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Fair Haven Yacht Club


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Day Trip
Not Offered
West Bay Road
Fair Haven, NY 13064
Check-in after 03:00 PM
Check-out before 11:00 AM
VHF 68
Out of Season
Fair Haven Yacht Club is not currently accepting reservations. Check back for updated information on the upcoming season.
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4 Reviews

by kleew on Jun 01, 2020
Incredible people! Great facility. I would go there every weekend I can during the summer!

by dsreschke on Sep 04, 2019
The folks at FHYC are very friendly and welcoming. I loved the deep water and the quiet facilities. We will be back again for another visit!

by tchwalek on Aug 26, 2019
Very welcoming and friendly. Nice accommodations. We love visiting here.

by gregoryswistak on Aug 26, 2018
Spectacular location. Very friendly people, willing to provide advice and help with docking. Modest but tidy clubhouse and facilities. Short walk to a restaurant directly on the water for breakfast lunch. And a short walk to a beautiful winery with outdoor dining. We had a great time and will be back.
COVID-19 Alert
Status: Closed

The Status of the Yacht Club is closed to visitors from both reciprocal and non-reciprocal yacht clubs or marinas.

Status of the Club August 9, 2020 Not much has changed as far as the status of rules and procedures at the yacht club, but I shall bring you all up to date what’s going on here. We have some trees on the premises that need removing, our Vice Commodore, Tom Lee, has been getting estimates and will be calling Vail Tree Service to come take them down. We have set a tentative club closing date for Oct. 18th, so please mark your calendar for that. A special thanks goes out to Tom Chwalek for rebuilding the spigots on the North dock. We have also put new washers in the spigots on the South dock, but they need to be re-seated as well (they still leak!). The “No Visitor” policy has been extended for the rest of the season. We are not accepting visitors, reciprocal or transient, for the rest of the season. In view of the current Corona Virus pandemic, and the fact that the club house remains closed, it has been decided to cancel the Commodore’s Picnic this year. The Annual Meeting, however, is scheduled for Saturday, August 29th. Details on the meeting will be forthcoming. The Annual Meeting is when new board members are elected to the Board of Directors. If you would like to be on the board, now is the time to contact Mary Denes or Jean Coleman to be nominated for consideration. Use of the restrooms is still under strict social distancing rules. Face masks must be worn at all times while you are in the restrooms or foyer (unless you’re in the shower, of course). As you know, docks and slips are available for our members use under strict “Social Distancing” rules due to the easily spread Novel Coronavirus and the highly contagious disease Covid-19. I have seen many of you out there not observing the rules, so let’s review: Face coverings must be worn while you are on the docks while you are not on your boat. Keep disposable gloves handy, you may have to come in contact with another person’s boat (helping a friend into the slip, etc.), and you wouldn’t want to infect their boat, or be infected by it! You must maintain at least six feet of distance between you and others (who are not in your “stay at home” group) while you are on the docks or on the grounds of the club. As you approach someone coming in the opposite direction, move onto a slip finger and let them pass. As you walk up to the dock, people coming off the dock have “right of way” over people entering the docks. Let them leave the ramp (and ramp area) before you approach. Have “hand sanitizer” with you so that when you touch something (pedestals, hand rails, whatever), you can clean your hands afterward. As many of you have seen me around the club during the week, you’ve noticed I always have a mask on, though it may be under my chin. That way as I approach a person, I can just slip the mask into place and protect that person from any germs I may be giving an “Uber” ride to! A few picnic tables will be made available for use, spaced accordingly, to optimize social distancing. There will also be a few grills available for our members use. Charcoal will be available, but I would advise we all bring our own for safety reasons. Studies have shown that even on soft surfaces, such as cardboard, this virus can remain active for an hour or more. DO NOT SHARE A GRILL unless a person is done using it. Disposable gloves will be made available for grill use, and I suggest you use them. You will also have to bring your own utensils, paper plates and flatware, as none will be available from the club house. Remember, if you are in an area where you may come into close proximity with other people (like the grilling area!!), you must be wearing a face covering to protect yourself and others. The life you save may be your friends, or your friend’s friend. Or their grandparents, or your grandparents! You could be infected with this virus for seven days without even knowing it, and spread it around to anyone, or anything, you come in contact with. Don’t take chances! Thank you for your cooperation and your understanding, Bill Strobel, Commodore

Last Updated:2 months ago

About Fair Haven Yacht Club

Fair Haven Yacht Club is a group of people who enjoy sailing, racing, boating, and the friendship of a small, intimate yacht club. Whether sailing on the deep-water, (not so little) Little Sodus Bay, or the open waters of Lake Ontario (only minutes away by boat), you'll always find conditions that are just right!

For some, the regular racing program is ideal, while others enjoy the weekend cookouts, Saturday night campfires, and one of the world's best sunsets on Lake Ontario. Everyone enjoys spending evenings on their boats after a exciting day on the water. And, for the kids, there is a large front and back yard, with swings and play areas, and the Jr. Clubhouse where they are sure to form lasting friendships. There is also a challenging Jr. Sailing Program. Our new, well-lit docks have underwater baffles to help reduce wave action from wind, waves, and passing boats. The club house has a private adult lounge for parties or just relaxing. There is also a large, professional kitchen for member's use at breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and a great hall for meetings, socializing and dining. The restroom/shower lounge areas are large, well lit, and clean.

​Consider these advantages Day Sailing, Cruising, Racing Youth Lessons. Dual 30-amp hook ups available Potable water, Central location to cruise the lake Sail on Little Sodus Bay or Lake Ontario (only minutes away by boat). Sailing for everyone:
Slips like no other marina

Booking Info

As a courtesy to other visitors, we ask that all boats limit their stay to 3 nights. Visiting reciprocal club members receive 50% off dockage, the dockmaster will edit your reservation to charge the correct price if you provide your Yacht Club name in the "Special Requests" field during the last step of the reservation process through Dockwa.


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Fair Haven Yacht ClubFair Haven Yacht ClubFair Haven Yacht ClubFair Haven Yacht ClubFair Haven Yacht ClubFair Haven Yacht Club