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3 South Front Street
Fernandina, FL 32034
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228 Reviews

"As of 7 Feb, Prognosis for timely repair is low"
by Joe and Pat mv Otter, Annapolis, MD on Feb 07, 2017

Spoke with a party that rents out boats. The north dock area used by commercial and tour boats is being worked on. The long south outer dock has not been started. He speculated that they city may replace the outer docks. Also the storm caused siltation is sighificant.

Docking here during the spring northward migration is out.

The Rating of 2 is only based on current dock condition.

If the dock was servicable the rating would be a 5 based on previous stays.

"Great Stop"
by Douglas Peterson, Ft Lauderdale, FL on Jan 14, 2017

UPDATE: My wife and I stopped again on our trip north last summer and were happy to stay in Fernandina again. Great well run marina with fantastic dock crews, great town and great places to visit. My wife hadn't yet been to the Marlin and Barrel distillery so we went again. I highly recommend the tour! After the beating Matthew gave them, I hope the marina is up and running again soon.

My son and I stopped here on our offshore delivery to SoFL of our new 44' sloop. The staff couldn't have been more helpful. The current was strong when we docked on the inside of the outer dock and we had no issues. Just hours after we arrived, the wind picked up from the west at 35+ kts and the waves were breaking over the dock but we were quite secure. The town has so much going for it it's hard to know where to start. Great restaurants like Timoti's Seafood Shak , the new Marlin and Barrel distillery with an occasional tour was a great stop. Fun Place! Will definitely stay here again.

"Doing Their Best With What They Have to Work With"
by JMG, Green Cove Springs, FL on Nov 28, 2016

We anchored in the anchorage for 4 days and have gone into town 3 of those days. Kevin at the marina has been very helpfull and explained where the dingy dock was and that there was a small fee, $3.21, for the day. He appoligized for the condition of the marina but that was not under his control. The dingy dock is large and we never had any problems finding a space. For a small fee, $4.00, you can use thier showers. You can take you trash and recyclables to the bend at the marina. We have always been treated as a valued cumtomer at Fernandina Harbor Marina and even with all the damage, we were stilled treated as a valued cumtomer. I feel for the employees. I am sure some take it out on them that they cannot take bigger vessels with what seems to be open slips. I am sure there is damage we cannot see that would not make a slip safe. Thank you Kevin and other employees for doing the best with what you have to work with. I just hope the City of Fernandina Beach gets their act together and fix the marina. It is a great stop.

"Fernandina Harbor Marina"
by Mike Poirier, Bucks Harbor on Nov 26, 2016

We agree 100% with the previous reviewer. We too had stopped on 11/17, dinghy in to look at the storm damage. There was a lot of damage to the main outer dock and the fuel dock. There was also a gangway still in the water at the southern end of the marina. However, there was a long dock near shore with a gangway up to the restaurant with no boats on it. Also a number of slips were open that could have been used for dinghies. We asked the dock master if we could tie up someplace and go to the grocery store, we were told no. We left and went the 8 miles to St. Mary's, what a world of difference. The town has a wonderful public park, the yacht club had nightly get togethers for the cruisers leading up to Thanksgiving and arranged transportation (free) to the grocery store for cruisers. In short, they wanted us there, plus a great Thanksgiving dinner. We saw other friends there who had tried to anchor in Fernandina Harbor mooring field. Their anchor was not down before they were called on the VHF and threaten with a $100 fine if they came in.

"Town is wrong on this one..... Update"
by Dawn R, Howell, NJ on Nov 22, 2016

UPDATE: Since my original post the city/marina has now made a limited amount of sapce for dinghies to land, you must hail the marina for instructions on where to land and there is a small fee for landing. The marina is still not open for fuel or dock space and the mooring balls are still off limits but you are able to get in to see the town. It's definitely worth the stop, great food and allot of shops to check out. First Fernandina Beach is a great place and one of our favorite ports to stop in. We knew the marina suffered from Matthew but there is no reason they can't and haven't put in a dinghy dock for all the cruisers heading south. From what we saw the face dock suffered damage but the rest of the docks are usable and are in fact being used, the far inside docks are in the mud at low tide and are unuseable but that had nothing to do with Matthew. The town merchants are staving, we were able to get into town last night and there was literally no one around. We were 2 of six people on the street, restaurants were empty and most of the stores were closed by 6:30, and this maybe normal but last time we were here the town was booming. The marina does have boats in it, mostly commerial (charter or sightseeing tours) and have customers coming and going all day long so the inside docks are fine for these customers to use but not for cruisers to tie up a dinghy to go into town and spend money. The mooring balls are still on the moorings but we have not seen anyone pick one up, nor have we. We spoke on the phone to a couple of merchants who said they are dying and only hope the marina will be open for the migration north but are not certainof that, they say the rebuilding of the marina is political and no one is able to get information from the marina and/or town hall. Shame on the town administration, they are not doing right by the town merchants nor cruising community.

Marina Response:
We are sorry that you were disappointed in the lack of dinghy space available during your visit. The damages sustained by the marina have been estimated at $25 Million from Hurricane Matthew and we are working hard to bring services back as quickly as possible. Our main concern is for the safety of boaters and our staff. We will not restore a service until we know we can do it safely. Our plan was to first determine what area of the marina was safe to use; we did.  Next we needed to make sure local long term boaters were taken care of; we did.  The next step was to identify and open as much dinghy space as possible; we did.  We were able to relocate long term boats and now have limited space for dinghies. Please see the section under Dockage / Dinghy Dock Access for more information. We thank the boating community for their support and patience as we work to rebuild the marina. It has been a difficult time for the marina, the town of Fernandina, and many boaters. We look forward to seeing everyone again soon.

"This town is closed up for cruisers. What a shame."
by Jeff Janacek, Bayfield, WI and the ICW on Nov 16, 2016

A great downtown, but you can't get to it because the marina and moorings are closed. We anchored west of mooring field and tied up but got away with it only because the weather was so attrocious. We tried to get access by the marinas north of town but they wouldn't return our calls. What a shame to miss this great stop. If only there were some groceries nearby....

by Ed Bulchis, Seattle on Oct 19, 2016

The marina is closed because of damage from Hurricane Matthew. Marina management estimates it will be closed for a year. Check current status before arriving.

"Closed due to hurricane"
by David OKeeffe, Amelia Island, FL on Oct 13, 2016

Due to hurricane Matthew, the marina announced it is closed to transients, both the dock and mooring field; fuel and pump out services are suspended for the foreseeable future. It may be Spring 2017 before it is up and running again.

"Marina Closed for until 2017"
by Craig Horwedel, Tulsa, Ok on Oct 13, 2016

Was planning a stop but it is closed due to the hurricane

"not to bad if wind is right"
by ccapt, wilmington nc on Jul 26, 2016

another stop for us heading north or south. great inlet to used day and night. we always have trouble with power here and always have to run the generators. docks could use a little upkeep but not to bad. watch the current there docking..dock workers come in early so they are around to help with lines. plenty of water under boat too

"nice marina but..."
by Captain Sombong, Fremantle on Jul 10, 2016

FHM is a nice marina. It is well set up with great facilities, including engine oil disposal, clean toilets and showers and a fantastic guest lounge. It also has half a dozen mooring buoys on a first come first served basis. Staff are friendly and efficient. The town itself is pretty and quaint with lots of great places to eat. If you want to see Fort Clinch, it is almost worth considering taking your dinghy, as it is a long way by road. The fly in the ointment is the industry in the town; two paper mills, one north and the other south that can blow a burning car tyre smell across the moorings in a southerly. It's not too awful but certainly detracts from the experience and l would certainly have had to think twice before staying here had l known that in advance. Nice marina but...

"Great Stop"
by jacks88, Nacogdoches on Jun 30, 2016

Plenty of space on the face dock. Power and water are fine. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Can walk to dining and shopping, but groceries will require transportation. Several things to do and see.

"Great Stop with Great Staff"
by ben on loon, annapolis on Nov 29, 2015

Kevin helped me dock on the inside with current- NO PROBLEMS.

All of the staff are very knowledgable re- docking wiht the current. Always goes smoothly.

Overall facility is in good condition AND short walk to to the town.

Because of Kevin and staff I will stop again.

"Excellent Marina"
by Donald Mau, Oriental, NC on Nov 27, 2015

Great location and well maintained. On our first visit earlier this Fall the internet did not work. Several weeks ago the new system was up and running. Good restaurants are close by as is a very nice downtown shopping area. Wakes from passing boats can be annoying.

"Fernandina Harbour Marina"
by Gunk, Leamington, Ontario on Nov 27, 2015

Us - 47' sailboat, 6' draft, 66' air draft

Situated between two pulp and paper millls. Don't dock on outside wall, too much traffic=lots of movement at dock. VERY GOOD and KNOWLEDGEABLE staff. Pricey. Clean showers, fuel available. Nice small store/chandlery on the dock! Good restaurants very close by. Provisioning a long way away. Nice docks, easy to get to.

"nice stopover"
by Capt. Dirk, Hampton 630 MY, Jupiter, Fl on Nov 12, 2015

Our second time stopping here, located between two huge industrial facilities it feels like it's a place you don't want to stay. Docks are nice staff is great, as soon as you get off of the boat and walk into town you forget about the industry surrounding the water front. It's a great stop, restaurants, shopping people all are great!

"Nice facility"
by Captain Glo, Bay City, MI on Nov 11, 2015

Roger was extremely helpful in docking, leaving, fuel and pumpout. We found Ray to be rude. Why is he working with the public if he does not want to interact? I would fire Ray. Rest of staff was great. Restrooms are further than I would like. Inside of long dock is difficult in getting in or out.

"Great Location"
by Sandy LaMontagne, Bedford, NH on Nov 10, 2015

We stayed one night (11/4). Located right in a very nice town. Very short walk to lots of shops and restaurants. Staff very helpful. Train runs right next to the marina and blows whistle. Didn't hear it through the night though.

"Excellent location"
by Dave77, Wickford, RI on Nov 07, 2015

Location, location, location a nice marina right in town. We stayed at the long T dock. Docking against the current was easy, and the dock hands know what they are going. Easy walk to resturants, and provisions. Call ahead because the marina was packed with boats heading south. Will definitely be back.

"Great spot, great service"
by MV LA2, Jamestown RI on Oct 27, 2015

Called while underway to request a slip during very busy fall transit time. Left message and received call back shortly from dockmaster Kevin advising no availability. Asked to be called back if anything opened up and was surprised to receive a call back shortly with an opening. Dockhand assisted with docking on Sunday night at 7:30 in the dark. Great location right downtown. Some wakes from ICW on outside face dock but service and location overcame that. Will definitely be back.

"Excellent stopover"
by Bayardo, Fort Lauderdale on Oct 10, 2015

In our trip back to Florida, we stayed overnight in this marina and the staff waited for us at night, we appreciated that detail from them, nice bars around and beautiful city. the marina during the night was so peaceful, definitely an excellent stopover.

"Poor reception"
by Rit, Olcott, NY on Aug 07, 2015

03/10/15 - this has always been one of our favorite stopovers, so it was a must, in fact we timed our voyage to call into here. we called ahead for a reservation and told the marina was full, ok, that happens. As we passed the marina, it was clear there were a LOT of slips empty. We called again and got the same answer, the marina is full. I asked the guy, i can see tons of empty slips, he replied that they were booked. ok, we moved on. however later, after dinner and having a walk about, we checked the marina and all those slips were still empty at 2300!

"Fell in love with the place !"
by Glenn Dean, Montgomery Alabama on Aug 02, 2015

The has been one of our most enjoyable stopovers ! The marina is nice , staff is helpful and friendly , the bathrooms clean and comfortable . The town is nice , and there is a Catholic Church just a few blocks away . A seafood market is at the boatramp , expensive but fresh and good . Freds was a disappointment , but we got most of the items we needed , we later heard there is an Winn Dixie a mile and 1/2 away , but didn't check it out . We got a nice discount on our slip because it gets shallow at low tide , but with our motor up we can do shallow . Our dogs enjoyed it as much as we have . I highly recommend this marina , we will stop here again on the way home . And we did stop again on the way home 07/10/2015 and stayed a week . I thought the admiral was going to jump ship and stay here ! You can ride the trolley for just $3.00 a person to Publix , Winn Dixie , and Wal-Mart and they pick you up in about two hours . They even allowed our two dogs to ride . We Love it here and will be back !

My only complaint , and this complaint applies to all the marinas we stopped at on this cruise is their inability to pumpout a 5 gallon portable sewage tank . It takes a straightpipe connection . They are common at the Gulfsides marinas , but nonexistent on this side . FHM told me to dump it in the toilet despite signs saying you can't do that .

"Great Marina in the Middle of the Action"
by rwidman, North Charleston, SC on Jul 25, 2015

The marina is in great shape and professionally run. The staff is friendly and knows what they are doing. It's next to the downtown shopping and tourist area with several restaurants and shops. No grocery store though.

