after 01:00 PM
Check-out before 11:00 AM
VHF 16 & 11
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50 Reviews

"Friendly Tie up tight"
by Bill Bardelmeier, Saugatuck, MI on Nov 04, 2016

Nice stop, friendly people, but watch the swift current, Should be obvious due to Snows Cut.

"We wouldn't be going back."
by Dave77, Wickford, RI on Jul 29, 2016

We called for reservations, talked to Taylor, We were told we would be on the outside of the fuel Dock. Upon arriving, we were told by John the dock hand we needed to on the back side on the fuel dock. A very strong current runs off the dock pushing you toward the rocks. Not knowing how strong the current got we docked on the back side. It's very shallow there. An hour later the current was ripping through there. realizing we could never leave in a current that strong pushing us on to the rocks, We asked at the office when slack would be, we were told they didn't know! Reading the tide tables we decided we had to leave before first light, with a spring line to keep us off the rocks. We manged, but had to leave the dock line. Knowing the current in there, and proximity to the rocks, I believe it's negligent on the managements part to put a boat back there.

"Pulled in to wait out a front rolling through."
by SV Fantasy, Norfolk, Va on Dec 22, 2015

JT is a great dockmaster. Got us into the marina thru the rock jettys. Went to turn boat around after docking later in the day and were on the bottom at 5.5 ft. Full moon on the 24th. No cable,Time Warner issue again. Great new free washer dryers and restrooms. Wifi is good with an extender.

"Clean well kepted marina"
by Dean777, Charleston south carolina on Dec 17, 2015

Washer / dryer great ( A few of each) , Shower ( clean , kept well). Dock hands off season Great! ( Nov 2015), watch your depth and try NOT to dock at peak season on the fuel dock for the night ( we had no problem in November).

"Current at enbtrance, but nice marina"
by Doug Thomas, Midway Marina, Port Clinton, OH on Oct 18, 2015

Had a strong cross current as I was navigating a narrow entrance followed by a quick 90 degree turn to get to the T-dock. Dockhand was very helpful getting us tied up. No restuarants or bars, but the marina is very nice, solid wide docks. Showers are a bit cramped, but clean. WIFI weak out at transient dock. All-in-all, I'd stay here again.

"Helpful, nice marina"
by Curt BonDurant, Yorktown, VA on Sep 14, 2015

We called and ask them if they could accommodate us as we had a mechanical problem worked on in Wrightsville and not resolved. The mechanic that worked on it was going to meet us; they had no problem with the mechanic coming onboard and were very accommodating on getting us in on a face dock at the last minute during an electrical storm. It is a very nice marina and will be back when we have time to enjoy it and the area.

"Some confusion but nice"
by Captain Puppy R, Little River, SC on Jun 04, 2015

Had to call the marina on the phone, no response to radio. Was told to tie to fuel dock. Was Memorial Day weekend so lots of traffic on the waterway which made for a very rocky approach. Deckhand seemed somewhat inexperienced which added to a rough tie up leading to some scratches on the hull. There was only the Harbormaster and one other person working the dock on a very busy weekend. Was moved very soon to a slip, which was nice and easy. Harbormaster handled lines and was very efficient. Restrooms were clean and nice. Would stay again on other than a holiday weekend.

"a littile confusion"
by David K, Midway,GA on May 29, 2015

Called the marina for dockage and was told we would be at the fuel dock because there were no slips avaliable (no problem ) Upon arrival was told we could not hook up to utilities until after 7:00pm (no problem. Dockmaster was very helpful in tying us up. So we went into the lounge to spend a couple of hours waiting to move further down the dock for utilities.Then the dock staff told us we would need to move to the inside of the fuel dock because they had a large vessel coming in,but we were a little worried with the rocks close to docks with the wind blowing and a very strong current so we were moved into a slip.The slip fingers were long but wobbly. Needed 50 amp adapter to hook up to electric. Restrooms were clean, lounge was nice.

