The Marina at Dana Point

$1.75/ft - $2.25/ft

Not Offered

Day Trip
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34555 Casitas Place
Dana Point, CA 92629
Check-in after 01:00 PM
Check-out before 12:00 PM

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103 Reviews

by black.wildflower.3822 on Nov 15, 2022
Liz and the folks at the marina are the BEST! Keep up the great work!

by muddy.night.4760 on Oct 11, 2022
Dana Point Marina is always a pleasure. The staff is very attentive to your needs and communicates quickly. They do have have rules to follow when it comes to parking, however once you understand how it all works it’s fairly easy to comply. The 24/7 bait barge is always a great convenience. The fuel dock could use better communication on its hours as their website doesn’t currently accurately reflect their operating hours as the close at 6:00 pm including the weekends, not 7:00 pm. We love the 24/7 boat launch. It would be nice for the kiosk to allow for multiple day purchase as a convenience. Otherwise you have to go to the office during working hours to pay for multiple days. The overall experience at Dana Point is 5 star in my opinion.

by ghirt82 on Oct 05, 2022
We stayed at this Marina for 3 nights and went to the Ohana Music Festival. It was a fantastic time. The Marina had zero issues and nice facilities. The shops and restaurants all within a short walk were very nice too. I will be coming back again and again. I also checked and a sail to Catalina from there would only be about 4.5 hours.

by piratehooker on Sep 30, 2022
always happy to arrive at dana point. the people are great that handle the reservations and the dock area is beautiful. I look forward to returning.

by billv73 on Sep 29, 2022
great service, friendly staff. nice laundry & shower close to guest

by ikani on Sep 05, 2022
Communication, convenience and clean

by gmo1489 on Aug 30, 2022
Pretty poor due to harbor patrol calling me at 8am accusing me of poaching a spot and not paying.

by fastcat on Aug 30, 2022
Liz and team were fantastic.... Had a great stay !
Marina Response:
Thank you for staying with us!

by spetr1ck on Aug 22, 2022
I would've given 5 stars but there were a couple of issues with the showers. 1st one the shower heads were at my shoulder level. I'm 5'7". A bit challenging to wash your hair with it so low. And it wasn't clean...

by sailorken on Aug 13, 2022
Thank you all! Been here a number of times and I will be back. Looking forward to seeing the new docks. Thank You
Marina Response:
Thank you! We look forward to your return. Until then...fair winds and following seas.

by dsrtblue2 on Aug 08, 2022
Liz was terrific, as were all the rest. We had a wonderful stay and will definitely be back.

by purple.frog.1281 on Aug 04, 2022
I have only rated the Marina at Dana Point at 3 stars for the following reasons: 1) Price. The cost to stay at this marina has continuously escalated from $1.00 per foot per night to the current level of $2.25 per foot per night, without any upgrade in amenities (e.g., no pool, no parking, and aging restroom facilities. At $90.00 per night, I don't think this slip is worth the money. 2) Maintenance. The aft cleat on the east side of our guest slip No. 16 was found with its attachment bolts corroded all the way through, and thus unusable. We tied off to the cleat on the adjoining slip, which was fortunately not being used by the current slip tenant.

by mparis495 on Aug 03, 2022
Friendly, organized, and helpful staff. Very easy to use the online system and to connect with the marina staff.

by ccollinsworth on Aug 01, 2022
First of all there a summer camp right by the guest dock, so if you come in summer, check to see if the camp is on. It's impossible to relax during the day as there's 100s of screaming children on paddle boards and swimming right behind the guest dock. Secondly, if you are in a sailboat with a keel make sure your slip is further out then the center of the finger. We have a deep keel and even though we told the Marina this they put us in the middle so now have to wait for the tide to get out. Would probably not come back unless it's as a transit rest stop.

by suzanlan on Jul 17, 2022
Was disappointed in the bathroom and shower area. No lock on one door with a shorter toilet, It was very nice that Gil stopped by and introduced himself! Can’t wait to see all the improvements that will update the marina.

by frredo on Jun 23, 2022
We had a great time! It was easy enough to get a slip. Hope to come back soon

by patrickddore on Jun 21, 2022
The slip was fine but they gave me the old gate code for the dock and the bathroom and when I went to call the number on the back of the gate they were closed and there was no way to get the number. I just called and left a message Saturday night.

by mgoff70 on Jun 05, 2022
What a great experience. Place was clean and the employees were amazing. Coming back real soon.