The restrooms are clean and in good condition.

The marina is "public" so townspeople and tourists might be walking past your boat but unlike some places, these don't seem to be the sort of people to make you want to lock things up.

"Mooring Field"
by B Carey, Lakeland on Jul 20, 2015

We picked up a mooring ball for a couple of days and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Fernandina Beach is a great, friendly town to visit. We biked over to the Atlantic Beach one afternoon. Great shopping downtown. The mooring balls are well maintained and adequately spaced. It was an easy ride into the marina with excellent dinghy dock.

"Ideal Location On Amelia Island"
by sv Cream Puff, Road Harbour - BVI on Jul 11, 2015

We wound up staying here for two weeks due to illness while transiting north for the season. We really got to know the charm of Fernandina Beach. This historic downtown is small but packed with great restaurants. The area doesn%u2019t offer much other than ice cream, restaurants and gift shops.

At the far end of town is an old five & dime called Fred%u2019s. They have some grocery items. Else, Publix or Winn Dixie are within a couple of miles. There is now a trolley bus that runs from the marina to Publix but the schedule means you will be at Publix for 2 hours. We ate pizza at the restaurant next to Publix to kill time. It was delicious (Tony%u2019s).

The dock staff is very helpful. They gave excellent advice on the radio prior to entry. They know how to work the lines and ensure you make it in safely. There are some strong currents because of the 6%u2019 tide swing. It is advisable to have them help when leaving.

The restroom and captain%u2019s lounge are on the other side of the marina from the transient dock. They were always clean. The lounge has a computer and cable TV. The air conditioned restrooms are single coed rooms. Each contains a head, shower and basin. The lounge and bath house require a magnetic key (available for a $10 deposit at check in). This area also houses the laundry, 3 full size washes and 3 dryers @ $1.50 per load. While doing laundry the captain%u2019s lounge is an ideal hangout.

On Saturday mornings there is a farmers market from 9-Noon at the eastern end of downtown. We stocked up on fresh veggies prior to departure. It was a little expensive but very convenient and fresh.

We had some big afternoon thunder storms roll in (June). These storms will rock the transient dock. Some of the boats tied to the outside of the dock were very exposed and needed extra fenders. If you are on the outside, it is advisable to put plenty of fenders out because of storms and wakes. The inside location of the transient dock is preferable.

"Great service, Friendly Staff"
by David200, Auckland New Zealand on Jul 02, 2015

The friendly staff here made us feel very welcome on our return to USA We made full use of the cruisers lounge with free wifi, cable TV, and clean, tidy bathrooms. Dockage is well maintained and organised and staff were professional and helpful. Good selection of shops nearby with tram service to get around. Mooring buoys available for a cheaper stay and access to a good protected dinghy dock provided. Highly recommended

"Great marina adjacent to historic downtown"
by Don Gudaitis, Onset, MA on Jun 27, 2015

Convenient to everything. Staff very helpful, facilities, docks very clean.

"Good Place For a Stop Over"
by Joe R., Johns Island , SC on Jun 07, 2015

Our second stop over. Good help from staff when docking in the pretty strong surrent. The town is directly acoross the street and is delightful to walk around. Lots of positives here but securty is weak. Have not heard of any specific security issues but the marina is wide open to the public. We will be back.

"Great location for visiting the town"
by Malcolm F, Ft. Lauderdale on May 28, 2015

Well run, well maintained and high end municipal marina. Eiasy walk to all the local attractions. Good power. Can be bouncy on the outisde of the main dock. Strong current. Raised dock rates on 10/1/10 to $2.00 on outside of main dock, $1.85 inside. Power still $10/day for 50 amp cord.

5/22/15 Still the same great place to visit. Easy walk to down town with numerous shops and restaurants. Very dog friendly. Among the best municipal marinas anywhere. Unless your vessel is big and heavy ask for a spot inside the face dock. Lots of boat traffic. Just be aware of the current.

"Great Place to Cruise"
by Captain Jim Suber, Jacksonville,Florida on May 26, 2015

Over the 2015 Memorial Day weekend the Jacksonville Sail and Power Squadron cruised to Fernandina. The staff at the Marina was very pleasant and helpfull and the stay at the marina was the best I could have asked for.

"Great stop"
by Little AL, New Bern, NC. on May 26, 2015

Always enjoy my stops here.

"The Dog's Opinion"
by jamacevoy, Rock Hall, MD on May 25, 2015

From a people perspecitve, this is one of our favorite marinas, in the Fernandina Historic District. The major drawback is a freight train that runs frequently at all hours and toots its horn extensively as it passes the marina. Ryder, our dog, gives it a 3 out of 4 bone rating. The staff enjoys dogs and keeps cookies in the office. Floating docks make access easy. There's a large grassy field nearby for walking and chasing a ball, and walking downtown is relatively safe on sidewalks with slow traffic. There is nowhere nearby for a dog to swim. The shoreline near the marina is all mud or rubble. Swimming is possible at the marina boat ramp, but the water is filthy and the locals warn of bull sharks because of the nearby fish cleaning stations. The ocean beach is a 2 mile walk, and as with most of Florida, dogs are not appreciated as a matter of policy.

"Great stop with lots to do"
by Ken Shanley, Venice, Fl. on May 19, 2015

Had great help docking on the inside of the outer wall in current. Friendly staff and helpful. Bath house is a walk from where I was. Lots of restaurants and shops just a block away.

"Watching Ana"
by MCAMP, Wilmington NC on May 14, 2015

Stayed here from 5/6-10/2015 watching Ana ans waiting to jumpout and go North. Mooring balls are exposed to SSW and NNE. Can get bumping when high winds oppose current. Staff, Kevin/Jay/Marge/Kathy, very helpful and friendly. moved in to a slip for last 4 days. Lots of shops, farms market on Sat morning straight up in town. Convenient stop and easy jump to outside. Very pet friendly town. Local guide lists pet friendly resturants.

"Fernandina Harbor Marina"
by neil richard, jupiter,fl on May 08, 2015

Great stop, great marina. We pulled in very early on an extremely busy Sunday (Shrimp Festival) but nevertheless, Roger, graciously moved some boats in order to make room for us on the face dock. We had a great time at the street fair and some amazing meals in town. Highly recommend this marina. Helpful and friendly people, nice docks, and a cute town.

"wonderful place"
by Duane Sammons, Alabama on May 07, 2015

nice marina right in town. Fred's store with groceries a short walk. Town is easily walkable, bike ride to beach on other side of beach

"Nice Stop, Great Staff"
by Bad Andy, Little River, SC on May 02, 2015

Get you docked with ease. Very helpful staff. Enjoyed the town and marina facility. No problems with depth noted in other reviews.

"2015 04 19 and 20"
by Phil Bolin, Colonial Beach, VA on Apr 21, 2015

Always a great stop. Professioinal staff, good facilities including reliab le wifi. This stop they were so busy all had to wait their turn to tie up. This can happen and staff handled it professionally. Still 5 stars in our book. It now appears highly rated active captain marinas are getting the business. I wonder if this could be proved statistically?

"Nice, easy stop ...."
by Dessert 1st, The Villages, FL on Apr 10, 2015

We decided to stop and see the town for a few hours. The harbor office offers a transient rate of $0.20/ft for three hours ashore. Want a shower(?). ...$4/ea (and the showers are nice).

True to our name, we had Dessert 1st. Visit Fantastic Fudge; try their salted caramel ice cream. Mmmmmm....

Then lunch. We opted for "shrimp taco's" at Timico's (good, but the blackening on the shrimp was pretty bland) but the beer was Cold. We also had a small helping of seaweed salad ... which was Fantastic!

PS: portions of the harbor are still being dredged.

"must stop ice cream and great town"
by Crusher, Ft Myers, Florida on Apr 03, 2015

Great floating dock, showers and wash rooms good, laundry. Good power, the reason to stop is the town, bars, many great restaurants, but most special ICE CREAM, two ice cream spots. Can walk to beach or ride bikes. Beautiful sunsets from Marina. Great coffee shop for breakfast. Nearby very low cost fuel if you are leaving Florida. Very competent dock hands. Many shops. Only negative is the town and Marina are in the middle of a large industrial area but they do not smell or cause any issues. We had no problem with wakes being on the outside of the floating dock. Great water pressure, fuel at marina and very good free if u are staying at Marina pump out.

"Excellent stop"
by Dale H, Grand Island, NE on Mar 22, 2015

Excellent Stop

Marina facilities well maintained - 4 separate shower / bathrooms. Laundry separate. Captains lounge / bus office. Easy access to numerous town restaurants and shops. On premise restaurant excellent.

Helpful and attentive professional staff

Only problem - and a big one - the Marina was dredging and only transient dockage was along outside of face / sea wall . Boat wake and N - NNE exposed - rather rough.

Good news - when finished (in a couple weeks) the Marina will be back to full capacity and deep!

I rate it 5 stars - because the work underway is preemptive

"Nice stopover"
by TMI Gene, Racine on Mar 20, 2015

Nice town with numerous eating establishments. Washrooms and showers are clean. They respond to radio, help you dock and get set up.

"A must stop!"
by Alex Ertz, Iuka, MS on Feb 16, 2015

The marina is fine, but the town is great! Some excellent restaurants and parks (Ft. Clinch is a nice bike ride and historic site). Fuel dock is right on the ICW. If leaving Florida immediately, ask about waiver of Florida sales tax on fuel. We prepaid for our entire stay, then when we left one day early, they refunded our unused night. Only negative is the nearby papermill. It's only an issue if prevailing winds put you downwind from it.

"Great stop and we will come back again."
by Terry Jones, Oriental, NC on Feb 15, 2015

We were on a mooring for a week and took our bikes on shore. Very safe to lock them on the bike rack and found a safe back road route to Publix and Winn Dixie 2.5 miles away. Fred's is the closest (8 blocks) store to shop for anything except produce. Our favorite restaurant was 29 South Eats on S 3rd very close to marina. The staff was great letting us be on the dock 4 times for generator repairs and a new dodger/bimini/enclosure from Top Stitch (great quality) here in Fernandina Beach. We will come back.

"Great Customs and Border Protection"
by Tod Engelskirchen, Saint Michaels on Jan 28, 2015

We have used this office three times. This time we needed to update our frequent boater cards - new passports. The staff is friendly and easy to work with. The office is an easy walk from the Municipal Marina. No cab fare to an airport.
Once coming back the officer came to our boat and was very friendly.

"Nice marina and friendly staff"
by BobBarb, Clayton, NY on Jan 21, 2015

Bathrooms were clean but a bit of a walk from the docks. The marina is right next to the town so very convenient to walking to the shops. There closest grocery we were told was about 2 mi away. We did not need to go. There are plenty of restaurants nearby.

"Helpful and Informative"
by Phil Plash, Delaware city on Jan 20, 2015

We arrived when all the protected spaces behind their breakwater were full. Kevin, the dockmaster, was very helpful and so we picked up a mooring. The current is very strong on this river so picking up a mooring on a trawler is a bit of a challenge, but noncommercial marine accomodations seem a bit limited in this spot on the river. We liked this charming city and when the 25 mph winds died down we spent a lot of time exploring it. Great stop.

"Very Nice!!"
by DCooper, Traverse City, Mi on Jan 14, 2015

We stayed here for a few days. It as a GREAT stay. From the moment that Roger helped us tie up and welcomed us to Fernandina, until we through off the lines and headed south, we enjoyed ourselved. When we arrived, Roger suggested that we tie p on the inside, but the water was calm, so we opted for the outside. That was fine for a couple of nights, but on the third night the north wind kicked up and it was a bit rough. Take the inside of the dock if you have the choice.

Fernandina is a wonderful little town with some ecxcellent restaraunts and shopping. Absolutley go to Espana for a memorable meal. Great stop, great own, great marina. We'll be back!

"Terrific facility"
by Darrell Grob, St. Louis, MO on Dec 06, 2014

A very nice marina--no question about that. The town is actually alive! Also, there is a county tax office 5 blocks from the marina where you can buy your Florida Sojourners Permit. Would definitely stay there again.

by Pierre Jasmin, Montreal, PQ, Canada on Nov 28, 2014

Fernandina is a very nice little town with everything you need to reprovision, although the grocery store is a little out of the way. Lots of shops/boutiques and restos nearby.

The marina staff is very freindly and helpfull for docking. They have everything you would expect, clean showers, laundry facility, and a nice cruisers lounge area. WIFI was quite slow when we were there... perhaps to many others streaming whatever.

Lots of boats anchor out from the ICW here. St-Mary's inlet is an easy in-out from the atlantic, which makes this area a good choice for stopping, use the marina or anchorage... your choice.

