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Oak Bluffs Marina

$3.25/ft - $97.50/ft

First-Come, First-Served

Day Trip
Not Offered
Box 1327
Oak Bluffs, MA 02557
Check-in after 12:00 PM
Check-out before 11:00 AM
VHF 71
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128 Reviews

by dpdunlap on Sep 05, 2019
A wonderful experience as always. Courteous dock hands to greet us, and a perfect location.

by a19ats66 on Sep 04, 2019
We love Oak Bluffs on a mooring or in a slip the staff are always very pleasant and we always look forward to seeing them it is one of our favorite places to go. Thank you Todd and your amazing staff!

by kmbetty on Aug 26, 2019
Awful weather prevented us from coming into slip. We had to go on a mooring

by billnelsonjr on Aug 21, 2019
Dock staff expected us, dock hand on site to assist with lines and check in, Marina was exactly as advertised, piling moorings with stern against bulkhead/ladder do not for the feeble.

by j4murphy on Aug 19, 2019
We make a few trips a summer to OB. The 3 star this year is due to the Public Bathroom by Our Market. It was disgusting and the “after dark” crowd that hangs around there after it’s closed. I just wish the Marina had its own facilities. The staff at Marina gets a 5 star!!

by ctkgtr on Aug 19, 2019
We got a street side slip (most of them are) and it was very loud. Drunk people yelling right outside the boat. Harbormaster and staff were great though, just a very tough location for any privacy.

by jmarani on Aug 19, 2019
Great spot right on the wall near all the action. Had a blast!

by f3nnwyfuvjufgfregxjw on Aug 18, 2019
Great place for families and a nice marina

by glenn_prouty_1 on Aug 18, 2019
Oak Bluffs Marina ... hand down #1 Great boat friendly marina, great people ! Can't wait to come back. Thank you

by jcrunkal on Aug 17, 2019
Always awesome staying at Oak Bluffs

by dvitagliano on Aug 17, 2019
Not sure if just the week we chose, the slip we were given or if OB is on a massive decline!?! We have had multiple issues with electrical and actually caught someone messing with it one night in the middle of the night. There is an oil slick from someone’s boat that is just lingering. We were right outside the public bathroom and the bus stop which meant we saw a lot of shady things I wish we hadn’t. The most alarming was the shady people who would hang out on the benches and scope out the boats. I actually caught someone trying to climb down on to another boat which I knew was not his. We also saw people over in the park across the way doing drugs right in the open. i would recommend an alternative location ...we will be staying in Edgartown next time.

by gxt1myshrc_f6ykyn7_z on Aug 16, 2019
Good same slip area all the time Makes docking a snap Thank you OB

by lynieb on Aug 16, 2019
This is our 20th year coming to Oak Bluffs Marina and we absolutely love it! Todd and his staff are fabulous :) Great harbor location within walking distance to beaches, parks, restaurants, shopping and all the fun on Circuit Avenue! Wonderful oceanfront golfing at Farm Neck Golf Course less than two miles away, can bike or take short Uber or cab ride if you want to explore other parts of the Island too! Bike rental and/or jeep rentals located directly across the street and both the Hy-Line Hyannis and Island Queen Falmouth ferries dock right there for any visiting family or friends. Self serve laundromat across the street that also offers wash and fold service and as an added plus found the WiFi to be very good this year!! Great staff and great place for lots of boating fun, would highly recommend for all!

by bluejay39 on Aug 14, 2019
This marina gets by on great location alone, and they must know it. Bathhouse is horrid— pay for showers via tokens, only two stalls (prepare to wait), and closes overnight (here is simply no reason they can not install doors with key card access for guests rather than a barn-style padlock to keep everyone out overnight).

by mmcgaw on Aug 14, 2019
Marina staff very helpful. Slip was available on time and as advertised. Power and water good. The shower facility is another matter. It was filthy and despite paying $3 for a shower the water was cold. No hot water at any sink faucets either. Although I am a fan of going green and having solar hot water, on rainy days you need to augment, especially if charging money over the price of a dock slip.

by bob_clark on Aug 12, 2019
Wonderful stay. Marina was helpful in all dock assignment requests.

