Salpare Bay Marina

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Not Offered

Day Trip
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11505 NE Yacht Harbor Drive
Portland, OR 97217
Check-in after 01:00 PM
Check-out before 11:00 AM

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4 Reviews

by Linda C. on Dec 16, 2010
I agree with the last review. Salpare is the best marina on the island. The docks are concrete new construction,easy to walk and easy to tie up to. We have a beautiful view of the river and have signed a year lease. We live aboard and find the facilites to be great. There is ample parking with reasonable access. The bathrooms are new, tiled and clean. We also have a dog and find that if we all obey the rules there is never a problem. The harbormaster is very helpful and often lets us use a fax if needed. We are happy we have made Salpare our home.

by Tom F. on Dec 16, 2010
After reading the reviews about Salpare Bay I had to write one. I feel the reviews are unfair and you deserve hearing another side of the story. I have had my boat moored at Salpare since the beginning. The place is the nicest around. There are lots of liveaboards now in this marina and they welcome more. Some of us do have dogs and they are well behaved. If your dogs get out of control and the management gets enough complaints you will be asked to leave. (Any marina would) There is ample parking and everyone works well with each other. There are signs that have always said do not park in the Tomahawk Island Parking lot but some people still do it. Salpare is a first class marina and the harbor master dose a great job. With all of this said please stop by and see the place for yourself. Moorage prices are higher here than most marinas in Portland but the docks are great and it’s well worth it. If the boater with the dogs could have kept their dogs inline I’m sure they would still be here.

by Tammy G. on Dec 07, 2010
I can second the Customer service need ALOT of improvement along with. They make it sound good, but don't be fooled. Walk a mile to you car. Extra fee you to death. Highest priced marina on the island. Not worth the money. Advertise they are a gated marina. Gate only closed at night. Will tell you all the things they are "going" to do, but do nothing!! Park you car in a dusty gravel parking lot. Park in the paved one and get your car towed. Have to walk through a construction site to reach the marina. In winter turns in to a skate rink to reach the ramp. Ramp WAY to steep!! Lease means nothing to them. Will make changes as they feel like it!! With so many marinas on the island that offer so much more and alot less than this place charges. They have 2 harbormasters and believe it or not you got the GOOD one the other one is a NIGHTMARE!!!!!!

by nancy h. on Jul 11, 2010
The place was clean and the docks were nice. But the costumer service left much to be desired. No keys to the gate were available, but we were assured that the gate would be left open ALL NIGHT, at 10:30 it was locked up tight. We were locked out of the marina, but luckily a couple were locked in & were waiting for someone to come bring a key to let them off the docks. Their ONLY gate is key accessible only - BOTH ways. The Harbormaster also failed to tell us that there is NO parking in the lot directly above their moorage. We found this out at 9am- {gates don't open until 9} (after we found out 3 of our vehicles were towed - $234 each). When we complained to the Harbormaster it basically just shrugged & told us we should fight the tow company. SO my reccomendation would be to try one of the other marinas!!

About Salpare Bay Marina

Salpare Bay Marina is a 210-slip marina on Portland's Hayden Island. Built in 2007, the marina and waterfront offers the highest class of moorage in Portland with world-famous Bellingham docks, state-of-the-art facilities, and various amenities!

Salpare Bay Marina is conveniently located in a low current area of Hayden Island with immediate access to the Columbia River, Willamette River, Multnomah Channel, and Government Island. In addition, Salpare Bay Marina is less than 10 minutes from Downtown Portland.


  • Water Hookup


    • Wireless Internet
    • Pumpout
    • Restrooms
    • Showers
    • Laundry
    • Ice
    • Security
    • Swimming Pool
    • Cable/Satellite TV
    • Groceries
    • Restaurant
    • Dog Park
    • Fitness Center
    • Floating Docks
    • Pet Friendly
    • Medical Facilities w/in 5 Miles



    Salpare Bay MarinaSalpare Bay MarinaSalpare Bay MarinaSalpare Bay Marina