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Chilmark, MA 02535
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159 Reviews

by aequitas on Oct 10, 2021
Columbus Day weekend, there was only one other transient. A fellow boater helped us with our lines as the dockmaster's office was closed for the season. Very pleasant harbor, plus obsters from the Mememsha Fish Market!

by josherau on Sep 30, 2021
Moorings inside the harbor are great. The showers were cold though since they are solar heated… as long as you don’t mind a brisk shower it’s a great stop. Cute little town, everyone was incredibly friendly and helpful. Can get any fresher seafood… literally got oysters from the boat!

by wps on Sep 27, 2021
The marina manager was very responsive and helpful— thanks for a great first trip to Menemsha!

by wbladesr on Sep 20, 2021
Menemsha Harbor was GREAT! Mr Spider, the assistant harbormaster was friendly and made us feel welcomed like family. NOTE that he mentioned that they allow “rafting” on the mooring balls do if Dockwa says there is no reservation available, there likely is. He told me if I return and can’t make a reservation to consider speaking to their office direct by phone or VHF. There is FRESH seafood dockside, gasoline and diesel, and a great food shack up a canal that is an easy walk or short dinghy ride. This “canal” was shown in the movie JAWS and is where “Captain Quinn” lived and where he kept his boat, the ORCA. It is well worth a rewatch of the movie before visiting Martha’s Vineyard. Also, at the movie theater in Edgartown, they show the movie JAWS every Sunday night on “the big screen.”

by marklank on Sep 20, 2021
Loved it as always.

by isaiahstevens on Sep 11, 2021
Nice relaxing trip. The harbor master was great and very help with everything. Beautiful sunsets

by rrkrrk on Sep 11, 2021
Friendly dock people. Quiet setting. Good seafood available a short walk from the docks. The WiFi this time was excellent.

by jimkell on Sep 10, 2021
A truly hidden gem on the island. Quite, relaxing and beautiful. Dockmaster Ryan was very nice and helpful.

by gukyarkgaj_6v_fbp91j on Sep 07, 2021
Asst Harbor Master Spider is great!

by jmagown on Sep 07, 2021
Awesome!!! Harbormasters office provides top service. Great staff keeping boaters safe and organized in a small area. Been coming to MH for 24 yrs. Best staff EVER! Thank you all very much.

by scout on Sep 07, 2021
Harbor staff were helpful, docks in great condition with good access to power and water. Very beautiful setting.

by davidba on Sep 06, 2021
Good people. No marina bathrooms - had to use bathrooms for nearby park. They had not held a dock space open for us but had one ready for us by 4 PM.

by mmehigen on Sep 06, 2021
Great location and excellent assistance from the marina staff' A keeper!

by jrtwinjammer on Sep 05, 2021
Wonderful like always. Great staff with Ryan and company

by dank1 on Sep 02, 2021
Beautiful little village - friendly harbormaster.

by tb11 on Aug 30, 2021
Very helpful team and great location traveling to Menemsha.

by abperper on Aug 28, 2021
Great stay! When I arrived there was someone on my assigned mooring, and two boats rafted on the other. The couple that were on my assigned mooring told me sometimes there are three boats! They were very nice, even had fenders and dock lines for me, which was very helpful because I was solo. Was nice to have the company and now I know so will not ever arrive too late. This time was perfect—cocktail hour. Thank you.

by samartin1076 on Aug 24, 2021
We were regulated to the ocean right after henri. We should have been in the harbor. And now I have to remember my user name and password even though I am IN the app.

by dgallagher2 on Aug 23, 2021
Excellent experience , the dock team led by Harbormaster Ryan Rossi was outstanding in their efforts to assist our 49 foot sail into the slip again in 2021 !!! , !! Appreciate the great efforts and attitude , well done , thank you , keep up the great work and a safe 2021

by rhjerauld on Aug 18, 2021
We love this place.... Only if you can get an inside sailboat mooring. You have to raft with up to three other like sailboats. Hope to get compatible 'mooring mates'. The stay here in Menemsha was great as usual. Plan on Larson's Seafood as a 'must'. Order early and pick-up later at a pre-determined time.

by vernonb on Aug 18, 2021
Dock-master Ryan and his team were great. View and ambience of harbor terrific.

by dthompsonusa on Aug 17, 2021
Love Menemsha - amazing sunsets and lobster dinner from Larsen’s fish market, never gets old!

