The Boat Club at Basin Harbor


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Day Trip
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4800 Basin Harbor Rd
Vergennes, VT 05491
Check-in after 01:00 PM
Check-out before 12:00 PM
VHF 16

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30 Reviews

by George B. - Verified user on Sep 18, 2023
The marina was clean and easily accessible, however the service was nonexistent. With a reservation at the marina, the resort and one of their restaurants, I asked repeatedly about arrival and was told the marina staff would help us. When approaching at 4:45pm, I hailed on Ch 16 (please use a different channel) multiple times and on the phone, with no answer. Upon arrival at 6pm on a Saturday, there were no dockhands and nobody at the marina office. Singlehanding into a slip under high winds was not enjoyable, even with an audience of other tenants who stood by idly watching. The following morning I was informed that the staff were all at a wedding. There was no apology, no offer to assist with my launch, and a sour taste in the mouth for what was a good reputation for Basin Harbor. Please inform visitors beforehand via email or text if there are no services available, and think about carrying a mobile VHF when prioritizing other guests over the marine business.
Marina Response:
Unfortunately this guest arrived after our normal business hours. At this time of the year, mid to late September, staffing and hours are reduced due to much lower traffic and business volume. Had we understood that the guest would be arriving late we could have made arrangements to meet them and assist with docking. There were no marina staff involved with the wedding that was taking place at the resort and that played no role in this situation. This guest never "checked out" of his slip and never let us know that he was departing so we were not aware that he was departing. Help is always available by contacting the front desk or switchboard at the resort. The phone number is clearly listed on all of our advertising and internet sites. We are sorry that this guest was not happy with their experience at our facility and hope that they will give us another chance to show that we can provide an outstanding experience.

by Matt K. - Verified user on Sep 11, 2023
Easy- relaxed friendly
Marina Response:
Thank you for coming!

by John P. - Verified user on Sep 09, 2023
We lost power 20 minutes into our stay, We contacted the marina and had the problem resolved the next morning after numerous unanswered phone calls. We were told they fixed the problems the prevous night but we certainly did not get power.
Marina Response:
Upon review of the circumstances involving the power outage, we determined that the outage was caused by severe storms knocking out power in the area. Power was restored by the electric utility company and we checked the power supply to the docks. We verified that power had, in fact, been restored to the dock system and that the power pedestal that this boat was plugged into had power. At this point, we can only assume that there was a problem with that particular boat that may have been caused by the storms. We adjusted the guests charges to eliminate the charge for power.

by Maggie M. - Verified user on Sep 04, 2023
It was a pleasure staying at Basin Harbor. The staff was pleasant and helpful. They were prepared to tell us which slip and gave us good directions. Great sushi and food truck!
Marina Response:
Thanks so much!

by Benoit T. - Verified user on Aug 24, 2023
Best marina in the Champlain Lake. Good service, good activities, foods, the view is just amazing. I will go back for sure but not for a day but a week!
Marina Response:
Thank you, we look forward to having you back!

by Eric D. - Verified user on Aug 24, 2023
Incredible place with a lot of activities
Marina Response:
Thank you, Eric!

by Alain L. - Verified user on Aug 14, 2023
Best place to visit. Had a great time. Staff very friendly
Marina Response:
We appreciate your patronage.

by christopher c. - Verified user on Aug 12, 2023
Fantastic location and amenities. We loved it.
Marina Response:
Thank you, Christopher!

by Carl j. - Verified user on Aug 02, 2023
Super Nice marina and resort
Marina Response:
Thanks, Carl.

by Leon M. - Verified user on Jul 28, 2023
Great place, great food, great environment, great service
Marina Response:
Thanks, Leon!

by Raymond B. - Verified user on Jul 21, 2023
Spectacular ! Dockmaster and staff; excellent. Red Mill and stores excellent ! Best creemees in Vermont
Marina Response:
Glad you had a great (and delicious) time!