"Quick Access but rocky"
by Dickie97hm, Southport, NC on Mar 27, 2015

The fuel dock is located immediately on the intracoastal with a nice ship store facility and restrooms. The depth shallows quickly as you approach the dock, showing only 4ft in some areas on the south end of the dock. Few vessels observe the no wake so be sure to use plenty of fenders for fueling and tend to the nozzle. The current swirls off the ICW here so be sure to check wind and tidal impact on your vessel as you approach the dock, it could be in a different direction than the tide.

"Quicky overnight"
by Frank Buckheit, Aventura, FL on Jan 20, 2015

We arrived in the pitch dark of night and the marina that we had scoped out ended up to be a boat ramp!! We tied up to fuel dock and were assisted by a very helpful fellow mariner who heard us arrive. Thank you to that gentleman for the assistance and thank you for the safe harbor for the night. Great jumping point for Snow Cut.

"Nice and laid back"
by MV Wanderland, Charleston, SC on Sep 16, 2014

We just spent two months at Joyner Marina after purchasing a boat there and getting her seaworthy and ready to travel. This is a great little marina. The dockhands, while having varying skill levels, are all competant, professional and friendly. The docks are in good shape although the fingers are quite wobbly at the piling end. Two ea. washers/dryers ($1.00 ea) and pretty good head and showers. Manuevering inside the marina itself isn't to bad. The fairways are a bit narrow so you just have to pay attention. Getting in and out of the marina demands attention during running tides. The ntrance is narrow with rocks on both sides. Do not try to crab in, the current ends quickly leaving you heading for the docks. Been there done that. Favor the upcurrent side and just go. The marina has some shallow areas at low tide but only at the far end by the seawall. We draw four feet and touched bottom at low. Check with marina staff concerning depth at the fuel dock. The only rocking inside is at high tide when a good wake can get over the rock breakwater, but nothing more than a few degrees of roll. The beach is a short walk through the adjoining neighborhood. Good and great food is about two miles away as are convenience stores. All said, this is a quiet laid back place that we will return to. M/V Wanderland

"Great Location, Hard Channel"
by Ben27603, Wilmington, NC on Jun 09, 2014

We stayed here during the summer of 2013. The dockhands are basically college girls working summer jobs, so don't expect too much help. They're very friendly but really could do just as well in another occupation. To be fair we don't really like the swarming, fussy marina dockhands and overbearing dockmaster type anyway, honestly, so this suits us fine. It's very laid back.

The winds can be a little tricky even once inside the rocks. The housing structures block some of the wind, but you're in and out of it as you maneuver through the marina.

The bathrooms could use some work, they're a little grungy, but adequate.

That said, it's a fantastic location. The docks are in great shape and the power is 50 amp, so bring an adapter if you are 30 amp. You can walk through the adjacent neighborhood to the beach on a so-designated boardwalk through the marshes. That's a pretty cool feature. Docks are floating, another good feature. Outstandingly friendly neighbors there. We had a great time and enjoyed it very much.

"Good stop on the ICW"
by Bob Singer, Punta Gorda, Fl on May 26, 2014

We were exhausted on a holiday weekend and glad to dock here. Floating docks, but the fingers were a bit wobbly. Very friendly and helpful staff and nice boaters on the dock too. Dockage extremely cheap--paid $45 for 36' boat and elec included. Located at north end of Snows Cut. Boaters do not always heed the no wake, so rocking and rolling until dark and starts again when the fisherman go. But we were there on Memorial Day weekend and heavy boat traffic! Bathrooms and cheap laundry convenient and clean. Taxi to good restaurants was $10 which included a nice tip.

"Nice Dock before Snow's Cut"
by Glenn Call - s.v. Passage, Rochester, NY on Aug 22, 2013

We pulled in one eveniing with our trusty Atomic 4 coughing up a storm. Took a very expensive cab into town to get some parts.

If you want repairs, you have to motor on up the Cape Fear River to Bearing Marine, it seems (which we did the next day).

Nice facilities - friendly staff.

Gotta give them credit for giving a Coast Guard Auxiliary discount - the only one I've encountered!

"Pass it By"
by David Grill, Jersey City, NJ on Jun 21, 2013

You do NOT want to go in here without twin screws and at anything less than full tide. The entrance is narrow, the turns are tight, and the water at the docks is low. The dockhand was barely competent. This was the closest I came on the Loop to scraping rocks getting into a marina.