by tspooner3 on Aug 16, 2021
Although the reservations were arranged to allow side-by-side reservations (4 months in advance), changes were made to allow one night stays by others visiting which did not allow us to berth together. A major fuel spill was not cleaned up which caused significant odor problems in the slip. No effort at all from the harbormaster to clean it up. Customer service was significantly missing from this trip which is normally good for Menemsha staff. Maybe next year will be better

by jmcgheeboxing64 on Aug 16, 2021
Very friendly staff , they are waiting there for you to help with the docking process. As well as to information about the area . Heading back again in august

by mark42060 on Aug 15, 2021
Beautiful place. Harbormaster very helpful Harbormaster always highly competent

by debschradieck on Aug 14, 2021
This year we couldn't get a slip so we took an outside mooring just for one night. Word to the wise: there is not a no-wake zone on the way into this harbor and everyone comes flying in at speed. The wakes were unbearable. Unsure if it would get better in the evening, we managed to get dockage at Cuttyhunk and left. We stayed at the dock last year and enjoyed our stay. It's the only way to go here. Also: arrive fully provisioned. You can get excellent fresh fish and a few sides; take-out of cooked food is available with a long wait; but there are no sit-down restaurants or groceries other than a tiny convenience store that you can't even enter. Lots of mask requirements here too. (2021)

by dogwatch on Aug 13, 2021
We love Menemsha! Freshly cooked seafood by sunset can’t be beat. The Harbormaster was incredibly helpful. I needed assistance with rafting at an inner mooring due to a broken arm. He hopped on board and helped secure our lines. Couldn’t have done it without him. Waking up in the peaceful harbor, watching the commercial fishing vessels leave for work is as authentic as it gets. Five Stars!

by rsafina on Aug 12, 2021
I was stuck on a fixed dock sandwiched between two boats at a very odd angle. the staff, harbor master were very helpful getting the boat into the slip. it was a real pain. but the town and all the rest is aways great. make sure when you book ask for the floating docks and stay away from the fixed.

by w00000176 on Aug 10, 2021
Staff was fantastic. We were looking forward to staying on one of the outer moorings, but when we arrived it was strongly suggested that we go to the inner harbor due to incoming weather. Sure enough, it got bad, and I was happy we were protected inside. Menemsha has become a yearly destination for us. Look forward to returning next year.

by ljohanson on Aug 09, 2021
Always a pleasure to stay in Menemsha. It is beautiful and the dock crew is friendly and always so helpful!! Can’t wait to go back

by rcorcoran on Aug 08, 2021
Beautiful view and very helpful staff!! Awesome sunset

by jparris on Aug 08, 2021
Great people very relaxing very relaxing

by boston_boater on Aug 06, 2021
Great spot to stay, a favorite we come back to every season.

by sebarker33 on Aug 04, 2021
First time booking a slip (have been on moorings before). Excellent, friendly service, very helpful. They sent TWO dockhands to help us get tied up (they don’t take tips, BTW), and lots of help with local recommendations, etc. Extended to a 2nd night, which they handled for us.

by stevef on Aug 03, 2021
Harbormaster and his crew were incredibly helpful in assisting us into a slip under unfavorable wind and tide conditions. Menemsha was beautiful

by bobmoores on Aug 02, 2021
We will come back next year. We really like the area and the dock master. Thank you again Ryan Sea freak Bob Moore’s

by cdory28167 on Jul 31, 2021
Menemsha never disappoints. We were rafted on a mooring night one and the harbor master accommodated our request to raft port side to. Night two we shifted to a slip where the harbor master gave us major assistance backing between pilings in a crosswind. The small fishing village of Menemsha is a gem.

by pvgas on Jul 30, 2021
Cute Harbor. Harbormaster staff friendly and helpful. Best sunset of the cruise. Quiet at night once the youngings left. We were on the face dock opposite the Harbormaster office. The pier parking lot appears to be a local nighttime gathering place....

by squeegeemonkey on Jul 29, 2021
Menemsha Harbor is a hidden Gem. Ryan and his crew are the best Harbormaster Department I've encountered. They are all very helpful, professional and friendly. I love the quiet little harbor. When needing to relax and decompress, it is my absolute favorite destination. The proximity to world class fishing also makes it a must visit for anglers!

by d6dayton on Jul 29, 2021
Beautiful harbor. Beach is great. It right there and always enjoy lobster dinner on the boat thanks to Larson’s fish market while watching the best sunset The dock hands are really awesome. They know exactly how to get you in the slip(slips can be tight). Trust them

by mondak36 on Jul 25, 2021
This is a beautiful place! Everyone was helpful and friendly and the docks are in good shape with perfect sunset views.

