Prescott Park Municipal Dock

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Day Trip
$5 - $23
Prescott Park, Marcy Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801
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22 Reviews

by cpwhalen4 on Jul 13, 2021
Another great stay at Prescott Park Municipal Dock over July 4th. Even with some rain it is a great location! We were able to take advantage of all the restaurants a short walk away and had a great time. We met some great boaters on the dock and John who works for the city is great!

by gregm7139 on Jul 11, 2021
Excellent service and help

by cemiller1097 on Jun 20, 2021
Wonderful location- walking distance to everything downtown and strawberry banke. Unfortunately there is not a no wake zone in this area, and the wakes during the day rocked us so bad we had to stow everything as if we were on an ocean crossing. Very uncomfortable stay.

by vlmwdjlx2cuglxeaaazy on Oct 08, 2020
We enjoyed very friendly service from the dockmaster and the marina is in a great location. The currents are VERY strong and create swirling eddies around the docks. Definitely try to arrive and depart at slack current; tables are readily available online. The surge from passing vessels plus the current effects can make this marina very bumpy and rolly. We are a catamaran, so not so bad for us, but the power boats and monohulls really moved a lot sometimes. I wouldn't not stay here for a couple of nights for this reason.

by anon on Sep 26, 2020
Pleasant staff, docks well located

by brigitteapaquin on Sep 08, 2020
Great place, close to downtown, and fantastic views!

by rjgayton on Sep 07, 2020
We docked on the wooden docks 2 days this weekend. The dock hands that helped were awesome both times. The park itself is beautiful and there is another park nearby that's worth the walk. In addition it's only about a 5 minute walk to all of the restaurants and shops downtown. The only downside is the wooden docks are very unstable to walk on - a little scary. I'd deduct a star for that, but the stay was more than "pretty good" once you got off the wooden docks.

by motleycrew on Jul 22, 2020
Was great.... Ben the dockhand was fantastic and came over every time to assist in docking, current on the Piscataquis River is not good so this was a real plus.

by swedee on Jul 19, 2020
Ben greeted us when we arrived and made assisted us with docking and answering any questions we had. He also checked in with us before he left for the day. We had a very nice time docking here with a fabulous view all around. The Memorial bridge nearby is beautiful all lit up at night. We had power and water for the boat, but there was no dedicated facility with showers, etc. for the dock visitors, which would be a problem for boats not equipped with a head. There is a public bathroom in the park nearby. The docks are a short walk to town and adjacent to a lovely park with lots of beautiful flowers. The docks are dog-friendly although the park which abuts it is not, so it is awkward getting the dog from the boat to the street. We would come here again. With the dog.

by amofam on Sep 01, 2019
We had a great time, Great place to dock, we will definitely come again M&M

by johnm47860 on Aug 02, 2019
The Dock hand was AWESOME. Very professional. Great place to dock your boat and sightsee.. Thanks so much

by johnep on Jul 16, 2019
Great staff an docks!

by brandonta on Jul 15, 2019
Thank you Brad, stay was great

by crimesceneguy on Jun 23, 2019
Great way to stop in to Portsmouth to grab a bite to eat.

by amills on Oct 17, 2018
Boaters beware of serious security issues at Prescott Park docks! I want to begin with stating that the staff and management at Prescott Park are fantastic and have been a pleasure to work with. My family and I love Portsmouth and have stayed at the Prescott Park docks several times over this past summer. The major problem is a complete lack of security for the docks which became alarmingly apparent on our last two visits. A few months ago, we were awakened by a fellow boater knocking on our window at 2am to inform us that 2 kids had stolen our kids' scooters and taken off from the docks. They abandoned the scooters in the park and we chalked it up to bunch of drunk teenagers. They had also boarded other people's boats before they were chased away. Clearly, the kids had no respect for other's property. Luckily, no permanent harm was done. However, on 9/30 a serious event occurred. At 4am on a Sunday morning, two intoxicated teenagers came down on the docks and untied our boat from the face dock with my wife and two children on board. Think about that . . . . We are on the Piscataqua river which has significant current and our boat is set adrift while we were in our most vulnerable state, asleep. What would have happened if we did not wake up!? Fortunately, the only damage is that my two young children now have fears about “robbers” and “bad guys” untying our boat in the future. The two individuals were arrested and are being charged with reckless endangerment and drug possession. I shudder to think about what harm could have come to my family from this incident. My only reason for sharing this review is to help create a sense of urgency for the city to add security cameras at the point of entry and some type of pin pad device on the gate. Right now there is simply a chain link gate with a latch that permits anyone who is interested to come down on the docks. The fix for this would be relatively inexpensive and would discourage foul play at the docks.

by geomutch on Jul 20, 2018
Good location. A little rough during daily boat traffic on the river. This dock doesn't have 30a power service. Only 50a 250 volt. Most boats will need an adapter which the marina doesn't have. (Marinco 121 type)

by finefurn on Oct 03, 2017
Was really good until sometime around 9:00 PM some jerk thought it would be fun to buzz the docks throwing up a huge wake. Not just once but twice.

by captaindoug on Aug 02, 2017
Prescott Park Docks is a great place to stay for a day or two. It is open to the river so gets a little bouncy when boats go by. Beware of the current when docking but the staff are very friendly and helpful. It's in a great location with an easy walk into Portsmouth.

by johnboggia on Jul 23, 2017
New Docks are excellent. Facility is great.

by mike29pga on Jul 12, 2017
Our time in Portsmouth seemed to fly by! What a great spot and so easy booking through Dockwa! Current can be strong, but the staff was great getting us in! Really enjoyed the short waling distance to Portsmouth Downtown! we will be back!

by andrewdemers on Jul 12, 2017
Very sturdy concrete docks with electric. Close to downtown. Be careful, the current can be strong, but we came in a slack and it was easy.

by hardy03051 on Jul 04, 2017
Great place in a downtown park.
Status: Open
Last Updated:about 1 year ago

About Prescott Park Municipal Dock

Publicly available docking space is available at Prescott Park on the Piscataqua River in Portsmouth. Reservations are possible. The dock is governed by city ordinance. The dockmasters monitor VHF Channel 09, and notice of arrivals is requested. List of amenities below may be nearby and not specifically on site. Dock space may be reserved by the hour, you will need to request the amount of time. Limited 30 amp spaces are available, you will need a 30 to 50 amp splitter for other slips. Docking on the cement docks require a 4 hour minimum fee.

Booking Info

Portsmouth Residents Please Note: All rates will be booked at the non-resident rate, please indicate you are Portsmouth resident in the "Special Requests" area located under the "Total Price" in the DOCKWA reservation area. The rate will be adjusted to the resident rate once the Dockmaster has reviewed your booking, ensured there is a dock available and contacted you in regards to proof of residency. Your Credit Card will be charged at the Resident Rate if a dock slip is available.

It should be noted, our lowest rate of $20.00 occurs in the offeseason (after October), the minimum rate for summer dockage is $40.00 and will increase based off the size of your vessel.

Please note, for Temporary Dockage: Our rate is set for a non-resident 4 hour stay. If you'd like to stay less than 4 hour, please let us know and we will discount your reservation appropriately. Please use the "Special Request" field to inform us of your expected time of stay.


  • Water
  • Electrical


  • ATM
  • Floating Docks
  • Medical Facilities w/in 5 Miles
  • Restrooms
  • Wireless Internet



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