by kgoodman3co on May 02, 2022
Great place to stay.We have stayed here a few times and have always had a good time. Staff is really friendly and helpful. The facilities are nice and the showers and bathrooms are always kept clean. The slips are also close to some great restaurants and the walk into Dana Point is less than a mile for groceries and just about anything you would need.

by laplaya21 on Apr 25, 2022
Beautiful Marina, Easy usable launch ramp Wonderful people Great stay , all around

by firedom1911 on Apr 10, 2022
Its always nice renting at your docs in Dana point. The process is easy the amenities are nice.

by jsbriggs on Feb 10, 2022
Great place to stay. The marina employees were just terific! Always friendly and helpful. The 30% discount really made us stay longer.

by kellyhawkins on Jan 23, 2022
The guest dock was great with power and water. The staff was fantastic and Very helpful. We look forward to our next visit!

by gekins on Jan 22, 2022
Always efficient service. Great little town with everything within walking distance, including West Marine.

by jeffhettick on Dec 18, 2021
The ground for the shore power for box number A5 seems to be not functioning properly. I got a error on my power system no matter what adapters are used. I had to switch to power from slip A4 to get a good ground.

by donaldj101 on Dec 13, 2021
Had a very nice 3 week visit. Marina is well run and Dana Point is fun to visit with lots of restaurants. It's used like a big park by the local residents and is one of the most active marinas in Southern California. We've visited by boat every year since 2009. Transient rates have been significantly raised this year and now parking is no longer included which SUBSTANTIALLY increases the cost if the boater has a car. We do. I hope the marina reviews and changes its parking policy especially for those who visit for a week or more - especially given the big rate increase on the slip. Permanent slip tenants get parking included and pay significantly less per foot. Otherwise a very nice place to visit.

by donaldj on Dec 10, 2021
Another great stay, this time with more entertainment that normal! Thursday evening brought one of the best lighting shows in the southern skies we’ve ever seen in Southern California. On Saturday a raccoon showed up on the dock, and later in the day was found sitting on the stern drive of a boat by a passing harbor patrol deputies. The deputies spent an hour with an animal control officer trying to capture the little guy, but the masked intruder got away! I now better appreciate the signs in Catalina asking boaters to check to insure they do not have any raccoon stowaways as diseases they carry could wreck havoc on the island fox population.

by tekeela on Dec 03, 2021
We were leaving the Dana Point shipyard to take the boat back to Newport Beach but couldn't because of the thick fog. We were able to get a guest end slip for that day at the Marina at Dana Point. We needed an end slip because we have a trimaran which is 24 ft. wide. needless to say, it saved the day. We went home to get our GPS and were able to leave the next day. The office staff was very nice.

by andrewusa on Nov 15, 2021
Everything went exactly as planned. Clean secure and tidy mooring. Be good if there was a low season rate!

by jsweet63 on Oct 30, 2021
Awesome facility easy in and out plus office staff so helpful

by mbzvyk5ayxqagztrjgo4 on Oct 21, 2021
Nice docks/showers, pain free visit

by jrj5509 on Oct 10, 2021
The lady on the phone that helped me was amazing I checked in on my phone on my way in (about 2 miles out) I can’t say enough about how Helpful she was to me as well as putting me in a slip that was easy for me to get in and out because the wind was pretty bad that day. She was amazing and can’t thank her enough. Thank you

by danv35 on Oct 07, 2021
Had a wonderful time and can’t wait to return. The staff was so nice and easy to work with

by oa1onpq6j98zaf4axws3 on Oct 05, 2021
Slip #3 cracked concrete on starboard side popped my wash down hose, pretty tough to use that side with bare feet etc. love staying down there the last slip I had was in better condition.

by rudynodar1 on Sep 29, 2021
This is the best marina on the west coast in my opinion. All the services are available and most important the marina is well organized and easy to maneuver. The staff at the guess slips is very efficient and helpful.

by saltedog on Sep 26, 2021
Everything was as advertised and promised. We’re so glad The Marina at Dana Point is part of the Dockwa family.

by svtalosiv on Sep 26, 2021
Great marine. Excellent info provided prior to arrival.

by sailon2 on Sep 13, 2021
Probably the most hassle-free reservation system I've had to negotiate - obviously competent and friendly help from Liz

by wichnerk on Sep 13, 2021
We had a great time as usual- lots to do in the Harbor. A lot windier than normal but not much we can do about that.
Marina Response:
Thank you for the laugh...we will work on the fog. Glad you had a great time and enjoyed the facility. We hope to welcome you back someday soon!