"Excellent anchorage area and staff "
by Greig Carroll, Halifax NS. on Nov 24, 2014

Dropped the hook in the anchorage area just to the north of the marina after an all nighter from Beaufort. Wind was 15k and current was running pretty good. No problems with holding. Went to the Marina and paid for dingy docking and showers. Got the wifi password. The staff here were outstanding. They couldn't do enough for us. In the morning when we went in for fuel and pump out the staff did all our lines and even suggested the best way to come in with the current and wind. Can't say enough good about these people and the facilities! Town was a 5 minute walk away. I will definitely be going back!

"Excellent stop along ICW"
by Roberto and Maria Rosa, Wickford, RI on Nov 07, 2014

This marina has it all. Excellent customer service, excellent dockhands, wi-fi has improved since we were here last January, but the best part is that it is right in the center of a lovely town. Lots of shops, a variety of excellent restaurants, ameliatogo.com will deliver to marina from any of the restaurants, full service spa/salon across the street "Magna's" (www.magnasalon.com) where we had excellent massage, pedicure and hair cut/style. This is a 3-day stop along the ICW!

Previous review: 1/22/14 Roberto and Maria Kadey Krogen 48' "Gratitude"

Arrived yesterday afternoon with 30mph winds from the west. Roger and two other guys from the marina were wonderful, friendly and helpful. We pulled into the inside of the face dock in the southern most part. No noise from the paper mill, no noise from trains, actually very quiet and nice, except for the wind of course. Nice town to walk around, with lots of restaurants.
Showers are actually clean and well kept. My only negative comment is the lack of WiFi. We need to work from the boat and I find it unreasonable that a marina like this, city owned and managed cannot give boaters WiFi. But other than that, we will definitely come back.

"Best Docking Help We Have Ever Received"
by Anthony Baker, Washington DC on Oct 30, 2014

This is a great marina at a great location with great employees. We like the place a lot except for the LOUSY internet connectivity. Certainly 5 stars if internet improved.

2014-10-30 Internet has been vastly improved and we also found a bakery near Freds at 122 South 8th Street, its valled the Pecan Roll

"Great Mooring Field"
by cofc, Charleston on Oct 14, 2014

Stayed on a mooring for a week and could not have been happier. Everything was in great shape and we were able to get in and out easily. Dinghy dock was about 2 minutes away and also in great shape. Location was perfect.

"Easy in & out"
by Gary Miller, Erie, Pa. on Oct 09, 2014

This is my first visit since management change and there appears to be significant difference to the positive. manager Joe was very cordial and both he and other gemtleman seemed eager to help. 30' water at low tide on outside wall. Dock rent was 2.00 per foot and $10 plug for 50 amp of $20 for 100 amp and power was good. Great docks and good location. Will definately stop again now that attitude is very good.

10-8-14 Same comments, dock is $2.00 foot plus $10.00 for each 50 amp plug (100 amp was out of order), plus tax.

"Fernandina Harbor Marina"
by Milton Schreiber, Kennesaw on Sep 27, 2014

Great and friendly folks. Super location. Walking distance to great restaurants.

"grate friendly staff"
by Ronmadsen, Cape Coral Fl on Sep 24, 2014

this place has staff that gose out of their way to make you feel welcomed. helpful with directions and maps to help you find the right places.

"Mooring area is top notch"
by Tim101, St. Petersburg, FL on Aug 13, 2014

If you are just passing through this is a 2 night stay. Helpful friendly staff and though the marina is overpriced, the mooring area is not. A great boaters lounge with WiFi and a TV is available. WiFi not available in the mooring area.

The whole town is within an easly walking distance and it's quite lively during the weekends. It lives up to its reputation as being a dog friendly town. Try Peppers the Mexican restaurnat 2-3 blocks from the marina.

"Great Staff"
by jakerawdin, philadelphia on Aug 11, 2014

Really helpful and friendly. The breakwater dock is easy to tie up to, just try to time it so the current's either slack or against you, as it rips through this area. Facilities are great and everything in Fernandina Beach except groceries is right there.

"First Rate Service"
by Swartdog, Port Aransas on Jul 24, 2014

We spent a little over a week here on a mooring ball and can't get over how well the staff treated us. They were prompt and attentive in helping with lines, pump outs, ice etc. and even gave recommendations for services around the town.

We bicycled all over the place. We loved the Sticky buns and muffins from the bakery on Atlantic Blvd. The post office people were friendly and we did a lot of shopping in the little shops on Center street.

Winn Dixie was a pretty good hike on foot but not bad with the bikes. Also there's a dollar store in the same lot.

The fuel dock is easy to get on and off with plenty of space. The laundry machines WORK! The lounge is clean and has cold AC where we lounged on the comfey leather couch while waiting for our laundry. The restroom/showers are kept very clean. I just can't say enough about our stay.

Best of all, the wifi was free and fast enough to watch Netflix from the boat with our booster.

"Stayed on the mooring balls"
by Melinda Kay, Bethlehem, PA on Jul 14, 2014

We stayed out in the harbor on the mooring ball. Dinghied to shore to great facilties!!! Even air-conditioned bath/shower facilities and laundry room!! Excellent cruisers lounge with large screen TV and air-conditioning. Big tide difference in this area. Only park your dinghy at the dinghy dock or you could be high and dry when the tide goes out.

"A professionally run marina"
by Tom Morley, Key Largo, FL on Jul 11, 2014

This is a well run marina marketed to the seasonal ICW crowd. The city contracted the marina to Westec (or something) and Westec has done an excellent job. The personnel are well trained and service oriented. The facilities are in perfect working order and the prices reflect all of the above. The City of Ferdinina is a wonderful place to wander for an afternoon or two and at least one night of dining. The port itself is a working port with fishing and lumber mills.

"Great Stop! Watch out for the pirates punch!"
by Bill K., Corpus Christi on Jul 06, 2014

We stopped here in route from the Chesapeake to Texas...a good place and good food...The Dockmaster recommend that we stop at the Palace Saloon ( Florida's oldest bar ) and order a Pirate's Punch....Whoa! Be careful with this drink...it make's New Orleans's Hurricanes taste like kid drinks...one drink and we had to hold onto the table....and it didn't even taste like we had any Alcohol. If you order one...you should split with someone.

We had a great dinner and then good music at the Palace Saloon.

The downtown and restaurants are within an easy 2 block walk.

Alert: be careful of the strong current when entering or leaving

B.King s/v Gypsy Soul

"Expensive but OK"
by Kevin23, London on Jun 19, 2014

Very helpful staff, four people helped us tie up, good docks. Bathrooms clean and tidy. Easy walk into town which is very touristy but friendly and a bit Twee. Good restaurant on site, more in town. Would get five stars if less expensive.

"Strong Currents, Unreliable Laundry, but Nice Town and a Good Stop"
by Daz, Placida, FL on Jun 17, 2014

Spent four days on a mooring here 5/8-5/11, 2014. Called on VHF and was told to pick any open ball - Was nice to be able to choose our own and not have to wander through the field trying to read small numbers... Mooring field is across ICW channel from the marina so it can be a little bit of a rough dinghy ride at times. Strong tidal current - Stronger than the wind usually, so we were often alterted to the tide changes by the banging of the mooring ball against the hull.

Fernandina is a great small town, lots of shops, restaurrants and bars within easy walking distance, grocery stores not so much. Found a great canvas guy in town (Sam Taylor - ask at the dockmaster's office). We needed some zippers resewn on our bimini, Sam came to the dock, picked it up, resewed everything and delivered it back to us the next day. Great work, service, and price.

As noted in another review, the laundry facilities are not always available. The laundry was closed when we arrived - Marina staffer advised that the marina does not own the laundry machines and he thinks they're full (of quarters) and just need to be emptied. He said they had left several messages for the concessionaire, but nobody showed up and the laundry remained closed for our entire four days stay.

There is a bit of noise here from the commercial docks to the north and the mill to the south.

"Huge marina on ICW"
by Bob Singer, Punta Gorda, Fl on Jun 01, 2014

Long docks but in good shape. Nice walk to lovely downtown. Bath/showers nice. Smell of paper mills next door takes some getting used to.

"Fernandina mooring balls"
by Bill Russell, Wickford, RI on Jun 01, 2014

After reading the previous reviews of the mooring balls, we almost didn't stop here. The mooring balls that I can see all appear to have NO barnacles on the pennants. The pennants are a little dirty, but that is what happens to things left in the water. Pennants were about 1 inch with a large SS thimble to pass your line through.

"good experiance"
by dc10be, iuka,ms on May 18, 2014

reservations handled professionally..met by 2 dockhands,very helpful..right in town,easy walk..restaurant on site..wifi great..nice view from transient dock..

"Service Issue"
by kansasclay, Melbourne on May 09, 2014

Laundry did not operate. No driers, discovered after washing. No instructions after docking for WiFi, restrooms, or laundry. Had to go back to office and ask about each.

"Great Stop!"
by Wallysea, Lakeville, Maine on Apr 25, 2014

Enjoyed 5 days stay here in Fernandina. The historic downtown is beautiful. If you want a true local experience go to T-Rays Burger Station for breakfast or lunch. It is an easy walk from the marina. Don't let the papermills scare you away

"Great town - Good marina"
by Gerald Wallace, Palm Beach Gardens, FL on Apr 23, 2014

This marina is staffed by good people but the best part of stopping here is the neat town, we loved it 3 years ago and it is even better today The marina looks like they are doing some upgrades but at their current rates it would be nice to include cable TV

"DMV nearby"
by knitsabout, oscoda, michigan on Apr 10, 2014

We received Coast Guard documentation on our way out of Florida. We were pleased to see a satellite office just a few blocks off the marina in Fernandina where we could register the boat. Folks in Fernandina were extremely friendly and it was a cute town.

We found the mooring ball to be a reasonable cost option.

The paper plant odor was only objectionable in the middle of the night, maybe the wind died down. I will be back to Fernandina one day I hope.

""This is how we swing in Fernandina""
by Susan E. Lister, Macatawa Michigan on Apr 09, 2014

We came into Fernandina the day before a storm. We were instructed to pull into the inside of the face dock, close behind another boat, bow in. As the storm descended the next day, boats came in and we had another close behind us. The only problem with that is Fernandina has a heck of a current, frequent high winds and we are a 50' trawler with lots of windage, no stern thruster and an electric bow thruster. When we got ready to leave the following morning one of the experienced and talented dock hands helped us swing our stern around using our bow lines while we bumped the throttle and swung the bow with the thruster. We waited for slack tide and mercifully the wind laid down --- it was a beautiful sight!! The dock staff are experienced at this maneuver and it worked beautifully (did the same in Delaware City). As we were leaving and thanking him profusely, he said "that is how we swing in Fernandina"!! Thanks all. Great stop, as always!!

"Expensive Option"
by Captain Looper, Deltaville, VA on Mar 13, 2014

Fernandina is a very nice marina but $2 per foot (no discounts) and an additional $10 for electricity is overpriced. I was on metered electricity at Palm Cove Marina in Jacksonville Beach for 12 days and the total was $3.81 ($.15 per KWH). NO WIFI!!! Long walk to restrooms and showers. Now the good stuff: The location is fantastic with many restairants and shops within short walking distance in the beautiful and historic town, but no grocery store or drug store within walking distance. Gas, diesel, pumpout, 30 and 50 amp service, floating docks, boaters lounge, clean restrooms. Staff was very helpful.

"Good for a short visit. Pup loved it."
by A. J. Knight, Jacksonville FL on Jan 22, 2014

Jay and Molly Knight Good Call Nordic Tugs 32 Jacksonville, FL Helpful staff assisted in docking in a 30 mph west wind. Clean individual shower rooms but only 3 so if marina is crowded be prepared to lounge in the adjacent Skipper's Lounge to wait. Very dog friendly. Lots to see and do within a short walk.

"Pluses and minuses"
by Tom Watts, Montreal, PQ on Jan 21, 2014

Expensive, no wifi (and no real interest in that problem), a little open, lots of industrial and train noise. Despite all that, nice town, nice people, helpful hands to dock and set up, easy to find and easy to get in and out. Nice shower facilities, clean and well kept. Nice lounge, restaurant on site. Our third time here, will come again.

"Great town to see and nice restaurants"
by KrisC, St. James, NC on Jan 11, 2014

Very nice town, a must see along the ICW. Many historic buildings and many good restaurants. The dock hands were very helpful and knew what they were doing. The office staff had the surly attitude of a city employee who was putting in time. Location is very noisy with trains and the paper mill which is loud all evening. They don't tell you if a cruise ship is coming in so be sure to ask because they spoil the view if you're on the inside. Stopped again on 1-10-2014. Not sure how this spot gets to charge us $2 per foot when the wifi doesn't reach the docks, there is no cable tv hookup, the trains make lots of noise and the constant flow of look-e-loos on the docks gets to be a pain. Kevin, the man in charge this time was certainly a wonderful change in the staff attitude of past visits. He was very nice and most helpful.

