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67 Reviews

"Wonderful service!"
by TobyBoy, Rock Hall, MD on Dec 24, 2016

Carolina Beach mooring ball stay, Frank came out to our boat, picked up our trash, very friendly and helpful. Also received phone calls from Randy, great guys, looking forward to returning again, highly recommend.

"No amenites. Nice location. "
by Lynne Hoot, Warehouse Creek, SR on Nov 24, 2016

Perfect for a night on the hook without worrying about other boats too close and it was close to the dingy dock. No big advantages over anchoring.

"Great stop!!"
by Captain VooDoo, Annapolis, MD on Nov 20, 2016

We unexpectedly stopped in Carolina Beach ended up staying a week. Great location to beach and amenities, 2 blocks up from dingy dock is a grocery store geared toward cruisers. Great selection of canned goods and boxed milk for $2.99. Wow!! Randy is in charge of the mooring field and does a great job, took our garage the first night. Second night came to check on us and ran an extra mooring line for the high winds. Excellent stay, we will definitely be back.

"No Phone Call"
by Rexford, North East MD on Nov 17, 2016

Called 910-667-0004 about 8 am and left message. No return call by noon called again & left 2nd message. no return call. called Carolina Beach Marina who didn't know why phone isn't answered but advised to use Dockwa to reserve a mooring ball. I reserved two moorings for self and buddy boat and checked several times for confirmation which still showed pending all afternoon. Mooring field had two of the 9 balls in use when we arrived so we took 2 for our selves. NO PHONE CALL RETURNED AT ANY TIME. I did get a Dockwa Message from Dockwa and then one from the city manager who offered to help. Dockwa and the City Manager would get 5 stars but running a service with no backup gets no stars. 910-232-0211 is the number for Mona Black Marina and is the same person / contact as the mooring field. No call back from that number either! Receipt for payment received at 3 PM, an hour before arriving at mooring, but reservation still showed pending. The next morning the reservation was showing approved.

"Problems with Docwa"
by whitepepper, Beeville on Nov 12, 2016

The mooring field is probably ok. I did not stay there. My issue is with the Docwa. Frank, the harbormaster, insisted that I use Docwa to make the reservation. He said that the city would not run the card unless I used the mooring ball. I did not get to use the mooring ball because the mooring field was full that night. However, they did charge my card. Frank said that the mooring field almost never sold out, but just beware.

"Carolnlina Beach / Dockwa"
by HarryOehler, Annapolis on Nov 09, 2016

We like visiting Carolina Beach. The mooring field is good; close to their dingy dock, easy to use. However, I don't like being required to leave my credit card number with Dockwa to make the reservation. Paying online OK, leaving card on file NOT

"Economic Mooring Facilities"
by William spouse, London, UK on Nov 08, 2016

Easy access into this well protected mooring field where nine well spaced, robust buoys provide a safe and comfortable place to stop en route up/down the Waterway. Line attached to the buoy is easy to pick up. We used the online Dockwa site to book, pay and confirm our reservation. The site provides almost instant response to your booking together with a reservation number.

"Carolina Beach moorings"
by narsillion, oriental nc on Nov 07, 2016

After we reserved a mooring thru Dockwa, we arrived and there were plenty of moorings. Good shape,easy in...great town with lots to do! Definitely will stay again and use dockwa!

"Easy In and out"
by Jenny and Adam Lieb, DIllon, CO on Nov 02, 2016

Book your mooring on DockWa then come in and just grab one. Super easy!

"Great location, great price"
by CGR, Annapolis on Nov 02, 2016

Well kept 9 ball mooring field, $20 a night. Town representative (former cruiser) stopped by with local info, collect rent and pickup any trash we had. Town dock is roped off for repairs, but we used it anyway. Kwik mart is closest market with limited selection. Nice little beach town. We stayed two days and enjoyed it.

"Great place to stay"
by Bill Soulier, Marathon, FL on Nov 02, 2016

We have stayed at the Carolina Beach mooring field since they were installed several years ago. Anchoring in this harbor has always been "iffy" because of the soft mud. The mooring are safe and easy.