by cbell325 on Aug 30, 2021
Had a blast. Nice time. Great restaurants. Beautiful evenings. Will be returning soon. It is very quiet at night. No issues

by dwebben on Aug 29, 2021
Excellent slip and very nice Marina!

by jkchapman62 on Aug 27, 2021
Love Dana Point Marina. Staff are great and facilities are the best

by sundancer280 on Aug 25, 2021
We had a great stay, loved the location, services were readily available and getting reservations was the usual drill. The only 2 negatives about our stay were.. 1) Women’s shower head was about 5’ high. Way too low for a female shower. GF had to get on her knees in the stall to wash her hair. I’m still hearing about that one…. 2) The entry gate to the dock should have a soft close mechanism as we heard it slam all night long as people came in and left.

by fishnff on Aug 22, 2021
I trailered my Whaler down to fish for a few days and was able to keep my boat berthed while I stayed at the DP Inn. Facilities were dry clean and well kept. Very convenient and well laid out facilities. Clean bathrooms I will definitely stay here again!

by bobschilling on Aug 19, 2021
This was a quick overnight on our way back to Long Beach from San Diego. We had someone meeting us in Dana Point, and the staff was kind enough to let her get on the dock to meet us. All arrangements were executed without a miss. This is a good marina with competent, friendly staff.

by ibrooney on Jul 06, 2021
It was good however their was fuel spill and couldn't stay on the dock due to the smell the first day/night

by rtcopeland on Jul 01, 2021
Very easy process. Nice quiet marina.

by tmanok on Jun 14, 2021
Hotel personnel very welcoming and efficient. Easy walking distance to the Dana Point Marina if you’re docking your both there. Freshly made waffles included in the continental breakfast. Room 350 has an excellent view of the harbor. Overall a great experience.

by guajardobob on Jun 14, 2021
Marina is in need of attention. C dock is filled with shabby boats and from where I could see the same is true for D and B docks as well. I reserved a slip for a 46' sail boat and the marina has limited slips available in that size. When we arrived, my slip was taken by another boat and I was trying to hold position in a narrow channel with unfavorable winds. Had to wait 15 mins before we found out that our slip was taken by another party so they asked us to switch slips. Happy to switch but advanced notice would have been appreciated.

by localuser on Jun 02, 2021
Facility is great...except the guy who piled up his junk next to the gang-way for his own personal junk-pile/party pin.

by bdutchik on Jun 01, 2021
Nice and well maintained marina although due for an update

by 3dooleyz on May 31, 2021
People in dock A had a gathering and blared music until 1am

by jpwest2u on May 20, 2021
I enjoyed every moment and would love to return in the future

by dspallina on May 15, 2021
Liz in the front office is fantastic. Great location

by lostyves on Apr 29, 2021
Love this marina ! Office staff is quick to respond to any situation to accommodate your stay is happy and pleasurable.

by kkliemaolcom on Apr 27, 2021
Our stay was great except for the price. Clean facility, within walking distance to all the restaurants, beach and marine center, but $90 was outrageous for our 38” Eastbay. I can understand running out of slips that wouldn’t accommodate our beam, but I would have thought they would put us in a 50’ slip and not charged us any extra. Next time we’ll be anchoring or hoping there’s a reciprocal slip at your yacht clubs.

by sgalfano on Apr 11, 2021
Nice slips. Clean and convenient.

by jessinsd on Apr 09, 2021
Budget marina at a premium price. I booked this place when Oceanside marina was rebuilding and had their guest docks closed. Run down and old. This place needs some serious updating. The water was shut off to the docks and we had to use our tank water. The docks are falling apart. The pump out station barely worked. The showers were nasty, moldy and in disrepair. There was no security (or ANYONE) available anywhere. It was not a great experience. Should have just anchored somewhere. The views is nice, but it's really not worth the money. Stay elsewhere.

by kevinphelps on Mar 23, 2021
Was able to secure a transient slip reservation in advance. Was able to arrive after office hours and use supplied gate code in order to use facilities and enter or exit marina as I pleased. Very convenient

by llequire1 on Feb 21, 2021
The people at Dana Point are wonderful to work with. The only reason we gave it a 4 star is the dock numbers are not easy to see at night. We will be installing a bow spotlight to help.