"Protected in a blow"
by Gregory Mucci, Pasadena,Maryland on Dec 08, 2013

Tied up in 20-25 kt winds. Inside face dock is reasonable protected to seas, but not winds. Stiff current to manuever within the marina. Dock hands are knowledgeable, and helpful when manuevering. Mooring field was very exposed in heavy winds. Many resturants to pick from. Nice stop.

"Good stopover"
by Jimotomi, Sault Ste Marie, MI on Dec 03, 2013

With the exception of non existant WIFI, we were fortunate to not be affected by tide issues or not being able to be inside that others have discussed. The staff is very capable and helpful. The restaurant where we ate, simply called the Marina Restaurant was a short walk into the town and was reasonable; the food was excellent. The restaurant at the marina itself looked good but pricey. The only downside was the horn noise from a railroad engine on the track just behind the marina.

"Nice stop over"
by Michael J Brown, Baltimore, MD on Dec 03, 2013

Stopped for one night and enjoyed ourselves. Asked for and received a spot on the inside of the face dock. Saw some 7 and 8' spots going in at mid tide but it opened back up to apx 10'. Competent docks hands got us tied up with little fuss. Good guys that know how to handle your lines. The town itself was very nice with more places to eat or grab a drink than I can count. Lots of shops as well all along a nicely landscaped center street. Yes the trains run along the shore line all night long but we never mind the noise from a train and didn't care. Fortunately the smoke and odor from the stacks at the paper mill paper were blowing away from us. Got more than a whiff of it when we left and ran past that area. Foul and disgusting is an under statement. We'll stop again though as long as the winds are blowing it away from the town.

"Fernandina Harbor Marina"
by Gary Merlo, Quoset Daviseville Naval Yacht Club on Nov 28, 2013

Stopped on 11/28/2013 because other Marinas were full. I have stayed here before and find it over priced although facilities and staff are very good. Charge 5.00 for pump out, 3.99 for Diesel plus 7% tax.

Convenient location to town and a bar/restaurant right on docks although it was closed when we were here.

Docks are floating concrete and marina is in open, transients are stuck on outside dock so you get to bounce around if weather exists.

"A pleasent surprise"
by Richard Schattman, Bristol, RI on Nov 20, 2013

Anchored off one night but came in for next two as a gale was predicted. Roger was able to get us on the inside. We were very comfortable in some terrible weather. The boats on the outside dock struggled. The hands at the marina were extremely helpful, and friendly. The town is charming and a great supprise. With many excellent restuarants and shops, beautiful homes and history. From the water it looks like nothing wedged in between the port and a paper mill. Give it a try, you will be suprised. We will be back

"Interesting place.... Update 10/2013"
by MV istaboa-Memphis, Jupiter, FL on Nov 13, 2013

Same as below, great place, only problem is... no internet. Harbor Master explained to me they would have better WiFi, but no one can stretch cable below the railroad tracks. So... internet sucks... but not their fault and not much that can be done to improve it. But... Joe is working on it still. What a great little town and marina.

A bit pricey but worth a stop. easy side tie can be had. Good food at marina and small restaurants within walking distance. Saturday's Farmers Market is excellent if you're there. America's oldest bar within crawling distance.

"Marina and Mooring Balls"
by Loree Alderisio, League City, TX on Nov 07, 2013

Having been to Fernandina many years ago we were looking forward to this visit.

RESERVATIONS: made on for an inside dock. I was very clear we did NOT want to be on the outside because of the tide and wakes. We arrived 3/4 of the way through an outgoing tide and the water was still running like a freight train. We called in and I confirmed an inside slip and we were directed to the outside long pier. We assumed they would move us to an inside slip when the water slowed. WRONG! They wanted us to stay on the outside and pay the extra fee. We opted for a mooring ball and moved during slack tide. MOORING BALLS: The lines were very long and barnacle/slime encrused. It was very difficult to keep the ball from banging on the hulls while tying up and then it banged on the hull during the night, each time the tide changed. Suggest you grab the mooring line, pull it up and then slip 2 of your own lines thru the ball ring and make a bridle. WIFI : is almost useless. We have a signal booster and couldn't pick it up at either the dock or the mooring field. The only place to get WIFI is in the captain's lounge and people were complaining that they couldn't log on there, either. SHOWERS: There are only 4 for the entire marina, and it's a big marina. Old, worn, but clean. 'Nuf said.

All things considered, we'll anchor out or go elsewhere next time around.

"Moorings are poor here"
by Melody1204, Nashville on Nov 05, 2013

We stopped here after a long night offshore, coming into St. Mary's inlet in the dark. Winds were 20kts and we opted for a mooring just to get some sleep before heading south and we figured a mooring as opposed to anchoring would allow us to rest easy since the current is so swift here. After getting on our ball, we dinghied to the marina to pay. There were two employees/dockhands standing there who didn't greet us or speak. When we asked where the marina office was they just pointed, acting very bored to even be there.

Later that morning, just as we had fallen asleep, we heard the thimble on the mooring banging against the side of the bow. The metal eyelet and the line is covered in barnacles and it scratched and gashed our gelcoat. The moorings are poorly maintained compared to other marina owned moorings and we were unable to sleep soundly, even though we had been up for almost 30 hours.

The poorly maintained moorings and the unwelcoming staff will keep us from ever visiting this marina again. Fernandina is a nice little town though!

"Moorings Need Lots of Work"
by Bill Soulier, Marathon, FL on Nov 04, 2013

When picking up the mooring line, we almost lost a boat pole (and mate) when the pole hook would not slide down the mooring line because of all the sea-growth on it. We eventually did get two lines on a very dirty thimble.

We spent a very windy night here on a mooring. When we cast off in the morning, one of our mooring lines had been ripped apart by the barnacles and sea-growth on the mooring thimble - maybe a few hours more and we would have been sent adrift? When I called the marina to complain, they said their workboat had been in the repair shop and they just got it back. It's hard to believe that much growth could have accumulated on the thimble in the time it took to get a small workboat repaired.

Every other place we%u2019ve stopped with moorings they have taken great care to make sure they are maintained and operational. This is not the case at this marina. I would not recommend picking up a mooring here.

by VESELY, KEYPORT, NJ on Nov 02, 2013

This has been a transition point for me on many transits. The staff has always been very helpful. I generally use the moorings and find them to be in very good condition, if not immaculately clean (but I have been there while a tropical storm blew by). The facility could be freshened up a bit, but the access to a unique town is still the best draw of all.

"Fernandina Harbor Marina"
by LadyAnn, Sandwich on Oct 31, 2013

The dock personnel were helpful and courteous. Unfortunately the 4 pages of rules and regulations a transient is required to sign upon paying do not apply to everyone in the marina. A live-aboard making renovations to his old blue tug trawler was given a waiver to use his electric saw to cut fiberglass all day starting at 8AM till dusk everyday. The bath/showers need to be cleaner. The bird poop on the docks is thick white/black/blue. Either stay on a mooring or choose a different marina for Fernandina is a nice stopover.

"Moorings overpriced at $20/night"
by Bob423, Poughkeepsie, NY on Oct 23, 2013

They would get more business at $15/night and come out ahead due to more customers. We'd like to stay a few days, eat out, explore the town but we'll move on. The three star rating is due to the town, not the moorings.

The mooring lines and eyes are covered with barnacles (sharp!) hard on the hands and hard on the lines. They need to be cleaned off periodically (dream on if you think anybody will ever actually do this...)

If you like BBQ, then you try the Happy Tomato, it's the only restaurant in town with 4 and 5 star ratings at both Yelp and Trip Advisor. However, it's very rustic inside, we took BBQ back to the boat, delicious.

The town is interesting with many nice shops, I just wish they had more affordable transient access.

"Very Helpful Staff"
by Tom Wellman SV Ducat, Lizella GA on Oct 02, 2013

I crossed St. Mary Sound in 33mph winds while passing a kidney stone. I radioed and they quickly got me into a slip. Hsd to go to hospital and marina said don't worry about boat, I can settle up when I get back. After a week and having 6 stones removed I got back my boat. Marina staff were wonderful during my emergency.
Many really good resturants are within walking distance and a fresh seafood store is next to the boat ramp.

"Dont see what the big deal is."
by Pate, Southport, NC on Sep 10, 2013

First of all, the dock staff are all great. The best. However, the marina is way over priced. No cable, no wifi. A train, very close by, right next to the marina woke us up two times during the night. Several boat wakes rocked us pretty bad. These were trans boaters pulling into the marina. The town has lots of shopping if you want to. Grocery store (freds) a bike ride away, about 4 blocks. We would like to sight see, but dont want to pay the high fees to stay longer. Dont think we'll be back.

"Nice stop"
by Captain R. Scott, Oviedo, FL on Sep 06, 2013

Very respectful and knowledgeable staff, highly recommended stoping at this marina. Very convenient to downtown!

"Quaint Stopover"
by Richard C. Davis, Corpus Christi, TX on Aug 23, 2013

Nice marina and friendly staff adjacent to the quaint downtown area. The ease of access is a big plus for those traveling the ICW, with essentially no delay for arrival or departure. Adquate novelty shopping and a variety of restaurants are nearby.

"nice place , but...mud "
by Malcolm Douglas, Lake Burton, GA on Jul 23, 2013

Arrived yesterday 1700, put me on an inside slip, not the long dock. This morning AC strainer packed with black sludge, almost looked like oil. Have a black mess in bilge. Decided to head back to home marina at Jekyll. Generator also exhausted dark water. Fortunately I raised stern drives. Took gas before leaving. Almost immediately started having issues with starboard engine. Half way back to Jekyll engine quit. Related ??? Hauling out at Jekyll Harbor. Staff at Fernandina very apologetic and refunded fee. I visit there often, always good experience. The city is responsible for marina services. "Always" Regal 2860.

"Great town"
by Bob Boynton - Sno Daz, Englewood, Fl on Jul 17, 2013

This is one of the nicest towns we have visited since beginning the loop September 2012 in New Buffalo, Michigan. Stay two night, July 7 & 8, 2013. Tied up on the inside wall and had no trouble with depth. Facilities were nice, just a long walk. Rode our bikes to the grocery store, and the beach. Recommend 29th South for dinner or lunch

"Voltage now 240"
by Bruce Williams, Stuart Florida on Jul 11, 2013

Great Marina, Fun Town Access Voltage has been upgraded to 240V- no problem

"Nice Mooring"
by F15EWSO, Live-a-board on Jul 10, 2013

Grabbed a mooring, very helpful staff at marina. Bathrooms are nice, laundry is nice but at $1.75 for a wash load higher than the norm. Not a big deal. Papermill can be a bit noisy, smell sometimes too. Good last stop before GA

"Beware the Saw Mill"
by David Grill, Jersey City, NJ on Jun 21, 2013

Nice town, great facility, helpful staff. But.....at 3 AM the mill cranked up and started turning lumber into pulp. We thought a dragon was outside. No more sleep. Luckily this was on the last night of a two night stop, but we booked out early. The crew was cranky.

"A very nice town"
by Bob SCHMETTERER, Key Largo on Jun 07, 2013

Fernandina a lovely town with many good bars and restaurants, attractive shops, good walking and charm. The marina is mostly good too .. very nice along side dockage for transcients and very close to town. Power can be iffy for heavy loads ... and current can be a challenge ... but good staff make it all work.

"Skinny water in the slips"
by Bobk01, Wilmington DE on Jun 03, 2013

We were here May 22. We had to wait out the low tide for three hours on May 23 to depart because of a hump in front of the slip. We draw 4'2". Also note the slip electric is 208 volts, not 240. It was hot, but I was not willing to risk my air conditioner compresors due to the low voltage. Other than these issues which may not exist on the face dock, this is a nice facility and location with friendly staff.

"Special People"
by Chris.Janet, Vero Beach on May 31, 2013

We hadn%u2019t expected to stay here. Life intervened, and we found it necessary to do so. We encountered a generosity of spirit at this marina we will be talking about for years to come. The crew there are special people.

The facility is also excellent and well maintained.

We loved the small town atmosphere with all the services one would expect in a much larger place. We could imagine living here. We will be shifting our cruising schedule to do our provisioning here in the Fernandina-Yulee area instead of Jacksonville Beach from now on.

Espana has excellent Spanish cuisine.

"Great town"
by RandyRoberta, Silverthorne, CO on May 15, 2013

Stayed on the inside of the face dock. Two dock hands helped us dock. We later saw three available to help a sailboat come in. Walking to great town. Nice to be able to stroll for good ice cream after dinner. Easy walk to history museum ($7 pp, but they stamped our receipt for a return visit as we missed the docent). We had friends drive us to the fort, and we biked the southern end of Amelia Island from Amelia Island Yacht Club. All good.