by lisag on Aug 12, 2019
Great location! Showers were not the best, 2 out of 4 worked. Could use some maintenance and update. We will definitely stay again.

by ipdaly on Aug 12, 2019
The marina people were there to help dock, water and electric all there, It would be nice if the bathrooms were open for boaters more than 7:30 am to 7:30 on inconvenient if you have guests. Why give a key or code?

by misskate on Aug 12, 2019
We always have a great time in OB. The staff was very helpful and always available friendly. See you next year!

by vpiccinni on Aug 10, 2019
Great stay marina staff are very helpful and accommodating. Love the Place

by debschradieck on Aug 10, 2019
Overall a really fun time at OB Marina! We had a great slip (#20) for people-watching. It was convenient to everything: restaurants & bars, a little grocery store, and all the Circuit Ave. shopping. You have to back into the slip so be prepared for that kind of tie-up. A dockhand was waiting to help us get in. It’s a fun vibe, friendly neighbors. We did not have any issue with noise late at night.

by jaglak on Aug 10, 2019
We had a wonderful stay in Oak Bluffs. The staff of the Oak Bluffs Marina extremely helpful assisting our landing and tie up at the dock. I would recommend a stay here, location is right in the middle of town.

by rbeavi11 on Aug 08, 2019
When I made reservations I asked to be on bulkhead by our market in slip 16 which I have been in many times before ended up between two charter boats not enjoying

by tburton on Aug 07, 2019
Great location. Restrooms and showers I wouldn’t use and WiFi is not good

by crabbj09 on Aug 05, 2019
Love going to the island but i really wish that the bathhouse had some sort of after hours key code access for boaters staying overnight. Additionally my slip for the weekend was missing a top step so it was extremely difficult for myself and my guests to get on/off my boat from the topmost step to concrete sidewalk surface. In my observations i had the only ladder with this issue which is discouraging and/or just bad luck.

by amngrs on Aug 05, 2019
The slip was nice and the staff were great. The walkway to the slip was filthy and people were loud and obnoxious very late. I know that's kind of the scene there, but it was a bit much.

by rringuette on Aug 04, 2019
Oak Bluffs Marina was a great stay with all amenities we needed for a great week.

by wkregan24 on Aug 03, 2019
Great mariner. Must do again.

by paulsi on Aug 01, 2019
The dockhand was great. The weather turned bad on us. We ether leave 2 days early or stay 5 more days. We left early and they would not give us a partial refund. Sad! Just becareful

by 28473 on Jul 31, 2019
Emma and Emily are the best.

by johnnyd1964 on Jul 29, 2019
Excellent trip. Excellent weather. We had an awesome slip and were asked many times how did we get it. Told them through Docwa booked a few months ago.

by apresski310 on Jul 26, 2019
The crew at the marina were great. Helpful dockhands. We don’t use the shower on our boat, and even though the shower facilities were clean, there wasn’t any hot water on any of the 4 days we were there. Each shower cost $3.

by mcrowther on Jul 23, 2019
Great stay as always. Very helpful and friendly staff.

by mocape on Jul 21, 2019
Staff was nice. Town run bathrooms/showers dirty and only cleaned once a day.

by mullark64 on Jul 20, 2019
The harbor is near everything. The amenities are not good.

by dleccese on Jul 17, 2019
Always there to catch your dock lines and set you up.

by attysuss on Jul 17, 2019
We love Oak Bluffs & everything was great EXCEPT the internet was terrible & was not fixed in the5 nites we were there.

by jimtass on Jul 17, 2019
Our stay in a Oak Bluffs was very enjoyable. It’s one of our favorite places to go to.

by carrolpl on Jul 16, 2019
Great time! Can’t wait for next year 2020, Love the Marina & Oaks Bluffs

by whitfield42 on Jul 16, 2019
The weather was beautiful, the staff was friendly and helpful. We had an amazing stay.

by cruisers17 on Jul 16, 2019
Always a great time. Staff was there when you need them. Location is great.

by brian4 on Jul 16, 2019
We have been coming to Oaks Bluff for 30+ years. Always a great time

by mconsiglio1 on Jul 16, 2019
Better this year. No one stole anything.