by loudodctor on Feb 05, 2021
Clean, beautiful, contactless arrival and departure. Five stars!

by nikhutch on Dec 21, 2020
Excellent service. Clean toilets and showers, though a bit of heating in there when its chilly would be nice). We had trouble with the electric connection but no sooner had a I called than a repairman was on the dock to fix it. Great location.

by svcsruxydx15wryjbwwx on Dec 13, 2020
Originally assigned a guest slip too small for my boat and glad I caught this before my arrival. Then I was assigned another slip that was already occupied by an abandoned boat? I then took an adjacent open slip as there were many open slips available. Not sure why the marina does not have the slip assigning process down as I’m sure many traveling boaters would appreciate that!

by abreojos on Dec 09, 2020
The docks are well maintained. The showers and laundry were clean and easy to access. No change machines anywhere.

by avpev on Dec 07, 2020
We love staying at Dana Point Marina at the guest slip. Thank you!

by cynthiascangas on Nov 29, 2020
Pristine and welcoming marina with many restaurant and shopping choices!

by jeffreyhuntercole on Nov 12, 2020
Easy in and out, clean restrooms, plenty of grassy areas to walk the dog.

by pegasus42 on Oct 26, 2020
We drove down to the Harbor a couple of weeks in advance to get eyes on where we would be. The folks at the Harbor Department office were great once I could find the Harbor Department. They apparently move locations frequently and everyone we asked gave different directions to where they were. The day before we were scheduled to arrive I still had no notice of where our slip would be. Apparently this should have been provided when we first made the reservation. I called the Harbor office (don't try to find their number on the internet as it is impossible). Folks again great and said that we should have received full information after making our reservation -- we did not. They immediately sent us the info which was very clear. We had a great stay. One additional comment: We could not find any trash recepticles for our trash. If they exist it would be very helpful to tell guests where they can be found. Stay safe and healthy, Bill

by cyberg8r on Oct 25, 2020
Beautiful harbor with excellent restaurants. Great harbor for hiking, walking and biking.

by qpy34yb7x7cwytypxjmj on Oct 21, 2020
Great spot clean docks and restrooms Friendly staff All good We will be back

by hngarfinkel on Oct 06, 2020
Pre- check in was very easy on line. The dock electrical outlets only accommodate 30 amp plugs. (Please post this on your website.). My “home marina” (San Diego Marriott) has 50 amp electrical, (as do many others), so I was unable to hook-up to electrical & “generators need to be off at 10pm.” The guest docks only have one hose-faucet per two slips (Please provide faucet “Y-adapters” so that both adjoining guest slips can use the faucet simultaneously, since each guest is paying for water access. I indicated on my pre-reservation form that my boat has a 14’ beam. I was originally assigned a slip 13’ wide. With a phone call to the office was able to change slips. I indicated that my boat is 41’ in length. I was assigned a40’ slip. This made boarding a bit uncomfortable. Liz, in the office, was kindly provided a parking pass for our son who was visiting us on our boat. The rating is low because we had a wrong size slip assigned, we had no water hookup & no access to the electrical. A well protected marina; Great location; easy access to good restaurants.

by jegarcia on Sep 21, 2020
Great time! Marina staff always very helpful. Restrooms very clean.

by agysler on Sep 02, 2020
Amazing!! This Harbor is beautiful and the staff was so helpful. We are new at boating and we did not bring our shore power cord, rookie mistake. We didn’t arrive until 7:40 pm on Sat. I called the Marina # about our shore power issue and within minutes 3 staff members were there to help us. They let us borrow a cord and saved the day! We will be back!! Thank you!!!

by rcarper3245 on Aug 26, 2020
We had a short stay and the Marina was able to accommodate our requests in a short time frame.

by ocdutchy on Aug 23, 2020
smooth operation, great location, clean restrooms. Keep up the good work!

by bpabailey on Aug 23, 2020
Liz was great. She took very good care of us. We can't wait to go back!

