Safe Harbor Kings Point

18020 Kings Point Drive
Cornelius, NC 28031

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18 Reviews

by Macy J. on Dec 11, 2023
I have been keeping my boat here for years and I could not recommend a better marina in the Cornelius area, the staff goes above and beyond to make sure their costumers wants and needs are satisfied. Just recently a new dock master was hired and I have nothing but amazing things to say about him, every problem, every concern I have he is right on it and does everything in his power to fix it. I could not find one negative thing to say about safe harbor if I tried. I 100% recommend if you are looking for a marina in the Cornelius, lake Norman area safe harbor Is the place to go everytime.

by Trevor R. on Aug 17, 2023
Moved boat here last year and it's been great. I'm loving the fuel prices it's a nice perk.

by James C. on Jul 18, 2023
Perfect place to have your boat, very happy with how clean everything is and the staff are always so helpful.

by Anne on Mar 07, 2023
I’m somewhat new to boating and I’ve been keeping my boat at Kingspoint for a year and now it’s been amazing. I’ve met so many kind people, the staff couldn’t be nicer and the grounds are always spotless. Best place around. 🏆

by ryan m. on Oct 02, 2022
Would’ve been perfect had we not gone over rocks. This lake gets shallow in some areas. We had to pay for the repair but cost seemed fair. We loved the boat and it was very clean. we ended up booking another day and we will be careful to avoid the rocks.

by Bill ll H. on Sep 24, 2022
absolutely love this Marina. all of the staff are so kind and caring. They always put their best effort forward and always do so with a smile on their face. They all work so hard and do such a thorough job in everything they do. 10 out of 10 love this marina

by Brittany W. on Jul 31, 2022
I rented a boat from this facility and the staff was very thorough in explaining everything! The bathrooms are very well kept. Would recommend!

by Qui W. on Jul 31, 2022
This marina is a wonderful experience! the staff is very kind and very helpful it’s a beautiful site well kept in bathrooms are spotless.

by Katrina P. on Jul 31, 2022
I store my boat here in dry storage. My boat has stayed clean and is always out before I arrive. This is the best location I have stored my boat at on Lake Norman.

by Jules W. on Jul 31, 2022
Absolutely adore the staff at Kings Point Marina! They are always so kind and helpful when my husband and I take the boat out. The forklift drivers are always on time to get my boat put into the water and even helped me take my boat cover off when I was struggling! Highly recommend this place for boat storage!

by Tabitha C. on Jul 24, 2022
Perfect marina for renting boats and the environment is friendly and clean!

by Tom J. on May 22, 2022
Property was very clean and well taken care of. Even though it was extremely busy the staff was friendly and the General Manager Kendra was super nice and informative. I will be renting another boat from this marina again. It was a great day on the lake and the marina was awesome.

by Mary A. on May 05, 2022
I loved everything about Safe Harbor Kings Point Marina! The property is gorgeous, not to mention the outstanding kindness I received from the staff. It was my first time going there, and definitely won't be the last. This marina is by far the nicest marina on Lake Norman.

by S R. on Aug 02, 2021
Truly disappointing. The entire staff changed. These guys ARE effectively double-dipping. Will avoid them and every one of their marinas whenever possible.

by Anonymous on Jul 03, 2021
Guess I shouldn’t say anything that’s not the rate SH is buying up marinas at Lake Norman, I don’t want to end up blackballed from the whole lake!

by Neal Y. on Mar 08, 2021
If I could give zero stars I would. It’s sad that Safe Harbor has destroyed the Kings Point name that Morningstar spent so many years building. From the moment Safe Harbor purchased the marina it has drastically taken a turn for the worse. repairs to the facility are ignored even after after multiple requests. Including safety issues like non functioning dock pedestal lights and wiring. Customers always paid monthly prior to the purchase. Just 3 weeks prior to the boating season and contracts renewing they inform those customers that either it needs to be paid in full for the year or 4 months in a row of quarterly payments. Then, after many complaints due to being informed just a few weeks prior, the option was given for true quarterly payments but only after paying a large security deposit. Then prices were increased in some cases over $1500 per year. For the better part of 6 months we were told the wifi network was being updated. It would offer much better coverage. What it was, and most only found out after contracts were signed was it would cost you up to $600 more per year as they will throttle speeds forcing customers to purchase the premium service. And of you want those speeds inside your boat you must purchase a device for around $300. Our jet ski which was under contract through the end of February we informed we would not renew. We were then told in January we had ten days to vacate the jet ski. On February 1st we were charged another month due to early cancelation even though we were told to vacate and they had already put another jet ski in its place. So they double dipped. After reaching out to corporate and management about the issues with just 4 days notice we’re we’re told to vacate our boat or face legal action. This is how they address customer issues. We are not the only ones. We know of several others this happened to and was even told by a family member at another location the manager was told he was cancel anyone who complains. Stay away.

by Anonymous on Mar 03, 2021
just now-Edit None start is deserved. However. Kings Point (Safe Harbor) is HORRIBLEEEEEE! Contracts before safe harbor purchased were monthly payments. This New company is NOT upfront. Now you must pay annually or if you want to pay Quarterly, they will charge you a $500 deposit or pay 3 payments each month for 4 months in the row. I checked another safe harbor marina reviews, there is more than a few people complaining about not getting their refunds back on their deposits. Also, increased prices for the slips. NO HEADS UP about it. They haven’t informed ALL their customers about the new contracts, but wait to just prior to expiration of existing contract. Safe Harbor apparently is part of the Cancel Culture. I guess it is too much for the GM to deal with, SOOO don’t “complain” about valid issues they will NOT renew your contract. Issues not even pertaining to contracts or pricing. We heard from another Safe Harbor Marina. They are getting rid of the “COMPLAINERS”. You are not their customer, or I should rather say, as long as you don’t have anything to say. It’s very sad to see what is happening and how they are treating their long-term customers. You want fast internet? You can pay extra for that too. Also, they bought a few more marinas on the lake. So, they are monopolizing the marinas so Safe Harbor can impose whatever they want to boaters. Don't even try to scaled to upper management. They don't care about their customers.

by john d. on May 13, 2014
We chose this marina based on it's location and facilities - and those are great qualities of this marina. However, it takes more than a clean bathroom to retain customers. After having oil leaked all over our boat from a boat above it in storage, we decided to pull our boat out of storage here. That's when we found out that our trailer was missing. We were told when we moved here that Kingspoint would subcontract a third party storage facility for our trailer. But when we tried to retrieve it, it was suddenly missing and no one at Kingspoint had any information. We cold called every storage facility on the lake and eventually found it (no thanks to Kingspoint) and found out that Kingspoint had never paid them! We apologized profusely for the oversight by our marina. But of course Kingspoint is denying any responsibility and won't reimburse the storage facility. I was also told by manager Bill Young that if I wrote an unfavorable review, he would take legal recourse. Ridiculous...

About Safe Harbor Kings Point

Located on the south end of Lake Norman, just 20 minutes from Charlotte, Safe Harbor Kings Point has everything you need to make the most of your time on the water, whether you’re cruising with friends, reeling in fish, tubing with the family, or brushing up on your wakeboarding or skiing skills.


Safe Harbor Kings Point