"Randy Simon"
by Quest NT42, Essex, CT on Nov 02, 2016

We have used these wonderful mooring since they appeared 5 years ago and have always been charmed by the gentleman who came to collect the mooring fee, Randy Simon. He was on the harbor board who created the field while retaining the ability to anchor. The town has decided that he should retire and we will be sad to see this pleasant ICW interface gone next spring. He does manage a local marina, Mona Black. Randy always worked so hard to help with whatever you needed and he will be missed.


"Carolina Beach Mooring Field"
by Grindahoff II, Bucks Harbor, Maine on Oct 31, 2016

Great mooring field with easy access to beach!

"Nice stop before Snows Cut"
by Maine Sailor 22, Annapolis MD on Oct 30, 2016

I counted 9 moorings here, well maintained with new pennants. Well protected. Surrounded by homes/condos, so expect some noise on the weekends. Easy dinghy ride to dinghy/kayak dock, with access to Beach and small grocery shop.

"Randy is great."
by Tadhana, Annapolis on Oct 28, 2016

We always enjoy a night or two in the mooring field at Carolina Beach each time we go north and south on the ICW. Randy is always extremely pleasant and helpful. Hope the damaged dinghy docks can be fixed quickly.

"Randy, manager"
by Dave Donaldson, Treadwell Bay on Oct 28, 2016

We had a great night at the mooring field. Randy, the manager, said it was too far to the grocery store and came and picked us up. Memorable stay. A1 service.

"One night stay"
by Bobk01, Wilmington DE on Oct 28, 2016

Randy was very helpful. The only upgrade I could offer is to use a longer pennant, and provide a loop on the pennant that will fit the average 55' boat that they handle. It was barely long enough for my 48' motor yacht, and no way could the loop be dropped over the bow cleat.

Also this was my first time using Dockwa. Very confusing and not at all intuitive.

"Carolina Beach Mooring Field"
by Ann Brown, Occoquan VA on Oct 27, 2016

Ball #10 good... Easy line pick up with new baskets on mooring ball. Easy access to shore with dingy.. Dinghy dock across from ball #1 in good shape. Dinghy dock close to town damaged by Mathew...not open to cruisers as of 26 Oct 2016.

"Excellent in All Respects"
by Peter Colket, Palm Coast, FL on Oct 27, 2016

We reserved a mooring at 0530 on Dockwa. The reservation was confirmed by 0900. Six moorings were available when we arrived, all appeared in excellent condition with fully adequate pendants. The location is protected from all directions in a no wake zone. One question: What happens if I have a confirmed reservation and all the moorings are occupied when I arrive because someone is poaching a free night? Does someone monitor for that?

"As great as always!"
by mv Twin Sisters, Russ and Lori, Essex, CT on Oct 24, 2016

Nine secure mooring balls in a protected, narrow basin. Two dinghy docks- one for the beach and one closer to the boardwalk and dining. When open (seasonal) Britts Donuts is not to miss, but walk in the other direction (up toward Snow's Cut) and Wake 'n Bake will more than satisfy. Food Lion next door. There's also a smaller, local grocery a shorter walk toward Kate's Pancakes. Randy will come out in the evening. Enjoy chatting with him; he's a great guy.

"Friendly, effective"
by PierHernd, Marion, MA on Oct 24, 2016

Registered/reserved thru Dockwa. On approach radioed and got clear friendly directions. 10 buoys available all with 15+ ft of water; the tackle seemed sufficient.. Area surrounded by "condo" buildings and within earshot of waves on the beach.

"Great mooring field"
by Roberto and Maria Rosa, Wickford, RI on Oct 24, 2016

Roberto and Maria Kadey Krogen, 48' "Gratitude"

By far the easiest, nicest mooring field we've been in. The loop is placed nicely on the mooring ball, clean and dry. Lots of room, peaceful location with nice view. Love the fact that you can reserve and pay for the mooring on DOCKWA. Looking forward to returning again for a few days.

"Carolina Beach Mooring Field"
by Russ Fawcett, Wilmington, NC on Oct 21, 2016

While we have not done very much cruising, we find the mooring balls at Carolina Beach terrific. The setting is beautiful, there is easy public access to take the dinghy to shore, Joyner's Marina is 10 minutes away where you can get water, gas & pump out the holding tank, the beach is right there and the Boardwalk which is about a mile walk. Highly recommended. Being able to reserve a ball online is also terrific.