by gblaesser on Jul 25, 2021
Harbormaster (Andrew) was not allowing us to pump out our almost full black water tank. I told him repeatedly that it may overflow at any time (a biological hazard). He said, unless we buy a full tank of gas, we are not allowed to pump out. The gas dock was completely empty and I was being accommodating to come into the dock at any time to avoid loss of business. I even offered to purchase some gas, just not filling up my entire 150gal tank. Plus, we were staying at a slip for two nights. I found this extremely unprofessional and frankly illegal, as it’s mandated by federal law to have free pumpout services; never in my 20yrs of boating have I had to purchase gas to get a pumpout. This policy needs to be changed and Andrew needs to read up on boating laws.
Marina Response:
Thank you for your review. Unfortunately we only allow vessels to conduct pump outs on the fuel dock on as as needed basis and as a last resort. We have two other pump out locations in the harbor, one of which we offered you and you refused. In the State of MA it is unlawful to conduct a pump out on a fuel dock except for in smaller Marina's where pump out locations are limited to fuel docks only, so we make every effort to have pump outs done at other locations for safety reasons. I am unfamiliar with any federal law that states free pump out services must be available at every Marina. We hope you will visit us again soon and we apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused.

by djc8785 on Jul 25, 2021
Very nice. Staff was extremely courteous.

by kbliss15 on Jul 25, 2021
Aidan and the staff are the absolute best and so attentive! The views and experience are amazing. A gem!

by laketop on Jul 24, 2021
Beautiful place, very laid back. Chill in Chillmark is the saying. We were tied up on the end of the west dock. A bit of a walk to the fish markets but not bad. Dingy is faster. There’s lots of current during tides both flood and ebb. If you can arrive at slack its no worries. If not just turn to port past the jetties and the floating docks into the basin. The current is less once inside.

by crburnham on Jul 23, 2021
Great New England fishing port with great people and fresh seafood. Thanks for everything Menemsha harbor!

by acarst on Jul 23, 2021
Great place! Harbor Master team is always friendly and helpful. Sunsets are outstanding and the local fish place is so convenient.

by billnev on Jul 21, 2021
Beautiful location with very nice and helpful Harbormaster team!

by sk8e5ycsrofpuny2seyy on Jul 15, 2021
Fantastic stay and Larsen’s was as good as the old days. Ryan and his staff are real professionals and very helpful. Great operation.

by lorenroos on Jul 14, 2021
Dock services and support were impeccable. Showers leave little to nothing to be desired, and we’re utterly disappointing. You can do much better!
Marina Response:
Hi There. Thank you for your review. Unfortunately the Harbor Department is not in control of the Menemsha Beach Comfort Station (bathrooms). We’re sorry about your bad experience with the bathrooms and we will pass on your concerns to the Sanitation Department who takes care of them.

by jkapur on Jul 09, 2021
It's a quaint harbor, not far from Cuttyhunk across Vineyard Sound. There are some nice fish markets and stores within walking distance. There is a seasonal bike ferry across Menemsha Pond, which allows you to walk or bike to Gay Head Lighthouse (about 4 miles) and take in the spectacular views. Very helpful harbormaster and staff, especially with dock lines and recommendations for things to do in the area, The dock spaces are a little tight and there are pilings, so it's best to go stern in and tie bow lines to the pilings first. Good location and great experience, will be back again soon!

by velocity on Jul 08, 2021
It’s a terrific place to unwind and meet really nice people. It’s like going back in time…

by captgary175 on Jul 08, 2021
Menemsha is a wonderful place to visit, but if there is ANY westerly component to the weather, you will roll badly on the outside moorings. Inside moorings reserved only for sail.

by patriotsixalbemarle on Jul 07, 2021

by markforge on Jul 05, 2021
Ryan, Spyder, and Aidan are awesome!

by salishsunrise on Jul 04, 2021
The moorings are not in a harbor, but out in the open, subject to swells and a 5-10 mile fetch. Very uncomfortable in any northeast through south winds. Would be fine in glass calm or east breeze. Menemsha has some small fresh fish markets, gas station conveniences, cafe and ice cream stands, but no real restaurants. You cannot overnight anchor in the pond unfortunately, which would have been way better than on a very uncomfortable mooring. Bay cops will ticket clammers without a license in the pond.
Marina Response:
Hi There. Thank you for your review. If you choose to visit again, please be aware that we offer dock space inside the harbor for power vessels. We have 17 transient wet slips and a 140’ linear dock for alongside tie ups, all with water and shore power available.

