DiMillo's Kennebunk Marina


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4 Doanes Wharf Rd
Kennebunk, ME 04043
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3 Reviews

by mk9606 on Sep 27, 2017

Excellent location. Nice docks. Very close to downtown restaurants and shops. Bathroom and shower facility were fairly clean and updated. I did receive a call from a DiMillos employee to confirm my reservation and arrival time which was nice but no one met us at the dock to assist which was strange. That aside we had pleasant stay but not overly impressed.

by 100polar on Aug 11, 2017

The facility was not up to the standards of DiMillo's in Portland, ME. The dock staff was courteous and helped with our lines when we arrived. He was not monitoring Ch 71 but happened to be standing on the dock when we arrived. From the river there is absolutely no DiMillo signage and with the staff not monitoring the VHF it was a guess as to which docks were theirs. The docks were well maintained with adequate access to power and water. When asked about a pump-out the dock staff said that DiMillo's had no facilities and at first did not know where we might have this taken care of. Then he recommended Chic's for both a pump-out and for fuel. It did occur to me that I might have been better off staying at Chic's in the first place. The most disappointing was the condition of the shore bathroom and shower. It had been nicely remodeled but it was filthy with mud and water all over the floor. On day one I assumed that it was simply a discourteous customer but on day two it was just as bad if not worse. When I mentioned to the dock staff that the bathroom was very dirty he replied that he had not been in it over the two days we were moored there. The morning of our departure I went ashore and checked, it was still filthy. Needless to say, we showered on our boat. There were other little things like the security gate that did not lock properly and could easily be pulled open without use of the code and a big buildup of seaweed and grass along the entire length of my hull which I had to clear before departing so that my thruster did not get fouled. At a charge of $5 per foot per night DiMillo's in Kennebunk was not worth the price. I doubt I will stay there again and I certainly will not recommend it to others. We selected the facility because of the DiMillo name and our past good experience at their facility in Portland. Kennebunk did not come close to measuring up to that standard. Tom Olson on Mulligan

by janiebud on Aug 05, 2017

Sadly, we had a very poor experience at this marina, and I am still awaiting a call from the manager to discuss this further. What boaters are looking for when paying $200 a night at a marina is a safe place to dock and a good nights sleep! We had neither. Firstly, when we arrived, despite having called ahead to announce our arrival, we were not met initially, and were not told which dock we were supposed to go to so we had to hover until we were met by a dockhand. This is problematic as there is significant current and no space to maneuver. In the end we did end up safely on the dock but the experience was lass than satisfactory. Secondly, and more seriously, we were docked at the end of a dock where a large motor vessel was tied up, and they ran their generator ALL NIGHT LONG!!! We had to breathe in diesel fumes the entire night. Thirdly, as someone else reported in their review from early JULY, the gate would not lock as it was broken. Fourthly, we almost had someone hit us as they were departing as the river is extremely tight given our beam (15 feet). Nathan, who was very responsive to our concerns, ran onto our boat to push off the boat that was about to hit us. He also, as a goodwill gesture, gave us a $40 refund on our stay. But the manager has still not called me to discuss this. Very poor customer relations and recovery.

About DiMillo's Kennebunk Marina

DiMillo's is proud to announce we have opened our second location in the beautiful town of Kennebunk. Only steps away from some of the finest restaurants and shops in downtown Kennebunkport, our marina is ideal for all boaters looking to make the most of these gorgeous towns. With enough dockage to accommodate vessels up to 85 feet comfortably, our Kennebunk Marina is very easy to access once in the river.


  • Water
  • Electrical


  • Floating Docks
  • Ice
  • Medical Facilities w/in 5 Miles
  • Restrooms
  • Restaurant
  • Showers
  • Wireless Internet


  • Cancellation Policy -DKM

DiMillo's Kennebunk MarinaDiMillo's Kennebunk MarinaDiMillo's Kennebunk MarinaDiMillo's Kennebunk Marina