"Nice Mooring"
by Captain Puppy R, Little River, SC on Oct 19, 2016

Very nice mooring field. Easy in and out. Will stop there again,

"Secure and safe"
by Rod Hayes, Charleston, SC on Oct 15, 2016

The mooring field at Carolina Beach has lots of room but is only equipped with 10 moorings (26-55 ft length boats). We were one of two yachts the night we stayed. Well maintained and large moorings balls. Randy checked on us (we had already paid thru the app) and was there for anything we might need (directions, trash, etc.) It is an easy in - easy out location off the ICW. No issues at all. Plenty of depth and LOTS of swing room. There is some rocking from boat traffic but it is well protected from ALL directions.

"Excellent experience "
by Philomena, New Jersey on Oct 15, 2016

Wonderful mooring field and found the idea of using a basket on top of the ball to grab the pennant a easy method. Lovely dinghy dock and easy walk to ocean, pubs and shops. RANDY was great...thanks

"Great place to moore"
by J Ske, Wilmington, NC on Aug 03, 2016

we have stayed here twice and it is very convenient. Randy is very helpful and informative. The dinghy dock is very close and there is a coffee shop, small grocery store and public bathrooms with outdoor showers for beachgoers. The city center is a 5 minute dinghy ride to many restaurants and entertainment. It is a quiet location except when the party barge goes by.

"Mooring field"
by Jerry356, Wilmington, nc on Jul 31, 2016

There are public bathrooms and outdoor beach showers bit no other amenities. There is a coffee shop and grocery store extremely close to the dinghy dock.

"Great Protected Mooring Field"
by Alex Stein, Dewey Beach, Delaware on Nov 24, 2015

Awesome mooring field close to dinghy dock. $20 a night and worth every penny. Dockmaster offered us a ride to grocery and such

"Great stopover"
by Mugwump, Kingston, Ontario on Nov 11, 2015

Stopped here Nov 10, 2015. Very secure and well protected. Large mooring balls, clean pennants, easy pickup. Only 2 boats on moorings. Dinghy dock near southern most ball was only 200 yards to beach, public washrooms, and trash containers. Boat traffic died after sunset. Limited shopping in Carolina Beach, have to go to dinghy dock at far end to find restaurants, bars, a convenience store. Gypsy

"Great Floats, Host, But Not Services"
by Shep Zedaker, Little Creek VA on Oct 16, 2015

With so many mooring fields offering restrooms, showers, wi-fi...for thier services, $20/night seems steep to save you from having to wet your anchor. It is a good location and the mooring balls are the best we have encountered...and Randy is the best host!

"Peaceful & Quiet"
by Tracy Hellman, Little River SC on Jul 26, 2015

The boats here respect the no wake zone. Absolutely great place to moor without the anchoring aggrivation. Short dinghy ride to town. Randy the Moor Master will bring you anything you need to the boat when he comes to collect money. Some say 20 bucks is too much, I say get over it, this place is a gem! Stayed two nites in July and didn't need AC. Excellent stopping point for slow boaters leaving Little River/Myrtle Beach area.

"Nicest mooring balls you'll see"
by OdinTheWanderer, St Louis on Jun 14, 2015

Beautiful new mooring balls with new penants that are stored in a "bowl" on top of the mooring so they don't get covered with slime & barnacles. Easy pick up. Float probably isn't necessary since Randy comes through and puts all the penants back in the bowl, but another thoughtful addition. Must be a highly patrolled no-wake zone because we could barely tell there were boats coming in & out (except for the evening booze cruise--you'll hear that coming!) Pick the southernmost mooring if you can--long dinghy ride into town--or you are right across from the beach access dinghy dock. Try the Indian restaurant at the dinghy dock (right turn on the main road). Plenty of depth (15 ft +)

"Memorial Day hiding."
by MCAMP, Wilmington NC on Jun 02, 2015

5/21-25/2015Since the moorings are 1st come 1st serve I opted to get a slip at Mona Black. Randy and everyone there could not more friendly. Carolina Bch has everything to offer. Grocery, hardware, resturants. The mooring field had only 4 boats on it the whole holiday weekend. The entire area is no wake so it's pretty peaceful.