by Brian B. - Verified user on Jun 25, 2023
Very nice setting. But they only have one shower in each of the men’s & women’s room, one toilet in men’s room. Worst is you are sharing it with all who use their beach facilities. They also allow fishing on the yacht dock, so you have kids & families on the finger docks off & on all day long. All beach facilities/toys close at 5pm!?! For what they charge it’s NOT worth it by boat!
Marina Response:
As a resort hotel we have many restroom facilities. We would have gladly directed the guest to another facility that may have been less crowded. We do allow fishing from our docks as our younger guests absolutely love it and catch some large fish! We would have gladly asked fishermen to stay away from this guests boat had we been made aware that he found it intrusive. In the early part of the season, we do close some of our facilities early as there is generally not a demand for these items. We do our best to accommodate our guests requests for the beach items. Hopefully, this guest will return during our busier season when all of our facilities will be open much later. We appreciate this guest coming to stay with us and value the feedback.

by Stephen S. - Verified user on Jul 11, 2022
Great place. Love it. Noticed that there are many kids working at the marina and that a few unmotivated ones seem to do a lot of sitting around. There didn't seem to be an overall manager to direct them to stay busy, such as putting them to work cleaning off spiders or raking seaweed from water in the slips, which has fouled our prop at times at, of course, those key maneuvering times. Most of the kids however certainly are helpful and courteous.

by LORI M. - Verified user on Jul 11, 2022
Marina staff was incredible along with all the amenities. Can't wait to go back

by Joshua B. - Verified user on Jul 05, 2022
Friendly staff, great food, fun fireworks. Adults, kids, and dogs had me an equally great time.

by Donald B. - Verified user on Jun 26, 2022
Superb weather and lake conditions contributed greatly to the overall experience. The overall facility was excellent. A pump-out capability is essential and needs to be added- if only a pump out boat that would need to be scheduled is made available. Also, a larger trash bin should be added, transients generate trash too! All typical sized bins were overflowing. All in all we love the Basin and will continue to return time and time again - we will just have to arrive with an empty waste tank and extra strong trash bags. Don and Carol.

by Edward O. - Verified user on Jun 11, 2022
For a high end resort, it was odd that there were few food service options operating. We were there on a Friday evening, but the fine dining restaurant (Ardelia's) was not open; our dinner at Red Mill was OK but not what we were expecting. For breakfast, nothing was open, we just ate on our boat and left. It is a nice facility, nice docks, beautiful setting. But obviously they have operational issues with ability to properly serve their customers. Why should I pay resort prices when the resort isn't operating?
Marina Response:
Thank you for your comments. As a seasonal business we open our restaurants as demand dictates. Ardelia's was not open due to the fact that there was such limited demand during this time of the year. As the season progresses, all of our dining venues will be open on a regular basis. Our option for breakfast is a buffet that is set up in Ardelia's every day. We regret the fact that you wee not told that breakfast was available to you. You were not charged our resort access fee of $20 per person per day because there some options not available during our shoulder seasons. We hope that you might return to the see how things would be different during our busy season.

by Michael T. - Verified user on Sep 12, 2021
Docking was a little challenging due to no radio communications and changing slip assignment. No indication where the showers are located unless you ask. Weak services for the rates they charge!
Marina Response:
Please accept our apologies for the lack of radio communication. Due to changing conditions, we did change your slip assignment in order to offer you a better experience. Generally we advise our guests about the location of the showers and restrooms when they check-in. If we missed this in the process, we apologize. We, like everyone else in the hospitality business, are challenged to find adequate staff and are doing our best to limit the effect of staffing issue to our guests. We certainly hope that you will see fit to visit us again and we promise to make your stay enjoyable.

by William D. - Verified user on Aug 09, 2021
What a great place. There are activities galore and many places to eat at on property. Beautifully manicured grounds and helpful staff. WiFi was better than most marinas. The harbor area was a bit weedy but no problem with fouling the prop. Air conditioning strainer picked up a few weeds after 2 days. A must stop place.
Marina Response:
Thank you for taking the time to rate us! We are struggling with the weed issue and are aware that it can cause some issues. State and Federal laws govern what we can do to limit the weed growth in the harbor. We will certainly make an effort to keep the weeds under control to the extent that we are able. Thank you for visiting and we hope to see you again.