"New favorite stop"
by PBF, Longboat Key, FL on May 15, 2013

Great marina and staff, friendly, helpful and attentive. Bath facilites are nice but a good hike from the dock. It is worth asking and paying for being on the "inside" of the transient dock. The outside is too exposed to the open water especially with any kind of wind other than due east.

I needed to make a run to the local Radio Shack and while I could have taken a cab, one of the marina staff members (I think her name was Tenly) offered to drive me there and bring me back. When I offered her a gratuity, she refused and said she was glad to help. THANK YOU!

The town of Fernandina Beach is reason enough to stop here. Wonderful walking town with great little shops and restaurants. Enjoyed it all!

"Nice place to catch a mooring or dock for a day or two"
by Jim aboard the Sea Eagle, Sanford, Fl. on May 12, 2013

This is our second time stopping here and catching a mooring. This time we stayed 4 days so we could really walk around the town area and are really glad we did. Lots of beautiful old homes, nice shops and plenty of choices for food and drink. Marina staff are professional and the facility is clean and up to date. We stopped again on 11/26-27/12 and this time stayed on the face dock. It was our first time staying at the marina. The dock hand was knowledgable and helpful docking was easy even with a lot of current. Lots of good places to eat in town! We stopped here again on 4/26/13 to visit friends and docked on the face dock again. It was yet another pleasant experience.

"great dock hands"
by Don Joyce, Hampton, VA on May 02, 2013

We came in for fuel. Dock hands very competent and knew exactly how I wanted to come into a tight space with a strong wind across the current. What a relief to experience this instead of the challenge of incompetent dock hands.

"Very helpful staff!"
by Huebner Peter, Halifax Marina Daytona Beach on Apr 30, 2013

The staff is very helpful and so we had no problems while docking. Charming downtown just around the corner.

"Friendly Staff"
by Doyle Evans, Beaufort, NC on Apr 29, 2013

We found the staff here to be very friendly and helpful. Had to lay over for a brisk NE wind and they worked with us without hesitation. They seem to appreciate the boating community and the business. Doyle Evans HALIFAX

"Great Marina Facility"
by Werner S, Little River, SC on Apr 27, 2013

Stayed here for almost two weeks. The staff is very accommodating and helpful. Excellent restaurants within walking distance. Clean showers and restrooms (However only 3 for a pretty large marina). I would giv it 5 stars except for the trains that run right next to the docks and the periodic paper mill smell.

"Out board Mechanic at Fernandina--Leroy Mobile Marine"
by Peter and Lynn, Roseland, NJ on Apr 26, 2013

We found a post about this mechanic on Active Captain.

Well, we need to second the motion on Leroy Mobile Marine at 904-753-4056. We called him while underway to Fernandina (at 7:30 in the morning, and he actually answered the phone). Lee started his business four years ago but said he worked with outboards previously. He told us to call him again when we reached the marina. We did, he showed up about 15 minutes later, and took the engine away. An hour later he phoned and told us the repair had been made, but that he had also noticed that we had water in the lower unit as a result of faulty seals, and asked if we wanted that repaired as well. We did, and two hours later, he called and arranged to meet us back at the marina with a repaired outboard. Peter ran it around before he took off, and determined it was running like it was new. Lee told us to call if we had any problems, and said he would come to take a look, or, if the distance was too far, he would tell us to get another shop to do a further repair at his expense. We believe that he would have.

Also I'd like to mention that the Municipal Marina permitted us to tie up at the dock the whole time this was going on, for free. And they were very friendly abou

"You are welcome and it shows."
by David Doyle, Jacksonville Fl on Apr 22, 2013

Great marina, just spent a week there. Facilities are excellent and the staff makes you feel welcome and wanted.

"Fine Fairweather Marina, BUT. . ."
by ChesapkLady, Baltimore, MD on Apr 22, 2013

All facilities are first rate, marina crew are available, friendly and helpful. BUT! Do not let them put you on the OUTSIDE OF THE DOCK if there is any indication of windy conditions. We are there right now, and there are three to four foot waves coming at us from just off the port bow. All of the boats on the outside of the dock are in what we would describe at best as "uncomfortable" conditions, if not downright dangerous. The "main dock" is the breakwater, and who wants to be on the OUTSIDE OF THE BREAKWATER?

"Good place to wait out the weather"
by The Nomad, Salt Ponds, Va on Apr 05, 2013

Stayed 4 days waiting for the weather to break. No complaints. It was day to day and they moved reservations around so I wouldn't have to move. Dock crew was outstanding.

"Good solid stop"
by Michael Baron, Lighthouse Point, FL on Apr 03, 2013

Marina staff, esp. Jay, are some of the best I have experienced on the ICW. Located right in historic downtown. Clean baths, showers and nice Captains Lounge.
Karibou Restauant for lunch is excellent. Their signature dish their veggie burger is just increcible.

"Mooring Customer"
by JEL, Harpswell, ME, USA on Apr 02, 2013

Took a mooring here and found the marina nice and staff friendly. Easy access to town.

"A Great Stop Over"
by Tom Callan, Port Royal, SC on Apr 01, 2013

The marina and crew are excellent and the town is very nice.

"Nicest people"
by Captain Steve Pike, Pensacola, Fl. on Mar 13, 2013

We have had one of the best times here, they are very helpful, friendly and knowlagable people. They have treated us with the utmost respect of any marina we have visited. Love the place and return everytime we are in this area

"Excellent Staff"
by The Luffs, St. Thomas, USVI on Mar 13, 2013

Stayed January 2013. We loved this marina as well as the great restaurant right on the dock. Roger was a great resource and super friendly. The facilities are very well maintained and many great restaurants are within walking distance including Pablo%u2019s Mexican restaurant which was fabulous! We loved the daily pelican feeding at the adjacent local fisherman%u2019s wharf where they fed the scraps of cleaned fish to huge pelicans. We will definitely be back.

"Quaint stop"
by Gaelen, Charleston, SC on Mar 13, 2013

We have stopped here several times and will again several more. Although the main dock has tons of space, we find the mooring balls just fine.

The staff is delightful. Showers, laundry, captains lounge with cable tv and internet, restaurant and bar are all onsite.

The town is cute with lots of shops, restaurants and bars. Biking distance are groceries, Wal-Mart etc.

Walking or biking can take you across the island to the beach. You can easily wile away a few days here in comfort.

"great place for a stopover"
by Hans G, Ashland, WI on Mar 03, 2013

Nice friendly marina staff - great town for a night out. Plenty of Restaurants and Bars. A bit shallow inside but they are just dredging the inside. Will stay here again.

"Convenient stop on AICW"
by John Esch, Clear Lake, TX on Mar 02, 2013

We stopped for a night Southbound and stayed on the outer face dock. Very competant staff helped us dock and facilities are in good shape. Marina is right in town and close to everything. Parking is available. Have heard current is a problem but that was not a problem on face dock. Also, we noted some waking from passing boats but nothing unbearable. We will be back.

"Great destination"
by Renasci, Jacksonville Florida on Feb 20, 2013

The only downside is the marina is open to the public. That's the only downside. The current can run thru there so tie up well. There's a whole town within easy walking distance, you're basically downtown when you're in the marina. There's lots and lots of shops, resturants, and tidbits. There's a rock-n-roll saloon within a block that has live music, a little welcome center there at the marina. There's just about everything you'd need. You can also rent bicycles and ride to Fort Clinch, note they close early. Jacksonville is a day away and you can go either outside or stay inside. The people running the marina are good down to earth folks and are very professional. I had a great stay. s/v Renasci

"Great town to visit"
by Les F., Hilton Head Island, SC on Jan 26, 2013

Fernandina Beach in particular and Amelia Island in general are great places to explore. This marina is at the beginning of Centre St. which is Fernandina Beach's main drag. There are good restaurants and shops galore all within easy walking distance.

That said, the main downside to the marina, as others have pointed out, is the industrial setting. There's a paper mill on the west side of the marina and a pulp mill on the east side with railroad tracks between the marina and downtown. You'll enjoy the view to the north, but the east and west views are rather ugly.

We kept Blue Moon at the marina from mid-Nov through mid-January 2013 and commuted back and forth to Atlanta. Every time we returned, the boat was covered in soot in addition to the usual bird droppings. I aslo noticed that the air pollution was having a negative effect on the boat's chrome (winches, bimini supports, etc.). I had not seen this previously at other marinas. As a result of the foregoing, I'd highly recommend the marina for a stay of a week or two at most.

Now, for the good news. The facilities are first rate and well-maintained. The showers, laundry facilities and boaters' launge are clean. The ample staff is friendly and always available to toss or catch a line. Their hours are from 0730 to 2030, I believe, and they have a marine store that carries enough essentials to compensate for their being no chandlery in the vacinity. The only caution is the current which, if you're in a finger slip, can cause problems if you're not prepared. The outside of the long face dock can be rolly, but the inside is calm and easier than the finger slips to arrive and depart.

Some restaurant suggestion that are very good and within easy walking distance are Arte Pizza (try the mac & cheese), 29 South (gourmet Southern food), Espania (great Spanish food), Ciao Bistro, Les Clos, David's (a short drive or 15 minute walk...you'll think you're in a NYC restaurant and the food is superb) and Merge (a 20 minute walk). If you rent a bike from the marina, you can easily reach the last two restaurants, and it will be well worth the effort.

"very friendly and helpfull in every way"
by J22RM, Green Cove Springs FL on Jan 20, 2013

Some shallow slips , but they are, as I am wrighting this, dredging the marina.

"Good stop on ICW"
by David Cross, Charleston on Jan 14, 2013

Marina is good and professional. Marina office has a few commonly needed boat supplies like Racor filters, hose clamps, oil. Town with restaurants and shops is easily accessible. However no grocery within walking distance. Paper mills and freight train gives a little industrial ambiance other wise I would have given 5 stars. Watch the currents while docking.

"Good marina, great little town ruined by industrial sites"
by George Holmes, Hamilton on Jan 13, 2013

Enjoyed our 1 night stay 13/1/13. Friendly staff and good amenities.WiFi easily accessible but not fast. Great access to an attractive little downtown area for dining, etc. The major negative is the waterfront is dominated by large factories (paper mills I understand) on both sides of the marina. This ruins the ambeince.

"Great town to explore"
by Curt - Rum Tum Tiger, Scottsdale on Dec 27, 2012

The marina staff was again very helpful (stayed here for one night last spring). Easy to start a conversation as tourist walk along the docks in the evening admiring boats.

A number of places to eat with good food and a variety of prices.

8 blocks up from the marina is a store that carries nearly everything - Fred's is the name I believe. Not a chandlery though.

"Fine place to visit"
by Keira Burtch, Stony Point, NY on Dec 21, 2012

We really liked the town. The marina staff was very helpful, and knew how to get us tied up properly and helped turn us on the inside narrow fairway when we left.

The downtown streets are lined with brick buildings with pubs, restaurants and shops. Lots to see.

"Are you noise sensitive?"
by Ilona Rouda, Roseville, MN on Dec 19, 2012

I am. The trains are loud but not constant. More in the day.

"Only place to stop"
by Ian Murdoch, Herrington Harbour, MD on Dec 14, 2012

Dec 10th /14th We loved the town and all the shops. Good restaurants. Good trolley tour around the sites. The marina really needs to upgrade the terrible internet as it barely worked. Slow, slow! Don't they understand the importance of a strong internet today for all the weather and family connections. Other wise, the marina was great, great staff on the docks.

"Love this place"
by Jim and Liz Strong, Richardson, TX on Dec 06, 2012

We love to stop here, it's a great little town with everything close except the grocery store (about 2 miles) but we have walked it. The courthouse and Post Office are close if you have business to contend with too. The marina is always good although they now charge $10 for the bathroom key which is fine if you're there more than overnight. Bathrooms are not close to the face dock which we don't mind either. Marina restaurant is pricey but the food's great, plenty of other places in town if you're watching your pennies! Pepper's Mexican Rest. was excellent for the 1 meal we had there and we're from TX and picky about Mexican food! Marina staff are great, the $2.00 (facedock) is pricey but it's all worth it for the town.

"Wonderful marina close to town"
by John Young, Newport Oregon on Dec 04, 2012

We stayed here 1 night and loved it! If you ask for an iside slip its $1.25/foot

"Worst Experience of Trip"
by Aquila, Fort Pierce Florida on Dec 02, 2012

Let me start with the only good - the dockhands were pleasant and knowledgeable. Everything esle was not good. None of the docks have any kind of fendering, they are just old wood which means if your fenders aren't just right (height and location) whe docking you are going to tear up your hull. After we docked and checked our 50 amp power we decided we wanted to spend the afternoon checking out the town.

Before we left I noticed we had no shore power so we called the marina. A guy showed up and replaced the receptical and the breaker. I still had no power so he left and came back ten minutes later with a meter and said there was voltage. We double and triple checked everything on the boat and finallly put a couple of cords together and plugged into another pedestal. Power worked fine. Called the marina again and they said that they would fix it.

