Darien River Waterfront Park & Docks

103 Fort King George Dr
Darien, GA 31305

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2 Reviews

by Charles S. - Verified user on Sep 27, 2023

by Anonymous on Oct 29, 2019
This marina has a great chance to draw many more boaters transiting north or south along the ICW but it has some fallbacks. It is a great staging location before transiting the Mud River going South, one of the worst shoaled areas. The Dockmaster is great although she is located in a building about 2 blocks away and only works by phone. The town is quaint and charming. A couple of great places to eat. A really great and reasonable vegetable market and great fresh shrimp. There is also a high end Chocolate shop/manufacturer that is to die for. The docks though are the problem. There are 2. One is a dock located behind a great restaurant, Skippers. No Water or Power but stay for 48 hours free. The other docks are $1ft includes water and electric. The problem is that there are many full time people here so space is limited and there are only 30amp connectors and on 4 connectors for the entire dock so we were left without power. No reason for this, the town needs to add enough power pedestals for the amount of boats here and add some 50amp connectors. I would come back again if this problem was fixed and derelict looking boats are removed to allow more room for transients.

About Darien River Waterfront Park & Docks

There are no transient docking fees for 48 hours. Docks are close to food, shops. For longer than 48 hours (non-emergency) there is a charge to stay at the docks."


  • Medical Facilities w/in 5 Miles