by William D S. - Verified user on Aug 06, 2021
Definitely not my kind of place! Very expensive for a slip, $111+ per night for a 28 ft boat. When I went to check-in, the dockmaster had left early and the boy in the office didn't seem to know what he was talking about! I was asked if I were a member of the resort. I said no, so he said okay you're all set. No map, no expanation nothing. Then I went back to ask where the showers were and was told boaters were NOT allow to use the showers, they were not for public use, only for resort members, so it would cost an extra $20, $40 for my wife and me! $40 bucks for a shower on an overnight stay! No where on Dockwa did I see any mention of these extra charges! I refused to pay that much, so we did without. The right hand does not know what the left is doing! The next morning when I checked out the Dockmaster appologized saying he was very sorry and that what I had been told was incorrect. We could use the showers and could do so now if we wanted to, a bit after the fact! Maybe a family who is coming for a week would be willing to pay $20 a person per day for use of all the resort facilities, but I could have anchored out for what I got and saved myself $111 dollars! The other members of my cruising group were unaware until checkout, that they were being charged $40 per night, per couple, to use the facilities and resort amenities! To end, it's so swallow and weedy, that I picked up weeds on my rudder leaving my slip, which affected my steering and autohelm all day long for our trip to Burlington! They did however, have a very friendly staff!
Marina Response:
We are very sorry to hear that we are "not your kind of place". We, like almost everyone else in this business, are challenged to find adequate staff. This staffing issue has obviously effected our ability to interact with guests to the extent that we normally would. Our rates are very clearly spelled out on DockWa as well as our web site and any brochures that are distributed. It is very hard to believe that that the extra charges were a surprise to this guest. The resort access fee of $20 per person grants guests access to ALL of the resort amenities, not just the showers. Again, these amenities are clearly spelled out in our brochures and web site. We are sorry that this guest picked up weeds on the rudder. Unfortunately, weeds are a fact of life in Lake Champlain and there is very little, if anything, that can be done to limit their effect on boats. Yes, this boater could have anchored out and saved some money, but they would not have access to a 700 acre full service resort, bars, restaurants and all of the other resort amenities! We have many returning guests that find that their experience here is well worth the expense. We certainly hope that this boater will return and enjoy what Basin Harbor has to offer.

by Shawn C. - Verified user on Jul 09, 2021
Need to upgrade the Wi-Fi, paying a premium price to stay and was very disappointed not to have internet connection for work and play
Marina Response:
Hi Shawn. Thank you for your note. Yes, the spiders have definitely gotten ahead of us but we are working hard to get things cleaned up! We promise that you will see a major improvement on your next visit.

by richard c. - Verified user on Jul 07, 2021
Our favorite spot on Lake Champlain.

by Ulf J. - Verified user on Oct 11, 2020
Nice well protected marina. Modern docks. Very nice food in the sawmill restaurant. No gas , diesel or pump-out so plan accordingly but its a great stop going up or down lake champlain or as an end destination on a trip up Lake Champlain canal.

by Dale M. - Verified user on Jul 05, 2020
Great service from the dock staff. Lots of options at the facility! One of the best destinations on the lake.

by Anonymous on Nov 25, 2019
The southern end of Lake Champlain is a Well Kept Secret! It is intimate, has beautiful views, and tends to have calmer waters. On top of that Basin Harbor is one of, if not the most protected marinas on Lake Champlain and it is RIGHT on the lake (docks are less than 100 yards from open water), so extremely convenient. The docks are brand new and the resort is beautiful. There is a friendly and professional staff in the marina, if you need assistance docking. I have kept my boat at three other marinas over the past ten years and by FAR the Basin Harbor Club is the nicest, calmest, newest, and most convenient harbor that I have been at. Thanks to the Beach family and their delightful staff.

by Anonymous on Nov 19, 2019
My family and I have been members of Basin Harbor for the past 56 years. I have rented a seasonal dock and mooring for all 56 years. I have always been very impressed with the Beach family on how they continue to modify the venue to move forward with the demands of a seasonal resort. Since they established the Boat Club the Basin Harbor marina has made some amazing changes with their new dock system, fleet of rental boats, the addition of two new ski boats, Bungee Bar and most importantly the crew that Harbormaster Marty Ferris manages. As a seasonal dock renter I have been taken care of with the upmost respect and care. Marty and his crew are always there when I need something. It is also very comforting that the owners of Basin Harbor Bob Beach and his sister Penny Morris are always around making sure everything is taken care of but more importantly they take pride in what they provide and love to chat with everyone. They have always made an effort to reach out to my family for input and feedback on their resort. In my mind Basin Harbor and The Boat Club is the best spot to visit by boat on the entire Lake.