"Easy in & out"
by Gary Miller, Erie, Pa. on Apr 28, 2013

Stayed on north end of fuel dock. I saw a lot of notes about low water, we had 13 feet at mid tide just outside the 161 day mark. Dock rent 1.25 foot with Boat US. Staff member on site for late arrival. nice floating docks and 2 x 50 power was good. Would stop here again.

"Shallow in the basin"
by MV Vector, Bear, DE on Apr 22, 2013

We had to dock out in the ICW because of our 6ft draft. Only the north end of the fuel dock could accomodate us. That was fine, except very few passing boats slowed down for the No Wake zone. We stayed here two nights because of high winds, and we definitely rocked and rolled. Winds were out of the north and there is a large north-south fetch.

This marina is fairly isolated, with only a beach snack bar within walking distance. No minimarts or grocery stores. The marina store had nothing except t-shirts and ice cream bars.

However, the bathrooms were clean, the price was low (with pump out and power included), so it was a fine stop.

"Helpfull dockhands, clean facilities, great sunset and reasonable rates!"
by Chris James Taylor, Sears Mi on Feb 08, 2013

Tied up early with an impending thunderstorm. Dockhands waited as rain began coming down in droves, felt secure inside basin. Facilities somewhat dated but very clean. Dockhands very helpfull with locating items in town. Storm cleared and amazing sunset over Snows cut. Easy jumping out point to head down the Cape Fear River

"Little Help and Bikes Broke"
by ColJC, Hilton Head Island on Dec 19, 2012

The facility is nice and clean, but we had an almost clueless dockhand help us tie up. She couldn't wait to get back to the office. After we registered we wanted to bike ride to town. However, one bike was seriously broke and not on site while the other bike had flat tires and the marina had no ability to air the tires and really no interest in getting the bike fixed. A long walk to town and restuarants.

"These people are Nice : )"
by Captain Stardust, Miami Beach on Nov 11, 2012

Couldn't get 30 Amp service on any of the docks as we don't have a converter yet to get it down from 50 amp. Beautiful location. No quarters for the laundry but we scrounged up enough on the boat to take care of that. The Ladies Bathroom had a clogged toilet and a dead cockroach but the Men's was fine. Just tired. Laundry was only $1 per load so that was nice. Diesel was around $4.159 with the discount and it is only $1.25 per foot with no additional charge for electric. Just be sure you have a converter as they were out of them. Fuel and Pump out were easily accomplished and the access to the T-Docks was easy for both entrance and exit. We have a 4' draw and are 34'long. Hope that helps.

"Nice little marina"
by SaraTD, Oriental on Nov 06, 2012

We had no problem in (low tide) or out (rising tide) of the entrance.

Helpful young man helped us with fuel and pumpout then to our face dock inside the marina and protected. It is a little tight in there and we saw some larger boats having to be careful maneuvering, but all okay. Nice clean enough (birds! what can you do) floating docks.

The showers were old tile, a little dirty (like older bathrooms get, definitely wear shower shoes), and small but the shower was hot and I do not recal the shower head (must have work well enough). There are two shower rooms, two toilet rooms, and a sink in the main room. Nothing to write home about but adequate.

Beautiful neighborhood for a run and close beaches and some shops and food. We opted for a taxi to Deck House: so so food, nice atmosphere, great butter mints.

"Nice marina"
by David Doyle, Jacksonville Fl on Oct 08, 2012

good floating docks and clean too. We did not find the entry current that hard. Had friends visit and went back out for a ride, still no problem getting in or out. Staff is friendly and very helpful, will do all they can with what they have. I get the feeling there is limited support from mgmt. Needed to use the one bicycle but soft tires and no way to air up tires. Great access to beach.