by abeulug on Aug 17, 2020
We had another great stay at Dana Point. Definitely remains a favorite destination with a great marina, restaurants and bike paths in the region. I am updating my previous review to 5 stars (from 2 stars) for the following reasons. 1. Since my original review, the staff of the marina has been absolute joy to deal with. They have accommodated my every wish. on multiple reservations. They also respond quickly on "chats". They have assigned me to a perfect size slip every-time since. 2. Dana Point remains an excellent destination marina with excellent restaurants, facilities and people. We enjoyed our time there so much we overstayed our scheduled time on our last visit. Thanks to Uber/Lyft or the biking trails there is so much to do within a short ride. 3. The Dockwa system, app and the keycode system work very well. 4. Using the promotional coupons keep slip costs more affordable. We adopted the tradition of spending two nights at the marina for one of the Christmas boat parade week ends and highly recommend you reserve your slip before they sell out. ------------- Old Review: ------------- Arrived to find out the assigned slip (#3) was too short. 30ft slip for a 33 foot boat. Had to dock in an alternate slip (#7) and contact the marina. After 5-10 mins on the phone and following messages through the dockwa system, the alternate slip was approved. Some of the messages from dockwa seemed to suggest I requested a 30 ft slip and should have requested a 40 ft slip. This is not the case. I did not request a size slip. I entered my boat parameters (length, breadth etc.) into the system and it should pick the proper size slip. In any case, I have docked at the DP marina many times before without any of these problems. Not really pleased this time. Not to mention that the price seemed to have taken a jump. I found the numeric key code replacing the old key system an improvement. It worked as expected. Hope going forward the slip assignment logic will be improved so we don't have these issues.
Marina Response:
Thank you for taking the time to update your review. We truly appreciate you giving us a second chance. I appreciate your detailed review. We look forward to welcoming you back soon! Kelly Rinderknecht, General Manager

by mxgirl1 on Aug 17, 2020
ive been coming here for about three yrs now. i live local and just enjoy being on my boat as much as possible. everyone at the marina office are so nice and accommodating . everyone on the guest deck is also friendly and helps each other out whether its a boat issue or you need to borrow something. i boat alone and i feel safe on the guest dock knowing some of the locals and also the sheriffs who keep an eye on everyone. also the embarcadero marina staff are awesome!

by interseller on Aug 10, 2020
Another great stay in Dana Point - always a pleasure, always a great experience at the docks.

by leenie16 on Aug 08, 2020
Staff were professional! Clean facilities and great location. Thank you for making our visit easy!!

by adrianors on Aug 03, 2020
Awesome stay, spacious slip, reasonable price and very clean and well kept. Definitely will come back for a weekend getaway.

by kcberryman59 on Jul 27, 2020
We arrived after all other boats had checked in to the large boat A dock. (Dock where boats park along a long dock - in other words, parallel parking.) We found our allotted space was VERY TIGHT. I was told that my 59 ft vessel would fit no problem. (We ended up having only 3-5 ft on each end.) In addition, I requested two 50 amp plug-ins, and was told that this was available, and that adaptors would be provided. Was given an adaptor, but it resulted in us having only one 50 amp plug-in.

by dreamweaver2845 on Jul 14, 2020
Nice clean facility.

by boujiecooks4u on Jul 11, 2020
Everything at the Marina was great and easy to coordinate. We did have mechanical problems with the boat so we were not able to take full advantage of the accommodations.

by gregoryfalls on Jul 06, 2020
Great guest facilities and good people. Cannot wait to return. Greg Falls

by o2bnkauai on Jun 29, 2020
The harbor was so clean!! Love the views! Slips are VERY tight! Grumpy neighbor that seemed to have a permanent slip in the guest section started the stay rough but got past it.

by tromano822 on Jun 21, 2020
The docks and restrooms are clean, easy to find.

by ericmika on Jun 16, 2020
The communication with the Marian prior to arriving was excellent, the Manager, Liz was super to speak with and loved the confirmation of the Slip, directions, photo's etc it's the kind of follow-up that leaves no doubts in a smooth arrival. And it was smooth. Easy to reach slip and very clean dock. The Marina itself offers everything that in pre-covid19 we would have enjoyed 100%; but we chose not to join the full bars and restaurants, instead take a long walk around the parks. As Dana Point Marina is a high-end Marina, two minor suggestion we have is to install a booster or wifi for the guest slips. The reception on our cell phone as zero to one-bar and the other, any of the "work' boats, could be docked either further up or down the slips, as to avoid both an unsightly view and to ensure even a more quiet morning wake up. All in all, excellent and it lived up to our expectations. Looking forward to passing through again - Many thanks Liz for the super job.
Marina Response:
Hi ericmika! Thank you for choosing The Marina at Dana Point. I am glad to hear you enjoyed your visit. Liz is fantastic...I will pass along your kind words to her. We appreciate your feedback and suggestions. I will look into both. We look forward to serving you in the future. Until then...happy boating! Kelly Rinderknecht, General Manager

by laudiero on Jun 10, 2020
It could not have been easier or more wonderful. This marina is such a treat, from the ease of getting the slip, to the marina cleanness, just wonderful.
Marina Response:
Thank you for staying with us! We appreciate the positive review and look forward to serving you again in the future.

