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Boston Harbor Islands: Georges Island

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Day Trip

Fort Warren, MA
Check-in after 12:00 PM
Check-out before 11:00 AM
VHF 69
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18 Reviews

by ithacaeli on May 23, 2020
Nice spot and nice new moorings

by phiwum on Sep 02, 2019
Georges is a great site for a picnic and short hike. The other reviewers are right that the mooring field is exposed. Might make for a poor night's sleep, but a very enjoyable daytrip. Kudos to the NPS for upgrading their mooring options this year. Or maybe kudos to the Mass State Parks people, since the islands are jointly run I think. Don't know who improved the mooring fields, but it is a great improvement. Not sure I'm keen on the plans for a luxury hotel on Peddocks on the other hand.

by calliope on Aug 31, 2019
Gorgeous spot nestled among the Harbor Islands. Great view of the city of Boston, particularly cool after dark. Not the smoothest mooring field due to traffic and currents, but well worth a stay. I hope these moorings will continue to be maintained.

by joat on Aug 25, 2019
Ft. Warren ok, but no upkeep due to lack of funding. Lots of Canadien Geese fecal matter all over the place. If you boat there be advised no dingy dock. You have to beach your dingy. Mine was filled with water and sand upon my return. UGH!

by behickey on Aug 11, 2019
Pulled up a mooring to have lunch - delightful, easy to access

by tombhsc on Aug 06, 2019
The moorings are great, a real plus for enjoying the harbor. However while we had a reservation, they were all taken when we arrived, and we had to wait till a boat left. Seems to me that it's actually a free for all, regardless of reservations.

by skipaluisy on Aug 05, 2019
The island is great. I took a tour with a period actor Doctor Mcgill I thin it was who was a prisoner of war n th4eIsland. It was spectacular. Really well done. the food in the restaurant is a joke though. You really have to get a real restaurant in there.

by edrageous on Aug 04, 2019
Great mooring field!

by dedwards8 on Aug 02, 2019
Beautiful spot to watch a sunset.

by cannedyou on Jul 29, 2019
Terrific that the DCR has added so many moorings at the Boston harbor islands. A bit rocky from ferry going in and out of George’s Island.

by jimdcd24 on Jul 29, 2019
High quality mooring

by quyezxpuezntyvq7vdsc on Jul 21, 2019
The mooring balls are a great addition to the George’s Island area. The person monitoring the area was very friendly. THANKS

by jeffkmac on Jul 17, 2019
Very convenient. Moorings all in good condition.

by fvallely on Jul 15, 2019
Great location. Secure moorings.

by laurelaford on Jul 15, 2019
Really nice to be able to visit the islands and be so close to Boston at the same time. Love the history at George's Island.

by mcrowther on Jul 06, 2019
Great to see the additional moorings , worked great for us.

by ebrowne on Jul 05, 2019
It was unclear which mooring field was being managed by Dockwa / Georges island. No one answered the VHF radio call )Ch16 or CH69) or cell phone number

by skoggs on Jul 04, 2019
No issue - only one there Hopefully you will be able to assign mooring number when the moorings start to be used.

About Boston Harbor Islands: Georges Island

Georges Island is the location of a Civil War-era fort known as Fort Warren. Boaters can enjoy exploring its stunning granite archways. The island hosts plenty of locations for scenic views, relaxing picnics, and refreshing walks. You can find information on Georges Islands attractions at and The island is open to the public until 6PM and has a strict carry in/carry out trash policy. Enjoy the Boston Harbor Islands!

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Max LOA: 40'

Max Beam: 18'

Max Draft: 7'


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