"Tight quarters"
by Alan S. Knight, Red Lion, DE on May 06, 2012

2012-05-06 I agree that the entrance is tricky when the tide is running. Best to arrive or depart at slack if your maneuvering skills are not the best. Our 25' beam made it twice as difficult. I turned our bows approx. 20 degrees into the current, increased the revs and came in on a slight diagonal. You need to immediately reduce speed once past the rip and still in the short entrance channel. The fairways are narrower than in most marinas, esp. for a cat, but we had no problem maneuvering. The waters inside the marina are very calm except for approx the one and a half hours before and after high tide when some of the larger wakes in the ICW are able to break over the rock break-water. Thunderstorms came thru during the evening and the TV warned that Carolina Beach could get 60 mph winds - boy were they right! Pounding rain and very strong winds, but we felt very secure in this well protected marina. Staff are friendly, courteous, and willing to assist with any needs. We will definately return.

"Second time here, still great!"
by CJames, St. Somewhere on Apr 17, 2012

This was my second stay. Still great. Fun current at the entrance, but once past the rocks, it's all smooth. Great facilities. Bikes for rent if you set it up with them.

"Careful of rip current at entrance"
by Ted G, Branford, CT on Apr 11, 2012

When we came in the was about a 3 kt rip perpendicular to their entrance. The entrance is narrow and has prop eating boulders on each side. To counter the rip, decent speed is required (their channel is too narrow to crab). Once inside, you must immediately take off that speed and make a quick turn (usually) to starboard. Not real hard, but a lot of quick shifting, and high rpm's,

We were on the end of the most inside stb T dock. We draw 4.5' and had 1.3 feet under the keel at low tide. The fairways seem to have less water, as we plowed our way around a 180 deg turn.

If I came again, I would go on the outside face dock. Clean rest rooms. Nice staff.

"Easy Acces for Fueling"
by Crime Pays, Wrightsville, NC on Jan 26, 2012

Joyner Marina offers easy accesibility for refueling and has a nice ship store. I have to agree with the other Captains on the attractive attendant.

"Don't go too early"
by John Mayton, New Bern, NC on Jan 20, 2012

We needed fuel so stopped at 0700 and had to wait until 0830 to top off the dino juice tanks. Fresh coffee made up for the wait Likewise the cute young lady was worth waiting for as well. They do have a number of restrictions posted, such as "no co-ed showers" which made me wonder if they don't like the idea of water conservation. I mean, I get the "no fires or major repairs" but "no co-ed showers", give me a break.

"Oceana marina"
by DaveFry, Greenville TX on Nov 19, 2011

The Oceana-Joyner marina is great. The price can't be beat. Staff was very friendly (and cute!). Close to retaurants and some shopping. Easy in and out access. Will definitely stop here again if we come this way.

"Clean & Friendly"
by R.D.Smith, St Marys City on Nov 12, 2011

Easy in/easy out, great docks, clean facilities, very friendly and helpful staff. Suffering engine troubles we ended up staying two weeks while we got things sorted out; Capt Tim Nichols and Sean were very helpful and supportive. Small showers and limited laundry, no stores nearby.....closest is take dink across to public launching ramp and walk 1/2 mile to Food Lion.

"Clean Marina"
by Andre Tremblay - AMULETO, Quebec City on Nov 08, 2011

We were impressed by the clean facilities. The washing machine and dryer machine are the most cheaper we saw since Canada. 1 $ us per lauch.

The people working there and the Manager are so nice. We appreciated our stop at the Marina.

"newer condo/marina which hasnot figured out how to cater to crusiers"
by Dockbum, sassafras river, md on Nov 06, 2011

very convienant stop. on courtesy cars, or transportation to any resturants, or stores. no services for maintenance. friendly people, laundry only has 1 working washer, other washer has been broken for months. two dryers. 1 dollar per load each. showers ok, but very small. Ok stop if weather is bad.

"Great transient spot"
by G.W. Meadows, Daytona Beach, FL on Nov 02, 2011

I stopped here on a trip south on the ICW. It could not be more convenient for that purpose. I got an end tie and it was perfect for single handing a sailboat. I awoke the next morning (a saturday) to what must have been a fishing tournament putting all the boats in the water across the waterway. It was incredibly rocky because of the idiot motorboaters going in circles waiting on thier friends. I would stay here again on my way through though. Everyone was nice and accomodating.