"Just perfect!!!"
by Gypsy Soul, Daytona on Jun 02, 2015

May 15, 2015 I'm almost afraid to write this review, as this place will become the place to stay and availability will become an issue.

Great mooring field, clean balls with no slime or barnacles. Protected cove and a short dingy ride to a local bar/restaurant and to the beach. Grabbed a mooring and a few hours later the harbor master came out and took our payment information. Offered to stop by daily and pick up our trash as well. We will plan our days to allow a stopover here again.

"Great Find!"
by Mark Callender, Solomons, MD on May 25, 2015

Great spot with access to the town dock and new beach side town dock (still no sign). The best part of the stop was meeting Randy who may the the nicest and most welcoming dock master I've ever met. Can by to check on us while doing his evening mooring checks. The field is open and the pennants are long and easy to grab. I see what others mean about the float but they made it easier for me to catch from the water. I will return here for sure. My only question is what if any facilities may be available for mooring field users such as marina restrooms/showers? Carolina Beach is a fun place, espeically now that we are in the 100 days of Summer. Thanks again Randy--you are a dear!

"nice mooring option"
by Howard Secrist, Deltaville VA on May 07, 2015

$20 a night. Don't have to leave your boat to pay, they come out to you! Randy at Mona Black Marina manages the moorings. There are only 10, and it is first come. Call ahead to check on availability. Randy is great and very helpful. Two nice dinghy docks -- one provides "in town" access, and other is midway down on left and provides very easy beach access, along with public restrooms.

"Easy! Great Service"
by janet fallon, Fells Point, MD on Nov 09, 2014

Randy, the manager of Mona Black Marina also manages the mooring field. He came out to take our money and our garbage. Also offered to bring us ice or anything else we needed.

"Nice destignation or starting point to make Morehead City"
by Captain John, Chesapeake on Nov 01, 2014

With the right sea conditions, an offshore run between Morehead City and Masonboro Inlet, makes use of this mooring field a fantastic destignation or starting point. It is "just" off the beaten path, with easy to capture mooring lines. Try it, you'll like it! And that's without even leaving the boat.

"Word is getting around"
by Susan E. Lister, Macatawa Michigan on May 22, 2014

Update 5/22/14 The pendants have been replaced. Completed last week. I was told -- and they do appear to be -- 10 feet long. There is a float between the eye and mooring ball. The float was in a fixed position on our line so I picked up the eye end. It was easy to pull a line through the eye (we are tall trawler at the bow). The eye does not have a thimble or chafe protection, that I could see. Up to 55' boat. 6 o'clock visit from harbor master to collect $20 and pick up garbage and my recycling!! Two new dinghy docks, one on eastern shore near south end of field (as shown on AC), will have sign soon, per harbor master. The second is on the south western shore at the very end of the bay near the city marina (also shown on AC). Numerous restaurants and grocery, we were advised. Pretty nice stop now.

We tried to moor here last night and although there was space it is clear the word is out. We ended up using the northern anchorage because we too have a high bow and pick up the eye from the stern. The wind and the current wouldn't allow it given the short lead. We were at the southern tip of the mooring field. It seemed more protected from the wind at the north end. I do think it is very usable, however, just with a little less wind and current. There was plenty of depth and lots of swing room. no one yet to call.

"Great Moorings"
by Brian White, Vance,Texas on Dec 29, 2013

$20 per night. In a no wake zone. New city dinghy dock nearby. Dinghy to Gibby's for music food and bar.

"Hold the amenities, please!"
by Dick L, Portsmouth, Va on Dec 21, 2013

This field adds some %u201Csecurity%u201D to an anchorage that I considered marginal. Holding here was always troublesome and in a blow, you never knew when your or your neighbors anchor would drag. You still have to worry about two things: 1. Those who anchor outside the field and 2. Those small pennants with no thimbles.

Otherwise, we enjoyed our mooring experience vs. anchoring here (11/3/2013). The previously mentioned large balls, dingy docks and courteous harbor master are great. A bit pricey considering the lack of amenities, a handout about what%u2019s available ashore would be nice and those pennants definitely need to be changed.