by webbbuilders on Jul 15, 2019
Great time we all had at your wonderful marina!

by sorkinmk on Jul 15, 2019
Again this year we were very pleased with the location and services. See you again next year!

by malmeida on Jul 12, 2019
One of the most laid back marinas. Not many services with bathrooms that are either very far away or close at night. An incredible location.

by bstaymore on Jul 10, 2019
The dock girl was great.

by dmelnick on Jul 08, 2019
Great Location close to shopping and the Ginger Bread houses...

by pkglaser on Jul 06, 2019
Good Marina with helpful staff. Depending where you are docked it is quite a walk to the lone shower and bathroom. We were docked right next to a busy fishing boat (SKIPPER) which meant no late morning sleeping. These guys were very nice but started working at 6:30 - can't blame them of course. The lower the dock number, the closer to bathroom you are and away from working boats. Other than that it is an excellent location with access to all that Oak Bluffs has to offer. We stayed two nights and did not regret.

by dbluther on Jul 02, 2019
Really need to get WiFi fixed, it hasn't worked for years other than that it's grest

by aahog on Jun 23, 2019
I love Oak Bluffs and the marina, support is 5. The boaters restrooms are terrible. Shower temperature totally not acceptable, from Luke warm to freezing. Water from all shower stalls drain into one central drain. This is disgusting! My wife went into the ladies area yesterday. Conditions were sickly, excrement from one toilet running all over the floor, She had to leave immediately before she threw up! This has been going on for years! I will try this marina one more time. If conditions are not corrected My boat and all my friends with boats will give It up and go elsewhere.

by ruslchr on Jun 23, 2019
Government run marina. We have been using this marina over 40 years and not much has changed. The Town of Oak Bluffs is only interested in the revenue from the marina. The town closes the shower/head facilities after hours. Clean harbor? We did enjoy Oak Bluffs in spite of the marina facilities. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. Wake up Oak Bluffs.

by boxcars4 on Jun 16, 2019
Always awesome see u in 17 days

by regal42 on Jun 09, 2019
Great place, awesome food, shops, beaches.. all within walking distance. Docking is on pilings so bring plenty of line and extra fenders. Dock staff was very helpful getting us set up in slip.

by enigma on Oct 09, 2018
Great setting, a fun place to be. Close to everything. Walk to restaurants, beaches, shops. Protected harbor. Great dock staff to support boaters. Biking, running, fishing...OB has it all.

by keith9611 on Sep 24, 2018
Had a great time. Nancy’s was a great meal.

by ggover on Sep 20, 2018
Sucha really great time and experience. Unfortunately with the weather we had to postpone the trip for a couple of days but we received a full refund for those days. That was veey much appreciated. A-1 experience in all aspects. Thank you all!

by pgmalm on Sep 17, 2018
fast and easy check in. Always a great Marina, facilities easy to get gas and supplies.

by msacom on Sep 03, 2018
Outstanding. The harbor was packed with boats and everyone was so warm and friendly. Great Weekend

by tonyiiiafl on Sep 03, 2018
OB is always a great destination with hustle and bustle and something for everyone. We try and visit a couple of times a year. Noah and Todd are super people who strive to make each stay great and they achieve that status. Looking forward to our next visit.

by geocosta on Aug 31, 2018
Horrible to be quite honest. People who were on their boats on either side of us were up partying all night long. Barely slept! They weren't even staying on their boats as they were open console, would've been nice if they could've gone to the bars or hotels where they were actually staying! We were surprised there was no harbor master or anyone at all around to quiet them down.

by odie44 on Aug 28, 2018
Great place and a lot of fun!!!

by zspiker on Aug 27, 2018
The public shower and bathroom facilities leave much to be desired.

by gturgiss on Aug 21, 2018
My wife and I love going to Oak Bluffs Marina and will continue to do so. However, the showers are in need of repair. In the men and women's room at least one shower is not working and the token machine is a pain. It only gives quarters in change but doesn't accept quarters for tokens and the shower coin timer didn't work once the token was put in. The marina wifi was non existent. Other than that. The marina is very clean. The staff is the best. They went out of there way to help every time they could. Its a great place to stay and I will again. As a side note, I'd be willing to pay an extra dollar at the showers if it went to fixing them up.