"Nice place to visit"
by Tom Beaty, Between Boats, USA on Oct 04, 2011

We spend six months at Joyner last year after a one month visit the previous Spring. The marina and the surrounding area has a lot going for it. The beach is just steps away and there is enough cool stuff going on to keep you fat and happy for a while. However, after being there for a while, we noticed a few operational issues with Joyner that helped us decide to return to the Neuse.

The most unfortunate issue is the lack of EXPERIENCED dockhands. The manager seems intent on hiring attractive, young ladies with very little or NO experience with handling boats. To me, I want any dock hand to know as much or more than I do about handling boats and lines in unfavorable conditions. I also want them to volunteer that info to me when we hail them on the radio.

All things considered, I think a little more attention could be paid to residents. We felt a little ignored while they focused on other parts of the business.

That said... We will likely return for another short stay in the future. The locatrion is great (a little rock-and-rolly at high tide) and lots of great boating destinations nearby makes Joyner Marina a good jumping off point. Once you accept the idea that you are better off just docking on your own, you'll have a good stay.

They seem to be doing a few more social events these days and I hope they can bring that small community some life.

"Nice Little Marina"
by Mike McMahon, Rockport, TX on Aug 14, 2011

Right on the ICW, easy to get into and very helpful staff. This is a beach community so you'll need transportation to get anywhere. Nice showers and book exchange in the office. Fuel and pump out also offer easy access.

by Pierre Jasmin, Montreal, PQ, Canada on Aug 04, 2011

Nice clean marina, freindly staff, clean showers. Conveniently located right off the ICW at the NE end of Snows Cut.

6' (MLW) at the entrance channel, and less (!) dockside along the breakwater.

"Great place to spend the night!"
by Rj, Annapolis on Jun 14, 2011

Convenient and friendly, Brittany was extremely helpful and steered us to a super "beer and burger" joint at the foot of the Carolina Beach Fishing Pier. We will be back!

"An average marina"
by Jeff Graham, Pentwater, MI on May 31, 2011

Very small and tight (especially the entrance) if you are 40+' and draw 5+'. Restrooms are small and need updated. Understaffed on weekends and holidays. Very susceptible to wakes from the boat ramp, Snows Cut, etc. Staff is friendly, when you can find one.

"Great stop over"
by Fred Pfleger, Knapps Narrows Md on May 23, 2011

A very convenient stop after Snow Cut. Watch the current coming in but very quiet inside. A short walk to a great beach. Friendly staff and floating docks.

"Nice quiet stop"
by Rick1085, Solomons, MD on Mar 21, 2011

Called ahead but arrived after they closed. We were told to tie up to fuel dock and we could settle up in the morning. Facilities clean and eventhough we were on the fuel dock exposed it was quiet and calm. Good WIFI.

"Quick Stop Over"
by Scott Lawrence, Ottawa, Canada on Jan 23, 2011

We were running down the ICW and decided to stop in for some fuel and the night. Tim came down to meet us and made sure we were settled in just before the marina closed. Friendly and capable staff. We were out on the fuel dock so there was a little rolling, but it was not bad.

"Joyner Marina - a great stop!"
by Mike Thompson, Port Canaveral, Fl. on Nov 28, 2010

Tim Nicholos runs the marina.

Without asking he goes out of his way to help the tranisent boater. This marina is on the top of our favorites list.

Watch the current when passing thru the rock jetty - you may need to apply a little powerl

Thank you Tim for a great visit.

"Ran Aground Trying to Get Fuel"
by Marty Sulc, Baltimore on Nov 06, 2010

We have a six foot draft. We tried to get fuel about 2 hours after low tide. We took a wide turn to get in so we could dock into the current. We ran aground for a short while. I would guess it was 5' depth maximum.

"Good Place for waiting out snow's cut."
by J. Winter, North Myrtle Beach, SC on Oct 15, 2010

While the statements about currnets are tru, along wtih wakes, once inside their breakwater, it is not that bad. It is tight, but room for larger boats. Great staff, and decent prices.