Walked down to the marina office to check in and remind them about the power. They were rude and didn't bother to give us any of the typical check in information, including the passes for the rest rooms. When we asked they seemed put out that we would even ask.

Went back to the boat to wait for power. After an hour saw a guy on the dock and we asked about the powerr. He said they werre going to move us, but they were going to get all of the boats that were coming in for the night tied up before they moved us. We said that we were not moving and asked them to fix the power. Nothing. Asked again and they said they would try to fix it. Finally they determined it couldn't be fixed so they went to another pedestal and put a 30 amp to 50 amp combiner which solved the problem. After nearly four hours we had power. Part of the issue is that each pedestal they have has only on 50 amp plug despite the fact that each side of the long face dock must use the single row of pedestals. If there are two boats needing 50 amp on each side of the dock there is a problem.

Never got to really see the twon because we we dealing with the power all afternoon. I'll never go back.

by SaraTD, Oriental on Dec 01, 2012

The dockmaster crew is great: friendly, helpful, accomodating, first rate service. The docks are very nice, cement, floating with ample power and water and cleets for everyone. We stayed two nights and were around on the inside of the face dock; very nice. We did not pick up a mooring ball, but our friends and many others did and the field looks great. Bathrooms are a little bit of a walk but the showers are very clean and have great shower heads and pressure! The town itself and the people in town are wonderful. We lucked out being here Saturday for the farmer's market only 6 or 8 blocks up the main Centre Street starting at the marina. Great restaurants. Great shops. The nicest people-shop clerks, the locals, other shoppers, other boaters.

Agree the only negative is that the adorable town is flanked by two paper plants, but we only one day for an hour or so noted a hint of the usual paper plant smells. The beach is two miles away on the other side of the island - nice running distance or easy biking. There are beach comber bikes for rent at the dock and very near in town too. There is a skate park at the beach where my daughters enjoyed rip sticking.

"OK, but not so beautiful"
by JoeStooks, Where ever the hook is on Nov 28, 2012

Great mooring balls, easy folks to work with and overall, I'd normally say 4 stars but here, the scenery is a couple of factories that are lit up and operating all night. The exposure is quite open from the Norht and the South and add to that boat traffic that slows to their maximum wake (gotta love these boaters who are clueless about their wake) and this can be unpleasent at times. The town is fine with shopping close by.

"Very good marina"
by Happy Dragon, Punta Gorda, FL on Nov 24, 2012

Stopped on Thanksgiving day and pumped out before going to our berth. Everything first rate and squared away, good dockhand, Nolan.

Had parts Fed Exed in next day. We did our laundry and reprovisioned by bicycle. The Winn Dixie is about two miles south on 8'th st.

We had Thanksgiving dinner at Jack & Dianes which was good with a nice wine. We also rode our bikes down to the beach, it being a rare warm day this southbound journey.

The town is charming, a little on the touristy side. Wonderful architecture to look at.

The only downside, as mentioned is that the town is bracketed by a couple of noisy paper mills. All in all just a great stop!

"Great location, convenient on ICW"
by Denise-SJD, Annapolis, MD on Nov 23, 2012

Two nights here. Great dock hands, helped us to get fuel and then into our spot on the inside facing dock. The city is wonderfully quaint, with lots of options for shopping and restaurants. Not sure if we will stop again, the paper plants are noisey and smelly.

"first time here"
by Paul Squiggs, East Greenwich, RI on Nov 20, 2012

This was a great surprise as we have never stayed here previously. We were very impressed. We liked the marina and the town. Will come again.

"fernandina harbour marina"
by rpwendell, Carolina Beach, NC on Nov 14, 2012

Great facilities, courteous and friendly staff, very helpful. Highly recommended.

"Good options"
by Steinkraus, Duluth, MN on Nov 12, 2012

We spent a couple nights on a ball here and enjoyed our stay. Nice clean showers and laundry. Several close by resteraunts. Shopping and propane were a short walk. Pump-out is included in your mooring fee.

"Nice Stopover"
by CapnDan, Rock Hall, Md on Nov 10, 2012

We took a mooring ball @ $20 a night so it's difficult to rate the facility. The town was a pleasant surprise and one that we would return to. Great shops, restaurants, and overall atmosphere of the town was great. The showers/laundry was nothing to get excited over.

"Agree with prior reviews"
by Peter Edwards, Boothbay Harbor, Maine on Nov 08, 2012

A little pricy but very nice and most attentive dock hands (they have to be to guide you into inside of the floating wharf in current). The town is very quaint and lots of fun. Plenty of room to anchor out as well across from the marina.

"Fernandina is a Must Stop"
by Doc Ford, St. Augustine, FL on Oct 02, 2012

The industrial, uninviting view from the water created by paper plants immediately north and south of this small downtown melts into quaint, historical and culinary experiences as you walk up the main street, Centre Street. A wide variety of outstanding restaurants populate downtown as Fernandina is a restaurant destination for Jacksonvillians out for a night of dinning. 29 South is our favorite restaurant, with interesting recipes and fresh ingredients. We would like to try many of the restaurants, but the $100/day tariff for a 40 ft boat charged by the city marina keeps our stays short. May try anchoring next time with the dinghy dockage being $3/day.

"Great place to spend a weekend"
by Stormin333, Atlanta, GA on Aug 29, 2012

Fernandina is a great little town for a long weekend. Great shopping and restaurants. Marina is clean and staff very friendly. They recently dredged the marina so the old issues at low tide should be cleared up now but haven't been in since then. Check out the Green Parrott downtown for a nice sailor hangout. Some restaurants are a little too touristy (Bretts,Crab Trap, Pompeo's) but there are some really good ones within walking distance if you ask around.

"Great Marina and a Great Town"
by c kubic, Annapolis on Aug 25, 2012

We stopped here in July and again in August of 2012. The staff and dockhands are very friendly. We radioed ahead and three helpers were waiting for us at the fuel dock. The approach will make you think twice about staying because the big factories are an eyesore but the town is a must see. Great restaurants and great shopping are all within walking distance from the Marina. The bathroom and shower facilities are outdated but are kept very clean. With one of the best sunsets around this is a great place to stop for a day or for a month!

"everything was great"
by tedlow, jax, fl on Aug 13, 2012

Passed by this place a bunch of times going someplace else. Stopped for one night just recently. Not sure what I expected but everything was great. They had lost my reservation but it still wasnt a problem getting a slip. Someone helped with the lines, nice secure and uncluttered docks, nothing to complain about. The city itself is a typical tourist town, but so what. Enjoyed the short but sweet trip.

"Take an inside floating dock for $1.25 a foot!"
by Sterling, Key Largo on Jul 28, 2012

the dredged it out in 07, transient docks are floating. nice marina

WARNING! Bretts resturant at the marina is extremly $$$ won't go back there.

"Nice Marina"
by LeeK, Little River, SC on Jul 14, 2012

This is a nice clean marina with clean showers in a beautiful setting.

"Nice Stop"
by marjim, little river on Jul 12, 2012

Very nice marina. Very friendly helpful staff. They were there to meet us and help us get tied up. Very helpful in suggesting places to eat and get a drink. Very close to town. Wonderful town, great walking the streets. Docks are in great shape and well maintained. Bathrooms are clean and well maintained. They are only used by marina guests, not the general public. We will be back.

"Great stop"
by Nova, Marthas Vineyard on Jun 05, 2012

A beautiful town to walk around -- there is one good hardware store there in the center of town -- on Ash Street -- otherwise, the practical stores are all about 2 miles away -- but the town has many beautiful post-Civil War buildings, lots of interesting shops, restaurants, great ice cream store, farmers market on Sat, live music and dancing in the streets every first Friday.

The marina has everything and the staff is very helpful. We were there for 5 nights and enjoyed it!

"A favorite stop!"
by Bob and Penny, Ophelia, VA on Jun 01, 2012

Renovation of bathrooms and boaters lounge is complete as of this stop. (June 4, 2010)

You can't beat the access to Fernandina Beach city. Any day but Sunday you can get your hair done nearby on Atlantic Ave. Shops along the street are great and you have your choice of many nice restaurants. Tried Peppers Mexican Restaurant and it was great! Marina is clean and help is courteous.

"Great place to be if bad weather hits"
by The Leafs, Stuart, Florida on May 23, 2012

Was only planning on staying a couple of days when TS Alberto hit. Marina staff great about changing daily rate to weekly. Marina recently dredged with good depths throughout the docks. Stores within walking distance with great restaurants.

"Four stars for location"
by Ron Matuska, Dunedin, FL on May 12, 2012

Busy marina, larger boats put on face dock either river side or inside. Efficient dock hands helped us in. Nice downtown area across the street with shopping and many restaurants to choose from. Allantic Ocean a 2 mile bike ride with little traffic. Publix is also 2 miles, but south from marina. Clean showers/restrooms with well-equipped captains lounge.

"Lovely Spot"
by CatNapper, Balmer on May 09, 2012

We stayed 6 weeks on a mooring ball. The marina is sweet. nice showers, comfy lounge, friendly staff. The town is very nice. The beach is close. The only downside is the noise from the paper mill. We did have an incident when a nearby derlict boat broke anchor in a squall. If we weren''t there to fend it off there would have been damage. Don't miss burgers at TJ's and FernanDeli.

by Joe Apicella, East Falmouth, MA on May 02, 2012

We stayed 2 days on a mooring. The current was pretty good and it could get a bit rocky in an 15+mph wind, but the marina staff was excellent, the Town was great and the marina faciilities were very good.

"Wonderful 10 days here!"
by William Bender, Jacksonville, FL on Apr 25, 2012

FHM hosted the spring MTOA Rendezvous and both the city and the marina rolled out the red carpet for us. They were very accommodating, professional and exuded Southern Hospitality. Joe, Kevin, and other marina staff were awesome! We look forward to a return visit here.

"Top shelf..."
by Jeffrey Siegel, Castine, Maine on Apr 20, 2012

This is our second time here. The facilities are top shelf and the staff is exceptional. There's some current in the harbor but the docking is done with the help of real pro's. It's rare to get such expert help. From the moment you key the mic to talk to the office on approach to the point of being tied and secured, these guys get it and do a first class job.

We were here for an MTOA rendezvous and the place came alive with support making the whole experience wonderful. We spent a week here and got to explore the town much more. The beach is a nice walk but safe. The beach is pretty nice and worth the afternoon trip. The town felt very alive with all the stores and restaurants open and bright. We met friends for dinner at Lulu's and thought is was quite good (6 blocks from the marina). You can't help but have fun here.

Don't skip by the Fernandina/Amelia Island area - this place is a destination.

Previous review: We needed to pull into Fernandina Beach for a quick maintenance item in January 2010. The staff was very helpful and the facilities are superb. We stayed on a mooring and took our dinghy into town.

The town is very attractive and has many shops and restaurants. It's a fairly large place. The beach is about 2 miles away but we didn't go to it (next time).

The only detraction of the area are the 2 large paper mills. They are very ugly to see when you come into the harbor. They were both in full operation when we arrived, pumping huge amounts of smoke into the air.

"Excellent marina"
by LarryC, Cape Elizabeth on Apr 12, 2012

Very helpful staff at the marina - strong current in the mooring field at half tide. We stayed a second night at the marina to change out our batteries with the assistance of local mechanic recommended by the staff who did an excellent job at a reasonable price.

Some odor from the northerly paper mill but not objectionable.

Biked to the Fort Clinch State Park and had a very nice time.

"Nice, but expensive"
by John Pholeric, Lewis Creek, Md on Apr 11, 2012

Overall, a nice marina, but if you are on the outside, it can be bumpy. The marina and showers are nice, but when you add tax and electric $9.00, it is not cheap. The town of Fernadania is quiite pleasant and the staff is there to help, but is $2.00 a foot reasonable. I think the transient support the rest of the relatively(April) Marinia. There is little competion.

"A wonderful stop along the ICW"
by BLW, Annapolis, MD on Mar 16, 2012

We have stopped at the marina 4 times and picked up a mooring ball once. We just love this small town. Our last stop was on 13 March 2012 while they were dredging the marina. No problem for us as not much boat traffic then so there was plenty of room on the outside. This is a slow speed zone so wakes for us were no problem. The inside was closed to transient boaters and, if not finished, it could be a problem when the crowds pick up along the ICW. There was fresh jumbo shrimp at Atlantic Seafood (next to marina laundry and showers) at a great price.