by chrisf on Aug 20, 2018
Marina services and location in the heart of Oak Bluffs are excellent. However, the otherwise fully enclosed harbor has a channel exposed to ENE winds which can cause breaking waves in the entrance which rock boats on both slips and moorings... and we got a strong Nor’Easter which did just that!

by bobo on Aug 17, 2018
stay was terrific. The staff at the marina are professional and very helpful. assistance when docking is spot on. Oak Bluffs Harbor is a fun place to stay

by jboullie on Aug 15, 2018
Great location but facilities need updating. Bathrooms/showers are like beach facilities, showers cost $3.00 for 7 minutes, WiFi was non-existent where we were (near Nancy’s). Bathrooms locked up at night too, inconvenient. Otherwise fantastic location.

by cocotas on Aug 15, 2018
Wi-Fi was not consistent. Shower facilities required tokens and wouldn’t take bills. Good location.

by carmine23 on Aug 15, 2018
Great place with plenty to do with the family and kids.

by gharlam on Aug 13, 2018
THe marina was fine as it always is. I'm very disappointed that the WIFI only work when you are within few slips of the dock house. We were about 10 slips down and barely could get a signal. With today's options, I find this unacceptable!

by pwhvgxs9j73lboimtpo5 on Aug 12, 2018
We had to leave a day early due to weather but the three nights at the marina were wonderful. Met lots of happy people! Love this place!

by cohenmiked on Aug 11, 2018
Not very private or beautiful. A solid marina but the slips are up against the street and sidewalk. Better spot for a mooring.

by mulone on Aug 11, 2018
We got a great spot for a slip, slot 69. We were met by Emily dock hand for Oak Buffs Marina she was very helpful and had excellent seamanship skills

by ptjuderi on Aug 06, 2018
Great staff, great location. We did have a problem with shore power, but the staff got some extensions and rectified the problem. I will say dinghy space is tight, and there are some seedy folks hanging out by the restrooms. I'm hoping to be docked near the shack next year with other boats we travel with.

by cvultaggio22 on Jul 31, 2018
Great place for boating, and lots to do while docked. High energy atmosphere, and marina has easy access in and out of harbor making day trips easy. The bathrooms could use some work, but over all great place!

by captainchrisdeliveries on Jul 30, 2018
Location is convenient to town, harbor is easy to navigate, slips are easy to get in and out of, no one gets blocked in. Would be nice if there were a fish cleaning station and somewhere to buy ice before 7:00am.

by banshee2 on Jul 29, 2018
The shower facilities were disgusting and in disrepair. Never any hot water. No hooks, no shower curtains, filthy conditions. $3 per shower??? Are you kidding? After fee spent on slip?? For that fee, the boaters should have a PRIVATE, clean and properly operating facility.

by rkneller on Jul 25, 2018
Great spot, very helpful.

by scottclay on Jul 25, 2018
Great visit, we very much enjoyed our stay.

by jjjp on Jul 21, 2018
Everything was great. Our slip was located where I had requested. The Dockhand greeted us at the slip as I approached. The “Summer Camp Hotel” (former Westley Hotel) has shower rooms for boaters to use if you choose not to use the OB Marina showers. There is plenty to do for all ages at OB and MV. This was our 5th stay over 17 years. We traveled from Boston...

by saltyrick on Jul 18, 2018
Very Good - The Lighthouse we used for Power tripped it's circuit breaker a few times and we had to reset a few times overnight. No big deal, but I figured they probably don't know that it's tripping when it shouldn't. I think we were in slip 26, we used the socket in the top right right corner on the west side of the lighthouse. Thanks !

by eahearn73 on Jul 15, 2018
Good dock assignment. Helpful dock staff. Once you get through the honky-tonk, the cottages at Oak Bluffs are very nice.

by blue_diamond on Jul 11, 2018
Always a nice venue. WiFi needs work. No signal at north end of head wall. Staff was invisible except for initial tie off.