"Great for Fuel"
by Capt. Steve Russell, Boca Raton, FL on Aug 01, 2010

It's been a while since I stopped there but Great place to fuel but it is a full speed zone so you get plowed. Even when fueling, you want to be sure to put out good fenders. if you spend the night, it is a good cab ride to the town but there is a restaurant there built in an old church that is great. 7/21/10 Stopped back in for Fuel. A lot has changed for the docks with a massive breakwater put in to protect the dockage but not the fuel dock. People still plowed through while fueling and we were working with a temporary pump because, according to the dock girl, the local Coast Guard Auxillary boat had plowed onto the dock and knocked out the fuel pump. Because it was so slow we ended up only taking on enough to get to Beaufort, NC. Great people there, though and great location for transcient fueling if getting ready to head outside via Masonboro inlet.

"nice marina, and a short walk to the beach"
by Rossland, Buffalo on Jun 22, 2010

A bit exposed to wakes, but mostly sheltered from the current. Staff friendly and helpful. Good floating docks

"Great place"
by E. D., Wilmington, NC on Jun 03, 2010

great place to fuel. Easy access to fuel dock and friendly staff. Fuel dock is not protected from local boat traffic and can be ruff at times. Strong currents. Great dockmaster.

"A good Stop "
by captn jo, clear lake texas on Nov 01, 2009

There is a strong current thru Snows Cut and the entrance to get inside is tight. We were able to get our 53 Carver in and turned to tie to the tee head inside. Nice floating docks 2' above water line. We left our boat here for a few days and flew out. Check on the boat Via their Web Cam. Staff was friendly and helpful. Facilities first class. Taxi ride to Wilmington $35.00, it was a 45min ride.

"ok but exposed"
by Michael B, Worton on Oct 07, 2009

The transient docks are exposed to local traffic, annoying. Nice facility, nice dockmaster sue. good tie up on a windy night.

"Review from AGLCA list - Marina redone"
by Greg, Key Biscayne FL on Mar 14, 2009

For those who are planning on coming up the ICW through NC, the old Oceanic Marina has been totally rebuilt and very modern with new floating docks, fuel, pump out, marine supplies, free Wi-Fi, cable, etc. The marina is now named Joyner Marina and the phone number is 910-458-5053. Their web site is . If you dock there, I would recommend that you not dock on the fuel dock as considerable boat traffic goes by but they have good access to well protected docks inside the bulkhead and rock jetty. I have no association with the marina but with the Carolina Beach State Park Marina not operational this year, Joyner marina and Federal Point Yacht Club would be good choices. Hope the info is helpful. Capt. Jackie and Capt. Lynn Millikin

"Miserable dock"
by Jim Fisher, Baltimore,MD on Jul 11, 2007

Not sure what is happening with this place, they seem to be totally re-doing it (4/07). The transient space is on the face of the fuel dock and just outside of the no wake signs. Rude local boaters come past the no wake signs and hit the gas as they roar past the fuel/transient dock creating havoc for anyone tied there. Pass this one up all all costs.

About Joyner Marina

Joyner Marina welcomes all transient boaters on trips north, south or anywhere in between. We are conveniently located on the Intracoastal Waterway at Green Marker 161 and Mile Maker 295 in Carolina Beach, NC. We are one mile south of the Carolina Beach Inlet and located at Snows Cut , providing easy access to the ocean or Cape Fear River. We have over 200’ of dockage available on our fuel pier, and many transient slips inside our protected basin.

In addition to our attentive staff and picturesque location, we have gas and diesel fuel pumps, a waste pump-out station, laundry and shower facilities, free Wi-Fi, a 3 block walk to the beach and convenient access to shops, stores, dining and night life. We are only a 25 minute drive to the Wilmington International Airport in case you need to fly in or out while traveling.

NOTE: We only supply 50 amp shore power at the marina and do not have adaptors on site. If your vessel requires 30 AMP shore power, we do have limited space at our fuel dock.


  • Gas
  • Diesel
  • Water
  • Electrical


  • Floating Docks
  • Ice
  • Laundry
  • Medical Facilities w/in 5 Miles
  • Oil Recycling
  • Pumpout
  • Restrooms
  • Security
  • Ship Store
  • Showers
  • Wireless Internet


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