by esprit2019 on Jul 03, 2021
We were able to stay inside the harbor, on one of the 2 moorings. Someone else was supposed to show up and raft, but they never did. Outside the harbor would have been untenable. Great lobsters at Larsens.

by marinacomments on Jul 02, 2021
Excellent harbormaster help. Very attentive. Delicious lobster roll!

by salrman on Jul 01, 2021
A little tight inside but well protected. Harbormaster very responsive on the radio.

by ellacharles on Jun 30, 2021
Beautiful place, nice and quiet. Locals and “regulars” at the dock are polite and happy to help. One out of the six nights we stayed had older CT people forgetting that 1999 has passed and partying at a dock like Menemsha made them look foolish and ignorant! Great family stay with the best sunsets around!

by sullgame on Jun 26, 2021
Great support from the dockmasters

by mwq13wziegjjcxox1nxd on Jun 24, 2021
Best place to stay in the vineyard. Can’t say enough about the amazing harbormaster and his staff they do an amazing job.

by marshallfarr on Jun 23, 2021
The dock master was especially flexible and helpful allowing us to move to a mooring from a constricted dock as we pulled into the harbor. He gave us advice on how to take advantage of the harbor and surrounding area. We found Menensha friendly and charming - like from an earlier area. We look forward to our next trip there.

by bknoots on Jun 21, 2021
Harbormaster and staff are exceptional. Challenge docking with the wind and current the day of our arrival. The Harbormaster could not have been more helpful

by vcky_xzwqdazqhx3yw7w on Jun 20, 2021
Always love our visits to Menemsha. Ryan, the Harbormaster, is always pleasant, helpful and courteous.

by dleccese on Jun 18, 2021
Our stay was great. Besides the challenge to get in to the slip due to the crazy currents, everything was great. We have two dogs and the floating dock makes it easy to get them off the boat for a walk. We saw two fabulous sunsets while there and ate a lot of oyesters - what could be better???

by hgamsby on Jun 06, 2021
Nice place to visit. Harbormaster was outstanding in helping us to the dock.

by wmd427 on Nov 03, 2020
Menemsha has always been our favorite harbor to visit for over 30 years. Initially I was concerned about Dockwa availability but everything worked out well. New Harbormaster Ryan Rossi and Wharfingers Daniel and Adan couldn’t have been nicer. They checked every night and morning to see how we were doing. We’re low maintenance and didn’t need anything but it was a nice touch. We felt like we were on a cruise ship with nightly roll down service. The new Harbormaster is off to a great start. Thanks for everything looking forward to returning end of Aug. Bill Donovan Overbudget

by cheelio on Oct 07, 2020
Beautiful harbor, nicely protected. Stayed 3 nights, and will do it again!

by leovalle on Oct 07, 2020
Attentive and helpful staff, outside moorings on bad weather/windy not recommended at all , harbormaster was very helpful in helping us inside the harbor during the bad weather.

by qr3tch6u6vsnsbejn4qw on Oct 06, 2020
Menemsha was an awesome place to visit! Definitely going back soon! The harbormaster was very helpful and welcoming!

by cjap60 on Oct 05, 2020
I transited from Westport Harbor to Menemsha via the Canapitsit Channel with a USN Captain (ret) on board. We made an absolutely magical crossing on a lake-like Buzzards Bay and MV Sound, arriving in Menemsha to a nearly-empty marina. We were promptly greeted by the Dockmaster and made fast to the fixed pier. No complaints, it was a weekend for the record book!

by whipplerd on Sep 24, 2020
Harbormaster and Assistant Harbormaster were great! Took care of our boat during rough seas and strong winds. Much appreciated.

by ptcummings on Sep 13, 2020
Amenities are very basic. But why to they come to kick you off the dock at 11:00 AM even if no one is coming to take your slip? Seems fairly petty.

by reelleehooked on Sep 11, 2020
The Harbormaster and his Crew in MSHA were top notch. Very professional and very conscious of the guidelines set in place due to Covid. We look forward to future vacations in MSHA.

by mawhitehouse on Sep 05, 2020
Pretty, quaint harbor with beach right there. Excellent Harbor master and staff.

by anydegger on Sep 04, 2020
This was our first time in Menemsha! We loved it! The dock crew were amazing and helpful at all times!