by coffeeon on Jul 10, 2018
Very nice trip deck hands helpful

by bobseaski on Jul 09, 2018
Friendly Greeting upon arrival!! Assistance with docking and power combined with great weather made for an awesome weekend . Jelly Bean

by didom on Jul 06, 2018
No one to explain not a single amenities, not where to use bathroom about how trash works nothing but they said sign here and walked away period never again I have over ten friend who all have boats and we not going back sorry.

by michaelrhe on Jul 05, 2018
Great location marina bathhouse facilities could use an upgrade

by codydob on Jul 01, 2018
We were warmly greeted by a young lady upon our arrival at Slip 26. She helped us with the lines and hookups with a big friendly smile. Helpful neighbors, lively visitors and quiet peaceful Saturday night’s sleep. Will be back next week.

by wrs135 on Jun 24, 2018
I gave them 5 stars due to their communication. I was unfortunately unable to make my reservation due to weather. The marina called and gave me my assigned space and contact information incase I was able to make it!!

by alanj on Jun 20, 2018
Easy in and out. Deck hand greeted us and assisted us tying up to bulkhead. . Overall great experience.

by bostonboater on Jun 19, 2018
Friendly and accommodating staff. An employee was waiting for us at our slip and helped with check-in and power. Showers, bathroom and trash were somewhat conveniently located, however, the showers are maintained by the Harbormaster. As such, they are open to the public, never have hot water and the token machine is frequently broken. No cleats on slip #1, which floods at high tide and becomes slippery. Most dockage is simply a pole for tie off - very tight spaces. If you want to be close to the public and shops at Oak Bluff’s, and we did, the overall location is great.

by schorert on Jun 11, 2018
A great stay in OB before the summer crush. staff was helpful. Restrooms are clean and in good repair, for now. They still need to police the seawall and speak to boaters who treat the harbor like a floating frat party.

by ja on Jun 04, 2018
I did not realize hourly docking was still available, since DOCKWA did not offer it. So, I spent $83+ dollars for 6 hours in a slip, instead of paying the hourly rate. I asked at Harbormaster's office if they would consider giving me a break and a future credit, not a refund, and they said no. My mistake for using Dockwa and not contacting the Harbormasters office directly. I was trying to "follow the new rules", and I was gouged for 6 hours of slip use. Not happy...

by mbrostek on Sep 10, 2017
dock hand excellent, slip wonderful and weather perfect. Loved the stay....

by giapage on Sep 05, 2017
OB is one of our favorite's!

by georgesimondspeterson on Sep 02, 2017
Great. Wonderful. Had a marvelous time.

by jonofin on Aug 31, 2017
Nice protected harbor. Excellent location with lots to do right off the boat, and only a short walk to bus stops that can take you anywhere on the island. Night life near the marina is excellent. The marina and harbor Master was accommodating when we wanted to put in our boat on a mooring for a storm. Taking stars off though, for lack of a true dock system (Pilings and a rusty wall don't make the best home for a boat) and sub-par help when we first arrived.

by seastar1 on Aug 30, 2017
This was our second visit to Oak Bluffs- The town is beautiful with great restaurants and shopping- a great town to walk. We reserved our Seawell slip thru Dockwa, incredibly easy! 5 stars for Dockwa! Couple of things to be aware of, the Seawell can be a very busy place- loud and not a lot of privacy. However, restaurants and bars only steps away. The (public) restrooms and showers were dirty- no hot water and shower stalls in terrible shape- Andy only open from 8 am to 6 pm. We stayed on slips because we have a dog- and being able to walk him anytime was a real plus. If you're of the party set- this is a great place- and I guess a lukewarm shower will wake you up after a rough night.

by brusok on Aug 28, 2017
The dock hands were right there to help us in and connect up our power . It's a tight fit between the pilings at OB. Good kids. The fuel dock is small allowing only one , maybe 2 boats. This lengthens the fueling process. Staying in line is a problem and further complicated by ferry traffic in and out of the harbor. It can get scary , especially when you're waiting in line right where the ferry docks. The boaters showers , in a word ... disgusting. Overall , the experience of OB outweighs the shortfalls. Nothing like being "On the Wall " at OB.