"Excellent mooring to spend many fun filled days"
by Ian and Pam, New Smyrna Beach, FL on Mar 15, 2012

Great place to moor out. Excellent staff and all very clean. Happy Tomato is a great BBQ place...moderate prices and the pulled pork is excellent. Take a ride in your dinghy over to Cumberland island for a great day. Ian NSB, FL

"Safe mooring field"
by RMT PattyD, Galesville, MD on Mar 11, 2012

Stayed here through a 20+ knt blow. Mooring field was safe. Slept well. town is wonderful. Great farmers market on Saturdays. Atlantic Seafood has very fresh fish/shrimp. Staff at Marina was helpful and attentive.

"Fernandina Marina"
by Angela2005, Georgetown on Mar 04, 2012

We stayed overnight on outside dock Nov 2011 after a rough 2 days at sea. Showers were a way off the dock, so we decided to shower on the boat before walking across the street to town. There were several places to eat within easy walking distance. It was a bit bumpy overnight with passing boats, but allowed us a good night's rest as opposed to anchoring.

"Dredging underway 2/23/12"
by Rossland, Buffalo on Feb 22, 2012

Because of dredging only the outside of the facedock is available, therefore poor wake/wave protection. But once the dredging is completed, this will be a four or five star marina

"First Class Customer Service"
by Sadler Point Marine Center, Jacksonville on Feb 15, 2012

We visit here once a year during our trip to Cumberland Island. Joe and his crew did an excellent job as usual, despite lousy weather and the complications from much needed dredging. Extra help from dockhands who are knowledgeable, prompt and polite is always appreciated. Downtown Fernandina never fails to entertain and feed us. A charming place to visit. We'll be back again next year.

by John63, Bristol, RI on Jan 27, 2012

Good floating docks, good assistance from staff, good facilities. Especially good was the boaters lounge for watching football games. Also a big plus is the City of Fernandina, 100 yards from the marina. The only bad news is the inner harbor is shallow. Our boat only draws two feet and we went aground at low tide making a u-turn when departing.

"Don't let the appearance fool you"
by Michael Davis, Annapolis, MD on Jan 26, 2012

I passed this marina many times before giving it a try. It is flanked by paper mills and as a result looks very industrial. But once I gave it a chance, I got hooked. Access from the ocean or the ICW is a breeze. The town is right across the street and fabulous. Amazingly, I have yet to smell the paper mills!

"All great BUT.........."
by Frank Arndorfer, Monches,wi on Jan 24, 2012

Agree with all of the positive comments but this has to bet the NOISIEST marina we've ever stayed in.!!!! Two very large industrial complexes on either end, lots of tug traffic to the south.

"Must See This Town"
by Gary Whiting, St Johns, FL on Jan 17, 2012

I stay here often, the staff is helpful. Joe Springer does a great job with this place. Floating docks are clean, and dredging in 2/2012 will help make more of the inside slips available to larger/deeper boats. Restrooms older but clean. Mooring field can get bumpy, and outside of the seawall is dicey if winds pick up from the West. Otherwise first class place, walk anywhere in the historic district in minutes. Fun location, the sunsets are a photographer's dream.

"Another great stop"
by Irish Rover, Mystic, CT on Jan 14, 2012

We took a mooring on 1/8/12. Nice facilities and great restaurant. Would have given this marina 5-stars if it wasn't for the extremely low water pressure in the showers! This is one you need to run around in to get wet. Both men and womens showers had no pressure. Great lounge area. Town is right at the foot of the dock with many stores , bars and restaurants. Will stop back on the way north.

"4 day stay (with fuel problem)"
by Hoges, Fremantle, West Australia on Dec 13, 2011

Gripes first:- shower pressure is low, but not at the handbasin so must be restricted. Only 2 shower/toilets so a problem with waiting for one or the other. Expensive laundry $1.75 each. Cruisers lounge with TV closes at Sunset? No TV on docks. Wi-fi weak on docks. Grocery store in town has closed down and Harris or Dixie about 3 miles away. They charge the same as the Megadock but without the facilities - a government department on the loose? Good things :- Staff are extremely professional - line handling and docking in poor conditions is top of the range. Restaurants nearby are great and there'sots of them on Centre Street and the sidestreets. Fuel is already treated as it goes in. In a blow and with strong current it's a good place to be. Again, professional staff who give clear advice on tie ups and get there before you do. Overall, good place for a hideout in a blow with a nice town to boot.

"Nice place to stop"
by John Shaw, Savannah, GA on Dec 11, 2011

concrete floating docks with power and water nearby. Employees very friendly and helpful. Kind of bumpy in a north wind. Amenities are good and clean. Location to town is great.

"Got us out of the wind!"
by Busbee, N. Myrtle Beach on Dec 05, 2011

Thought we would be anchoring out but the constant 15 kt wind with gusting made things too unpleasant. Got a slip at a moments notice and great help at the dock. Only a block from Fernandina which is a beautiful little town with lots of character and restaurant offerings. Another of those places that you'd go back to for an extended stay.

"long hoses"
by Jaime Caro, Portsmouth RI on Dec 02, 2011

Marina has extra long hoses so you can dock anywhere along the pier, not just in front of the gas pumps. Very easy to approach despite current as it runs along the pier. Staff very helpful

"Great municipal marina"
by John Rie, Westbrook, CT on Dec 01, 2011

Had help coming in, very courteous. Concrete floating docks are great, location of marina at the bottom of Center St in town is great, showers are great (even though they are a short walk, and inside what looks like prison wire). $2 a foot, but very protectedbehind the outside dock even with the 15 knot wind.

"Much improved staff"
by hank II, boca raton on Nov 30, 2011

I used to avoid this marina due to rude city employees. Pleasantly surprised by the new management. Just don't buy fuel here, very expensive.

"Good location provided wind is not from North or South"
by Standard Question, Algonac, MI on Nov 30, 2011

There are paper mills both to the north and south. Bathrooms very basic and behind a locked cage. Felt like a jail. The downtown is very nice. Docks are good and the staff is helpful.

"Has it all!"
by Joe Moran, Galena, MD on Nov 29, 2011

Great stop. Call to check prices as the rates have changed. Dock 4-8 weekly rate is now $6.25/ft vs posted $5.00/ft. Slips can be shallow at low tide. We are in third slip in from runway and kicked up mud at low tide. I draw 3.5ft Nice showers, laundry and captains lounge with a computer on site to use. Town is wonderful.

"First Real Florida Stop"
by michel Tcherevkoff, City Island New York on Nov 28, 2011

Dock hands were great, getting us docked between 2 vessels. Nice, but busy marina and the train chugs through blowing its horn every once in a while. Town is pretty, walkable with good shops and restaurants. Bike to Publix and West Marine. Lounge, showers and laundry a 5 minute walk from our slip, all OK. WiFi weak.

"Great Marina staff and town"
by Stephen Starling, Stuart FL on Nov 22, 2011

6 Nov 2011 Had called for a spot but "no room at the inn". However as the day went on and we kept talking to Kevin, the dockmaster, he let us dock inside but warned that we might be aground a low tide. With 25-30 knots of wind we were quite happy to sink in the mud. The outside of the Marina was just too active for us. With wind form N-NE we did not sink in mud since wind was blowing water in the harbor

We love the own with shops and resturants within easy walking distance. Shower and laundry facilities and lounge are quite adequate.

We try to make this a "muist" stop on our trip up and down the ICW.

The mooring field is also quite good except in higher winds which make for uncomfortable ride.

This is definitely a 5 star marina

Stephen Starling Stevedore KK42

"Great Staff"
by GeorgeMorgan-Harris, PooleUK on Nov 15, 2011

Fabulously helpfull staff, good shelter, not to much tidal flow for safe manuvering. The town is interesting and parts are very photogenic, expect to pay $20-25 USD for a taxi to the Supermarket and back.

"Great town and nice marina"
by WoodyCooper, Sunset Beach, NC on Nov 08, 2011

They wouldn't put me on the outside and I'm glad of that, the NE wind / current would have beat our boat to death. I finally obtained a spot on the inside and the current isn't as bad. I was able to come in and turn around and dock facing out (twin screws) and had no problem docking.

Do yourself a favor and walk around beyond the main drag and all of the tourist shops. There are many fine homes here and it is a nice place to walk.

There is a paint/hardware store about 4 blocks away that has a decent stock of marine supplies. Ask the staff for directions.

"Nice Marina"
by BruceT, Boston on Nov 07, 2011

The staff is very helpful and attentive. The docks are sturdy and the inside of the long transient dock is settled, however, the outside of the dock can be rolly. We enjoyed Old Fernandina with its nice restaurants and shops.

"Worth stopping"
by Randy and Laurie Harris, Marco Island, FL on Nov 01, 2011

This is a very cute town and the marina is located right across the street. There isn't much to the marina, no pool and he showers are a bit of a walk. But this is a great stop.

"Fernandina harbor marina"
by Seaventure, Satellite Beach, FL on Aug 13, 2011

Great staff - very professional and friendly.

Bathrooms are so-so, you better be ok w some mold. Recommend shower shoes.

Lots of restaurants to choose from.

Summer squalls can make for a wild ride on the mooring - why do the really bad ones arrive at night!

"Always a favorite"
by Bob Shaw, Palmetto Fl on Aug 09, 2011

Stopped here in April and again in Aug. Very capable, helpful, and friendly staff. Bathrooms are a walk from the dock, but clean. Town has everything you need within walking distance. Love to stop at the Palace Saloon. Best to be on the inside of the long dock. Don't go wide on your turn to the inside of the long dock. No cable TV. Love this town.

"Fernandina Harbor Marina"
by Mike McMahon, Rockport, TX on Jun 27, 2011

+'s - excellent docking assistance, professional staff, nice downtown area with many shops, -'s - restrooms far away and not clean, no cable TV

"Shallow marina"
by DaveFry, Greenville TX on Jun 15, 2011

Beautiful setting; good restaurants and wonderful downtown area. However, the marina itself is in need of dredging (scheduled for October of this year) - we went aground in the center of the main channel when leaving at low tide.

"Nice dock, close to touristy area"
by Mike Berumen, No real home port. Cruising. on Jun 03, 2011

Stayed on a nice clean floating dock, had excellent help docking, close walk to touristy area of town. Very friendly staff.

"Great Stay!"
by Missinglink, Madison, Ohio on May 22, 2011

Nice docks, current can be a problem but great staff to help you on and off the dock. Restrooms and showers a little walk, but not too bad. Plenty of shops and resturants in town. Nice town to visit and spend some time looking around. No large grocery stores close by, need to take taxi.

"What a great place"
by Burry and Wendy, Kingston, Ontario on May 18, 2011

Stayed on a mooring, found the staff extemely friendly, helpful and polite. Office/store is very clean and well stocked. Showers and lounge great. Town is outstanding, but way too many good restaurants for a guy who loves food. Wifi avail not only in the lounge, but could get it in the mooring field as well. Only down side is rip roaring current, and we had a stong west wind which made life a little bumpy on the ball.

"A Favorite Stop"
by HNickM, Sarasota on May 15, 2011

Update: 5/15/11 Stayed on a mooring this time ($18.05 w/tax). Didn't work out so well. Wind was out of SE (blowing directly across mill with its attendant pung) and was fighting the current - problem was we kept banging into the mooring ball (tough to sleep). Field is a little too open for us - next time we'll go into marina, which we like. Update: 5/7/10 $1.75/ft $10/50amp The staff has been significantly upgraded since our last stop. Any sign of being a city employee has disappeared, We had 3 dockhands to help us - when the current is ripping here, that's about right. There was also a dedicated desk person. Nice improvement. Rating goes to 5 stars. There's a new bakery in town - has several specialty Italian pastries - it's a half block off the main street at 4th St.

Very nice marina, as previous reviews have stated. If the wind is "wrong", you can get the pung from the mills. Several very nice restaurants in town - Joe's 2nd Street Bistro is excellent. Town also has a bakery - a rare thing these days. Try to get to T-Ray's for either breakfast or lunch. Small market on side street.

"No to be Missed"
by J Mack Woods Jr, Charleston, SC on May 10, 2011

Stayed here twice in last thirty days - once for two nights and again for one night. Both stops we were on the inside of the face dock. Dock staff are great!!! They really can get you on and off the dock even with boats at bow amd stern. Current can run pretty well and wind can be an obstacle but still a great stop. Town is a lot of fun and restaurant at the marine was very good. Definitely a place we will return to.

"Fun place to stop with nice mooring"
by Linda Franko, OH, Cleveland on May 09, 2011

We stayed on a mooring ball for $16.05. The mooring field was nice and convenient to town. The town has done a very nice job of restoring the town area with many shops and restaurants. Can also enjoy the several art galleries. There is a seafood market right at the Wharf with a good variety of frresh fish and shrimp. Bright Mornings was recommended for breakfast and it was excellent. One down side was an odor coming from the paper mill as we arrived. Some type of waste was spewing out for a period of time but it was not constant and the wind just happened to be blowing it right into the mooring field. It did clear up fairly quickly and did not occur again. We will stay at this marina again.