by robrav on Aug 31, 2020
Always a great stay, particularly when able to stay inside the basin!

by rfield333 on Aug 29, 2020
Great staff and wonderful views from the slip overlooking Vinyard Sound, "meet the fleet was great and the Coast Guard mock rescue was incredible.

by jimaria1010 on Aug 24, 2020
It was difficult pulling into the habor, but the Harbor Master crew is amazing, they help each boat one by one. We have never worked with such a great crew. Liked it so much we'll be heading back for the long weekend.

by dwightsch on Aug 23, 2020
Spent the week and Ryan and the rest of the team were the best. Very helpful when necessary!

by billberner on Aug 18, 2020
Great stay during some snotty weather. Moorings were taken so we had to tie up at a dock. It’s all stern in and a right squeeze, which is not much fun, for a 45’ full keel bot with a non functioning bow thruster. But the harbor master and his assts were a big help and all was well

by dcunninghamjr on Aug 17, 2020
Super helpful dock hands and unreal sunsets! I'll be back...

by jamessalkind on Aug 14, 2020
Menemsha is not to be missed. The marina is well run and the dock staff are very helpful. This is especially important because most of the slips on the floating dock require a stern-in landing. On the day we arrived the winds were 20-25 kts, making docking particularly difficult in a sailboat. But the dock staff helped with directions and handling lines and made it relatively easy.

by hollytutun on Aug 14, 2020

by pincher on Aug 09, 2020
Great stay as always. I would like to thank Captain Rossi and Sam for their flexibility to accommodate us. Menemsha Harbor is a super friendly, scenic destination and we will look forward to come back again soon

by annabelle on Aug 07, 2020
Always accommodating and fun

by bobo on Aug 06, 2020
Teffific. Team is exceptional. Always working to help on water or on the land. Very professional

by chumpchange2 on Aug 05, 2020
Beautiful setting and excellent staff! We will be back!

by jameskevinbarry on Aug 03, 2020
Great stay in Menemsha. I can't say enough good things about the Harbormaster staff. They were extremely helpful and welcoming. They are a young group, but they definitely know what they are doing. Thanks for a great stay!

by hnikkanen on Aug 03, 2020
Menemsha is lovely, and tranquil, with great seafood a short walk from the beach. The outer harbor moorings are more exposed, and the can which marks the approach has a bell which sounds all night. It didn’t stop us, just a piece of data to have when making decisions.

by oseadmainship on Aug 02, 2020
Very Picturesque. Always a favorite stop. The Harbormaster and crew are very helpful and professional. In the harbor is very protected, the West docks located in the main channel has a very strong tidal current. Multiple restaurants within walking distance.

by erikjd on Aug 02, 2020
Always a great stay. Outer mooring this time, and the kids loved jumping off the boat and swimming to shore! The entire crew @ the Harbormaster's office is professional and communicative. Keep up the great work guys!

by h54ppehrzsmnxxstmjfz on Jul 31, 2020
Excellent. Easy check in. Competent dock hands.

by bstaymore on Jul 27, 2020
Great staff, and location.

by atease on Jul 26, 2020
Absolutely perfect stay in Menemsha Harbor. The docking assistance was top notch in every way. The only problem was that the dock hands would not accept tips!! They made sure our every need was met and our stay was perfect. Our view of the sunset from the boat was impossible to match. We will be back!!

by toomja on Jul 23, 2020
Beautiful unique quaint destination.wonderful dock staff

by mhurrell1 on Jul 22, 2020
Menemsha is our new favorite spot. Dock staff were so helpful and friendly. Seafood was so fresh.

by emarcotte on Jul 20, 2020
Very accommodating, and hospitable. Washroom is not open 24 hrs, but porta potties available -however NOT clean enough to consider using.

by scamper on Jul 20, 2020
The Harbormaster staff are outstanding!! They really know how to handle lines and assist while docking in a cross wind. Even watched them assist a boat by using the Harbormaster boat as tug boat. Thank you!! Joe McDonough Scamper

by montegobay12 on Jul 19, 2020
Professional and friendly service. They couldn't be more helpful. Great little fishing village on the Vineyard.

by hfaigel on Jul 19, 2020
Easy arrival and departure.Wharfingers and harbormaster very helpful.

by mrsdete on Jul 19, 2020
The harbormaster and staff were so helpful and kind. My husband and I had a great experience, and we look forward to going back.

by rringuette on Jul 19, 2020
Had a blast there. We love that place!!

