Elizabeth Harbour Moorings

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$32 - $38

Day Trip
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George Town, Exuma
Check-in after 02:00 PM
Check-out before 12:00 PM

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61 Reviews

by Charles B. - Verified user on Jun 13, 2024
Easy to use and so close to all the hot spots

by Jose L. - Verified user on Jun 13, 2024
The mooring Field is pristine. The administration were very accommodating despite our couple of request changing moorings for our convenience. We decided to cut short our stay and they were prompt to refund the unused days. Absolutely perfect!. That is a very well run Service. We will be back as often as we are there again. Thanks for all.

by Gregory W. - Verified user on Jun 12, 2024
New moorings are in excellent condition. Our stay was fine. But, as an experienced boater I am in a better position to decide which mooring ball I want. There were maybe 6 boats here. Plenty of mooring balls we would rather have had than the one assigned us. It would be nice if, like buying theatre tickets, be able to see available mooring balls and choose what you want. Also, the speed boats must be policed and taught that you NEVER speed through a mooring field. My wife fell on the stairs from the wake of a water taxi. This should NOT be allowed.

by Jim C. - Verified user on Jun 11, 2024
Well maintained and well marked. Excellent location and reasonably priced. Fast response from booking. Will stay here again!

by Douglas - Verified user on May 22, 2024
Moorings are in good shape.

by Karl M. - Verified user on May 07, 2024
The moorings were excellent. My only issue was the constant extreme waking of out boat by the local boats.

by James Z. - Verified user on May 04, 2024
Mooring balls are new and in great shape.

by Michael S. - Verified user on May 03, 2024
Great new mooring balls. Great location

by MaryBeth W. - Verified user on Apr 27, 2024
Finding and picking up our assigned mooring ball was easy. They are clearly marked and the website's map was very helpful when "blown up" on my cell phone. Instructions are very clear regarding how to properly attach. Balls are well spaced to keep boats up to 60' long safe.

by Mike - Verified user on Apr 23, 2024
First time here. Love it.

by Douglas F. - Verified user on Apr 21, 2024
Easy to reserve, quick responses, easy to find our ball number, balls in good condition and easy to grab.

by Marcos L. - Verified user on Apr 19, 2024
Great location and moorings well maintained

by Karen U. - Verified user on Apr 15, 2024
The folks at Elizabeth Harbor are very accommodating with requests. We appreciate that!

by Elio B. - Verified user on Apr 13, 2024
everything is fine. new mooring balls.

by Traci J. - Verified user on Apr 08, 2024
Great stay in a beautiful location. Marina staff was very quick on responses. Pleasure to deal with. Thanks!

by John S. - Verified user on Apr 03, 2024
Great stay twenty or more chatacters

by Veronica M. - Verified user on Mar 31, 2024
Well organised. Good, new buoys

by Regis M. - Verified user on Mar 30, 2024
Very nice mooring. Buoy clearly noted. Administration easy and cooperative. Place is a little crowded.

by S. S. - Verified user on Mar 28, 2024
Mooring balls are clearly marked &well maintained! Fast response, accommodating and courteous! Opportunities: Enuring the center console and speed boats know not to go fast thru a mooring field. Watched kids playing off a moored boat almost get hit by someone ripping thru... Ensure anchoring boats in the mooring field are monitored to keep the predetermined swing range. Or disallow anchoring in the mooring field altogether, especially overnight.

by Anne T. - Verified user on Mar 28, 2024
Great to not have to worry about some yahoo anchoring too close. Also, the moorings turn over very quickly and are readily available. I was afraid people would plant themselves for the season. Not happening. People wait on the mooring for a favorable anchoring spot. Holding well in storms too.

by Kim S. - Verified user on Mar 27, 2024
This was our first stay at Elizabeth Harbour and it corresponded with some big weather- lightning storms and winds with gusts up to 50+. The mooring was excellent. It held perfectly and no one in our mooring field had any issues. We will definitely stay there again when traveling through Georgetown. The communication through Dockwa was also excellent.

by Jeffery A. - Verified user on Mar 27, 2024
Excellent, no problems !!

by Edward J. - Verified user on Mar 26, 2024
All good for the storm we weathered and my engine issue! All repaired and good to go!

by David J. - Verified user on Mar 25, 2024
Easy to book, great mooring. Lots of space between moorings.

by Silvia K. - Verified user on Mar 25, 2024
Great moorings! Good hold
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About Elizabeth Harbour Moorings

Welcome to Elizabeth Harbour! ​​The Elizabeth Harbour Conservation Partnership (EHCP) is a registered Bahamian non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors. The mission of the EHCP is to guide the ecologically sustainable development of the coastal zone and waters of Elizabeth Harbour with the aim of enhancing tourism, fisheries, and recreational use through stakeholder education and participation and collaborative management of harbour facilities for the benefit of present and future generations.

The EHCP manages two new mooring fields off of the east end of Stocking Island. Both mooring fields are in protected waters in the lee of Stocking Island in deep water, and are approximately a 10-15 minute dinghy or water taxi ride to George Town.

If you’re looking to be in the middle of the action, the Gaviota Bay East (GBE) mooring field is the place to be. Located adjacent to several beach bars and restaurants, you will only be a short dinghy ride to fun! The GBE mooring field has 21 moorings that can accommodate up to 60 ft / 18 m vessels.

If you’re looking for a quieter setting close to nature trails and snorkeling, the Sand Dollar Beach (SDB) mooring field offers beautiful scenery adjacent to Moriah Harbour Cay National Park, but is still within a 5 minute dinghy ride to beachside food and drink. The SDB mooring field has 43 moorings that can accommodate up to 60 ft / 18 m vessels.

Moorings are by reservation only, and can be reserved for daily, weekly, and monthly stays online. We will do our best to accommodate special requests. Currently, there are no first-come, first serve moorings available. Mooring fees must be paid in full once the reservation is confirmed. Check out before 12pm. Check in after 2pm. Reservation requests will be confirmed on the same day if made by 1pm. No wet storage available.

Please refer to our website for mooring field guidelines and tie-up instructions, and additional information. Terms and conditions apply.

PLEASE NOTE HOLIDAY HOURS From March 29th - April 1st reservations will be confirmed during limited hours. To ensure your reservation is confirmed and you receive a mooring assignment, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance of your arrival. Thank you!



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