"Easy mooring = great sleep"
by Sundawg, US East Coast on Nov 15, 2013

easy pickup, quiet waters and friendly service - all for just $20

"nice spot, good protection"
by SeaDad, Sarnia, ON on Nov 14, 2013

Was windy 30 knts and cold when we were here, but can imagine what it would be like in the summer. Two new dinghy docks, one convenient to the beach and the other to the town. Walking distance to grocery, restaurants, etc. Friendly and welcoming harbourmaster.

"Great addition to Carolina Beach"
by Burry and Wendy, Kingston, Ontario on Oct 31, 2013

Nice addition from the marginal anchorage that was there (still room to anchor) Large balls, two dingy docks and very nice harbor master. Pennants need to be changed, but still not bad; seen worse (key west). Kudos to the city.

"Carolina Beach Painters"
by Jack Dexter, Wiscasset, Maine on Oct 28, 2013

Good news! The current too short painters are being replaced by new ones that will be much longer and in "baskets"so they will remain clean. The existing very short painters are very difficult to pick up in higher winds. The city listened. New ones will be installed this winter. This is a very nice spot run by nice people. The new painters will fix it's only negative.

"Awesome spot"
by Melody1204, Nashville on Oct 22, 2013

After anchoring nearly every night and pulling up our Mantus anchor every morning without a windlass, it was really nice to just pick up a ball for $20 and enjoy the evening. Randy and William, the mooring masters, were awesome - they came by to collect the fee and also collected our trash and offered to bring us ice out if we needed it. Super nice guys. Short dinghy ride to the town dinghy dock which is almost complete. No cleats on it yet, but we tied to the piling. Public beach restrooms were clean and we would love to come here for a longer stay next time.

by Joe Apicella, East Falmouth, MA on Oct 15, 2013

This is a good example of a municiple government looking for ways to increase revenue and not doing things professionally. Clearly this field is not managed by people with boating experience. First, there do not have a marine radio. All comms are done via cell phone. Second, there is no information forthcoming. We had to ask for every detail. Third, the lines on the mooring balls are too short and most of them lacked floats. They are very difficult to pick up because the eyes are very small and the 5' length doesen't reach the deck so you have to catch the line, bend over beneath the rail and feed your line through a very tight barnicle encrusted loop. This is difficult with a little wind, and next to impossible with a strong wind. The harbormaster said he saw us struggle with this and would have assisted if we called him. Fourth, there are no thimbles in the loop. If they want you to run your lines through the loop instead of putting the loop on the cleat, there should be large nylon thimbles in them to prevent chafing. I hope the officials who run this see this post and see it from a boater's view. With some simple improvements such as longer lines (with which the harbormaster agreed), bigger loops, and marine radios, this could be a first class place to stop.

"Protected mooring field"
by Bob423, Poughkeepsie, NY on Oct 11, 2013

We were the only boat in the mooring field on a Thursday night. The new dinghy dock is still not finished but it looks close to being done. It's right by the southern most mooring ball.

We were offered the use of docks at Mona Black for the dinghy which is much closer than the town dinghy dock at the far southern end. There's a nice place to walk your dog there too.

The moorings have a line with a float and loop on the end. The float midway down the line prevents the usual pickup technique of looping the boat hook on the line as it exits the top of the mooring ball since the float will snag the boat hook halfway down the line about three feet. Now your boat hook is jammed and the boat is drifting away, not good (I almost lost my boat hook!)

On the second try I hooked the line just beyond the float but you have to act fast since the line is only 5 ft long. The loop on the end is tight and covered with barnacles that are very sharp! I put a line through the loop, it's too small and too short to go over a cleat directly. ..

"Nice mooring field"
by Jim aboard the Sea Eagle, Sanford, Fl. on Sep 02, 2013

8/29/13 We picked up a mooring ball here again. Since we were here last they have built new dink docks at the end of the little bay area. They have also built a new dink dock on the east side that is to be open in the next 2 weeks that will give you acess to the ocean and beach. They also now come around about 5-6pm and pick up your payment.