by finandtonic on Aug 28, 2017
Fun marina right in the middle of the action! Party central- we always have a great time here.

by gblackie on Aug 27, 2017
No WiFI. Say they have public wifi but you cannot connect to it at all. Noisy but good people watching.

by bmarkus on Aug 24, 2017
The maina is centrally located in Oak Bluffs. A short walk will get you to the bus stop where you can take the bus to Vinyard Haven, Edgartown, or any place else on the island. If coming with dogs have good means by which to get them off the boat as you are stern into a fixed dock with about a 3' tide. We needed a 6' ramp. The bathrooms looked okayish but we hardly used them. Once off the boat Martha's Vineyard is a very nice eclectic place and will please most people in one way or another.

by tony.brooks on Aug 20, 2017
Always a great place to visit!

by vickimac25 on Aug 12, 2017
Great location. Good showering facilities with additional showering options at the inn across the street. Good dining at marina restaurant with many fun dining, shopping and music venue in the immediate walking area. Slips are back or front-in and you tie up at the wall placing you one step from the sidewalk prominade bustling with passers by. Water and electric provided in each slip. Best place to stay when visiting by boat on Martha's Vineyard.

by rkempf on Aug 10, 2017
Good spot but docking on pile-ons was tricky. Staff was not as weather/sea knowledgeable as one might think.

by crunkal on Aug 08, 2017
Staying at Oak Bluffs is always a pleasure... only reommendation would be better availability of WiFi

by tsaidnawey on Aug 08, 2017
Always a great time in Oak Bluffs Marina! Very polite and easy to work with staff who go out of there way to make life in there marina a great time for there boaters. Thank you!

by wtruscott on Aug 07, 2017
Great venue with slips that provide access to a ladder and Oak Bluffs. Shore power available and advance reservations through Dockwa makes it all enjoyable and easy!

by dtishler on Aug 07, 2017
Slips are narrow, boats do get wedged in pretty tight. However, great location in the center of town.

by incerto7 on Aug 07, 2017
Horrible experience. The rift raft walking back and fourth and the drunks hanging out on the benches was disruptive to our vacation.

by mtcarroll92 on Aug 06, 2017
We specifically requested months ago to be put next to our friends because we all have little kids we need to watch. When we pulled in there was multiple open slips around us so I asked the dock attendant if our friend boats would be next to us , he said "yes" then they docked our friends boats on the other side, I raised the issue with the dock representive but he could care less. Very poorly organized and terrible customer service, you get better service at McDonalds!

by jimlorello on Aug 04, 2017
Many stays at the bluff!! All great!! Great spot Nice staff

by lawrencesilvia on Aug 04, 2017
The bathrooms were very bad. This is the first marina that had poor bathrooms. 3 dollar tokens, no hot water, doors didn't stay closed. You could see the urinal from outside. Also there Wi-Fi doesn't work. You can't log on.

by dbrown308 on Aug 01, 2017
Marina itself is not bad but you are at a public bulkhead. If you don't have privacy issues you'll be fine but be prepared for lots of awkward stares. The flip side of this is that you are a stones throw from everything here. You don't see many staff but they are responsive when called on.

by dcraig211w on Jul 31, 2017
Its the Vineyard.. Marina was right in town and was a pleasant area to be in. Lots to do steps from the boat.

by newyear on Jul 28, 2017
Great as always - and new addition of fuel dock is wonderful - but I fueled in Vineyard Haven because I didn't read your updated website - my bad!

by alyssa on Jul 28, 2017
Horrid experience w the boat next to us blasting radio at 2 and 3 in the morning--all drunk men--we had 4 kids on board -- nobody to call to do anything about it

by calliope on Jul 27, 2017
Fun environment with many bars/ restaurants on the waterfront. Reminiscent of Red Hook in the USVI. Dock staff lacking in any interest in helping clients in an unusual docking situation. Also bathroom/ shower access neeeds to improve.

by wwaseleski on Jul 24, 2017
The slip I was assigned was too narrow for my boat. The rub rails on both sides actually pried the pilings apart to get in. The public bathrooms were we were told to use were dirty and locked at 9:30 PM ! The town of Oak Bluffs is beautiful, lots off nice restaurants & shopping, unfortunately I will never stay there again because of the poor facilities.