by tjlesser on Jul 17, 2020
The Menemsha Harbor Master, Capt. Ryan Rossi and the rest of the staff working under his direction are outstanding! A few weeks ago, we rented a slip for about a week and had opportunities to interact with him directly and observe him working with other boaters. In every case, he was patient, professional, and courteous. Even more impressive was the fact that when other boaters were incapable of bringing their boats into their slip on their own, Ryan skillfully positioned the other boats to allow their entrance into their assigned slip. Throughout our entire stay, we observed Ryan and his staff interact and assist all of the boaters and maintain activity in the harbor. In no case, did he or any other of his staff accept a tip indicating they are state employees. Truly impressive and honest. Even upon our departure, Ryan assisted us at the fuel dock and pump out. Compared to our boating experiences staying at other harbors, we find the Menemsha Harbor Master, Capt. Ryan Rossi, to be exceptional in every way. The combination of his knowledge, experience, skill, and calm demeanor is unmatched.

by prorenata on Jul 17, 2020
Stern in docking between pilings is a challenge for a single engine trawler, especially with a steady 13kt breeze but the dock hands and harbormaster in his specially padded boat made it almost easy. Their assistance was crucial and led to a successful docking and departure a day later. It's a very quaint location with beautiful sunsets, a public beach and breakwater with walking path, a few shops and lots of natural beauty. We hope to return next year.

by gblundell on Jul 14, 2020
The harbormaster staff were very helpful, and very pleasant. It’s a lovely little place.

by tomsull on Jul 13, 2020
Great time , dock masters we’re very helpful

by glgraves on Jul 10, 2020
Nice spot, very small basin. Minus 1 star for the following: showers closed due to the WuFlu which was not their fault. Larsen’s food only ok, clam chowder was watery, lobster dip needs way more lobster, as it was nearly undetectable. But service exceptionally friendly. As for the mooring, we assumed it was located in Menemsha Pond up Menemsha Creek but not so! The two inner moorings are in Menemsha Basin. This should be emphasized to those unfamiliar. Otherwise great and friendly, helpful people.

by avante on Jul 05, 2020
Outstanding Harbormaster’s Staff. Wonderful marina and Harbor. The food and views are spectacular!

by fungaljoy on Jul 04, 2020
The moorings were outside the breakwater and basically sitting exposed in the Vineyard Sound. It was like trying to sleep while sailing in a storm.

by dmb on Jun 29, 2020
It was our second stay at Menemsha. It is such a beautiful and peaceful setting. The harbor master and staff are always helpful, especially with docking when the current is running, which will push the boat port or starboard (flow and ebb) when backing in. There are no fingers so you have to exit the boat from the stern. The staff is great, they even stopped by all the boats to ask if we needed anything before they went home for the evening! We left trying to figure out when we might come back. I'm thinking the fall might be a great time if the MV Derby doesn't fill up all the available slips.

by stme1234 on Jun 28, 2020
Great Marina and Staff. Harbor Master and staff very helpful. Once they complete the pump out stations around the bulkhead and beyond for easy pumping going to be fantastic addition.

by tollyskies1 on Jun 27, 2020
It was more than I imagined. Everyone helping everyone! Friendly and ...of course the SUNSET!

by sharonmcnamara on Jun 22, 2020
Harbor Master staff members were great. Very helpful when we were docking. Menemsha is my favorite place on earth. Thank you for another great stay! - Sharon McNamara, "Turn The Page"

by skgalpinjr on Oct 03, 2019
Pretty fishing harbor with basic amenities, two fish/lobster stores, with tieups made much easier thanks to very helpful, capable Harbormaster Rossi.

by spdias on Sep 29, 2019
Great Harbor! We will definitely add this harbor to our list of places to stay. The sunsets are phenomenal there. The beach and jetty quickly fills up close to sunset. The Harbormaster is extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

by alijos1007 on Sep 28, 2019
Excellent stay at Menemsha. Harbor was great, assisted with a tricky docking. Town is very nice, fresh seafood. Can’t miss sunset!

by svhighcotton on Sep 25, 2019
what a delightful spot. Busy commercial fishing harbor and you are in the middle of it all. We will be back!

by benholtz on Aug 29, 2019
This was our first visit to Menemsha, and we loved it. On a mooring, rafted to 2 other boat, which was also a first, but worked out great. The dinghy dock is easy to access and it is a short walk to several casual eating places and shops. It is easy to say that this will become a regular spot for us in the future.