by corpamer on Jun 07, 2020
All the amenities are kept well, it was easy and simple to get the reservations made. Very quiet and the a feeling of being safe at night. Note- It would be good to send the overnight parking pass for your truck and trailer with the reservations when paid for with this service.
Marina Response:
Thank you for staying with us. We appreciate your review and hope you will visit again soon. Kelly Rinderknecht The Marina at Dana Point

by ryanduke25 on Apr 20, 2020
Great Location and Amenities

by jamjam on Apr 08, 2020
Lovely scenic environment, well protected, clean facilities, 24 hour ice (if you have dollar bills), and courteous staff (thank you Elizabeth). Would certainly recommend and hope to return.

by zakcrawford on Nov 12, 2019
Quiet (no sea lions or other noisy neighbors) Marina with clean facilities in beautiful Dana Point. I followed a fleet of racing dinghies as I came in at Sunset. Docking was comfortable with an 11' beam in the 15' wide 40' slip, very well protected behind multiple breakwaters. My only complaint is the price, at $2.50/ft per night I could only afford a few nights, when compared to Oceanside at $.80/ft per night in the off-season it's quite steep.

by mpavick00 on Oct 06, 2019
I love the guest slips, and the facilities. Thank you all.
Marina Response:
Thank you for your review and feedback. Please always feel free to contact the marina office (949-496-6137) once your reservation has been confirmed and we are happy to work with you on your preferred assignment. We hope to see you back in Dana Point again soon.

by sealass123 on Sep 24, 2019
We sailed our 41' Columbia Ketch "Ber Necessity" from Cabrillo Way Marina in LA Harbor, down to Dana Point Harbor. We made the reservations through Docwa and it was very easy and reliable. Then I was working with Liz because we had a party for our family and friends to come see our new boat. Liz was amazing. She helped me with anything I needed and she was always so kind. The Marina at Dana Point allowed us to set up tables and a bar for our guests. We were also able to pick which slip we wanted. The Guest slips and dock and the facilities were very clean and really nice. We had a great stay and we will definitely be back. The Taylors

by gdavi2535 on Sep 17, 2019
Had a wonderful stay. The only snag was that our assigned slip was too narrow (and directly adjacent to the pump out station's aroma), but your staff was very quick to move us two doors down to a somewhat wider slip. The slip, heads and marina could all use a makeover but we understand that's in the works. Can't wait to see the improvements!
Marina Response:
Thank you for your kind review and feedback. We apologize for the initial snag with the slip assignment and are glad we were able to work through it quickly. Please come stay with us again sometime. We are always trying to make improvements to enhance the guest experience.

by aealessandra on Sep 16, 2019
The Guest Slips at Dana Point were great! I arrived Thursday around 1 pm and found my slip. Was able to wash the boat and get ready for my guests arrival so we could launch to Avalon. Showers were fine and it was really quiet on the docks. Liz made the process so easy. It was our first time doing a slip away from our home and I'd stay at Dana Point again.
Marina Response:
Thank you for taking the time to send this wonderful review. We are glad you enjoyed your stay and look forward to taking care of you again in the near future.

by rgallu2000 on Sep 09, 2019
Marina, dock, facilities great. However extremely noisy due to bands and crowds leaving after band was over.
Marina Response:
Thank you for staying with us. I apologize for the noise disturbance. It was a busy Tall Ships Festival weekend with more bands and activity than usual. We welcome you back anytime. Kelly Rinderknecht The Marina at Dana Point

by thereeltherapy on Sep 01, 2019
Clean docks! Awesome amenities! We will b back 💯!
Marina Response:
Thank you. Glad you enjoyed your stay. We look forward to your return. Kelly Rinderknecht The Marina at Dana Point

