Prescott Park Municipal Dock

$26 - $146

Not Offered

Day Trip
$9 - $24
Prescott Park, Marcy Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801
Check-in after 08:00 AM
Check-out before 11:00 AM

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75 Reviews

by Anthony T. - Verified user on Jun 18, 2024
Great service, great price. Thank you for making your slips available.

by Jeff T. - Verified user on Jun 02, 2024
Terrific very helpful dock hand. Definitely will visit again.

by Tim M. - Verified user on Jun 02, 2024
Ben is great! Cement docks need repair

by Russell R. - Verified user on May 27, 2024
Nice place Dockmaster is helpful and accommodating

by Anthony B. - Verified user on May 27, 2024
Great location and Ben always gives great service! Thank you.

by Todd S. - Verified user on May 21, 2024
Great app. Haven’t used the new format yet

by Sharon c. - Verified user on Sep 08, 2023
You are the best! So flexible and responsive. 5 Starts all the way!

by Jennifer C. - Verified user on Sep 07, 2023
It was complaints it was great and Dave was right there to help us out!

by Edward M. - Verified user on Sep 05, 2023
The municipal docks in Portsmouth and very convenient to the park and downtown. The attendant was very helpful and communicated well. Beautiful view of the river and bridge.

by Michael L. - Verified user on Sep 05, 2023
While the staff was very accommodating regarding scheduling and dock usage, the holiday weekend boat traffic on the Piscataqua and wakes being left by them rendered our boat unusable while on the dock during the day. We were on the wooden docks at the park and these may be a bit less "wake friendly" than the neighboring cement docks with power and water. We may try to use the docks again at on a less popular weekend, as the access to downtown Portsmouth is exceptional!

by Greg M. - Verified user on Sep 04, 2023
Excellent service and help!! Thank you David.

by Ryan J. - Verified user on Sep 02, 2023
Great experience used by the Prescott Park dock. Thanks for the hospitality!

by Joshua Y. - Verified user on Aug 29, 2023
We love Prescott Park docks! The staff are great. Always ready to help dock in a fast River current.

by John E A. - Verified user on Aug 28, 2023
Good slip and great staff.

by Nicholas I. - Verified user on Aug 28, 2023
Reservation was ready when we arrived. Great slip!

by Walt E. - Verified user on Aug 26, 2023
The dock was in very poor condition, no available power or water. With the current being extreme our boat rocked terribly even with the smallest boats passing. I would not stay here again.

by Fred L. - Verified user on Aug 17, 2023
Very accommodating staff, perfect location if you want to visit Portsmouth, which is an excellent walking town. You literally cannot get closer to downtown. The marina is right next to the Memorial Bridge, which raises on demand at the 1/2 hour. And you are right across the river from the historic Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Plenty of boats coming and going!

by David S. - Verified user on Aug 13, 2023
Reserving through Dockwa was very easy. I received several emails from Dockwa and from Prescott Park Dock prior to confirm my reservation. This was helpful and comforting. Once at the dock the Prescott Park Dock staff was extremely helpful. I am sorry I forget his name but he ran down to our slip each time we docked and helped us secure lines, etc. He also helped us with electrical hookups and solved some minor problems through troubleshooting. At the end of the day he walked around to tell the boat owners when he was going off duty and asked if we needed anything. I noticed that he stayed well beyond his shift to assist more boats that were coming in. This shows he is dedicated to his job. Thanks well done! We had a great two nights at the Prescott Park Docks. We hope to do it again and we hope the same staff member is there!

by Michael C. - Verified user on Aug 06, 2023
Personally, I thought the person who was on call that day, Ben, went above and beyond and should be recognized for it.

by Tom L. - Verified user on Aug 05, 2023
Great day trip. They had our spots marked for arrival and very helpful.

by Tom M. - Verified user on Aug 02, 2023
Great place concrete docks solid as a rock no movement no rocking great staff very helpful

by Lisa M. - Verified user on Jul 30, 2023
Always a great experience at Prescott park!

by Lance T. - Verified user on Jul 29, 2023
Great very accommodating

by Brian M. - Verified user on Jul 26, 2023
Staff (Dave) was very helpful

by Keith F. - Verified user on Jul 25, 2023
The docks were very unstable and extemely rough.
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About Prescott Park Municipal Dock

Publicly available docking space is available at Prescott Park on the Piscataqua River in Portsmouth. Reservations are possible. The dock is governed by city ordinance. The dockmasters monitor VHF Channel 09, and notice of arrivals is requested. List of amenities below may be nearby and not specifically on site. Dock space may be reserved by the hour, you will need to request the amount of time. Limited 30 amp spaces are available, you will need a 30 to 50 amp splitter for other slips. Docking on the cement docks require a 4 hour minimum fee.

Booking Info

Portsmouth Residents Please Note: All rates will be booked at the non-resident rate, please indicate you are Portsmouth resident in the "Special Requests" area located under the "Total Price" in the DOCKWA reservation area. The rate will be adjusted to the resident rate once the Dockmaster has reviewed your booking, ensured there is a dock available and contacted you in regards to proof of residency. Your Credit Card will be charged at the Resident Rate if a dock slip is available.

It should be noted, our lowest rate of $20.00 occurs in the offeseason (after October), the minimum rate for summer dockage is $40.00 and will increase based off the size of your vessel.

Please note, for Temporary Dockage: Our rate is set for a non-resident 4 hour stay. If you'd like to stay less than 4 hour, please let us know and we will discount your reservation appropriately. Please use the "Special Request" field to inform us of your expected time of stay.


  • Water Hookup
  • Electrical


  • Wireless Internet
  • Restrooms
  • Groceries
  • Dog Park
  • Floating Docks
  • ATM
  • Medical Facilities w/in 5 Miles



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