by wardar on Aug 27, 2019
excellent harbor and dock personnel

by pulltwo on Aug 20, 2019
Nice small harbor location, sunsets very nice from the bridge and nearby dinghy accessible beaches are among the Vineyards best!

by jessephen on Aug 19, 2019
Menemsha is pretty. Not a place to provision but they do have great seafood available. They also have showers with HOT water!

by ireneag on Aug 17, 2019
Super helpful and hospitable harbor master. Well kept docks and ramps.

by wjrok on Aug 17, 2019
First time and despite being on a mooring outside and some rockin and rollin a great sunset. Great fish from Larsons for dinner and a great time at Gay Head lighthouse and cliffs . Buses are not on time. Walked some but next time ?uber may be the way to go! Wish they had moorings inside for motor boats. Like being on mooring vs dock overall but docks reasonable even fo summer time and MV

by mmcgaw on Aug 15, 2019
Outstanding HM crew. Extremely dutiful and responsive. Menemsha is now a top tier service provider. Nice work!

by malsted on Aug 13, 2019
Menemsha is a fantastic destination. The Harbormaster staff is extremely helpful and professional. The fresh seafood available at the markets along the harbor is excellent. The sunset is a spectacle for the family. We will be back next summer.

by tshepley on Aug 12, 2019
Friendly staff, beautiful setting, and picturesque country side. Bring your bicycles and BYOB as Menemsha is a dry town

by richrld on Aug 11, 2019
Great stay! Smooth sailing with Ryan and Spider at the helm! Keep up the good work guys!

by rengarch on Aug 11, 2019
Our stay was nice enough although the bathroom/showers were not clean at all and there was no WIFI service available. However being right next to fresh seafood outweighed the negatives. Marina was quiet and the service was very friendly and helpful, will come again next year.

by jneuberthrs on Aug 10, 2019
Super concerned courteous staff. Great town, great facility.

by gregbilezikian on Aug 10, 2019
Dock hands are very good. Harbormaster attentive.

by waldo on Aug 07, 2019
Nice Harbor but wavy at moorings

by karichgb on Aug 07, 2019
This was out first visit to Menemsha Harbor and it won't be our last. Great Marina with beaches just steps away, looking forward to staying here again.

by mkeenan on Aug 07, 2019
We loved every minute of our stay!

by stevenshea on Aug 07, 2019
Ryan and the staff were great.

by dahalle on Aug 06, 2019
Great dockside help. Picturesque harbor. Right next to the beach. A favorite.

by ricknan on Aug 05, 2019
Lovely to be on Mooring in this beautiful harbor.

by byetxr3f7toxnbde6ayp on Aug 04, 2019
Great spot for chilling. Fresh seafood available at two fish markets near the dock. Bulkhead dockage requires a compliant GFI electric circuit on your boat, otherwise you will not be able to connect to the shore power.

by battles2a5 on Aug 02, 2019
What a great place! Very helpful dock attendants, very friendly vibe, and the best sunset on the island. Will definitely return.

by jitrag67 on Aug 02, 2019
The Harbormaster staff were outstanding, helpful and courteous. They greeted us, assisted us in docking. Daniel provided us with an overview of the harbor, places to eat and things to do.

by wkregan24 on Jul 31, 2019
Great place, definitely on the list

by cathyklim on Jul 31, 2019
Everything convenient. Good price point. They just need a small grocery.

by corvus on Jul 29, 2019
beautiful harbor and helpful harbormaster

by kramertime on Jul 29, 2019
We absolutely loved our stay at the Menemsha dock. Our dock hand Daniel was courteous and efficient. He helped us dock under very windy conditions and we were grateful to have his assistance. The dock area was clean and quiet, and the sunset was absolutely spectacular!

by arktos on Jul 19, 2019
Lovely working harbor with two moorings directly across from Larson’s Fish Market which has oysters, lobsters, stuffies and lots of stuff on which to dine aboard. However,. Visitors should be alerted that they put up to three boats on each of the moorings. Quite a challenge of the uninitiated.

by drogers100 on Jul 19, 2019
Very scenic location. The harbormaster was very helpful. The sunset is not to be missed!

by seastar1 on Jul 19, 2019
This was our first time to Menemsha and first time rafting up to another boat on a mooring. We had a great time- the current flows pretty swiftly through the bight- so pay attention! plenty of room at the dinghy dock and having comfort station close by was very convenient.

by garypsmarinas on Jul 19, 2019
One of our favorite places. So peaceful. Fresh seafood at the dock.