Nice quiet spot. But the Pennants on the balls are not only too short but are only 5/8 Braid line with NO thimbles. The dingy dock is in the southwestern corner of Carolina Beach. It is about a 2 block walk from there to a nice beach. There is a small store across the street from the dingy dock that has basics like bread and milk. The Boardwalk is pretty much closed up except on Friday, Sat and Sunday. It's worth $20 to me to be able to pick up a mooring in a strange place and sleep better at night.

"Randy is terrific"
by KenK, Annapolis, MD on May 12, 2013

We moored here twice now and have found that Randy, the harbormaster, is an excellent source of information and extemely helpful. Yes, there are no shoreside facilities and the dinghy dock is a bit of a ride, but the moorings are very secure and the help Randy offers is worth it.

"Secure Moorings, Quiet Surroundings"
by Doc Ford, St. Augustine, FL on Apr 17, 2013

Tied to a mooring, you are secure and you know those around you will not drag. Large mooring balls, great mooring master (Randy), very quiet, idle speed zone, and access to restaurants, town, and beach.

Negatives: 1) Mooring pendants are too small, too short, and very slimy. 2) The dinghy dock is a long, long dinghy ride away, at idle speed. 3) At $20, not the best value - St. Augustine, at the same price, offers restrooms, showers, laundry, boaters lounge, and WiFi.

However, if a storm were approaching, this protected, secure mooring field would rate 5 stars.

"Good alternative to anchoring"
by GAC, Port Charlotte, FL on Mar 30, 2013

Easy to grab, nice big mooring balls. Short pendants so have a dockline/ bridle ready to rig. Quite spot, although there is some traffic in and out they will not rock the mooring field much. Well protected spot. Kind of a long row into town. Watch the tides at Soutport if you are headed South - it will set up a 4 kt current on the Cape Fear River, so time your departure appropriately.

"Great protected spot"
by Chuck Miller, Corpus Christi,Tx on Nov 22, 2012

Well worth a stop. $20 for a ball. Depth over 15ft. Dockmaster Randy will come to your boat if you don't want to put your dink in. Nice dingy dock and restuarants nearby. Will stay here again

"We tried it and liked it..."
by Jeffrey Siegel, Castine, Maine on Nov 07, 2012

Randy was great in providing extra information about the new mooring field. It's easy to access with deep water all around. The pennants are a bit slimy and short and you'll need your own line to hang onto. But it's nice to not anchor for a night and watch all the Carolina Beach lights.

"Customer Service is Top Knotch"
by JCH, Huron Ohio on Nov 02, 2012

After hearing about the new mooring field, we made a special point of stopping here. Randy, the dockmaster, was wonderful. Coming in late, he was there to greet us and handed us the pennant, so we could get our lines adjusted easier. He took plenty of time to share with us what the local area was like and the improvements that will be coming to the mooring field. The field is deep (14'), quiet, no wakes and very well protected. It is a great alternative to anchoring at Wrightsville Beach or staying at a marina.

"Nice mooring field, reasonably priced!"
by TomS, Mystic, CT on Oct 25, 2012

We stayed here October 2012 and the price was right and the mooring field manager was very accomodating. If you need a secure mooring for the night just off the ICW while waiting for fair current then this is the place. They need to put on longer, beefier mooring pendants and the manager said they would.

"Carolina Beach Moorings"
by Ron Hughes, Annapolis on Oct 20, 2012

Enjoyed a 2 night stay on a mooring with 360 protection and no wake. We rented a car for a day and the contractor for the city at Mona Black Marina kindly allowed us to keep our dinghy there for the day.

"Carolina Beach Moorings"
by Norman Mason, Norfolk, VA on Oct 11, 2012

Stayed on a mooring here on October 10, 2012. Well protected location. The pennants on the moorings are very difficult to access from the bow of a typical trawler, as they are only about six feet long.

The bigger problem is the lack of a dinghy dock closer than about 0.70 of a mile away at the far south end of the harbor. We were told by the morring field manager that a dock very close to the field was in the works. The manger, Dave Simon, was very helpful and pleasant, allowing us to take our dog ashore at a nearby marina. Once the nearby dinghy dock is in place it will be a better place.

The fee was $20. We feel that is reasonable after paying more than twice that on our cruises to New England and Long Island Sound

"Receipt System in Place"
by Cramer, Sodus Point, NY on Sep 05, 2012

Last review was correct about everything. He does have receipts now, but that is a high price. The penants are too short on the balls and he said that he has requested funding to fix that problem. New sign will be added shortly with mooring field rules.

