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Downtown Docks

Not Offered

Not Offered

Day Trip
$50.00 - $250.00
27 West Riverwalk South
Chicago, IL 60601
Check-in after 01:00 PM
Check-out before 11:00 AM
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2 Reviews

by jcislak on Jul 12, 2017

They seemed confused when I arrived

by jmcgrath on Jul 12, 2017

Great location at City Winery! Our spot was ready and the dock hand was very helpful!

About Downtown Docks

Experience the best of Chicago by docking your boat at Downtown Docks — the thrill of exploration, the elegance of city dining, the serenity of open water. You are surrounded by some of the cities best dining and entertainment. From the great entertainment in the Loop to the fine dining of River North, your experience transcends within footsteps of your vessel. There is no greater place to dock your vessel in Chicago. At Downtown Docks, you are in the heart of The Second City. As you step off your vessel, you are immediately surrounded by the great additions of the Chicago Riverwalk as the views of skyscrapers create a pleasant background.

Booking Info

*Please Note: Your reservation, while transient, is only for a duration of 2 hours. Should you want to extend your reservation, you'll need to submit an additional reservation request. If you are running late to your reserved slip, please let the Dockmaster know via "Chat" within the app, or by phone.


  • Restrooms
  • Restaurant


Downtown DocksDowntown DocksDowntown DocksDowntown DocksDowntown Docks