by daveb on Aug 29, 2019
Stayed on what thought would be a quiet Thursday. Wrong! Rowing club takes up most parking. Loud bunch of drunks swearing past 10 in lot using restroom. Wife and daughter afraid to go to parking lot. Docks ok but mine had holes in it and nail heads where rubber bumper pulled away from dock. no trash containers on docks and must carry trash to land. Pump out worked at end of dock but no water hose for flushing system properly. Would help if had signs on end of dock to no which side to go down. Many paddle boarders in middle of channel don’t care if they are in the way or not.
Marina Response:
Dear Daveb, I am very sorry to hear of the issues you experienced during your stay with us. The issues you experienced are uncommon. I can assure you that I will check on the condition of the guest dock and immediately address any needed repairs. Thank you for bringing to our attention the activity in the public parking lot adjacent to the guest slips. I will have additional security checks in the area to prevent this type of disturbance in the future. I am so sorry you had to deal with this while trying to enjoy a peaceful getaway. I encourage you to give us another try. Please contact me direct should you wish to book a future visit. Again, thank you for your feedback...we will use it to improve the overall guest experience. Sincerely, Kelly Rinderknecht - (949) 496-6137

by la1217 on Aug 18, 2019
I was assigned a slip that was too small, but this wasn't readily apparent until entering the slip was attempted. The attempt left permanent marks on the hull of my brand new boat.

by senier on Jul 23, 2019
This is one of our favorite stops!

by markaloha on Jul 20, 2019
Very pleased with our 2 night stay. Fortunately we were assigned # 21 easy in and out , drawback it’s on the waste pump out dock. Boats coming in to use dump station a bit of a nuisance. For the price it would make sense to be able to choose a slip. We were there midweek and there were many slips available. I have a 36 ft Sailboat and further down the dock it would have been tight. Bathrooms were clean and security locks worked well. My wife and daughter used the snack shop for snacks. Took the tender to where the Catalina Express docks for dinner. Walking to restaurants and good coffee is a distance. So bring a bike if you have room.

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About The Marina at Dana Point

Experience The Marina at Dana Point located in South Orange County, midway between Los Angeles and San Diego. A well protected marina where all the slips are only five minutes from open ocean and 32 miles from Santa Catalina Island. Visit us and find out why Richard Henry Dana called our cove, “The only romantic spot on the coast.”

Dana Point is one of the most popular recreational harbors on the west coast. With its surrounding cliffs and beautiful park-like setting, the marina attracts visitors from around the world for shopping, restaurants, and a host of marine and land-base activities. Additionally, Dana Point Harbor is the gateway to Doheny State Park, one of Californian's most famous and popular beaches.

Booking Info

Max LOA: 65'

Minimum price of 28'

The following are required of all guest slip reservations:

  1. Proof of current vessel registration/documentation
  2. Proof of vessel Protection and Indemnity Insurance (P & I) coverage of $500,000.
  3. Current photo ID.

GUEST CHECK IN TIME IS 1:00PM ~ CHECK OUT IS 12:00PM NOON – Strictly Enforced. An access code for entry to dock/restrooms/showers and laundry will be issued on day of arrival..

Payment Info:

Guest slip reservations require pre-payment with a credit card. All reservations must be paid in full at the time of the reservation. Launch Ramp/Trailer Parking are NOT included.

Fee Info:

Water and Power are included for conservative use

We hold the right to charge slip rates based on the length of the slip - if need be we may add this additional charge to your bill.

  • $1.75/foot/day for slips up to 30-foot
  • $2/foot/day for slips 31’-39’
  • $2.25/foot/day for slips 40’ and larger.

Holiday Minimum Night Requirements:

  • 3 night minimum for 4th of July
  • 3 night minimum for Labor Day

Gate Key Info:

  • A gate key and restroom access card are available to guests upon arrival
  • Failure to return these keys within seven (7) days will result in a $100.00 charge
  • Access cards are de-activated after departure.


  • Dry Storage
  • Pumpout
  • Restrooms
  • Showers
  • Laundry
  • Security
  • Cable/Satellite TV
  • Groceries



The Marina at Dana PointThe Marina at Dana PointThe Marina at Dana PointThe Marina at Dana PointThe Marina at Dana PointThe Marina at Dana PointThe Marina at Dana PointThe Marina at Dana PointThe Marina at Dana PointThe Marina at Dana PointThe Marina at Dana PointThe Marina at Dana PointThe Marina at Dana PointThe Marina at Dana Point

A boater's guide to Dana Point Marina

The Dana Point Marina is located in one of the most popular recreational harbors on the West Coast. When you visit the marina and notice the scenic cliffs and stunning beaches in the backdrop, you’ll understand why.