Trash can be disposed of at the town dinghy dock and there is a seafood market right there. Mooring field is quiet with no wakes, but you can also anchor right next to it for free.

"No more free lunch..."
by CaribbeanSoul, Darien Ga on Aug 20, 2012

We stopped in here having heard from a lot of cruisers just how nice it was to have a free mooring. We called the phone number on the posted sign and were told that it was no longer free to stay on a mooring ball. It seems we were the very first paying customers! lucky us.... It is $20/night now. The dockmaster at the Mona Black marina has the contract to collect user fees for the mooring field. He came out in his dinghy and collected the fees but had no recipt system in place yet. We had to rent a car to drive inland for some business and needed a place to leave our dinghy for a full day and since you only have 3 hours at the city day dock he offered us a place to leave it at Mona Black Marina for a $5 fee. With no showers/laundry facility or dinghy dock I feel $20/night is bit steep, after all that is what you pay in St Augustine and they have all the ammenities and even give you free water and pump outs there for the same amount. It was a nice peacful spot in a no wake zone.

"Free Moorings"
by Glenn T, Punta Gorda, FL on Jul 20, 2012

On July 6, 2012, the moorings were still free. If you search on the internet, you will find they are still trying to figure out how to collect a fee. The town dock is to the south at the end of the canal for the dinks. The beach is not dog friendly during the summer season and it is posted as to the dates. We did dinghy up to the intlet and it is dog friendly. There are many restaurants with in walking distance.

"Nice stopover"
by Jim Q on TWINS, Charlotte Harbor, FL on Jul 09, 2012

hard to beat a free mooring ball....for now anyway!

"Mooring Field"
by DonL, St. Petersburg, FL on Jun 24, 2012

GREAT location! GREAT price! It's FREE! Very peaceful.

"Brand new mooring field"
by Dennis Chandler, Solomons, MD on May 28, 2012

April 22, 2012 Great spot. We were the only ones on a mooring ball. There were free, for the time being. There are 10 mooring balls and can hold boats from 27ft to 55ft. Easy in and out. Nice scenic area. Didn't have time to go ashore, maybe next time.

"Moorings free for now"
by DaveH, Carolina Beach, NC on May 18, 2012

The new Carolina Beach moorings are free for now as the town hasn,t yet figured out how to collect. When you call the number on the sign you usually get a recording to leave a message, but if you do get someone, they tell you that you can use them for no charge. Dinghy docks are at the south end of channel in the west (starboard) corner. There is a grocery store by going past the McDonalds and turning right at the second or third street and up about half a block. Harbor Master's resturant on the left just before the sport fish boats has a great lunch special for $6.95, has docks for dinghy right there.

"Moorings operational - big improvement over anchoring."
by Greg, Key Biscayne FL on Apr 26, 2012

We stopped on a windy night and felt very secure on these new moorings. An article about the new moorings stated that they are on 2000# stone block anchors which sunk 8' into the muck when placed.

Pennants are a bit short, about 6' of 5/8 line ending in a loop with one float. This is too short to reach our bow. We had to do a side pickup which on a Whaleback is at the stern. Not easy.

Sign says to report in but no one answers phone. Report is that moorings are free for 2012.

About Carolina Beach Mooring Field

The Carolina Beach Mooring Field is located South of Snows Cut, between markers #4 and #5 on the approach channel into Carolina Beach town waterfront (Myrtle Grove Sound). There are 9 white buoys with a blue stripe in the middle.

Boat Size: Minimum 26ft., Maximum 55ft. and 14ft. deep.

Can only tie up to one buoy at a time and can't be tied up via stern.

Drop anchors are not allowed.

Lines going from the buoy to the boat can't be more than 15ft. in length. The pennants are about 10ft. of 5/8 line ending.


  • Groceries
  • Medical Facilities w/in 5 Miles
  • Restaurant
  • Wireless Internet


Carolina Beach Mooring FieldCarolina Beach Mooring FieldCarolina Beach Mooring FieldCarolina Beach Mooring FieldCarolina Beach Mooring FieldCarolina Beach Mooring Field