"Great little town!"
by Randy Pickelmann, Clearwater, FL on Apr 28, 2011

We stopped here for three nights. We were ready for a marina stop and had some weather to wait out. Competent and friendly staff on the dock. Good dinghy dock Delightful town just across the street from the marina. Lots to see. Plenty of places to eat. We especially enjoyed breakfast at BRIGHT MORNINGS (closed Wednesdays).

"Clean, friendly and cheap"
by Peteris, Toronto on Apr 22, 2011

$15 gets you a mooring ball and showers, laundry, wifi...

"we like the stop over"
by John Coyle, Kilmarnock, VA on Apr 13, 2011

We seem to stay here a couple time a year and always like it for the convienance to town. Lot of people walk the docks but always friendly. Floating docks and on the outside, which is where we always tie up can be exposed during storms. This is our jump off point to run off shore if we have a weather window.

"Very Nice Marina - Great Town"
by Hugh17, St. Simons Ilsland, GA on Apr 05, 2011

Many very nice restaurants within easy walking distance. Great staff at marina. No cable TV for boats. Outside transient dock can be rough with westernly winds. Suggest requesting inside transient dock. Lots to do in town. Not an inexpensive stop for transient boats - $2 p ft. Highly recommend the marina overall.

"Nice Marina"
by Steve Buzzell, North Carolina on Mar 20, 2011

Very nice marina. We arrived at a time when the tides were not only low, but because of the full moon, they were extra low. The dockhands gave excellent instructions on how to come in and we were met by two of them to assist our docking.

Nice quaint town right across the street from the marina. Great farmers market on Saturday mornings. We ate at the Crab Trap restaurant while here. The seafood was fresh and very good.

"Ashore Amenities Aplenty"
by Gigi, Cobbs creek va on Mar 05, 2011

Cafe just across railroad from marina no longer open for breakfast. New "General Store" a few blocks up the main street does have limited breakfast, but for full breakfast, need to go up to Eighth st and one block north for good inexpensive restraunt in old gas station. WalMart and Winn Dixie on A1A, same street as restraunt, but north about a mile. A long walk but easy on bike.

"Nice place to stop"
by 190Dave, Beaufort, NC on Feb 17, 2011

This is a well run city marina. It is close to town where you will find a number of good places to eat. Major grocery shopping is a problem, we could not find any supermarkets within walking distance. The bathrooms on our last visit had just been redone and were in excellant condition.

Visitors are usually tied up at the face dock. If you are on the inside (cheaper) current and wind can make things interesting. Speaking of wind, if it is blowing the wrong way, you will get to know what a paper mill smells like.

They do have gas and diesel, but pricewise you can do better elsewhere. If you have the time, make the effort to get over too the great ocean beach.

Overall, this is a good place to spend some time. Everone we met was pleasant and helpful. Access was easy and the place is clean and modern. I would give it five starts, except for the wind and current issues. We will be back.

"Good place to stay"
by John20, St. Augustine, FL on Feb 04, 2011

Put in to hide from a storm and stayed a week. It was cold in December but had a good time and the town is interesting.

"Very Nice!"
by Jimbo Song, Palm Coast, FL on Jan 26, 2011

Excellent floating docks with pretty good protection from wind and current. New shower and head facilities are a great improvement over the old ones.

Lots of very good restaurants, shopping and sight seeing just a short walk away.

Have stayed here several times and will certainly be back.

"Really tight docking for a sailboat, everything else 5 star"
by Bud Campbell, Wilson, NY on Jan 10, 2011

We are a 44 foot sailboat and were put on the inside of the south main dock. Because the tide was coming in they had us on a port tie, facing into the marina. When we left, we had quite a bit of wind blowing us off the dock. The dockman came out and helped us line the boat partway around (he was a great help) but even so, we had to do about a 4 point turn to get turned in that narrow aisle. Restrooms are very nice and clean. Laundry room as well. Looked like a great little town right off the docks, but as it was cold and rainy we didn't walk around.

"fantastic stop"
by Jim and Page, Wilmington Deleware on Dec 09, 2010

Great marina and fun stop. Fernandina is a great town to spend a day and there is enough to do there to keep you busy for a long day. We found a few great restaurants and especially liked Luigi's. Not the best spot for re-stocking the panty, no grocery stores very close and no loaner car. It was easy to get into the marina and the staff was very helpful and friendly. If the wind blows the wrong way the paper mill is hard to take and leaves a residue on the boat that is hard to get rid of.

"Mail Pick Up"
by John Loving, Annapolis on Nov 19, 2010

Great town to visit!

If you are use to picking up forwarded mail here, be advised that the Post Office downtown no longer receives forwarded mail. There is a 'new' P.O. 3 miles south where mail goes. It is on Sadler Ave near Publix and Walmart. Not a bad bike ride... (The downtown P.O. is still open).

"Nice Marina next to Cute Town"
by Punches-Joe Urban, Lancaster VA on Oct 28, 2010

The marina sits next to a quaint & cute downtown area. The area is upscale and the prices in the shops and restaurants reflect that. Staff at the marina are helpful and the floating docks are sturdy. Showers & bathrooms are OK. They would be better if cleaned more often. The marina has a nice boaters lounge with flat screen TV and computer.

"Great Location next to town"
by T Cason, Chesapeake Bay MD on Oct 15, 2010

We stayed one night but really feel in love with town and atomsphere. Would love to spend a week here. Great restaurants and plenty to see within easy walk. Took 2 mile walk across island to beach and then a $6 cab ride home. Plan to stay a couple night here!!

"Stopped for Fuel"
by Capt. Steve Russell, Boca Raton, FL on Aug 01, 2010

Only stopped for fuel but realized that it is such a great location that I will try to make it stop on my trips. The staff can not be beat! The docks and location can't be beat! Wind was blowing the right way so not a problem with the paper mill smell.

"A bucket list place"
by Howell Cooper, Port Aransas, Texas on Jul 12, 2010

This marina is one of the top we have encountered since leaving Texas in January. The staff is professional, motivated and very helpful. The historical district across the tracks is a wonderful assortment of restaurants, museums and shops. Only thing that keeps me from giving 5 stars is the paper mill aroma

"Fernandina Marina"
by Capt. Sam, Daytona Beach, FL on Jun 15, 2010

We usually stop here every summer going north. Close to wonderful restaurants and shops. Floating docks and helpful dock staff.

"Nice Marina"
by Knot Tide Down, Melbourne Florida on May 09, 2010

Stayed on a mooring ball, $15 a night. easy dinghy in and nice town. The Palace is a bar downtown and is dog freindly until 9PM at night..Bright Mornings(also dog freindly) is a great place to eat breakfast(105 s.3rd st, closed wed) and the Irish bar had great live music.FYI

"Very Nice Marina"
by Chillaxin, Sanford, FL on Apr 12, 2010

Plenty of staff eager to help. Stayed in a slip inside the breakwater for about $1/night. From the inside, we could pick up the free wi fi from the captain's lounge but it was very spotty and I wouldn't rely on having it. Located right in downtown with plenty of restaurants located with in walking distance. A small grocery store had basic items and was with in walking distance as well. (Freds). I would definately stay here as well and dockside cable and better wi fi would make it 5 stars.

"Very nice layover"
by Ross Hiner, Red Wing, MN on Apr 09, 2010

The folks here at Fernandina Harbor Marina are very helpful and really give the impression that they are here to help and serve you. Very peasant stay and would recommend this marina to anyone traveling the ICW. Close to town and about 2 miles to Winn Dixie, and Walmart and is an easy bike ride. A little rolly in a strong west wind though, and a lot of folks out strolling the docks.

"Super friendly dock help"
by Don, Sea Cliff, NY on Apr 05, 2010

We were going to grab a mooring, but decided at the last minute to tie up at the dock for the night. Absolutely no problem- they were very nice about the change of plans. Stong current coming to dock, but the dock guys were very helpful. Missed a star due to no free WiFi and/or cable TV. Really good stop.

Try the Marina Restaurant in town. It's a locals spot, with nightly specials. Not gourmet- just good food at fair prices.

"Nice place to stop"
by CHC, Newville on Mar 06, 2010

Stopped to top off tanks priore to heading for Palatka. Took a mooring & used dinghy for town runs. Major grocery store a bit past comfortable walking distance. "Fred's" is 15 minutes away on Ash St. Has lots of commonly needed items. staff friendly & helpful Good place to stop

"Fernandina Harbor Marina"
by Joe N, New Rochelle, NY on Dec 07, 2009

Simple! Nice docks, downtown, new showers/restrooms and friendly staff.

"Great marina"
by Bob Williamson, St Louis on Nov 26, 2009

Stayed here Thanksgiving week on an inside slip. Very nice concrete floating docks, very helpful staff, nice restrooms and showers. Gave us a very good weekly rate ($5/ft plus electic). The marina is very close to downtown with lots of restaurants and shopping.

"fernandina harbor marina"
by lace, camden maine on Nov 10, 2009

great place nice folks, currently keeping boat there for a 2 week trip home. kevin gave me a great rate for putting the boat in the new unpopulated area $2.50 per foot per week with power & water. rumors of the town putting it under outside management, that would be a mistake.

"$1.00 a foot inside, $1.75 both sides sea wall, $15 moorings"
by Joe Heinrich, Moriches Bay, Long Island, New York on Nov 01, 2009

It was nice to have the charging options. Inside slips are a little tight with the tide. The $1.00 a ft. is a promotion at this time. Laundromat (2 washers, dryers) and rest rooms were clean.

"neat town"
by TDP, Little River, SC on Oct 26, 2009

This marina is closest to the town. We were docked with the local fishing fleet - they were very freindly.

"Nice Marina and Great Town"
by cornelius, greencovesprings, fla. on May 29, 2009

Nice marina, just updated and right next to the old town of Fernandina... Be sure to visit Pablos Resturant in town for a great meal and killler adult beverages.. Ask about his homemade brew out of Mexico. He will glady share at the end of a great meal.

The dockmaster and staff are very nice. The town is dog friendly and it is very easy to get around. Mooring balls are available. We have anchored here in the past but beware of the current.

Just a great placed to visit.

"Mooring balls"
by captn jo, clear lake texas on May 27, 2009

We took a mooring ball for $15,00/night the first two rolls are for larger vessels and it was tight for a 53' but we did not have any problems. Some of the pendents do not have flots on them. Fernandina is a city you will want to visit. We dinked to Cumberland Sound to visit the park, worth the trip.

"All New"
by Murphy, Jacksonville Florida on Mar 11, 2008

This marina has been completely redone. The showers and bath houses are nice. The rate is $1.75 per ft + $4 for either 30 or 50 amp electric. Mooring balls are $10 per night. They also have a 20 cents per ft hourly rate if you are just stopping for lunch. Lots of nice restaurants and shops. Good book store next to the Marina restaurant. Grocery store and Walmart about a mile away.

by Ron Andrews, Mesa AZ on Jan 30, 2008

Moorings are $15 + tax and close to docks for tender. Easy access to town.

"nice stop, but....."
by DaveH, Carolina Beach, NC on Dec 06, 2007

Nice stop, close to neat downtown but... Dock staff left us holding the fuel hose for loooong time and bathrooms do need refurbishing

"Convenient Stopover"
by Doc, Ft. Myers on Nov 15, 2007

Nice face docks virually in downtown. Don't miss Pablo's Mexican Restaurant on 2nd Street. . Downside of the marina is that the showers/heads are getting very shabby.

"A updated gem."
by John S, Palm Coast on Jun 09, 2007

Completely redone, this marina is at the foot of the main street of a very enjoyable historic Florida town. Transients handled on long outside floating dock. Can be a rough night with a westerly wind. Very convienent for stopping overnight if doing outside passages but town is worth a day stay. The restrauant on site is excellent. Stop at Florida Petroleum (1/4 mile north) for best prices on fuel.

About Fernandina Harbor Marina

In the heart of Fernandina Beach, at the center of historic Amelia Island lies Fernandina Harbor Marina. The marina welcomes local boaters and transient yachtsmen as well as fishing, sailing and sightseeing charters, and ferries. New, high-speed Gas and Diesel fuel pumps, Laundry, Bait and Tackle, Captain’s Lounge with satellite TV and Wireless Internet Access, new docks, bathhouse with laundry and showers, electrical and potable water amenities, fire suppression services and complete landscaping.


  • Gas
  • Diesel
  • Water
  • Electrical


  • Bait & Tackle
  • Captains Lounge
  • Floating Docks
  • Ice
  • Laundry
  • Medical Facilities w/in 5 Miles
  • Pumpout
  • Restrooms
  • Restaurant
  • Ship Store
  • Showers
  • Wireless Internet


Fernandina Harbor MarinaFernandina Harbor MarinaFernandina Harbor MarinaFernandina Harbor MarinaFernandina Harbor MarinaFernandina Harbor MarinaFernandina Harbor Marina