In addition to the views, Dana Point Marina has everything boaters need for a visit or long-term lease. Pristine and dutifully maintained slips, a fully staffed fuel dock, professional boat repair facility, and proximity to attractions are just a few things this marina includes.


Since this is one of the most popular marinas on the west coast, their 2,400 annual slips are often leased well in advance. If you’re interested in docking your boat here long term, it’s best to fill out a rental application and get on the waitlist early.

Good news if you're just visiting though. Dana Point Marina has set aside 43 slips for transient boaters. They can accommodate vessels from 25 feet to over 70 feet long.

To get to the guest docks, travel all the way down the marina’s main channel. As you travel through, the man-made breakwater wall should be on your port side and the long-term docks should be on your starboard. As soon as the channel veers to the right, you will be in line with the guest docks.

Dana Point Marina amenities

Restroom and showers

There are plenty of restrooms to support this gigantic marina. Private restrooms and showers are conveniently located at each boater service building and at guest docks. A key card is required to access the facilities and will be given to guests upon arrival.

Maintenance Services & Shipyard

Unexpected boat repairs and ongoing maintenance needs can put a real burden on a trip. Dana Point Marina features a professional boat repair facility with a talented and personable team plus. Plus there's a pretty large boat hardware store that carries parts and supplies.

Bait Station

If you’re on your way out for a fishing trip, be sure to stop at the bait station to load up on the great assortment of live bait, frozen and artificial varieties. You’ll be reeling in a monster in no time!

Bilge Pad Exchange

To keep the local waterways clear of fuel discharge and other toxic leaks, the Dana Point Harbor offers free bilge pad exchanges at numerous locations across the marina.

Fuel Dock

The Dana Point Fuel Dock is located on the side of the marina closest to the mouth of the harbor. They can fill up diesel, regular, super, and even propane and CNG tanks. They typically have 2-3 attendants attending the docks between 7am-6pm Monday through Thursday and 6am-7pm Friday through Sunday. Just be prepared to wait a while on the weekends since they can get pretty busy.

Proximity to attractions by land

Waterman’s Harbor Restaurant (0.3 miles away)

There’s nothing better than having a bite to eat while enjoying picture perfect views of the ocean directly in front of you. When you pull up a chair at Waterman’s Harbor restaurant, you’re immediately greeted by great local service, award-winning seafood dishes and hand-crafted cocktails.

Frisby Cellars Winery (0.3 miles away)

Frisby Cellars Dana Point Harbor location is open 7 days a week for tasting flights, wine by the glass, and food. They have both indoor and outdoor patio seating.

Baby Beach (0.5 miles away)

The picnic shelters at Baby Beach are a great place to spend your afternoon. Throw your own BBQ at one of these shelters and then recover the rest of the day on the beach with gorgeous views of the harbor and cliffside.

Rentals at Killer Dana Surf Shop (0.1 miles)

This locally owned Surf Shop will not only provide you with stand-up paddleboards, surfboards, and wetsuits for day rentals, but they’ll also shuttle you to and from the local beaches. We suggest spending the day surfing at Doheny State Beach or touring around the harbor on top of a SUP.

The Ocean Institute (0.9 miles away)

Learn from marine life professionals about the surrounding wildlife and maritime history at the Ocean Institute. Founded in 1977, the institute is a community-based organization that educates over 100,000 visitors annually. Moored at the institute are two 100 foot tall ships and a 70-foot marine science research vessel.

Proximity to attractions by sea

Whale Watching (0.5 miles away)

Dana Point Harbor is considered the “whale and dolphin capital of the world.” From migrating gray whales in the winter to blue whales in the spring and summer, there’s always wildlife to be seen. Either take your own boat out or join a tour like Capt. Dave’s Dana Point Safari.

Catalina Island (0.3 miles away)

No trip to California is complete without a boat ride to the iconic Catalina Island. Enjoy a day of golfing, horseback riding, hiking, and so much more while taking in the island around you. To get your day trip started, simply hop on board the Catalina Express out of Dana Point Harbor or take your own boat to the island to beat the lines.

Fishing (0.1 miles away)

Whether casting a fishing line from the shore, pier, or your boat, Dana Point Harbor is an angler's dream. You may fish off the outermost jetties and short pier without a license but all other areas in the Harbor require a license.