by rosen on Jul 17, 2019
Have many boating friends that love Menemsha, so when the opportunity arose for us to spend a night there on a mooring we took it to see what’s to love. Good things started right off as the Harbormaster (Ryan I believe) walked us right in over the radio after we announced it was our first time. One of the most friendly greetings we’ve ever received. Since we have a dog, that involved many trips to the excellent dingy dock. Our only regret was the high wind that curtailed our dingy touring, but that will necessitate many more return trips to Menemsha.

by theriaultms on Jul 16, 2019
While the location is beautiful the outer harbor moorings are no place to stay if you're looking to rest. We moved into the pond to avoid getting sick from the chop that was beating on us. Challenging effort to navigate the channel and pond at night. Not recommended but found a much more peaceful place in the pond.

by ngrenet on Jul 14, 2019
Amazing location. Beautiful sunsets. Great food.

by ckuppens on Jul 14, 2019
We had another amazing week in Menemsha. I found the assistants to the harbormaster to be attentive and professional. Everyone was helpful and very willing to accommodate any requests. The entire operation seems to be running smoothly. Looking forward to next year!

by mrphillb on Jul 13, 2019
Great spot for relaxing. Awesome sunsets. Great shelter from weather. The harbor master team at Menemsha we’re great. Docking with the pillings can be a bit tricky if you’re not used to them. Stopped there for 2 nights. Dockside water and electric. You’re steps from the beach and fishmongers. Goto the Menemsha Fish Market for the best chowder or bisque and a lobster salad roll. Amazing. In Menemsha you can go off the grid.

by thesowas on Jul 11, 2019
I had forgotten what a gem this place is. It is one our favorite destinations.

by rdimzranzuppwqzzsthu on Jul 09, 2019
Such a beautiful location. Very responsive harbormaster. Perfect.

by pkglaser on Jul 06, 2019
While the area is very pretty and quiet, the little harbor is not a great place to overnight. Very crowded - 3 boats per mooring. You sneeze and a bunch of people say - Gesundheit. Also, depending on wind direction, the fish stench is nauseating. BUT - anchor just to the right of the harbor entrance and you will have an absolutely beautiful experience. Nice beach, beautiful sunset and peace and quiet.

by phelf on Jul 03, 2019
Great spot, highly recommend staying here.

by chris_maloney on Jun 30, 2019
Awesome location Dock staff are very friendly and helpful.

About Chilmark Harbormaster

Our goal is to maintain an organized, safe, and courteous harbor which is family oriented. Menemsha Harbor welcomes recreational boaters and commercial fishermen. The village's historic harbor serves as the point of departure for local fishermen, some from multi-generational fishing families. Besides charter fishing, other possibilities for recreation are the public beach adjacent to the harbor and the bicycle ferry across Menemsha Pond to Aquinnah, as well as many excellent places to get freshly cooked seafood. It is also home of some of the most dramatic sunsets in New England.

Our harbor is currently dredged to 9 feet MLW. We have two transient moorings inside the harbor which can be occupied by up to three sailing vessels, and eight single occupancy moorings located outside the breakwater. If you are a sailing vessel requesting a mooring, we will assume that you want an inner harbor mooring unless otherwise requested. If you are a power vessel requesting a mooring, the only option will be the outer harbor mooring field. We do not have a launch service, but offer free dinghy tie up at the town dock.

We have 17 transient wet slips, and a 120 foot linear transient dock on the east side of the harbor. On the west side of the harbor we have space for larger vessels, up to 85 feet in length. If you book a reservation and receive notification that you have been declined, please call the Harbormaster's office directly to discuss other available dates. The Harbormaster's office handles all reservations and confirms or declines all requests. please do not call DOCKWA with reservation or availability questions.

We look forward to seeing you in Menemsha!

Booking Info

Dockage: $3.10/foot

  • Max LOA: 86'
  • Max Beam: 20'
  • Max Draft: 7'

Moorings: $35 per Night

  • Max LOA: 55' for Inner Moorings & 60' for Outer Moorings
  • Max Beam: 20'
  • Max Draft: 7'

If boaters would like to request Outer moorings please include that in the special request line when submitting the reservations.


  • Water
  • Electrical


  • ATM
  • Bait & Tackle
  • Floating Docks
  • Ice
  • Medical Facilities w/in 5 Miles
  • Pumpout
  • Restrooms
  • Restaurant
  • Showers
  • Pet Friendly



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