by doubled on Jul 23, 2017
As usual the location is amazing, but the WiFi never worked on multiple devices, the ladders used when coming off the boats are loose and broken and the bathrooms are just dirty public bathrooms. Also being woken up one night to kids on the back of my boat looking in my cooler for beer makes me wonder why there is no security....a basic business where there is no money being put back in to improve anything.

by avalentino on Jul 23, 2017
Marina was excellent, service great especially slip pump-out service! Food, shops, and transportion excellant! LOVED the whole experience. Even had great church service on Sunday!!!

by geomutch on Jul 20, 2017
Nice harbor with friendly staff. Very convenient to Oak Bluff restaurants. Will come again.

by sharkinjay on Jul 18, 2017
Booked many weeks in advance and requested to be next to a friend only to be denied multiple times, as they were sold out. There were many open slips over three days next to me. Found a local climbing down from above ladies room in the public marina bathroom, reported that to police!. Had my tender borrowed/stolen two years ago and got it back two weeks later. Beginning to wonder if this is a place I want to re-visit. Still managed to have a good time.

by mhurrell1 on Jul 16, 2017
Stayed Thursday and Friday nights along the wall. Very noisy and the late night (bar crowd) is disrespectful to boat owners property. Bathroom facilities are town run and not kept up. Town facility shower $3 for 7 minutes and you might have hot water, Summercamp Hotel has showers available but $10 for 10 minutes...even though the town was nice, it wasn't my favorite place to visit.

by auce7ebxjo9l8qzc7r8g on Jul 11, 2017
Arrived on a very busy, crowded Sunday. Boats were rafted 4 deep in the mooring field. We took slip number 17 which is all the way around the cement bulkhead and wlakway from the ferry docks and waterfront bars/restaurants. Slip numbers 55-70 are closer to the busy waterfront. 1-25 are away from that and close to restrooms and a small market with the largest collection of wine that I have ever seen in a while. Very nice in a SW wind but close to foot and car traffic. Moorings are available (both day and overnight) in the middle of the very protected basin and their is a launch service on Ch. 77. The whole basin quieted down when all the Sunday day trippers left their moorings. Lots of restaurants, bars, kiddie activities, and people in the summer. A nice stop. One highight was watching the night time paddleboard lesson in the basin with underwater-lighted paddle boards that came out once the Pirate Ship tour quit for the day!

by fish3324 on Jul 10, 2017
We were traveling with 2 other parties and they did not even try to accommodate getting us side by side, though there many open slips. The dockhand was useless and the gas dockhand was even worse. It's a great location but just don't expect any assistance.

by jschallert47 on Jul 09, 2017
The marina staff was very attentive, showers and restrooms clean and night life was great! Highly recommend tnis!

by smaher on May 29, 2017
Staff is great! Wifi is horrible

About Oak Bluffs Marina

Oak Bluffs Marina, the largest marina on Martha's Vineyard, is a long-time favorite of many boaters and offers unrivaled access to the rest of the Island. From our docks, you are a stone's throw away from the beautiful town center with all of the shops, restaurants, and attractions that have made it a famous and culturally rich destination.

All reservations are only valid for the vessel information submitted. No substitutions or changes are allowed. Any changes will result in forfeiture of your reservation.


Moorings in Oak Bluffs Harbor cannot be reserved. They are all on a first-come, first-served basis. We raft from three to four boats per mooring during peak season. Rafting during our peak season is mandatory.


  • Gas
  • Diesel
  • Water
  • Electrical


  • Bait & Tackle
  • Ice
  • Launch Ramp
  • Launch Service
  • Medical Facilities w/in 5 Miles
  • Pumpout
  • Restrooms
  • Showers
  • Wireless Internet



Oak Bluffs MarinaOak Bluffs MarinaOak Bluffs MarinaOak Bluffs MarinaOak Bluffs MarinaOak Bluffs MarinaOak Bluffs MarinaOak Bluffs MarinaOak Bluffs MarinaOak Bluffs MarinaOak Bluffs MarinaOak Bluffs MarinaOak Bluffs Marina