by Scott H. on Nov 19, 2019
Coming and staying by boat at the Basin Harbor marina is a special treat to any boater. Nowhere do you have the offerings, protection and entertainment as BH offers. It's a place I want to be time and time again..

by Anonymous on Nov 19, 2019
Wow! Everything under the sun and more. Docks with Power and water, free wi-fi and tons to do. Tennis Club, Golf Club, Scoops Shop for Ice Cream, Red Mill for Food, Burgee Bar for Adult Beverages, Spectaulary Outdoor Dinners, and the best Breakfast on either shore of Lake Champlain! They also offer showers and a laundry facility. This is a DO NOT MISS stop on the Lake. I hate to share it will fellow boaters as it is such a hidden gem!

by Charles T. - Verified user on Aug 23, 2019
Basin Harbor added all new dock space a couple of years ago and can now accommodate a few larger power and sailboats on a section of the new floatingndocks. This historic resort is a first rate family location but we found everything to be just as nice for adults. The restaurants were excellent and we enjoyed our visit to the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum - great way to catch up the history of Lake Champlain. We took a side trip on our dinghy up Otter Creek to Vergennes. The trip up the creek was enjoyable but the destination was a disappointment. The falls are dramatic but the docks were old and partially on shore due to low water. We walked to town for ice cream and a few groceries. We were happy we took the dinghy rather than planned to stay in our boat. Only issue at Basin Harbor was bathroom for boaters - only one limited location that was shared with the waterfront. Modern fixtures but difficult to shave and shower floor had sand from the beach. They need to add a dedicated bath/shower for boaters to be considered first class. We enjoyed our visit and recommend this location.

by Adam D. - Verified user on Jul 17, 2019
Great stay! Meticulous grounds and marina! Staff was great! Marty the harbormaster was wonderful! We stayed on our boat but many other options for non boaters! Would definitely stay again!
Marina Response:
Dear vondarm99, Thank you very much for taking the time to write a review of your stay with us at Basin Harbor, and for recognizing Marty, our wonderful Harbormaster. As you mentioned, you can stay on your boat and take full advantage of our 700 acre property, or dock with us and stay in one of 150 accommodations (some of which are lakefront cottages on Lake Champlain). We look forward to welcoming you back for another visit in the future. Kind Regards, Jamie Fox General Manager

About The Boat Club at Basin Harbor

Bring your own Boat, We've got Everything Else.

Whether you stop for a bite or stay the night, The Boat Club at Basin Harbor is unlike any resort on the shores of Lake Champlain. Basin Harbor has all of the amenities, activities, and features you’d ever want to enhance your boating experience and keep you entertained when you are not on the water.

The private harbor hosts 66 slips with power and water for boats up to 70 feet. Overnight docking includes access to all resort facilities & amenities. As of 7/10/2020, please remember that if you make your reservation for The Boat Club at Basin Harbor through Dockwa, you are charged by Dockwa only for dockage. Resort fees ($20 per person, per night, MAX $100), restaurant charges, incidentals, and any addition nights of dockage should you elect to extend your stay while here will be charged by Basin Harbor at check out.

Resort Amenities Include: Casual Pub & Restaurant, Gym & Fitness Classes, Lakeside Bar, Tennis Courts, Golf, Al Fresco Dining, Heated Outdoor Pool, Retail Shop, Ice Cream, Candy & Sundry Items, Recently Renovated Shower Facilities & Lounge, Breakfast Buffet, Dog Beach, Kayaks, Canoes, Paddleboards, Hiking Trails, Water Skiing & Tubing, Campfire & S'mores, Complimentary Wi-Fi, Lawn Games, Laundry Facilities, Motorboats, Art Studio & Classes, Water Trampolines, Bikes, Designated Beach & Swimming Area with Lounge Chairs, Daily Activities & Recreation.

Additional fees may apply for equipment rentals, activities, meals, etc.


  • Electrical


    • Ship Store
    • Launch Service
    • Wireless Internet
    • Restrooms
    • Showers
    • Laundry
    • Ice
    • Security
    • Swimming Pool
    • Groceries
    • Hotel/Lodging
    • Restaurant
    • Dog Park
    • Fitness Center
    • Bait & Tackle
    • Floating Docks
    • ATM
    • Captains Lounge
    • Pet Friendly



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